A Look at NHL Prototypes

There’s this woman on Twitter named Jen. Her handle is @NHLhistorygirl, so her tweets are mostly about NHL history. Lots of “On this date in 1983…” and things of that ilk.

Yesterday, though, Jen’s historical musings had a sub-theme: She did a series of nearly 20 posts featuring NHL prototypes, logos that were proposed but never used, and other “What might have been” designs. Unfortunately, she didn’t link all of the tweets together with a hashtag, which means there’s no one-stop-shopping way to link to all of them. So instead I’ll just embed all of them — take it away, Jen: (Continue reading)

2019 Shaping Up as Potentially Epic Year for Patches

During one of our recent discussions of anniversary patches, ordinals, and the like, reader Kurt Crowley posted a comment that caught my eye:

Can’t wait until 2019, which will feature MLB’s 150th anniversary, the Padres’ and Royals’ 50th anniversary, college football’s 150th anniversary, the NFL’s 100th season, and the 60th season for the eight original AFL teams and the Cowboys.

Sounds like a potential jersey patch bonanza, right? But the bonanza might be even bigger than that, because it turns out Kurt barely scratched the surface of what will be happening in 2019. Here’s what else is on the calendar for that year: (Continue reading)

World Cup of Hockey Jerseys Released

The jerseys for the World Cup of Hockey were unveiled yesterday, and for the most part they’re not bad. Here are the home designs, except for Russia, for which we have the road design): (Continue reading)

And You Could Read The TV Numbers From Space

Avs Wings 550

By Phil Hecken

Last night the Colorado Avalanche hosted their first outdoor game in history, playing the Detroit Red Wings in Coors Field for another “Stadium Series” game. I actually watched the entire game, and despite there seemingly being dozens of these baseball stadium games, I still love them. Perhaps sadly, this was the last outdoor game for the 2015-16 NHL season.

While the Red Wings, an “Original Six” team, have played in a number of “Winter Classic” or Stadium Series games, this marked the Avalanche’s first appearance in an outdoor game of any kind.

Of course, because it’s a “Stadium Series” game, that means several “special” things will take place, not the least of which is the need for new uniforms — I haven’t been a fan of too many of the Stadium Series uniforms in the past, as they seem forced and not particularly well designed. Last evening’s game was a pleasant exception. (Continue reading)