Romanian Soccer Team Provides Math Lesson

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Your 2016 MLS Kit Preview, Part the Second

MLS kits 2 550
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By Phil Hecken

I’m back again today with Kyle Evans and CJ Fleck, who are here today to bring you a look at the Western Conference (and the 10th team — Toronto FC — from the Eastern Conference who didn’t reveal their new kit until this week) of Major League Soccer’s new uniforms kits for the 2016 season. Last week, Kyle & CJ reviewed the East, and if you missed that (or would just like another look), please click here. The intro there should tell you all you need to know. OK? OK. So, now, without further ado, I’ll turn it over to Kyle & CJ (click any photos below to enlarge): (Continue reading)

Your 2016 MLS Kit Preview, Part the First

MLS kits 1 550
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By Phil Hecken

The 2016 MLS (Major League Soccer) season will soon be upon us, with the first games kicking off next weekend. Of the 20 teams, so far 17 have released their new uniforms or alternates for 2016 (two more will be released this week, and the final club will unveil on March 10th). As this site isn’t usually “big” on Soccer (or “football” for most of the rest of the world), we don’t usually feature too many ledes on new kits — but I’m hoping to change that. Unfortunately, I’m still not much of a soccer guy (though I do try to catch games, especially some of the Euro leagues — and of course I love it when it’s tournament time). But I’m definitely (and sadly) not much of an American soccer guy. Fortunately, many readers are.

So when about two weeks ago I was approached by Kyle Evans and CJ Fleck with a pitch to review the new 2016 uniforms, I jumped at the chance. (Continue reading)

The People’s Crest

Some of you may recall design Mark Willis’s great “Soccer Out of Context” project from a few years ago, in which Willis took MLB jerseys and repurposed them as soccer jerseys. I’m not a soccer fan, but I liked the project so much that I ended up doing an interview with Willis.

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