Leo's World Gets A Lede - A Look At Rams Helmets in the Late '40s

Rams head 550

By Phil Hecken

Weekend readers of Uni Watch know that Leo Strawn, Jr. has a column that periodically appears on here called “Leo’s World,” in which he documents strange and unusual uniform happenings from the past. Today’s lede was actually submitted for “Leo’s World,” but it’s simply too good not to be given top of the blog status. This is a really excellent piece of historical research, so I will now turn it over to Leo as he examines… (Continue reading)

Giants Decide White Time Is the Right Time, at Home

Big news out of the Meadowlands yesterday, as the Giants announced that they’re redesignating their white alternate pants as their home pants. They’ll now wear the white design for all regular season home games. The grey pants, which had enjoyed primary status both at home and on the road, will now be worn for regular season road games and during the preseason.

This means the G-Men will primarily be pairing white pants with blue jerseys and grey pants with white jerseys. But what happens when they’re forced to wear blue on the road (such as when they play their annual intra-division game in Dallas)? They’ll stick to the newly established pants protocol, meaning they’ll pair the blue jerseys with grey pants in those instances.

As a Giants fan, I heartily approve of this move. I’ve long been a fan of the white pants. The grey ones have always looked too dirty and blah for my tastes. Also, take at a look at these two photos (click to enlarge): (Continue reading)

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With the Color Rush Leaker

Back in April, a photo that was purported to show the colors for this year’s NFL Thursday-night mono-color games began circulating. In case you don’t recall, it looked like this (click to enlarge):

At the time, I cautioned everyone not to get too excited. For one thing, we didn’t know whether the information was legitimate. Moreover, even if it was legit, it said, “Subject to change” right there on the sheet. Naturally, that made no difference to anyone. For a week or so, everybody more or less lost their mind, all sorts of speculative articles and concepts were posted, and so on. Then people got distracted by other shiny objects and the uni-verse moved on to other things.

Fast-forward to last Friday, when another color guide, purported to be a “final” update of the previous one, appeared (click to slightly enlarge): (Continue reading)

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

In yesterday’s installment of Collector’s Corner, Brinke Guthrie showcased a few items featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ original mascot character, Bucco Bruce.

I was 12 years old when Bucco Bruce and the rest of the Bucs’ inaugural creamsicle design scheme were introduced in 1976. Bruce was an object of scorn for years — in part, no doubt, because the early Bucs were a historically bad team, although I’m pretty sure people also disliked the logo on its own terms. When the Bucs jettisoned the creamsicles and went pewter in 1997, most people said, “Good riddance.”

In recent years, though, Bruce has had a bit of a renaissance. What once seemed embarrassing now seems nostalgically quaint. Disdain and contempt have given way to a sentimental embrace. (Lots of other old logos and uniform designs have traveled that same route, of course.)

All of which raises two questions that I don’t think we’ve ever addressed here: (Continue reading)