Dressing Up For Hallowe'en

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By Phil . . . → Read More: Dressing Up For Hallowe’en

Under Armour Unveils New Under Armour Uniform for Under Armour (special thanks to Under Armour)

I’ve been saying for many years now that the uni-verse’s client/vendor relationship in way out of whack, especially in college sports. There’s the impression — and, in some cases, the reality — that the vendors are calling the shots and that manufacturers like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are more important than the . . . → Read More: Under Armour Unveils New Under Armour Uniform for Under Armour (special thanks to Under Armour)

The Tailgate Candidacy

In yesterday’s Ticker I noted that someone had shown up at a Jeb Bush campaign event with a very SEC-esque “Jeb” sign (shown at right; click to enlarge). I figured the sign had been made by the person holding it, but I was wrong: It was produced by the Bush campaign, which has . . . → Read More: The Tailgate Candidacy

Nikegon’s Latest Costume

Does anyone still get excited by the words “new Oregon uniform”? For me it’s more like, “Oh, another one — yeah, whatever.” That’s the problem with (a) constantly changing and (b) constantly trying to outdo yourself — at some point everyone’s eyes kinda glaze over because it all becomes routine. If you keep selling . . . → Read More: Nikegon’s Latest Costume