New Unis for Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Yale

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Under Armour threw itself a 20th-birthday party last night and took the occasion to unveil three new college football uniforms: Notre Dame’s 2016 Shamrock Series design, plus the new looks for Wisconsin and Yale.

My thoughts on the Wisconsin and Notre Dame uniforms can be found in this ESPN piece, which was published this morning. Meanwhile, here are some additional photos (many of which can be clicked to enlarge). (Continue reading)

Surprise! Oregon Introduces A New Uniform!

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By Phil Hecken

To the surprise of absolutely no one many, the Oregon Ducks introduced a (beautiful) brand new uniform yesterday — (technically three of them) — which they’ll be wearing today(!) when they play their annual Spring Game. The uniforms (which you can see below in great detail) will be fauxbacks, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of their 1916 (technically, January 1, 1917) Rose Bowl victory over Penn. Yes, the team is breaking out absolutely beautiful new uniforms for a spring game. It’s good to be a Duck. (Continue reading)

VT Hokies Do The Corporate Rebrand Thing, Get New(ish) Unis

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By Phil Hecken

After teasing it Friday evening (there were a couple of items in yesterday’s ticker), the Virginia Tech Hokies released a sports rebranding tweaking yesterday, across all sports. As it has begun doing with other schools, it was all part of a department-wide “branding initiative” by Nike. The school revealed new uniforms for a number of sports, including football, men’s and women’s hoops, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and volleyball. So, in the fall of this year, all 22 athletic programs will begin phasing in new uniforms that will feature consistent logos, colors, lettering and numerals. (Continue reading)

2019 Shaping Up as Potentially Epic Year for Patches

During one of our recent discussions of anniversary patches, ordinals, and the like, reader Kurt Crowley posted a comment that caught my eye:

Can’t wait until 2019, which will feature MLB’s 150th anniversary, the Padres’ and Royals’ 50th anniversary, college football’s 150th anniversary, the NFL’s 100th season, and the 60th season for the eight original AFL teams and the Cowboys.

Sounds like a potential jersey patch bonanza, right? But the bonanza might be even bigger than that, because it turns out Kurt barely scratched the surface of what will be happening in 2019. Here’s what else is on the calendar for that year: (Continue reading)