Jim Vilk: Would You (or anyone) Wear This?

Happy Groundhog Day! The MLB news just keeps-a-comin’. Okay, one thing at a time:

1. I mentioned last week that Majestic appeared to be adding a mesh panel on the rear shirttail of the new Flex Base jerseys. I hadn’t thought about how this might look on a pinstriped jersey, but now we know: (Continue reading)

A Bizarre Scene in Boston

I was flipping channels last night and stumbled upon the Pacers/Celtics game. Boston was wearing its sleeved grey alts (which I hate) and Indiana wore its Hickory throwbacks (which I love). Since I’m, you know, the Uni Watch guy, I immediately recognized both teams, but I wondered if a casual or less uni-obsessed fan might have come upon the game and wondered who the hell these teams were. The fact that the action was unfolding on Boston’s famed parquet court just threw the weirdness of the scene into higher relief. (Continue reading)

All Hail the Metropolitans

As most of you are probably aware, on Saturday night the WHL’s Seattle Thunderbirds commemorated the old Seattle Metropolitans’ 1917 Stanley Cup championship by wearing Metropolitans throwbacks. Uni Watch reader Markus Kamp was at the game and reports that the Hockey Hall of Fame had several artifacts on hand, including Metropolitans goalie Hap . . . → Read More: All Hail the Metropolitans

All They Needed Was a Red, White, and Blue Ball

Really fun game last night in Memphis, as the Grizzlies debuted their Memphis Sounds throwbacks. I love it when the old ABA designs get resurrected, and I also like it when teams wear throwbacks from other franchises that played in their city. As a bonus the Grizzlies opted to go with the road . . . → Read More: All They Needed Was a Red, White, and Blue Ball