A Black Cross for the Vols

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What The Flock? A Uni Watch Sleuthing Project

By Phil Hecken

Uni Watch (or more specifically, Paul) has covered the topic of flocking on several occasions — we probably best know it as the process by which small fibers or particles are affixed to a surface (sometimes to a batting helmet, but not always), to give the impression of it being . . . → Read More: What The Flock? A Uni Watch Sleuthing Project

Mmmmm, Juicy

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Miami unveiled their new football uniforms back in April. Yesterday they provided a close-up look at their new helmets. I love them — orange and green is such an underrated combination. More, please! (On the other hand, the new gray jersey ain’t so hot.)

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Pittsburgh History Mystery Deepens

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Back on Sunday I wrote about the unusual sight of Willie Stargell wearing a batting helmet with the Pirates’ “smiling pirate” logo. Now we may have another example — or at least the ghost of one. At first glance, the helmet shown on Freddie Patek’s 1971 . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh History Mystery Deepens