NFL Goes for a Bit More Gold

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As we all know, the NFL has been building up to Super Bowl 50 with all sorts of gold-themed promotions — the gold 50-yard-line markers, the gold version of the league’s logo, gold-accented sideline apparel, and so on. But the players’ uniforms had been unaffected by this — until now. As you can see above, the NFL logo decal on the back of the players’ helmet turned gold this past weekend for each of the eight teams in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, a move that hadn’t previously been announced (at least not to my knowledge).

Does anyone else think this was a downgrade? Obviously, it’s a very small element, so it’s not a big deal either way. Still, I don’t care for the tone of gold they used — it looks drab, not flashy.

The NFL logo on the jerseys and pants retained its usual red-white-blue color scheme, at least for now. But will those logos change to gold for the Supe? It wouldn’t surprise me.

A few other notes from the Wild Card games: (Continue reading)

These Helmets are Fire

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Hardhat Zone

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