It's Another Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise 550

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday afternoon, at their 2016 FanFest, the Houston Astros unveiled a new batting practice jersey and cap, which will be worn for Sunday home games (or at least that’s the plan). It’s navy blue, with “ASTROS” in orange arched lettering across the chest, with a side stripe containing the “tequila sunrise” pattern made famous by the team in the 1970s. The new cap is orange with a blue bill.

If your first reaction is, “hey, that looks a little like their batting practice jersey,” you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, it looks a LOT like their current BP jersey:

Astros BP Jersey vs Sunday Alt

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The Race to the Bottom Has a New Winner

If someone wants to dress like a fucking clown — I mean, really, really wants to dress like a total fucking clown — then by God they should go ahead and do it. That’s what America’s all about, the freedom to make an utter fool of yourself and surrender whatever slim sense of . . . → Read More: The Race to the Bottom Has a New Winner

An Unusual Team Name for Saint Louis

There are sooooo many Division I college hoops teams — 32 conferences, 351 schools — and I don’t even pretend to know much about all of them, or even most of them. I’m usually proud of myself if I remember a certain detail, like which conference a school plays in, or which state it’s located in, or the story behind the school’s mascot. In the case of Saint Louis, I learned a long time ago that the school name always gets spelled out (“Saint Louis,” not “St. Louis”), so I always style it correctly. Whenever I do so, a few alums usually email me and thank me for getting their alma mater’s name right.

But what I didn’t know until yesterday is that Saint Louis’s teams are called the Billikens. And one reason I didn’t know that is that they hadn’t worn “Billikens” on their jerseys in more than 30 years — until two nights ago, when they finally did so for a game against George Washington (additional photos here). (Continue reading)

And I Bet You Can Get Capers on Your Hot Dog, Too

For most people, the initials “CIA” refer to, you know, the CIA — the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington. But for those of us of a more gastronomic bent, “CIA” refers to the Culinary Institute of America, whose main campus is in the Hudson Valley town of Hyde Park, about two hours north . . . → Read More: And I Bet You Can Get Capers on Your Hot Dog, Too