A Death Knell for NBA Sleeves?

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When the . . . → Read More: A Death Knell for NBA Sleeves?

The Luck of the Irish: Saint Patrick's Day Roundup

[Editor's Note: Today's lead entry and Ticker were both written by intern Garrett McGrath. Please join me in congratulating him on his first proper Uni Watch byline. — PL]

By Garrett McGrath

E.B. White said in Here Is New York: “The city makes up for its hazards and its deficiencies by supplying its . . . → Read More: The Luck of the Irish: Saint Patrick’s Day Roundup

Change Is Inevitable — But Is It Inevitably Permanent?

In the wake of the Bucs’ uniform unveiling last week, lots of observers — some of whom liked the design, others of whom didn’t — have issued a series of statements that more or less reduce to the same basic sentiment: “This is the way things are now. Love it or hate it, . . . → Read More: Change Is Inevitable — But Is It Inevitably Permanent?

Let’s Be Perfectly Clear

Paul here, making a rare Sunday appearance to handle today’s lede (although Phil will still have the rest of today’s content, as you’ll see when you scroll down).

So: Even if you’re not an NBA fan, you’ve probably heard about the fuss over LeBron James’s mask. The condensed version is this: James recently . . . → Read More: Let’s Be Perfectly Clear