(Re) Meet Anthony Zych, Concepter and Designer

CBJ - AZ 550
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By Phil Hecken

Uni Watch readers are (hopefully) familiar with the tremendous posters created by Anthony Zych, whose work was featured by Paul both on the Uni Watch blog, and then later in a feature article/interview on the mothership back in the fall of 2015. If you’re not familiar, please take a couple minutes to revisit those.

A few weeks ago, at a Uni Watch Gathering in Brooklyn (a meetup of UW and Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos folks), Anthony Zych was present and we spent a long time catching up. He’s not only a very talented artist, but he’s also a uniform concepter! Anthony mentioned to me he’d done some mockups for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and immediately I asked if he’d like to share those and give the readership an update on his doings since those 2015 articles. In the words of the immmortal Marty DiBergi of Spinal Tap fame, “I got that; I got more… a lot more. But hey, enough of my yakkin’; whaddaya say? Let’s boogie!” (Continue reading)

A Close Look at Hockey Helmet Earpieces

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry by Ben Van Mierlo, who’s going to give us a close look at a very small piece of hockey gear. Enjoy. — PL]

By Ben Van Mierlo

When I went to Uni Watch on June 2 — the day with the recent entry about the Penguins’ helmets — and saw the photo of Sidney Crosby with his head turned sideways, showing off his helmet earpiece [shown at right; click to enlarge], I thought to myself, “There it is! Finally, a full Uni Watch investigation into hockey helmet earpieces!” But that entry turned out to be about the Penguins’ helmet decals. So if there’s going to be an entry about earpieces, it appears that I’ll have to write it myself.

If you’re wondering what an earpiece is, take a look at this photo, which is what an off-the-shelf hockey helmet looks like [click to enlarge]: (Continue reading)

Pens’ Potential Position Poses Possible Problem, Probably

So here’s an odd situation: Back in February the Penguins revealed an anniversary logo that they’ll begin wearing next season (shown at right; click to enlarge). When I wrote about that logo at the time, I mentioned the following:

Speaking of the Penguins, reader Zane Heiple notes that their patch shows three Stanley Cups [for the titles they won in 1991, 1992, and 2009], which could cause problems if they win the Cup this year. Do they have a four-Cup version of the logo set aside, just in case?

(Continue reading)

A Close Look at the Penguins’ Helmets

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest post from Scott Lederer, who’s taking a deep dive on the Penguins’ helmets. — PL]

By Scott Lederer

I’ve been watching a lot of hockey lately — just about every game. When you watch this much hockey and you like uniforms as much as I do, you start to notice things. And I’ve noticed some things about the Penguins’ helmet decals.

The Penguins have an excellent equipment staff. They do lots of things right and have great attention to detail. They even have a bunch of excellent behind-the-scenes stuff posted regularly on Twitter by their equipment manager, Dana Heinze. So it doesn’t surprise me that there are a couple details about their helmet that caught my attention.

First, I’ve noticed that when the Penguins wear their black and yellow alternate jerseys (as they have then entire playoffs), they change the color of the helmet numbers and logos to a matching yellow and white [click to enlarge]: (Continue reading)