World Championship Patches: Yea or Nay?

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Absentee Weekend All-Star Report

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As you know, there are lots of rule changes for the Pro Bowl: no blitzing, no kickoffs, no rushing the punter or kicker, intentional grounding is legal, and so on. Another change, as you can see above on Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s helmet, is . . . → Read More: Absentee Weekend All-Star Report

Ranking Every Super Matchup, from I to XLIX (Part I)

Supe 550
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By Phil Hecken

Supe 50 is still a week away, but the hype machine is already in full gear. Earlier this week, we learned the Denver Broncos, the designated “home” team, would wear their “road” white uniforms, in a very surprising (and highly unusual) move. By so doing, it forced the Carolina Panthers to wear their black jerseys (which they will pair with their silver pants). Did the Broncos do it because their orange jerseys are “unlucky” (their record in Super Bowls is 0-4 in orange, 1-1 in white, and 1-0 in blue)? Since the orange is their designated ‘dark’ jersey, they couldn’t wear their blue tops. Or, did the Broncs go white because Carolina had considered their whites “lucky”? (Even though the Panthers wore white in their only Super Bowl appearance, losing in them to the Patriots).

While most of the civilized world cares about such things as “lucky” uniforms and records therein, I’m much more concerned how the Broncos choice of uniform (making for a white vs. black jersey game) will rank SB 50 in terms of overall matchups. The Broncos uniforms are pretty brutal (IMHO), due to the now very-dated looking side panels/pants ‘stripes, and the Panthers in black jerseys is probably (again, IMHO) their worst look. Will it be the worst looking Super Bowl matchup of all time? Possibly. They will certainly have company (including the Broncos themselves) in the bad matchup department.

There have been some VERY good looking Super Bowls over the years, including some fairly recent ones, but the early ones were certainly classics. I’ll cover the best looking games today — next weekend will have the bottom half (and there have been some stinkers). Next weekend will also include my annual uniform history of the two combatants (with the help of GUD guy Tim Brulia) — Broncos and Panthers. I’m sure if you were to ask 100 people, you’d easily get 99 different rankings, and probably my #1 won’t match up with yours. And my worst will probably not even be close to what you think is the worst. While I do love me some classics, I view the color schemes first and foremost; good separation and complementary colors rank highly with me — but I also take into account weather, domes, artificial turf, sun/darkness and more into account. Feel free to disagree, as these are simply opinions.

Here we go (you can click on any photo to enlarge). I’ll start with the best, and next weekend I’ll end with the worst: (Continue reading)

Broncos Defy Expectations, Choose White for Super Bowl

In case you haven’t heard, the Broncos announced last night that they’ll be wearing white jerseys in the Super Bowl. (Continue reading)