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Mmmmm, Draaaffft

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The NBA Draft was yesterday, so the Timberwolves’ office marked the occasion with prospect jersey cookies. If you click on the photo to access the larger version, you’ll see that they did a pretty amazing job of including makers’ marks, conference logos, patches, etc. — impressive! My compliments to the baker.

(Thanks to T-Wolves group events program supervisor Jared Hensch for the photo.) (Continue reading)

Sacramento Kings Unveil New Uniforms

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The Kings unveiled their new set yesterday. The four new designs, some of which had already been seen via video game leaks and team teasers, can be seen above.

So what do I think? The short version is that I think this set moves the Kings from the bottom of the pack to somewhere in the middle; the longer version can be found in this ESPN piece, which went up yesterday afternoon. You can also get more info on this interactive page. And here are some additional photos (if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here): (Continue reading)

Sleeves Finally Make It to NBA Finals

History was made last night, as the Cavaliers wore their BFBS sleeved jerseys for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. It marked the first time a sleeved design has been worn in the Finals. Ironically, the Cavs did this while facing the Warriors, who started the modern NBA sleeve trend in 2013 but have never gone sleeved in the Finals themselves. (Continue reading)

Better Bracketology

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The photo you see above is part of an amazing project that’s been unfolding at the Oklahoma City offices of Paycom Payroll, where Uni Watch reader Justin Southwell works. I’ll let him explain: (Continue reading)