Better Bracketology

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The photo you see above is part of an amazing project that’s been unfolding at the Oklahoma City offices of Paycom Payroll, where Uni Watch reader Justin Southwell works. I’ll let him explain: (Continue reading)

EXCLUSIVE: The NBA's 2016 Christmas Day Uniforms

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Big news today: For the third consecutive year, I have exclusive details on the NBA’s upcoming Christmas Day uniforms. As you can see from the Warriors design above, the 2016-17 designs are similar to last year’s, but with a greater emphasis on team colors.

You can get the full scoop, and see all of the designs, in this ESPN piece, which was posted this morning. Enjoy. (Continue reading)

And So It Begins: Sixers Announce First NBA Jersey Ad

Big development this morning, as my ESPN colleague Darren Rovell has broken the news that the 76ers are the first NBA team to have inked a deal with a jersey advertiser. Starting in the 2017-18 season — that’s nearly a year and a half from now — they will wear StubHub patches like the ones shown above. (By that time, Nike will have taken over the league’s apparel contract and the jerseys will also carry the Nike logo.)

Rovell’s piece has a lot of good info — you should read it. Meanwhile, here are a few quick thoughts: (Continue reading)

Utah Jazz Unveil New Uniforms

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As expected, the Utah Jazz unveiled new logos yesterday, and they matched the designs that I had already reported after obtaining them from an industry source. But in an unexpected move, the Jazz also unveiled a new uniform set and a new court design, both of which I figured would be coming later this summer. There’s full info on all of this on this excellent interactive page. (As an aside, NBA teams have been doing a really good job with these web pages that showcase their new designs. The pages are attractive, playful, and informative — kudos.) (Continue reading)