Supe 50: A Uniform History of the Broncos and Panthers

Broncos vs Panthers 550
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By Phil Hecken

Today is the BIG day, and momentarily I’ll be joined by Gridiron Uniform Database founder and historian Tim Brulia, who will bring you the ultimate uniform history of the two combatants in today’s Super Bowl: The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

We know what the teams will be wearing: Denver, even though they are the designated “home” team, have chosen to wear their white jerseys and pants atop their navy blue helmet, and Carolina will go with black jerseys and silver pants to be paired with their silver helmets.

Today’s game will mark only the fifth time these two teams have ever met on the field — and never before in the post-season. There have been a total of three different uniform combinations worn, and Denver has defeated the Panthers three of the four times they’ve met. (Continue reading)

‘The Brooklyn Americans: Hockey's Forgotten Promise’

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The Brooklyn Historical Society currently has an exhibit devoted to the Brooklyn Americans, the NHL team that was known for most of its existence as the New York Americans and was then rechristened as a Brooklyn team (even though it continued to play . . . → Read More: ‘The Brooklyn Americans: Hockey’s Forgotten Promise’

Friday Flashback: Holy Gorgeous Uniform, Batman!

My Friday Flashback piece on ESPN today takes a look at one of my favorite overlooked uniform designs: the Steelers’ “Batman” uni, which was originally worn in 1966 and ’67 and is ripe for a comeback. If you don’t know the story behind this underrated design, you’ll learn it today — check . . . → Read More: Friday Flashback: Holy Gorgeous Uniform, Batman!

'Radom Thoughts' - Logo Case Study #2 - 1944 Philadelphia Blue Jays/Phillies

[Editor’s note: You guys may recall that in previous summers I had Morris Levin pen some guest columns for Uni Watch, but unfortunately, he won’t be able to do so this year; I asked uniform and logo designer Todd Radom if he’d share some of his logo case studies during Paul’s vacation, and . . . → Read More: ‘Radom Thoughts’ – Logo Case Study #2 – 1944 Philadelphia Blue Jays/Phillies