A Look at White MLB Helmets

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Reader Leo . . . → Read More: A Look at White MLB Helmets

A Cornucopia of Uni Goodness in One Photo

Reader Leo Strawn Jr. recently sent me this photo of Pete Rose, which I hadn’t seen before. Pretty sure it’s from 1963. There’s so much going on here! Let’s go one thing at a time:

• Rose was batting without a helmet.

• You don’t often see a pinstriped vest, much less a . . . → Read More: A Cornucopia of Uni Goodness in One Photo


Reader Bill Kellick recently pointed me toward Connie Scouts.com, which is a site devoted to Connie Nicholas Carberg, who in 1976 was hired by the Jets to become the NFL’s first female scout. She’s devoted most of her life to the Jets (her father was the team’s internist for 24 years, so she grew . . . → Read More: Jets-Setter

Restoring Baseball ... (Magazine)

By Phil Hecken

You fine folks are all familiar with Bruce Menard, who has provided literally dozens (if not hundreds) of superb wire service photos which Paul has featured on Uni Watch, and you probably also know Bruce for his great colorizations (including one hosted just yesterday). I’ve also worked with Bruce many . . . → Read More: Restoring Baseball … (Magazine)