For 'How To Get To Second Base' Ask Your Older Brother

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By Phil Hecken, with Jimmer Vilk

A couple weeks ago, Jim Vilk DM’ed me a couple pictures which really piqued my interest, and mentioned they came from a book he’d picked up while thrifting. Intrigued, I asked if he thought they might make for a good article on Uni Watch. He thought they would. With Pitchers and Catchers reporting for most teams, this is a great way to kick off the baseball season. (You can click some of the images to enlarge.)

Here’s Jimmer with his Uni Watch book review on…

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how to get to FIRST BASE (Continue reading)

A Brief History of College Football Players Wearing Uniform No. 100

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Up until now, I was aware of only one college football player who wore a triple-digit number. That would be West Virginia punter/kicker Chuck Kinder (shown above), who wore No. 100 in 1963. That was the year that all WVU players wore “100” on their helmets . . . → Read More: A Brief History of College Football Players Wearing Uniform No. 100

Old Highlight Film Shows Rams Prototype Jerseys

The Rams-related hits keep on coming. Reader Andrew Kupka was watching the Rams’ 1972 year-in-review video (which is awesome — check it out above) and has found something cool.

Toward the end of the video — at the 25:46 mark, specifically — the video announces that the Rams will have new uniforms for 1973. Here’s what the narrator says:

Next year there’ll be new players, a new coach, and a new look in uniforms for Carroll Rosenbloom’s Rams.

Because a team’s uniform is its outward symbol, the Rams have changed to one with more color, sparkle, and glamour, but with a rich tradition reminiscent of the early Ram years. The new look will prevail in both home and away uniforms, and will symbolize a team that has changed much in one short year.

The interesting thing is that the uniforms shown in the video aren’t quite what the Rams ended up wearing in 1973: (Continue reading)

A Deep Dive on an Obscure MLB Memorial Patch

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and longtime Uni Watch contributor/pal BSmile marked the occasion by tweeting some old baseball cards of players named Valentine, including the 1975 Bobby Valentine card shown above.

At first my eye was drawn to what appears to be a strip of tape across the helmet brim — presumably an NOB (name on brim). But then I noticed the black strip on Valentine’s left sleeve.

I had no memory of the Angels wearing a memorial strip, so I went to Dressed to the Nines and looked up Hall of Fame curator Tom Shieber’s list of uniform memorials. Sure enough, there it was (click to enlarge): (Continue reading)