Basketball Players Show Less and Less Skin

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The guy shown above is Nick Emery, a freshman guard who plays for BYU. As you can see, he goes with a long-sleeve base-layer shirt under his jersey, which he wears due to circulatory issues in his arms.

Emery isn’t alone. The long-sleeved look, which dates back at least to Oklahoma guard Tony Crocker around 2009, is spreading — and not just in the men’s game. Check out this shot from a recent Auburn/Alabama women’s game:

The legality of these long-sleeved shirts seems to be somewhat nebulous. Some players have apparently been told not to wear them: (Continue reading)

March Sadness

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Brutal game last night in the Big Ten tourney, as Wisconsin and Nebraska looked like they were having an intrasquad scrimmage and wearing factory rejects that they picked up at the dollar store. Lots of additional photos here, if you dare.

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In Like a Lion Wearing a Harness and a Cummerbund

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March Madness will soon be upon us, which means it’s time for schools manufacturers to start releasing crummy new uni designs for the postseason. Adidas got the ball rolling yesterday with the designs shown above. I’m not sure which is worse — the shoulder harnesses or the cummerbunds. And what the hell is that Nebraska design? On the other hand, Indiana seems to have gotten off easy. What, is their check the only one that didn’t bounce?

In addition to the road unis shown above, there are also new home whites, along with a BFBS for Miami and a GFGS for NC State. You can see all of those here (if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here): (Continue reading)

It's Another Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise 550

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday afternoon, at their 2016 FanFest, the Houston Astros unveiled a new batting practice jersey and cap, which will be worn for Sunday home games (or at least that’s the plan). It’s navy blue, with “ASTROS” in orange arched lettering across the chest, with a side stripe containing the “tequila sunrise” pattern made famous by the team in the 1970s. The new cap is orange with a blue bill.

If your first reaction is, “hey, that looks a little like their batting practice jersey,” you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, it looks a LOT like their current BP jersey:

Astros BP Jersey vs Sunday Alt

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