Aggies Use Their Heads for New Helmet Design

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Goths and Jocks Make Peace (at least in Under Armour's imagined fantasy world)

I you’re a fan of mono-black on the gridiron (or anywhere else, I suppose), yesterday was a very good day. Let’s start at Northwestern, where the Wildcats unveiled a new “gothic” costume that’ll be worn on Oct. 18 against Nebraska (click photos to enlarge):

A few thoughts:

• Hilarious that they’re calling . . . → Read More: Goths and Jocks Make Peace (at least in Under Armour’s imagined fantasy world)

A Black Cross for the Vols

Courtesy of the Tennessee Athletics Dept.; click to enlarge

When I wrote last week about Arknsas State modifying a cross-shaped memorial decal due to Constitutional issues, several readers noted that the Tennessee had worn black crosses in 1965 after three coaches died in a car crash. Unfortunately, none of . . . → Read More: A Black Cross for the Vols

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Click To Enlarge

By Phil Hecken

Quite a bit of NCAA gridrion action yesterday (and some exciting games), and there were a bunch of new unis broken out (one offs like Notre Dame and Maryland) and some new combos. It was also notable because a LOT of teams chose to go stormtrooper all white. . . . → Read More: Sunday Morning Uni Watch