Michigan Unveils New Football Unis, Which Look A Lot Like Their Old Football Unis

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By Phil Hecken

Yesterday, after about a year of anticipation, the University of Michigan unveiled their new football uniforms for 2016. It was a pretty-hyped event, capping a two-plus day “turnover” from UM being supplied by adidas to Nike. The bigger news was that the football team would now be outfitted by the Jordan Brand (which is technically different from Nike — kinda like how a Chevy is different from a Cadillac, but both are under the General Motors umbrella); this is the first football team to carry the Jordan Brand (and logo) on the uniforms. The good news (for traditionalists and uniform purists) and bad news (for 17 year olds are attracted to new and shiny things): the uniforms for 2016 aren’t dramatically different from the previous set.

I’ll hit on the major points below (and try to keep it somewhat short); I was actually interviewed by Zach Shaw of 247 Sports (part of the “CBS Sports Family”) on the new uniforms last night, and a podcast of that is here (and that offers a much more in-depth discussion of the new uniforms). (Continue reading)

When Irish Shamrocks Are Shining

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By Phil Hecken

Late on Thursday, the Notre Dame fighting Irish revealed their 2016 “Shamrock Series” uniforms (ably covered by Paul yesterday both on the Uni Watch blog and also over on the Mothership). Since Paul covered those already (and you should read those if you haven’t yet), I thought today would be a good day to take a look back at the history of the “Shamrock Series” and the costumes uniforms worn by the Irish in each of those games. Interestingly enough, the Irish are (so far) undefeated in “Shamrock Series” games.

First — a bit of background. Beginning in 2009, Notre Dame has “hosted” an annual off-site home football game known as the “Shamrock Series” — and the Irish have traveled to San Antonio, New York, Maryland, Chicago, Arlington, Indianapolis and Boston. This year they’ll be traveling back to San Antonio to play Army (and why their uniforms have an olive-ish color green). (Continue reading)

New Unis for Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Yale

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Under Armour threw itself a 20th-birthday party last night and took the occasion to unveil three new college football uniforms: Notre Dame’s 2016 Shamrock Series design, plus the new looks for Wisconsin and Yale.

My thoughts on the Wisconsin and Notre Dame uniforms can be found in this ESPN piece, which was published this morning. Meanwhile, here are some additional photos (many of which can be clicked to enlarge). (Continue reading)

Surprise! Oregon Introduces A New Uniform!

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By Phil Hecken

To the surprise of absolutely no one many, the Oregon Ducks introduced a (beautiful) brand new uniform yesterday — (technically three of them) — which they’ll be wearing today(!) when they play their annual Spring Game. The uniforms (which you can see below in great detail) will be fauxbacks, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of their 1916 (technically, January 1, 1917) Rose Bowl victory over Penn. Yes, the team is breaking out absolutely beautiful new uniforms for a spring game. It’s good to be a Duck. (Continue reading)