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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

SMUW splash 9-11-16

By Phil Hecken, with a fantastic cast of characters

Good Sunday Morning, Uni Watchers — today we REALLY kick off the Sunday Morning Uni Watch season with all the uni highlights and shenanigans from Week Two of the NCAA Football Season for the year 2016. That means I’m back with Terry Duroncelet, Joe Ringham, Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt, Kyle Acker, Davis Vinckier and Ethan Dimitroff. TJ, of course, handles the main uni watching load, Joe does the 5 & 1, and the rest of the guys track the Power 5 conferences. Dennis also does double duty with the Duck Tracker. It’s all below, so let’s get right into it, starting with TJ’s SMUW: (Continue reading)

Saturday Morning Uni Watch

SMUW 550 9-10
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By Phil Hecken

Welcome back, College Football!

OK, OK, it actually has been back for more than a week, but since I was taking my (short) Uni Watch vacation last Labor Day weekend, now we’re here to OFFICIALLY kick it off! Today, I’m going to introduce (actually, mostly re-introduce) you to the fantastic cast of characters who comprise the Sunday Morning Uni Watch — which will begin tomorrow and go through the entire NCAA Football season — with a look back at all the uniforms and uni-related shenanigans for Week One.

Please join me in welcoming (back) Terry Duroncelet, who has been bringing you the guts of the Sunday Morning Uni Watch for years, Joe Ringham, who is returning for the “5 & 1” and Power Five Uni Trackers Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt, Kyle Acker, Davis Vinckier and Ethan Dimitroff. All but Ethan are returning, and all are on board to bring you the best and most comprehensive NCAA Football coverage on the Interwebs. There’s a LOT to get to today, so let’s start the show! (Continue reading)

2016 College Football Uni Preview, Preview

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

ncaa 16 550
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By Phil Hecken

What you see above is just a taste of what’s to come today with Paul’s latest ESPN column — the much-anticipated 2016 NCAA Football Uniform Preview. That will go live later this morning — and when it does we’ll include the link below. Lots and lots to discuss with this one, so be sure to check back here, read the column when it’s posted, and then come on back to chat. Here’s Paul:


Paul here, making a rare August appearance. One reason I take a break from the site each August is to recharge my batteries, travel, and pursue a few non-uni projects. Another reason is so I can concentrate on two of my biggest ESPN columns of the year — the college football and NFL season previews. The first of those — the college football piece — is up now. As usual, it’s a lulu, jam-packed with oodles of info about what you can expect to see on the gridiron this season. Link coming soon.

The NFL preview will run next Tuesday. Meanwhile, Phil and the rest of the Uni Watch team will continue to run the site today, tomorrow, and Thursday (and man am I grateful to them for all they’ve done this month). I’ll be back in the saddle on Friday. See you then. (Continue reading)

Cardinals Throw Back To 1927

By John Ekdahl

The St. Louis Cardinals celebrated their 1926 World Series win by wearing 1927 throwbacks last night.

The sight of Reyes standing on the mound in vintage red and white was a perfect symbol for the state of the franchise.

Some more game photos are available at and . . . → Read More: Cardinals Throw Back To 1927