Let’s Get a Count of MLB High-Cuffers

Got a tweet the other night from reader Ross Wallace, who asked me — and also Phil — for an estimate of how many MLB players go high-cuffed. As you can see in the replies to Ross’s tweet, Phil and I both estimated the figure to be somewhere in the 15 to 20 percent range.

But is that really accurate? (Continue reading)

Woodland Drops Trou, Golf World Gets Cheap Thrill

Some PGA follies at the Honda Classic yesterday, as pro golfer Gary Woodland had to remove his pants in order to take a shot while standing in a water hazard.

The announcers’ mention of Henrik Stenson was a reference to the 2009 WGC-CA Championship at Doral in Florida, when Stenson stripped down to his boxers to play a shot (further info here): (Continue reading)

Blood Coming Out of Their Whatever

When the Diamondbacks revealed their new uniforms in December, my basic take was, “All signs point to disaster, but first let’s see how it looks on the field.”

With pitchers and catchers now reporting, the disaster forecast appears to have been accurate, at least in terms of the color gradation on the pant . . . → Read More: Blood Coming Out of Their Whatever

Hockey Pants: Surprisingly Non-Uniform

I received a note the other day from reader Derek Reese, who raised an interesting point about NHL pants:

I go down to the glass during pregame warm-ups at Florida Panthers games, and I’ve noticed that the pants/breezers are made by several different manufacturers. In this shot, for example, you have players wearing both . . . → Read More: Hockey Pants: Surprisingly Non-Uniform