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Rams Announce Fan Vote for New Pants; More News to Follow This Week, New Unis in 2019

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2016 Blunder Becomes One-Year Wonder: Diamondbacks Revise Pants

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Phil had this in the Ticker over the weekend, but I know some of you don’t follow the site on weekends, so just in case: The Diamondbacks announced a series of tweaks to their uniforms for 2017. You can see the full rundown of adjustments here, . . . → Read More: 2016 Blunder Becomes One-Year Wonder: Diamondbacks Revise Pants

The Results of Our MLB High-Cuff Census

Back on May 12, I wrote that Phil and I both estimated that about 15 to 20 percent of MLB players went high-cuffed, and then I proposed that we try to confirm or disprove that by doing a team-by-team count to see what the percentage of high-cuffers really is. Today we’re going to see the results of that count.

Counting high-cuffers is an extremely inexact science. So before we dive in, I strongly recommend that you take a minute to re-read the May 12 entry, just to reacquaint yourself with all the vagaries and grey areas we’re dealing with here.

A few notes: (Continue reading)

Giants Decide White Time Is the Right Time, at Home

Big news out of the Meadowlands yesterday, as the Giants announced that they’re redesignating their white alternate pants as their home pants. They’ll now wear the white design for all regular season home games. The grey pants, which had enjoyed primary status both at home and on the road, will now be worn for regular season road games and during the preseason.

This means the G-Men will primarily be pairing white pants with blue jerseys and grey pants with white jerseys. But what happens when they’re forced to wear blue on the road (such as when they play their annual intra-division game in Dallas)? They’ll stick to the newly established pants protocol, meaning they’ll pair the blue jerseys with grey pants in those instances.

As a Giants fan, I heartily approve of this move. I’ve long been a fan of the white pants. The grey ones have always looked too dirty and blah for my tastes. Also, take at a look at these two photos (click to enlarge): (Continue reading)