A Close Look at Hockey Helmet Earpieces

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry by Ben Van Mierlo, who’s going to give us a close look at a very small piece of hockey gear. Enjoy. — PL]

By Ben Van Mierlo

When I went to Uni Watch on June 2 — the day with the recent entry about the Penguins’ helmets — and saw the photo of Sidney Crosby with his head turned sideways, showing off his helmet earpiece [shown at right; click to enlarge], I thought to myself, “There it is! Finally, a full Uni Watch investigation into hockey helmet earpieces!” But that entry turned out to be about the Penguins’ helmet decals. So if there’s going to be an entry about earpieces, it appears that I’ll have to write it myself.

If you’re wondering what an earpiece is, take a look at this photo, which is what an off-the-shelf hockey helmet looks like [click to enlarge]: (Continue reading)

All Hail the Metropolitans

As most of you are probably aware, on Saturday night the WHL’s Seattle Thunderbirds commemorated the old Seattle Metropolitans’ 1917 Stanley Cup championship by wearing Metropolitans throwbacks. Uni Watch reader Markus Kamp was at the game and reports that the Hockey Hall of Fame had several artifacts on hand, including Metropolitans goalie Hap . . . → Read More: All Hail the Metropolitans

Power Ranking the Canadian Cities

By Phil Hecken

A couple weeks ago, Paul ranked the best dressed cities in American sports for ESPN. In the Uni Watch comments that day, it was suggested that a Canadian power ranking might be in order — only it would be up to UW readers to create such a beast. My buddy, . . . → Read More: Power Ranking the Canadian Cities

Knoxville Ice Bears Totally Screw the Pooch

Paul here, pinch-hitting for Phil, who’s working on other projects this weekend. Our topic today is the SPHL’s Knoxville Ice Bears, who’ve been staging their popular Wiener Dog Races for years. As you can see above (start at about the 0:42 mark), the races are really fun — who doesn’t love seeing elongated . . . → Read More: Knoxville Ice Bears Totally Screw the Pooch