League Ralph, Part the First

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Design A Lewis & Clark League Uniform Contest

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By Phil Hecken

Today we have a very special lede, and if you’re a uni concepter/designer, today is your day. I’m pleased to bring back W. Ross Clites, who has appeared on Uni Watch previously, sharing his own designs and concepts. Today — today he’s looking for yours!

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The NFL's 'Federal' Division

By Phil Hecken

Back in the summer when I was pinch-hitting for Paul during the weekdays, I received numerous submissions for articles from you fine readers. I’ve gotten to most of them, but there are still a couple that I haven’t had a chance to run — today is one of those days . . . → Read More: The NFL’s ‘Federal’ Division

Hale, Hearty, and Full of Unresolved Questions

As most of you probably know, all MLB teams wore “Health” patches in 1942. This was the logo of the Hale America initiative, which was basically a “Shape Up!” fitness program that arose in response to America’s entry into World War II following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The patch was also worn . . . → Read More: Hale, Hearty, and Full of Unresolved Questions