A Look at Team License Plates

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So Where’s the ‘Back in BFBS’ Design?

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Man, what is it with these foreign geezer-rockers and their obsession with our sports imagery? First it was the Stones aping American sports logos, and now it’s AC/DC selling MLB-, NHL-, and NFL-themed jerseys. (They have some CFL designs, too — you . . . → Read More: So Where’s the ‘Back in BFBS’ Design?

Jim Vilk, Would You Wear This?

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As we all know by now, I care mostly about what players wear on the field, not fan merchandise. Every now and then, however, a merchandised product line comes along that totally pushes my buttons.

That’s the case with this line of NHL adult onesies being . . . → Read More: Jim Vilk, Would You Wear This?


Reader Bill Kellick recently pointed me toward Connie Scouts.com, which is a site devoted to Connie Nicholas Carberg, who in 1976 was hired by the Jets to become the NFL’s first female scout. She’s devoted most of her life to the Jets (her father was the team’s internist for 24 years, so she grew . . . → Read More: Jets-Setter