Because We All Want to Belong

The Grab Bag section of last Saturday’s Ticker included a link to this Sports Illustrated article about the history of jersey retailing. The article, by Tim Layden (who says he mail-ordered a replica jersey by responding to an ad in The Sporting News way back in 1971!), is really, really good — well-researched, entertainingly written, informative, the works. I’m pretty sure every single Uni Watch reader will enjoy it, and I strongly recommend it to all of you.

A key thread running through the article is the implicit question of why fans like to wear jerseys in the first place. Toward the end of the piece, Layden addresses this question directly and comes up with a bit of an answer: (Continue reading)

Some Thoughts About ‘Gear’

Commenter LoseRem recently started a lengthy thread here on the site by saying he was disappointed in New Yorkers because of “the lack of Mets gear” being worn around town during the World Series. Yes, that’s an absurd sentiment (which we’ve already discussed at length, so let’s please not relitigate it today, thanks), . . . → Read More: Some Thoughts About ‘Gear’

A Look at Team License Plates

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from the site and will return in September. Daily content is continuing under the direction of deputy editor Phil Hecken, who’s running the site this month. Our lede today was prepared by Mike Chamernik]

Mike here. I got a good email from Michael Doucette . . . → Read More: A Look at Team License Plates

So Where’s the ‘Back in BFBS’ Design?

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Man, what is it with these foreign geezer-rockers and their obsession with our sports imagery? First it was the Stones aping American sports logos, and now it’s AC/DC selling MLB-, NHL-, and NFL-themed jerseys. (They have some CFL designs, too — you . . . → Read More: So Where’s the ‘Back in BFBS’ Design?