A Uni Watch Look at Muhammad Ali

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You know this photo; everybody does. It captures one of the signature moments in the career of Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday: his controversial first-round knockout of Sonny Liston in their heavyweight title rematch in May of 1965.

The photo also captures Ali’s signature look: red gloves (he also sometimes wore brown), white boots (hard to see in this shot, but they’re there), and, especially, the white trunks with black trim and the Everlast logo at 12 o’clock. When we think of Ali, this is how we instinctively think of him. (Continue reading)

More on MLB’s New Sock Deal with Stance

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As you may have heard yesterday, MLB now has an official sock provider: Stance, the same company that supplies socks for the NBA. My ESPN colleague Darren Rovell broke the basics of the deal yesterday morning, and then I followed up with my own ESPN piece . . . → Read More: More on MLB’s New Sock Deal with Stance

Hockey Pants: Surprisingly Non-Uniform

I received a note the other day from reader Derek Reese, who raised an interesting point about NHL pants:

I go down to the glass during pregame warm-ups at Florida Panthers games, and I’ve noticed that the pants/breezers are made by several different manufacturers. In this shot, for example, you have players wearing both . . . → Read More: Hockey Pants: Surprisingly Non-Uniform

How Long Was That Jersey Sitting in a Storage Closet?

Screen shot by John M.

Reebok’s vector logo on NHL jerseys was replaced with the company wordmark at the start of the 2011-12 season — a full three years ago — so it was surprising to see Rangers forward Chris Kreider wearing a vector-emblazoned jersey during last night’s game . . . → Read More: How Long Was That Jersey Sitting in a Storage Closet?