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The Series When the White Sox Wore White Socks (mostly)

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There are . . . → Read More: The Series When the White Sox Wore White Socks (mostly)

A Look Back at the Lakers’ 2007 Throwback Short Shorts

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When it was announced that the Lakers would be wearing late-’80s throwbacks for last Friday night’s game against Golden State, several people felt obliged to quip, “Are they gonna wear the short shorts, too?” (As you can see above, the answer to that question turned out . . . → Read More: A Look Back at the Lakers’ 2007 Throwback Short Shorts

Scenes from the Iowa State Baseball Tourney

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Each year reader Jesse Gavin covers the Iowa State Baseball Tournament, which is currently taking place in Des Moines, and spots all sorts of uni-notable items. “If this week is any indication, the future is bright for baseball players’ hosiery stylings,” he says. “Lots of striped stirrups.” What’s particularly interesting about the player shown above (who’s from Don Bosco, a Catholic school in Gilbertville) is that he appears to have his pants tucked into his stirrups!

If that player’s lack of blousing troubles you (as it does me), you’ll feel better after seeing this player from Hinton Community School, who did a nice blousing job to reveal his hoop-striped socks: (Continue reading)

A New Way to Show Your Stripes

If you’ve ever bought striped stirrups or striped athletic socks (as many of you did back when Comrade Robert Marshall ran his Uni Watch Stirrups Club), you know there’s a problem: You want to show your stripes, literally and figuratively, but the stripes are up around your calf, so nobody can see them unless you hike up your pants.

About a year ago, our own Scott M.X. Turner — the guy who designs all the Uni Watch membership cards — came up with a great idea to solve that problem: What if there were socks with the stripe patterns down by the ankle? That way the stripes would be visible as you walked, when you crossed your legs, when you put your feet up on your desk, and so on.

It was an ingeniously simple concept, but I don’t know anything about making socks. Fortunately, however, I do know Jacob Hurwitz, who runs American Trench and has been advertising cool socks on our website for about two years now. So I contacted Jacob and described Scott’s idea to him. He immediately Got It™, so the three of us — Scott, Jacob, and myself — began collaborating on this project.

It turns out that creating a line of socks takes longer than you might think. But after countless back-and-forths, sourcing yarns from various mills, looking at several rounds of samples, and so on, we’re finally ready to announce the launch of StripeRite crew socks. Take a look: (Continue reading)