Yankees Mustaches Fueling Winning Ways?

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By Phil . . . → Read More: Yankees Mustaches Fueling Winning Ways?

Bleed for Me, Baby

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Late last week I put out the call for photos of your team logo tattoos. More than 40 of you responded, but only one of you had a city-centric grouping of multiple team logos. That would be reader Brian Skokowski, whose lower-leg tribute to the Steel . . . → Read More: Bleed for Me, Baby

Does Jerry Dior Know About This?

I’m generally fine with tattoos — I have two of them myself, and I’m pondering another one — but for some reason I prefer not to see them on the baseball diamond. Especially when they’re on a pitcher. And when they go all the way down his arm. And when they’re supposed to . . . → Read More: Does Jerry Dior Know About This?

Super Bowl Was Super-Uni-Riffic After All

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Yesterday I opined that Sunday night’s game “wasn’t exactly the most uni-notable Super Bowl.” But that comment is now in serious need of revision, because reader Ryan Dunsmore has spotted something we all missed — something that instantly catapults Super Bowl XLVI into the uni-verse’s most . . . → Read More: Super Bowl Was Super-Uni-Riffic After All