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A New Solution to an Old Problem

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When the Red Wings recently announced that their new arena would be named after a “pizza” chain, lots of people asked me if I’d be coming out with an “I’m Calling It the Joe” T-shirt. That was a reference to my old “Naming Wrongs” T-shirt project with No Mas (see above), which was our way of protesting the proliferation of corporate-renamed stadiums and arenas.

The old Naming Wrongs shirts are no longer available, and I have no immediate plans to reactivate that project (although there could be something in the works down the road — stay tuned). But the other day I learned about a new way to address the same problem — and this one doesn’t require you to spend any money on a shirt. (Continue reading)

Just What the World's Been Waiting For, Part 713

“Innovative” move by Barcelona FC yesterday, which announced that Intel is partnering with the team as a jersey sponsor — except that Intel’s logo will go inside the jersey. “Intel inside,” get it? Naturally, the logo is being printed upside-down, so it will appear right-side-up when players flip up their shirts (as shown . . . → Read More: Just What the World’s Been Waiting For, Part 713

An Ever-Widening Cupspiracy

New ESPN column today — look here.

Meanwhile: Last Thursday, I let loose with a rant about the MLB/Gatorade shenanigans. Then I had a follow-up piece on Friday. And on Monday I summarized all the nonsense in a piece for Business Week.

Now the floodgates have opened. All sorts of people are telling . . . → Read More: An Ever-Widening Cupspiracy

Views from the Elysian Fields: The Hubertushirschen of NBA Jersey Sponsorship

By Morris Levin

“The Hubertushirschen of NBA Jersey Sponsorship”

The photograph above is of Bundesliga Eintracht Braunschweig players in 1973. (The team has since been relegated, and plays in the 2. Fußball-Bundesliga.) The players are wearing the team jersey featuring the club crest, changed that year to resemble the brand logo of Jägermeister, . . . → Read More: Views from the Elysian Fields: The Hubertushirschen of NBA Jersey Sponsorship