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True Colors Volume IV - The Colors of Spring Training

Joe D 550
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By Phil Hecken

It’s been a while since I ran a “True Colors” lede — but it’s back today, and it features some of the amazing colorization work of UW stalwart Bruce “B Smile” Menard, whose great work usually can be found in the sub-lede, “Colorize This!” Bruce will entertain us with several amazing efforts, all of which are colorized photos from spring training…of yore. You probably also know Bruce well for his many wire service photos, which Paul has run off and on for years. He not only acquires and cleans up the photos — he also colorizes many of them, as you’ll see today. (Continue reading)

Colorize This! Kirst Rexall Baseball Team

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I had received a wonderful colorization from one of our experts, Gary Chanko, but didn’t run it in the “Colorize This!” section because it contained a wonderful backstory and more. So, it’s going to serve as today’s lede. Enjoy. — Phil

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The . . . → Read More: Colorize This! Kirst Rexall Baseball Team

Cubs Celebrate Strike Season, Cuban Independence

By Phil Hecken

First, and most important thing: Paul has his annual College Football Preview today (one of the most anticipated columns of the year). Here’s the link.

Now then. Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs continued their year-long celebration of Wrigley Field by donning their 1994 alternate jerseys, jerseys which many have said fairly . . . → Read More: Cubs Celebrate Strike Season, Cuban Independence

Wrapping Up the Costumes of a Sport That's Not a Sport

By Phil Hecken

Well, the “sport” of Olympic Figure Skating wrapped up yesterday (with a bunch of non-counting exhibitions), and we can all continue the debate on whether it’s an actual “sport” (if you’re unfamiliar with what I’m referring to, please see Paul’s column from this past Wednesday). Or not.

I tried . . . → Read More: Wrapping Up the Costumes of a Sport That’s Not a Sport