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‘C’ Section

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The Cubs’ first game at Wrigley Field was against the Reds in 1916. The two teams marked the centennial of that game by wearing 1916 throwbacks yesterday. As you can see above, it marked something rare: a battle of the wishbone-Cs!

Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper brought this up in the bottom of the third inning and even referenced yours truly. Here’s a transcript of what he had to say: (Continue reading)

Life’s Goal Accomplished: Uni Watch Mentioned on Mets TV Broadcast

I mentioned in yesterday’s Ticker that I wouldn’t be watching the Mets on Monday night because they were scheduled to wear their brutal camouflage uniforms (which are even worse this season because they’re now paired with the pinstriped pants). But I ended up flipping channels between the Rangers and the Mets, and it’s . . . → Read More: Life’s Goal Accomplished: Uni Watch Mentioned on Mets TV Broadcast

Revealed: The Story Behind the Cubs’ 1972 Road Uni

The first MLB season I followed pretty much from beginning to end was 1972, when I was eight years old. The Cubs had an odd road jersey that year — the front uni number was centered, sort of like what you’d expect to see on a basketball jersey. I’m pretty sure it’s the . . . → Read More: Revealed: The Story Behind the Cubs’ 1972 Road Uni

White Shoes Near the White House

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It’s funny how a random comment can lead you down a rabbit hole. Case in point: Phil and I were recently attending a Mets game, and he started rattling off the teams that had worn white shoes — the A’s (duh), the ’75 Phillies, the early-’70s Angels, and so on. And then Phil said, “And the Senators, for one season, right?”

This really threw me, for two reasons. First, I was pretty sure the Senators had never worn white shoes. But just two days earlier, reader Bruce Margulies had sent me the two photos of Frank Howard that you see above. Bruce didn’t have dates for them, but I had narrowed them down to 1970 or ’71. And in one of them, it looked like the third base coach might have been white-shod as well, so I was intrigued.

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