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Maple Leafs Unveil Centennial-Season Logo

The Maple Leafs announced their centennial-season plans yesterday. Here are the uni-related essentials:

• The logo shown at right will be worn as a helmet decal. It will not be worn as a jersey patch.

• The Leafs will wear Toronto St. Pats throwbacks next March 18 against the Blackhawks. (Continue reading)

Pens’ Potential Position Poses Possible Problem, Probably

So here’s an odd situation: Back in February the Penguins revealed an anniversary logo that they’ll begin wearing next season (shown at right; click to enlarge). When I wrote about that logo at the time, I mentioned the following:

Speaking of the Penguins, reader Zane Heiple notes that their patch shows three Stanley Cups [for the titles they won in 1991, 1992, and 2009], which could cause problems if they win the Cup this year. Do they have a four-Cup version of the logo set aside, just in case?

(Continue reading)

2019 Shaping Up as Potentially Epic Year for Patches

During one of our recent discussions of anniversary patches, ordinals, and the like, reader Kurt Crowley posted a comment that caught my eye:

Can’t wait until 2019, which will feature MLB’s 150th anniversary, the Padres’ and Royals’ 50th anniversary, college football’s 150th anniversary, the NFL’s 100th season, and the 60th season for the eight original AFL teams and the Cowboys.

Sounds like a potential jersey patch bonanza, right? But the bonanza might be even bigger than that, because it turns out Kurt barely scratched the surface of what will be happening in 2019. Here’s what else is on the calendar for that year: (Continue reading)

Saints Unveil 50th-Season Patch

Just the other day we were discussing the difference between an anniversary and an ordinal, and how an Nth-anniversary patch is so much better than an Nth-season patch (at least in my book). And now the Saints have come along and raised the issue all over again.

As you can see at right, . . . → Read More: Saints Unveil 50th-Season Patch