MLB Releases Special Holiday Merch — er, Uniforms

MLB unveiled all of its holiday and special event uniforms in one fell swoop yesterday. That’s a departure from past years, when the various promotions were rolled out one at a time. If nothing else, this is very efficient, because we can now make fun of all the designs at once.

Thanks to various leaks, we already knew what many of these would look like, but let’s take a closer look: (Continue reading)

Absentee Weekend All-Star Report

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As you know, there are lots of rule changes for the Pro Bowl: no blitzing, no kickoffs, no rushing the punter or kicker, intentional grounding is legal, and so on. Another change, as you can see above on Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s helmet, is . . . → Read More: Absentee Weekend All-Star Report

NHL All-Star Jerseys Released, Don’t Totally Suck


Well, at least it’s a lot better than what what they came up with last year.

That’s the most obvious observation regarding this season’s NHL All-Star Game jerseys, which were released yesterday. It’s a nice enough design, if a bit plain. I especially like the gold border along the hemline, which . . . → Read More: NHL All-Star Jerseys Released, Don’t Totally Suck

Cream Didn’t Rise to the Top

The New Era folks must have thought they had it all figured out. Grey all-star caps for the American League, whose players would be wearing grey uniforms, and white caps for the white-clad National League. As you can see above (and as a surprising number of people on Twitter kept pointing out), there . . . → Read More: Cream Didn’t Rise to the Top