Absentee Weekend All-Star Report

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NHL All-Star Jerseys Released, Don’t Totally Suck


Well, at least it’s a lot better than what what they came up with last year.

That’s the most obvious observation regarding this season’s NHL All-Star Game jerseys, which were released yesterday. It’s a nice enough design, if a bit plain. I especially like the gold border along the hemline, which . . . → Read More: NHL All-Star Jerseys Released, Don’t Totally Suck

Cream Didn’t Rise to the Top

The New Era folks must have thought they had it all figured out. Grey all-star caps for the American League, whose players would be wearing grey uniforms, and white caps for the white-clad National League. As you can see above (and as a surprising number of people on Twitter kept pointing out), there . . . → Read More: Cream Didn’t Rise to the Top

Meanwhile, at the Home Run Derby...

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As you know, cubs are ferocious, rabid beasts that snarl like the demon hellspawn they are. They stalk the landscape in zombie-like packs, striking fear into the hearts of all who are unlucky enough to cross their path and laying waste to those foolish enough to . . . → Read More: Meanwhile, at the Home Run Derby…