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Reimagining All 32 NFL Franchises as Soccer Teams

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from Angus OKeefe, who recently tried his hand at one of those “What if NFL teams were actually soccer teams?” projects. I was impressed by the results, and I think you will be too. Enjoy. — PL]

By Angus OKeefe

I recently sat down and redesigned all 32 NFL franchises as soccer teams. I took my time and tried to incorporate elements of their NFL uniforms, nods to the city/state, and the actual naming rights advertisers of each team’s stadium (or a primary advertiser if they have haven’t sold off the naming rights). I also used accurate starting quarterback numbers and fonts on the leg. In a few instances I also incorporated some classic designs from the world of soccer kits, if I felt it was appropriate and matched well with the NFL team.

Here we go, one division at a time [for all images, you can click to enlarge]:

NFC East

Cowboys: In keeping with their preferred look, I let them wear their home whites.

Eagles: Went with a very subtle tartan on the chest as a bit of an homage to Irish descendants being the largest ethnic group in the city. Added their original logo to the sleeve because I hope they change back someday.

Giants: Solid blue with a single red stripe, echoing their helmets. Subtle pinstriping as an homage to the Yankees. Was a bit odd having to make their home pants white instead of gray. Added the home pants striping to the socks.

Washington: Native American pattern for the body of the jersey. Simple, accurate socks.

NFC North

Bears: Went for the Ditka sweater vest look. “GSH” tribute down the pant stripe.

Lions: Figured that if they just went through the trouble of redesigning their uniforms, I should honor them with a pretty straightforward rendition of the new design.

Packers: Can’t mess with tradition.

Vikings: One of my favorites. Incorporated their Viking boat sleeve stripes and emulated a classic Sweden international kit (to honor the Scandinavian influence in Minnesota).

NFC South

Buccaneers: Went literal with theirs. Tried to emulate the jersey as much as I could.

Falcons: Again, tried to emulate their actual jersey. Added striping to the chest, with a very subtle wing pattern.

Panthers: One of the few that does not incorporate much from the NFL uniform. Modeled after a PSG kit from a few years ago that is one of my all-time favorites. Just felt that the colors would really stand out in this design.

Saints: Fleur-de-lis! Kept in the team’s theme of black on black. A subtle fleur-de-lis pattern to the kit with gold accents popping off. Not every uniform needs white!

NFC West

Cardinals: Adapted a killer Lazio kit from a few years ago to have a cardinal’s head. Went black-heavy, in part because I felt like it was necessary to distinguish this one from the Niners.

49ers: Went with a traditional vertical-stripe kit to match the Niners’ traditional unis. Started out using their three sleeve stripes, but felt like it was sacrilege to put three white stripes on a Nike kit — it just screamed Adidas. Subtle Golden Gate Bridge trim on the shorts, and sleeves in gold.

Rams: Adapted my favorite of their great old jerseys to fit a soccer kit. Think the horns really hold their own on this. A beautiful sock stripe was adapted from another designer’s pant stripe concept. Added Wal-Mart as the advertiser because of Kroenke’s marriage to a Walton heiress.

Seahawks: Figured I could really get after this one. Only time I didn’t use the team’s primary logo as a badge. Modified their current jerseys’ silver panels and let myself get a little creative with it. Helmet stripe pattern on the lower third of the jersey, standard stripe from their football pants on the shorts.

AFC East

Bills: One of my riskier designs. I incorporated the red stripe from the Bills logo all the way down onto the shorts. Felt like it was a nice shout-out to how their logo has the red extending past the blue buffalo. A real hit or miss amongst my friends. Accurate socks.

Dolphins: One of the teams that really gave me trouble. In the end I went with an overlaid graphic (like Man U is incorporating into their third kit this coming season). Felt like the pure aqua gives a greater sense of the dolphin swimming underwater.

Jets: Went with a fairly accurate representation of their uniform, with the addition of a Nike camo pattern that they are rumored to be rolling out to all the major European clubs this coming season. “Jets” to me always gives off a military feel, so I felt it was appropriate.

Patriots: The Pats remind me a lot of PSG these days. No nonsense, consistently dominant. With Belichick in charge of everything, I can’t imagine it would be any frillier than this. I adapted the current PSG kit for the Patriots with a very subtle difference: Instead of 14 thin red stripes down the chest, there are 13, for the original colonies. Added the original 13 stars to the thigh for continuity and didn’t overthink it.

AFC North

Bengals: I adapted an old Werder Bremen kit that I love for this one. I almost added the Bengals’ traditional stripes but felt like that would be too obvious. This gives them the striped feel, but in a more cosmetically pleasing way.

Browns: Shockingly, I really like this one. Modified their sleeve stripes to create a pretty cool shirt design. After that went standard with their pants stripe.

Ravens: This is a team that always seems dignified to me. Modified a Man U kit with alternating sleeves as a subtle nod to the Maryland state flag’s four quadrants.

Pittsburgh: Bumblebee! One of the teams had to get a Celtic-style full hoop design. Who better than the Steelers, who’ve used a similar look for their throwback.

AFC South

Colts: A no-nonsense football uni leads to a no-nonsense soccer kit. Incorporated their horseshoe logo’s white dots on blue background into all the trim pieces. Other than that, not much to it.

Jaguars: Had to incorporate their awful helmet gradient into the full kit. I couldn’t bring myself to make it as jarringly abrupt as their actual helmet is, though.

Texans: Went with a stylized steer’s head as a chest graphic. I think it turned out pretty cool. A friend said the bottom looked like two legs kicking, which I guess is appropriate for soccer.

Titans: A tough color combo. I used the two blues in a quadrant pattern as a nod to the Volunteers.

AFC West

Broncos: Another rare instance of not using any details from the team’s football uniform. This was a bit of a nod to a friend, who is a massive Broncos and Netherlands fan. I used one of my favorite Netherlands kits and tweaked it for the Broncos.

Chargers: Bolt up. Pretty basic influence from the powder blue throwbacks. Used the original LA Chargers badge, which I would love to see them revert to. Interesting to note their advertiser is StubHub, because they will actually be playing in a soccer arena next year.

Chiefs: Took their sleeve stripes to make a center strip. Added a bit of a gradient pattern for interest’s sake. Pants stripe is accurate with added gradient as well. Chose the University of Kansas Hospital as an advertiser because that’s who has the naming rights to their training facilities.

Raiders: It killed me to even add the subtle pattern in the background, but a solid black shirt just didn’t feel like I was working hard enough. And of course, “AL” on the leg.


Paul here. Let’s have a round of applause for Angus — not just for his designs, but for the informative text. Nice to have insights into a designer’s creative process.

• • • • •

New T-shirt reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, our latest T-shirt in the Uni Watch Artist’s Series, designed by the great Scott M.X. Turner, is now available, and it’s a doozy.

Here’s the concept: If Uni Watch had a bowling team, what would the team be called? The Athletic Aesthetics, of course! And what would the team wear? A classic bowling shirt with chain-stitched embroidery, of course!

Scott’s T-shirt is based on that idea, with a simple “Uni Watch” insignia faux-chain-stitched on the front-left chest and a spectacular design faux-chain-stitched on the back. First let’s look at the front (for all of these images, you can click to enlarge):

Pretty cool, right? Scott originally wanted to just draw the lettering, but I encouraged him to make it look chain-stitched (much like our 2015 “ugly sweater” T-shirt looked knitted), and I love how it turned out. But that’s nothing compared to the design on the back. Dig:

How great is that?! An anthropomorphized magnifying glass wearing a ballcap and stirrups — tremendous! The graphics really capture that old-school bowling shirt style, too. As a collector of vintage bowling shirts myself, I can’t say enough about how awesome this is. I’m super-proud to have the Uni Watch name on it.

Even better, the design works well in a wide variety of shirt colors. Here are some of the ones we’re offering (there are several more on the sales listing page), just to show how flexible the design is:

Creating all of that chain-stitching texture on the back took a lot of work, and at one point Scott thought it might not be feasible. I was prepared to do the back design without the stitching effect (plenty of bowling shirts have silk-screened graphics on the back, so we could have said we were matching the silk-screened style), but Scott got some crucial assistance from the great Larry Torrez, who helped with crucial advice regarding faux-stitching techniques and then actually did a lot of the work on the back design. Thanks so much, Larry — this one wouldn’t have reached its full potential without your midwifery.

Okay, enough of my gushing. Like all of our Artist’s Series shirts, this one is a limited edition, available for nine more days. You can order it here. My thanks, as always, for your consideration.

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball NewsThere are two Turners playing on the Nationals right now — Jacob and Trea — but neither is wearing a FIOB (from Bob Berman). … Donruss baseball cards are licensed by the MLBPA, but not by MLB itself. That means all of their cards are void of any team or MLB logos (from @KUKCSGF). … Jorge Cruz spotted a cesspool pumping truck on the field at Yankee Stadium yesterday. Definitely not something you see every day. … It’s weird seeing Johnny Bench wearing anything other than his iconic No. 5, but here he is wearing No. 53. The caption on the photo says it’s from a 1969 Topps card, but it would appear the photo was taken no later than 1966 (from Brice Wallace). … The Frisco RoughRiders will become Los Jinetes and wear special jerseys on Cinco de Mayo (from Phil). … Quite a nickname matchup in NCAA DII softball between the Southern Arkansas Muleriders and the Arkansas Monticello Cotton Blossoms. Monticello was also sporting some nice tequila sunrise unis (from loyal and longtime reader ThresherK). … The Busch Stadium scoreboard couldn’t fit Salty’s surname last night (from Erik Spoonmore).

NFL NewsOnce again, Cris Routh has reimagined this season’s Color Rash matchups as “Throwback Thursday.” Much, much, much better that what we’ll actually see on the field. … Some Giants showed up at a “Play60” event recently and wore jerseys that didn’t have the little “ny” chest logo (from Jamie Burditt). … Friend of the site David Firestone discussed the Eli Manning memorabilia scandal over on his blog.

College Football NewsInteresting quote from new Oregon head coach Willie Taggert: “I think a lot of the young men that were here, they came here for the uniforms, not to be a great football player. That fell by the wayside” (from Jon V. Buerstatte).

NBA News: Short-sleeved suits? Belly-button v-necks? Matching dinosaur sweaters? Players always seem to take their post-game outfits to the next level during the NBA playoffs (from Andrew Cosentino). … Check out the jersey on Big Bird. Perhaps a tribute to Larry Legend? (From Jamie Burditt.)

Soccer NewsLiverpool’s kit for its upcoming 125th-anniversary season has reportedly leaked (from Mikey Traynor). … Flamengo has released its home kit for next season (from Patrick Thomas). … Sporting Kansas City’s kitman had some fun with the Daniel Salloi’s askew NOB that he wore in Monday night’s game (from Todd Engle).

Grab Bag: Nordstrom is selling ridiculous faux-mud-splattered jeans for more than $400. The mud supposedly “shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty” (from Mary Bakija). … John Lesnik played in a “Draft Hockey” tournament in Nashville a few weeks ago. The company that put on the event provides teams with jerseys with some pretty wild designs . … Longtime funny car driver Bob Tasca III will be making a return to competition racing a with new paint scheme that has an annoyingly slanted logo (from David Firestone).

The First Player to Wear the Bengals’ Striped Helmet

I’ve sometimes written about the first player to wear a given uniform (like Don Zimmer and Bob Miller being the first to wear Mets uniforms). Today we’re going to talk about the first player to wear the uniforms that the Cincinnati Bengals unveiled in 1981 — including their now-iconic bengal-striped helmet.

That player was Bengals linebacker Reggie Williams (shown at right). He and offensive lineman Glenn Bujnoch both suited up in the team’s new attire at an unveiling event in the spring of 1981 at the College Football Hall of Fame (which at the time was located north of Cincinnati at the Kings Island theme park). Although Williams and Bujnoch both wore the uniform, only Williams donned the helmet. The moment has been preserved in this video:

That’s some priceless stuff right there. But it also raises some questions: Why, for example, were Williams and Bujnoch selected to model the uniform? And why was Williams wearing a No. 40 jersey, instead of his familiar No. 57?

Williams, as it turns out, is friends with our Collector’s Corner columnist, Brinke Guthrie, who recently discussed the unveiling with him. Take it away, Brinke:

Reggie had no idea there was a new uniform in the works. “I only found out about the new uniform about a week before the unveiling, when the team asked me and Glenn Bujnoch to model the new unis,” he said. “Basically, we were two easily accessible players who lived in town — that’s why they chose us. The first time I saw the new design was at the unveiling.”

As for why Reggie wasn’t wearing his own number: “They had his Buj’s No. 74 but they didn’t have my No. 57. So I wore the uniform of running back Charles Alexander.”

And why did Reggie strap on the helmet, but not Bujnoch? “The helmet was too small. Buj’s head was a size 8, so there was no way he could try it on, so I squeezed down the first Bengals striped helmet in history.”

Other teams ridiculed the new helmet.”Other teams initially laughed until we went 12-4 and were in Super Bowl XVI. It’s a good thing we won — it became almost an ownership imperative that you better win, and win NOW, or you’ll be laughingstocks forever because of the helmet.”

The players had no say on the new look back then. “We had no input,” Reggie remembers. “At the time, there was no love lost for the old uniforms. To me, they were too similar to Cleveland. Now, however, I want to see them one more time.”

Great stuff. Big thanks to Reggie and Brinke for sharing that story with us.

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

Let’s begin this week’s Collector’s Corner with a unique 1970s hockey radio. The seller says it works just fine. The interesting thing is, if you look at the box front art, he’s wearing black and yellow, or Bruins colors. The box says “Make your own player with our self-sticking decals of numbers.” So I’m not sure if you also got uniform stickers to turn him into a Flyers-style player like Bobby Clarke, or if there were different versions of this item. He kinda-sorta looks like Clarke in a generic way, no?

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• Here’s a decal from the Bay Area. This one highlights Oakland and includes teams like the A’s, the Ray-duhz, and the Seals, along with local landmarks like the stadium complex, BART, and the airport. The seller has another version here.

• We’ve shown the 1970s NFL and MLB light switch plates before, but here’s the first NBA version I’ve ever seen: This design features the Bulls. The seller also has the Lakers, as well as the Cubs and Astros.

• They gave it a good try, but the maker of this Reds cap didn’t get the wishbone-C quite right, did they?

• Speaking of the wishbone-C, they didn’t do a great job on this Bears helmet plaque, did they? The seller has several different teams for sale, including the Bengals — note that they didn’t come close to the right font on that one. The auction ends Tuesday morning, but you can still click on the image to see what I mean.

• Give a look to the lowercase “hawks” font used on the cover of one of these 1970s Atlanta Hawks game programs.

• This 1970s San Francisco 49ers bumper sticker proclaims “New Coach, New Approach.” This is the third straight season they could use that one around the Bay Area, in case you’re counting.

• Staying with the Niners, I’m betting this 1970s Niners belt buckle was not an NFL Properties-approved item.

• “Never surrender, no matter what the odds.” That’s the slogan on this 1970s Cleveland Cavaliers (or Cavaliers Cleveland to be precise) seat cushion.

• I initially went bonkers when I found this 1970s Westclox Team-Mate lollypop clock for the SF Giants — and then I found out it didn’t work. Looks nice, though. Had a Reds one just like it back in the day, around 1972-1973.

• This children’s 1980s sweatshirt just screams Sears, does it not?

• This design 1970s New York Nets ringer T-shirt is still in the package!

• • • • •

ITEM! New T-shirt launch: I’m excited — like, seriously excited — to show you our latest T-shirt in the Uni Watch Artist’s Series, designed by the great Scott M.X. Turner.

Here’s the concept: If Uni Watch had a bowling team, what would the team be called? The Athletic Aesthetics, of course! And what would the team wear? A classic bowling shirt with chain-stitched embroidery, of course!

Scott’s T-shirt is based on that idea, with a simple “Uni Watch” insignia faux-chain-stitched on the front-left chest and a spectacular design faux-chain-stitched on the back. First let’s look at the front (for all of these images, you can click to enlarge):

Pretty cool, right? Scott originally wanted to just draw the lettering, but I encouraged him to make it look chain-stitched (much like our 2015 “ugly sweater” T-shirt looked knitted), and I love how it turned out. But that’s nothing compared to the design on the back. Dig:

How great is that?! An anthropomorphized magnifying glass wearing a ballcap and stirrups — tremendous! The graphics really capture that old-school bowling shirt style, too. As a collector of vintage bowling shirts myself, I can’t say enough about how awesome this is. I’m super-proud to have the Uni Watch name on it.

Even better, the design works well in a wide variety of shirt colors. Here are some of the ones we’re offering (there are several more on the sales listing page), just to show how flexible the design is:

Creating all of that chain-stitching texture on the back took a lot of work, and at one point Scott thought it might not be feasible. I was prepared to do the back design without the stitching effect (plenty of bowling shirts have silk-screened graphics on the back, so we could have said we were matching the silk-screened style), but Scott got some crucial assistance from the great Larry Torrez, who helped with crucial advice regarding faux-stitching techniques and then actually did a lot of the work on the back design. Thanks so much, Larry — this one wouldn’t have reached its full potential without your midwifery.

Okay, enough of my gushing. Like all of our Artist’s Series shirts, this one is a limited edition, available for 10 days. You can order it here. My thanks, as always, for your consideration.

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: The Cubs and Pirates went blue-vs.-black last night (from Andrew Cosentino). … Cubs SS Addison Russell asks fellow big leaguers to sign his Pokemon cards. He uses his collection to bond with his cousins, nieces, and nephews. … Alice Cooper wore a customized Cubs-themed T-shirt for a show in Springfield, Ill., on Sunday night. Cooper was apparently unaware that although Springfield is the state’s capital, he was firmly in Cardinals country. Or maybe he was trolling (from Kevin Eckhoff). … A Rockies coach wore a cap without a New Era logo last night (from John Toenniessen). … This is probably a normal thing for him, but the Padres’ Wil Myers took BP with his sunglasses on his cap, only backwards and upside-down. Patrick Thomas says he may do this to keep the cap logos visible. … Monte Irvin wore one high-top shoe and one regular low-top shoe in 1952. The high-topper was to provide more support for an ankle that he had broken in spring training. … Navy, whose mascot is Bill the Goat, is hosting a “Goat Tees For Goatees” event on Saturday for a doubleheader against Bucknell (from Eric Page). … New Era is selling a Yankees 2000 World Series cap that shows images of their new stadium, which was built in 2009 (from Jon McCue). … One observer suggested uniform tweaks for each team in the AL Central. He has some good ideas, particularly that the Twins should use the Minnie and Paul logo more (from Phil). … Here’s a good shot of the Nats’ 3D helmet logo on their road helmet.

NFL News: The Rams’ uniforms were strictly blue and white in 1969, but they had gold-lettered sideline capes. That color wouldn’t return to their uniforms until 1973 (from Marc Viquez). … A few people have applied for the federal rights to the name Las Vegas Raiders, but they most likely will not get it. While the Raiders have yet to officially secure the name, team owner Mark Davis was prescient enough to register the domain name way back in 1998 (from Brinke). … Cowboys QB Craig Morton was missing his NFL 50th anniversary patch during a game in 1969 (from Ronnie Poore). … Nick Jones has mocked up how the 2017 Thursday-night uniform matchups could play out. … The Packers have been hosting monthly “History Night” events at their team Hall of Fame. This month’s installment, which takes place tonight, will look at the team’s helmets (from Phil).

College Football News: Western Kentucky is leaving Russell Athletic and will transition to Nike on July 1. Russell is headquartered in Bowling Green, Ky., and WKU had always partnered with them as a gesture of regional loyalty, but no more. With Ohio recently announcing that it would be moving from Russell to Adidas this summer, that leaves Georgia Tech and Southern Mississippi as Russell’s last two FBS schools. Tech’s contract with Russell expires next summer; not sure about Southern Miss’s.

Hockey News: About two dozen laborers work overnight to convert the floor of the Air Canada Centre from hockey to basketball. Between the Maple Leafs, Raptors, and various concerts, the ACC crew does about 200 conversions per year (from Ted Arnold). … Baseball legend Yogi Berra played hockey growing up and loved to attend NHL games during road trips with the Yankees. Here he is in uniform (from Alan Kreit). … North Dakota will have new jerseys next year. The school introduced a new logo and name, the Fighting Hawks, last summer (from Phil).

NBA News: Confirming earlier reports from last year, the Hornets quietly announced that they will wear Jordan-branded jerseys next year, instead of Nike like the rest of the league. Jordan is a part of Nike, and Michael Jordan owns the Hornets (from Andy Cook). … Pacers team president Larry Bird drove a Pacers Indy car outside the NBA office in New York City yesterday, as the team submitted its bid to host the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. Here are a few more looks at the car, which may have had a new Pacers alternate logo on it. … A prison gang in San Antonio has adopted the Spurs’ logo as one of its symbols, so local tattoo artists are warning their customers about getting a Spurs tat on a visible body part (from Jim Wagner). … Back in the mid-1970s, the Pistons had warm-up jackets with a neat racing car motif on the back. … Remember Paul’s recent discussion of the “@” symbol? The start of this Trail Blazers video clip provides another example of the symbol being used with a two-storey “a” (from @NYisBLUE).

Soccer News: Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool had a hole cut out of the heel of his right cleat for a match this past weekend. It may have been to provide relief for a blister (form Mark Emge). … The Spanish club Osasuna will wear a new kit on Wednesday against Barcelona. They’re being forced to adopt this new design because broadcasters say all their existing kits clash their opponents’ (from Mark Coale). … Sporting KC F Daniel Salloi’s NOB was just slightly askew the other night. The kitman later apologized for it (from Jose Palacios and Edward Gaug, respectively).

Grab Bag: New institutional logo for Oregon State. Here’s a breakdown of all the symbolism in the crest (from Mark Snider). … Premier League dart player Peter Wright wore a Flintstones lapel pin last Thursday to celebrate the 50th birthday of fellow player Raymond van Barneveld, who goes by the nickname “Barney.” … I went to a roller derby match on Saturday night. It was cool, but not quite as insane as vintage ’70s LA Thunderbirds derby action. Anyway, I noticed that the logo for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association looks like the NBA logo crossed with Neapolitan ice cream. … If you don’t know the story of the Adidas/Puma rivalry, and how it’s rooted in a family feud, this story breaks it down pretty well (from Phil). … The USPS will introduce these sports ball stamps at some point in 2017. Interesting that they chose a striped football, which is not used in the NFL. “Where’s the hockey puck, though?” asks Michael Ortman. … The Mumbai Indians, a cricket team in India, have reflective accents on their uniforms (from David Jones). … A little tough to see, but yesterday I spotted a building constructed around a billboard sign post. The pole goes right through its center. … The 1932 film Hold ’Em, Jail features a prison football game, complete with prison-striped uniforms (from Dave Sikula). … Actor Bill Murray and his brothers have introduced a line of golf apparel (from Tommy Turner).

Of Ducks and Dogs: Connecticut Road Trip Report

Photo by Mary Bakija; for all of today images, click to enlarge

Back on April 4, we had a Ticker entry that read like so: “Alex Shuman recently went duckpin bowling at a charming place called Perillo’s Bowl-O-Drome in Waterbury, Conn. ‘Sadly, the owner is closing the place for good May 22,’ he says.”

That seemed like something worth checking out before they closed up shop, so on Saturday the Tugboat Captain and I, accompanied by our friend Robert, went off on a little Nutmeg State adventure. We had a great time bowling, bookended by two excellent food-related stops.

Our route was a clockwise oval, beginning in NYC and looping up north to central Connecticut, then down to New Haven and back home:

We left Brooklyn shortly after noon. Traffic on the way up was pretty bad, turning what should have been a two-hour drive into a three-hour ordeal, so we were good and hungry by the time we arrived at our first stop: Blackie’s, a hot dog joint in Cheshire that I’ve been stopping at for about 20 years.

On my first visit back in the late 1990s, I was impressed with the dogs and asked the counter clerk how they were cooked. She said, “Oh, they’re boiled [ever-so-slight pause] in oil.” I laughed and said, “Oh, you mean they’re fried.” “Oh no, not fried,” she insisted. “Boiled. In oil.”

By any name, they’re great dogs, especially when topped with a mix of mustard and Blackie’s homemade hot pepper relish.

It was a short drive from Blackie’s to Waterbury, home of Perillo’s Bowl-O-Drome, which did not disappoint. Lots of great fixtures and signage, and of course I loved the green/white color scheme.

For the uninitiated, duckpins is popular primarily in Baltimore and in lower New England. (In upper New England, you’ll find candlepins.) The lane is the same as a standard tenpins lane, but the pins are short and squat, and the balls are about the size of a softball, which makes it very hard to get a strike. Nobody has ever thrown a perfect 300 in ducks, a point of pride among the game’s partisans, who think traditional tenpins is too easy.

In ducks (and also in candles), you get three balls per frame, instead of two. Ducks pinsetting machines don’t automatically clear out the fallen pins between balls or rerack the pins at the end of the frame — you have to tell the machine to do that. The rerack command is sent by pressing a button attached to the ball return fixture, and you clear the fallen pins via a little foot pedal located beneath the ball return. Each pair of lanes has two of these foot pedals, which are nested together in a way that I find immensely pleasing:

The owner wasn’t on-site, but we chatted a bit with the desk clerk, who said Waterbury used to have eight or nine additional ducks houses. “On a Friday night, you couldn’t get a lane — they were all booked up!” he said. Perillo’s is now the last place left in Waterbury (although there are a few others in nearby towns). He also said he didn’t know anything about the place closing next month. “I’ve heard that kinda thing before — they’re always talking about closing it up! But I’ll keep showin’ up for work until they tell me not to.”

Periollo’s only deficiency is the lack of a bar, so after bowling we stopped for drinks at a watering hole we’d noticed a few miles away (sorry, no photos) and then headed south to our final stop: New Haven, home of some of America’s best pizza. I’d eaten several times at the most celebrated of the town’s pizzerias, the excellent Frank Pepe’s, but I’d never been to Sally’s, which was supposedly at least as good, so that’s where we went.

I loved it. Sally’s is smaller and more homey than Pepe’s, and pie had a slightly more charred crust. We ordered a large, half-pepperoni and half-cheese. As usual with New Haven pizza, it was oblong — somewhere between an oval and a rectangle. A spectacular capper to a really great day.

Traffic on the way home was much better, and we were home before midnight. Such an excellent day! All the more so given that I’ve been having some health-related issues and other stresses lately, so it was great to have a near-perfect road trip. However you spent your weekend, I hope it was just as rewarding.

(Mega-thanks to Alex Shuman for telling me about Perillo’s Bowl-O-Drome. Without his tip, this adventure wouldn’t have happened.)

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

KRC update: The latest installment of Key Ring Chronicles is about a Swiss Army medallion (shown above). Check it out here.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball NewsThe Padres wore naval camo yesterday for Air Force Appreciation Day. They’ll wear the blue camo pattern one more time this year, on June 25 for Navy Appreciation Day (from Maximiliano). … Great-looking color-on-color game between the Astros and Rays yesterday (from Patrick Hackett). … Odubel Herrera of the Phillies was wearing mismatching batting gloves yesterday (from LaBar). … The Great Gazoo was at the Brewers game yesterday (from Nick Lineback). … Umpires have been wearing a “RG” memorial patch for former ump Russ Goetz, who died in March. They’ve also added an “MJ” patch for Mark Johnson, who died in October. … The Braves will give away this nice sliding Dansby Swanson bobblehead in June (from Smow). … Check out Darryl Strawberry’s McDonald’s wristbands that made the cover of a 1984 issue of Sports Illustrated (from Michael L. Hayden). … The Lehigh Valley IronPigs wore Phillies-inspired fauxbacks yesterday (from Eric Chase). … Tennessee has striped socks that match its dark gray uniforms (from Nick Lineback). … The Rowan University softball team was sporting some nice yellow stirrups yesterday (from Frank McGuigan). … Texas Tech softball has some crazy helmets.

NFL News: Washington CB Joe Lavender had a “Hit Win” sticker on the back of his helmet in 1976 (from Peter Fredrickson). … Here’s what every NFL team’s helmet looks like in its rival’s colors (from Brian Sandler).

Hockey News: The Devils allowed their season ticket holders to come paint whatever they wanted on the ice at the Prudential Center (from Stan Capp). … Alex Ovechkin has a memorial sticker on his shoulder pads to honor of the victims of the 2011 plane crash that killed every player on Lokmotiv Yaroslavl, a KHL team (from Stein).

Basketball NewsAccording to this report, it was Celtics coach Brad Stevens who led the push to add black mourning bands to the team’s jerseys in honor of Isaiah Thomas’s sister, Chyna, who died in a car crash just before the playoffs began (from Phil). … The Lakers’ new training center will feature two full-length courts. One of them appears to sport the newly named South Bay Lakers logos. … University of Minnesota’s Nate Mason was spotted wearing his own jersey to a party this weekend (from Steve Rausch).

Soccer News: Liverpool L.F.C. was forced to wear Yeovil Town L.F.C.’s change kit when its own uniforms didn’t make it to the game. BBC has a video recap, but it’s only available to those in the UK (from Josh Gardner). … White-on gray was a theme in MLS yesterday.  Orlando City FC /New York City FC and the Sounders/Galaxy played along (from thanks to all who shared).

Grab Bag: Ben Greenfield spotted this Packers/Brewers/Badgers logo mashup on the sign of a gas station in Mukwongago, Wis. Why is it being used as a gas station logo, and why weren’t the Bucks included? … A bunch of hash browns have been recalled because they include “extraneous golf ball materials” (from Douglas Ford). … Aussie football player Bob Murphy played his 300th game for the Western Bulldogs this weekend, so the team wore throwback guernseys with collars to mark the occasion. Murphy is the last active AFL player drafted in the 20th century (from Kurt Crowley).

Meet Bill Hetrick - Part I - The Ultimate Dolphan

DH 550
Click to enlarge

By Phil Hecken

Some of you may have noticed that I tweet a lot — and I’m sure I interact with a good number of readers (some of who I *know* outside of twitter), but mostly my interactions are in the context of having a uni-related article picture tweeted at me (which I’ll almost always R/T). I already follow far too many accounts (2,300+) and have a fair amount of followers, so apologies if you’re one of my frequent interacters but I don’t actually follow you back.

About a month ago, I noticed a new follower, Bill Hetrick. He immediately became a fount of knowledge in my timeline, and while a bunch of it was Dolphins-related, there were some gems in there as well (that’s but a tiny sampling of what turned out to be…well, an amazing collection of sports ephemera and memorabilia). If you really want a treat, check out Bill’s tweets with replies.

I decided I needed to talk to Bill and find out the breadths and depths of his collection and what made him tick. As I already alluded to, and which today’s splash shows, Bill has an amazing collection of Dolphins stuff — but he’s got a lot more non-Dolphins in his collection too. I interviewed Bill about this, and there is so much in the collection, I’ve decided to break it down into separate parts. Today will focus exclusively on the Dolphins portion. Without further ado, let’s meet Bill, and then we’ll get to the Dolphin collection:

• • • • • •

Uni Watch: I noticed you started following me on twitter a short while ago. Are you a Uni Watch reader? If so, how long have you been reading the blog?

Bill Hetrick: Well, I’m newer to twitter than to Uni-Watch. I’ve been a reader of the column on ESPN and a follower of the website for many years. Once I discovered what y’all are doing — given my interest in memorabilia and sports history, I’ve followed you regularly

UW: What do you do for a living, and how did you become a Dolphins fan? Were you “born” a Dolphins fan or did you have other professional football rooting interests?

BH: I’ve been a real estate agent for the past 20 years, but my first job was as the Visiting Clubhouse Manager (1980) and then the Assistant General Manager (1981-86) for the Jackson (MS) Mets, NY’s AA team in the Texas League. From there, I moved to layout and design and writing for the Sports Department of Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger newspaper (1986-1990).

UW: You said you were a real estate agent (actually an award-winning real estate agent) in real life, but you’re also the co-founder of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. Can you tell me a little about that?

BH: When I left the Clarion-Ledger, I was hired by the Mayor of Jackson, Kane Ditto, to be a part of his staff. Along the way, the City and Hinds County collaborated on a bond issue to renovate Smith-Wills Stadium, the home of the Jackson Mets and then the Jackson Generals (Houston Astros’ AA team) after the Mets moved their AA team to Binghamton. The Mayor appointed me in 1991 as chairman of the joint task force to oversee the renovations to the stadium, due to my background and knowledge of the Stadium, its tenants and their needs.

UW: That’s obviously where the photo of you in a Jackson Mets mascot costume comes from.

BH: At the time, the City of Jackson operated the Dizzy Dean Museum near the grounds of Smith Wills. It was poorly run and poorly promoted and falling into disrepair. Long story short, as we planned for the Smith Wills renovation, the Dean Museum came up, and after deciding not to incorporate it into the Stadium renovation (a brilliant non-move in retrospect), the committee began a discussion of actually building a Mississippi Sports Museum, with a “Dizzy Dean Gallery” as a centerpiece of the Museum. That project came to fruition a year later, as several of the members of that committee and others founded the non-profit Mississippi Sports Foundation, and in 1996, we opened the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, across the parking lot for Smith Wills Stadium. The history of the Hall of Fame and the facility is a story unto itself.

UW: Awesome — we’ll get into that another time. Back to the J-Mets. You worked for the AA Jackson Mets in the early to mid-80s. What did you do there and did this start (or merely add to) your collecting?

BH: As I mentioned, I started as the Visiting Clubhouse Manager (I was named VCM of the Year for the Texas League by the players btw!) in 1980, where I washed uniforms, underclothes, cleaned shoes and cleaned the clubhouse after the games. Some Manager. I was the gofer of the year in a cinderblock hot box with no AC . But man, the folks I met. My first day in the visiting clubhouse, I walked into the dugout and there stood Warren Spahn. The San Antonio team that year featured Mike Marshall, Orel Hershiser and Fernando Valenzuela, who spoke no English at all. Not a bad lineup. Most amazing year of my life. I met so many people who went to major league careers. That was where I started collecting autographed baseballs.

UW: You must have seen quite a few of the “raw” stars the Mets had in the early 80’s coming through.

BH: In 1981, I moved into the 3-person front office as the assistant GM (Mike Feder was the GM) and filled that position during the season while I attended college during the off-seasons at Millsaps College in Jackson. I was with the Mets during their minor league heyday and worked with Darryl Strawberry, Billy Beane, Roger McDowell, Lenny Dykstra and a host of others. 13 of 25 players on the 1986 World Series Champions played in Jackson while I was there. I went to the 86 NL Playoffs in Houston and attended Spring Trailing for 6 years in a row. I picked up a ton of autographs through the 80s with the Mets.

UW: OK. Let’s get back to the Dolphins. Were they the closest football team to you? What appealed to you about them, and what led you to want to start collecting Dolphins’ items?

BH: My grandmother gave me a Bob Griese poster for my 9th birthday in 1971 when I turned 9, and the rest is history. I was hooked on football and the Dolphins. Living in Mississippi, I am surrounded by Saints fans, but they’ve never been “my” team. I’ve also been a NY Giants fan since Eli became their QB, and appreciate their history because of Charley Conerly having played there in the 50s and 60s.

UW: As the readers will soon see, your Dolphin collection is incredible. How long have you been collecting?

BH: Well, I guess since I was 9, technically, but really, I got serious about it during the late 80s during the Marino era. I was a huge fan of the 70s Dolphins – Griese, Csonka, the No-Names — but the Marino years were really amazing and I started seriously collecting in those days.

UW: Do you remember the first item you got or purchased?

BH: I bought a signed Marino helmet from a friend who was narrowing his collection.

UW: What’s your favorite Dolphins item?

BH: I’ve got a satin while Starter jacket that Don Shula singed for me in New Orleans in 1986 or 87. He signed it with an aqua sharpie while I was wearing it, so it is both my favorite item and an awesome memory.

UW: Besides Dolphins paraphernalia, what other items are in your collection? What can we expect to see next time?

BH: Well, due to my background with the newspaper and the Hall of Fame, I collect Mississippi memorabilia – lots of Walter Payton – who I spent some time around – Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Steve McNair., Archie and Eli Manning. I collect Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning quarterbacks on mini helmets and baseballs. I also have over 100 signed Hall of Fame baseballs. I have 7 US Presidents on baseballs.

UW: We’ll take a look at those in Part II — but what led you to create your “mancave”? Does your wife mind? Is she a collector too or does she kind of roll her eyes?

BH: Well, I used to have a “Dolphins Closet” before I got my “Dolphins Den.” Once my daughters grew up and moved out, I commandeered a room, and the rest is history.

UW: Your wife must love you very much.

BH: My wife, Marilyn, is AMAZINGLY tolerant of my habit and the room. I would call her supportive, even. She knows it makes me happy, so she’s cool with it. She’s proud of it for me, because it is so unique and unusual. I have friends tell me all the time, “Wow, I wish my wife would let me do this.” But we both know there is a financial line I just can’t cross, so Babe Ruth will probably never be a part of the collection. She’s great. Obviously, it would not exist without her blessing.

UW: That’s amazing Bill. Thanks for sharing. Now, let’s look at your Dolphins’ collection!

• • • • • •

Bill’s collection is quite extensive — what I’ve done below is broken it into “sections” — I’ll post at least one inline photo for each section, and then add a slideshow with more photos from that segment. You can click on any images below to enlarge.

• • •

Don Shula Autographed Helmet

Shula Helmet 3

Shula signed the helmet in Jackson, where I live, at a Boy Scout banquet. Shula’s been a hero of fine since the early 70s. There was a small crowd and he entertained about 6 of us for nearly an hour with stories. Amazing evening for me. I’m also hoarding 1972-73 era Dolphin zippos

To view this album, click here

• • •

Larry Csonka Jersey


I have a backchannel connection to Csonka, and he will sign items for me for a contribution to St. Jude’s, so every now and then I send something. My first connection to sports was the 1971 Dolphins. My grandmother gave me a Bob Griese poster that she had gotten from a cigarette promotion, and I was hooked. Still have the poster.

To view this album, click here.

• • •

Miscellaneous Dolphins Collection:

Dolphins Misc5

The pennant is also a treasured possession. I sent it back and forth to a promoter is SoFla several times over the years when he was having “Perfect Team” autograph shows.

To view this album, click here.

• • •

Corner Closet


Shula signed this jacket for me outside the team hotel in New Orleans, while I was wearing it, before a game with the Saints in the early 90s. I had an aqua sharpie with me, just in case. This was back when sports teams weren’t hidden behind security forces or shuttled out secret entrances. One of my prized possessions.

To view this album, click here.

• • •

More Random Dolphins Collection

Misc Dolphins2

Misc Dolphins1

To view this album, click here.

• • •

Broad Views of the Dolphins Collection & More:

broad views1

[You’ll note these include some non-Dolphins items. Lots of them, actually. It’s an AMAZING collection — PH]

To view this album, click here.

• • •

Helmet Phone:

helmet phone

Functional helmet phone, use it daily. Original smooth top design. This is important. Most others have a replacement handset that protrudes from the top of the helmet and takes away the roundness. I had the shade custom made for the lamp. Bought the material off ebay. NOTE: I am a dolphins logo purist. Pre-1997 logos only.

• • • • • •

And there you have it — or at least the Dolphins portion of it. There’s lots more from that phan-cave, that’s for sure, but the rest will wait for another day.

I want to thank Bill for sharing (and his patience). I’ll have more of Bill and his collection shortly. I hope you enjoyed the first look. Please let him know your thoughts in the comments below — and if you have any questions about anything, I’m sure he’ll be reading today and will respond, so fire away. OK? OK!


USA Baseball Jersey Contest Raffle:
And The Winner Is…

Click to enlarge

Drew Solka

I received Three Hundred and Ninty Five (395!) raffle entries for this contest, and Drew Solka was randomly selected as the winner. I used a random-number generator, and Drew’s entry corresponded with the number chosen. So congrats to Drew!

What you see above is the jersey of original contest winner Dan Kennedy (who selected his road version), as well as that of the raffle winner. So…why does the second jersey say “Lucroy” you may ask?

Most of you (as I likely would have) chose your own NOB and probably your favorite number. Drew went a different route and chose the following:

Size: Medium
#: 25

Hopefully both Dan and Drew will take photos of their jerseys when they arrive and will share those with us.

I want to again thank Steve Rosenbeck of Garb Athletics for partnering with Uni Watch to create these great jerseys. As an added bonus, Steve made a short video showing the process of making Dan’s jersey. Check it out:

How awesome is that?

You can also follow Garb on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for designs, ideas and updates.

We’ll announce the next jersey contest soon, so make sure you keep checking back.


Lukas b&wIn Case You Missed It…Paul’s Latest ESPN Piece

With the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, Paul asked readers for their concepts on how they might look “after getting a facelift” for their relocation to the desert. Tinkering with the Raiders’ look is a dicey proposition because most fans like the team’s uniforms just the way they are. How can you mess with the iconic silver and black? Still, there were some interesting entries!

If you didn’t read Paul’s latest piece, here ya go. Totally worth the read if you’re at all into redesign contests (or even if you’re not).


Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an e-mail yesterday that’s too long (and too good) for just the ticker. It comes from reader Charles Rogers and it looks back at the “gray” Cardinals

I’ll let Charles explain (you can click on the images to enlarge). Here’s Charles:

• • •

Hello –

I’m guessing Uni Watchers may be familiar with The Image of Their Greatness, the extensively illustrated history of baseball by Lawrence S. Ritter. I discovered it in high school around the same time I started following baseball and it was a seminal influence. My copy is somewhere in a box in my dad’s garage, but for years I seemed to recall a photograph of a Cardinals player from the thirties or forties in a grey hat with their familiar logo. (In my mind, I assumed the logo was red.)

Now, grey is my favorite color and the Cards are my second favorite team, so I’ve looked high and low for a Cooperstown Collection (or whatever) version of this hat. I also couldn’t recall the name of the book in which I saw this photo, so I wasn’t entirely sure I remembered correctly. Anyways, to come to the point, I remembered the title last week, got the book from the ever-reliable L.A. public library, and found this:


That’s William Walker Cooper, who played for St. Louis from 1940 to 1945.

And this:

image (6)

That’s Harry Brecheen, who played for the Cardinals in 1940 and from 1943 to 1952.

Now, of course, these are black and white photos and those caps could be faded, so who knows! But I wondered if anyone out there has noticed these and/or had any thoughts and/or opinions. I’ve attached a few more photos I found online. Please help! I’m dying to have some refutation or corroboration! Thanks.

Charles Edward Rogers

. . .

Thanks Charles. As he noted in his e-mail, Charles also included three more images, one of which is obviously colorized, that show the period in question:

52283 125896 Harry_Brecheen_(Cardinals)_5

Here’s the book of which Charles spoke — Image of their Greatness by Lawrence Ritter.

I happen to love that style of St. Cards uni (it may in fact by my most favorite of ever)…and the Cards wore it from 1940 through 1950. According to Okkonen, it looks like the Cards did wear a gray cap (for at least some games) in 1941. However, I can’t quite make out the cap logo — I’m not sure it’s the classic interlocking StL. In all the other seasons, it appears the Cardinals are wearing the blue crown/red brim caps. But I’m far from an expert on either the Cardinals or this era. Can anyone confirm (or deny) or corroborate if the Cards did indeed ever wear a gray crowned cap?


OK. Now, on to the ticker…


Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: It looks like the Clemson Tigers are using a raised 3-D logo on their batting helmets (from Greg Isaacs). … “I recently wrote a piece about the roots of my passion for design beginning with the 1989 upper deck series, along with the mysterious case of Kevin Mitchell’s painted jersey in his 1988 Topps card,” says Ka Wai Cheung. … This bit is kinda cool (from Mike Engle): “We know about the ball that stuck to Yadi Molina’s equipment. I didn’t know it went to game used market. But check out that sticker — that Cards logo is quite vintage and not in use today, no?” … For those of you who find stats like this interesting (as I do), the Oakland As are 4-0 in their Green jersey at home this year, while the Mariners 0-5 in road grays (from David Taub). … Tweeter Jorge Cruz noticed these old time baseball logos and pennants on a Two Boots Pizza promotion sign. I’m thinking Paul may be interested in the one that reads Meat the Mets, which is reminiscent of a theoretical t-shirt that may possibly be available for purchase. And of course, there’s always the great Larry Torrez graphic. … “A page out of Rajai Davis’s book and stirrups I didn’t know about? Orange stripes on black stirrups, over white Trusox,” writes Mike Engle. Damn those are some nice hose. … Holy crap — check out the Yokohama Bay Stars 2017 Star Night jersey (from Jeremy Brahm). … So — which side are you taking in the Iron Pigs (bacon) vs Fresno Grizzlies (taco) war? You can wear your preference on your feet. Check out the links in the tweet. … Nice rups for the Bowling Green Hot Rods yesterday (from Monkey Pandemonium‏). … The BFBS Mets uniforms of the late 1990s/2000s were bad, but this fashion jersey missing all orange elements is the worst (from Jorge Cruz). I bet Jimmer Vilk is a big fan of the ghost wordmark. … On May 7th the KC Royals and Cleveland Indians will become the Monarchs & Buckeyes and wear these glorious Negro League throwbacks (h/t Robert Hayes). … Andrew McCutchen wore spikes yesterday with the Ken Griffey logo (from Jorge Cruz). … I kinda like this look the Florida Gators Softball team broke out yesterday, wearing yellow caps and stirrups in honor of all those battling Pediatric Cancer (from Gators SB Equipment). … Check out this Red Sox Fenway Park Green Monster “BSTN” artwork by @timscapes (from 70s Logos). … This is a really nice Garrett Popcorn tin found at the new Comiskey Park (from Devon Kuckenbecker). … Linfield College baseball has some pretty solid stirrups (from Sean Pellatz). … Looks like Rutgers has both matte and shiny hats, and apparently they wear them both in the same game (from Jay Wright). … In 1990 (and other years around that time) the Auburn Astros had “A-Star” caps (from Nick Lineback). That’s Bob Hurta (great name for a pitcher, no?) and if you want to know more about his short-lived MLB career, check out this website–Greatest 21 days. … What happens when opposing team “fans(?)” show up in your ballpark in their squad’s “gear”? Check out what the Reds did to some Cubs fans during a game in Cincinnati (from Patrick O’Neill). First comment: “Rizzo trolled the reds with a 3 -run homer in the 9th.”

NFL/College/High School/Football News: I’m not quite sure what’s going on here (or even if this is legit), but “The Kentucky Buckets discontinued the use of this helmet after the opposing team the ‘Kingpin chicken eaters’ had a similar helmet.” (from Timmy C.). … For their Spring Game, Virginia Tech broke out orange, maroon and white jerseys (from Andrew Cosentino). … Other than the fact the author of this article actually likes the Lions wordmark on the sleeve, I pretty much agree with his assessment of the new Lions unis. … During the UGA Spring Game, the officials were wearing caps with the SEC Logo (from Chitty²Bang²‏). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Color video of 1965 Playoff Bowl (from Kurt). … Oops! “Nice of Sports Illustrated to put a Dolphins uni on Drew Brees,” says Bob Gassel, “but the sleeve logo is facing the wrong way.”

Hockey News: This one’s not really uni-related (and it’s barely hockey-related…seems more like something that should have been in The Office) but, “I feel like there’s some irony here,” says Dustin Perez. “Saw this at a hospital in Odessa TX.” I almost feel it should have been accompanied by live action shot. … There are decent replica jerseys, and then there are cheap knockoffs (from Tony Tengwall) who adds, “I feel like the Brodin guy got ripped off…” … I’m pretty sure this isn’t a hockey jersey, but since it comes from Wafflebored, I’ll put it here: Vintage Sand Knit jersey with interesting drop shadow western font. … And I KNOW this one isn’t a hockey jersey (but it’s also from the Waff): check out this Presbyterian Tequila Sunrise!

NBA News: After arriving in Kenosha on 4/18, Wisconsin Gov. Walker gave President Donald Trump a “Make the Bucks Great Again” hat & jersey. According to Josh King, Trump didn’t want to put the hat on. … Tweeter Ty Tamlin is back with his “jersey choice for each franchise,” this time with his selections for the NBA.

College Hoops News: “Never mind the kicks, Coach Cal is still rockin the old UK logo,” noticed Chitty²Bang²‏, of this tweet from John Calipari, coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. … Yesterday’s article on “Championship Looks” prompted reader Matt Privett to suggest one from the college ranks: The 1993 NCAA Championship Game featuring the Wolverines vs. the Tar Heels. (This was also mentioned by Dan Tarrant in yesterday’s comments).

Soccer News: Here’s something I did not know (until yesterday)> Manchester City’s practice turf is a Carolina/powder blue (from Christopher Jaques). This, of course, makes total sense when you consider the color of their primary kit. … Looks like Daniel Salloi’s nameplate was askew last evening (h/t Jon Arnold and Jay). Here’s another look (from Amanda Vermilyea). … FC Cincinnati of the USL wore their black kits last night against Louisville City (from Brian Henke).

Grab Bag: Ooooohhhhh — check out this Marshall Thundering Herd sweater vest that Coleman Mullins found in some sort of thrift or consignment shop. Since he’s a Mountaineer fan, he adds, “Too bad its a Marshall one!” … OOOooohhh — check this out: “The stories behind some famous logos, many I’ve never heard before,” says 70s Logos. “VERY interesting stuff!” of this site showing 15 famous logos with hidden meanings. Some of them we have seen before, but it’s still pretty cool. … Eric wins the Pennant(s): Eric Lovejoy simply writes, “that feeling when you find these in your childhood closet at your parents old house!” … “What has the world come to?” asks Ken Traisman. “The Chicago Flip Cup Tournament logo resembles that of MLB. Shocking.” … Villanova lax debuted new helmets yesterday (from Michael Geddes).


And that’s it for today. Big thanks to Bill Hetrick for sharing (just a portion of) his tremendous collection, and congrats to the USA Jersey Raffle winner Drew Solka. Thanks also to Steve Rosenbeck for partnering with Uni Watch to create the jerseys for both Drew and Dan Kennedy.

You guys have a good Sunday, and a great week, and I’ll be back next weekend. But until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Cardinals never looked good in navy caps. Traditional schmaditional — the red caps were a massive and overdue improvement.”

— Jim Vilk