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Hooping It Up


Phil here — Paul’s definitely enjoying his Wisconsin vacation — but his eagerly-awaited NBA Season Preview is now Live On ESPN. As the title of the column suggests, there are LOTS of new looks — so go check that out, then come on back here and we’ll discuss. OK? OK.


NFL Superhero Project

By Thomas Correia

With the Chargers facing the Broncos in tonight’s Thursday-night NFL game, the two heroes chosen here may not be particularly familiar to non-comic fans. Still, one of them appeared in a recent Hollywood film (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and will also be in an upcoming film (Avengers: Age of Ultron), and the other is known from a popular video game series (Batman: Arkham). Here, take a look (click to enlarge):

For most fans, the Chargers’ lightning bolt logo represents electricity, so I did consider using Spider-Man villain Electro. But I feel that the bolt also represents speed. I didn’t want to use the DC hero Flash, because his main color is red, so instead I decided on the blue Marvel speedster Quicksilver. His color and the lightning bolts that run across his chest and waist made this a perfect match.

The Broncos presented a huge dilemma. I couldn’t find a way to do anything successful with their current horse head logo, so I turned to their retro logo. I knew I had to find a character whose name begins with a D; if he wears blue and orange, even better. I got both in the DC antihero Deathstroke. I just had to create his pistol to replace the white horse and added in his trademark left eye.

Next Week: Saints vs. Panthers. You may have a good idea who one of these will be, but what about the other? Feel free to guess in today’s comments.


Mike's QOTW

Mike Chamernik’s…

Question of the Week

Every Thursday Intern Mike Chamernik poses a uniform-related question to the readership. Here’s today’s:

. . .

Paul or Phil may have explored this topic either on their own, or they might have asked you all before, but I wanted to know what you think is the best-looking World Series? Consider the uniforms, obviously, but also the ballparks, fans, decorations (I miss bunting), historical context, or whatever you want to factor into your decision.

Also, what would you say is the worst-looking, or least remarkable, Series?


World Series Uni Tracking

Last night, the Royals and Giants played game two the World Series, and once again it was the Royals in their home whites and Giants in their road grays:

WS static Gms 1,2,6,7

As they have been doing throughout the playoffs, the guys from the Diamond Uniform Database have been keeping track of the uniforms throughout. You can check out all the Wild Card, Division, and League Championship uniforms for all the teams here.

Thanks to Matt Donnelly for the images.


Uni Watch News Ticker

Today’s ticker was compiled by Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Check out the cool baseball cartoons inside Action Comics 1. Really the highlight of that issue, by far. … Here’s some more info on the Marlins guy who attended Tuesday and last night’s World Series game (from Phil). He may have also attended some other World Series games too (h/t to Derrick Goold). … New logo and uniforms for the Tennessee Smokies. … Zack Hample tweeted this a few days ago. It’s 64 MLB balls with different logos that he’s collected in the past 15 years at games (thanks to Chris Flinn). … Not much took place during the World Series, uni-wise, last night, but it’s good to know that Homeland Security agents have confiscated unlicensed Kansas City Royals underwear (you can thank Brinke for this). … But here’s a look at the World Series hoodies for the Royals.

NFL News: DeSean Jackson and other NFL players have been customizing their cleats (from Brinke). … The Hungry Hungry Hipster found an NFL bag off of eBay that is missing two stars in the logo. … The Steelers will wear their striped alternates on Sunday. … The Falcons will be playing in London this weekend. Let’s see if you can spot what’s wrong with this graphic depicting their flight (Need a hint? Go here).

College/High School Football News: Team logo-emblazoned belts are now a thing (from Tommy Turner). … Here are two great photos that show how football uniforms have changed at the high school level over the last 65 years (from Blair Thompson). … New Mexico State once paid royalties to Oklahoma State for the rights to use Pistol Pete (from Phil). … Seems that Urban Meyer has had some black Ohio State mock-up unis run past him. Yet, there are no plans to actually wear them (from Phil). … A Maryland high school (unsure which school) has its helmet logo inside the center stripe (from Rick Friedel). … West Virginia is urging fans to wear blue next Saturday against TCU (from Phil). … Cal coach Sonny Dykes is a little dismayed that recruits factor in uniforms into their college choice (from Phil). … Miami will wear white unis with black socks tonight (from Phil). … Do the sleeves on this undershirt for LB Poly say “FUNK HOUSE”? (via Uniform Nation Blog).

Hockey News: The Penguins wore their new third jerseys last night. … The men’s and women’s teams at the Rochester Institute of Technology have camouflage unis on tap for November (from Joe Werner).

Soccer News: Anderlecht midfielder Steven Defour’s shin guards are ridiculous (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Bayern Munich gave Pope Francis a signed customized jersey (also from Yusuke Toyoda). … Mario Balotelli will be fined for swapping shirts at the half of Liverpool’s loss to Real Madrid.

NBA News: For reasons that remain unclear, over the last three years, whenever ESPN displays a miniature Bulls logo on its site the nostrils are not present (from Jon Arthur). … Kevin Durant’s Washington DC-themed Nikes will not be available for retail (from Tommy Turner).

College Hoops News: Ohio State set aside a locker for LeBron James (from Brinke). … New unis for Ole Miss. … New road jerseys for Notre Dame. … Maryland’s jerseys have collars that are reminiscent of the Nikelace that NFL teams have (from Rick Friedel). … New uniforms for Detroit (from Scott Held). … New court for Appalachian State (from Phil).

Grab Bag: New names for two NASCAR series. … Gavin Rossdale wore an arm sleeve while performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night (from Chris Perrenot). … This has nothing to do with sports or uniforms, but on Tuesday every episode of The Simpsons became available for free streaming. I’m a huge fan of the show and quote lines like a lunatic. While Simpsons World is awesome and I will undoubtedly watch it until my brain turns to mush, there was still something memorable about the way I viewed the show as a kid. I would plan my afternoon and evening around the three re-run slots (5, 6 and 10 p.m.) on local TV. Sure, it was a pain, and I was a little bummed if I missed an episode, but it just made The Simpsons more special. I had something invested, and it was a small example of delayed gratification. I still would have enjoyed the show if streaming were available in 2002, but it wouldn’t have been the same experience. Even though advances in technology continue to make our lives easier, perhaps it’s not making our lives universally better. I’m sure many of you can relate.


And that’s all for today — everyone have a good Wednesday. Back with more tomorrow. Thanks to Thomas, Matt and especially Mike for all of today’s content.

.. … ..

“This ice girls talk is redic’. They sign up to wear those outfits, they enjoy wearing those outfits. They have good bodies & mostly good looking faces – what do you think they wear when they go out? Not sweaters, I assure you.”

— Neeko


Willie Mays and Juan Marichal Almost Wore Inside-Out Uniforms

[Paul here. I'm on vacation this week, but here's something for you to enjoy during my absence.]

I’ve written several times about Willie Mays wearing a Cubs helmet and then a Reds helmet in the 1965 MLB All-Star Game, and about his Giants teammate Juan Marichal wearing a Braves helmet. I’ve also linked to this AP story, which said the situation was due to Mays having forgotten to pack his helmet when traveling to the game. (Interestingly, that article quotes Marichal poking fun at Mays by saying, “Willie, you sure looked funny wearing that Cincinnati helmet” but makes no mention of the fact that Marichal himself had worn another team’s helmet.)

Now uniform designer/historian Todd Radom has turned up a UPI article that ran in The New Journal and Guide on July 17, 1965 — a few days after the game. It reveals that Mays and Marichal were almost stuck wearing something a lot more unusual than an off-team helmet (click to enlarge):


It’s a fairly lengthy article, so I’ve transcribed the most pertinent section here:

Upon arriving here [in Minnesota] from Philadelphia on Sunday night, Mays suddenly discovered his regular Giants uniform had been flown back to San Francisco by mistake.

Teammate Juan Marichal was in the same boat, or rather on the same plane His uniform was missing, too. …

Finally, it was ascertained that the two uniforms had been shipped back to California. …

[F]or more than 24 hours, Mays and Marichal fretted about whether their uniforms would arrive in time for the All-Star Game.

That poses the natural question, what if they hadn’t?

Nobody around All-Star headquarters seemed to know for sure. The best guess is that the home club Minnesota twins would have had to lan Mays and Marichal two of their traveling gray uniforms and the Giant players would had to wear them inside-out.

Oh man, can you imagine? Inside-out? That would’ve been a uni event for the ages! Too bad the uniforms were successfully rerouted back to Minnesota.

The article then gives us some new details about the Cubs and Reds helmets that Mays wore in that game:

As it was, the uniforms arrived in time but Mays’ and Marichal’s helmets never did. So they had to borrow some.

Before the game, Willie went around asking of the National League players: “Anyone wear a size seven helmet?”

“I wear seven and an eighth,” said Cincinnati John Edwards. “You can use mine.”

Mays tried it on and it was a little too big. Then he got ones of the Cubs’ helmets and it was a little too small. It belongs to outfielder Billy Williams.

But he homered while wearing it his first time up in the opening inning, so he used it again when he came to bat in the second.

By the fourth inning, he decided to use Edwards’ helmet. “I didn’t get into the game,” laughed the Cincy catcher, “but my helmet did.” …

[Edwards' helmet] was a little big and Willie looked a little uncomfortable when ex-Dodger Pete Richert, now with Washington, struck him out.

Again, there’s no mention of Marichal wearing a Braves helmet. There were only two Braves on the NL roster that year — Hank Aaron and Joe Torre — so Marichal presumably borrowed the helmet from one of them.

Anyway: Great find by Todd, and now we can all imagine what a player wearing an inside-out uniform might look like.


They Might Be Giants…

…and He’ll Never Be Royal(s)

vamos gigantes
Click to enlarge

Do you have a “uniform” superstition? Like, do you wear a certain jersey or outfit while “your” team is in the playoffs or, in this case, the World Series? I’m going to make a uni confession here — Waaaaaay back in 1986, when the Mets won their last World Series, I had on two different Mets jerseys (a retro, button-front pinstriped one and yes, a pullover racing stripe one) for the first two games of that Series, which the Mets dropped. Convinced “I” was unlucky and causing the Mets to lose, I wore a plain white “Mets” t-shirt for Game 3 (which the Mets would win). I kept wearing that t-shirt (I did wash it, but wore the same shirt) for the remaining four games, and of course the Mets ended up winning the Series against the Sawks. Clearly, my choice of garb affected the outcome.

Obviously it didn’t — but it was a weird sort of thing to do, and at the time (I was 20), I was convinced my choice of top helped the Mets to win. I didn’t repeat this behavior in 1988 (that year, the Mets would lose in the NLCS to the Dodgers), and I’m pretty sure my choice of shirts (I’m not sure what I wore then, but it wasn’t a white t-shirt, and it was a different shirt each game) had nothing to do with it. Looking back, I thought I might be a little strange for this behavior — until, of course, I found Uni Watch and learned there were others like me who shared odd uniform-related quirks.

I never shared that with anyone until now, because, quite frankly, I thought I might be the only one to take stuff to that extreme. Until yesterday.

Yesterday Brinke sent at two e-mails — one went to Paul…the other to me. The one to Paul was apparently unsolicited, and I’ll repost it below (the attachment was the outfit you see above):

I don’t have many Giants superstitions — they will win or lose the Series despite what I do — but this is the main one. I must wear the same outfit each game, and this is it. With one exception. Wore blue shorts with the shirt last week since I like the blue/orange combo. But blue is the primary color of The Other Team, so it’s out. And it will not get washed ’til the last game.

Paul forwarded that to me saying, “it could make a fun sub-lede for tomorrow.” I was busy when he sent it, but I bookmarked it and didn’t even realize it was from Brinke until later.

As fate would have it, Brinke also contacted me asking if I could make a quick edit to yesterday’s “Collectors Corner,” which I did. After a quick back-and-forth, I told Brinke I’d be rooting for the Royals (knowing he’d be defending the Giants). He then sent this:

I am predicting- and I never do this- Giants in 5.

[miscellaneous talk as to why the Giants will win omitted here -- PH]

I have my lucky outfit on, too. So there’s that.

That e-mail also contained an attachment of Brinke’s “lucky” outfit. May it bring him and the Giants some luck.

All of this is to say: what about you, readers? Do you have some form of “lucky” outfit or shirt that you absolutely *must* wear for a playoff game or series? Or do you have a ritual that is uniform-related you observe that you believe helps your team win? And yes, I remember those Bud Light “It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work” commercials — that’s the sort of thing I’m looking for — but it has to be a uniform-related behavior that you engage in for an entire game or series.

Let’s hear what you got!


World Series Uni Tracking

Last night, the Royals and Giants began the World Series, and pretty much wore what everyone expected: Royals in their home whites and Giants in their road grays:

Click to Enlarge

As they have been doing throughout the playoffs, the guys from the Diamond Uniform Database have been keeping track of the uniforms. You can check out all the Wild Card, Division, and League Championship uniforms for all the teams here.

Thanks to Rob Holecko for the images.


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Today’s ticker mostly compiled by John Ekdahl

Baseball News: From Phil, here are the World Series patches on the Royals uniforms, and here they are on the Giants‘ uni & caps. (Here is a close up of the patch). Pretty mellow, which is nice. … From Jay Sullivan comes this eBay item: “Early 1900’s Green’s Nebraska Indian Baseball Team ‘Three Stars’ RPPC Postcard” … David Ortiz surprises veterans at Fenway Park with World Series tickets, wearing a hat with the David Ortiz logo. (thanks, Tom Adjemian) … From Alan Poff: “The expansion summer collegiate Kokomo Jackrabbits (Prospect League) introduce 1980s-style San Diego Padres uniforms for their inaugural season.” … “I shouted out Uni Watch in my thorough comparison of the Royals and Giants’ uniforms for The Classical,” writes Aram Gyan. “Edgy orange-and-black prevailed over staid blue-and-white.” … A random Marlins fan was sitting in one of the best seats in KC last night (from Josh Herndon), also noticed separately by Chris. I didn’t think too much of this until Brinke sent in this article. Seems like this guy has been following the Giants for a while. … “Sitting in a bar in Wisconsin,” writes Paul. “Just saw the commercial for MasterCard/Apple Pay, with George Brett. The Royals fans in that ad are wearing the old vest/drop-shadow jerseys!” … “Is Bobby Bonds wearing a 1974-76 jersey top with the 1988 pants?” asks Derek Linn. “If so, does anyone know why?” … For the “sounds of the game” segment, the folks at Fox mic’ed Eric Hosmer up during last night’s game (h/t to Cork Gaines for the screen grab). … This pic was all over twitter last night: You waited 29 years for this game. Yes, it wasn’t your teams night, but dude — $1,000+ (probably) for that seat and you fall asleep during the game?

NFL/Football News: Interesting, and perhaps new, bit of apostrophe fail here (thanks, Gorden) … William Gay wearing purple cleats here. Also, there appears to be some pink sock silliness going on in some of these photos. Scroll through. (Thanks, Michael Korczynski) … From Phil, Fox Sports has ranked all 32 NFL team uniforms. Not sure about the Browns finishing last here.

College Football News: Paul sends this along: “The ASU equipment staff posted on Twitter last week that this year’s version of the Maroon Monsoon uniform would have a new wrinkle. That wrinkle was new Maroon Nike Lockdown Gloves.” … Buffalo Wild Wings has teamed up with the Citrus Bowl, starting in 2015. … Geoff Lott sends along some photos from the the 1968 Auburn/Florida football game program. Additional shots here, here, and here. … Next two from Phil. WKU will be wearing black this week. … These are the new helmets ULL wore last night and these are the jerseys. Those TV numbers are HUGE. In that same game, Ark State had new lids as well. … From Phil, USC will wear shiny helmets when they play Utah.

Basketball News: The Washington Wizards have released their schedule for wearing their blue alternate jersey. … Douglas-Roberts is now a Clipper and he wants to wear short shorts. From the L.A. Times: “Douglas-Roberts requested mediums from the equipment manager. Uh, mediums? No NBA player had worn that size in recent seasons, so a special order had to be placed.” (thanks, dgray). … “Did @TerrapinHoops just leak the new uniforms? I thought they were being shown on Friday,” asks Todd. … The Charlotte Hornets will wear teal uniforms for opening night.

Hockey News: From Brian Parker, EA Sports NHL 15 has added some third jerseys, including the Penguins and Lightning. … The Hershey Bears will wear throwback uniforms for opening night (from Phil). … The Bruins network, NESN, has added a “Zone Time” stat in top left corner, as well a 30 Year logo on the boards (from Sports Graphic Watch).

Grab Bag: asks, “Which Northeast Ohio High School Football Helmet is the Best?” via Blair Thompson. … Here are the top ten worst VFL/AFL jumpers of all time, according to The Age. (thanks to Jimmy Griggs) … From Leo Strawn: “Australian Football League’s Brisbane Lions dropped the unpopular “paddlepop” lion from their jumper after a vote from supporters and will once again use the lion that graced their jumper during their triple Premierships of 2001-03.”


That’s it for today. Everyone have a great Wednesday. Thanks to Paul (and Todd) for the lede, Brinke for the uni anecdote, and Rob for the uni tracking. Catch you guys tomorrow — Phil

.. … ..

“‘I’ve never seen anything like those shiny new chromified, oversized logo-ed helmets from that university football team.’ – Said No One Ever”

— Alex Parisi


Uni Watch DIY Project: Building a Better Bosox Uni


[Editor's Note: Paul is on vacation this week, but today we have a DIY project from reader Matt Malinoski. Enjoy.]

By Matt Malinoski

I love the look of 1960s Red Sox jerseys with the copious amounts of red trim on the headspoon and sleeves. The problem is I can’t find a replica with the correct McAuliffe lettering — the letterforms are always subtly wrong. So last fall, using an old Lady Kenmore sewing machine that my grandmother had given to me, I set out to make my own 1967 throwback jersey with matching pants.

Going into this project, I had no prior experience with a sewing machine. I learned how to sew by watching videos online and practiced sewing trim and letters onto a cloth diaper before I tried it on an actual jersey. Even then, I destroyed two jerseys before I found a technique that worked for me.

I bought a blank Mizuno jersey from Amazon. They also make matching knee-length pants that I wear for softball and I wanted the fabric to match.

Next, I scaled and printed my vector drawing of the lettering and numerals, which I then traced onto thick construction paper to make stencils using a lightboard — a narrow set of letters for the red and wide for navy [for all of these images, you can click to enlarge]:




I don’t have a heat press, so I bought rolls of red and navy self-adhesive tackle twill fabric. I traced around the stencils onto the fabric with a white colored pencil and cut out the letters and numbers with scissors:



For the headspoon and sleeve trim, I bought several yards of 1/8″ red rayon soutache. It’s very inexpensive, but hard to work with and prone to fraying:


Luckily, my sewing machine had a buttonhole foot that can be used as a cording foot. The protrusion in the middle of the foot stays in the groove in the soutache:


The sleeve trim was difficult because I first had to use a seam ripper pop the existing seams where the sleeve was sewn together, and then stuff the end of the trim in the gap that this created, and then start sewing it onto the sleeve. It was a challenge keeping the trim straight along the edge of the sleeve because the soutache is also prone to wrinkling if it’s not held perfectly still:



I used a red thread in the needle above the fabric and a white thread in the bobbin underneath so that the stitch couldn’t be seen on the inside of the sleeves. After the trim was sewn on the sleeves, I used white thread to sew the seam back up. Each sleeve took about two hours:


The headspoon was tough, because it’s about seven yards of continuous trim. So if the soutache frayed, I had to rip it all out and start over. In this picture, I folded the soutache at the endpoints and sewed over it to prevent fraying:


Another obstacle was that there were a couple of seams so thick that I had to turn the clutch wheel by hand to get the needle to pass through all of the fabric. At one point I actually broke a needle doing this. All in all, the headspoon took about six hours to complete. Here’s an example of one of those thick seams:


I stuck the letters onto the jersey but also secured them with pins because the adhesive didn’t stick as well as I would have liked:


I then sewed the lettering onto the jersey with a zigzag stitch and sewed the red and navy outlines through the fabric. Each letter took about 30 minutes. The numbers were comparatively easy, because they were comprised of all straight lines.

I chain stitched the player’s name onto the shirttail by hand using a needle and three strands of embroidery thread. Again, I learned how to do this by watching videos online. It’s not as hard as it looks, as long as it isn’t rushed. This took about two hours to complete:


The pants were very easy to do. I had to pop a few seams where the outer leg seam met the waistband, stuff the end of the trim in the gap, sew the trim down the leg, sew the seam back up, fold the end over at the bottom of the leg, and sew a couple of seams across the end of the soutache to keep it from unraveling:



Here are the final results — not bad:




And here I am wearing it. There are no 1967 caps available, the cap I’m wearing is a 1946–54 style, which was also worn with this style jersey from 1951–54. The stirrups came from Robert Marshall, of course:




line 1

72 redsCollector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

The World Series starts tonight in KC- you might have read about it- so we’re all Series today. We’ll start off with this 1972 A’s @ Reds game program- I was at this game. Riverfront was barely two years old at this point, and already hosted an ASG (1970, weeks after the stadium opened) and now the Series, the second of four it would host during the decade.

Onto other Giants and Royals items:

• KNBR is still the home of the Giants, as they were back in the 1980s when you could sport these on your bumper.

• Here’s a 1970s orange Giants replica pullover — they used this as a throwback a few years ago and I wish they’d use this on a regular basis. Such a cool look.

• This 1970s Royals Wilson jacket looks no different than the look they sport today. That, my friends, means a timeless design. The Lan-Mar company of Kansas City, Mo., made ‘em too, it seems.

• Here’s a 1960s Giants inflatable doll — “when it’s squeezed it makes a squeaking noise.” OK then.

• Got Milk? The Royals George Brett hopes you do, and here’s a 1980s growth chart to track your progress. If milk wasn’t quite your style, here’s a promo mug for Miller Lite with the Brett tie-in. Love the use of the yellowy-gold background on this 1970s Royals thermal cup!

• We’ve got a DeLong hooded Giants parka here- I had a Reds version of this and let me tell you, it felt and wore great.

• Here’s a George Brett Puma ad sans MLB branding — “If you’re not the predator, you’re the prey.”

• If you’re wearing this 1980s Giants sweatshirt — it leaves little doubt as to who you are pulling for.

• Very nice looking Reebok Royals pullover — these were made — if my memory serves as I had a Cowboys one — with a neat smooth type of microfiber or…something. Well made.

• KERO-TV in Bakersfield held a Series party in the early 1960s, and these pens served as party favors.

• “KC ain’t no cowtown.” Says so on this 1985 I-70 Series T-shirt. Pair it with this old-style 1985 World Series Champions cap.

• Here’s a 1970s Giants Bullpen Buggy still on the card!

• Cheer on the San Francisco Giants (at the Stick) with this 1960s Rah-Phone plastic megaphone!

• Seen a lot of NFL plaques by Kentucky Art — but this 1970s Giants version is the first I’ve seen for an MLB team.

line 1

A Most Unscientific Poll…

Yesterday in the comments, I mentioned how sometimes success in a particular uniform can affect whether or not people perceive that uniform to be “good.” I pointed to the Mets “racing stripe” uniform of the 1980s as being an example of what (in my opinion) was not a particularly good uniform — but since the Mets achieved great success in that uniform, fans loved it. I personally feel that’s just not a good looking uniform, but maybe I’m wrong.

So, last night, I posed a very unscientific “poll” on Twitter, asking folks which is the better uniform — the “plain” Mets button-front, or the “racing stripe” uniform. I fully expected the Mets uniform I grew up with (the button-front) to be far more popular than the racing stripes. I was wrong.

Here’s a look at that tweet– as of last evening, “FAV” (favorites) far outpaced “RT” (retweets) by a more than 2:1 margin.

I figure much of that can be attributed to both the unscientific nature of the ‘poll’ and the fact that twitter users skew younger … if that’s your first memory of the Mets or Mets uniforms, you probably prefer it — I know I have a certain fondness for many early and mid-70s uniforms that today many of you look back upon with dread, horror or surprise. But I’m curious what the Uni Watch Community thinks. So I’m going to ask you guys the same question, just in poll form. Take a minute to vote, won’t ya? Thanks.

Which is a better Mets uniform? free polls

line 1

Uni Watch News Ticker

[Today's ticker was mostly written and compiled by Garrett McGrath]

Baseball News: Kansas City Royals hats being emblazoned with the World Series logo (thanks, Phil). … Matt Duffy of the Giants has a cool Duffman sticker on his bat knob (from Mike Engle). … GQ compares and contrasts three eras of Royals and Giants uniforms before the start of the 2014 World Series (thanks, Phil). … “Last night, I spotted a box of Super Pretzel in the grocery store freezer and noticed Mike Trout on the outside,” says Chris Bruno. “I noticed a few things about the jersey right away; they obviously didn’t have permission to keep ANGELS on the front, but it also has the 2012 All Star patch and the Majestic logo clearly visible on the sleeve. Seem that this was taken during All Star week in Kansas City.” … Check out these cool artist renderings of some notable World Series moments (from Mike the Intern). … San Diego State University will be wearing this Tony Gwynn patch next season (h/t @UniNationBlog). … Is this a photo of the old Philadelphia Athletics? Nope — it’s the Congressional Republicans, in an undated photo (from Sully).

NFL News: New New York Jets wideout Percy Harvin will wear number 16. What do Brad Smith and Vinny Testaverde fans think? (thanks, Phil). … TV station uses a photo of Gary Payton while talking about Peyton Manning’s TD record (from Gordon Blau). … “This may have been on Uni Watch before, but what a beautiful piece of memorabilia!” writes Leo Strawn, Jr.. He adds, “Of course, we all know that the pro football title game was called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” prior to the game being called “Super Bowl”, which wasn’t until the third contest, the AFL’s first historic win. Here’s the listing in case you happen to have an extra $2400 laying around you don’t know what to do with.”

College/High School Football News: Louisville will wear these helmets on Thursday. … Do you agree with this list of five throwback college uniforms that should be permanent? (thanks, Phil). … The Fighting Illini are wearing “Gray Ghost” alternate uniforms on October, 25th. … is having an online pool to determine the best high school football helmet in the state (from Fred Provencher). … There is a brand of pretzels in the UK called “Penn State Pretzels.” The story is explained here (from William Yurasko). … Next up in the S&S decal brigade is Fresno State, who’ll be wearing that on November 1st (thanks to Jared Buccola). … Also with the S&S thing is the University of Incarnate Word (h/t UniformNationBlog). … The Utah Utes have a new matte black helmet.

Hockey News: The Buffalo Sabres are retiring legendary netminder Dominik Hasek’s “39” jersey in the new year (thanks, Phil). … Cool Colorado Avalanche franchise jersey history from The Hockey Writers, including a bit about the Quebec Nordiques period from 1979-1995.

Grab Bag: Mascot Watch: A search engine for team mascot/nicknames from high school to the professional (from Ed Westfield, Jr.). … Article about high school mascots in Southern New Jersey (from Kurt Esposito). … An article summing up all of the ads on uniforms phenomenon (thanks, Phil). … How one audio company competes with the big brands (from Tommy Turner). … Is Reebok on the block? (from Brinke). … A five-year-old Shiba Inu (that’s a breed of dog), with a significant social media presence, does a brisk business in sponsored posts and endorsements (from TommyThe CPA). … The new NBA D-League Austin Spurs have introduced home and away uniform wordmarks (via Conrad Burry).

line 1

And that’s all for today — big thumbs up to Matt Malinoski for that amazing DIY article, Brinke for the CC, and Garrett for the ticker. Ek’s on ticker duty tomorrow, and I’ll be handling the loading and piecing together all the entries for the rest of the week. — Phil

.. … ..

“Yes, I am insane. What sort of sane person puts “The” before their own first name?”

— The Jeff.

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Monday Morning Uni Watch


By Phil Hecken

Phil in today — pinch hitting for Paul while he’s on vacation in Wisconsin.

The biggest news yesterday was probably the Washington football club wearing their throwback uniforms, but, due to the NFL’s “one helmet rule,” (as you can see above), they wore their current helmet with the throwbacks. The Washington Post was not impressed. They’re correct, of course — very few of the throwbacks look good with the current helmet shells (unless they are the same color as the throwback shell), but they’re not awful. As they did in 2013, the EQ guys removed the center stripe, but kept the logo decal. When there was no helmet restriction, the team wore a faux leather helmet (larger version here), which had no logo or stripe. Both Paul and I covered the throwbacks when they were introduced in 2012. The uniform is supposed to be representative of the 1937 team.

It’s a pretty good looking faux/throwback, but it just doesn’t quite work with the current helmet, especially since they kept the gold facemask. The shell color difference doesn’t bother me that much (because the shell can actually take on the deep burgundy of the jersey at certain angles — others, not so much) — but I do wish they’d have swapped in a gray cage and removed the helmet logo. It doesn’t really work when the helmet and sleeve logos don’t match and are from different eras. Plain helmets would have worked better.

You can see more photos from this game here.

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The Baltimore Ravens wore their black alternate jerseys yesterday. As you can see, they went mono black (with pink accessories). It’s not a terrible look (especially since their helmet is black, but those pants could use some stripes (and, IMHO the black tops looks better with white pants). If they want to wear black pants, they should wear those with the purple tops). You can see more photos here.

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The San Diego Chargers busted out their beautiful “powder” blue jerseys for their big AFC West showdown against the Chiefs, who went red/white/red. It was a great looking matchup (if there was a 5 & 1 for the NFL, this might have been the good #1), and an even better game (unless you’re a Chargers fan). More photos here.

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And, in the late game, the Denver Broncos wore their alternate blue over blue uniforms. I don’t get the love for this look, either (I mean c’mon — orange is far superior — and it looks like Broncos’ fans feel the same). But even if you say “well, they won SB XXXII wearing the blue,” they didn’t wear the blue pants. But the mono-blue is just awful (especially with white shoes & high white socks). Plus, even though this style is 20 years old, they look like a high school team in them. Just my opinion, of course. You can see more pics here.

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In other action yesterday:

• Cam Newton wore some gold & blue shoes during warmups.

• The jokes just write themselves. Here’s another look.

• Terrance Williams wore these shoes versus the Giants.

• Washington DE Jason Hatcher lost his helmet during his pursuit of Charlie Whitehurst.

• There were plenty of Washington supporters at that game showing their support for the team name.

• The Rams gave away a Robert Quinn bobblehead yesterday.

• The previously winless Jaguars wore black jerseys with white pants yesterday to notch their first victory over the Browns. That’s still a gadawful uniform, but it looks SO much better with white pants (versus mono-black).

• A bunch of superheroes showed up in the stands in Green Bay (h/t to Cork Gaines for the screengrab).

• The Saints wore their gold/white/gold combo, which is probably their best look — now if they could just get rid of the collar horns…

• Is this blood on the Randall Cobb’s shoulder? Nope. Ketchup — the perils of making the Lambeau Leap (h/t Chris Haworth and Ken respectively). Here he is getting cleaned up later on.

• Pinktober has made its way to the kicking tees (h/t to Matt Larsen).

• Well played, Lambeau fans, well played. (h/t Aaron Nagler).

• Fear the ‘stache? Nah. Kyle Orton shaved his and led the Bills to a comeback victory over the Vikes yesterday (here’s how he looked previously).

• The Seahawks wore their gray pants against the mono-blue Rams yesterday.

• I sure hope this is an optical illusion caused by the Jags swimming pool.

• So…yeah.

• Bizarre scene in Oakland, where Carson Palmer and a Raider got their shoes stuck together by accident. You can see video of that incident here.

• Everyone knows the Raiders suck this year, but was it really necessary for the Cardinals to rub it in (or does the smiley face make it OK)? I gotta admit, though, this made me laugh).

• Peyton Manning may have had a great night, but he still needs to find a helmet that won’t leave a brutal forehead mark.

• After Peyton set the all-time passing TD mark, the Broncos celebrated the feat in a very Bronco way — even the flag had blue with orange numbers, in the Broncos numeral font.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: With the Royals in the World Series, there is now a whole bunch of crappy fan gear out there, including (and we’ve seen it before) the apostrophe catastrophe shirt. … Dustin Semore Found this chrome batting helmet at a Dicks sporting goods. He says (and I agree), “Please never let me see this on a diamond.” … The KC Chiefs, recognizing their shared city and World Series fever, asked an important question yesterday. Of course, the Royals have yet to wear their own powder blue (and hopefully won’t) this post season. … Aside from the fact that Rusty Staub makes this Mets uniform look fantastic, look at the size of the number on his batting helmet (h/t Nick Schiavo).

NFL/Football News: Reader Leo Strawn won this Philadelphia Bell poster in an online auction. Says Leo, “The odd thing about it is that the actual Bell helmet did NOT have a white circle around the “bell” during either the WFL’s 1974 or (partial) 1975 seasons.” … Saturday’s ticker contained this item on Shane Vereen’s “N” becoming yellow during the TNF game. Chris Fitz has this explanation: “The reason why it turned color was the yellow paint on the field from the New England Revolution lines that remained on the field, I believe I spotted some at the 50, as the yellow was a continuation to the soccer sideline of the midfield line.” … This photo is not from yesterday’s game, but Andre Williams cleats look like they have golf spikes (from “All Hallows’ Steve”).

College Football News: Remember those ridiculous “LA Steel” alternates UCLA revealed a while ago? Well, they’re going to wear them on November 1, for homecoming.

Basketball News: According to this article, one feature of the new NBA media rights deal that escaped many observers until now was the fact that both ESPN and Turner will get to share in the sale of ads on game jerseys. Are ads inevitable? No — but they’re closer than ever. … Reader Dan Doyle writes, “I know it’s been a while since you had the articles on non-sports personnel unveiling uniforms for teams but, I just remembered that the Brooklyn Nets used Jay-Z to model the first renderings of their jersey. Just thought I would mention that because I don’t remember that every being brought up in the days following.” … This Wall Street Journal interview with NBA Marketing Chief Pam El, curiously entitled “The NBA’s plan to win more fans,” parrots Adam Silver’s assertion that the league will “eventually adopt some model of jersey sponsorship,” and this nugget, “I don’t think logos upset fans. Fans are quite savvy and logos on jerseys already exist in sports,” (and by logos, she’s referring to jersey ads). … Utah State may not be favored to win the NCAA (at least not yet), but they definitely have the best hair.

Grab Bag: The Korean Volleyball Association (KOVO) has introduced a new logo. The 6 Vs on the edge of the circle (imply the 6 players on the court), the three blades in the middle are for the fans, media and sponsors (from Jeremy Brahm, of course). … Why would a driver wear a visor to help create tunnel vision? That question, and more are answered in this article (from David Firestone). Also from David, A “A suit themed driver suit for Denny Hamlin.” … Even crooks are into breast cancer awareness, as the Vegas police are searching for a pink-clad robber (from TommyTheCPA). … I’m not too sure how safe or smart it is to ski in the dark (even with a lighted ski suit), but the video sure looks cool (thanks, Brinke). … Check out the new jerseys for the UBCOB Ravens Rugby Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Says submitter Paddy Wilson, “The club is based on the West Side of Vancouver, British Columbia and this is the club’s 40th Anniversary. My name is Paddy Watson and I’m on the far right in the Red Jerseys photo.” … Even NASCAR can’t avoid pinktober.

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That’s it for today folks. Everyone have a good Monday. Back with more tomorrow.

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“The irony of Army wearing camo against Kent State of all schools isn’t lost on me.”

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