Yet Another Rams Uni Contest (from a long time ago)

As most of you are probably aware, I recently put out a call for entries for an ESPN contest to redesign the Rams. We’ll have the results tomorrow.

But reader Randy Parkes remembers another Rams-redesign contest — from more than 40 years ago!

“The Rams had a contest in September of 1972,” he writes. “I was 16 at the time, and a die-hard Rams fan. I was also art-oriented, so when saw the contest in The Valley News, I drew a design. I never submitted it, but for some reason I saved it.” (Continue reading)

Monday Morning Uni Watch, Supe50 Edition

Good morning! Okay, so the game kinda sucked, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I watched it at a friend-of-a-friend’s Supe50 party and, like most people, spent a good chunk of the game eating and drinking (and then had to scurry home after the final gun and write the text that you’re reading now), so I’m not claiming that the following rundown is anything close to comprehensive. But here are a few observations: (Continue reading)

Supe 50: A Uniform History of the Broncos and Panthers

Broncos vs Panthers 550
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By Phil Hecken

Today is the BIG day, and momentarily I’ll be joined by Gridiron Uniform Database founder and historian Tim Brulia, who will bring you the ultimate uniform history of the two combatants in today’s Super Bowl: The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

We know what the teams will be wearing: Denver, even though they are the designated “home” team, have chosen to wear their white jerseys and pants atop their navy blue helmet, and Carolina will go with black jerseys and silver pants to be paired with their silver helmets.

Today’s game will mark only the fifth time these two teams have ever met on the field — and never before in the post-season. There have been a total of three different uniform combinations worn, and Denver has defeated the Panthers three of the four times they’ve met. (Continue reading)

Ranking Every Super Matchup, from I to XLIX (Part II)

SB 550
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By Phil Hecken

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and the Panthers (in black & silver) vs. the Broncos (in white over white) promises to rank down at the bottom of “good” matchups. But just where will it fall in terms of overall matchups? Last weekend, I ran the top matchups, (if you missed that, or want to review it and see how I go about ranking ’em, click here. Remember, these are just opinions — and judging from some of the comments last Sunday, it’s clear some of you disagree with my picks. Maybe you’ll like my “worst” matchups a bit better. Here we go. (Click on any photo to enlarge) (Continue reading)