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NHL Draft Road Trip Report

welcome ya jag off

…or: the one where the Pirates let us down while winning an exciting ballgame on a dazzling Saturday afternoon in Pittsburgh


[Editor’s Note: Phil here, subbing for Paul on today’s main entry. Except I didn’t write what you’re about to read — I just edited it. The writing was done by Jason Bernard. He and some friends took in the NHL draft a week or two ago — it was a trip I’d hoped to make, but it wasn’t in the cards — so today I’m going to live vicariously with you guys as we hear about their escapades. Enjoy. — Phil]


By Jason Bernard
Photos by Terence M. Kearns

I love Uni Watch for a million reasons (well, okay, like four.) Most of all, I love the great friends I’ve made, who I get to geek out with from time to time. This past weekend was one of those times, as Terence M. Kearns, Michael Walter and Patricia Troy came to Pittsburgh to take in the NHL Draft, a Pirates vs. Tigers game, and a few of Pittsburgh’s other gems. The following rundown of our weekend is mostly uni-centric, but has some Culinary Corner and Collector’s Corner thrown in for good measure.

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