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Uni Watch Active Roster

All current enrollees in the Uni Watch membership program are listed listed below on the Uni Watch Active Roster. Charter members (those who joined during the program’s first two months) are listed in boldface.

Click on any member’s uniform number to see the name/number style on the back of his or her membership card (if the member’s uni number isn’t clickable, it means we haven’t designed his membership card yet; you can see a gallery of all the rear-card designs that have already been produced here). If the person’s name is clickable, you’ll see a photo of that person as well.

Every Number Tells a Story
--Jeff Ash"I have great memories of the Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette Warriors and Harlem Globetrotters on this classic basketball floor from the old Milwaukee Arena. It hasn't been the same since."
--Joel Baldwin"No number -- scarf is patterned after the one worn by the Penn State mascot."
--Andy Beaton"My grandfather was a big fight fan who told me about the old fighters and I've always been interested in Jewish history, so naturally, the combination is fascinating."
--Morris BirdBased on his college wrestling club logo.
--John Bub"Belmont Park Jockeys don't have numbers on the back -- only on their sleeves."
--Patrick Burland
--Jon CaracciloBased on Tennessee gridiron.
--Craig DodgeBased on the 1960 Broncos' vertically striped socks, so no number.
--CJ Fleck
--Rodney Hartwig"I couldn't decide which number I wanted, but then when I saw the Cowboys helmet treatment that dilemma was solved. After that it was just a matter of waiting to join on my birthday."
--Quint Lange"If I had chosen a number, it would have been 5. That's always been my favorite number because Quintin, my full name, means 'fifth child,' and I was the fifth grandchild. As far as the 1928 Tigers uniform, I just love the uniqueness of it."
--Bill Martinez"I was in band in high school; therefore I did not have a number."
--Andy McNeelBased on Texas A&M's 12th Man sleeve mark.
--Kevin Mericle
--Mark W. Nunneker
--Mike Ortman"The Bears didn't have numbers on the back. But on the front, I'd have chosen #44 for Ahmad (and the Hammer, of course)."
--Michael Rawson"No number, because the San Diego Chicken doesn't have one."
--Arthur Ryel-Lindsey"In the Ohio State Marching Band, you do get a number (file) and a letter (rank). But Q9 just doesn't look good on a marching uniform."
--Ophir Sefhia
--Casey Shaeffer"No number, because there aren't any on the back of a Cowboys helmet.
--Scott Szymendera"No number, because the Phillie Phanatic doesn't wear one.
--Steven Wyder"No number, because Augusta caddies don't wear them."
--Geoff ZmyslowskiFor the Michigan marching band.
BBRob Bindeman"To represent my stint as a Minnesota Twins bat boy."
0A. Brady Cantrell"It was my baseball number at the University of Oklahoma. It's a long story, but suffice it to say that I had a choice between two numbers, 12 and 0, and due to personal issues I was not going to wear 12 ever again."
0Michael K"I've always used zero for my intramural numbers, because it's both symmetrical and representative of my athletic skills."
0Matt Konrad"I.e., Agent Zero."
0Tyler Kulasza"I played goalie in soccer for years and they always gave me 0, and then it kind of carried over to other sports. I'd be happy with any number, though."
00Paul Barrett"I became a skins fan by birthright but I never really paid attention to professional sports as avidly as I do now until my 11th birthday. For my birthday, my dad got me and my 12 year old brother tickets to the wild card game between the skins and the lions. That was on Jan. 8, 2000."
00Eric Bonus"I saw an article that showed John Davidson wearing 00 with the Rangers, which I thought was awesome. Then Marty Biron wore it for the Sabres for half a season, and that was even more awesome. Plus, I was a goalie as a kid and could never get 00 while I was playing. I'll take it now!"
00Jacob Rothberger"In honor of the Chief."
00Atom Shock"It's like the General Lee (the car in The Dukes of Hazard)."
1/8Stephen Strohl"In honor of one of MLB's most humorous moments. Specifically for Bill Veeck, Eddie Gaedel, and a bygone franchise in St. Louis."
1Bill Austin
1Ben Hendel"For Sean 'The Brick Wall' Burke. Name brings back good memories of my childhood."
1Matthew Jensen"That's Frank Layden's retired #."
1Mike Joachim
1Paul Kamikawa"Champions are number 1."
1Philip Keffer"Never really had a number playing house league sports, but enjoy reading Late Antique literature, so 1 seems somewhat fitting."
1Nicholas Kendrick"He's an ice hockey goalie who wears #1," says his father, Dave Kendrick, who bought the membership for him (and with whom Nicholas forms Uni Watch's first father/son member combo).
1Andrew Kennedy"It was Richie Ashburn's number. I'm nowhere near being old enough to have seen him play, but some of my earliest memories are of my grandfather talking about Ashburn and the Phillies teams he grew up with."
1Alfred J. Koniecki Jr."Rugby players wear a jersey number that represents their position. Being a Loosehead Prop I wear number one. Number one on your roster; number one in your hearts."
1Matt Maples
1Keith Merritt"When the NHL doubled in size in 1967, Blues goalie Glenn Hall was the team's best player. At 13, I was too small/slow for football, basketball, or baseball... but found out I was a pretty good street-hockey goalie! I've worn Hall's #1 proudly ever since."
1Josh Prywes"There ought to be more 1s. Warren Moon was cool solely for this. There's a lot in college with cocky wide receivers, but not enough in the pros. Other sports could also benefit from a 1."
1Sutton Smith"In my sophomore year, I became Dayton's mascot, Rudy Flyer."
1Matthew Spencer"I grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan in the era of Ozzie Smith, so it was a pretty easy decision."
1Matt Thompson"I chose 1 because 1 (one) since, of course, this is the greatest uniform of all time. I would normally go for 7 since I'm from Denver, but it's time to realize Elway isn't coming back."
2Tanner Boyle"My hometown is also the hometown of the great Mel Ott, who wore #4. So when I started playing Little League, I began wearing #4, but one day my father told me if I could be half the player Mel was, I would be damn good. So I changed to #2 and it has been my favorite number ever since."
2AJ Connelly"I've been wearing 5 for almost my entire time with the Glasgow Tigers football team. But when it came time to finally buy some new uniforms, I decided to switch, as our chairman wore 5 when he played and we decided to retire his number. So I opted for the classic DB number -- Deion wore it, Woodson wore it, also my ex-girlfriend is convinced even numbers are luckier."
2Ethan Crooks"The #2 is an absolute obsession, if it has a 2 on it...I own it. Plus, Chuck Woodson, naturally."
2Craig de Aragon"I was given the number 2 by my Little League coach. He used to wear it while playing pro ball and passed it down to me. Plus I was a catcher (#2 scorekeeping) who batted 2nd in the lineup, so it made sense to wear it too."
2Scott Fendley"When I played a flag football game after college pitting Wabash against DePauw, I thought it would be all old IM all stars, but it actually was a lot of old football players. I was way over my head, but I wore #2 during that game and it's stuck with me since."
2Phil Hecken"It was my assigned number on the first team in grade school, and I've asked for it ever since."
2Nate Kettlewell"One of my friends nicknamed me 'the Deuce,' the wild card. I deliberately overlooked the subtle criticism of my character inherent in the moniker and took it as a compliment, and thereafter I used the number 2 whenever I wore a jersey, mostly in adult softball leagues."
2Dokta Kra"I've been a huge Mitch Richmond fan since he came over to the Kings, and have worn #2 on every team I've played in his honor."
2Dan Luther
2Christopher Martinez"I have 3 kids because I don't like even numbers - but my favorite number is 2, which seems odd."
2Michael Orr"It was my number when I played football in high school in Durham, NC."
2O. Raymer"and this will be the perfect birthday gift.. He will thank me as soon as he learns to speak."
2Don Schafer"In my first year of high school, I looked up to teammates Matt Filben (#2) and Mike Myers (#21), so I grabbed #2 after they graduated. Wore #2 throughout my HS and college days and continue to wear it in my coaching career."
2K. Brian Soderquist"2 is the coolest of all numbers."
2Stephen Welsh"Number I wore playing soccer."
2!Steve Sarran"To honor the best mascot in the NBA, the Coyote."
3W.J. Breslin"Driven largely off the Babe, plus it's also half of 8 (not math-wise but laterally)."
3Chad Cate"In honor of Dale Murphy."
3Terry Corby"For Ken Daneyko, as he was an original Devil, and a Devil for life!"
3Alan Duke"It's my old soccer number, and my favorite number."
3Johnny Flanagan"t's been my number as a QB (and as a guy who idolized Notre Dame QB's with the #3). When I was little, my nickname was "Babe" , because I was told I resembled Babe Ruth. I'm an avid golfer, and a 3 is good on any hole. I prefer my golf balls to be #3 because of that. I'm also the 3rd John Flanagan."
3Mike Forgy"It's been my lucky number forever. I have a lot of 3s in my life, from the numbers of the fire stations I volunteer at (3 and 33) to the amount of years it took me to be asked to leave college (for a year, I went back and finished)."
3Keith Friedman"For Alan Trammell, Tiger shortstop, my favorite player growing up."
3Joe Hilseberg"Because the first shirt I ever had with my name on the back was #3, so I just kept it going."
3Eriq Jaffe"In honor of the quietest man ever, Harold Baines."
3C. Klein"Always knew I liked it... did some research, the first "lucky prime" and the whole divine perfection thing is pretty cool. And it's my former soccer number."
3Dustin Lee"Always has been my lucky number, and is the number of my favorite baseball players, Babe Ruth and Dale Murphy."
3Matt Loomis"It was the first number given to me when I started Little League and it was my favorite AAA baseball player's number at that time. It has stuck ever since."
3Gage Matthews"I was number 3 in baseball in high school, partly because that was the number of the only jersey that fit my height, but also as a reference to Babe Ruth."
3Matt Parker"My birthday is 03/03."
3Michael Princip"Because of relevance to my life, as well as, numbers divisible by three."
3Ed Ra"I chose #3 because I am a triplet."
3Ken Smith"At my school, players had to make do with uniforms that had been handed down for years. These uniforms were numbered by size, meaning the XXLs were numbered 1-3, the XLs 4-9, the Ls 10-20 and so on. Being the big guy I am, I couldn't have my favorite number, 88. I couldn't even split the two digits and take "8". So I decided to split the 8 down the middle and chose 3."
3Rob Spalding"It was my little league number, and Kelly Leak of the Bad News Bears wore it."
3Vince Vincenzo"For my favorite basketball player of all time, Drazen Petrovic -- and I'm not even a Croat."
3Ryan Whitacre"Always my favorite number; a common component amongst my favorite athletes growing up -- Dale Earnhardt, Dan Marino, Patrick Roy, Greg Maddux."
πBen Beck"I am mechanical engineering graduate student at Georgia Tech and pi has an important role in engineering, specifically my concentration. Also, I think it looks awesome."
πGregg Goletz"I have a tattoo of the pi symbol and use it in my intramural leagues."
4Amy"I just prefer 4, or any multiple of 4."
4Jeff Apple
4Ben Beattie"My number from soccer days."
4Josh Berliner"I have always been a Yankees' fan, and Gehrig is a player who is just larger than life, not only because of the statistics he compiled during his career, but also as a sportsman and a New Yorker."
4Manzell Blakeley
4Jeff Concors
4M.L. Durón"For my dad's favorite player, Lou Gehrig."
4Tom Flynn"I picked 4 in tribute to Lou Gehrig. I've picked that number for every team I've played on (when I had an option). I was a 1st baseman, and he was a class act, even if he was a Yankee."
4A.J. Frey
4Jim Howicz"It's my favorite number, but this was a tough choice. I used to wear 4 when I played baseball and soccer, and I'm a huge Lou Gehrig fan. But I thought very seriously about 34 because it is Walter Payton's number."
4Seth Jungman
4Scott Lisko"As a lifelong Wisconsin sports fan, I chose 4 for two reasons: Paul Molitor and Brett Favre."
4TC Lofton"I tried to have that as my number from fifth grade through college. I was a baseball player, but Jimmy Harbaugh is still my sports icon."
4Chris Milea"For the Duke of Flatbush, Duke Snider."
4Charles Neiswender"4 has always been a 'lucky' number and growing up, I tried to get it when I could in sports."
4Ray Nissen"For Scott Stevens and Brett Favre."
4Joseph Omundson"4 has always been my number, back to the days when I played Little League. As I get older, I enjoy thinking of 4th place as the best, because you don't have to stand on that stupid podium."
4Michael Rich"Growing up in Atlanta and being 'vertically challenged' myself, I was always a big fan of Spud Webb."
4Steve Safran"For the four championships missed by my friend, Stu, who died when his building at the WTC was attacked."
4Art Savokinas"As a 9-year-old Little Leaguer, I was given the number 4. I wore this number for the next three years of my Little League career. Now I have a son who plays T-ball and he has worn 4. I hope this is a tradition that he passes on to his children."
4Justin Shibilski
4Alex Tucker"In honor of Tim Mazzetti. A former bartender single-handedly tying or winning five games in the magical '78 season? 'Nuff said."
4Ian Voorn"I was 4 years old when I attended my first Dodgers game on May 24, 1986. (Also for the great Duke Snider.)"
4Greg Wignall"4 is my lucky number, my wife's b-day is the 24th, my daughter's the 14th and my son's the 4th."
4Randy Wood"When I was a real young kid it was all about Bobby Orr. I still have my 12-inch Orr action figure in a display case in my living room (tiny plastic puck it came with too!), and it's hard to forget the black and gold signature ice skates I wore for my first few years of organized hockey back in Charlestown, Mass."
5Matt Brukman"Homage to Carles Puyol of FC Barcelona and Eric Heiden's haul in Lake Placid."
5R. Bradley Caya"Iit's the number I wear in my league hockey games, and a classic number for non-superstar defensive defensemen."
5Nick Cardamone"I've loved 5 ever since Jalen Rose and the Fab Five captured my heart and turned me into New Hampshire's biggest Michigan fan."
5Mark Doescher"Being from Oklahoma, me and my mom's favorite players were Johnny Bench and Mickey Mantle. So, picking between 5 and 7 is tough. However, being a lifelong Cardinals fan, Pujols made the decision a lot easier."
5Chad Dotson"Johnny Bench was my favorite player growing up. I wore #5 during Little League and beyond because of Bench, and it's still my favorite number."
5Robert Eden"Johnny Bench has been my favorite player since I was six years old in 1972."
5Doc Ginn"Favorite number."
5Ryan Hickox"It's the number I wore for the Yale rugby team."
5D.J. LaChapelle"There has never been a better, more cocksure personification of NFL coolness than Paul Hornung. No one has ever come close. My favorite all-time Packer and player."
5Tom Lee"Brooks Robinson is my hero. Not only a HOFer, but one of the nicest guys anywhere, and the embodiment of the Oriole Way."
5Jim Macho"I've had this number in almost all sports since I was 10 years old."
5David Main"5 has been my favorite number since Little League, when I was assigned that number by random three seasons in a row. I figured third time was a charm, making it my lucky number."
5Robert Marshall"For Brooks, of course."
5Melinda J. Menzer"My only sport has been swimming, a sport with no numbers. 5 is nice, though -- it was Hank Greenberg's number."
5Jim Michaels"George Brett is my favorite ballplayer (that's him standing next to me in the photo), and I have been number 5 for as long as I have been playing sports."
5Peter Ponce"Because I'm the last of five children."
5Justin Sink
5Brandon Stirpe"5 is a recurring number in my life. I'm the 5th and youngest member of my family, and it was my number in high school. Also, when I go to the casino, I must put $5 on 5 in roulette to start the night!"
5.5David Romero"Dedicated to Tony Gwynn for making a HOF career slapping singles through the 5.5 hole."
5Bob Vaught"An all-around good number. Can generally be read upside-down. Worn by Mendy Rudolph, so it has to be a good legal number as well."
6Tim Arnold"For the great Stan Musial."
6Matthew Beahan
6Josh Berger"When I was 6 years old I played on my first soccer team. I chose number 6 for my favorite Yankee at the time, Steve Sax...Needless to say I have since found other Yankees to call my favorite."
6Michael W. Brown"Steve Garvey was always my favorite player as a kid."
6David Goodfriend"It's the number I always had in Little League, Babe Ruth League, and high school. I liked number 7 but didn't think I deserved it!"
6Stuart Greenlee"My usual number is 4, dating back to Little League in the '70s, but putting Mel Ott's number on a 1980s Giants jersey just felt wrong. The #6 pays tribute to my favorite Giant, Robby Thompson."
6Nicole Haase"It was my number when I played college soccer."
6Will Leslie"It is my favourite number and my favourite TV show is The Prisoner, in which the main character had no name and was called No. 6."
6Masao Okazaki"Jonathan! Jonathan!"
6Scott Peterson"Julius Erving was my very first sports idol."
6Jon Silber"Our family business is called 6 Packed Enterprises."
6Jon M. Smith"It's my son's number."
7Craig D. Barker"It's always been my number, but mostly because my favorite Red Wing of all time is Ted Lindsay -- the original Captain (no slight to Stevie Y)."
7Zach Brady"I was born on the 7th day of January, but I never started wearing #7 in sports until I started dating my girlfriend junior year of high school. it is her favorite number and have worn it ever since. And I guess I did love John Elway, that might have a little to do with it."
7Michael Couillard
7John Ekdahl"My dad's favorite player was Mickey Mantle, and he always wore 7 in his softball leagues. So I always wore that number in my sports leagues and through high school."
7Rich Fronheiser"It’s the number on my baseball umpire uniform."
7Dave Graf"I officiated high school football for many years and met one of the NFL's greatest officials, #7 Tommy Bell. Eventually became a friend of Tommy's. I admired his professionalism and tried to model myself after him."
7Robyn Douglas Hunter
7Weston Johnson"I was born on the 7th and it has always been my favorite number."
7Paul LukasAs favorite numbers go, 7 is a bit of a cliché, but I've always liked it. Simple as that.
7Ryan McDevitt"I have always worn #7 in tribute to Eric Cantona."
7Gary McKenzie"Many of my favorite players from different sports have worn it: Mickey Mantle, Bert Jones, Pete Maravich, and Chris Chelios."
7Doug Mulliken"Henrik Larsson was my favorite player of all time, so that exact shirt would be awesome."
7Mike Nachreiner
7Bryan Rosenbaum"Because not even Nike (or, soon, Adidas) can mess up a classic look."
7Scott Yager"Boomer Esiason was my favorite football player during elementary school and high school. He was impressive on and off the field... and continues to be to this day."
07Joe Neumann“I love uniqueness of a single digit proceeded by a zero. In addition, Elway has always been my favorite player while growing up in Denver, and now Chauncey Billups wears it as well. I was also born on the seventh, graduated college in ’07, and it commemorates the Rockies 21 out of 22 run to the World Series in ’07.”
07Brad Olson"4 is my lucky number, my wife's b-day is the 24th, my daughter's the 14th and my son's the 4th."
07Derek Schin"To commemorate FK Lokomotiv Moskva's 2007 Russian Cup victory."
8David Amoriello"For Dale Earnhardt Jr."
8David Arnott"Until I was in third grade, I wore 00 in honor of Jeffrey Leonard. Then, when my soccer team wouldn't allow that number, I turned it on its side to form number 8. Since then, I've developed a connection to that number, the intensity of which has worried my family and friends."
8Justin Augustyn"I'm a huge Cal Ripken fan."
8Sage Bray"Symmetry in shape, representing balance and harmony. Infinity sideways."
8Sage Confucius"For Cat Osterman."
8Paul Cusker"Gary Carter is my favorite player of all time."
8Jonee Eisen
8Dan Epstein"For Joe Pepitone, the first player to have his uni pants tailored for a skin-tight fit."
8Darin Ficorelli"As a defenseman, I wore 8 in my rec league in honor of Jiri Fischer."
8Diane George"For Willie Stargell."
8Scott Gladin"I grew up an Atlanta Braves and Javy Lopez fan. I was a catcher and always wore 8 in his honor."
8Jason "Jay" Hillyer"met my fiancé on June 8. We were engaged on April 8. We will be married on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08)."
8Brian Kallion"After Aki Berg, the first Finn to ever play for the Leafs - and then I found out my dad wore that number as a kid, which cemented the deal."
8Terence Kearns"Chubby Little League cathers in the 80's needed idols and ever since Kid's game winning homer in the 85' home opener...well, nuff said..."
8Dan King"Number from my club team growing up and i try to get it all the time now."
8Jack Krabbe"For Crash Davis in Bull Durham."
8Steve Liu"My childhood idol Cal Ripken and current hockey sensation Alex Ovechkin both wear 8."
8Guy Marzorati
8Jen Muller"Yogi Berra fan. It was also my number when I played softball in college."
8Dan O'Connell
8James T. Paterson"y number of choice in all sports. As a baseball kid in Canada, Gary Carter was the be-all and end-all of baseball for me. I was a catcher because Gary Carter was, learned how to frame pitches cuz Gary Carter did, and of course, wore #8 cuz Gary Carter did. (Eventually however I moved to CF, which coincided position-number wise with my jersey number, so it still worked!)"
8Karen Peters"For the month of August."
8Todd Radom"In honor of Yaz."
8JM Rempt"Cal Ripken has been my biggest sports hero since I was 8 years old. I've been wearing it in softball for years. Plus, I was born on Feb. 5th, same as Hank Aaron, who wore 44 -- 4 + 4 = 8."
8Nicholas Schiavo"For my favorite player of all time, Gary Carter."
8Rick Subrizio"Yaz was my favorite player growing up."
8Larry Torrez
8Sean C. Wilson"Last month I was accepted to U. of Washington, where I begin classes next month. This is my eighth school, and it's been 8 years since I started college."
8James Wortham"The number 8 has been lucky to me since childhood, I've had it (or some form of it) as a number in virtually every sport I've ever played. And I've always had a fixation on the shape of the number 8 and its relation to the symmetry of virtually every field/court/rink in sports. There's a certain consistency to these playing surfaces that promotes evenness for both teams participating."
8Chris Yarolimek"I chose No. 8 because it's what I wore in my days of high school baseball playing shortstop for the mighty Saints of St. Croix Falls."
08Morris Levin"In memory of and in honor of the 2008 Phillies."
08Rev. Nørb"8 has always been my favorite numeral (therefore, my favorite player as a child was Alan Page of the hated Vikings). However, obviously, 00 is the coolest jersey number to have (just ask Dick Dastardly!). But wearing 88, an obvious football number, in any manner of basketball-based context is just silly, and those Floridians jerseys look cooler with two numerals than one, plus I don't want to get gypped a numeral, thus I combined 8 and 00 and came up with 08."
9Tim Bennett"In tribute to Carlos Baerga, Dan Majerle, and the Hollywood mystique of Roy Hobbs (but not the Malamud villain!)."
9Greg Bridgett"In honour of Flames great Lanny McDonald, who was my favourite player as a kid."
9Mike Burnett
9Matt Cann
9Jerad Castillo"For Ted Williams, my favorite player of all time."
9Jonathan Conti"My favorite number as a kid; plus my Dad always liked 9 for Ted Williams."
9Caitlin Gannon"Seeing as we swimmers don't get to wear numbers, I have to turn to my favorite number-sporting athlete, Mia Hamm. I think she is hands down the iconic symbol of women's sports."
9Adam N. Gerard"9 has always been my lucky number since I was a wee tot. I was also born on 9/19/79, which is a whole lotta nines. That must be a sign or something."
9Matthew Hackethal"So then people would see me walking down the street and say, 'There goes Roy Hobbs. The best there ever was, best there ever will be in the game.' "
9Mo Hamdan"For Drew Brees."
9Mike Hromowyk"I chose 9 because of Peter Warrick from Florida State."
9Jeff Johnson"I was born and raised in the Detroit area. There is no bigger star in that area than Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. I continue to wear 9 in adult hockey leagues that I play in where I live now, Louisville."
9Kevin "kj" Joseph"When I was a child in the mid-80s, my mom bought me one of those T-shirts that look like a generic football jersey. In this case, since it was the mid-'80s, it looked vaguely like the Bears and had the number 9. I loved that shirt, and the number stuck with me, doubly so because my birthday is on November 9."
9Neil Kemp"it's the number I wore in minor hockey whenever I could, and it's simply a classic hockey number."
9Matt Lesser
9David Lewis"My mom, a lifelong Pittsburgh resident and Pirates fan, was offered tickets to Game 7 of the 1960 World Series (before the Series started). She turned them down, because everyone knew there was no way the Series was possibly going to go to seven games -- even diehard Pirates fans figured the Yanks would win in five or six. For her, I want Mazeroski's number and uniform style."
9Matthew H. Lindblad
9Jeremiah McElwain"I began wearing #9 my in Little League. By the time the next season came around, I had outgrown the #9 and they wanted to put me in a numberless coach's jersey. I wouldn't have it, and wore the too-small #9 jersey the entire year. I later wore #9 for varsity baseball, and soon I was wearing #45 for basketball, for obvious reasons."
9Dana Prey"I like single-digit numbers, so when I chose my uniform number back in high school, I was inspired by Mia Hamm, because she's a great female athlete and I loved her USA jersey. For basketball, I went with #10, because it was the closest number to 9."
9Patrick Ratliff"It was my softball number this year, and I have never really been attached to a number. 9 was also MJ's number on the Dream Team."
9Michael Romero"It's my lucky number and a lot of important events in my life have occurred around the number 9."
9Alan Saunders"9 was my number in Little League and Bill Mazeroski has always been a player I looked up to."
9Stephen R. Sharp Jr."Growing up, my father always wore #6, so it was natural for me to flip it over to be different from him. Also, I grew up playing hockey in Detroit -- you know the rest."
9Peter Taylor"9 was on the very first uniform I ever wore. Little League baseball in third grade. It's been my favorite number ever since."
9Chase Wagner
9Curtis Worrell
9Peter R. Wunsch"For Adam Graves."
09Donald C. Drever II"While in college, I wanted a unique number for my fraternity intramural jersey, so I chose 09 since I wasn't aware of anyone having had it at the time. Some of the brothers harassed me mercilessly for my choice. I have been mulling over Uniwatch membership and figured today (09-09-09) would be an appropriate date for my number. I was going to apply at 09:09, but it took too long to get the kids in bed."
10Jason Bernard"Although he never played football, this was my dad's number for basketball and baseball, and he's the greatest athlete I know."
10Karen Beaudouin"Phil Rizzuto represents what was right with sports -- a love of the game, a teacher and mentor to those around him, a willingness to give up what he loved when his country needed him, and a loyalty that is very seldom seen nowadays (even though he was a damn Yankee).
10Tony Edwards"In theory, the number of your best player in soccer."
10Mike Estoesta"This was my number on my high school basketball team -- probably the best team, talent-wise, that I ever played on."
10TK Focht"Back in college, 10 was on my fraternity jersey because I was the tenth one to join my year. I've just been using that ever since."
10Jonathan Fox"In honor of the one and only Scooter, Phil Rizzuto."
10Jeff Frank"This has been my playing number since I was 5-years-old playing T-Ball. I am very superstitious about wearing it, going as far as paying a senior OF $51 my freshman year to wear it in college."
10Dustin Hall"For my favorite player, Chipper Jones."
10Joaquin Jang"My initial, J, is the 10th letter of the alphabet, hence, 10. It is also usually worn by a soccer team's best player, although I never was."
10Brian Libes
10Jerry Meyerowitz"My favorite number."
10Christian Tintle"The Redskins' current coach in an era-appropriate jersey, to make him an honorary 'Skin."
10Michael C. Wilson"10 was the last number I wore when I played organized sports in school. It was also my high school class rank."
10Casey Wurzbach"I'm a huge Pennington fan."
10Dave Zalatoris"It was my Little League number."
11Vincent Alongi"Born on 9/11, always liked the number 11 as my lucky number."
11Justin Bates"Because it has been my lucky number all of my life and it also looks very nice and neat lined up perfectly under a name or centered on a jersey."
11Troy Bower"Eleven has always been my favorite number."
11Collin Campbell"I was born on November 11, and I always considered 11 as sort of a lucky number for me."
11Rian Davis" I have always worn that number for the most part, started for no particular reason. The one time I lost it, it was to a friend in Little League when we were 11. At the start of our season as 12 year olds, my friend died of a heart condition. We retired his number 11, but when new unis were ordered, the company accidentally created a #11 and I was chosen as the one who should wear it through the season. It was a great honor to wear it as a 12 year old, and I have worn that number ever since, thinking of my friend every time I put it on."
11Dan Franko"I was born in '74 (7+4=11). When I played JV football, I had the lowest senority in the system, so all the other kids got to pick their numbers first. When my turn came up, the number I'd wanted, my #11, was the only number in the teens left. It's stuck with me ever since."
11Mark Halling"Because it's hidden in my last name -- Ha11ing."
11Tom Hedrick"I was given #11 my freshman year in high school for football. So I wore in basketball and baseball as well and it stuck with me."
11Michael King"I just like the way 11 looks. Maybe it reminds me of the hours of pleasure I got from watching reruns of The Odd Couple on New York's WPIX, which once upon a time was marketed as '11 Alive.' "
11Andy Kraus"I like 11 because of its simplicity and symetry, and because before Hector Lopez there was Jerry Lumpe, and because it's still not retired."
11Phil Lamos"In honor of Maudlin's Eleven, from SCTV: 'Hey you crazy beatniks, there's gonna be a HEIST!' "
11Michael Maurino"My father wore 11 in high school and it's our family number. I wore it in hockey, and my two younger brothers in football. Also, Mark Messier is my favorite hockey player."
11John Okray"It was the first number given to me when I started playing baseball at the age of six.The next year I also received #11, so I knew it must have been fate. It has been my lucky number ever since."
11David Parker"Eleven has always been my favorite number. No real reason -- I just think it's a cool number."
11Rick Pearson
11Mike Raymer"In honor of Gilbert Perreault, the finest skater ever to lace them up. I wanted to be him when I was 11. (Also, it doesn't hurt that 11 is 'one louder' according to Nigel Tufnel.)"
11Bryan Redemske"I got to be on the varsity baseball team when I was a freshman, and the teammate who helped me most -- and teased me least -- was a senior who wore No. 11. When I got to choose my number the next year (instead of just having No. 1 thrown at me because I was skinny and it fit), I took 11. I've had it on every team for which I've played or coached since."
11Dave Scarpello"My #11 from baseball & soccer was retired by my high school."
11Richard Welker"11 is the best-looking number and the number of Gilbert Perreault, one of the most exciting players in NHL History. I have worn that number many time on my hockey teams."
12Jim Anderson
12Scott C. Andrews"Its been my 'lucky' number forever. I decided that after I read Randall Cunningham's autobiography in junior high."
12Brandon S. Bowker"When my dad played football as a kid in Philly, he wore number 60 for Concrete Charlie. When I played high school ball here in Kentucky, I wore number 12 for Randall Cunningham."
12Jay Braiman"In 9th grade, I was the smallest player on the football team. I wanted #6, but 12 was the lowest number they had. Since it was Joe Namath's number I was happy with it. I've worn it ever since."
12J. Mike Crane"I hit my one (and only) home run in little league out of the park in the twelfth game of my 12 year-old season."
12Matt Edwards"12 has always been my favorite number. Maybe it was all the great QBs in the 70s & 80s who wore it. Just a funky thing with me."
12Josh Elkin" As a graduate of Texas A&M University, the only possible number option here is 12. Every student is considered part of the 12th man at aTm, showing up to the sporting events to show allegiance and to be ready to be called into play if need be."
12Mark Emge"My last name is pronounced 'M.G.,' which is the atomic symbol for the element magnesium, which has the atomic number 12."
12eRic Erickson"I've worn 12 since I was 10 years old. While Lenny Dykstra is my favorite player, i've managed to completely suck with 4 on my back. So i stick with, Mickey Morandini wore it and he was pretty awesome in my book."
12Chris Hart"I was born on the 12th. Plus I like that it's technically in the teens but it's too good to be called 'two-teen.' It's got its own name, its own identity: 'twelve.'"
12Joshua Knudson"When I played Little League, we never got to choose our numbers. Every year I somehow ended up with #12. This time I get to pick, and I actually want #12."
12Rob McLeod"When I first began playing hockey, I had last choice of jersey numbers, and 12 was the only jersey number left. Ever since that day I have always worn number 12 with pride."
12Alex Rocklein"I've worn the number 12 in baseball dating back to the years of t-ball. It has always been my lucky number. Some might argue I chose the number solely based on baseball greats such as Mark Bellhorn, or Tony Womack, or even Steve Finley. However, this is not and never will be the case. It has also only been retired once in baseball history which is intriguing."
12Tod Tompkins
12Chad Watson"In elementary school there was a book in our library with a character named Chad Watson. He wore number 12 on his baseball jersey (I think it revolved around little league baseball). I've liked it ever since. I can't remember the name of the book. I sometimes wonder if my memory is correct on this."
13Nathan Adams"My birthday. And growing up hearing about the Big Red Machine from my father, other than believing that Johnny Bench was god, I took to Dave Concepcion."
13Matthew Algeo"In my last year of Little League, my coach asked me what number I wanted. I was a little superstitious, so I said, 'Anything except 13.' So, of course, he gave me 13. I ended up hitting .500 that season, and 13 has been my favorite number ever since."
13Tony Ambrose"I grew up a Dolphins fan, and Marino was always my favorite player, in part because everyone used to tell my dad he looked just like Marino."
13Chad Anderson"Born on the 13th. Also my Grandfather used the number when he played basketball at the University of Tennessee, where he was the 1st All-American."
13Matt Bellner"When I was a kid, nobody wanted to wear the number 13 and I took the number and I've worn number 13 ever since. People always buy me trinkets with the number 13 on them and I even got a #13 billiard ball tattooed on my left arm."
13Jim Brault"Because so few people wear it, and as a memorial to my dad who passed away on the 13th of September."
13Kevin Brotzman"I've always considered it a lucky number, so I guess you could say I'm bucking triskaidekaphobia. Just don't say that five times fast. 13 is also the sum of my birthdate, August 5 (8 + 5)."
13Jon Cannella"I was born on the 13th and have a fascination with the number. A-Rod kind of ruined it for me, but hey, that's life."
13Corey Davis"It's my lucky number since I was born on Friday the 13th."
13Andrew Dixon"13 was the number I wore during my best year playing baseball."
13Steve Fidrych"I was born on a Friday the 13th (March of 1970). My brother was born on a Friday the 13th (a few years earlier in a different month). My cousin, who is like a sister to me, was also born on the 13th (not on a Friday, but I won't hold that against her). I have tried to get 13 on every uniform that I received. I signed up for Uni Watch membership on June 13th."
13George "GFlo" Flory"It's been my number since 9th grade and I have used it ever since. Some of great players in sports history have had this number."
13David Frost"When I was a kid, we went to a farm to pick out a dog. The one I picked was the 13th dog born in a litter of 13. Always wore it – always will."
13Kevin Gahalla"I've worn this number my whole life. It's my lucky number!"
13Brett Klopp"It was my last number when I played summer softball. Twelve is my favorite number, but I didn't feel I lived up to all the great 12s, so I went with 13."
13Martin Kohout"I chose 13 because I wore it during my high school soccer career, when I was young and foolish and thumbed my nose at superstition. Now that I'm older and wiser, I'm too scared to change."
13Michael Lukens"I was born on September 13th."
13Mike Menner"In honor of Omar Vizquel, who plays the game with such grace and joy."
13Dan Morgenthaler"Just because I like it."
13Charles Mueller"My lucky number."
13Elliot Regenstein"I ordered my first Rams jersey when I was 13, and since then have always been a triskaidecaphile when it comes to jerseys; I have a contrary streak."
13Mike Rood"My birthday is the 13th and I have used 13 as my jersey number any time I've been able to (I did run into a little difficulty when I was played on the line in football), and that was always pretty easy considering most people are triskaidekaphobic, so 13 was usually available."
13Daniel J. Schneeman II"I always tried to pick this number in Little League/high school. Something about having a number that made some people uncomfortable. It's like saying, 'I don't care about your superstitions, I'm above that... and change your jock-strap!'"
13Wally Steidley
13Keith J. Thibault"I was a chubby kid and in Little League, and the chubby kid always seemed to wear 13, so that was me. Fortunately, I am not chubby anymore!"
13Garrett Van Auken"26 is my birthday and couldn't have 26 on my first basketball jersey. Have been 13 ever since."
13Matthew VandeVoort"13 is my lucky number."
13Chris Volinsky"Big fan of Dan Marino growing up. I remember thinking he had to be a badass to pick an unlucky number for his jersey."
13R. Walker"At first I was thinking 'empty set,' the zero with a slash through it, but linking that to New Orleans seems ... wrong. So let's go with 13 -- it feels the most right to me."
13Clint Wrede"For Ozzie Guillen."
13Scott Zielan
14Tim Capper"14 was the first number given to me in elementary school, and I've worn it ever since."
14Kellen Dargle
14Mike Edgerley"I always wore 14 in youth league because my favorite player was Pete Rose. Keep in mind this was during his playing days, and before... um... well.... you know."
14Neal Greenfield"For Ernie Banks."
14Mike Mariniello"This is the number of Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff, who's always fascinated me, maybe because he had his Holland jersey changed from three stripes to two because he had a deal with Puma and didn't want to support Adidas."
14Cort McMurray
14Christopher Miller"This was always my number of choice through little league and high school sports, and it just seems to be a good fit for a middle infielder (albeit a retired one)."
14Cameron Norris"My first big sports hero was Jeff Hornacek, the poster boy for skinny, mid-height, sharpshooters everywhere. My first team I was on when I was 10, I picked 14 for Hornacek and haven't changed it ever since."
14James Poisso"Fourteen is my lucky number and my birth date so naturally it's my uni number."
14Mike Seaman
14Ken Singer"When I was in JV basketball, my jersey was way too big. There was a guy on varsity who was wiry like me, and his jersey (#14) fit him pretty well, so the next year on varsity I asked for that jersey because I knew it would fit. When I played college lacrosse I asked for 14 and have worn it ever since."
14Zach Smith"I was 54 for football because I was a lineman, and when I made varsity baseball as a sophomore in high school I was given the number 24. My junior year we got new uniforms and they only ordered numbers 1-15, and since I had always had a 4 in my number, I picked 14."
14Jeffrey Soderberg"This number has occured many times in my life (dates, anniversaries, etc) and Jim Rice and Steve Grogan were my favorite players growing up."
14David Teigland"For Kent Hrbek, my favorite player."
14Marc Welby"14 was always the number I wore in all sports (looked pretty normal on a catcher, not so much on a TE)... Been wearing it for softball now...probably since I was 7 or 8 (I'm 33 now)."
14Evan Williamson"This has been my hockey number ever since I received my first jersey playing organized hockey."
15Mitch Bailey"It was my college football number."
15Aaron Benson
15Michael Benvenuto"It was the number my father wore when he played college football, and my basketball number."
15Wesley Bunnell"I picked 15 as a kid for my favorite player, Thurman Munson."
15A.J. Chalifour"It's Dustin Pedroia, plus it's divisible by 3, which is another lucky number, plus when you add the two numerals together you get 6, which is also divisible by 3, so overall it's got all sorts of good connotations to it."
15Sam Davison"I wore 15 on my high school baseball team, and I like it because it looks like the word 'is,' and 'is' just happens to be in my oft-misspelled last name; I have to keep reminding people it's not 'Davidson'!!!"
15Tom Flanagan"My Little League number."
15Anthony Giaccone"Thurman Munson was my idol."
15Chance Michaels"As a kid in Milwaukee, I really thought that I could grow up to be Cecil Cooper. I chose the number for my Cub Scout softball uniform and everything. Needless to say, didn't happen. On so many levels."
15John Moist"For Dick Allen. I grew up in Philly, was a big fan of his, and always wore 15 on my softball jerseys over the years. I always thought he got a bad rap from the bigoted '60s Philly sportswriters. I got to meet him twice -- seems like a regular guy. And a great ballplayer."
15Donovan Moore"For the immortal Gary Cuozzo and his 1972 season with the St. Louis Football Cardinals."
15Matt Nelson"I had plans to take my high school number to the big leagues to play for my favorite team, the Twins. The only problem was, my high school baseball skills were mediocre at best!"
15David Sebesta"I wore this number through high school and college."
15Michael Toriello"For Munson."
15Jeff Tripodi"My son was born on the 14th, and my daughter on the 16th."
15Ariel Valdez"I won a dumb raffle in kindergarden by picking 15 from 1-20, and it always stuck. Ironicallly, that same number was assigned to me in Little League, and last year I asked my fiancé out on 5/15, go figure."
15Kevin Willms"Playing OF as a kid, it was the only of the Jays' big three -- Bell (11), Moseby (15), and Barfield (29) -- that was still left when my name was called. Had a good year, so I stuck with it."
16Ricardo Almonte"The number 16 represents both my birthday and the best season my New York Jets have had in my lifetime: Vinny Testaverde wore number 16 for the 1998 squad that reached the AFC Title game."
16Xaviea Bell"It's my lacrosse number."
16Dylan Buell"Both the number I wore playing baseball in high school and the number my grandfather wore when he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. (He never played because he entered the Army during the War. We're a Cubs family now.)"
16Francis Englert"16's a square, my birthday, and the most electric Met pitcher ever."
16Gaylord Fields"It's a perfect multiple of my favorite number, 4. Also, multiples of 4 run in the family, as my cousin Latrell Sprewell wore No. 8 while on the Knicks."
16Jason Hack"Not for Aramis Ramirez, but because it was my baseball number in HS."
16Jonathan Hutchinson"My high school lacrosse number. Twelve had always been my favorite number, but, not being athletically gifted, I was near the end of the line on number selection day, and 16 was as close as I could get."
16Scott Johnson"Lately I have just really liked the look of the number 16."
16Steve May"I met my wife on October 16th, 2004, moved in with her on April 16th, 2005, married her on September 16, 2006 - and I started a great new job on July 16, 2007. Our first child is due in November - she's due on the 10th - but I expect she'll be 6 days late. As a bonus - it's also Trevor Linden's number - a personal favourite."
16Jim McCue"As a lifelong Raiders fan (painful of late), I admired the 'comeback' of Jim Plunkett and always liked his unorthodox throwing motion. Added bonus that LA Kings great Marcel Dionne also wore #16."
16Matt Powers"It was my number when I played at Wagner (that's me on the sidelines in both pics!)."
16Lauren SnellBorn on the 16th of September, it's her favorite number. And since her husband grew up a 49ers fan, the extra Joe Montana resonance isn't bad either.
16Steve Zittle"It's the number I wore in high school."
17David Barndollar"17 is just my favorite number: prime, all straight lines, square of squares plus one, and usually included in soccer teams."
17Daniel Caceres"I chose 17 because it is a good looking prime number and it is the day I was born."
17Bobby Coop"I am a fan of Mark Grace and now wear 17 while coaching high school baseball."
17Russell W. Crews"Since I don't have a number of my own, from sports or anything, I had to choose between 17 and 5. 17 for my birthday and 5 for George Brett. Although Brett is a certified badass, I went with my birthday anyway."
17Jordan Cutler"As a left-handed kid growing up in Chicago in the early '90s and playing Little League, there was nothing better than watching Mark Grace cover first base at the Friendly Confines."
17Drew Derrick"As a huge Auburn fan, I grew up idolizing Bo Jackson. My Little League teams never offered number 34, so I chose 17 beacause it was half of his number. Plus I'm half as good of an athlete as Bo. Just kidding."
17Nina Dubin"For Ilya Kovalchuk."
17Matthew Dubno
17Elena Elms"It's my birthdate (same d.o.b. as Wally Pipp and Roger Craig, different year). It's also the St. Louis Cardinals' retired number for Dizzy Dean, the earliest voice of baseball I remember hearing (and I believe he is pictured in my photo, taken at the National Baseball Hall of Fame -- those may be his stirrups)."
17Vic Fotia"On MLB 07 The Show Video game, I created a young pitcher named Vic Fotia. I was given #67. As I got better, the Yankees (team I play for) told me they wanted me to wear #17. I take that as a compliment."
17Vince Grzegorek"17 was the first number I had on a jersey that had my last name on it, when I was 13 or so. I chose 17 because I was a pitcher and left fielder -- positions 1 and 7."
17Casey Hart"Sabo."
17Dan Herr"I played first base in high school and wore 17 because of Keith Hernandez...I also find 17 to be a visually appealing number, not sure why."
17Alex Kibler"Chris Sabo was my childhood baseball icon (I was born in 1985)."
17Billy Lovotti"I never really picked a favorite number while I played baseball, but my date of birth is 9/8/89, so the numbers 8 or 9 would be natural choices. Rather than pick between the two, though, I just added them up to get 17."
17Mike Lucas"It was always my number, from Little League through beer league softball."
17Ian Marlier
17Brian P. Martin
17Les Motherby"My 'soccer' number for over a decade, plus Donnie Avery offers hope for the Rams."
17Alain Nana-Sinkam"Big Doug Williams fan, and Kilmer and Campbell wore/wear the number too."
17Michael Planey"#17 was worn in the 1990 All-Star game by Pierre Turgeon (his first AS game, I believe) so that's cool with me."
17Christopher Rucinski"Growing up in the Milwaukee area, I have always been a diehard Brewers fan. The one player growing up who showed the hard-working, blue collar nature of the city was Jim Gantner. He was not the best player on the field but he left it all out there."
17Eric Schmidt"As a first baseman growing up in Chicago, he was the player I most wanted to be like. I, however, wasn't lefty (as you can see in the photo -- that's me playing catcher, and the guy was OUT)."
17Nile Smith"When I first started out, I always used to be #7, because I was born on the 7th, so it seemed like a good fit. But growing up, I idolized Sandy Alomar Jr., and he was number 15. So around the age of 12 I started to wear 17, because it still had a 7 in it but it was a double-digit number like Sandy's."
17Billy Spew
17Ben Traxel"For the best Cardinals QB from my childhood, Jim Hart."
17Jeremy Turgasen"I’ve worn 17 for almost 20 years now. No real reason other than It was given to me and I stuck with it."
17Joe Waters"I grew up watching and loving Mark Grace, who is one of my dad's favorite players, and is also the reason I never wore batting gloves. It was also worn by Adam Greenberg, who was hit in the head with a pitch in his only plate appearance in 2005."
17Tim Woomert"I wore it as a QB in high school and kept it when I moved out to WR when the coaches finally figured out I was lacking a downfield cannon."
17Mark Yapelli"It was Mark Grace's number on the Cubs."
18Kyle Campbell"I was born on the 18th, and my birthday only consists of ones and eights: 1/18/88."
18Mike Carpenter"It comes from when I was growing up and being a Michigan fan and a fan of Michael Andretti while he was driving the blue and yellow #18 Kraco car. So yeah it was because of the colors."
18Jason Chapman"Kasey Keller, the US National Soccer Team's goalkeeper, wears this number and he is my hero."
18Conor Clougherty"It's my college baseball number."
18Aaron Etshokin"No real reason. I've just always liked the number."
18Tim Forster"My birthday (Feb. 18) and uniform number for 10+ years."
18Russ Havens"I grew up a Dodgers fan and Bill Russell at shortstop was my fave."
18Charlie Hildbold"I'm a lifelong Pirates fan that grew up watching Andy Van Slyke...I will always love #18."
18Michael Lindsay"From an artistic standpoint, I love the thin/thick look of the number. As a Cubs fan it's just above Mark Grace's 17 (sweetest. swing. ever.) and just a little below Ryne Sandberg's 23. It's also my birthdate and has been used as my uni number in county rec softball."
18Andrew Ranck"Because Andy Van Slyke was my hero growing up."
18Derek VanEmon"It's the number I wore while earning my scholarship as a backup QB and placekick holder in college."
19Graham 'Bakes' Bakay"When I started refereeing hockey in my teens, I looked up to Mick McGeough, who wears 19. My pals always say I look like him (a back-handed compliment to be sure), so it's only natural to pick #19."
19Eric Bangeman"19 is the number I wore my sophomore and junior years at Crown College in Minnesota, where I was the placekicker. I'd link to a picture, but our jerseys were purple."
19Jeremy Brahm"19 was what I wore in high school playing volleyball and was also tied into my interest of Formula 1 driver Alessandro Nannini, who drove one of the most interesting paint jobs and was numbered 19."
19Mark Coale"For Tony Gwynn and Steve Yzerman."
19Jeff Cohen"For Steve Yzerman."
19Tom Farley
19John Favazza"Growing up in the late 70s/early 80s, I was a big fan of college football wide receivers who wore numbers in the teens in the tradition of Lance Alworth (the uniqueness of which has obviously diminished since the NFL altered the rule requiring wide receivers to wear 80-89). Eventually, I adopted 19 as my personal number for all sports."
19Ryan Finley"Because Tony Gwynn made hitting singles — and wearing the color brown — look cool."
19Nick Funaro"For my childhood hero, Bernie Kosar."
19Terry Haines"It's a lucky number for me."
19Peter James"I had last pick of numbers as a kid playing hockey and No. 19 was the only one left. My revisionist history explanation is that I chose the number because Steve Yzerman wore it."
19Mike Mackler"So no one forgets Johnny U, or the CFL."
19Andrew McDonald"For Lance Alworth, the best player ever to wear the best-ever uniform."
19John Moore"Starting with my date of birth (July 19), the number has come up again and again. First date with my wife? Dec. 19. Date of hire at my present job? Oct. 19. And so it goes..."
19Darryl P."19 was my college baseball number. I'm a big Paul Molitor fan and at that time he was with the Blue Jays and was #19 (eventhough he's better known for #4). In addition, I'm also a Tony Gwynn fan and January 9th (01/09) is my birthday. We all have our 'stupid' reasons."
19Eric Reyes"For my favorite Cleveland sports figure of all time, Bernie Kosar."
19Chuck Ryals"For Bernie Kosar, and my birthday is Nov. 19."
19Bennett Terwilliger
19Andrew Tucker"It's the number from my last year of little league."
19Jim Vilk"I was born on May 19th, plus my dad wore that number when he played in the minors for the Senators (Twins) organization...also for NFL kicker Tom Dempsey and for MISL forward (and fellow Pole) Ian Sybis of the Pittsburgh Spirit."
19Kevin West"For Tony Gywnn. I spent my childhood watching that man toil on mediocre teams."
19Lee Wilds"Tony Gwynn among a few others wore 19, and it is my birthday."
19Adam Wood"I've always used this number when playing sports. Its a nod to my hometown. I grew up in Kingston and Exit 19 is the exit for that city on the NYS Thruway."
20Greg Allred"I wore #20 in Jr High football. Years later, I walked-on at Alabama. I never played in a game and it only lasted one season. Anyway, I was issued number 18, but before the annual spring A-Day game I was told that I couldn't wear 18, because it would be used by another player, who was a senior. I was allowed to pick from a few numbers that were available, including 20. I was thrilled to have my old number after so many years."
20Sean Lahman"In the summer of 1978, I turned ten and moved to Cincinnati, and that's when I began my life long love for the game. Of all the great players on that team, the one who became my favorite was Cesar Geronimo, because I was a centerfielder, too."
20Thomas Langan"I started wearing #20 in high school for lacrosse. Can't exactly remember why, but I still try to get when I play in tournaments."
20Chris Markham"Even though I'm a Bills fan, Barry Sanders was the NFL player I idolized the most. He never spiked the ball after scoring a touchdown."
20Liz Marquis"20 is the number of my favorite NJ Devils player, Jay Pandolfo."
20Mike Miller"I wore 2 the only time I won a championship as a kid, I added a zero to it in high school when a single digit looked too weird for my size. I do wear #1 when playing in goal, though."
20Rob Vines"When we moved to Pittsburgh in 1982, we moved in next door to Paul Gardner, who (in those pre-Mario days) was the Penguins' star center. Unfortunately, he got his jaw broken in a fight and was never quite the same afterward, but for a while he was pretty darn good -- he was the first player on the team to score four goals in a game. I'll take number 20 -- his number."
20Matt Voss"It was Doug Flutie's number when he won his first Grey Cup and CFL Most Outstanding Player award with Calgary."
20Charles Wagner"It's his birthday, and sharing a number with Frank White isn't bad."
21Don Pablo (The Enforcer) Apodaca
21Mike Begley
21David Bloomquist"My birthday is Feb. 21."
21AJ Brandt"It's my name in the language of Vegas."
21Robert Brashear"For obvious reasons."
21Richard Craig"I hit .540 in Little League wearing this number, and then all the other kids started growing. It's been downhill ever since. This is now a chic number thanks to LaDainian Tomlinson, but I was there first."
21Jeff Downe"Being from Chicago I've always been a huge Sammy Sosa fan."
21Gene Frey
21Bill Henderson
21Greg Hoener"t was my number for high school baseball. I didn't play much."
21Justin W. Kessel"For Mr. Clemente."
21Chad Melby
21Thomas Miller III" It was my college baseball number and also the number I wore in HS."
21Monte"My favorite hockey player is Brent Sutter. My favorite basketball player is Walter Berry. I wore 21 in h.s. basketball."
21Kevin Pazdernik
21Marc A. Rivlin"For Cleon Jones!"
21Brandon Roberts"When I was a kid I saw a picture of my dad playing basketball in high school and he was wearing #21. That was usually his number whenever he could get it (apparently back in the day you didn't have much choice). So, twenty years later that is still my number for anything that requires one."
21Curtis Ryan
21Marc Sandler"For Sean Taylor and Peter Forsberg, my two favorite athletes."
21 Glen Scherholz
21Scott M.X. Turner"I try to fight my battles the way Curt Flood and Roberto Clemente did (or at least catch the final out of a World Series like Cleon Jones)."
21Jeff Wilcox"Throughout college, 21 seemed to be everywhere. Met my girlfriend on the 21st, took 21 credits that semester, etc. So I figured it was my number and it stuck."
22Bob Anderson"Favorite team and personal uni number."
22Ross Bergman"My umber comes from my summer camp days. There is a title of Zeus given to one of the division leaders in the camp, and the Zeus is known by his number in the succession. I am the 22nd Zeus, hence the number."
22Allan Chandler"22 is the most points I ever scored in organized basketball. Plus I dig double numbers -- the first Reds and Bengals jerseys I got as a kid were both #22."
22Liz Clayton"It's both my birthday and my lucky number."
22Trevor Fulkerson
22Tom Gabor, Jr.
22Dan Gregg"It's my birthday!"
22Glen Heck
22Ben Hixon"I chose 22 because it's my birthday and I've worn it for most teams I've played for."
22Seth Horowitz"It was Nick Fotiu's number when I was an impressionable teen."
22JET"My nickname 'Jet' and favorite number 22 come from my favorite player from my favorite team, Joey 'Jet' Johnston of the California Golden Seals."
22Frank Mercogliano
22Jim Pericotti"For Claude Lemieux."
22Aaron Peters"It was my favorite number growing up and then Mark Prior became my favorite player. I'm sad to say that both of us had the same number of major league innings pitched this year."
22Jeremy Brunn Ruberg"Family lucky number. My birthday day (february) and 7 others in family on 22nd of a month."
22Steven Steinsaltz"Mike Bossy is still the greatest goal-scorer ever to play the game."
22Daniel Taborga"I play ice hockey in the San Francisco area and my preferred number is 22. It is generally a good hockey number, but it is also the age that I started to play the game competitively."
22Conner Volpe"When I played little league baseball, my birthday (21) had been taken so I chose 22. I have used and loved that number ever since."
22Eric Yarolimek
23Paul Baumgart"I don't have a deep meaning behind 23. It's been my favorite since I was 11-12 years old. Not a Jordan fan, just like the way it looks aesthetically."
23Benjamin Bonnet"’Cause it's cosmic."
23Eric Buettner"For someone who used to eat, drink & sleep baseball growing up and playing the game, I always loved the way Don Mattingly played the game and always wore his number 23 when I played. Being from western PA, I wanted to use the Penguins color and number design for my card."
23Andy Chalifour"5/23 is my birthday. 23 is a popular number -- I have been known to either reverse it (32) or add the numbers together (5). My first order of business when I took over managing my company's softball team was ensuring I get 23 from now on."
23Stephen Coulter"For Donald Arthur Mattingly. Bill James described him best: '100% ballplayer, 0% bullshit.'"
23George Fetkovich"Lefty Luke Walker, #23, was my favorite Bucco. A curveball that rivaled Blyleven and Koufax."
23Paul Fontenot"Ryne Sandberg is my all-time favorite player, and I was born in 1984 (Ryno was the MVP and the Cubs won the NL East that year)."
23J.R. Gain"23, of course, was Ryne Sandberg's number. My favorite player (just like every other Cubs fan of my generation)."
23Dave Garabedian"Because my favorite college hoops players growing up (Calvin Murphy, Niagara, and Pete Maravich, LSU) wore 23. Then, after I graduated from UNC, Michael Jordan pretty much sealed the deal."
23Craig Gummer"When I played Little Leaque (1970-1974), I began by playing second base, and the Giants' second baseman at the time was Tito Fuentes. Admittedly at the time, trading Willie Mays for Charlie Williams was a killer,but Tito Fuentes for Derrel Thomas caused more than a little trauma as well."
23Jill Horn"For my all-time favorite baseball player, Ryne Sandberg."
23Scott Jenkins"My favorite number -- has nothing to do with MJ."
23Brian Jones"The number came from my birthdate (8/23). My favorite number is 8 but I always ended up not being able to wear it, so I went with 23 and it stuck."
23Irwin Lukas"My birthday is Jan. 23."
23Brian McKellar"For Ryne Sandberg."
23Gary Moore
23Steve Patterson"I'm a huge fan of the Broncos, and my other birthday numbers (7-23-84) were taken by John Elway and Shannon Sharpe. I figured there wasn't a decent Bronco since Sammy Winder, so 23 seemed pretty safe. I've worn it on all custom jerseys since."
23Anthony Pellegrino"Don Mattingly -- enough said."
23possum"My birthday is July 23 and its always been my lucky number."
23Ethan Rowley"For my more favorite player growing up as a kid -- Ryne Sandberg."
23Eric Scalamonti"I grew up in Chicago in the 1980s and 90s, when Ryne Sandberg and Michael Jordan were both having Hall of Fame careers wearing No. 23."
23Larry Wiederecht
23Sherman Willmott
24Sammy Barbour"It's my birthday (March 24). Also, I am a fan of numbers in general, and 24 happens to be divisible by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12. Almost a perfect number!"
24E. Forrest Carpenter"I wore 24 in high school, because it belonged to Dwight Evans, my father's favorite Red Sox player. He and I are in wholehearted agreement that it's a travesty that Boston let Manny Ramirez wear that number instead of retiring it for one of the best right fielders ever."
24Kasey Courser"For Bob Probert. He could ruin your day in a hurry, and couldn't go to Canada for awhile.  That man made me love a team during my childhood."
24Andy Dean"24, in addition to being my favorite TV show, is the number of my current favorite player, Mark Teahen."
24Costa Galanis"My card represents my two baseball loves... the uniform is the final iteration of the Montreal Expos, gone but never forgotten, and the number 24 is the original number of my all-time favorite player, whose position I also play, Ken Griffey Jr."
24Ryan Hansen"Two dozen, best number in sports, period."
24Matthew Harris""Always liked #2; wore 12, 2, and 24 in my sports career, but 24 stuck with me."
24Robby Hukka"I liked the way 24 looked when I had my catcher's gear on in high school...both numbers were clearly seen outside of the middle strap."
24R.S. Rogers"Because my baseball heroes as a kid -- Kent Hrbek, Kirby Puckett, Mike Schmidt, to name just three -- all seemed to wear a 2 or a 4 in their numbers. In Little League, I always seemed to wind up wearing 12 or 14. Both 2 and 4 are among the most attractive digits. And of course 1924 is the year a Washington team last won the World Series."
24Harry Roth"My first jersey -- randomly assigned -- was No. 24. Good pull, as it was also the number of my favorite all-time, Willie Mays."
24Mike Smail"The first time I had to pick a uni number was for rec league basketball back in the late 80s. My dad suggested 23 (my D.O.B.), but I couldn't stand Michael Jordan, so I went one higher, 24. Since then, I've used it for almost all my uniforms."
24Steve Switek"My father wore #24 while playing sports and I, wanting to be just like him, followed suit, wearing 24 for every athletic team i was on. Also, when i was growing up in the mid-'80s to early '90s, my favorite ballplayers were Rickey Henderson, Barry Bonds, and Ken Griffey Jr."
24Nathan Taggart"I chose 24 because Ken Griffey Jr. was my childhood hero."
24Tony Tama"24 was my number (1/2 of my older brother's 48 who was easily twice as good an athlete); my first sports memories are all Steelers."
24Steve Vanne"For Marvin Barnes of the Spirits of St. Louis."
24John Zajac"Don Mattingly was my idol, and I would proudly wear #23 while playing 1B as a kid. Being born on the 23rd always helped with the connection with the number. When I started to play basketball at a more competitive level, I wanted a number close to Donnie Baseball's, but one that I could make my own. So I went with 24."
25Brian Flynn-Kocourek" always thought it was a cool number and Christmas is my favorite time of the year."
25Michael Gargano"As a freshman entering college to play baseball, I always had worn number 9 and assumed it would be available for me. I soon found out that wasn’t the case and had to choose between 7 and 25. As soon as I saw the numbers, it was a no brainer. The symmetry and fullness of the 25 was a clear winner."
25Tyler Hull"My grandfather wore number 9 when he played, and my uncle wore number 16, so I added them together to get number 25."
25Ben Penserga"I was born on the 25th, and two of my favorite players are Jim Thome and Fred Biletnikoff."
25Lee Stokes"This is the number assigned to me when I played Little League baseball."
25Taxman"For Gus Johnson."
25Nick Tringale"I had liked '5'. When I got to HS, #5 was taken ((and at 6'4", 215 lbs, #5 was probably a size medium anyway), so I squared it."
25Shaun Tunick"My first every favorite baseball player was Andruw Jones. I liked the way he played the game, the way he made it look easy. It is also the number I wore in Little League."
25Ron Verrecchio
26Kevin DeBolt"It's my favorite number and it's not too common in MLB. Plus I wore it at a basketball camp back in HS and we won the camp championship."
26David Fetterman"My daughter was born on Dec. 26, 2003."
26Michael E. Hennessy"Teddy Roosevelt is the man, and he was the 26th president."
26Eric Iwamoto"I was born on a 26th, I was married on a 26th, and my favorite niece was born on a 26th."
26Jason Libes
26Dave Robb
26Doug Steffenson"I became enomored with America's Cup racing in the early '70s, when the boats were the 12 Meter Class design. Courageous was 12 Meter #26 and defended the Cup in '74 and '77. Old-school, I guess."
27Jason Carr"In honor of Ron Hextall, my favorite Flyer while I grew up in Philly."
27Jason Cook"2 and 7 appear multiple times in my date of birth and SS#, and I was never able wear 27 in my playing days."
27Jeff Czuba"One of my favorite bands - the riverdales - uses a circled 27 as their logo."
27John Lanctot"I was born on January 27th. I wore 27 3rd and 4th grade for my little league team, but never got the opportunity to wear it again all the way through high school. Also, as a life long Chicagoan I have always told myself if I played for the Cubs, I would wear 27."
27Max Meyer"I have 2 lucky numbers, 5 and 27, and the coin flip came up tails."
27Peter Ritter"I chose 27 because it has always been a favorite number and is the number of my volunteer fire company."
27Mike Noble"t's the day I was born on. But it's also for Chris Coste, whose unusual batting-stance-hop I share (unfortunately with much poorer results)."
27David Sonny"I always liked 27. My birthday is August 19th, so it just became 8+19=27."
27Don Striha"I've played hockey my entire life and I'm now 44. Defensemen, when I started, were given low single-digit numbers. One of my idols growing up, Harold Snepsts of the Canucks, wore 27. For the last ten years, I've chosen to wear that, partially in honour of Harry and partially because I just like it."
27Mike Styczen
27Jarrad Tauzin"It's the day of my birthday. Also 2 + 7 = 9, my favorite number."
27Paul Warne
27Weghorst"27 has always been my lucky number, and continues to pop up in my life from time to time (i.e., I was 27 when I met my wife, I was given office #27 at work, etc.). It is also the number of some of my favorite balllayers (former Oiler/Titan Eddie George and former MLB pitching great Juan Marichal)."
27A.J. Zydzik"Vlad Guerrero is my favorite baseball player and my pug, Fredo, was born on April 27th."
28Gray Hamilton"For Claude Grioux; he exemplifies all the qualities of the perfect hockey player, he has vision that rivals Peter Forsberg, as a rookie."
28Brian A. Hoffman"My birthday is June 28th, and the name of my company is 28 Entertainment, whose logo is inspired by Uni Watch membership cards."
28Nick LaCour"That's the date of my birthday and I've always used that number."
28Chris PutmanFrom Karen Peters, who purchased Putman's memebership: "It was Chris' number when he played college baseball. He's been 28 for as long as I've known him!"
28Dan Skantar"I chose 28 for my boyhood hero, Steve Blass of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who wore the number of my birthdate when I first became a Pirates fan in the 1960s."
29Jonathan Deery"For Ken Dryden, an amazing man both on and off the ice. Also happens to be the date in-between the birth dates of my two sons, who were born on July 28th and July 30th."
29Brad Denny"Growing up, Steelers RB Barry Foster was my favorite player. To this day, every number I have is 29."
29Matt French"29 is the number John Kruk took after he traded away 28 to Mitch Williams for $10 and two cases of beer. A true ballplayer's ballplayer."
29Daniel Gracia"My birthday is October 29th, so I adopted it as 'my' number when I was younger. Now I collect jerseys with #29 on them."
29Matthew Hiett"It's the umber of my favorite Brave, John Smoltz."
29Alex Paine"It's the number I have used in sports the most and is also the date of my birthday."
29Mike Priest"Although I always wear #3, a couple of my favorite players (in various sports) have worn 29. Plus I think double digit #s look better."
29Max Ryan"I was at the Nassau Coliseum, sitting 2nd or 3rd row behind the Islanders bench. It was my birthday and I got Gerald Diduck's stick that had a slight crack in it. Even though I was a huge Mike Bossy fan, I decided on getting a Diduck jersey #29. I ended up loving the # 29 and wore it all throughout my life playing hockey and lacrosse."
30Straw"Back in 1976, I watched Willie Randolph get on base with a single, then he stole second with a really cool head-first slide. Right then and there, he became my guy."
30Jeff Barak
30Anthony Caliguiri"I am from Pittsburgh and a die hard Pens fan. Les Binkley was the first ever Pittsburgh Penguin and he wore number 30. I am also a goalie so i wear his number on my team. I also have a blue Binkley jersey that i have been wearing since high school that i got for my birthday in 1986."
30Ken Clark"Nolan Ryan was my favorite player as a kid. 30 was his number with the Angels."
30William Denton"I'm signing up for membership on my 30th birthday."
30Morgan Doninger"Two Words: Martin Brodeur. OK, more than two words: I've had full or partial season tickets to the Devils since the 1993-94 season, and I like to joke that Marty and I broke in together."
30Jennifer Hayden"It's been my number since I was in high school -- it just fits."
30Paul Hirsch"I'm a journalism school grad, and '-30-' is used to signify the end of a story."
30Patrick Jordan"30 was my number growing up playing net. My hero was always Gerry Cheevers. I attempted to wear it in lacrosse, but 3 was as close as I ever got."
30Joel Keller"It's the number of one of my all-time favorite Yankees (and, by default, favorite Met manager), Willie Randolph. Don Mattingly is also a favorite, but since my birthday is May 30, Willie's number wins out."
30Scott Little
30Laren Richardson"For Chili Davis, my favorite player because he had the coolest name."
30Justin Shawley"It was Ken Griffey Sr.'s number with the Reds. We're from the same town, Donora, PA."
31Matt C. Blair"My number when I played hockey."
31Gabe Farkas"I'm a statistican and have always been a math guy. When I was growing up I was infatuated with prime numbers, and when we were choosing numbers for teams growing up I always chose 31 because it was high enough that it would always be available and it was a prime number.
31Keith Goggin"I grew up a big, big Dave Winfield fan as he started his career with the Yankees just as I got old enough to understand what baseball was all about. Any baseball jersey I could choose for Little League or Pony League or Connie Mack had 31 on it as I grew up. I even wear it now for my softball team and have been doing do for the past 14 years."
31Ben Goldberg"Growing up in the ’90s as a Braves fan, Greg Maddux was my favorite player. He won by outthinking an opponent, not by using steroids."
31Terry Mark"My anniversary is Aug. 31, and though my wife isn't really a sports fan, she 'gets it.'"
31Dan Netser"For my favorite athlete -- Reggie Miller."
31Dustin Pomprowitz"For my favorite goalie, Grant Fuhr, and because it's 13 backwards."
31Dan Smith
32Allison Gipple"The reverse of the great Michael Jordan, always been my number in sports whenever possible."
32Sam Heddle"It's the number I've always used in online sim racing, silly reason, but..."
32LargeFor Steve Carlton.
32Tod Meisner
33James Andrews
33Brian A. Bennett"It's a combination of my children's uniform numbers (24 + 9)."
33David M. Berger"I adopted this number in high school. I was 6" taller than most other kids, and I had a decent hook shot. Thanks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar."
33Tim Bosler
33Mike Comeau
33Rob Curtin"I am a 4th-generation Red Sox fan, and my all-time favorite player is Jason Varitek."
33Matthew EggenAccording to the person who bought his membership for him: "Three has always been his favorite number. His is a native Californian who grew up with the S.F. 49ers as his favorite team. Roger Craig was his favorite player because he ran with his knees and was a rock (before the 1991 NFC Championship Game, arghhh)."
33Vernona Elms"In honor of Larry Walker, who upon being traded from the Rockies to the Cardinals was somewhat ambivalent about the red shoes but became a proud wearer of them. In addition to having been a great player, he has a wonderful dry sense of humor and is always ready with a clever quip. Plus I love his great mullet from his earlier days."
33Martin England" was always my favorite number as a kid. I always wore 3 until I read a story about Wayne Gretzky. He wore 9 for Gordie Howe, but when it wasn't available for a team he was playing for a coach suggested he wear 99 because it was two 9's and therefore twice as good. Can't argue with that logic. So I wear 33 partially in honor of Mr Gretzky."
33D. Fahnestock"“It’s my YAAAWWWN birthday (in Europe and America!) and it works in any major sport."
33Brian Geiger"Back in high school the captain of my hockey team said I had one third of Gretzky's speed, so I got #33. Glad he didn't say I was had one tenth of his speed (which would have been more accurate)."
33Jason Hicks"Ever since I was kid, I was a huge Eddie Murray fan. I have worn the #33 myself in all my sports endeavors throughout the years."
33Rich Kells"For Grant Hill, my favorite player."
33Jordan Owen
33Jesse Spector"33 was my number senior year of high school baseball, the last time I played organized sports, so I figure that's a good number for me." [Jesse also put his money where his mouth is: He paid $33, instead of the standard $25 Level One fee. -- PL]
33Lee Whitaker"It was my number in college -- all catchers were issued numbers in the 30s -- plus I like the symmetry."
34Barry Badrinath"34 is the last number I wore while playing JV baseball in high school. My career was derailed by a tragic combination of injuries and subpar skill."
34Brian Corrigan"Kirby Puckett was far and away my favorite player of all time. 'Corrigan #34' -- oh how sweet it is!!!"
34Brad Eckensberger"I'm not a Braves fan, but their home uni is my favorite jersey of all time, and #34 has been my favorite number to wear ever since I was a kid."
34Steve Fowler
34Kenny G."For Earl Campbell, the toughest RB I ever saw play."
34Sticks McGillicuddy"John Vanbiesbrouck's number; his nickname was Beezer, as was my dad's, who was born in ’34."
34Korryn Mozisek"As a kid I loved Nolan Ryan and he was my favorite baseball player. I even have a signed T-shirt framed from an exhibition game at the Astrodome."
34Matthew Olson"Edgar Bennett was/is my favorite Packers player, based on his humble personality and team-first attitude."
34Mark Richter"This was my first baseball uniform number and the same number that I wore throughout most of my pitching career. In my opinion, the number looks great on the back of any uniform, in any sport."
34Chris Ruebel"Kirby Pucket was favorite of mine, and my son wore 34 for his baseball career."
34Brian Russell"I set a then county high school course record by firing a 34 in a high school golf match."
34Tomás Scuseria"In honor of Hakeem 'The Dream' Olajuwon."
34Matt Spero"When I was younger, Bo Jackson was my favorite football player, so I kind of adopted #34 from then on. I use it for uniforms, picking Super Bowl boxes, and everything else I need a number for."
35Anonymous"While the Reds are my favorite team, Frank Thomas was my favorite player growing up."
35Jim DeVoto"My favorite player when I was a kid was Chris Speier."
35Marc Rabinowitz"Gigantic fan of Mike Richter."
35Kevin Rogers"Goalie #, hoops # pitcher #, looks cool."
35Skip Singleton"I've always admired Mike Mussina."
36Brandon Davis"For Terry Steinbach."
36Dave Soline"My son was born when I was 36; it has just always been my number."
37Geoff Baker"As a Redskins fan, who can beat the combo of Moseley and Theismann back in the 80s. Real men wear single-bar facemasks."
37David F. Cline"In my junior year of high school, I was in the cast of our spring musical, Damn Yankees. A student at our school was the daughter of the Orioles' PR director, so he got real, genuine, authentic Orioles jerseys for the cast to wear onstage. I was assigned #37."
37Jeremiah Conway"In honor Space Man Bill Lee, a left-handed leftist who despises the Yankees, much like myself. I've always respected junkballers who can't blow guys away."
37Eric Dearden"I am a diehard Rodney Harrison, Hideki Okajima and director Kevin Smith (he uses many jokes involving the number 37 in his movies) fan. It also helps my birthday (8/29) adds to 37."
37John Erganian"It's a prime number, and it's the number Cool Hand Luke had on his prison uniform."
37Michael James"I have followed indoor soccer for 25 years, and specifically the Milwaukee Wave since 1984. Many (many) years ago, my sister got me a Wave jersey as a gift and asked what number I wanted. Since no player that I could think of wore 37, that is the number I chose."
37Rob Neyer
37Andrew Rafner"Just an old favorite, don't know why."
37Patrick Runge"37 was the first number I received in any organized sport, all the way back in junior high."
37Jeremiah Tillman"It's when I threw my first pitch."
38Joshua Gerber"38 has been my number of choice for a long time.Unfortunately it was never assigned to me in little league because jersey #s went in order of size, and I was tiny."
38John Muir"It was my personnel number while working at Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, Conn., and the number of my favorite Islander, Dave Scatchard."
39Giancarlo"I was a young fan of Larry Csonka."
39Keith Lafortune"9 is my lucky number, and I've always thought the 3 on the Red Sox's uniforms looks especially cool, plus Mike Greenwell (#39) was one of my favorite Sox."
39Randy Miller"I've always liked the feel and symmetry of the number; it's not a star's number, but one for a solid contributor."
39Hovan Patey"It's my number with the team I coach, the North Shore Twins."
39Mike Vanne"For Mike Greenwell, of course."
39Tom VoinaroskiSeeing Dave Parker doing the 7-Up adds as a kid just made the number 39 look so cool. The way the 3 and the 9 go together, IMO, makes 39 the best-looking uni number."
40Eli Ceasarine"I'm a Redskins fan, and Alvin Walton was my favorite player. I wore 40 for him, and after awhile it became my number."
40Ryan Connelly"I was a junior in high school and it was my first year of ice hockey. I was on the j.v. team and the biggest (roomiest) jersey they had was the #39 (which is still near and dear to my heart). Then I made it to varsity in my senior year in high school. They didn't have 39 (j.v.-only number), so the coach one-upped it to the #40. I've used it ever since!"
40Brad Gay"I started out as either 23 (for Sandberg) or 24 (for Griffey). But when neither of those was available, I went with something with a 2 or 4 in it. When I got to HS JV football as a running back, I needed a number and 24 was already taken, as was 20, by my best friend, so I decided I'd be twice the player he was and picked 40. I've used it ever since."
40Steven Winner"In the '70s I liked UCLA guard Jim Spillane but couldn't get #44 so I went with #40."
41Morris A. Belleville"As a kid, my favorite comic book character was Captain America, and he was created in 1941. This was also the number I wore when playing various sports."
41James R. Bullard"It's the number I wore for basketball, lacrosse, and backyard football growing up."
41Travis Cuomo
41Louis Griffel"In honor of my all-time favorite player Tom Seaver."
41David Caswell Henderson"41 was my second basketball number, and i always preferred it to my very first, the less quirky 32."
41Mark Mayall"It was Roger Bannister's bib # the day he broke the four-minute mile barrier."
41Sean O'Shea"Tom Seaver was my favorite ballplayer. Then I looked on the back of his cards and relaized we have the same birthday -- nice. Makes sense."
42Brian Borkenhagen"In honor of Alando Tucker and Folarin Campbell, not to mention Jackie Robinson and the great Scott Karl."
42Marc Burgess"I loved the Hitchiker's Guide even before I loved football, which should give you a little insight into my childhood."
42Mike E.
42Jason L. Gohlke"#42 is equal homage to Jackie Robinson and to Douglas Adams. I grew up in Milwaukee in the 80's and went to Jackie Robinson Middle School. In 6th grade, I even played Branch Rickey in a play about Robinson's life. I have also long been a fan of the unfortunately departed Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, in which he humorously posits that the answer to the 'Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything' is 42."
42Jason Thomson"With all respect to Mr. Robinson, this one's all about life, the universe and everything."
43Avi Berliner"I need a way to remember my wifes birthday and this is the perfect opportunity. We are the best team!"
43Minna H."I am not a numbers person, and I didn't come by my love for sports until my twenties, so I have no childhood memories of watching favorite players. So I decided to go with my current favorite player -- Troy Polamalu. The fact that his picture was posted on Uni Watch the day I chose my membership made it seem like kismet."
43Tyler Munn""In honor of basketball legend, Teen Wolf himself, Carson Cunningham."
44Jon in SLC"44 was my high school hockey number."
44Bob Andrews"It represents my favorite players: Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, and John Unitas (5 + 20 + 19)."
44James Bates"I wish that i could say that i like 44 because of Reggie Jackson or Hank Aaron, but it was 'The Boz' at OU that got me hooked on 'the 4s.'"
44Tony Bell"In honor of the greatest HR hitter of all time, Hank Aaron."
44Tom Chalifour"I am the 4th of 4 ChaliFOUR siblings, and I was the 44th Eagle Scout from my old troop."
44Jason Collins"I was born on 4/8/74."
44Brandon Diamond"I wore the number 44 in basketball in high school and later on in my college hoops days as an honor (or dishonor in some cases) to Derrick Coleman and later John Wallace."
44Alan Kreit"I chose #44 to honor some of my all time favorites, Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, Pete Maravich, Willie McCovey, and Mike Dufficy."
44Valerie Kyriakopoulos"I'm a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan and as great as Jim Brown was, my favorite Browns running back is Leroy Kelly, who wore #44. Of course, Jim Brown wore #44 when he was at Syracuse, so actually I am kind of honoring them both. When I was a kid I had a old plastic football helmet and I painted the #44 on the back of it with my mom's nail polish."
44Chris Markham"My old high school number."
44Peter Stein"Reggie… Reggie… Reggie…”
44Dave Sterling"I love the look of the double 4, and I just always give myself that number when making myself a player in Madden or any other game."
44Casey Watson"For Hank Gathers, RIP."
45Gretchen Atwood"For Bob Gibson."
45Tim Dunigan"Bob Gibson was always my favorite player."
45Tom Dunphy"Because when Tug McGraw said, 'Ninety percent of my salary I'll spend on good times, women, Irish whisky. The other ten percent I'll probably waste,' he cemented himself as my guy forever."
45Michael Kinney"I played baseball in college and that was my number my freshman year and I chose it that year because Pedro Martinez (of Pedro Porthole fame) was my favorite pitcher. In addition, Scott Downs of the Blue Jays wears 45 and he was a pitching instructor in Lexington with me when he was in the minor leagues."
45Jon Lampe"Up until high school I had worn 32 or 33. I never got that number then, and 45 was available all 4 years, so I stuck with it."
45John G. Livewell"I needed a number for a softball league. It was the first time I had to choose a number...I thought and thought...and liked the ring of 45. Later I realized...childhood memories of the 1980 Phillies' Tug McGraw."
45W. Scott Nelson"Archie Griffin's number, greatest college football player ever and he is from my alma mater."
45Keith Owen"I wore 45 in rec league basketball because my buddy wore number 11 for Gary Sheffield (who was on the Yankees at the time). I hate the Yankees...but I hate Sheffield even more. So, since the Mets had recently acquired Pedro, who my friend despised from his Red Sox days, I chose 45 in honor of both of them."
45Mark Parker"It was my h.s. football number."
45Chris Staggs"Bcause Sandberg & Jordan wore 23, Payton & Wood wore 34, so I picked 45 in high school because it was next in line (and because I'm a wide guy, and needed a slimming number). Now it's cool because of Jordan for a night, Iron Head Hayward, and Paul Shirley."
46Bobby Hill"23 is iconic in Chicago -- Jordan, Sandberg and the total title for the Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Bears and Hawks are 23. So 46 is Jordan + Sandberg, a nod to Buddy Ryan's famous D that brought the Bears a title, and my faith in Cup #4 for the Hawks, an Original 6 team."
46Tim Zelmanski"46 was my number in High School Football also in college for Club Lacrosse. It has become my number and not many players have it so that is cool too."
47Jason Bowman"Growing up on sports teams, 3 and 19 (I'm a Michigander, Stevie Y is a popular guy) were always taken, so I always had a slew of different numbers. But I'm also a big fan of the show Alias, and a theme around the whole show was the number 47, so I started taking a shine to it."
47Chris Edwards"I grew up in KY and no baseball team within 4 hours. I became a Braves fan b/c of TBS. Dale Murphy was my favorite player then and Tom Glavine is my favorite player now. It's a dual tribute to them both, Murph's jersey during his best years and Tom's number."
47Gregory Holt"I just like the asymmetry of the number and how it looks on a jersey."
47Ben Kramer"It's the number of my favorite Match Box Car as a kid. It was green and I made sure it won every time."
47Mike Reed
48Larry Brunt
48Kent Hagan"I was the kicker at my high school and was assigned 48 my first year. I ended up kicking a game-winning field goal against our rivals so there ended up being all this crap with my picture and 48 all over it. I wanted to change my number at the end of the year but everyone told me there was to much stuff with 48 on it already so I kept it and it has become my favorite sports number."
49Karen Hibbit"’Cause Tim Wakefield has been my baseball boyfriend for quite some time."
49Dan Merker"I always thought it was cool that knuckleballers and closers tend to wear 49. It's a bit unique, but not strangely high. Also, Brian Savage's #49 just looked so great for the Canadiens, so it's the number I wear playing hockey."
49Colin Quinton"Tim Wakefield embodies the Red Sox I have followed all these years."
49John Winstanley"I have followed knuckleball pitchers since I was in high school."
49Tim Zeising"("He was randomly assigned a jersey with the strange number of 49 in youth rec-league soccer, and it stuck."
50Scott Cummings"My college basketball number."
50Chris Kohler"I've always enjoyed the number 50 on uniforms, especially in traditional athletic numbering fonts, for its nice square, solid footprint, as well as its relative scarcity. 50 is also just a nice round number in general."
50V. Murthy"In homage to JR Richard, the most intimidating pitcher I ever saw."
50Glenn Stern
50Jerry Wolper"It's the average of Gary Anderson, Carnell Lake, Dermontti Dawson, and Levon Kirkland."
51Chris Bumgardner"I think you can find meaning with any number. Just like Ichiro, who declined a more prestigious number after showing his talents, you can use it as motivation to make yourself better. That way you define it, instead of the other way around. I guess we think alike, so I chose his."
51Mike D."In my line of business, we use numbers instead of names to communicate with each other. 51 is the number I was assigned. The number itself works well because my favorite number is 4 (5 - 1 = 4). I'm also an Ichiro fan, but more importantly a Dodgers fan."
51Clark Farrand"While growing up, my first number ever was 50. After that I always tried to get jersey numbers that were multiples of 5, or had 5 in them, with 15 being my favorite. In college my fraternity initiation number was 1051. 51 is a bit more unique than 15, so I'm going with that."
51Steve Mandich"Ichiro is my favorite."
51Jeff Richards"For Bernie Williams -- a class act for 15+ seasons."
51Brian Schulz"It was my high school football number."
52Charles Beans"I had three different numbers in high school (I wasn't good enough to settle into one position) and that is one of them. They are all three Holy Numbers."
52Rich Canulli"It's the number I've been wearing for as long as I can remember playing hockey."
52Jesse Gavin"It was my high school football number, as well as the first two digits of my birthdate (5/20/83)."
52Chris Warfford"For my favorite Tar Heel, James Worthy."
52Aaron M. Wiens"My football number. I always liked looking at it in the mirror, because it was the same forward and backward."
53E. J. Cory"I grew up a Derrick Thomas fan and always wore 55 (his college number). But when I made the HS football team, 53 was as close as I could get."
53John Feeney"I grew up in Upstate NY being a Denver Broncos fan since the early 70's. Randy Gradishar was my favorite player on those great Orange Crush defenses."
53Paul"My favorite player from the 1972 Miami Dolphins' was #53 -- Bob Matheson. The Dolphins' 53 Defense of that era was named for his number."
53John Baranowski"As a kid I was a huge Tom Barrasso fan. When I played football, the lineman has to keep people (instead of pucks) from getting by, so I reversed the number, and 53 just stuck when I started playing goalie in roller hockey."
53Carey Bell"While growing up I was always one of the bigger kids, so I was usually assigned one of the bigger numbers. So now, even though I can choose my own number I stick with the number I wore most often while growing up."
53Andy Bowen"It was my high school football number."
53Dan Grunfeld"My birthday is May 3rd."
53John Marshall"When I played rec league basketball, I wanted a distinctive number. 53 was pretty distinctive for a guard, and I've used the number ever since."
54Chris Gale
54Bill Gornall"54 is the number my dad wore when he played college football."
54Jon Klevorn"I don't have a real reason for picking this number, but I've always been attracted to the 54."
54Kevin J. Marks
54Joesph Mays" chose 54 because it is my favorite player's number, Zach Thomas. I also wore this number when I played football in high school."
54Marc Nucup"54 was the number of Chargers linebacker Billy Ray Smith, Jr., whose name used to crack me up as a kid."
55David Lind"I was big Willie McGinest fan, so for my freshman football team I grabbed 55. I have loved the number ever since."
55Anthony Nigro"It was my number when I played baseball after my rookie year, where I was assigned 30."
55John Rebstock"My birthday is May 5th, and as I prefer the look of two-digit numbers on the majority of uniforms, I've always chosen to double the 5 when I have a chance."
55Kerri Vencato"For Ed Jovanovski."
55Susan White"I was a huge Johnny Bench fan. When I became the starting catcher for my fast pitch team, I didn't want to tarnish #5 (in case I made any errors), so I took 55. Also because Roger Goree wore 55 at Baylor University one year."
56Taha Jamil"It was my number in high school."
56Lou Sherwood"Ball Four is my favorite book of all time. Need I say more?"
57Wes Anderson"I usually use the number 17 in honor of Mark Grace. But substituting the 5 (I was born in May) adds a personal touch."
57Wilbur"It's my house number and my high school football number."
58David Versel"Shawn Bradley is 7'6" and wore #76. Gheorghe Muresan is 7'7" and wore #77. I am 5'8", which doesn't qualify me to be a giant NBA stiff, but it is an appropriate uni number nonetheless."
59Karen Shields"59 is an irregular prime, a safe prime, and a supersingular prime. It is also an Eisenstein prime . And since 15! + 1 is divisible by 59 but 59 is not one more than a multiple of 15, 59 is also a Pillai prime. It is also a highly cototient number. Which is nice."
60Steve "Buck" Schneider"I found that picture of myself wearing No. 60 from my sophmore year at Alliance High School and after spotting the throwback Riddell helmet I'm carrying, I started collecting old football helmets on eBay. (My web site has pictures of my personal collection.)"
60William I. Wells"My 3 Championship numbers combined (8, 15, 37) -- first two from T-Ball, third from basketball."
60Jared Wheeler
61Nate Ewell
61Mike Meihls"That was my number when I played college football, and 61 just fits so nice on a center."
63Chris Lemley"I'm a lifelong Baylor fan and that's the number that 'Samurai' Mike Singletary wore while cracking heads in Waco. I wore it throughout my playing career and its since become something of a family tradition."
63Vince Meglio"High school football number."
64Dan Bardin
64Shaun Ploenzke"For the last year that a Cleveland team won a championship."
64Tyler Smith
65Brian Drula"65 was my number on my fraternity team in college. When I graduated, I passed this number on to my Little Brother, who also proudly wore it until his graduation."
65Joe Dunman"I want to give a shout-out to my beautiful hometown of Louisville, KY, which sits along the I-65 corridor. Also, nobody ever picks 65 as a uniform number, other than Elvin Bethea."
66Teebz"Mario Lemieux has been my favorite hockey since I could hold a stick. He and I share the same birthday. And since the cost of the membership is approximately $66 after the US/Canadian exchange, it's like a receipt."
67Michael Matonis"Year of birth."
67Catherine Reeder"I was born on 6/7/67. I wanted to join on 6/7 but didn't have access to the internet." (She joined on 6/9 instead.)
68Bo Baize"No favorite number, just my birth year, which I like because it's nice and rounded."
69Frank Kaiser"In 8th grade they didn't have the jersey number I wanted, so I got 69 and it just spun out of control from there. That's been my number in every sport I've played since."
69Kurt RozekAs explalined by the Rev. Nørb, who purchased this membership for Kurt: "The choice of 69 is simply the Pittsburgh-like confluence of the facts that 1) no one has taken 69 yet; 2) it's the year he was born, grounding this choice in some sort of vague legitimacy; and 3) he probably won't like it, which, as the elder sibling, is a condition that is both my privilege and duty to enforce."
71Christopher Abel"71 is relavent to my 3 favorite teams: Arsenal won their historic double in 1971; the 1971 World Series champion Pirates are my favorite baseball team of all time; and now the Penguins have a 71, Evgeni Malkin."
71Chris Doran
71Mark Thomas Frantz"Birthdate is 8/26/53 -- each segment adds to 8. Graduated in '71 -- another 8."
71Frank Seitz"Belanger and Bumbry, 2 of my favorite O's, and it's my birth year."
72Scott Gleeson Blue"As a graduate assistant in the University of Tennessee's sports information department during the early 1990s, I would routinely attend meetings wearing this helmet sported by College Football Hall of Fame legend George 'Bad News' Cafego (circa late 1930s). It was a magical time."
72Peter Clark"72 was my number in college football."
72Michael Doucette"72 was my high school hockey number. I wanted 7 (lucky #), but it was taken. So then I asked for 77, but that was taken. So I decided to add the number of one of my boyhood idols, Brian Leetch."
72Larry Kurtze"For Carlton Fisk."
73Scott Weber"It was my number in high school."
74Ken Malone"Merlin Olsson was my inspiration while playing Pee Wee football."
75Tim Ahner"I wore it in high hchool, and Howie Long, who I still to this day love as a player, wore it. I also wore it to honor Irv Eatman (my Dad was a teacher at Meadowdale High School, where he went to high school)."
75Pete(r) Bonavita"The year I was born, and the number on my first jersey."
75Joseph T. Clements"It combines the numbers of my first two hockey heroes, Paul Coffey (7) and Denis Potvin (5)."
75Scott Littlefield"If you flip 75 upside-down, it's my initials."
76Brian Anderson"Great-looking and -sounding number with obvious patriotic implications. The Phils' throwback look was underappreciated when in use but has aged like a fine wine."
77Joe Guarino"77 was the number i used to play hockey and baseball growing up. 7 has always been my favorite number, but when i couldnt get the number 7 in my hockey league, i just doubled it and stuck with it ever since."
77John Hall"7/7 is my birthday, and 77 is the number of Broncos icon Karl Mecklenburg, whose brother was a friend of mine in college."
77Kurt Melstrom"My birth year and jersey number."
77Ian Reandeau"77 is the number I played football and hockey under. I like to collect any sports jerseys I can with 77 on them."
78Michael Brodsky"It was my high school football number. The reason I chose 78 back then was in honor of the 1978 New York Yankees comeback and the Boston Massacre."
78Denver Gregg"It's the first number I ever wore in grade school football, fall of 1974."
79Ian Garfoot"Was assigned to me during my absence in college because my teammates thought it suited me. Whatever that means."
79Robert Hay"79 is for Mantle (7) with Maris (9). Plus I was born in 1979."
80Tom Eddy"My favorite number, and I wore it in high school."
80John Edwards"It is the number I wear when I referee football. I was a big fan of Steve Largent when I was growing up, and so I picked #80. The number has followed me across the country and back again."
80Jason Kersey
81Shimmy Cohen"For Calvin Johnson."
81Chris Davidson"I wanted a really random number for softball and I wanted a number of someone controversial. I thought it was Rodman's number, and it turned out to be Terrell Owens' number. So it worked out in the end."
81Kenny Keil"I never had a 'lucky' number growing up, so I was going to adopt my girlfriend's number, 7, when choosing my number for football. However, they told me the jersey would be too small, so I opted for 81 (8-1=7)."
81Mikey McColgan"My birthday is August 1st -- 8-1."
82Sean Barbante"John Taylor was my favorite player growing up. Perfect No. 2 receiver to Rice and great punt returner. His TD catch at the end of SB XXIII is my greatest sports memory (unless the Giants win the World Series)."
82Josh Becvar"It's my birth year."
82Jeff Hunter"My old h.s. number."
82Bryan Justman"This was my high school hockey number. I took it in homage to Martin Straka."
83Spin Hansen"I chose 83 because it’s the year that I was born in (and I’ve picked 42 for too many other things in the past)."
83Richard Shapiro"Birthday is August 3rd."
84Matt Maxson"He was born in 1984."
84Greg RiffenburghThis was my last football number in high school and the one I became most attached to. As a kid, I was randomly issued 68 as a lineman and used that as much as I could through my freshman year of high school. As a sophomore I switched positions, to tight end, so I needed an eligible number. Naturally, I just flipped it and wore 86. When I got to Varsity my junior year, 86 was already taken so reverted to the number of my favorite tight end while growing up (Jay Novacek of the Dallas Cowboys) and wore 84, which also happens to be my birth year."
86Alan Borock"I was born in 1986 and for that reason '86' has been my nickname amongst some of my older co-workers. Also, not many uniwatch members have picked 86 for their card so far."
86Craig Dudley"I idolized Brian Brennan in the late 1980s. There just aren't enough slowish white receivers to look up to anymore."
86Ted Kerwin"86 is the Station number of the Fire Department I volunteer at, Station 86-01 Avon Fire Company."
87Jeff Bahry"Dave Casper was one of my favorite players growing up. I played TE and wore his number in high school."
87Dave Baker"87 is for Eddie Mac who served as an inspiration for me during a 3-year battle with cancer."
87Chris Marcinko"I'm a lawyer, it's kind of an inside joke. Contrary to what everyone thinks, I had 87 way before Crosby!"
88Anonymous"For double happiness."
88Mike Brust"My birth year."
88J.J. Carton"My football number in high school."
88Craig Costello"Started as a TE and this was my first ever number."
88Alex Hart"Always loved 88, sent a letter to NYG 88 Mike Sherrard asking for his autograph. Moved to San Francisco, years later got two autographed Mike Sherrard cards in the mail."
89Pete Ellingsworth"89 was my high school football number. Our team did not distribute numbers in the 90s, so I thought it would be cool to be the last name on the roster. It's been my number for everything since."
89Mario Fontana"I wore #89 my senior year in high school for football. I captained one of the worst teams in school history. We were 0-7 going into our final game and squared off against another 0-7 squad in the first ever 'OFer Bowl.' In that final game, we ended up winning, saving face. The thing was, that year was the most fun I had ever had playing an organized team sport."
89John Shay
89Tris Wykes"89 was my high school graduation year and I wore those digits as a lanky and inconsistent placekicker for the football team."
90Ken Ocker II"1990: The year I was born, the year that Germany was reunified, capped off with a German World Cup victory."
91Hel Tepfer
92Brian Ashbaugh"The last winning season for the Pirates."
92Mark Meeks"When I got to high school, my old number was taken. I was a fan of Reggie White and played D-Line so I chose 92. I promptly got moved ot Offense, so I'm probably the first LT in history to have a number in the 90s."
93Ryan Hess"It was the number given to me in elementary school and it's stuck with me."
93James T. Huening"The year I graduated."
93Mike Tricarico
94Michael Dias
94Karl Witter"Cette fois il est personnel."
96John Woods"My birthday is September 6th, and I played defensive line in football, so I wore 96."
97Christopher J. Falvey"Because it's the largest prime number avaialble, of course."
97M. W. Strother"High school grad year and my number of choice."
98Cody Pope"I used to wear out my copy of NHL Face-Off 99. I created myself in the game and envisioned myself as the next Gretzky."
99Dane M. Drutis"My fraternity chapter roll number is Gamma 1099. Since the date of my initiation in 1990, I have worn a countless number of shirts with 99 on the back."
99Susan N. Freeman"13 has always been my favorite number and childhood sports number (never played after 8th grade). However, I first tried out for the Houston Energy in ’99 and made the team in 2002. Since the QB had my number, and my tryout number was 99, I stuck with that."
99Ed Hahn"This was Greg Moore's number in the CART open-wheel racing series. Even though I'm a baseball fan first, Greg was my favorite driver, and he was killed during a race in 1999."
99Hex"I was never on a team good enough to get my own uniform number, so 99 is just one that I really like. 9 on its own is a great number, but on jerseys I much prefer the look of double-digit numbers."
99Chris Isenberg"For Mark Gastineau."
99Allan Jennings"I spent a year in Edmonton and got hooked on hockey. Gretzky was the best."
99Mark McGinnis"Jaime Moreno (99 for DC United) will soon be the all-time leading scorer in MLS, but when he returned to DCU after a one-year stint away his #9 had been given away to Freddy Adu. Hype won out, so he took 99 even though soccer rosters are only about 30 people."
99Jonathan O'Reilly"Being a swimmer, I never had the chance for a uni number, so I adopted my high school graduation year."
119Dave Kendrick"My son's birthday, Nov. 9. I play rec ice hockey here in Atlanta and I actually do wear #119."
Ed Westfield Jr.“I grew up in the Bronx and will forever be a fan… Go Yankees/Giants/Rangers/(Knicks)!”