Uni Watch DIY Project: Tie One On, Revisited

ties n1

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[Editor's Note: Remember our recent post about DIY NHL goalie-themed neckties? That entry was extremely popular, so today we have a follow-up from the same anonymous contributor. Enjoy. — PL]

By Anonymous

The first three ties I made were really an afterthought — a way to use up small, leftover scraps of fabric. But after I saw the positive reaction from Uni Watch readers, I decided the project deserved a little more attention, so I made several different variations with assorted materials and designs. I also worked out some of the technical issues I’d encountered while making the first three ties

I ended up making 26 more ties. Here’s the story behind each one, with details of materials and also the teams and players they were based on, beginning with the four ties shown above:

1 and 2. I wanted to replicate the Penguins’ beautiful 1967 blue uniform. I used a modern shiny light-blue mesh that reminds me of the slight sheen that the Durene jerseys of that era had. I also wanted to do a set of two goalies from one team — in this case Hank Bassen and Les Binkley. The stripes are a sports jersey braid material similar to, but not an exact replica of, the original pattern. I also love the drop-shadow numbering this set had.

3. This is a Warren Skorodenski/Darren Pang Blackhawks design. I always liked the way No. 40 looked on this uniform. The stripe pattern is an exact match to the sleeve of these jerseys, so it looks very accurate.

4. I wanted to incorporate design elements beyond stripes and numbers, so here I took the star from the North Stars’ logo and added it to the tie. I love drop-shadow numbers, and the ones on the North Stars’ jerseys were some of the best. The stripe pattern isn’t quite accurate.

Here’s the next batch:

ties n2

5. and 6. I love the Canucks’ old V uniforms, and I wanted to do home and away versions for the same player, so here we have Glen Hanlon’s 1978-79 set.

7. I’m not usually into replicating pro logos, but I wanted to include Pucky on this Greg Millen Whalers tie. One of my all-time favorite looks.

8. This is based on Gerry Desjardins’s King jersey. I love this uniform, and this particular tie came out the best of all of them, with the fewest mistakes. If I could keep only one of these ties, this would probably be the one.

The next batch is a departure from the previous ones, because I shifted from hockey to football:

ties n3

9. Warren Moon, Oilers. I loved Houston’s powder blue and red uniforms. For this tie and the next one, I used powder blue double knit baseball uniform fabric.

10. Ken Burrough, Oilers. When I was young, I would see him on TV in his distinct No. 00 uniform, which was so unique and looked great on the sky blues.

11. Moon again, this time from his Edmonton Eskimos/CFL days. Stripe pattern isn’t quite right, but overall it looks okay.

12. Jim Otto, Raiders. I never watched him play, but I seem to like No. 00, so I made this one. Also, I wanted to experiment with metallic finishes so I painted the numbers with a metallic silver paint to get the right effect.

Okay, now back to hockey:

ties n5

13. Bobby Orr’s rookie jersey, No. 27.

14. Here’s Orr’s more familiar No. 4. I was happy to find this braid material for the stripes, which look very close to the real thing.

15. The Bruins’ equipment manager used to identify each player’s equipment with a stencil-numbered piece of white hockey tape. I always liked this quirk, so I decided to replicate it on this Gerry Cheevers design.

One more batch of hockey designs:

ties n6

16. Since I was experimenting with different materials, I decided to pay homage to heat-pressed numbers. Actually, this Nordiques design uses a white plastic tape that I cut out and applied, but it looks very similar to heat-pressed. I always thought this jersey design was particularly beautiful.

17. I thought I should try doing one with a nameplate, so the Flyers’ contrasting design seemed like a good choice. I applied Bernie Parent’s name with an ink stamp set.

18. For fun, I made up a jersey tag and put it on a Rangers-looking tie. Its kind of a mix of eras, as “56G” is a pretty recent size for a goalie-cut jersey (it’s what I wore when I played), but the laundry instructions are what you would see on an older set.

For this next batch, I found some light gray double-knit baseball uniform fabric and decided to do a run of ties based on modern MLB jerseys. I also made squatchee tie tacks (just covered buttons with a pinback added) to go along with them:

ties n7

ties 9

19. I don’t really follow baseball (but love the uniforms), so these are just random designs I picked. This one is based on a Phillies jersey. I love the little stars and the font used for the numbers.

20. Tom Seaver, Mets. I think the orange and blue look great on the gray, and I think 41 is a cool number. Love the orange squatchee. [One nitpick: Seaver did not play during the Mets' orange-squatchee era, which began in 1995. He always wore a blue squatchee. Just sayin'. — PL]

21. A Mariners design, for Ichiro Suzuki or Randy Johnson.

22. Orioles design. I added the home plate from their baseball diamond logo. Not sure if No. 17 is anyone significant — I just like the number.

But baseball uniforms come in other colors besides gray, as you can see in this final batch:

ties n8

23 Cito Gaston, Padres. Love the yellow and brown colors.

24. Cardinals powder blues, topped off with a red squatchee. The stripe pattern is accurate to the trim on the originals. This one gave me a really hard time, as you can see by the distorted shape. I do like this era of uniform. This one should have come out better than it did.

25 and 26. I wanted to try a couple of vintage baseball designs, so I picked the 1909 Cubs (love the vertical placket lettering) and the 1910 Seattle Giants. I used a polyester twill that looked kind of close to what I wanted and drew the pinstripes on with a pen for both. I feel there’s a little too much going on with these, although the Seattle one seems to work better and I love the green pinstripes.

One more thought about the squatchee pins: I think wearing these as a lapel pin would be a nice, subtle way to show support for your team, especially if your team has a cool contrast-colored squatchee:

ties 10

I had a lot of fun making these. They really resemble little jerseys and are a nice way for me to have a collection without spending a lot of money and taking up a lot of space.

Last time around, lots of people posted comments asking if I’d be willing to sell the ties, or take special orders. I appreciate all the interest and positive feedback, but I’m not interested in going into the tie business. Like most people, I have a reasonably busy life, and these hobbies are for relaxation and enjoyment. Turning it into a business would take that away in a heartbeat, so I’d like to avoid that. Also, when you have one of the ties in your hand, they do have a pretty homemade feel, so I’m not sure they would meet most people’s standards for something they would actually pay for (which they would only find out once they’d already paid for it). When I look at how long it takes to make one versus how much I could actually charge, it just doesn’t make sense from a profit-versus-aggravation standpoint. Thanks for understanding.


Paul here. Shortly after preparing this entry, Anonymous offered to make me a tie — any team/player I wanted. On a whim, I said, “How about a Packers treatment, with No. 42 for John Brockington?” Here’s how it turned out:

packers 42

And here’s what Anonymous had to say about it:

At first I thought no problem — the Packers jersey is pretty straightforward. Then I thought I better look at a photo of Brockington, and I realized that football jerseys actually had sleeves in that era, and the Packers had a lot more stripes back then than they do now.

So I had to scramble a bit, because I wanted to make the stripe pattern more or less accurate. Also, I decided to integrate the stripes into the tie as opposed to putting them on as an appliqué, because that caused some problems with distortion. I was able to find a green/white/green braid, but the size of the braid was pretty big. So with the yellow mesh insert I was at least able to correctly replicate the alternating stripe pattern on the original, although the scale of the stripes is off (too much green). But no distortion!

The result is for sure the best tie I’ve made. The integrated stripes are really neat, and all of the materials look good. A very tidy job. I also made sure the number font was similar to the ones the Packers used back then. I like how all of the stripes make the tie remind me of one of those big ’70s jersey sleeves. The only problem is now I have to go back and re-make all of the other ties I made for myself now that I’ve come up with the perfect method.

Pretty awesome, right? I haven’t yet received the tie in the mail, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll post a photo of me wearing it once it arrives.

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Mike’s Question of the Week:

By Mike Chamernik

Mallory Edens, daughter of Bucks owner Wesley Edens, was wearing a pin showing the team’s original logo during the NBA draft lottery. She said the pin was for good luck, and it worked to some degree, as the Bucks received the second pick.

Do you have any sports good luck charms? Any lucky apparel, memorabilia or items? If so, what are they, when do you use them, and what do they do for you?

+ + + + +

Tick-Tock: Today’s Ticker was compiled and written by Mike Chamernik.

Baseball News: Two more players wearing the Mizuno belts: Red Sox reliever Junichi Tazawa and A’s infielder Josh Donaldson (from Jay Sullivan and Mark Halling, respectively). … Dodgers prospect Alexander Guerrero — aka The Athlete Whose Ear Was Bitten Off and Isn’t Named Evander Holyfield — may not be able to wear a batting helmet for a while because it might rip open his stitches. … The Mariners might have cream Sunday alternate uniforms in 2015 (from Phil). … Speaking of the M’s, here are some of their more creative promotions from over the years (from Tim Dunn). … A Nats fan made a nifty table-slash-cooler (from William F. Yurasko). … Fort Knox High School, a high school team affiliated with the Army, wears camo jerseys (from Josh Claywell). … Giants reliever Santiago Casilla wore pitcher Jean Machi’s batting helmet during a rare plate appearance last night. It was Casilla’s fifth plate appearance in 405 career games. On the other hand Machi has only two career plate appearances, so how come he has a batting helmet and Casilla doesn’t? Unsurprisingly, Casilla ended up stumbling over first base and left the game with an injury (screen shot by Sean Robbins). … Two Cardinals players — Matt Holliday and Yadier Molina — were wearing dark undershirts, instead of the team’s usual red, last night. “Can’t tell if they were black or navy,” says Scott B. … Someone out there has designed new logos for all 30 MLB ballbarks (from Brian Derrick). … Speaking of ballparks, here’s the latest on new signage that’s planned for Wrigley Field (from Matthew Robins). … The Pirates convened a reunion of the 1979 championship team prior to last night’s game and dressed the players in gold throwback jerseys and pillbox caps. Additional photos here and here (from John Dankosky).

NFL News: “Saw a bunch of pictures from the USS Hampton (SSN 767) at the North Pole,” says Coleman Mullens. “Apparently the Chief of the Boat is a ’Skins fan.” … New Browns WR Miles Austin got permission from Bernie Kosar to wear No. 19 (from Phil). … Instead of giving President Obama a personalized jersey, the Seahawks gave him a 12th man flag during their trip to the White House. … MMQB took a look at the boot Tom Dempsey used to kick his record-setting 63-yard field goal (from Brinke). … “I saw this photo of protesters in Donetsk,” says John Cornwallis. “Notice the man with the Bears championship hat? I guess the NFL really has gone global!” John, your last name reminds me of the splendid “Mike Zaun” Francesa video. And yes, that was just a flimsy excuse to link to that video. I love Mike Francesa.

Hockey News: Here’s an interesting approach to making a concussion-proof helmet: make the helmet look not look like a helmet, but more like a human head. Just click on the link to see what I mean (from a reader named Jack). … Looks like WABC-TV in New York will run a story tonight on counterfeit jerseys (from Barry Brite).

NBA News: The Hornets unveiled the wordmarks that will appear on their uniforms. The actual uni unveiling is still slated for June 19 (from Phil). … Alexander Julian, the man who designed the original Hornets uniforms, did not design the revived team’s new set (from Phil). … What did NBA teams’ websites look like back in 1996? Find out here (from Mark Roberts).

Grab Bag: Forbes examined the sneakerhead culture (from Tommy Turner). … The movie Batman v. Superman will have a hybrid logo that combines the two superheroes’ logos. … Brinke sends in this really cool site, Project Thirty-Three, that showcases simple yet striking LP covers. … Marc Viquez was at an American Ultimate Disc League game and noticed that the Detroit Mechanix number-in-a-circle unis are similar to what the Astros used to wear. … Two Indy 500 notes from Chris Cruz: Here’s a gallery of the liveries of all the cars in the race, and both Chip Ganassi cars on the IndyCar side will be painted silver for the 25th anniversary of Target as a sponsor of the Ganassi team. … Here’s another rundown of this year’s World Cup Kits (from Trevor Williams).

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What Paul did last night: Had the pleasure of attending last night’s Mets/Dodgers game with Uni Watch weekend editor L.I. Phil Hecken (left) and uniform designer/historian Todd Radom (right). As you can see, I wore my Mets prototype striped stirrups, based on the ones shown in the mock-up held by Casey Stengel in a January 1962 press conference. Look closely and you can see that Phil wore orange sneakers with blue laces — you know, so as not to piss off those people who get annoyed when someone shows up at the ballpark without wearing the appropriate team colors. I wore my Gulf jacket for the same reason.

There was one sublime uni-related moment. At one point I noticed (and pointed out) that Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp had his back pocket inside-out while standing on deck. Later on, while he was in the field, I saw that his pocket was tucked back in. The next time he was on deck, an inning or two later, I saw the pocket was inside-out again. I mentioned this to Phil and Todd as Kemp was walking up to the plate to take his turn at bat — and just as we were talking about it, he tucked his pocket back in.

Now, I’ll grant you that staring at Matt Kemp’s ass may not seem like the most rewarding way to spend a ballgame. But you have to admit that it’s better than focusing on the level of play being exhibited lately by the home team.

There's No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 52

Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 10.06.03 AM.png

Time for another round of great wire service photos. The first two are from Bo Baize, and the rest are from Bruce Menard. Big thanks to both of them.

• Interesting to see that Oklahoma City had a minor league team with an “Okla City” chest insignia. Really like that block-shadowed lettering.

• Remember my recent entry about the children’s book about the Little Leaguer with the oversized uniform? I thought of that when I saw this 1957 photo. The tyke is Mike Robertson, nephew of Senators president Cal Griffith.

• Another adorable kid: Babe Herman’s five-year-old son in catcher’s gear. Love the Dodgers cap that Herman is wearing, too.

• Another athlete with his sportswear-clad kids: Jim Thorpe and family.

• And one last photo of a kid in uniform: Rod Carew and his 19-month-old daughter. Love the stirrups doubling as stockings!

• Check this out: Walter Johnson in a Dr. Pepper uniform! Meanwhile, what’s the beer brand on the jersey at lower-left — Old Milwaukee? Something else?

• This is pretty funny: Don Sutton and Toni Tennille wearing Sutton fan club T-shirts.

• Love this team portrait of the 1935 Cardinals wearing pith helmets. Also, look how the headspoon piping doesn’t extend below the chest insignia. I’ve seen that in Okkonen’s mock-ups, but this might be the first time I’ve seen it in a photo.

• I think we’ve seen this before, but it never gets old: Big Klu holding up MLB’s first-ever NOB typo.

• Here’s a rare sight: Hank Greenberg in a Yankees uniform! As you can see in the caption, it was a borrowed uni that he wore for BP prior to a benefit game to promote the sale of war bonds. Looks like the BP session wasn’t open to the public — did he really need a full uni?

• As long as baseball has existed, there have been endless attempts to define the strike zone. Love those umpires’ suits and short-brimmed caps.

• This is great: Harmon Killebrew hitting a golf ball in his Twins uniform! (Contrary to popular legend, however, Killebrew is not the basis for the silhouetted figure on the PGA logo.)

• Who’s that baserunner in the L.A. Angels uni? None other than heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey.

• Pretty easy to figure out that the guy on the right is Dizzy Dean. The gent on the left? That’s Bob Feller, wearing a Great Lakes Naval Station baseball uni (which you can get a better view of here, and here’s a color photo of a throwback reproduction).

+ + + + +

ESPN update: Remember my recent ESPN column on Uni Watch readers with team logo tattoos? We published a follow-up piece yesterday, and some of these tats are pretty elaborate — enjoy.

Attention Chicago-area readers: A Uni Watch party will take place on Saturday, June 7, 6pm, at Black Rock. I won’t be there, but lots of Uni Watch luminaries will be in attendance, including intern Mike Chamernik, Comrade Robert Marshall, Jimbo Huening, Marty Hick (coming all the way from St. Looie), and more. Come out and meet your fellow Uni Watch readers!

+ + + + +

’Skins Watch: Simon Moya-Smith, a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation who happens to have a master’s degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism, has written an excellent piece on why it’s demeaning for Native Americans to be depicted as mascots (from Brent Becker).

Baseball News: Two more players wearing the Mizuno belt buckle: Mets pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka and Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera the first non-Japanese player to be spotted wearing it (from Mike Engle and Troy Fowler, respectively). … Ryan Connelly’s latest DIY project: He combined the Pirates’ “P” logo with the skull/crossbones from the hat of the team’s old logo character and rendered them in plywood. “I made some Pirates stencils, traced them on. cut them out with my jigsaw, painted them, and put them together.” Nice! … Disgraced Mets equipment manager Charlie Samuels, who was booted from the team in 2010 following allegations of his involvement in a memorabilia scam (for which he eventually struck a plea bargain with the D.A.’s office), is shopping a tell-all book proposal. I look forward to the chapter on David Wright’s orange undershirt. … For reasons that aren’t clear — at least to me — Yasiel Puig was wearing a two-tone jersey the other day (thanks, Phil). … Fun little item on the guy who’s known for wearing a Mets bucket hat. … 1939 throwbacks last night for the Salem Red Sox (thanks, Phil). … Great home movie footage from the BP session prior to a 1971 A’s/Yanks game (priceless stuff Richard Paloma). … Mississippi State wore seriously ugly “Hail State” uniforms last night (from Joseh Claywell). … Joseph Gerard attended last night’s O’s/Bucs game in Pittsburgh. “This year, when the opposing team is at bat, the Bucs will show the player on a circus-like background, with a nickname based on the team or the city (e.g., Cardinals are ‘Two birds on a bat,’ Brewers are ‘The Brew Crew,’ etc.) and an ‘Established in’ year based on the team’s founding. For the Orioles, they simply use the city’s nickname, the Charm City, but interestingly enough acknowledged their Western League origins by giving them ‘Established 1894,’ when the then-Milwaukee Brewers started playing. I’d have thought they’d acknowledge 1901 (the first year of the AL as a major league) or even 1954 (the team’s first year in Baltimore) as the ‘Established in’ year, especially since the Pirates themselves acknowledge 1887 as their founding year (their first year in the NL), not 1882 (when the team actually started playing in the American Association).” … A fan at last night’s Yanks/Cubs game was wearing a Yanks/Cubs frankenjersey (from Mike Mongada). … In that same game, the Cubs logo was coming loose from Starlin Castro’s batting helmet (screen shot by Dave Rakowski).

NFL News: Have we ever seen the Steelers using their wordmark on nose bumpers before? (Good spot by Michael Korczynski.) … Some Bills fans aren’t too thrilled about all this Jon Bon Jovi talk (from Mark Coale). … These NFL “Ugly Sweaters” will probably end up in this year’s Uni Watch holiday gift guide (from Chris Howell).

Hockey News: If you’re a Blackhawks fan, you could do a lot worse than to pick up a pair of these team-inspired socks (nice find by Nathan Haas). … Check out the texture on this old Eveleth High School hockey jersey. The base material almost looks like fleece, no?

NBA News: The Hornets will unveil their new uniforms on June 19, with their new court design coming a week after that. Also, you look at the bottom of that sheet, you’ll see that they’re pulling the old Cleveland Browns move of importing all the stats and records from the original Hornets (who are now the Pelicans). So there’ll be no continuity in franchise records — only continuity in team-name records. What do you folks thing of that — yea or nay? (Thanks, Phil.) … The Charlotte Observer has an interactive page featuring NBA team logos through the years. “There are several notable mistakes, though, such as grouping Sonics history with the Thunder and original Hornets history with New Orleans,” says Joe Rummage.

Soccer News: New line of Japanese soccer jerseys from Adidas (thanks, Phil). … Also from Phil: New home kit for Barca. … The rest of these are from Trevor Williams: Here’s a gallery of Nike World Cup jersey T-shirts. … New kits for Roma and Chelsea. … A new report indicates that soccer gear from Adidas, Nike, and Puma contains toxic materials (thanks, Phil).

Grab Bag: An L.A. Kiss player played with a torn jersey the other night. “It was like that from warm-ups through the end of the game with no attempt at any repairs,” says Brian C. … How many stadiums and arenas can you fit inside of Daytona International Speedway? This many (from Alan Borock). … Latest Aussie football team with an indigenous-themed jumper design: the Brisbane Lions (from Leo Strawn Jr.). … Terry Crews wore a full camouflage suit on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night (thanks, Phil). … Why shouldn’t a high school invest in a $60 million football stadium? For starters, that’s a perverse use of civic resources. But also because the stadium may end up getting closed down because it’s unsafe. … Two very promising-looking sock manufacturers came across my radar yesterday: Sock 101 and American Trench (which specializes in trenchcoats but, as you can see in the last link, also has a good line of socks). … NASCAR driver Kyle Larson’s No. 42 car will be painted silver for this weekend’s race. Additional photos here and here. And remember, today is Wednesday, which means NASCAR will be updating its paint scheme preview page, showing all the new car designs for this weekend.

Buckling Up in the Bronx

For all of today’s photos, click to enlarge

In Saturday’s Ticker, which was compiled by Phil, reader Jimmy Lonetti noticed that Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka appeared to be wearing a larger-than-usual belt buckle in a recent ESPN The Mag cover photo (shown above). That jogged a particular memory for me — which I’ll explain in a minute — so I started doing a bit of digging.

First, let’s establish a baseline of what a standard-issue MLB belt buckle — and especially a standard-issue Yankees belt buckle — looks like. These photos of Dave Robertson and Mark Teixeira should do the job:

So that’s your basic Yankees belt. If you look again at that cover photo of Tanaka, he’s clearly wearing a different buckle style. But hey, maybe he just grabbed whatever belt was handy for that photo shoot. What does he wear in games?

Turns out he wears a rather unique buckle design:

I looked at a lot of Tanaka photos while preparing this entry, and he’s worn that belt for every one of his Yankees appearances, dating back to spring training. He also wore it (or something very similar to it) while playing for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and in the World Baseball Classic. It’s clearly his belt style of choice.

The reason this all rang a bell with me when it came up in Saturday’s Ticker is that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Japanese pitcher with a special belt buckle. Back in 2006, Dodgers reliever Takashi Saito wore an oversized gold belt buckle. I remembered this because I wrote a blog entry about it at the time.

So are slighty gaudy buckles a common thing among Japanese pitchers? By handy coincidence, the Yanks happen to have Hiroki Kuroda on their roster. Let’s take a look at his buckle:

As you can see, Kiroda wears the standard-issue buckle. So if the oversized buckle is a thing among Japenese pitchers, it’s definitely not a thing among every Japanese pitcher.

Meanwhile, what’s the story behind Tanaka’s belt? Like, is it a good luck thing or what? I asked a Yankees spokesman about it and got the following response: “Mizuno supplies Tanaka with his belts, and that’s what they provided him. There’s nothing more to it than that.”

So after all that, it’s just another sponsorship/endorsement thing? Man, that is seeeeriously disappointing. For what it’s worth, I did a bit of Googling on the term “Mizuno baseball belt,” just to see if I could find Tanaka’s buckle, but I came up empty (although I confess I didn’t search all that hard because I was so bummed about the anti-climactic conclusion to this tale).

This is the second time in Tanaka’s short MLB career that I’ve taken a close look at him. After his first start of the season last month, I wrote about how he was wearing the banned pant-cuff strap (which he then stopped wearing). I looked at lots of Tanaka photos while working on that piece was so focused on his pant cuffs and never noticed the belt buckle, which just goes to show that there are always more details to pay closer attention to.

Tanaka’s next start is tonight. I’ll be keeping an eye on his belt.

Update: Our first comment of the day pointed out that another Japanese pitcher — Red Sox reliever Koji Uehara — also wears the Mizuno buckle:

(Big thanks to Jimmy Lonetti, who got this ball rolling by spotting the buckle quirk on that magazine cover photo.)

+ + + + +

color by numbers

Click to enlarge

Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

Haven’t seen this before: a 1960s NFL paint-by-numbers set. The box lid is signed by Packers great Dave Robinson, shown on the cover tackling Dan Reeves.

Here’s the rest of this week’s eBay haul:

• Nice-looking Baltimore Orioles patch from the 1950s.

• Great typeface on this 1970 New York Giants media guide.

• Oooooo, terrific 1960 NFL logo team poster!

• Where did the ABA’s Denver Rockets do their banking? At the Central Bank, of course.

• Great cover artwork on this 1968 NFL autograph yearbook.

• It’s Fast! It’s Real! It’s your “National League” (didn’t they mean National Hockey League?) electric hockey game.

• This 1982 Packers poster came inside a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran.

• One of my favorite bobbleheads, I guess due to my music radio background, is this Bill Graham bobble from the SF Giants’ 2011 season. (For those who don’t know, BG was a legendary music promoter back in the day.)

• Bills fans, here’s a vintage helmet pencil sharpener display with, of course, several Bills helmets on it.

• Guess they wore these hats in the famous Baltimore Colts Marching Band.

Look at the helmet wings on this 1960s Eagles bobblehead!

Seen something on eBay or Etsy that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here.

+ + + + +

Looking northward: Paul here. I’m thinking of heading up to Nova Scotia (and maybe the rest of the Maritimes) in about a month. Never been up that-a-way, but I’m intrigued.

If you live in the Martimes, or if you used to live there, or if you’ve traveled there, I’d welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and advice. Big thanks in advance.

+ + + + +

Sponsor shout-out: I’ve been a big fan of Amelie Mancini’s Left Field Cards project for several years now. I wrote an ESPN column about her cards in 2012, and I’ve been really happy to have her as an intermittent advertiser here on the site over the past year or so. She’s good people, and her cards are good product.

Left Field Cards is currently running a one-week sale. From now through the end of Memorial Day, you can get 20% off by entering the code “memorialday2014″ at checkout. If you’re already familiar with Amelie’s designs, this is a good time to restock your supply; if you’re new to Left Field Cards, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted. Either way, get started here.

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PermaRec update: There’s a really odd story behind the lost high school ring shown at right. It’s been found twice, and yet it doesn’t seem to want to go home to its owner. Full details over on Permanent Record.

+ + + + +

Tick-Tock: Today’s Ticker was compiled and written by Garrett McGrath.

Baseball News: Yesterday, Paul covered the two throwback games but here are some more tidbits: The KC fans were dressed to the nines (thanks, Phil). … “I don’t have a picture but during Sunday’s WGN telecast of the Cubs/Brewers game, Len Kasper (who discusses uniforms quite a lot) noted that the Brewers were going with solid navy helmets in keeping with the theme of the throwback jerseys,” says Matt Hooban. “But he pointed out the notable exception of Jonathan Lucroy, who wore his navy helmet with the M-over-crossed-wheat-stalks logo.” … For their upcoming retro weekend, the San Diego Padres are wearing replica throwbacks of their white and brown 1984 uniforms. They will follow up the best-looking brown jersey in baseball history with, what else, camo (from Jared Buccola). … Here is an unofficial MLB players census, focusing on player age, salary, experience, and much more. The census has some great graphs — who knew that Houston was the number two player-producing city after Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic (from Andrew Powell-Morse). … The Detroit Tigers have been winning a lot of games and it has nothing to do with these head-to-toe tiger print jumpsuits (thanks, Phil). … Check out 1931 and 1934 spring training video footage of the Washington Senators (from Ben Fortney). … The Nippon Professional Baseball league released this logo to celebrate the 10th season of interleague play. The league is using the logo in this video to promote the games (from Jeremy Brahm). … On June 1, the Dodgers are giving away an interesting batting helmet as a promotion (thanks, Phil). … From yesterday’s comments: Great logo on this Cincinnati Reds strength and conditioning shirt. … 1970s throwbacks on tap this Saturday for the Mariners and Astros. … And speaking of the Mariners, they’ll be giving away this “King’s Court” T-shirt when Felix Hernandez pitches on Friday.

NFL News: At least one observer thinks all NFL teams should follow the Pats’ example and offer discounts to anyone who buys a jersey of a player who is no long under contract to the team within a year of purchase (thanks, Phil). … University of Virginia graduate and ’Skins draftee Morgan Moses attended his graduation service wearing a mortarboard with his new team’s logo on the top (from Tommy Turner). … The 2018 Minnesota Super Bowl Bid Committee released an interesting logo (thanks, Phil). … Steelers third-round draft pick Dri Archer has changed his jersey number from 34 to 13 (thanks, Phil).

College Football News: “On ESPN’s college football site there is a mural depicting a bunch of different teams,” says Derek Summerville. “The mural incorrectly labeled University of South Carolina’s outfitter as Nike on its jersey but correctly as Under Armour on the helmet visor.”

Hockey News: Here are original Minnesota North Stars jersey design drawings by George Karn, a great Minnesota hockey player, coach, and organizer as well a commercial illustrator who created such characters as the Trix Rabbit and Count Chocula. One last nerdy detail: Charles M. Schultz, of Peanuts fame, served as Karn’s hockey team manager. … Yesterday, Paul asked if every team has their own strength and conditioning logo. The Pittsburgh Penguins do (from Mike Engle). … Two from the International Ice Hockey Federation tournament in Minsk, Belaurs: Check out this awesome NOB for Vadim Krasnoslobodtsev. … A behind-the-scenes video of the IIHF jersey sewing room (both from Bill Mitchell).

Soccer News: Here’s the story behind the 1994 U.S. men’s soccer World Cup jerseys, largely renowned as being among the ugliest kits ever (thanks, Phil). … Trevor Williams sent in a bunch of new uniforms. Two from French club teams: Paris SG and Stade de Reims. Two from Spanish club teams: Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla. Three from European club teams: Benfica, Udinese, and Malmo FF. One from a Brazilian club team: Cruzeiro. … Two from Yusuke Toyoda: A collection of stories about uniform mishaps at the World Cup, including England’s difficulties with light blue, how Argentina beat England wearing shirts that were sewn up just days before the match and France had to borrow jerseys from a local club team. … Watford is asking fans to decide if the team’s wearing black shorts or red shorts next season. … Official picture of the 2014-15 Barça home kits (thanks, Phil). … The NASL team Minnesota United have agreed to a shirt sponsorship deal with the Mall of America (thanks, Phil).

NBA News: Swarm to serve: The Charlotte Bobcats are having a press conference tomorrow to announce the official team name switch to the Hornets. “The only things we know are that some executives will be there to talk about the official start day of the rebrand,” says a Hornets insider. “Which could include uniform and mascot unveiling. The presser will be shown on the new website, which is now live.” (big thanks, Phil) … In honor of the name change The Charlotte Observer posted a map of the history of NBA franchises complete with logos (very cool, Chris Marsicano). … Here’s an early look at the new NBA Draft hats. … The folks at Pop Chart Lab have created a great poster showing basketball jerseys from 1921 until the present. I love the inclusion of jerseys from popular culture. You can buy the poster here. … My intern partner-in-crime Mike Chamernik sent in these cartoon trading card concepts for a bunch of NBA players.

Grab Bag: Photocrom postcards from Detroit Publishing Company, some of the first colorized photographs in America, are now collected in a new book An American Odyssey (from Yusuke Toyoda). … This couple had a Tennessee football-themed wedding (from Tommy Turner). … Here is a photo gallery of WWE wrestler’s ring gear (from James Comfort).

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What Paul did last night on Sunday: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a neighborhood that used to feature a huge Scandinavian immigrant population, still celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day each year. The holiday takes place on May 17, but in Bay Ridge it’s always celebrated on a Sunday, and this year’s festivities took place this past Sunday, the 18th. I’m not Norwegian, and neither is the New Girl, but we like the Scandinavian scene out in Bay Ridge, so we headed out there on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, we were too late for the parade, but there was plenty of eating and drinking action at the neighborhood’s various Scandinavian social clubs. These clubs are normally for members only, but they’re easy to infiltrate during the Norwegian Constitution Day festivities. We went to the Danish Athletic Club (which I’ve written about before), the Swedish Soccer Club, and the awesome Norwegian Sporting Club Gjøa, all of which were packed with happy revelers, including lots former neighborhood residents who’ve moved away but come back every year for the ethnic celebration. Many of them were in full Norwegian costume. It was a really great event to be in the middle of.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos (long story — let’s just say there were technical difficulties), but I did manage to get a few minutes’ worth of video of the bandstand and dance floor scene at the Danish Athletic Club. I’m pretty sure this was the first band I’ve ever seen with two accordions. Dig:

Big Retro Day on the Diamond

Big MLB throwback day yesterday, as four teams turned back the clock. First up was the Cubs/Brewers game at Wrigley, which found the Cubbies wearing their 1937 unis. As you can see above, that meant zippered jerseys and absolutely spectacular striped hosiery. Here’s another view:

The Brewers didn’t exist in 1937, so they wore uniforms based on a minor league Milwaukee Brewers team. The most interesting thing about this uni was the letterspacing on the chest insignia. The “A” was all by itself in the middle of the placket, which made the chest wordmark look like “MILW A UKEE”:

Most players went high-cuffed, with the very conspicuous exception of Brewers shortstop Jeff Bianchi, who really needs to get with the program:



Lots of additional photos here.

Meanwhile, over in Kansas City, the Orioles and Royals wore Negro League throwbacks — Baltimore Black Sox for the O’s and KC Monarchs for the Royals. Interestingly, the Monarchs’ design was blank on the front:

Some KC players wore solid stockings, while others wore stirrups:

As for the Orioles, their I loved their Black Sox unis — the jersey, the cap, the whole package:

The only bummer is that the Orioles wore their standard non-throwback batting helmets:

Lots of additional photos here. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, Phil pointed out something interesting in yesterday’s entry: The Orioles will be wearing Negro Leagues throwbacks again on May 30 when they play the annual Civil Rights Game in Houston against the Astros, and then they’ll be wearing 1990s throwbacks against the Cubs when they visit Wrigley on Aug. 24. So they’ll be wearing throwbacks at least three times this season as the visiting team, something I believe is unprecedented.

(Big thanks to Gene Sanny for the Jeff Bianchi screen shots.)

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Scan 9

PermaRec update: I recently got to interview a 90-year-old former student from the Manhattan Trade School for Girls and see some pages from her old art portfolio (including the illustration shown at right). The best part is the bit where she told me how pouring milk in her iced tea turned out to be one of the formative aesthetic moments of her life. Get the full scoop over on Permanent Record.

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’Skins Watch: Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who happens to be a longtime ’Skins fan, thinks the team should keep its name (from Tommy Turner). … Here’s more about those “Siouxper Drunk” T-shirts at the U. of North Dakota from last week (thanks, Phil). … This is fascinating: As you’re no doubt aware, lacrosse has deep Native American roots, and two of the best current collegiate lacrosse players are the brothers Miles and Lyle Thompson, who play for Albany and are Onondaga Indians. Lacrosse Magzine recently ran a photo spread on Miles Thompson, which showed him with a ’Skins blanket on his bed. But check out the accompanying note: “I actually got rid of this blanket after my older brother Jerome Thompson Jr. enlightened me on what the real meaning of a ‘redskin’ is and how it affects our people. I am no longer a Redskins fan, but I still am a fan of RGIII” (big thanks to Kevin Mueller).

Baseball News: The Cubs made a pretty big mistake on one of their Wrigley Field centennial murals (from Gil Neumann). … Good question from Casey B, who wonders if there are any ballparks that still have the old “No Pepper Games” signs. If not, which was the last one to have them? Has anyone ever charted their disappearance? … Last week I mentioned that Babe Ruth used the jersey he wore in Pride of the Yankees for personal appearances later in his life. Now there’s a whole article about that specific jersey — good stuff (from Tom Shieber). … Here’s a great 1979 article on the Pirates’ Stargell Stars (big thanks to Todd Radom). … Want some vintage striped stirrups? Somebody on eBay is selling a whole box of them. … Check out the jerseys worn by the 1976 Fukuoka Taiheiyo Club Lions — they look more like football jerseys! “Can’t imagine why these didn’t work,” says Keith Olbermann. … The Nats apparently have their own strength and conditioning logo. Does every team have something similar? “That’s Wilson Ramos, holding his own bobblehead,” says Alan Borock. … Speaking of bobbleheads, the Rangers gave away a bobble with an embarrassing typo yesterday (from Don Silsby). … Michael Hersch has made a baseball-themed version of the 2048 game. “Instead of numbers, the squares are lettered A-K using cap logos. I had to get creative and find some minor league teams to fill in some of the letters.”

NFL News: Good catch by Dustin Tingue, who notes that the Bills appear to have a new number font for their practice jerseys. Here’s a practice shot from last December, for comparison. … “On last week’s episode of The Middle, the recurring character played by Norm Macdonald came up with a great idea of selling NFL shower curtains,” says Chris Flinn. “His way to get around the NFL licensing rules was to drop a letter on all of the team’s names, so they show Begals, Gants, and Cots shower curtains throughout the episode.” … A Bills fan has gotten a tattoo of late team owner Ralph Wilson (thanks, Mike).

College Football News: Embarrassing-looking new helmet apparently in the works for N.C. State. “As an alum, not sure how I feel about these,” says Jacob Schuurman. As a non-alum, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how I feel.

Hockey News: If you’re a Blues fan, you really need to bid on this super-wide-lapelled suede jacket. I love how the auction listing describes it as “this cool suede affair” (entertainingly garish find by Mike Powers).

Soccer News: Arsenal wore a specially embroidered shirt for the FA Cup Final (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Also from Yusuke: “Bayern Munich wore next season’s kit for the season-closing German Cup Final. But this will be the only time they’ll wear this design with the European champions patch, since they failed to defend their Champions League title.” … The rest of these are from Trevor Williams: Nike has created a commemorative Arsenal jersey that incorporates 20 years’ worth of old designs. … New USA training jersey. … New kits for AS Monaco and Atlético Madrid.

Grab Bag: Has crazy has the camo thing become? So crazy that Ralph Lauren now offers a camo sport coat (from Tommy Turner). … A religion website has posted a slideshow of really ugly vestments (from Jeff Hunter). … Good article on whether high school softball players should wear facemasks (from Yusuke Toyoda).