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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

MSU Pats

By Phil Hecken, with the SMUW crew

Plenty of interesting unis on the gridiron yesterday, including the one worn by Mississippi State — who did something not-quite-unique, but in the overall scheme of things, was pretty cool. With teams falling all over themselves to come up with shinier and duller helmets, white-outs, all-black non-school-color unis, even dressing like their team’s mascot (and we can probably blame all of this on Nikegon)…MSU took the field wearing a “new” uniform …


… meant to mimic the New England Patriots road unis. Yep. They copied the whole uniform, right down to the Patriots number fonts:

2 1

They even added silver helmets like the Patriots. Why would they do this you may ask? Well, “because they can” is probably an acceptable answer, but the answer lies partially in the fact that they were playing UMass in Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots. Why would they choose to wear a faux-Patriots road uni on the Pats home field? “Because they can” probably works there too. Maybe it’s due to that old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But probably, “because they can” is a better reason. In any event, the unis actually looked pretty good. I’m no fan of one-offs, but that boat left the dock years ago. And while I’m no fan of the Pats unis, they didn’t look so bad rendered in maroon and white.

Interestingly, this isn’t even the first time a college squad has copied the uniforms of the pros (and I’m not even counting Iowa mimicking Pittsburgh here, as that’s a direct copy) — that partial honor also goes to Kansas State who basically copied the uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys.

So much for originality in copying. You can see more photos here.

Also there was Oregon dressing like Puddles, some white outs and more, but…

I’m gonna turn the rest of this section over to Terry Duroncelet, who will bring you the rest of your…

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

So… I uh… watched the Minions movie on Thursday night. I’m still trying to recover. How was your Thursday night?

From Thursday:

• Georgia Tech wore all-white (including their honeycomb helmets) against Clemson.

From Friday:

• Really enjoyed SMU’s look against TCU.

• One tragic thing about Eastern Michigan’s grey field is that every game looks like a partially-colorized affair.

• Utah wore all-black against USC, and they also wore these helmets, which appear to be custom-painted.

From Saturday:

C’mon Iowa State, if it didn’t work for Minnesota last year, what makes you think it’ll work for you guys this year?

Oof. This game was more rough to look at than when Kyle from BitWit (formerly Awesomesauce Network) did this. That is Syracuse (white/white/orange) and UConn (all-grey), for those curious.

• Tennessee wore their smoke grey uniforms against the white dressed Florida Gators. It should also be noted that this is the Vols’ first win against Florida since 2004. I guess you can say that Florida’s day went up in smoke. It looks like Tennessee’s having smoked gator for the rest of the week… Anyone? No one? O-okay.

• Cincinnati wore black/black/red against Miami (OH).

• In their game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Northwestern wore these decals in honor of Nebraska punter Sam Foltz.

• I was expecting Virginia Tech to wear all-orange for their “Orange Effect” game, but that would be too obvious. Disappointing.

• It’s pretty annual at this point, but for those not in the know: coaches across the college landscape wore these patches over the weekend as part of the Coach to Cure MD initiative (more info here).

• Michigan State honored the memory of their punter Mike Sadler at midfield by adding his number in the midfield logo on Saturday. Sadler (along with Nebraska punter Sam Foltz) died in a car crash in Wisconsin back in July of this year.

• No secrets: I kinda like this look for Kentucky.

• USF wore white/green/white against Florida State.

• Georgia’s Rodrigo Blankenship joins the elite ranks of bespectacled collegiate kickers (alongside Harvard’s Andrew Flesher and South Carolina’s Landon Ard). H/T to (the ironically-named) NFL World.

• On a knee-jerk reaction, you’ll look at this and think “O.K., LSU looks like… LSU. So?” But if you look at the NOB of Caleb Lewis (#8), you’ll see they used a three-letter abbreviation for his first name. BIG ups to Kristian Nicosia for spotting that.

• Jim Harbaugh was spotted wearing an Adidas belt. Superstitious, maybe? (credit to T.J. Hudge)

• From Curtis Galvin: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the center wear the wrist coach and have the QB use it for the play call.”

That’ll do it for Week 4! Remember: Week 5 (the main part or it) starts on October 1st. You know what that means… Well, at least it’s not Ocyellowber. See you next week!

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NCAA Uni Tracking

Uni Watch will again track the uniform combinations worn by the “Power 5” conferences. Most of the 2015 trackers are back, with one new tracker added:

We’ve got Rex Henry (tracking the ACC), Dennis Bolt (tracking the PAC-12), Kyle Acker (tracking the Big XII), Davis Vinckier (tracking the B1G), and Ethan Dimitroff, (tracking the SEC). Rex, Dennis, Kyle and Davis are all returning from 2015, and Ethan is new to the NCAA Uni Tracking this season

Here are the Uni Trackers for WEEK FOUR of the NCAA Season.

I just wanted to say a couple things about the trackers — yes, there are occasionally a couple mistakes made — they’re always corrected and I try to get those corrections in as soon as possible. These guys have lives (unlike me) and they do this on a completely volunteer basis, under tight deadlines. I don’t mind if you folks point out mistakes in the comments, but please keep the comments civil. They (and I) don’t need the snark.

It seems every tracker had something going on this weekend — and Dennis was away all day with his family and won’t be back to his home base till early today (early Pacific time); Davis was taking the LSAT’s all day yesterday (and hopefully celebrating last evening); he wasn’t able to get his stuff to me by the time I put this post to bed, but promised it overnight (I’ll add it when I wake up); and…last but not least…Ethan got MARRIED yesterday!, but he STILL got me his tracking — now that’s dedication. He’ll be on his honeymoon next weekend (so we won’t have his SEC Tracking next weekend — I hope you guys understand).

Anyway, I can’t say enough good words about all my trackers, and I hope you’ll understand when everything isn’t perfect, OK? OK! Good now…onto the tracking…

+ + + + + + + + + +

Rex is up first today:

. . .



More Here.
Follow Rex on Twitter here.

. . .

And now, here’s Dennis with the PAC-12:



More here.

. . .

And here is Ethan, with the SEC:


SEC Football Uniform Tracker Week 4

. . .

And here is Kyle with the Big XII:



. . .

And here’s Davis the B1G:



. . .

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Joe Ringham 5 & 1 Joe Ringham’s 5 & 1

Following in the footsteps of the original “5 & 1,” Jim Vilk, and Catherine Ryan after him, Joe Ringham is back for 2016 to make his “5 & 1” (five good looking and one stinker) Bowl matchups. Sometimes he’ll have some “honorable mentions” and sometimes there will be more than one “bad” game. You may agree and you may disagree — these are, after all, just opinions and everyone has one. Feel free to let him know what you think in the comments section.

Here’s Joe:

. . .

Good Sunday morning, everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Week 4. Let’s see who made the cut this week, on both sides of the list…

5) Bowling Green at Memphis — Kind of an off-radar match-up, but one that I really dug. BGSU’s brown/white/brown really doesn’t look half bad against the blue/black/blue look the Tigers went with at home. A surprisingly sharp-looking game in the Liberty Bowl.

4) Wagner at Boston College — Another that was kind of an off-radar match-up. Always a fan of BC’s gold/maroon/gold home look, and it really clashed well against the green/mono-grey that Wagner went with. A great looking game at Chestnut Hill.

3) BYU vs West Virginia — Damn did this game look good. Loved BYU’s usual white/white/navy road look and how it matched against the navy/yellow/navy of the Mountaineers. A sharp looking neutral-site game in the D.C .area.

2) Central Michigan at Virginia — The Cavs navy/navy/white really clashed well against CMU’s maroon/white/maroon road set. Such a simple, great looking game in Charlottesville.

1) Colorado State at Minnesota — Such a pretty, colorful game in the Twin Cities. The Gophers looked great in their maroon/yellow/maroon home set and it matched up great against the Rams’ green/white/green. A very worthy #1 for me.

And, finally…

+1) East Carolina at Virginia Tech — White/white/purple vs orange/mono-maroon = a dreadful looking game. Just… yuck.

That does it for me this week. Let’s do this again next week, shall we?

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Duck Tracker

Welcome to the 2016 Oregon Ducks Uni Tracker. This little project was originally begun way back in 2008-08 by Michael Princip, who retired after several seasons, whereupon the project was continued by Tim E. O’Brien. He, too, retired from the tracking, but the project has been ably kept up by the man who also tracks the Pac12, Dennis Bolt.

Here’s this week’s Uniform Combo for the Ducks (you can click to enlarge):

Duck Tracker WEek 4 2016

You can read about this uniform, and MUCH MORE, by checking out the Duck Tracker here!

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UW Friday Flashback UW’s Friday Flashback

With all the fuss over Color Rash, Paul’s latest Friday Flashback column on ESPN looks at the history of NFL teams wearing mono-colored uniforms (including the many teams that went mono in 2002, some of which are shown here).

Check out the Friday Flashback here.


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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: Fifty-nine years ago yesterday the Dodgers played their last game in Ebbets Field. Here’s a look at a gorgeous usher cap & final game ticket from that game (from Bruce Menard. … Also from Bruce, a picture of Ebbets Field in its heyday. … The Dodgers have a nice VIN tribute on their mound. They did that and a lot more. Check it out here. … Last night at Shea, the Mets gave away this fleece blanket that looks like their blue alternate — possibly not the greatest giveaway since the Mets are winless in those tops this year (from Bruce Menard). … Is this the worst jersey foul of all time. If you’re answer isn’t “Yes,” then you, um…need to find one worse (from Tony Tengwall). … This comes from Mike Chamernik: “Old, but it was on the front page of Deadspin (yester)day: The evolution of baseball cards.” … The Astros celebrated Hispanic Heritage month by becoming Los Astros (thanks to Mike Chamernik). Also, the game was red vs. orange. … Also from Mike, the Angels are wearing a hat patch for 50 years at Angels stadium. He adds, “From what I’ve seen, they started wearing the patch this month.” … Yesterday, the Washington Nationals captured the NL East, and Bryce Harper wore Katie Ledecky’s swim cap during the post-clincher celebration (from John Muir).

NFL News: A tweeter who goes by Broken Jaguars Fan asks if there is possibly a logo change in the works for the Jacksonville Jaguars. … “On Only a Game’s ‘3 Stories You Should Know’ segment this week, the second item started with a discussion of the patriotic shoes some players wore last week for the September 11 anniversary, and how it violated NFL uniform regs, but somebody in the league office apparently thought better of fining them,” notes Joe Makowiec. “Its main thrust, however, was that the NFL is considering a week when players can promote charitable causes of their choice.” … Here’s a look at a mannequin wearing the Vikings color rash getup (shockingly, the socks purple doesn’t match…) h/t CJZero. … OOps (from Joe Nocella). … Tweeter Justin Merriman notes the Titans yoke has been shrinking over the years.

College/High School Football News: Good look at the Arizona State Sun Devils’ equipment staff painting scratches on their maroon hats. … Cups in Alabama’s stadium are new this week, and are about Nick Saban (10 years at Bama) with some his stats on it (from Griffin Smith). … Neat old rivalry game photo here between Iowa and Iowa State (from Teddy); make sure to click on this one for some uni trash-talk. … RCC noticed a a few errors on the ESPN game map. … Interesting article about Oregon here, “Oregon Is Becoming Experts At The Risk Game”, which has several uni-notable (shock, I know) bits. Good read. … Somewhat related to the previous article: this is why we love the Oregon Duck. … A little hard to see, but a football player from Central Hardin HS in KY has a patriotic mouthpiece. Central Hardin is in the white jersey (from Josh Claywell). … My buddy Jimmer Vilk might just have earned himself an unfollow on the Twitter.

Hockey News: UMD (that’s the University of Minnesota Duluth) women’s hockey has some new Under Armour jerseys (h/t Paul). … Lots of WHL news from Wade Heidt: Major junior hockey season kicked off Friday night. Some uniform notables in the WHL: *Swift Current Broncos wore their 50th Season uniforms Friday night. “Colour scheme different than the usual blue and green. It is green with yellow trim like their original uniforms. Incorporates black as a trim colour as well. A nod to when the Broncos did wear black uniforms from 2003 to 2014.”; *Everett Silvertips have made their front-facing bear on a shied logo their new primary mark. “The former primary logo is relegated to a secondary shoulder patch. During this game, the Vancouver Giants wore their Gordie Howe tribute uniforms. Gordie was a part owner of the Giants.”; and *Prince George Cougars have added a shoulder patch to their jerseys. “Though I have not heard much about this and cannot find a good photo which provides a closer look.” … New uniforms for Pitt hockey (h/t Mark Clifford). … Sergei Bobrovsky is shown here wearing forwards gloves (good spot by J. Walker).

NBA News: Here’s a new ESPN piece from Paul, in case you missed it: Houston Rockets display trio of new alternates, including ‘Clutch City’ design. … “More photos of the Pelicans’ all star game patch can be found in the slideshow in the following article,” writes Richard Green. “Thanks for all the hard work and great content!” … Here’s a look at the 50th Anniversary Patch that the Indiana Pacers will wear this season. … Looks like the Houston Rockets will have a new court this year (h/t primal instinct). … Here’s some more on those new Golden State Warriors crossover unis for 2016-17. …

College Hoops News: “Just saw this on instagram as well,” writes Ahmad Billal Samady. “Freshman point guard Jordan ford wearing the new St. Mary’s uniforms for the upcoming season. Not sure if you guys have shown this already or not.” … Also from Ahmad: “Just saw this on instagram as well. New cal home unis. Looks like they are using the Jordan version of the new elite Nike template, similar to team USA and Kentucky.” … This Art Print Features Every Big 5 Score in the Palestra’s History (from Jimmer Vilk).

Grab Bag: What if the Red Sox moved the Green Monster to right field? Something similar is happening at major golf courses (h/t Benjamin Engle). … Apparently not content with having “Fighting Sioux” eliminated as a school name, UND students step up their social consciousness. … New uniforms for UC Irvine (from Jimmer Vilk). … Tweeter Correa Harden Watt asks of this Houston Rockets patch, “Have you seen this before? On eBay right now.” Turns out it’s a Houston Comets logo. … “I haven’t seen a boxer wear Stephen Curry styled white tights underneath boxing trunks before,” writes Richard Giron. “Compression shorts yes…but not the stuff that Curry wears when he plays basketball. It’s far more common in basketball, but it may be coming to boxing as well. The boxer incidentally is JohnRiel Casimero from the Philippines.” … There is no question that the helmet cart & helmet in the current KFC commercial is tremendous, but it’s the hosiery that seals the deal (from Chris Viel).

line 3

And that will do it for this final Sunday in September. Pinktober will be upon us before you know it.

Thanks, as always, to the tremendous SMUW crew — and an extra big round of applause for all the trackers, who truly give as much as they can for the blog!

I’ll be back next Saturday. In the meantime…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“What do you get when you chrome-out orange?
Something very Tootsie Pop-ish”

— Marty Hick

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Leo Gets (Another) Lede: Odds & Ends

Tuffy 550
Click to enlarge

By Phil Hecken, with Leo Strawn, Jr.

Those of you who are familiar with the Weekends (and if you remember over the Summer), I’m fortunate to have some great guest pieces from Leo Strawn, Jr. — usually these are sub-ledes that have their own section we call “Leo’s World” but sometimes his bits are more than just bits that really deserve to get the full lede treatment.

Today is one of those days.

Unlike his quizzes or helmet projects, today’s piece is more of a conglomeration of several smaller, but very interesting, uni observations from Leo’s mind. You can click on the photos below to enlarge. So sit back and enjoy today’s edition of…

. . . . . . . . . .

Leo's World 500

Odds & Ends Edition
By Leo Strawn, Jr.

I stumble across some oddities from time-to-time in searches for other photos. I’ve had a few of them piling up that don’t warrant their own article but I thought UWers would enjoy. Borrowing Mike Chamernik’s idea from not long ago, I thought I’d present them this way. Enjoy!

This photo of John McGraw and Christy Mathewson shows McGraw in a classic sweater, pinstriped uniform and what would appear to be the Giants 1911, 1915 or ’16 cap.

McGraw Sweater

The New York National Leaguers wore pinstripes from 1911-16 while McGraw (who came on board in 1902) and Mathewson (who went to play for and manage the Reds during the 1916 season) were both with the Giants.

Questions arise with Christy’s jersey. I can’t find any reference to the NY Giants ever having a flag on their left sleeve. Additionally, the Giants spelled “NEW YORK” only in simple lettering during the seasons the city name appeared on their jerseys from the beginning of Mathewson’s career with NY in 1900 to the end of McGraw’s tenure in 1932; the following season would be the first time the front of the Giants jerseys spelled out “NEW YORK” in anything other than sans serif letters.

Was this a prototype, perhaps?

. . .

Time for a World Series photo.

First Ball

Calvin Coolidge is throwing out the first ball for the third game (first home game for the Senators) in the 1925 Fall Classic. Not only is this a pretty decent shot of the 1925 National League Golden Jubilee patch on Bill McKechnie’s jersey but Bucky Harris is sporting a great baseball sweater.

. . .

The 1939 New York World’s Fair patch was worn prominently on the uniforms of the three MLB teams in 1938: Brooklyn Dodgers…

Babe Brooklyn

…the New York Giants and New York Yankees. What I didn’t know was at least one of the New York area NFL teams also wore a similar patch. Not on their jerseys, but in this photo of the 1938 NFL Brooklyn Dodgers it appears on the front of their team jackets. Makes me wonder if the football Giants did something similar?

Brooklyn Dodgers

. . .

Speaking of the football Giants, check out this photo of Tuffy Leemans from his playing days at George Washington University. Love that jersey!


. . .

Here’s another unusual NCAA jersey: This is late 1950s New Mexico with some unique striping on front. This photo showing the side of the jersey is golden.

UNM front UNM side

. . .

In the 1967 AFL Championship, Andy Rice (#80) of the Oilers is wearing a FIOB while his fellow lineman George Rice (#72) is not. Seniority, I guess. Makes you wonder if Andy wasn’t thinking the whole time that the reason they didn’t give George a “G.” was because the team wasn’t planning on keeping Andy on the roster for long. George had been drafted by Houston in 1966, but Andy only played for the Oilers for a few games in 1967; he had been traded to Houston during the season and, as it turned out, he went on to play with the Bengals in Cincinnati’s inaugural season, 1968.

. . .

It’s obvious why this photo caught my attention and piqued my curiosity about #50. I found out the big guy is Earl Putman. He only played one season for the Chicago Cards, 1957. I then located a 1958 Topps card with another shot of him in Chicago’s red pants, but wearing a different number for the Cardinals, undoubtedly in training camp. I also found a short bio of Earl with this odd, uni-notable part:

The Earl Putman football trading card lists him as a center for the Chicago Cardinals and “the biggest man in pro ball.” His 6 foot, 6 inch frame at 308 pounds, size 16 EEEE shoes, size 52 jersey, 44 pants, and size 8 headgear (created by splitting 2 normal helmets and splicing them together) made him the biggest man in the NFL in 1957.

Interesting bit of helmet lore!

. . .

Did you know…Lyle Alzado and Gale Sayers played against one another in the NFL?

1971 was Alzado’s rookie year. What turned out to be the last two regular season games for Sayers were during the same season. Those final two games were October 10 v New Orleans and October 17 at Candlestick where he rushed for only 8 yards on 5 carries against the Niners. Gale would sit out the remainder of the Bears games, including the December 5 game against Alzado and the Broncos at Mile High. That would suggest such a meeting never occurred. But…

This photo is from the Bears/Broncos 1971 preseason game…

Bears Broncs preseason

…Alzado’s fifth preseason game in a Denver uniform, September 12 at Soldier Field (which was debuting artificial turf that season, certainly exacerbating the situation for Sayers). Incredible shot of two NFL greats squaring off for the only time, with Sayers wearing that classic white wishbone “C” and Alzado wearing my favorite Broncos uniform set from the snorting bronco logo era.


Bears won that game, 33-17, by the way.

Till next time…


. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks, Leo! Great stuff as always. We look forward to your next segment (which should be in two weeks).

royal blue line

colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Got a few colorizations today — all from George Chilvers, who we haven’t heard from in a long time, but is one of our original (and best) colorizers! Great to hear from him again, and he’s got a motherlode of colorizations from him today (click any photo to enlarge)!

Here’s George…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ladies football at upton park color

Ladies football at upton park b&2

Hi Phil

I’ve been quiet for a while, but thought I’d share these with you. Deal with them (or ignore them completely if people have got fed up of colourisations) as you wish. I have five for you here. You don’t have to ask what sport though :)

The first is an unidentified ladies’ game dated to around World War 1 (1914-1918 for most of us – lol), played at Upton Park, the home of West Ham United until this season. I’m sorry I really don’t have much more information, except to highlight the absolute classic adberts – Bovril (a beef drink), Oxo (beef stock cubes) and Fry Chocolate. All iconic at English football grounds at the time.


. . .

dick kerr ladies color

dick kerr ladies b&w

Keeping with the theme we have more ladies’ football/soccer. And this is one of the most famous teams around – Dick, Kerrs Ladies. The comma by the way is not a mistake – the team was the works team of a company called Dick, Kerrs and Co. The ladies involved were pioneers in the sport, and as you can see by the legend on the picture they were highly successful.

The Football Association (the soccer equivalent of the NFL) tried to stamp out this upstart abhorrence (in their eyes) by banning womens’ football from League grounds in 1921 – a ban that was only lifted in 1971. Dick, Kerrs Ladies however continued to play at other venues, and in 1922 completed a successful tour of the United States.

You can read more about them in the ubiquitous Wikipedia site.

. . .

Leningrad siege game 1942 color

Leningrad siege game 1942 b&w

This one is a heart stopper, that hasn’t really ever been publicised as it should.

I will quote from here:

“31 May, 1942. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the artillery and gunfire stopped for a moment to hear a blow of a referee’s whistle in Dinamo Stadium. Despite the brutal devastation wrought upon the populace by German forces, a football match between Dinamo Leningrad and Nevsky Zavod took place. It was not just merely a leisure activity for the besieged citizens to enjoy but a defiant signal of resistance, that Leningrad would not surrender.”

The story is fascinating and a signal of determination that life will go on as usual.

. . .

NAC v NOAD 1947 coor

NAC v NOAD 1947 b&w

More mundane – post-War Holland and in 1947 we watch NAC Breda (in white) play NOAD Tilburg (in the stripes). There isn’t anything special about the picture – to me it’s just a nice picture. Holland had of course been occupied during the War, and football as everywhere across the continent was a way of normalising things. Although a top-level game at the time the stadium, if we can call it that, bears a great resemblance to many non-league grounds in England now. But that wasn’t important. Life was getting back to normal.

. . .

Basel v Grasshopper 1971 color

Basel v Grasshopper 1971 b&w

And finally my favourite of the batch. Firstly (let’s get this out of the way) I’m really pleased how this has turned out. Some work – some don’t. This one has worked – and I do know people who have said it looks like a colour photo. I will accept that :) But enough self-praise LOL

The year is 1971, the place Berne in Switzerland, specifically the home of Young Boys – the Wankdorf Stadium. Stop tittering! It is not funny. Well, maybe a bit.

Anyway, the teams marching proudly out in their absolutely magnificent colours are FC Basel (red and blue) and Grasshoppers Zurich (blue and white). Oh how I love halved shirts!

The occasion was the play-off game for the Swiss Championship, as the teams had finished level on points over the season, and suffice it to be recorded that on 8 June 1971 Grasshopper won the tie 4-3 after extra time.

. . . . .

WOW! Thanks, so much, George. Great to hear from you (and see your wonderful work again!)…and thanks, as always, for the writeups. Hopefully we’ll have more from you in the not-too-distant future!

royal blue line

UW Friday Flashback UW’s Friday Flashback

With all the fuss over Color Rash, Paul’s latest Friday Flashback column on ESPN looks at the history of NFL teams wearing mono-colored uniforms (including the many teams that went mono in 2002, some of which are shown here).

Check out the Friday Flashback here.


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Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an e-mail from Harvey Lee who recently took a trip to “Skydome” (it’s now referred to as Rogers Centre, but in the spirit of the “I’m Calling It…” shirts…we’ll call it Skydome). He took a bunch of photos and did a writeup — it’s simply too long and too good…for the ticker.

Here’s Harvey (and you can click on the photos below to enlarge)…

. . .

In Toronto for the World Cup of Hockey. Interesting look at Brian Leetch’s old skates at the Hockey Hall Of Fame.


He had some mesh reinforcements sewn into the outsides of his boots. I assume to make them stiffer? Anyone ever seen this?

While touring Rogers Centre (nee Skydome), we got a chance to walk onto the field


a) I was surprised at the fluffiness of the turf, unlike the matted down stuff at our local HS stadium

Skydome Turf

b) I was disappointed that the warning track is just a brown version of the green; I thought the whole intent was that outfielders could feel the difference while keeping their eye on the ball

Skydome Warning Track

c) They have a turf Zamboni to lay out the giant rolls of turf. Fortunately, they are hoping to convert to grass by 2018.

Skydome Zamboni

d) Just as we were leaving, they started opening the roof.

Skydome Opening Skydome Opening2

Harvey Lee

. . .

Thanks, Harvey. Great trip — looks like fun. There are many ballparks on my bucket list, and I must admit Skydome’s not really up at the top — but after seeing that, it does look like a cool place to visit. I’ve always wanted to stay in that hotel in Center Centre Field.

OK. Now, on to the ticker…

royal blue line

Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: Yesterday, in 1947, it was Jackie Robinson Day at Ebbets field, and among other gifts, the Dodgers gave him a Cadillac (from Bruce Menard). … Anyone who’s a Mets (or Reds) fan knows that Jay Bruce just hasn’t exactly been tearing it up with the Mets since being traded at the end of July. Maybe it’s because he’s still wearing his Reds batting gloves? (from Gary Nusbaum). I have no idea if he’s actually been wearing those same gloves (or similar ones) since the trade — but he was wearing them Thursday night. We all know the uni (and baseball) gods are not pleased when you wear batting gloves from a former team. … The Rockies had some Vin Scully-themed notes last evening (from Bobby GINdal). … After Trey Mancini’s first 2 home runs in his first two games, O’s fans have started to improvise (from Ray Malley). … “The Shilter (careful!) Family Farm in Olympia, WA, has made a Ken Griffey, Jr., corn maze for Hallowe’en,” writes Markus Kamp. “They did something similar for retired Sounders keeper and Olympia-area native Kasey Keller in 2010.” … The Reds have a player named Jumbo Diaz, who, um, had some um, buttoning issues last night (from Peter Smith).

NFL News: Tweeter fillyfandan notes the Carson Wentz bootleg jerseys are always hilarious. … What did Bill Belichick think of the Patriots’ color rush uniforms? Because inquiring minds want to know. The sarcasm is palpable: “I can’t even tell you how excited I was about the uniforms last night. It was really incredible.” … As bad as the Tampa Bay Bucs unis are, this week’s combo is about the best one they have. … Not sure if this is a goof or not, but the Cowboys have tweeted out their uni combo. Well, yeah. … Speaking of the Cowboys, yesterday’s ticker included this: “Dak Prescott’s helmet stripe doesn’t separate at the gap in his SpeedFlex helmet. Here’s how other teams handle the stripe (from reader D Hempel).” Reader Earl L Darne notes, “I noticed this too but it is not just Dak. This appears to be a Cowboy’s thing.” And provided the following as examples. … Texans returner Tyler Ervin grabbed his teammates towel during a kick return Thursday night. He fumbled on the play (thanks to Mike Chamernik). … If you really enjoyed (or hell, even if you didn’t) the Pats/Texans color rash game, here are the 13 best photos from that game. … The Jaguars will be going gold-matte black/white/white Sunday (from Mike Chamernik).

College Football News: The USC (That’s South Carolina) football squad will wear it’s fourth different uni combo today. … There is some uni-related news in this “Mac attack, LSU’s throwup jerseys: SEC Sizzle/Fizzle Week 4” article. … Our pal, Clint Richardson, runs the Auburn Uniform database. He’s been working on some 1980s Auburn football uniforms. Pictured are 1988-89 back to 1985-86. … Looks like Tulane will be going with powder blue jerseys today (at least according to this). H/T to Larry Vangilder. … Mizzou will be wearing all black today for their game vs. Delaware State. … Louisville will be going all white with their shiny red hat vs. Marshall. … The Baylor Bears will be wearing all black with their shiny gold hat vs. Oklahoma State, and some of their fans are pissed. … “I work for the Omaha World-Herald and we are an official sponsor of Nebraska Football,” says Jordan Johnson. “Every year we do ‘Build-a-Husker’ the week leading up to the game that the alternate unis will be worn. Every day in the paper we have a full page ad that features a section of the player. I’ve attached the finished product as well as what it looks like when the piece is inside the paper each day.” … Pretty sure we had this before, but just in case: Baylor helmets will have Extra Yard for Teachers stickers on the back of their helmets this weekend. … The Virginia Tech “orange effect” endzones & midfield are now complete (from Pat Rouleau). … Here’s the hat that SMU will wore last night (via Jim Collier). Here’s another look (h/t Ginger Cyborg). … ICYMI: Midfield at Spartan Stadium has been repainted in honor of Mike Sadler. … Pitt will be going blue/white/blue today (from Interst8forty4). … Idaho State (yes, Idaho State) will be going orange/black/black today (from Brad Iverson-Long). … New helmet for Utah (via Nicole Pena). Turns out they’re “handcrafted”, like a fine beer, amirite? … Here’s a look at the Razorbacks uni for today. … Ole Miss will be going blue/red/gray vs. Georgia today. … RN’s Funhouse points out that SMU has a rather large mid-field logo. … Of course, that has nothing on Texas A&M Commerce, and East Carolina is rather yuge, too.

Hockey News: Here’s a good behind the scenes look at NHL team pictures day with the San Jose Sharks — and how players dress when they know they won’t be photographed from the knees down (from J. Walker). … As most of you know (or should), Uni Watch readers participated in a design contest to create an alternate jersey for the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins. But that’s not the only new jersey the team will wear this season: The Griffins have updated their regular sweaters too. … Someone’s name is wrong in every Sabres camp. Yesterday’s first lucky winner is new goalie Anders Nilsson (good spot by John Vogl). … Looks like Marc-André Fleury has a new mask. … Speaking of new masks, Jared Coreau is rocking an old school mask (from Mike Chamernik). … Oooohhh — check out the Tucson Roadrunners center ice (from Adam Vitcavage). … Awesome Grooms Cake for Islanders fan Jimmy Cameron.

NBA News: Here’s a screen shot (from I guess a video game — not sure which one) showing the Houston Rockets’ 50th anniversary patch placement (from Hit The Glass). … Washington Wizards star John Wall took a lot of flack from the D.C. fan base when he wore an Emmitt Smith jersey on the Dallas Cowboys sideline before last Sunday’s game against the Washington football team. This week, Wall defended his Cowboys fandom. … Here are some screenshots confirming leaks of the two new Warriors alt unis + the new Heat Pride alt uni (from Conrad Burry). Here’s more 2K17 screenshots of these 3 new unis for the Heat and Warriors. And here’s a more more high quality render of those. … Is this a first look at the New Orleans All Star Game patch? (from Chris Winkler via Paul). … From Rovell: Warriors confirm they will be wearing a “Run TMC” retro for six games this season, jersey will go on sale on Monday (h/t Robert Hayes).

College Hoops News: Here’s a look at LA Tech’s new home hoops unis (h/t Paul), who r/t’ed LA Tech’s tweet. … The University of Michigan Wolverines will be unveiling their new jumpman hoops uniforms at a “ceremony” next week. OK then. The release will be on September 30th (so you can count on next Saturday’s UW to be a review of those).

Soccer News: FFS. Sounders FC to wear Gears of War 4-themed jerseys for this Sunday’s match at LA Galaxy. Yes, I know that the Sounders are basically the X-Boxes, but still. Soccer shouldn’t become MiLB with their theme jerseys, should they?

Grab Bag: As you (likely) know, Nike is getting out of the golf equipment business next year, but they’re still big in the golf clothing market. Here’s a pretty good New York Times piece on how swooshie never really established a signature piece of golf equipment despite having signed some of the biggest names in the golf world (from Tommy Turner). … “My favorite Australian Football League club, Collingwood Magpies, just revealed their 125th Anniversary logo for 2017,” says the one and only Leo Strawn, Jr.. “(Info on the meaning of the elements here.) Carn the Pies!” … It. Has. Begun. The HinghamPolice are going pink in October by wearing these patches for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (thanks, I think, to Jordan Mayblum). … New logos for the Susquehanna River Hawks. … Check out the Cubs-inspired golf shirts from William Murray Golf (from D Hempel). … Check out these crazy hidden messages in sports logos you might not have known about. The last one, about the Warriors logo, is great. … Here’s a look at Stony Brook’s lax gear for spring 2017 (h/t Patrick Muffley).

royal blue line

And that will do it for today, the final Saturday in September…and you know what that means for unis next weekend. *Shudders*

Big thanks to Leo for his World, and also to George (welcome back!) for the beautiful colorizations. And a great TFGTT too!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the SMUW crew, so make sure to check back in then. In the meantime…

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“Warriors, to me, is as objectionable as having a team called the Pilots or Sailors, if less original.”

— Walter Helfer

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Oregon Going Full-Puddles This Weekend

The Oregon Ducks will be a little more duck-like for tomorrow’s game against Colorado, as they’ll be wearing orange facemasks, socks, and cleats, mimicking the orange elements of a duck — or at least the orange elements of their own duck mascot, as seen in the hilarious animation above. There are lots of additional photos on this excellent page, which tells the full backstory of Oregon’s relationship with duck-themed iconography. Strongly recommended.

I kinda love this — the uniform, the animation, the backstory, all of it. In an era when every just about every team identity is based on being ferocious and intimidating, and when every uniform “story” is based on some fairy tale of valor, honor, courage, blah-blah-blah, it’s pretty cool to see Nikegon daring to be silly. Good for them! And hey, it’s a good-looking uniform.

I’ve heard a few people say, “Orange isn’t even an Oregon team color!” True, but that train left the station years ago. Ditto for the complaint that orange is an Oregon State color. Way back in 2006, Nike exec Tinker Hatfield told me that Oregon would never have a black helmet “out of respect for Oregon State, because they have black helmets.” Well, we all know how that one turned out. Look, Nikegon’s gonna do what Nikegon’s gonna do. The only remaining issue is whether their weekly experiment looks good. I think this one does.

Meanwhile, reader Clark Ruhland figures Virginia Tech could do something similar based on its Hokie Bird mascot:

And that in turn led reader @Interpolyester to propose a Steelers version based on Steely McBeam:

And so on.

• • • • •

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Color Rash, continued: Last night’s Color Rash game featured the white-clad Texans (a look they’ve worn many, many times, except it usually includes blue-topped socks), playing the solid-blue Patriots (who would’ve looked a lot better without that thick striping on the pants; in fact, their standard road pants would’ve been a better choice).

I heard from a lot of people who said, more or less, “The Pats should use this jersey full-time, with white pants!” Me, I’m not quite as enthusiastic. I love UCLA stripes as much as the next guy — maybe more — but I love them a lot more when they wrap farther down than the Pats’ stripes did last night. (There’s also the issue of these jerseys not having TV numbers. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, but I doubt the NFL would allow it on a full-time basis.) But if someone with Photoshop skills wants to show us how this jersey would look with white pants — or with the team’s current silver pants, for that matter — I’d happily take a look.

• • • • •

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Friday Flashback: With all the fuss over Color Rash, my latest Friday Flashback column on ESPN looks at the history of NFL teams wearing mono-colored uniforms (including the many teams that went mono in 2002, some of which are shown above). Check it out here.

• • • • •

Special discount offer: I’ve said this many time before, but it bears repeating: Bill Henderson’s Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys is absolutely essential for anyone who cares above the history of baseball uniforms over the past 45 years. I find myself using it on a near-daily basis, and you’ll probably find it useful too (even if you don’t write about uniforms for a living like I do).

The current edition of Bill’s guide, which covers every MLB game jersey and BP jersey from 1970 through 2015 (and also includes coverage of prototypes, uni mysteries, typefaces, and more) is a bargain at its regular price of $40. But it’s an absolute steal with the discount he’s offering to Uni Watch readers today: Use the code purple200 at checkout (that Bill, what a card…) and you’ll get one-third off. Or you can use that same code to get the guide for your favorite team for one-third off the usual single-team price of $10. And because all of this is available as downloadable PDFs, you’ll be able to dive in as soon as you make your purchase. It’s the best thing you’ll buy today — trust me.

And just for the record: Bill did not pay anything for this plug. We were back-and-forthing last night about some uni-historical matters, and he said, “Hey, how about if I offer your readers a discount,” and I said sure, because I love Bill and love his jersey guide even more. You’ll love it too.

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PermaRec update: It’s been ages since I took a dip into the files of the Hoge Brush Company, but I have a new entry today, and it’s a really interesting one, especially if you care about balloons, squeegees, north-central Ohio’s rubber industry, or spectacular letterhead designs like the one shown above. Get the full story here.

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The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch: More than 140 schools in California still use team names and/or mascots based on Native American imagery, but there’s increasing pressure on them to stop. … The upstate New York town of Whitesboro, whose official seal drew criticism earlier this year because it appears to show a white man choking a Native American, is now considering a replacement logo.

Baseball News: Yesterday I mentioned that I had once described New Era as a “milliner” and explained how that wasn’t really accurate, because a milliner is, technically speaking, a maker/seller of women’s hats. But KM Pro Cap apparently had no problem with that — they once described themselves as “Milliner to the Majors” (big thanks to Gary Olson). … Eric Trager notes that the Mets are selling No. 15 Tebow jerseys, even though that’s Matt Reynolds’s number. … The Braves gave a jersey to golfer Nick Faldo, with a “Sir Nick” NOB. “I believe this was brought about by the Braves’ recent signing of a multi-year partnership with sports manufacturer Mizuno,” says Patrick O’Neill. … Tigers 2B Andrew Romine’s batting helmet logo was MIA yesterday. … Lots of Blue Jays fans came over from Toronto for a series against the Mariners in Seattle, so an enterprising M’s fan decided to tweak them with a hilarious series of homemade signs. … This is pretty awesome: The Orioles’ farewell gift to Big Papi is what’s left of the dugout phone he beat to a pulp three seasons ago. Brilliant (from Andrew Cosentino).

NFL News: Interesting article on why the Titans aren’t wearing captaincy patches (from Wade Harder). … No photo or video, but Mark Gonillo says he spotted Bears QB Jay Cutler wearing a ’47 cap prior to last Monday night’s game against the Eagles. “A Bears staffer (wearing a New Era cap) approached him and seemed to be addressing the fact that he was wearing a ’47 cap on the field,” says Mark. “I’m not a lip reader, but he seemed to be motioning to the ’47 logo creep on the hat. Could he have been telling him that the ’47 cap wasn’t permitted on the field?” … We’ve heard about fans burning the jerseys of NFL players who’ve protested the national anthem. But according to this report, a man carrying a megaphone during Wednesday night’s civic unrest in Charlotte demanded that people burn Panthers QB Cam Newton’s jersey if he doesn’t protest the anthem this Sunday. … Meanwhile, Time magazine has put 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick on the cover of their latest issue. I was surprised to see the Nike logo creep on the crew sock, but it turns out that that’s what he’s been wearing on gameday. … A man who stole a Broncos helmet from the team’s practice facility nearly two months ago has been identified and summonsed. … This is odd: Dolphins S Michael Thomas appears to have cut holes in the backs of his socks, or tights, or whatever hosiery he’s wearing (from @willchitty4). … A Red Robin outlet in Portland, Ore., uses Seahawks-style 12th man toothpick flags. … Miami Marlins 2B Dee Gordon visited Dolphins camp yesterday and swapped jerseys with Jarvis Landry (thanks, Mike).

College and High School Football News: Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was wearing cleats prior to last weekend’s game against Colorado (from Nick Curley). … Here are this week’s uni combos for Northwestern and Columbia. … Here’s Arizona State’s record since the most recent redesign, broken down by helmet and uni combo (from @JediASU). … Reprinted from yesterday evening’s comments: I had mentioned in yesterday’s lede that Texas A&M’s new 1956 throwbacks included a “9-0” patch, which seemed odd, because the ’56 team actually went 9-0-1. Turns out they’ve updated the patch (from Bill Banowsky). … Color Rash terminology has trickled down to the college level. Greeeaaaaaat. … Oak Ridge High School in California has an interesting battle axe-themed helmet design. The team is called the Trojans (from John Alexander). … Former Michigan State P Mike Sadler, who was killed in a car accident, is being honored at Spartan Stadium by having his No. 3 added to the midfield logo for Saturday’s game against Wisconsin. further info here.

Hockey News: Here’s a good view of how the Penguins’ 50th-anniversary logo will be worn as a patch (from Brian Cox). … Speaking of the Penguins, they’re selling a 50th-anniversary T-shirt. Could that be the basis for a heretofore-unseen anniversary jersey? … The pucks at Rangers games this season will feature the team’s 90th-anniversary logo (thanks, Mike). … New uniforms for Utah (from Matt Komma). … Great catch by Mike Engle, who noticed that the Canadiens have changed the ear loops and chinstraps on their home helmets from black to white. “Count me as a fan,” says Mike. Me, too.

NBA News: New 50th-anniversary patch this season for the Rockets. Here’s a video game shot that shows how it looks in context (from Ivor van Esch and @HitTheGlass, respectively). … New sponsorship advertising logo apparently in the works for the Spurs’ court.

College Hoops News: New uniforms for Fairfield (from Scott Criscuolo). … Holy moly, look at TCU’s mismatched jersey/shorts combo in this old photo (big thanks to Jim Vilk). … New uniforms for UMass (from Brian Sullivan). … New red uniforms for Mississippi (from Chris Buttgen).

Soccer News: There’s a new British documentary about the replica soccer kit company Admiral (from Mark Emge). … Here’s a ranking of MLS team logos (from Jon Hollomon). … FC Dallas is establishing a new tradition for players who wear No. 19 (from Jim Collier).

Grab Bag: Formula E auto racing is coming to Brooklyn. I’m not buying tickets just yet, but I’ll admit to being intrigued. … New logo for Disney’s DuckTales. … New alternate rugby kit for Ireland. “Ball gag not included,” says Eric Bangeman. … ISIS has prohibited civilians from wearing T-shirts with certain logos, including Nike’s and Adidas’s (from @seekarete). … Nike will no longer make golf clubs or other golf equipment but will still make golf apparel.

New Throwback Uniform for Texas A&M

Texas A&M football came out with a new retro alternate yesterday. It’s based on the team’s uniform from 1956, when the Aggies won the Southwest Conference championship for the first time in 15 years.

Interestingly, the facemask is two-tone — white at the top and bottom and grey in the middle, so the grey bars mimic an old two-bar mask (click to enlarge).

The press release provides further details on this:

The helmet also features vintage Riddell and KRA-LITE brand marks on the exterior shell and chinstrap consistent with those worn by the 1956 Aggie team, as well as a custom painted facemask to simulate the appearance of the single- and double-bar models versions from the period.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen a throwback chinstrap, no? There’s a better view of the strap in this next photo, which also shows how they’ve painted the nose bumper to simulate the look of no nose bumper (click to enlarge):

As you can see in that last photo, there’s also a jersey patch indicating that the ’56 team went 9-0. That’s not accurate — they were actually 9-0-1, with a tie against Houston. Oddly, Adidas’s press release for the uniform mentions the 9-0-1 record, so why try to fudge things on the patch? Weird.

• • • • •

New Era logo creep, continued: Earlier this week I said there was at least one previous instance of the New Era logo appearing on an MLB game cap (that was on April 20, 2005, when the Padres wore the logo-clad caps), but I also said I had the nagging feeling that there might have been some additional examples.

Now reader Mike Schindler has come up with one of those additional instances, and he found it in a funny place: in one of my early ESPN columns! In the Ticker section of my column that ran on Sept. 22, 2005 (yes, my ESPN columns had Tickers back then, because this blog didn’t yet exist), I mentioned that the White Sox had worn caps with maker’s marks when staging their first “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” promotion on Sept. 9, 2005, and I linked to the tiny screen shot shown at right. I can’t find any other photos from that game that show the left side of a player’s cap, so that minuscule image will have to do for now. (Photo research suggests that the green caps the Chisox have worn for subsequent editions of this promotion have not had the logo.)

But here’s the intriguing thing: After linking to the Chisox shot, I wrote, “[This was] the third time this season that the milliner snuck its mark onto MLB caps.” The first time was the Padres game from April 20 of that year, but what was the second time? I probably I wrote about it at the time, so I poked around in some of my ESPN columns from that year, but so far no paydirt. I’ll keep looking.

Looking back, it’s funny that I referred to New Era as a “milliner.” That’s technically inaccurate, because a milliner is actually a maker or seller of women’s hats. But it’s such a good word, and I don’t get to use it very often — maybe that’s why I went with it, even though it was a bit of a stretch.

Oh, and speaking of good words: Happy autumnal equinox! I love saying that because (a) autumn is my favorite season and (b) “autumnal” is my favorite adjective. I like how the silent “n” suddenly gains a voice. Isn’t that nice?

• • • • •

NFL helmet rule FAQ: Three years after the NFL’s one-shell protocol was enacted, I still get questions from people who don’t understand the rule. So I’ve created an FAQ page that address all (I hope) of the common questions and misconceptions. Hope everyone finds it helpful, and feel free to let me know if I overlooked anything that should be included.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: For his last home game, Red Sox DH David Ortiz will wear custom cleats with the dates of all his walk-offs. Man, Big Papi was clutch (from @GuySmileys). … On Sunday, Mets P Jerry Blevins wore a standard cap, with an orange squatchee and black underbrim, instead of the proper throwback cap, which has a blue squatchee and grey underbrim (from Vladimir Gonzales). … New gloves for Nebraska. … Mementos from Disco Demolition Night will be displayed at a suburban Chicago museum next year. … A designer drew all 30 MLB wordmarks in Japanese Katakana (from @HoeflerCo). … The Bowie Baysox revealed a logo for their 25th season (from Andrew Cosentino).

NFL News: Actress Sofia Vergara’s husband, Joe Manganiello, is a huge Steelers fan. On The Tonight Show, she said that he has Steelers pants, underwear, and a hat and bandana, and that he wears the whole outfit when watching the game at home (from Chris Flinn).

College Football News: Virginia Tech is hosting an “Orange Effect” game on Saturday against East Carolina. The Hokies will wear orange helmets, and orange logos and wordmarks have been painted on the field. Fans can buy orange shirts. A “Maroon Effect” game will be held next month (from Andrew Cosentino). … Air Force will wear white-over-blue this weekend. … A Tim Tebow jersey was part of a clue on Jeopardy! last week. The answer was what college he attended (from Chris Flinn). … Have we ever seen a FNOB handled like this before? That’s obviously Mike Carey, a Pitt center, during a game against Penn State in 1973. “What would we call it, LN,FNOB?” asks Gerry Dincher. … Wisconsin-Stevens Point wore white pants two Saturdays ago. The Pointers normally wear mono-yellow (from Michael Bialas).

Hockey News: The Flames’ retro red-and-yellow jersey is now officially a third jersey. The set will be worn 12 times this season. … The Blue Jackets released the schedule for when they will wear their third jerseys (from Kenny Saidah). … The Maple Leafs are holding an apparel design contest (from reader MaryPaul). … The Blues had plans for a trumpet-shaped player entrance in 1996. They nearly introduced these third jerseys that year. … The Blackhawks painted their logo at center ice the other day.

Pro Basketball News: In addition to bringing back the Hoosiers Hickory High unis, the Pacers will host six “Decade Games” this year, in honor of their 50th anniversary. Seems like in-game atmosphere and entertainment will be retro-themed, but no throwbacks are planned (though they did wear 1990s Flo-Jo unis in late 2015). … The Jazz will renovate their arena, which opened in 1991. … All members of the WNBA’s Indiana Fever took a knee and locked arms during the national anthem prior to last night’s game against the Phoenix Mercury. Two Mercury players also knelt. … Meanwhile, the NBA and the players’ union are exploring alternative forms of protest and community engagement for the upcoming season. NBA rules mandate standing for the anthem. … New uniforms for the Perth Wildcats, an Australian pro team (from Paul Forrest).

College Hoops News: New uniforms for Penn State (from Tyler Brackbill). … New uniforms for East Carolina, too (from Russ Friedland).

Grab Bag: The logo for UEFA Euro 2020 was revealed (from Griffin Smith, via Phil). … Earlier this year, a famous Toronto discount department store, Honest Ed’s, announced it was closing and sold all of its hand-painted signs (from Ted Arnold).

• • • • •

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What Paul did last night: Had the pleasure of attending last night’s Braves/Mets game with Uni Watch deputy editor Phil Hecken (left) and uniform/logo design Todd Radom (who, thankfully, didn’t wear an “I’m Calling It Shea” shirt, or else we would’ve looked too geeky even for my tastes). The photo was taken by a beer vendor, who unfortunately didn’t realize that Todd was nearly obscured by shadows.

It’s hard to express how great it is to take in a game in the company of two guys who Totally Get It™. Big thanks to both these gents for a fine evening of baseball chatter, and doubleplusthanks to Phil for making it happen and scoring the tickets.