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Bowling Green-Purdue Football
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By Phil Hecken

Welcome to Weak Week IV of the NCAA Football Season. Like the third Saturday (and Thursday/Friday), this is generally one of the weakest weeks on the schedule in terms of strong matchups. It also means, since we’re still a few days away from Pinktober (and about a month until GIJokevember), that not too much happens, uniform-wise, on the gridirons. But there is always a few different looks going on (like, Oregon wearing school colors, and getting their asses kicked by Utah — this is not Marcus’ team any more).

Anyhoo — we have Terry “TJ” Duroncelet bringing you the main entry, and of course Joe Ringham with the 5 & 1, and three (yep, added a new Tracker for the Big XII this week) trackers — Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt and now Kyle Acker to round things out. Let’s get started. Up first, as always is TJ with today’s …

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Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

The first weekend of Autumn football is always filled with an air of “what’s in store for this season?”, and after what I felt was a weird week, the weekend proved to be a mixture of fun games, not a terrible amount of uni action, and the weather making it feel like it was mid-November, but without the satisfying cold.

From Thursday:

• I don’t talk about Cincinnati’s uniforms enough. This is their first year with Under Armour, and I must say, this is –in my opinion– one of the best modern uniforms in college football at this moment. And thinking about it, they didn’t look too bad even in their Adidas days (although I could’ve done without those grey numbers). Also, Memphis wore new grey uniforms at home. If you have to wear grey at home, this is the way to do it, because you can actually tell the difference between the two teams on the field, as opposed to wearing light grey at home.

From Friday:

Is this a new thing? The Cavalier Keel? Speaking of which, the Hoos wore navy versions of the helmets that they wore against UCLA in Week 1. Boise State was in all-white.

From Saturday:

• Purdue wore neon-accented lids with their anthracite uniforms for their “Hammer Down Cancer” campaign. They did something similar last year.

• Western Michigan seems to be taking this ‘Row the Boat’ thing pretty seriously (Credit to Douglas Ford for that pic).

• Jim H. was seen at yesterday’s game against BYU wearing a hat that had the Adidas logo on it, an apparent first for him. But I’m more concerned as to why the hat makes him look like Elmer Fudd.

• Indiana’s script helmets from last week were apparently a hit, because they wore a different version of them yesterday against Wake Forest, who had some chrome helmets of their own. Fred Fuchs still could not be reached for comment (credit to Jon Chichwak for that last pic).

• Illinois wore orange/navy/orange, a combo haven’t worn since 2010. I like.

• Syracuse followed suit. By the way, huge bump to Glen Macklin (@GlenMaffews) for catching this: “#57 has wrong style 7 (slashes going wrong way should be like #27) I bet this happens a lot”

Hook ’em, Horn. Kudos to Dan Medina (@iloveinterwebz) for the pic and the line.

• In addition to one hell of a game, Texas Tech actually looked like the Red Raiders for once, not to mention that the overall game looked pretty nice (especially compared to last year).

• Oregon wore their 2015 Rose Bowl uniforms against Utah, who wore all-white. Needs more duck peni– er, I mean, ferocious Fighting Duck logo on the helmets. I think this is the first time that Oregon has worn a non-specialty helmet with the Oregon ‘O’ in at least a few years (the BCA helmets from 2013 won’t be counted in this case).

• I think it’s safe to say that I have my fair share of grievances regarding UCLA’s 2015 “uniforms”, but it’s especially bad if I have to remind myself constantly that I’m watching UCLA when they’re on the road. Those slashed-up pants stripes look like something you’d find in a futuristic car in an anime. Meanwhile, Arizona wore red chrome helmets in that same game, and if you look closely, it says “HARD EDGE” (one of Rich Rodriguez’s mottos) on the nose bumpers.

• Ole Miss wore their light blue helmets again against Vanderbilt.

• You are now aware that Cal constantly looks like they have bra straps showing. Thanks to Paul Stave for making me see something that cannot be unseen.

And that’ll do it for this week, as we close the book on September and prepare for… The Pinkening. See you next week.

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Thanks, TJ! OK, now on to the rest of the SMUW fest…

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NCAA Uni Tracking 2015 splash NCAA Uni Tracking

Back again today with our new feature: NCAA Uniform Tracking.

Once again, it’s Rex Henry (tracking the ACC & SEC) and Dennis Bolt (tracking the PAC-12). If you missed yesterday’s post — we now have a fourth conference tracker (the Big XII) and his name is Kyle Acker.

I hope to have a B1G tracker set up today, but if that doesn’t happen, I will put out the call for someone to do it. If that is the case, check Uni Watch this week for an announcement.

I’d also like to point out that our PAC-12 tracker, Dennis, has added an individual Duck Tracker (continuing the tradition here begun way back in 2009 by Mike Princip and continued from 2012-2014 by Tim E. O’Brien. A link to the Duck Tracker is at the end.

You can click on the images to enlarge and (where appropriate) click the link for additional information/resources.

Rex is up first today:

. . .



More Here.

. . .



. . .

And now, here’s Dennis with the PAC-12:

More here.

. . .

And finally, here is Kyle with the Big XII:



. . .

Here is your link to the 2015-16 Duck Tracker.

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And that’s all for today — thanks Rex, Dennis and Kyle!

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Joe Ringham's 5 & 1 Joe Ringham’s 5 & 1

It’s a NEW NCAA Football Season, and this year we have a NEW 5 & 1 decider — Joe Ringham — who has some big shoes to fill (for Catherine Ryan, who did the 5 & 1 for the past three years, and Jim Vilk before that) but I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

We’re on to week 4 in the NCAA, and this is one of those when there aren’t a lot of traditional “rivalry” games and we always have a few odd pairings. Let’s see if any of those will catch Joe’s fancy. And hey…Oregon wore school colors yesterday! Wonder if they’re on the list…

Here’s Joe:

. . .

Good Sunday, everybody! What a wild and wacky Saturday it was, complete with some interesting endings and some fantastic looking match-ups. A great way to end the first month of the season. So, without further delay, on to the countdown!

5) Rice at Baylor — Baylor should just keep wearing this “classic” look. The Bears looked incredibly sharp in their gold/green/gold duds up against the navy/white/navy of the Owls.

4) Southern at Georgia — The Dawgs always look good in their classic home look between the hedges. But what puts this game on the list is how that look matches up rather nicely against Southern’s white/white/blue. Surprised the hell out of me that it looked so good.

3) TCU at Texas Tech — Most likely Tech’s best look so far this young season, going black/red/black. Matched up so well against the Frogs’ white/white/purple. It just made the insane ending of that game look that much sharper.

2) Missouri at Kentucky — I had my eye on this one earlier in the week, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Loved how Mizzou’s black/white/yellow clashed so well against the Wildcats’ blue/grey/blue.

1) North Texas at Iowa — Growing up in Big Ten country, I’ve always rooted against the Hawkeyes. But damn do they have great looking uniforms. And damn, do they look extra sharp up against the green/white/green of the aptly named Mean Green. Very worthy of the top spot this week.

And, finally…

+1) Maryland at West Virginia — Why schools think mono-yellow looks good is totally beyond me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll see you next week!


Thanks, Joe! Remember, the tip-line email ( is back for any games you want Joe take a look at. Pictures of the game/games you want are very much suggested.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Reader Jolinko Lassiter was watching the 1977 MLB All-Star game introductions and at 11:35, Cleveland Indians’ Dennis Eckersley and Jim Kerns are wearing different Indians uniforms. This wasn’t uncommon in the ’70s — we frequently saw teams with two different colored tops (As for example) wearing them in game. … “Double whammy of offensive name/logo during Saturday’s Mets-Reds game: one of Matt Harvey’s youth coaches wearing a Midland Redskins jacket that just uses Chief Wahoo as a logo,” says Alex Spanko. “Racist and unoriginal!” Add to that the BFBS Mets shirt with a huge visible swoosh and you have the quadfecta. … All kinds of oddities in this 1961 Life Magazine photo featuring the Cincinnati Reds. This is Crosley Field, yet the Reds are wearing their ’61 road uniforms. In spite of that, Frank Robinson is wearing a home cap. “Vada Pinson is wearing one of those white batting caps I ran across earlier this year in a photo of Billy Martin wearing one in 1960. And finally, Manager Fred Hutchison is wearing catcher’s gear” (big thanks to Leo Strawn). … Nice tribute out in Oakland where all the players wore high cuffs for Barry Zito Day. It’s sad, though, that the hosiery is so un-uniform (h/t to Brodie Brazil).

College/High School Football News: Yesterday, Michigan’s Jake Butt had fans at the game wearing different “Butt” jerseys. Of course he did. … St. Thomas More (Lafayette, La.) introduced chrome helmets for its game at Baton Rouge Catholic Friday, notes David Steinle. “Catholic has worn the famous Wishbone C for at least the last 30 years, likely longer,” he adds. … Jim Harbaugh presented Michigan man Derek Jeter with a personalized jersey (thanks, Brinke). Also submitted by Chris Flinn (Different article), who adds, “He can’t have that much stuff with his own NOB.” … Heh. I got a kick out of this. … Patrick O’Neill wants everyone to know that Notre Dame is 5-0 when the Pope visits the United States. “Just sayin’,” he adds.

NBA/College/Basketball News: So, those orange “sunset” Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys that were released Friday? Yeah, apparently there are some who are not fans of the new look. … The Atlanta Hawks have unveiled a rendering of their new court design (thanks to Douglas Ford). … Indiana hoops will add 5-stars to back of shorts. “A gimmicky trend to a classic jersey” says Ty Smith.

Hockey News: The Guelph Storm (a major junior ice hockey team based in Guelph, Ontario) leak from a few days ago has been confirmed (thanks to Patrick Thomas). … Both the Kamloops Blazers and Kelowna Rockets are wearing new uniforms this season. Adds submitter Wayne Heidt, “The Kamloops uniforms are a great improvement over the Reebok Edge striping nightmare they wore before. The Kelowna uniforms are throwback to the first uniforms they wore. They are wearing them as the regular uniform all year, just this season, as it is the 25th anniversary of the team.” … The Toronto Furies have unveiled new team logo and jerseys.

Soccer News: Yesterday, Celtic wore special jerseys to remember victims of the Great Irish Famine. Read more here. … Also, yesterday, Liverpool went with a new logo on the front of their shirts (h/t Holy Calamity). … “Was at my 11-year-old daughter’s soccer game in Lafayette Ca and noticed three games all had matchups with no uni-contrast,” laments John Furstenthal. “Navy vs black, navy vs royal, and white vs white.”

Grab Bag: For everyone’s next tailgate party: How to make jello shots in your team’s colors (thanks to Ilana Hardesty).

line of colored footballs

And that’s it for today folks! Thanks again to TJ, Joe, Rex, Dennis and Kyle. Everyone have a great Sunday — remember — the Cleveland football team is going full turd today. I’m looking forward to MMUW tomorrow. Catch you next Saturday!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


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“The leotard problem isn’t about having stripes on the pants, it’s about wearing contrasting socks. If a team is going to wear colored pants, they need to wear socks of a different color.”

–THE Jeff Provo

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Designing Minds, Volume VII

By Phil Hecken

Every so often, as a lede, I will run a set of uniform and/or logo concepts from a single designer that are either so good, so innovative, or so special that they deserve to be set apart from the normal “Concepts” section.

Normally these concepts fall squarely into those designed on the computer, but today’s featured artist (although he doesn’t like to be called that), Brady Phelps, works in a different medium altogether. That medium just happens to be pancake batter. Yes, you read that correctly. He works in pancakes the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It is his true medium; a master.

The “splash” you see today Brady did this week, following the death of the beloved Yogi Berra — click on the video to see a timelapse version of his pancake art.

Before we get to some of Brady’s creations (and there are many), I had to ask him a little bit about his avocation.

. . . . .

Uni Watch: I’ve been following your pancake creation exploits for a while now on twitter, and I love your videos. This past week I even featured a few of your creations in the Ticker. How long does it take you to make each one?

Brady Phelps: Each pancake, depending on difficulty, takes between 2 and 7 minutes. The timelapse makes it look really quick and easy b/c they’re usually around only 30 seconds.

UW: What you do is amazing. You’re a true artist!

BP: I’m just a dad. I’m not an “artist” by any stretch of the imagination. I know that sounds oxymoronic considering what I do, but I can’t draw on paper if my life depended on it.

UW: We’ll agree to disagree on that point. How did you get started making pancake art?

BP: I have kids that are now 5 and 3. When my daughter was 2, I realized I couldn’t make a circle pancake. It was impossible for me. So in 2012 I looked around the kitchen and found some sort of ketchup bottle and thought, “maybe I can put batter in here and squirt a circle?” That’s how it started. First a Mickey pancake, then Elmo, and now, the San Diego Chicken.

UW: I notice from watching your videos and vines that you have to actually create a reverse image for that which you’re trying to create. How exactly do you do that?

BP: I stare at a reversed image on my phone and just sort of mentally copy it — like air-tracing. Otherwise, once you make the pancake and flip it over, everything, including letters would be backwards. I don’t really ‘create’ any of these. When somebody requests a pancake, I go to google image search and look for inspiration. Something with clean lines. That’s why logos and cartoons are good for pancakes. Clean lines. Like I said, I’ve never had any artistic ability. I can’t draw on paper worth a lick. I can’t paint. None of that.

UW: But you can do pancakes.

BP: Pancakes just seemed to work. I practiced a lot. At least once a week for over four years now. Pancake caricatures I can do, portraits I can not. So once I have the image, I stare at my phone in one hand… batter bottle in my other. Sometimes it turns out amazing, other times terrible.

. . .

Here’s the “finished” versions of some of Brady’s pancakes (click to enlarge):

Brady Cakes 1

But the final versions don’t even begin to show the talent it takes to actually make the ‘cakes.

I asked Brady if he could share some of his images — as seen above (and which are art in and of themselves), but he graciously also uploaded several of his sports logos (he does all sports, and also non-sports art) to YouTube. Since they’re all timelapse, you can see the creation from start to finish in just a few seconds (You can also catch a glimpse of his iPhone that he uses as a guide). Dig:

Washington Huskies:

Oklahoma State Cowboys “Pistol Pete”:

USC Tommy Trojan:

There are more (many more), but you get the idea. Absolutely tremendous stuff.

. . .

Back to the interview:

UW: Is this just regular pancake batter?

BP: The batter I use is just normal store-bought that you add water to. I add a little more water than suggested so it’s runnier, and I use a sifter for the flour/batter because a little chunk in your pancake mix can clog up the squirt bottle and ruin an otherwise good looking flapjack. For the brown, I just add a little cocoa powder, and for the colors, a little food coloring. If you don’t want to use coloring, you can create the outline of whatever shape you’re making… let it sit there and burn a bit, then fill in the rest with batter, creating contrast so you can see the image.

UW: Do you do all sports?

BP: I’ve done logos for all major sports and tons of college logos. The college logos were a really cool way to generate interest in the campaign because once somebody saw Joe Bruin, they wanted Tommy Trojan. On Instagram, I posted Pistol Pete from OSU and then in the comments section, somebody said they just donated $100 for a Boomer Schooner pancake. Pretty fun.

Here are some for hockey, soccer, and hoops. I even do old terrible mascots.

UW: What is the most interesting or fun one you’ve ever done?

BP: I thought this one was fun because my 5 yr old daughter picked the colors.

UW: Amazing. Where can we see more of your art, and non-sports pancake art?

BP: I’m on Instagram, as the Pancake Dad.

UW: I don’t suppose you could create a pancake based off of my Twitter avatar?

BP: Sure thing.


[Brady included a timelapse video with that, but you get the idea of how these are made — PH]

UW: Awesome! I know you are using your pancake making abilities for the greater good — can you tell me a little bit about it?

BP: I’ve started a campaign for charity:water where they give 100% of all donations to clean water projects around the world (primarily Africa). If anyone makes a $100 donation, I will make and send a timelapse video of whatever pancake design they request. Here’s the link to donate and learn about what I’m doing and why. I am supporting charity:water’s September Campaign by creating personalized pancakes for clean water. I’ve raised over $31,000 just by making pancakes! Something as crazy as the sports logo pancake is helping to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. One reason I chose charity:water is because they have private donors that cover all of their operating cost so that 100% of all public donations go directly to clean water projects. Water changes everything. It’s an incredible cause that I’m honored to support.

UW: That’s fantastic. I wish you the best with that campaign.

. . . . .

Great stuff from Brady. Aside from his instagram you can (and should) follow him on Twitter @LobShots, where he has many interests outside of Pancake Art (but posts many of his creations on there too!). He’s also got a neat website called Lob Shots you should check out. It’s pretty San Diego-centric (he wants to bring back the brown too!) but that’s quite OK.

OK, readers — how about a big hand for the Pancake Man Dad!

Line of Pancakes

Oklahoma City Thunder introduce new “Sunset” alternate

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City Thunder introduced a new uniform (they’ll now have 5 to choose from), which is orange, and which the team is calling “Sunset.”

Following the recent trend of putting City initials on a uniform, these will feature “OKC” in giant letters across the chest.

Here’s a slideshow of the unis for your viewing pleasure:

From the press release:

The new uniform’s bold color pairs with “OKC” in navy block lettering on the front to showcase the team’s hometown pride and reflect the saturated, blended colors of the Oklahoma skies at sunset. On the back of the jersey, player names sit below the numbers. The shorts display a sunset base with navy panels down the side showcasing the Thunder logo on each leg.

So, they’re orange with blue lettering and accents. Got it.

The team will wear the alternates 18 times, including every Sunday home game (of which there are 13).

I happen to like these — they’re pretty simple, and I also happen to like orange and navy as a combination. And, no sleeves.

Do they need a 5th uniform? Of course not, but these weren’t designed with my feelings in mind — I’m sure fans will happily plunk down $100+ for another piece of polyester they don’t need. But if they had to have a fifth uniform, this is certainly one of the better ones out there.

Line of Pancakes

classic scoreboards splashClassic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a favorite weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko. You probably know Gary best for his wonderful colorizations, but he has been a solid contributor for many years, and this is his new project. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series II
by Gary Chanko

The 2015 baseball regular season coming to an end, it’s also time to bring this series of Classic Baseball Scoreboards to a close. Classic Scoreboards will continue this fall with more vintage professional and college scoreboards.

To conclude this baseball edition we travel to Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium, the home of professional baseball and football for half a century.

Kansas City Municipal Stadium

KC Municipal Stadium_UW

Formerly called: Muehlebach Field (1923–1937), Ruppert Stadium (1937–1943), Blues Stadium (1943–1954)
Baseball Home of: Kansas City Blues (A.A.) (1923–1954), Kansas City Monarchs (NNL and NAL) (1923–1931, 1937–1954), Kansas City Athletics (MLB) (1955–1967), Kansas City Royals (MLB) (1969–1972)
Football Home of: Kansas City Blues / Cowboys (NFL) (1924–1926), Kansas City Chiefs (AFL / NFL) (1963–1971)
Opened: 1923
Demolished: 1976. Today the ballpark site is a residential community.

Lists of baseball’s revered cathedrals typically includes Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, Old Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field among the venues. Kansas City’s historic Municipal Stadium rarely earns mention. It should.

Fortunately I don’t have to summarize all the interesting facts of Municipal Stadium, such as the right field petting zoo and a mechanical rabbit that delivered baseballs to the home plate umpire. It’s all revealed in this past comprehensive Uni-Watch feature: Part I and Part II. You will also find this SABR bio article on Charlie Finley equally fascinating.

As you probably already know, the scoreboard in right center field was relocated from Braves Field in Boston. It was apparently reinstalled with little modification. The display space for out-of-town games was based on the old eight team leagues, so only four of five National League games were shown.

A FAN-A-GRAM message board was added to right of the scoreboard in the early Sixties as part of several Finley ballpark renovations. Charlie was not adverse against shamelessly copying many of Bill Veeck’s innovations. Comisky Park’s SOX-O-GRAM message board was installed the prior year.

The illustration depicts the scoreboard for the Athletics game played on June 12, 1965, a 7-0 shutout of the Cleveland Indians. Ken Harrelson, Kansas City first baseman has just homered to give the Athletics a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning.

A Few Things to Know

• For the graphic illustration (designer’s license!), the message shown on the FAN-A-GRAM display was actually posted during a game in 1961. Read about the origin in this news clipping. The actual message displayed on 1965 game noted Harrelson’s home run was number 4 for the season.

• The Braves Field scoreboard was purchased for $100,000. ($875,000 in 2015 dollars)

• And, there was a Beatles concert in Municipal Stadium in 1964.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

Line of Pancakes

colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Back to weekend colorizations now that my weekday subbing for Paul is over.

Just one this week, and it comes from our old friend, George Chilvers. It is self-explanatory.

Click photos to enlarge.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yogi Berra colour - George Chilvers

Yogi Berra


I am sure this one will need no explanation of who or why.

RIP Yogi.


. . .

That’s it for today. Great job George!

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NCAA Uni Tracking 2015 splash
NCAA Uni Tracking Update

As you guys know, so far we have two uniform trackers, tracking three Power 5 conferences for 2015 (Rex Henry is handling the ACC & SEC, and Dennis Bolt is handling the PAC-12). I’m pleased to introduce a third tracker today, Kyle Acker, who will be taking on the duties of the Big XII. I had hoped to add a final tracker for the B1G today, but alas that has not happened…yet. If I’m still not able to secure one by Sunday, I may put out the call again — so if there is a graphic artist out there who would like to track the unis of the B1G for 2015, consider yourself on standby.

Anyway, Kyle has completed the uniform tracking for the first three weeks and I wanted to display his efforts here (click to enlarge). He’ll join the other trackers tomorrow with this week’s games.

Big XII Tracking

Week 1:


. . .

Week 2:


. . .

Week 3:


. . .

Thanks, Kyle! Everyone welcome Kyle aboard!

Line of Pancakes

Uni Watch News Ticker

Baseball News: You may have heard that (multiple sport, but current SD Padres) announcer Dick Enberg is stepping away from the mic at the end of next season. Jonathan Daniel sends this shot of Enberg in a baseball uni. … Yesterday (in 1929), Yankee Manager Miller Huggins passed away, and today (in 1929), the the Yankees wore memorial armbands (that’s Ruth, Tony Lazzeri and Lou Gehrig). Thanks to Bruce Menard for the photo. … Your defending American League champs and first-time ever Central Division Champion Kansas City Royals have a soda and merch display (h/t Hack). … Reader Bill Walker thinks he may have found the first baseball uniform to feature script. Says Bill, “Attached image is of a 1912 minor league team from the Oklahoma State League, the Okmulgee Glassblowers (yeah, the team moniker is worthy of attention – even if not the script on their uni.” … A clever Cubs fan turned a Ryan Theriot jersey into an Anthony Rizzo jersey (thanks, Mike).

NFL/Football News: Did the New York Football Giants have an “unofficial white out” on Thursday Night Football? Jason Felicio notes, “looks like the entire team went white gloves and white compression sleeves.” He then asks, “Can the Giants change their uniform schedule with the alternate pants if they decide they are ‘good luck’ and want to keep wearing them? Or alternate pants run into the same rules as alternate jerseys? I wish they would wear the white all the time with the home unis.” We know the alt. jersey rule, but it’s an interesting question about the pants. … Speaking of white shoes and New York Football, the NY Jets are adding a new layer to their “White Out” this week. White cleats to go with white jerseys, pants and helmets (from Matt Harris). … Check out these Football helmets redesigned to look like state flags.

College/High School Football News: Here’s today’s NSU Demons football uniform combination (from Josh McDaniel). … Here’s what the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs will be wearing today against FIU (from LA Tech Football). … Auburn’s Ole Miss game “Stripe the Stadium” plan has been released. All students in blue (h/t Clint Richardson). .. Here’s a look at the awesome throwbacks the Montana Grizzlies are wearing today (h/t UM Grizzlies). Even more glorious photos here (h/t Brett Clark). … Looks like it’s going to be throwbacks for Rutgers for their homecoming game (h/t udstephen). Here’s more on that. … Red facemasks today for Texas Tech (via Tommy Westside). … East Carolina will be going mono-black tonight against Virginia Tech (from ECU Athletics). … Northwestern will wear black helmets, purple jerseys, and black pants against Ball State. … If there is such a thing as a “traditional” uniform for Baylor, they’ll be wear them against Rice today. … Last evening the Virginia Cavaliers introduced another new helmet (h/t Kyle Campbell). … The Sun-Times’ top gossip/politcal columnist is saying that NIU will play a game at US Cellular Field next year (thanks, Mike). He adds, “That’s kinda how this town is. Northwestern : Wrigley :: NIU : Sox Park.”

NBA/Basketball News: The NBA will have new warm-up jackets for the upcoming NBA season. Submitter Ryan Patrick says, “What’s cool about them that struck me is that each jacket has patches on the left sleeve indicating (for all teams) year of formation and (for the relevant teams) championships.” … Yesterday was photo day for Kent State mens hoops. Here are the Flashes in new uniforms for the first time (via Kent State Athletics). … Based off of this tweet, might Purdue be introducing a new uniform (good spot by Andrew Flores). … THe Detroit Pistons will be introducing a new alternate on October 3rd, to be called “chrome” (via Max Perilstein) — and according to Conrad Burry, it will look like this. … “I don’t know if anybody sent this in already since this story is a couple weeks old,” writes Trevor Wells, “but it helps explain how the Clippers ended up with such a terrible design (if it’s all true at least).” … Ball State has new uniforms. Here’s a picture (h/t Gerry Appel). … New uniforms for UAB (from Chris Grosse). … “The Hawks just posted this video, seems like the players were being asked to comment on the weight of the uniforms, and it sounds like Justin Holliday was not impressed with the initial launch,” writes Douglas King He adds, “while he says he now likes them I’m thinking he still isn’t that big of a fan saying ‘It gives you a different pop that you usually don’t see in basketball jerseys. Now that you think about it a lot of the colors these days are moving that direction, so I guess we’re just getting with the wave’.”

Hockey News: Are the Buffalo Sabres going to have 3-D (or drop shadow) numbering? Reader Mike McBride writes that on Thursday, “there were a bunch of players out handing season tickets to Long time holders. New player Ryan O’Reilly is sporting a 3D numbering. Must be new.” … The Pittsburgh Penguins have released their third jersey schedule — click here for more info. … From Paul, a good look at the Avalanche new 20th Anniversary patch, and also a before/after look at the new shoulder patch. … The Saskatoon Blades will wear replica vintage jerseys for season opener. … The Ducks and Kings wore special warmups last night to support Special Olympics Southern California and the Hydrocephalus Association. … Crossover alert: Dave Feigenbaum went to the Canadiens game last night at the Bell Centre and noticed two Expos related items: “Youpi has been adopted by the Canadiens but he’s still wearing last year’s sweater with the #4 patch for Jean Beliveau. There is a banner in the rafters of the Expos’ retired numbers. Nice of the hockey team to do that when the baseball team that was the Expos not only hasn’t displayed the numbers, they unretired them.”

Soccer News: Really nice infographic here on Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and 5 More Leagues, and which brands dominate each league (from Mark Emge).

Grab Bag: This is great: “My wife ran the Ironman 70.3 in Syracuse NY this summer,” writes Jim Jeitler. “When she received her medal no one could figure out what the buildings in skyline are. Turns out that is because the company used the skyline of Rochester NY rather than Syracuse. Apparently someone Googled “Syracuse Skyline” and one of the first pictures that came up was from an article about the best skyline in Upstate NY on the site site called skyscrapercity. Too bad no one checked to see if it was really Syracuse.” Here’s what the “corrected” medal looks like. … R. Scott Rogers, who just moved to Wisconsin, observes, “People here seem beyond rabid in their devotion to Badgers and Packers football…A neighbor painted a mix of Green Bay and UW alternate logos on their lawn. I’ve never seen precisely this combo of imagery before!” … Here’s a good story on a guy who builds mascots (thanks, Paul). And another article in a different paper (from Bill Barilko). … Check out this awesome Phillies’ themed Pope shirt (h/t Ben Fortney). … O.M.G. CAT CURLING er, um hurling or something? (thanks to Hugh McBride). … Coming Soon!.

Line of Pancakes

Whew! That was a lot for today. Big thanks to Brady, Gary, George, Kyle and anyone who submitted for the ticker. Back tomorrow with another dose of Sunday Morning Uni Watch, so be sure to check back in then. Until then…I think I’ll have some pancakes for breakfast today.

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“The problem with Chief Noc-a-Homa is not that he is ‘not politically correct’; it’s that he is socially unacceptable, because we, as a society, have deemed that such displays are undignified and boorish, and that they are painful to a class of our fellow citizens whose concerns we had previously ignored or dismissed. There’s a difference.”

— Paul Lukas

Line of Pancakes

Pump It Up

Toward the end of eighth grade, I took the New York State Regents Exam for algebra. A few days later, my math teacher told our class that three of us had aced the exam and gotten a score of 100 — “Miss Imhof, Mr. Baker, and Mr. Lukas.” Upon hearing my name, I turned slightly in my desk and pumped my right fist. It was 1978 and I was 14 years old.

This probably wasn’t the first time I’d done a fist pump, but it’s the earliest I can remember having done one. I don’t know how I learned to start doing it, although I assume I picked it up from watching sports, because athletes are always pumping their fists. That includes players in team sports (football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.) and also individual sports (tennis, golf, etc.). Coaches tend to pump their fists too. Also fans. Also just about everyone else, and not just in the sports world, although I still think of it as a sports-based phenomenon.

I’m sure the arbiters of cultural mores once considered fist pumping to be unseemly, or too showy, or too “Look at me,” or too coarse, or too evocative of violence, or too undignified (all of which is somewhat true), but that ship sailed long ago. Fist pumping has become so common, and seems like such an instinctively and intuitively obvious thing to do in certain situations, that it’s easy to think of it as a natural, organic expression of exuberance that we’re hard-wired to do, like laughing or grimacing. But of course that isn’t true. I’m fairly certain nobody was fist pumping 100 years ago, and I suspect there are many parts of the world where it isn’t currently practiced. In other words, fist pumping is a product of nurture, not nature.

Not only that, but fist pumping styles appear to have evolved over the years. Consider: A little more than 10 years after I aced the algebra exam, Kirk Gibson of the Dodgers hit his now-legendary home run to win Game One of the 1988 World Series, and he gave one of history’s classic fist pumps as he rounded second base:

It’s interesting to note that Gibby pumped his fist inward, toward his body. (It almost looks like he was shifting gears on a tractor trailer.) As I recall it, that’s how I did my eighth grade pump as well — down and toward my waist. You don’t see that pump style very often these days. It’s more common to see the fist pumping forward, which is slightly more aggressive. When did the inward style give way to the forward style?

For that matter, when did fist pumping begin, and how did it catch on? Can its origins be traced to the sports world? If so, which sport?

Unlike the origins of, say, the high five or the football spike, I have a feeling we’ll never know where the fist pump started. But if anyone has any insights, do tell.

Meanwhile, here’s one more question to ponder: Since fist pumping is just a cultural trope that happens to be in favor at the moment, will it one day fall out of favor? And if so, will a different gesture rise to take its place?

Discuss. (And while you’re at it, here’s a something good to listen to.)

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The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch: Some asshole showed up for last night’s Giants/Washington game in full redface. Classy. … An Indiana high school that will no longer call its teams the Redskins after Jan. 1 is now accepting proposals for a replacement name. Interestingly, suggestions will be accepted only from the school’s current students and alumni (from Terry Mark).

Baseball News: Reader Jeffrey McClendon’s cousin sent him some late-’70s photos from Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Good look at the old red BP tops. … When the Pirates clinched a playoff spot in Colorado the other night, the Rockies’ clubhouse staff provided them with champagne and even arranged the glasses in the shape of a P (thanks, Mike). … White Sox 3B Mike Olt has his Billy Pierce memorial patch above the Minnie Minoso patch, while the rest of the Sox have it the other way around (good spot by Jim Hall). … Hmmm, look how high the “NY” logo seems to be positioned on Yogi Berra’s hemet. Never seen that before (from Jesse Agler).

NFL News: The Giants wore their white alternate pants and white cleats for last night’s game against Washington. … Good way to ensure you won’t be taken seriously: List the Cardinals as one of the NFL’s six best uniforms (thanks, Phil). … If you don’t have the rights clearance to show a real NFL jersey in your TV commercial, maybe you just shouldn’t bother. … Wait, you mean the “G” isn’t for “Greatness”? That and other uni-related myths debunked in this Q&A with the Packers’ team historian (from Jeff Ash). … Some jokes just write themselves: The Browns are going mono-turd this Sunday. … Key quote in Gregg Easterbrook’s lastest TMQ column: “Perhaps the football gods are angered by the Saints’ decision to stick with the unpopular Nike collared uniforms, which make Drew Brees look like a headwaiter” (from Douglas Ford). … Hyundai, which is an NFL corporate partner, has joined in on the Super Bowl golden/50th hype by displaying two full-size gold cars outside its corporate HQ in Orange County, California (from Amanda Punim). … No photo, but according to this story, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has been wearing socks with Ben Franklin’s likeness (from Jerry Wolper).

College Football News: Blackout uniforms this weekend for Dartmouth. Here’s a closer look at the new black helmet (from Tris Wykes). … Lots of teams are wearing those thigh pads with raised logos (from Lauren Gudalis). … Arizona will wear chrome red helmets this weekend (from Storm Byrd). … UNC will wear solid white this weekend. … Houston will have new uniforms for the game against Vanderbilt on Oct. 31 but will not reveal them until game day (from Patrick Thomas). … Oklahoma State is adding a memorial decal for a staffer who just passed away. Interesting to see the centered decal position — we more typically see teams putting such decals off to one side or the other. … Speaking of which, new memorial decal for Colgate. It’s for two freshman — not football players — who died in a plane crash this week (from Ryan Dowgin). … New white helmets this weekend for Northern Arizona (from Robert Walsh). … Boise State is going mono-white this weekend. … Auburn has added a helmet decal for rormer SEC commissioner Mike Slive. who’s battling prostate cancer (from Jeffrey McClendon). … We often talk about football pants getting too short, but some players are wearing their pants too long. To see what I mean, check out the player at far left here (from Dustin Semore). … Memphis’s QB wore an untucked base-layer shirt last night with “Blessed” printed on the shirttail.

Hockey News: The Hurricanes have posted their third jersey schedule for the coming season (from Kenny, who didn’t give his last name). … Check it out: Yogi Berra playing hockey, in uniform! That’s from 1948, when he was working out with a minor league team in Missouri (from Jonathan Daniel). … New BFBS alts for the London Nationals. … Volkswagen is selling VW hockey jerseys at their U.S. dealerships. Gonna take more than that to repair the damage from their latest scandal, though. … Our DIY friend Wafflebored has made himself a very cool goalie’s chest/arm protector. … New throwbacks for Marshall University’s club team. … Montreal’s team in the Women’s Canadian Hockey League has a new name and a new logo.

NBA News: Here are the dates when the Pacers will wear their Hoosiers-inspired throwbacks — six games at home and four on the road (thanks, Phil). … Speaking of the Pacers, they’re donating uniforms to an Indiana high school (from Andrew Lehman). … Here are the Lakers’ new socks (from Adán Encinas). … New logo for NBA Cares, the league’s global outreach arm. … The Cavs have listed their throwback dates for the coming season (from Bill Solich). … Jeremy Lin did a Q&A on Reddit yesterday. When asked what was the craziest thing that happened to him during Linsanity, he answered that he received a jersey made of Fruit Roll Ups from General Mills (thanks, Mike).

College Hoops News: Oooh, check out Minnesota’s awesome warm-up tops from 1990 (big thanks to Devin Driscoll). … New uniforms for Rhode Island. … New unis for Nebraska, too (from Ben Matukewicz). … New sweatbacks for Kentucky.

Soccer News: Here’s how DC United got a customized jersey to Pope Francis (from John Muir). … Cool Champions League kit poster (from Clay Reichart).

Grab Bag: Aussie rules football news from Graham Clayton, who writes: “Due to the redevelopment of Claremont Oval, WAFL club Claremont has used the Claremont Showground as their temporary home ground in 2015. One of the unusual features of the ground is the scoreboard, which is located on the far side of an equestrian enclosure next to the oval.” … Sean Clancy checks in with this cycling tidbit: “New world time trial champion Linda Villumsen is in trouble with her United Healthcare team for riding (and winning) the individual time trial in Richmond, Va., on a blacked-out bike that was not provided to her by the team’s bike sponsor, Wilier.” … Also from Sean: Sandpaper on a bike saddle is not a good idea. … Everyone knows there are only two kinds of people in this world. The key is finding the right way to divide them up: Lefties vs. righties? Innies vs. outies? Cat people vs. dog people? Vegetarians vs. omnivores? People who put the toilet paper roll under the bottom vs. over the top? Those aren’t bad. But the metric identified in yesterday’s installment of Bloom County is better.

New England Road Trip Report

Click to enlarge

That’s me and my friend Aimee last Friday afternoon, aboard the Lake Champlain car ferry from Plattsburgh, New York, to Grand Isle, Vermont, part of a six-day, 900-mile New England road trip that we just wrapped up on Tuesday.

We began last Thursday by driving north from Manhattan to Lake George. The next day we drove up to Plattsburgh and ferried across Lake Champlain, and then spent the next several days rambling around Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut before heading back home (click to enlarge):

The route shown above is approximate — we went on tiny local roads whenever possible — but it should give you a rough idea of the territory we covered.

The trip featured everything from trained bears to a VFW Hall dance party, with plenty of hiking and other outdoorsy stuff in between. I’ll get to the details in a sec, but first I want to say this: I don’t know about you, but I think by far the most important component to a successful trip is not the place you’re traveling through, or the weather, or the food, or the people, or the level of service, or any of that stuff. The most important thing, I’ve found, is the person you’re traveling with, and I was incredibly fortunate in that regard for this getaway. I’ve known Aimee VonBokel for less than a year, and we hadn’t actually spent that much time together prior to this trip, so the whole thing was a bit of a leap of faith for both of us. But we got along incredibly well on the road — never got annoyed with each other (no mean feat when you’re locked in a car together all day long), never felt the need for any “alone time” (ditto), never ran out of fun stuff to talk about, always in sync regarding what to do next, always had each other’s backs. Can’t believe how well it all worked out, and now lucky I am to have had such a great road buddy. Thanks, Aimster — you’re the best.

I documented most of our activities via a series of Facebook posts. So instead of rehashing those posts, I’m just going to embed them here. Here we go, beginning at, well, the very beginning (you can click on the photos to see larger versions, even if you’re not a Facebook member):

Day One

The start of a road trip is always very exciting … for Caitlin.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Thursday, September 17, 2015

My friend Aimee, who's my sidekick on this road trip, does something very sweet: Instead of taking photos, she…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Very nice neon at Thursday night's dinner venue.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

The good thing about our motel room's bathroom: big green stripes on the towels! The bad thing about our motel room's bathroom: absurdly long distance from the toilet to the toilet paper roll.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day Two

Now *that's* a nice start to a day.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

It's a little hard to see in this photo, but each plank on this pier has a nail in the center (or at least *near* the…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

Furtively sharing a contraband tall-boy with Aimee VonBokel while taking the Lake Champlain car ferry from New York to Vermont.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

Spotted this woodpecker way high up in a tree while tramping thru a nature trail at Grand Isle State Park in Vermont. We…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

Stopped for drinks at an American Legion hall outside of Burlington, Vt., where the bartender insisted that we try a "…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

Tonight's endearingly named lodging.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Friday, September 18, 2015

Day Three

Just back from breakfast at the Parkway Diner, a classic Worcester diner in South Burlington, Vermont. Very well…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

This morning, a bit west of Richmond, Vermont, we came upon a nice little dairy farm and decided to say hello to the cows, one of which became oddly obsessed with licking Aimee's hand.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

A very nice stop today: the Old Round Church in Richmond, Vermont, a 16-sided beauty that dates back to 1813. A member of the local historical society — a real peach of a guy — gave us a tour.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

We stopped in Smuggler's Notch State Park, Vermont, to take the trail to Bingham Falls, where a bunch of local high…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

While driving thru Vermont's Northeast Kingdom region in near-perfect late-afternoon light, we came upon a lake with a small dam, which seemed like a good spot to stop for a drink.

Posted by Paul Lukas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

We heard there was a Saturday-night dance party with a country band at the VFW Hall in Hyde Park, Vermont, and there was…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day Four

The words "circuit" and "biscuit" end in the same four letters — "-cuit." So if "circuit" gives us the adjective "…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Today we drove east from Vermont to New Hampshire. First stop was a hike to the Flume Gorge, a spectacular 800-foot…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Sunday, September 20, 2015

This afternoon we stopped at Clark's Trading Post, a New Hampshire tourist trap that's locally famous for its trained…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Sunday, September 20, 2015

I've always been curious about motel keys that say, "Drop in Any Mailbox – We Guarantee Postage." Like, do people…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Monday, September 21, 2015

Day Five

Yesterday we visited Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, Mass., which among other things features a room full of…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This is Barry Green, a National Park Service ranger who works at Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, Mass., which…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Was heartily entertained yesterday by this neon sign at a gas station in Lowell, Mass. Probably looks better at night, but still…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day Six

Our last stop on this six-day road trip was the teeny-tiny Winsted Diner in Winsted, Connecticut, a little caboose of a…

Posted by Paul Lukas on Tuesday, September 22, 2015


That’s it — thanks for listening. We’ll go back to standard Uni Watch content tomorrow.

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: A bunch of Yogi Berra notes: The Yankees wore a No. 8 memorial sleeve patch. The Yanks also put an image of Yogi on their official lineup card (and included the outdated Blue Jays logo, too). Also: Yesterday we found that Berra’s “8” monument at Yankee Stadium is upside-down. MLB changed its Instagram avatar to the inadvertently flipped 8, and the Blue Jays, who the Yankees were playing in Toronto, even put the upside-down 8 on their scoreboard (Thanks to all of you who sent items in, including Mike O’Connor, who attended that Yanks/Jays game, for the scoreboard pic). … Speaking of the Yanks/Jays game, the telecast (not sure which station) had some green screen issues (from Will Leslie). … As for the Mets, they had a moment of silence for Yogi but will apparently not wear a patch or armband — surprising, given that Berra was a Mets player, coach, and pennant-winning manager. … I normally wouldn’t include this, but I received a press release that was a tad interesting: Sporting goods company 3N2 is selling the world’s first patented fastpitch softball pants called NuFit Knickers. According to the CEO of the company quoted in the release, “When 3N2 first entered the market, manufacturers were simply ‘shrinking and pinking’ men’s gear.” Is that true?

NFL News: Pilots flying in and out of San Jose Mineta International Airport are complaining about the bright lights at Levi Stadium (from Phil). … White-over-black this weekend for the Bengals and white-over-pewter for the Bucs. … NESN ranked the six best NFL uniforms. Phil was surprised that the Cardinals made the cut. I was perturbed that the Raiders didn’t make it. … Speaking of the Raiders: Contrary to a story linked in yesterday’s Ticker, they’ll add the gold 50-yard markers after the baseball season is over.

College Football News: Miami will switch its NOBs to block letters. Before, the Canes used a semi-illegible font (from Juan F). … Michigan TE coach Jay Harbaugh Instagrammed a mockup of new Wolverines uniforms (from Phil). … Arizona State will reveal new alternates on Sunday (from Phil). … Nevada removed NOBs this season. I found the rationale refreshing. Instead of the rah-rah “play for the front of the jersey, not the back” coachspeak nonsense, Wolfpack coach Brian Polian said: “I hate to disappoint our fans but the reason we did it is because we only have one set of blues, one set of whites and one set of grays. “When guys change numbers and you take the nameplates off, you start to tear the jerseys apart. I’d like to have a new set of jerseys every year. We don’t have that kind of budget. It was honestly a budget concern. We just don’t have that kind of money.” Polian said that Nevada uses the same set of uniforms for three or four years, and that new unis can cost the school $100,000 (thanks, Phil). … New color pattern this week for the argyle sideline border on UNC’s field (from James Gilbert). … Here’s a piece on the history of Notre Dame’s green jerseys (from Phil).

Hockey News: Wayne Gretzky received a misspelled jersey from Tottenham Hotspur. Not the first time the Great One had a NOB with a typo. Also, how awful must it be to have to pose for photos while smiling and holding a misspelled jersey? I’d feel like such a schmuck. … The Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup banner is nearly finished. … Here’s a look at the Islanders’ Al Arbour patch in action (from Phil). … Rangers prospect Brady Skjei wore the old RBK logo on his jersey Monday night (from Ryan Feuerstein). … Avalanche players are wearing protective guards on their feet (from John Muir). … ‎Red Wings LW Tomas Tatar has what seems to be some sort of latch on the back of his helmet. Jeff Sak and I wonder what it’s for. … New classic-looking logo for the Peoria Rivermen.

Basketball News: The Bulls confirmed that they will have a new court design. I’m going to miss the basketball under the logo at center court. It was a mainstay from the Jordan era. … New court design for the Nuggets, too. It follows the trend that the Pelicans and Cavs set last year. … Villanova might have leaked its new uniforms.

Grab Bag: Reader Kevin Mueller sends in a two items from the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship: The Iroquois wore BFBS unis and England has inconsistencies with jersey sponsors. Players have different sponsors, and some don’t have any sponsors at all. … Here’s the logo for Pope Francis’s trip to America (from Jim Vilk). … The logo for the 2016 Breeders’ Cup has been released.