Michigan Unveils Go Blue TECHFIT Uniform

By John Ekdahl

From the official release on the adidas corporate website:

The University of Michigan and adidas today unveiled the new “Go Blue” TECHFIT football uniform the Wolverines will wear October 11 versus Penn State.

The first head to toe blue look in school history, this new look draws inspiration from the university’s past uniforms. The jersey and pants feature metallic blue, laser-cut stripes that shine under the lights while ultra-light, no-sew metallic numbers stretch with the jersey, and the compression base layer features the Michigan “M” on the bicep and “GO BLUE” across the chest.

The rest of the release goes into the obligatory “lighter, faster, stronger, more breathable, stretchier, more cup holders, etc.” routine that we’re all familiar with by now. More photos, including closeups on the pants and striped numbers are available over at adidas. Video of the reveal is available here.

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Hey listen, it’s the preseason for everyone, not just the players. Amirite? (Thanks to Rydell Commisso for catching that.)

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Nike will release the Kobe 9 Elite Low Beethoven next Saturday. Why “Beethoven”?

The Kobe 9 Elite Low brings Bryant’s muses to life. The artistry of music and its ability to move and inspire people has always intrigued the athlete. From classical to pop, he has appreciation for multiple genres. The Kobe 9 Elite Low Beethoven pays tribute to the German composer and pianist, and more specifically the power of his Ninth Symphony from the early 1800s. The grey color of this colorway represents Beethoven’s timeless quality.

So, there’s that. More photos and the ability to customize over at Nike.

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Last night the Orioles wore 1954 throwbacks to celebrate the franchise’s 60th anniversary of arriving in Baltimore. More photos are available over at ESPN.

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Y’know who’s not a fan of the Bucs’ reflective uniform numbers? Phil, that’s who.

Bill Henderson wants your help for the Seventh Edition of the Game Worn MLB Jersey Guide

Henderson Hed

By Morris Levin

Bill Henderson publishes the Game Worn MLB Jersey Guide. The most recent edition was the Sixth which he released in 2012. Bill catalogs and identifies every jersey worn in a Major League game since 1970, and shows the unique attributes specific to each garment to assist the collector in identifying authentic game worn jerseys.

Paul posted on this site “Thus Spake Henderson (again)” on July 16, 2012 to announce the release of the Sixth Edition for which he wrote the Introduction. I first came to know of Bill and his work through Uni-Watch and came to serve as editor of recent editions. The guide is available for sale on Bill’s website here and on Amazon here.

Bill is a collector himself. In many ways, he wrote this as a filing system for his own notes and collection of corroborating photographs to organize the information he found in his research and purchases.

He was most interested in the double-knit era of baseball uniforms. These were the uniforms, which started to appear in the early 1970s and with which he grew up. The Pirates were first to wear polyester double-knits in 1970. The Yankees (the only year they wore double-knit at Yankee Stadium prior to the 1973-1975 renovations) and Expos were the last to adopt the uniforms in 1973. Bill started each team’s chapter with the year of the team’s first polyester uniform (or expansion year for post-1969 teams). In 2012’s Sixth Edition, Bill traced each team’s history to the beginning of the 1970 season and showed game worn flannel examples and their evolution into the team’s first knits.

BsDx62-CEAAFJfK69munson (3)source_714_16375

While intended for the collector, the thoroughness of the guide, and Bill’s receptivity to receiving corrections and additions from readers, has rendered each subsequent edition ever more precise and definitive. The guide came to be a history reference guide overlapping with and picking up where Marc Okkonen left off.

In pricipio creavit Okkonen Baseball Uniforms of The 20th Century: The Official Major League Baseball Guide. I first encountered Okkenon’s work in Sports Illustrated in 1989 (and for the first time had the distinct feeling that I was not alone in my otherwise idiosyncratic infatuation with team uniforms and logos). Accompanying Sarah Ballard’s April 5, 1989 article “Fabric Of the Game: The Baseball Uniform Has A History As Colorful As The Players Who Have Worn It” in the 1989 Baseball Preview edition was Okkenon’s “The Illustrated History of the White Sox Uniform”. The illustrations do not accompany the SI Vault reprint but this is the introduction:

Some five years ago, commercial artist Marc Okkonen set out to
 document the history of every uniform of every major league team of
the 20th century — a task which, understandably, no one had ever 
taken on before. Okkonen’s work, just completed, provides voluminous 
visual proof of the fickle ways of baseball’s fashion czars. In the
 89 years, the major leagues have produced nearly 3,000 different 
uniforms, including 56 significant variations for the Chicago White 
Sox alone.

Okkenon released a hard cover edition in 1989 and soft cover in 1993. You can purchase a physical copy of the book here and search the work in the database now maintained by Tom Sheiber and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum at Dressed to the Nines.

Rob Holecko introduced the Diamond Baseball Database under the headline “Uniform Database Expansion” in April 2012. It now resides here. The database is similar to the database on Chris Creamer’s Sportslogos.net which is the MLB Uniform Tracker. These are Marc Okkonen’s database for the internet age where every day-specific uniform may be rendered in line-art and published to an easily accessed database.

The value of Bill’s work is in his commentary to guide the reader through the distinctions of each game worn uniform be it in its decoration and fabrication. He knows the garments because he has collected for so many years and educated himself on the evolution of the polyester fabrics used in MLB. This deconstruction of the actual garments through images and words distinguishes Bill’s work from and compliments the MLB Uniform Tracker.

I came to know Bill when I wrote to him with additions and edits to one of his first iterations of his Phillies chapter. Over the years, Bill has built a network of experts with knowledge of certain teams or eras to review and provide feedback on chapters, and supply information on special jerseys or details he might have missed.

2013tbtc3The most challenging part of updating the Guide is compiling the huge number of special event uniform games now held every year. This is where he needs our help. He would like to release a revised, Seventh Edition in 2015, and wants to include all of these events. This includes league-wide one-offs like the patches worn for the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s seventy-fifth anniversary on Sunday, July 27, and on Friday, July 4 for the 75th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s Speech, as well as every team’s Turn Back the Clock uniform.

Compiling a list of all special uniform events in 2012, 2013, and 2014 is a daunting task. It not only takes time, but a knowledge of every permutation presented by all thirty teams. When this list is compiled, Bill then seeks game photographs and where possible photographs of the jerseys themselves. The rise of the Internet has made this task easier than ever. It still takes time, and those of us who follow a specific team can also provide details that Bill might have missed. While Bill has tracked dates, he is certain he does not have all of them captured from the calendar, and needs game and jersey photos for many.

Would you like to be a contributor to the creation of the Seventh Edition?

This can be done from the comfort of your own chair and web browser.

Bill also seeks fact checkers for the chapter on each team to review chapters prior to publication. Bill has a list of individual team experts (I am on the Phillies-review team), many of which are Uni Watch readers, and Bill welcomes new blood, enthusiasm, and perspectives.

Contributors will be credited in the book. If you are interested in helping and being part of uniform tracking history, Bill wants to hear from you. Please write to him at wfhenderson@yahoo.com.


Morris Levin will be pinch-hitting the next three Fridays: August 15, August 22, and August 29. Next week’s column will be on the Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. 1990 catalog which remains a gorgeous example of printing and baseball uniform histories. On August 29 he looks forward to sharing a picture-looking gallery of MLB uniforms on which he has been working. He’s not sure yet what to write about on August 22, but is considering the Philadelphia SPHAs logos and word-marks. Morris would love to have enough images to compile a uniform chronology of the team’s jerseys from 1919 through the 1940s. If you have images or info on the SPHAs, send them his way at morris[at]elysianfieldsphila[dot]com.

Morris Levin is the proprietor of the business consulting practice Elysian Fields LLC in Philadelphia. He is not compensated for the editing of the Guide and has been reimbursed for postage expenses. Morris pinch-hits for Phil on Fridays when Phil pinch-hits for Paul in August. Morris’ favorite jersey is his 1987 Phillies #42 Don Carman batting practice jersey, and favorite uniform the 1950 to 1969 Phillies home set.


Skin Deep…

Phil here…

This item would normally appear in the ‘skins Watch section, but this is a potentially a huge development that probably deserves its own sub-section.

Yesterday the University of Minnesota requested that the Washington football team wear throwback uniforms for their November 2 game against the Vikings.

While they don’t specify which “throwback” they want worn, they want uniforms “without the team name or logo.” (Maybe the Lombardi-inspired “R” helmets? Problem is that nasty “one helmet” rule. I suppose they could just remove the decal from the current helmet.)

The University

has also asked that the game not have any Washington apparel or paraphernalia sold on the premise; that the word “Redskins” not be uttered by the game’s public address announcer, and that the team’s moniker not appear on the scoreboard or in the program guide and other game-related print or digital material…

It should be noted that this request did NOT come from the Vikings but from the University of Minnesota (as the Vikings will be playing their home games in U of M’s TCF Bank Stadium this fall). And while the Vikings themselves do not have to power to “force” Washington to do this, according to Katrice Albert, UM’s Vice President in the Office of Equity and Diversity,

“(The Vikings) said they’d make that request of the Washington team, but were not sure how it would be received,” she said. “The two Vikings officials said they are part of the NFL and don’t have the authority to force the hand to change the Washington name, but understand it’s offensive to some members of our community. The Vikings have a great working relationship with the tribal nations of Minnesota, and they’re very understanding of how this team name and logo impacts our community.”

This may be just the first of many shots fired across the bow of the Washington team this year as the momentum upon Dan Snyder to change the team’s name continues to intensify nationwide. We’ll just have to see.

Now, here’s the rest of your Friday …

skins watch - 50 wide

‘skins Watch: The Governor of Virginia feels the ‘skins are Virginia’s team, since the team’s players all seem to live there and the fan-base seems to be from there (according to Mike Wise, the article’s author). Wise notes Virginia’s Governor has accepted campaign donations from Dan Snyder and “wanted no part of the name-change scrum,” (submitted by Garrett McGrath). … Chris Cooley, a former player, asked Snyder for his thoughts on the team’s name, specifically ‘what it means to be a Redskin‘ to which Snyder replied, “It’s honor. It’s respect. It’s pride” and more, (thanks, Paul). … Also from Paul: while Virginia’s Governor is apparently a big ‘skins fan, the Governor of Maryland (where the ‘skins actually play their games), is not a fan of the name, saying, “I do believe it is probably time for the Washington Redskins to change their team name.” … “A friend of mine posted a picture of his new t-shirt bought a few days ago at a Pow-Wow,” writes Jared Kurtti. “Appears two different shirts are out there to wake America up into how it feels to have your race depicted as a sports team. The t-shirt he bought was a likeness of the Cleveland Indians and Chief Wahoo and the other one I found was the likeness of the Washington football team.” … A state senator from Cincinnati, Eric Kearney, wants to apply pressure to Cleveland Indians ownership to change the team’s nickname and mascot, Chief Wahoo (thanks to Patrick O’Neill). … Yesterday’s NFL matchup featured a cartoon of the New England Patriots vs. the Washington no names (via WEEI).


What the Flock - hed - 550
Flocking Update

On Tuesday, we took a look at teams who flocked their helmets in Major League Baseball.

I mentioned that if there were any additional teams we could add to our list, I would update them here. Sure enough, we have a few examples. Click on any most images to enlarge.

. . . . .

We begin with the Philadelphia Phillies, and we have TWO examples (one was from Chris Hickey, who posted in the comments, and the other from an e-mail submission from Robert Wong):


Phillies Flocked Helmet

Next up are the New York Mets (top submission from Robert Wong, bottom comes from Sean O’Shea):

Mets Flocked helmet

Mets flocked helmet2

Another one from Robert Wong, here is the Washington Senators:

Washington Senators flocked helmet

Also, it is a bit tough to tell, but it looks like the Kansas City Athletics also flocked (from Chris Hickey):

KC A's Flocked Helmet

Reader Tim Dunn found the following helmet on eBay for the New York Giants [EDIT: This is a reproduction according to reader Scott Johnston]:

NY Giants flocked helmet

And finally, thanks to Susan Freeman, (who notes that at about 4:50 of this video), it looks like the Houston Colt .45s also flocked:

Colt 45s Flocked Helmet

. . . . .

Great sleuthing, people! If anyone comes across more examples of flocking, please send them in!


Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Wow. Nice find today from Joseph Gerard, who sent me the following e-mail:

Hey Phil,

I’m at the Pirates-Marlins game now, but was at Steelers training camp earlier. Anyways, I was in the Traveling Great Hall and noticed they had a colorized image of Bobby Layne with white numbers when the numbers were gold at the time. Don’t know if this is an oversight on the Steelers part when the image was colorized or not, but that uniform is what the throwbacks that were used a few years ago were based off of.

Also on display were the Steelers rare white pants that they wore with the white jerseys in the early 1970s. Didn’t know any of these survived.


Here are the images he sent to accompany the e-mail (click to enlarge slightly):

Bobby Layne Colorized Steelers white pants

At first I was skeptical and didn’t think the image was colorized, but it has to be — because Bobby Layne played for the Steelers from 1958 through 1962, and if we check the GUD, we find that for those years (1958, 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962) — the years Layne was a Steeler — they never wore a black jersey with white numbers.

Even a cursory google image search on Bobby Layne Steelers yields exactly ZERO photos of him wearing a black jersey with white numbers.

It’s a good thing the Steelers didn’t completely base their throwbacks off that image (the throwback numbers were properly gold), but it’s a curious oversight.

The only other option that comes to mind is if that image is not colorized, when did Layne ever wear that particular jersey? And no other photographic evidence (at least in my cursory search) exists to show the team wearing that style jersey with white numbers. And if we go back to the GUD we find that the Steelers never had white numbers on a black jersey in any of the years prior to Layne’s playing days — so it’s not like they were wearing a previous year’s jersey — and that definitely appears to be a game shot, so those aren’t practice jerseys. Guess the photo is colorized, but that’s a pretty huge oversight.

Thanks to Joe for bringing this to our attention!

. . .

Great stuff. OK, now onto the ticker…


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Check out this 1889 photo of Joe Visner of the American Association Brooklyn Bridegrooms with “Plaid and laces and a pillbox cap! And that BELT!” (thanks to Leo Strawn, Jr.). … In a ‘turnabout is fair play’ sort of story, since the Mets gave out a collectible truck with a Phillies logo, it seems only fitting that the Phils gave out the same truck with a Mets logo (thanks to Jonathan Daniel). … Are the Braves planning on wearing 1914 throwbacks? Looks like they might on August 16th (h/t to Mike Nessen). … Oooohhhh, this is nice: “Got an email from the California Historical Society today” says Dave Sikula “with a link to a Flickr page with a bunch of historical club baseball teams.”

NFL News: As noted in yesterday’s comments, the Eagles probably won’t be going back to kelly green jerseys (at least not as a primary — possibly as an alt — but the ‘one helmet rule’ is the issue). Dang. … The Lions have been practicing in black, stripeless pants. Hmmm. (thanks to Joey Zurek). Apparently it’s nothing to be concerned about, since they do it as a camp thing. … After Saints Coach Sean Payton expressed mild annoyance during offseason workouts with the presence of sponsorship patches on the team’s practice jerseys, the next day, he arrived at the team facility to see in the coaches’ locker room an array of polo shirts carrying the same patch, all courtesy of QB Drew Brees (thanks Brinke). And what was the patch? Update from Brinke: “after Payton made his comment about the patches on the practice jerseys, then Brees put them all on the coaches shirts. Then Payton retaliated by putting the Rogaine one solely on Brees jersey.” … The Washington football club is/was selling t-shirts for last night’s preseason game v. the Pats. Says Leo Strawn, Jr. who sent that in, “Kinda pricey, but no logo creep.” … Not only do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new fonts suck, they’re also magical reflective. Just what we need. … Looks like Peyton Hillis’ 2013 facemask didn’t make the cut: 2013 through most of 2014 training camp, and 2014 HoF game (great spot by Ryan Perkins). … There is the expectation that the Patriots are going to update their uniform font this year, but they were wearing the old wordmark during their pre-season game against Washington last evening (h/t Paul Woods). This is the new wordmark. … “I came across this patch on a jacket at the Goodwill store in Junction City, Oregon,” writes Alex Allen. “The only NFL alum living nearby that I’m aware of is Hall of Famer Dave Wilcox.”

College Football News: The “Hate Maps” continue, this time with one of the most hated NCAA football teams by State. There were some complaints about the methodology, and a new tabulation was made. … Here’s a pretty neat article on how LSU’s helmets are “prepped for battle” (thanks to Joel Manuel). … Here’s a few more looks at the new Utah Utes unis (say that 3 times fast). … The University of Mississippi discusses changing (or at least limiting the use of) its “Ole Miss” nickname as part of a broader debate about race relations (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Here’s some neat old photos of Ballard (Seattle) football, most from the turn of last century. … The Northern Illinois University Huskies are going to wear special “Cornfest” jerseys in their season opener. Yup. … Clint Richardson asks, “What’s with the black stripe.”. It’s one of those “freshmen & transfers have to earn the orange stripe” things. … WSU’s 2014 football poster has the schedule featuring an opponent’s helmet. Submitter Eric Read notes this “is tough to predict in the Pac12.”

NBA News: Now that the “deal” to send #1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins to the Minnesota Timberwolves (for Kevin Love) is pretty much a done deal, the NBA store is giving refunds to those who bought Cavs jerseys with Wiggins’ name on them. Only catch? They gotta have the tags still on them. … Great photo of the 2008 Olympic Team (posted by Darren Rovell) in which the only non-Nike player, Dwight Howard, has his adidas shoes blocked out by Coach K, and his hand appears to be blocking the swoosh on the shorts as well (though it is still visible on the jersey). Rovell points out that normally the coach would have been standing and Chris Bosh should have been holding the ball. … This is probably not an intern-firing offense, but who is LeBron Jones and why is he visiting the Browns’ practice and chatting with Johnny Football? (via Allan Upton).

Soccer News: The new unveilings continue, as Newcastle United has revealed a new home kit and Everton have revealed a a new third kit (thanks to Mark Coale for the second submission). Bit more on the Everton third kit here (from Casey Hart). …

College Hoops News: After the Notre Dame Mens’ Hoop toured the Colosseum and Roman Forum, they saw the Vatican, after which the Swiss Guard “laced up their UnderArmour kicks” and joined the team for what looks like a little scrimmage on the court (from Joe Reimers). … Check out the uniforms THE OSU will be wearing for their Bahamas competition — note the LBJ logo! (thanks to Chad Wonderling). Here’s what the University of Kentucky will wear in the Bahamas (I think we’d seen these before, but just in case…).

Grab Bag: Is the biggest rivalry in “sports” actually between swooshie and three stripes? adidas is planning its biggest advertising campaign ever next year as it fights back against rival Nike. … Carleton College (a Minnesota institution) has gotten a new set of logos. … Here’s a long, convoluted and expensive story of Army’s “new” camo pattern (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Do you want to know what the difference is between a logo and a symbol? Now you can (thanks Brinke). … Also from Brinke, this “stunning photo series shows the evolution of British soldiers kits from 1066 to 2014.” … If you care at all about Provincial Rugby jerseys, well, here is a “definitive” ranking of them for you. … More on those protective guards for helmets, from Steve Johnston: “If you go to this story it looks like the entire team (except for the punter) is wearing the protective padding during practice. They even seem to have two colors – offense vs defense?” … Alan Reifman found some old NBA color-by-number drawing sheets from his childhood (late 1960s). “They show some interesting old NBA uniforms (e.g., the Seattle SuperSonics’ hula-hoop-like stripes on their shorts),” he notes. … And finally, douchebaggery at the PGA: Chris Edwards writes, “my Dad went to the PGA Championship practice round Wed and said as long as the bottle was sealed upon entry, you could bring in water. As you got to the entrance, officials were there telling everyone that if your water was not Aquafina, you had to take the label off.”


Whew! That will do it for this fine Friday. Big thanks to Morris for the first of his Friday guest articles (always look forward to these during Paul’s vacation — glad to have you back, buddy!). Lots of stuff to digest today, I know.

This weekend you’ll be treated to the unique stylings of Uni Watch Webmaster John Ekdahl, who will be subbing most weekends for me while I’m on weekday duty.

You guys and gals have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on Monday. Happy August 8th, Robert Marshall!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“I make all kinds of uniform-related comments to people, but aside from the wife and you guys, no one knows the real extent of my fascination with uniforms and logos and the aesthetics of athletics. I’ve gotten enough ‘Who cares about that?’ responses that I know when to keep my mouth shut and when to share my enthusiasm.”

– Jim Vilk


winooski_plantsale_raffle_2007_logo_1Raffle reminder: Remember, we’re currently raffling off three copies of this visual compendium of baseball uniform history.

Full details here.


Auction Action

Paul here, pinch-hitting today for Phil. As you may have noticed in the left sidebar, our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running their annual Basketball Hall of Fame auction (which also includes some non-basketball items). There’s a lot of cool stuff this time around, not the least of which is a Slick Watts All Pro Defensive Team trophy adorned with one of Watts’s signature headbands (shown at right) — a great touch. You can see the full auction listing for the trophy here.

Among the other highlights:

• Here’s something that always bugged me about the Lakers’ uni numbers back in their block-shadow era: Certain numerals, like the 2 and the 3, had little notched serifs, but those notches weren’t included on the shadow (use the close-up feature to look at the top of the 2 and 3; here’s another example) — except sometimes they were included (here’s another example). Surprisingly inconsistent!

• This auction contains a lot of listings for game-used Celtics jerseys from the 1980s. And man, whoever was doing Boston’s NOB lettering back then had some serious problems with kerning and arching — look here, here, here, and here. Yeesh!

• Wow, look how prominent the vertically arched NOB lettering is on this early-1980s Knicks jersey. Looks more like a chest insignia!

• Interesting French flag striping on this 2006 Spurs jersey from an NBA tour of Europe.

• Love love love this 1960s 76ers warm-up top. Also interesting that Wali Jones’s nickNOB was “Wally.” Why not just stick with Wali?

• Here’s something I’ve never understood about the Sonics’ early-’90s jerseys: The letters for the team name on the front of the jersey are vertically oriented — they don’t fan out radially. But the NOB lettering on the back is radially arched. I always thought they should match.

• Here’s a relatively unusual sight: an NBA jersey — Chris Mullin’s, in this case — with a captain’s “C.”

• Basketball jerseys almost always use direct-sewn NOB lettering, not nameplates. But here are two late-1980s exceptions to that rule — one from the Cavs and one from the Nuggets.

• Mmmmm, really like this 1966 Texas Western warm-up top. Tasty!

• Never seen this before: A vertically arched chest insignia that includes a vertically arched version of the NBA logo!

• The old Kentucky Colonels of the ABA used cap-lowercase NOB lettering. But how come their font didn’t include a dot over the “I”? You can see the same issue on the back of this warm-up top.

• This amazing Minnesota Pipers warm-up top has shown up in previous Grey Flannel catalog auctions, but it’s worth looking at again — Uni Watch’s highest grade!

• Okay, now we’ll wrap up with a few non-basketball items, beginning with this beautiful All America Board of Football banner.

• If you’re into championship jewelry (or even if you’re not), you’ll find plenty to like about 1951 L.A. Rams championship tie bar.

• I’d expect to find this on Etsy, not in a Grey Flannel Auctions listing, but it’s still cool: a pillow made from a Sparky Anderson jersey.

Want to see more? You can browse through the entire catalog listing here.

+ + + + +

This is so fucking cool: I don’t jog and I don’t like Nike, so it’s not surprising that until yesterday I’d never heard of Nike+, which is apparently some sort of wearable gizmo or app or whatever that creates a map of your jogging route, computes your speed, etc.

A San Francisco woman named Claire Wyckoff has been using Nike+ to create super-cool map illustrations. She uses Google Maps to chart a route that creates an illustration and then takes Nike+ with her when she goes out and jogs that route, sort of like a life-sized version of Etch-A-Sketch. She then posts the resulting images (like the Space Invaders guy shown above) on her ingenious blog, Running Drawing, which debuted about seven weeks ago.

Wyckoff has run-drawn a dog, a Mennonite’s head, a pole dancer, and Slimer from Ghostbusters. She also said, “Fuck cancer!” (in honor of a friend who’s battling the disease) by run-drawing a middle finger.

Those are all fun, but Wyckoff appears to be settling into a niche specialty: penises. Thick penises, thin penises, spurting penises, penises with hairy balls, you name it. You can see all of those on this page. (I’d say everything in that link is safe for work, but it’s been over 18 years since I worked in an office, so what do I know?)

Yes, run-drawing penises is totally juvenile, which is part of the appeal. I also love the idea of using a high-tech gadget to create such low-grade art. Great, great project — Claire Wyckoff for artist of the year!

+ + + + +

Web chat reminder: Remember, I’m going to be doing a live ESPN web chat today at noon Eastern. The chat page is here — hope to see you there.

+ + + + +

rafflet ticket by ben thoma.jpg

Raffle announcement: The folks at Pop Chart Lab have come up with a new poster/print edition, called “A Visual Compendium of Baseball Uniforms,” which charts the evolution of the baseball uni from the 1870s to the present (here’s a close-up of part of it, so you can get a better idea of the format), and they’ve offered to give away three copies of it — one of which will be framed, the other two unframed — to lucky Uni Watch readers.

To enter the raffle for this item, please send an email with your name in the subject line and your shipping address in the body of the email to the raffle address by 7pm Eastern next Wednesday, Aug. 13. Only one email per person, please. We’ll announce the winner a day or two after the deadline. Good luck!

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Mike’s Question of the Week

By Mike Chamernik

Most of my friends and family members are sports fans, but they’re not so into the uniform side of it. We might have a short uni-related conversation now and then, but it’s not a daily obsession for them like it is for me.

I want to know, do other people know about your love of uniforms and logos? What do they think of uniforms and logos, and what do they think of you? In turn, what do you think of them? Have you turned anyone on to Uni Watch?

As always, post your responses in today’s comments.

+ + + + +

Tick-Tock: Today’s Ticker was compiled and written by Mike Chamernik.

Baseball News: The logo for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game has been released. Here’s some additional info. … The Mets are into the ancient Chinese therapy called cupping, which leaves baseball-sized bruises on players’ backs (from Phil). … Model Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game this week and she wore a customized jersey in honor of her favorite drunken fast food (from Jonathan Daniel). … Red Sox LF Yoenis Cespedes looks to be still wearing his green-and-gold glove he wore with Oakland (from Matthew Englander). … At least the Joplin, Missouri, Little League World Series team has nice caps (from Coleman Mullins). … Longtime major and minor league veteran Corky Miller will have his No. 8 jersey retired by the Louisville Bats on August 31 (from Brice Wallace). … “Saw this book mentioned in the new issue of the free Twins magazine at the ballpark last night: Minnesota Twins History Through Memorabilia,” says Mike Menner. “Interesting angle on telling team history!” … Mike Colvin had a nifty custom-made jersey for his bachelor party. “It’s in the Yankees’ road style with a necessary NOB of ‘Madd Milk,’ which is an inside joke based on my ‘DJ name’ of Mad Mike,” he says. “There is also a very clever left arm band with my wedding date of 8-31-14.” … According to Wikipedia, Mike Schmidt wore the abandoned all-burgundy Phillies unis during an All-Star tour of Japan in 1979 (from Bruce Jaynes). … The Fresno Grizzlies sent Brewers CF Carlos Gomez a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jersey (from Alan Filipczak). … Here’s the fauxback cap that the Rays will wear against the Cubs on Sunday. No visuals of the full uni yet, but Cork Gaines has tried to figure out what it will look like. … The Cardinals’ single-game media passes honor the 1964 World Series team. … The Bridgeport Bluefish released some alternatives to their bare-chested military uniforms. … Yesterday was “Turn Back The Clock Night” for the Eau Claire Express, who wore 1950s-era Eau Claire Bears unis, and the Duluth Huskies, who wore Duluth Dukes unis (from Lukas Hoffland). … Marlins 2B Enrique Hernandez should not go by his nickname. … Rare sight last night: Albert Pujols going high-cuffed (from Phil). … Matt Shepardson came across a bar in Bridgman, Michigan, that has a Cubs theme, right down to adapting the Cubbies’ logo. … Here’s more info about that Mets giveaway item with the Phillies logo.

NFL News: The Eagles are discussing the possibility of going back to kelly green (from Karl Dentino). … The Bucs will have a memorial patch for Malcolm Glazer (from Phil). … Redskins safety Ryan Clark has a colorful sock collection (from Brinke). … Brinke also sends in this eBay find, a 1960s-era NFL logo T-shirt. … Here’s a short video on how the Vikings will flip TCF Bank Stadium for their games this season (from Steven Lobejko). … Ray Lewis talked about what trying on the original Ravens uniforms meant to him (from Jack Krabbe). … Related, the Ravens and Under Armour are donating football and women’s basketball uniforms to 24 Baltimore public high schools (from Andrew Cosentino). … The Lions painted their goalposts green as part of an environmental awareness program. … Critch Field and I each noticed that the logo history video from the other day shows the Cardinals having been in Arizona since 1960, skipping their time in St. Louis. That detail really bugs me. … Saints coach Sean Payton pranked QB Drew Brees by replacing the Chevron at patch on Brees’s practice jersey with a Rogaine patch (from Mike Wernsing, Jr.).

College Football News: All of these are from Phil, except as noted: Missouri Baptist unveiled their inaugural-season uniforms. … More photos of Georgia Tech’s uniforms. … North Dakota State has a new green home jersey. … Finally, the official unveiling for Utah. … Here’s some more information on the Guardian helmet caps mentioned in yesterday’s Ticker (from Taylor Jordan Kay). … Virginia Tech released its 2014 poster, complete with opponents’ helmets at the bottom (from Andrew Cosentino). … Speaking of posters, check out this gallery of 2014 college football schedule posters.

Hockey News: Here’s the Stadium Series logo for next season’s Kings vs. Sharks at Levi’s Stadium. That place is really making a splash in its first year, with eight or more Niners games, an NHL game, and Wrestlemania (from Phil). … New jerseys for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Pointers (from Mike Bialas).

Soccer News: New kits for the Western Sydney Wanderers of the Australian A-League (from Graham Clayton). … The MLS All-Star practice jerseys had some type of blacked-out logo on the sleeve (from Joshua Williams). … “For Wednesday night’s Bayern Munich/MLS All-Star game, Bayern wore the U.S. version of the T-Mobile logo on their shirts, instead of their usual ‘T’ logo of T-Mobile’s German parent company, Deutsche Telekom,” says Nick Waters. “This was pretty amusing, because AT&T is the MLS league sponsor and title sponsor of the All-Star Game and shirt sponsor of the MLS All-Stars. It looked like the sponsor change led to the Bayern goalies not featuring the Bayern Munich club logo. I imagine Adidas likely used blank goalie shirts and heat-pressed on the T-Mobile logo and player name and number.”

NBA News: It’s a little hard to see, but Charles Barkley was wearing All-Star-branded compression shorts in the 1993 NBA ASG (from Paul). … According to an NBA official, the reason why Andrew Wiggins Cavs jerseys are not for sale online isn’t because he might get traded. It’s because they’re sold out. … In Uni Watch circles my nickname is Mr. Logo Mash-Up Buzzkill, but these soccer jerseys of NBA teams are well done (from Nam K. Ho). … While Paul has a piece of the court that Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points on, the Hershey Arena — where the game was played — has an underwhelming wall display (from Steve Dodell). [Note: I raffled off that piece of the court at the end of 2012, so I no longer have it. — PL]

Grab Bag: The CFL and Reebok will debut something called Signature Uniforms later this summer. “This doesn’t sound promising for a traditionalist like me,” says Dan Bly. Here’s an idea for what the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ jersey will look like. … A Welsh chicken restaurant has a logo that looks like, well, a cock. … New logo for the New Mexico Lottery. I enjoy state lottery logos, for some reason. … Swimmer Haley Anderson is wearing her Twitter handle on her swim cap at the US National Championships (from Chris Cruz).

Ads Gone Bad: Worst Soccer Sponsorships

Soccer Sponsorships

By Phil Hecken

Back when I put out the “call” for readers to pitch stories for Paul’s month-long sabbatical, I got some excellent ones (and a few that won’t make the cut). One of the more intriguing pitches came from today’s submitter, Anthony Emerson, who wrote to me with this…

Considering the higher-than-usual interest in soccer post-World Cup, I couldn’t think of a better time to write on a uni topic peculiar to American sports: jersey sponsorships.

For better or worse, jersey sponsorships are now a part of most soccer teams identities. It’s hard imagining an Arsenal kit without “Fly Emirates” on the front. Sometimes, however, clubs sacrifice aesthetic pleasantness for an easy buck with their jersey sponsorships (Manchester United, I’m looking at you.)

Intrigued, I gave Anthony the thumbs up to write on this. I think you’ll enjoy. Here’s Anthony:

. . . . .

Bad Sponsorships
By Anthony Emerson

Bring up uniform sponsorships in respect to the “Big Four” North American leagues, and you get almost unanimous arguments against it, usually talking about the “tradition” of American sports leagues, how it would subtract from the aesthetics of American sports uniforms. I don’t always agree with that line of thinking; I feel that some sponsors can actually add something to a jersey. Still, however, there is no doubt for every good sponsor, there are a couple of bad ones.

A sponsor could be bad for a lot of reasons not often touched upon during the American sports debate; a sponsor logo could look ugly on a jersey, it could be a shitty company, it could be a hilarious sexual innuendo.

I got to thinking about this topic after Manchester United revealed their new kits for the forthcoming season, featuring a new sponsor, Chevrolet. Fan reaction was uniformly negative, with some calling the big gold chevron on the front “a piss stain”, and found GM’s choice of brand curious, considering that Chevrolet has little brand presence in the United Kingdom (the thing is, GM isn’t trying to sell cars to Brits; they’re trying to sell cars to Chinese and American fans). For United, this could shape up to be an AIG-redux, as more and more GM vehicles are recalled. It combines two of the things I mentioned: shitty company, ugly on a jersey. Below are a list of some of the worst examples of all three.


Atlético Madrid and Columbia Pictures


While the Colchoneros’ current sponsors, the tourism board of Azerbaijan, is nothing to be proud of, it is somehow not the least morally bankrupt organization Atleti has been in bed with. 10 years ago, Atleti decided to buddy up with the movie industry, and had their shirt sponsor changed to whichever movie was currently in theaters. Nike reportedly couldn’t make replica shirts fast enough. No Columbia movie was exempt from appearing on the Colochoneros’ shirts, from Will Smith/Kevin James vehicle Hitch to a little comedy known in Spain as Dos rubias de pelo en pecho, and known stateside as the much-beloved White Chicks. Most (in)famously, Columbia Pictures had Atleti’s away kit changed to really make the Spider-Man 2 logo really pop. Other movies featured on their kits during the two seasons: Bewitched, Hollywood Homicide (couldn’t find a picture of the logo, but there’s one of Harrison Ford holding an Atlético Madrid shirt. You’re welcome.), xXx, S.W.A.T., Big Fish, Hellboy, Spanglish (funnily enough), Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse, and Peter Pan.


2371591875_1_3_7dCS7ynIOlympique Lyonnais and Le69

My first thought seeing this shirt was “does that mean the same thing in French as it does in English?” and my second was “if it does, do the French really care?”

I mean, a country whose president has fathered children with one woman without marrying her, left her after she suffered a major political defeat and immediately began seeing a younger woman, only to cheat on her with an even younger actress halfway through his first term and the biggest response was “meh” can’t really be that hung up about sex.

That will not stop the 12-year-old in me from laughing at this sponsor. Le69 sponsored l’OL from 1989 to 1991, and I have no idea if the company is still in business, or what its business actually was or is. A google search brings up an escort service.


Bimbo and Club América, Philadelphia Union

Club America

Probably the most famous on this list, Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican baking good company, has been sponsoring sporting events for what seems like forever (they’ve been sponsoring Club América since 2005 and Union since 2008, which are forever in Internet years), and I think we’ve almost become desensitized to them. Philadelphia Union fans, however, are still a little bitter about it. As a Manchester United fan, I was lamenting our new Chevy sponsor logo to a Philadelphia Union-supporting friend of mine. His response was “at least you don’t have a bunch of Bimbos running around.”


AC Milan and Pooh Jeans


Coming in at the oldest sponsorship on our list is AC Milan’s first sponsor. For one season, 1981-82, one of the world’s most historic and respected clubs wore the name of a small Italian denim manufacturer, who happens to share a name with a beloved animated bear and an English colloquialism for…yeah, let’s not go there.


Newcastle United and Northern Rock, Wonga


The Magpies have had a rough go of it with recent sponsors; they had been relatively stable with Northern Rock Bank, until Northern Rock infamously went bust during the financial crisis of the late-2000s. Prior to last season, Newcastle signed up with another less-than-reputable financial institution, payday loan company Wonga which has been called a predatory lending institution, lied to their customers who were unable to pay back their exorbitantly high-interest loans, “usurious” by the Anglican church, and Muslim players have been advised by clerics not to wear the logo. Great going, Newcastle! Maybe next time you should just sign a deal with Evil, Inc. Just, go back to the beer please.


St. Johnstone and Bonar

Click to Enlarge

Yes, this is real. From 1989 to 1991, Scottish side St. Johnstone wore local textile company Bonar’s logo with pride. It’s even funnier when you say it with a Scottish accent.


Clydebank-Shirt-funny92Clydebank and Wet Wet Wet

Scotland-based band Wet Wet Wet were actually pretty big back in the early 90s.

So big, in fact, they had enough money to buy the shirt sponsorship of their local football club.

Clydebank was forced to endure the embarrassing name and the more embarrassing association with a band as crappy as Wet Wet Wet for four seasons (look at these guys. Scottish Rolling Stones they are not).

Wet Wet Wet is still together, having never broken up, with their most recent album coming out in 2007.


West Ham United and XL Leisure


When vacation company XL Leisure went under in 2008, West Ham United did what Newcastle should do with Wonga and terminated their sponsorship contract. However, that season’s jerseys had already been printed with the XL Leisure logo featured prominently on the front. Rather than having the jerseys reprinted without the logo, West Ham decided to continue using the XL Leisure jerseys, but ironed on uniform numbers over the logo, leading to a more awkward looking kit.


nufcfans_nurnberg_mister_lady_funny_shirtNürnberg and Mister Lady

Nuremberg-based fashion retailer Mister Lady sponsored 1. FC Nürnberg from 2005 to 2008.

I have no idea if either “Mister” or “Lady” are words in German, and if “Mister Lady” means something completely innocuous in Germany.

But in English it…you know what?

Let’s move on.


Liverpool FC and Standard Chartered


In 2012, Liverpool’s current sponsor was branded a “rogue institution” by the US Government after covering up $160 billion worth of illegal transactions with the Iranian government. Liverpool is still wearing the Standard Chartered logo on their kits for this forthcoming season.


Getafe and Burger King


I always found it odd that some of the least healthy foods sponsor sporting events. I mean, I doubt many Getafe players ate Burger King before or after training. But what really puts this in the upper echelons of crappy kit sponsors is the Burger King mascot upside down on the inside of the shirt. I always found the mascot creepy, and it’s somehow worse when it’s on the inside of a shirt and then placed over someone’s head. Intel and Barcelona recently signed a similar deal. Barça used to be better than that.


Manchester United and AIG


Many of my fellow Manchester United fans cite the AIG jerseys as some of their favorites in the club’s history, and I can’t really blame them. A lot of really good memories were had in those kits, from winning the Champions League to Michael Owen’s stoppage time goal against City to Cristiano Ronaldo being Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it’s difficult for me personally to divorce AIG from the kits.


Oxford United and Wang Computers


This entire article has been leading to this point. The worst of the worst. From 1985 to 1989, Oxford United wore WANG in various formats on their chests. Among club supporters, Wang Computer-branded kits have become collectors items, and supporters now sell t-shirts with WANG in Oxford United colors.

. . . . .

Thanks, Anthony! From socially conscious objections, to prurient thoughts, you’ve certainly covered the gamut of “bad” soccer sponsorships. Great stuff. Readers, what do you think? Are there any others (in other sponsored sports) that are as egregious or inappropriate? Let’s hear it.


Click to enlarge

And now a few words from Paul: Hi, people. I wasn’t planning to show up on the site today, but a nearly nine-year-old mystery has just been solved, and I want to tell you about it.

So: Back in 2005, before this blog even existed, ESPN readers Sam Bell and Todd Carroll pointed me toward something very odd that going on with ’Skins quarterback Mark Brunell: For Washington’s Week 1 game against the Bears that season, Brunell was missing the final “s” in the wordmark on his jersey and his neck bumper (see above). A week later, his jersey was still missing the “s” but his neck bumper had been updated with the proper team name. By the team’s third game, the wayward “s” had been restored to Brunell’s jersey. I’m pretty sure he wore the proper wordmarks for the balance of the season.

I wrote about this at the time in an ESPN column and made repeated inquiries to the ’Skins PR office but was never able to get an explanation for why Brunell’s wordmarks had morphed from plural to singular and back again. It went down as one of those unsolved mysteries.

Until now. As you may have heard, ’Skins owner Daniel Snyder did a lengthy interview yesterday with former ’Skins player Chris Cooley, who how has a sports radio talk show. They talked a lot about the team name and logo (don’t worry, we’re not going to get into that here), but there was also this comment from Cooley:

I’m so proud to be a Redskin. I remember Joe Gibbs explaining to me what a Redskin was. It was pride. It was integrity. It was a never-say-die spirit. We got to the point where my babysitter and I, Mark Brunell, would un-stitch the S on our jerseys so we could be a Redskin.

Wow. Cooley’s comment was first noticed by Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post, who remembered the Brunell situation from 2005 and promptly wrote a great piece about it (including some good quotes from the team’s PR guy and a nice shout-out to my 2005 ESPN piece — thanks, Dan).

So now we have an answer, but I find it a pretty unsatisfying one, because I don’t really get what Cooley and Brunell were up to. Like, if you’re proud to be a ’Skin, aren’t you also proud to be a member of the ’Skins? If you’re proud of your team, why would you alter its name? The line of thought just doesn’t make sense to me.

Meanwhile, was Cooley missing the “s” in that Week 1 game back in 2005? Nope — he had the full team name on his jersey. I’ve done a bit more photo research from various games in 2005 and ’04 but so far haven’t been able to find a shot of him with the modified wordmark. If you can find any, you know what to do.

And as long as I have you here, this is a good time to mention that I’m going to be doing a live ESPN web chat tomorrow, Aug. 7, at noon Eastern. The chat page is here. (Yes, they used some outdated boilerplate promo text, but I’m having them change it. Fixed!)


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Looks like Javier Baez was called up to the Cubs. Guess that means no more backwards helmet logo. Says submitter Mike Wernsing, Jr. “I wonder what his helmet logo will look like if he gets set back down this year.” … Our BucTracker Jerry Wolper sends in this video and notes “In the midst of this interview, I was surprised at Lace’s favorite 1979 memory.” (Paul points out that he starts talking Stargell Stars at the 1:30 mark). … Neat uni nugget contained in this article from 1967 on A’s caps (from Todd Radom), wherein an A’s player (who at the time wore green caps) became a coach (who wore white caps) and back to active status again, wearing two different caps depending upon his status. … More “Hate Maps”, this time for MLB, confirming what we already knew: Everyone hates the Yankees. … Beautiful 1951 shot of Marilyn Monroe at White Sox Training Camp (w/Gus Zernial & Joe Dobson) — a great shot from Bruce Menard. Also from Bruce, check out this beautiful 1909 Pittsburg Pirates (no “h”) team poster. And one more: Harmon Killebrew golfing at the Met (taken 50 years ago yesterday). Thanks Bruce! … Typical fucking Mets: Mets accidentally give out souvenir with Phillies logo on it (thanks, Paul). … The Cincinnati Reds will be unveiling the 2015 All Star Game logo today (from Leo Strawn, Jr.). … The Mets will be holding “Italian Heritage Night” on September 28, and they’re giving away this Mike Piazza soccer jersey if you attend (thanks to Shannon Shark — aka “@MetsPolice”). … Justin Foley reports that David Price was missing his squatchee last evening (he notes, “This is from the 8th, I didn’t notice if he had it earlier in the game or not.”). As Paul pointed out to me, it’s not uncommon for him to remove it. … And, in case you missed it, last night Adam Dunn pitched. In a game. For real. The twittersphere fairly exploded.

NFL News: The Atlanta Falcons have released their uniform schedule for 2014. Interestingly, there are no plans for any alternates (either their all-black OR their throwback — which would be impossible with red helmets). … Here’s a neat little video/map of NFL logo changes since 1960. … From “Moulden”, here’s an (old) example of a Riddell logo on a Schutt helmet. … It’s a little odd (not to mention scary) to see an actual NFL jersey (not a practice jersey) with a sponsor’s ad on it (thanks Brinke). … Here’s some interesting info on the thinking that goes into the Panthers’ game-by-game uni choices, as well as their home jersey schedule (thanks, Paul). … The Cleveland Browns have been wearing drop shadow numbers (more photos here), fueling speculation that perhaps this is a trial run for their new 2015 uniforms (thanks to David Cummings). … Speaking of the Browns, to help prevent defenders from getting holding penalties, they’re wearing boxing gloves in practice. … The New York Jets will be wearing green over white for Thursday’s preseason game (Thanks, Paul). … Here’s a look at the Carolina Panther’s 20 Seasons patch which they’ll wear this year. Here’s a high quality image (h/t Andrew Lind). … Oops. There was a jersey misspelling (should be Peter Konz) on last night’s Hard Knocks (nice grab by Eric Stangel). … Oops! Now playing quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridewater (thanks to Braden Claassen).

College/High School Football News: Here’s a look at the new white uniform that Arkansas will wear in their meeting with Auburn this fall (h/t Doug Hazard). … Following up on yesterday’s ticker item about padding attached on the outside of helmet shells, Luke Parks writes, “In regards to the picture of the scrimmage between Stewart’s Creek HS and Page HS, the padding is a version of The Guardian. It’s supposed to reduce the impact on the helmets of players during practices. We typically used them for guys who had concussion issues.” Also, Syracuse has been wearing them, and there’s more on them here (big thanks to Rick DiRubbo). … Clint Richardson continues his uni rankings of the NCAA Conferences, and yesterday he Ranked the B1G. … John Madden (the guy, not the game) thinks young kids shouldn’t play tackle football (thanks, Paul). … New uniforms for Old Dominion football (from Paul). Here’s a better image (from a couple weeks back), with thanks to Justin Peabody. … If you’re flying on Alaska Airlines and you’re wearing a Utah jersey, you get boarding priority. … Here’s a really interesting breakdown of the Hokies and their all-maroon uniforms (nice find by Andrew Cosentino). … Here are a bunch of (fortunately or unfortunately) mostly obstructed photos of the 2014 Georgia Tech jerseys (thanks to Ryan Revels). … It’s tough to keep track but apparently these (black and white) are the new Maryland “Pride” uniforms (h/t Andrew Lind). … New uniforms for the University of New Hampshire Wildcats (h/t Will Lombard).

NBA News: John Wall, who was recently cut from the FIBA World Cup USA basketball team, has landed on his feet, so to speak. He’s getting his own signature shoe line with adidas (thanks to TommyTheCPA). … Here’s another good look at the championship collar tabs on the NBA jerseys (thanks, Paul). … The Milwaukee Bucks are making some uniform changes for the upcoming season, most notably making the BUCKS wordmark have all letters the same height.

Hockey News: This just might be taking mash-ups a little too far: Every Canucks jersey “combined into one disgusting nightmare sweater” (thanks, I think, Paul). … A bank robber in Pennsylvania appears to have been wearing a Detroit Red Wings cap (thanks, Paul). … There will be not one (Cincy Reds) but TWO All Star Games in the Buckeye State in 2015, with Columbus getting the NHL game (thanks to Leo Strawn, Jr.). … Here’s a look at the new Team Canada uniforms in action.

Soccer News: D-baggery or looking out for interests? In this article, partially entitled, “Nike swoosh trumps Adidas three stripes,” the University of Portland’s Merlo Field, where FC Bayern Munich (who wear adidas) was been practicing in preparation for last night’s game, contained lots of Nike swooshes. According to the article “Nike is the University’s sportswear and equipment partner, has been since 2002, and the University ‘protects our sponsors’.” (nice spot by Paul). … “These are 2 pictures from the roster page for Real Madrid,” writes Pat Costello. “The newly signed players have different jerseys from everyone else. Look at the patch on the sleeves.” (Perhaps my eyes are not as keen as Pat’s but here’s the 2014-15 Real Madrid kit.) … Here’s a “pretty self explanatory” NYCFC ad on a phone booth at 7th & West 35th” (thanks to Ed Westfield, Jr.). What’s a “phone booth”? … Here’s a very cool video of the Portland Timbers staff making jerseys for today’s MLS All-Star Game (from Yusuke Toyoda).

Grab Bag: Oops. Lawmaker Julia Brownley sent a political mailer to her constituents in late July featuring a woman wearing fake military attire and a German Luftwaffe insignia — apparently unaware that the costume was not an official uniform worn by U.S. personnel (thanks Paul). … The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio is still two years off, but the organizers have released the first visual identity of the Games. … From Garrett the Intern, here’s an article that asks How many brands can you recognize when the logo is taken away? … Reader jbird was watching an old World Championship of Ping Pong. “It is a slow day at my house,” he says. Note the logo coming off the back of one of the shirts. … English pro rugby club Northampton Saints have revealed their 2014-15 kit (thanks to Eric Bangeman). Here’s a bit more on that (those are colors Paul should love — or at least 2 of them). … Here’s a look at Nike’s 2014 PGA Championship apparel for Tiger, Rory, et. al.


And that’s all for today. Big thanks to Anthony for that interesting look at bad ads, and for Paul for popping in to follow up on that nine-year-old uni mystery. Great stuff. You guys have a great Wednesday.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


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“Nothing says ‘blue collar’ like wearing a fresh new uniform for every game, complete with chrome hydro-graphics on the helmet.”
– J.D.