Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Oregon Throwbacks 2

By Phil Hecken

OK, Nike. You can just stop now.

Last evening, against the Washington Huskies, the Oregon Ducks wore the greatest throwbacks in the history of ever. No, seriously — these unis were damn near perfect.

The Ducks were actually throwing back to 1994 (they would go to the Rose Bowl that season), and more specifically, to the uniforms they wore when “The Pick” by Kenny Wheaton occurred against last night’s rival, Washington. The Ducks would go on to lose the Rose Bowl to Penn State, but that season (and that play) are often pointed to as what turned Oregon from perennial has-been into the powerhouse they have become (and not just in the uniform department).

The Ducks really nailed these throwbacks (and even wore black cleats). Yup — these uniforms were just divine. Right down to the sleeve patch. Even Mark Helfrich’s throwback shirt was grand.

OK Nike. You’ve finally achieved perfection for the Ducks. You can stop making new unis for them now.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot — there was more than just Quack yesterday.

Here’s my able assistant Terry Duroncelet, Jr. with the rest of your …

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Hope you are all having a fantastic autumn, because the weather in my area DOESN’T WANT TO COOL DOWN THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO AND IT’S INFURIATING.

From Friday:

• Can someone tell me why Boise State still has the old file-tab orange uniforms from like, 4 or 5 years ago? They don’t use it for their blue or white tops anymore.

From Saturday:

• Before we get into yesterday’s games, take a look at the drum kit that TBDBITL formed. The whole show was awesome, but I can’t figure why people keep “drawing” drum kits like that. The snare drum is all the way out to the figure’s left (our right), which seems uncomfortable unless that’s a side snare (the drum on the far-left), and then there’s what I’m assuming is the Ride cymbal on the figure’s right (our left). It looks too far out. The “drummer” can’t even hit the bell (that’s the bulbous part in the middle of the cymbal)! And then there’s the fact that the drummer themself is sitting directly in the middle behind the bass drum, which unless you have these pedals, is pretty much impossible. Just some things that I spotted that made me scratch my head. This isn’t the first oddball depiction of a kit, and it certainly won’t be the last. Funny how kits are almost always depicted in a fairly-uncomfortable configuration, but stirrups are almost always drawn to specs. Alright, enough drum talk, let’s get into Saturday’s games.

• During the Oklahoma/Kansas St. game, a referee had some logo creep on his belt buckle. Have we seen this from other refs yet?

• Remember those sweet throwbacks that Central Michigan wore last year? They made a return yesterday.

• Cincinnati wore mono-white with red helmets yesterday.

• Louisiana Tech has some NOB inconsistencies. Also note the S&S decals. Also-also, in the past, I’ve talked about how much I HATE the Athletic Block font, which I find to be the most generic, oddly-proportioned, off-putting block font in existence. I’ve also talked about how proud I was that Louisiana Tech got rid of that font and switched to real block numerals a couple of years ago. Turns out that they still have some old stock left (#27 and #44 have the old number font). That, or they enjoy making me fume.

• Okay, what the hell?! Did SMU and Louisiana Tech get together and coordinated jerseys or something?? These are what the numbers are supposed to look like, BTW.

• West Virginia backup QB Paul Millard wore a camo cap on the sideline, which was later corrected to a camo visor. Apparently, it was ineffective, because we could all see it, which wasn’t a good thing.

Joe J. sends this in: “#43 Anthony Zappone with an upside down “wing” graphic on Saturday. Also in the shot, a halo starting to form on the player’s helmet in the top right.”

• From someone who didn’t leave a name: “Byu’s mitch Matthews is tall (6’6), and wears pants fit for a guy 5’6.”

• Speaking of camo, one of the only teams that should be allowed to wear camo in any athletic competition… wore camo in an athletic competition.

• I’m sure some of you know what a shiner is. Does it count as a shiner if it’s on a helmet that’s, well, a shiner?

• Bowling Green wore these helmets with the retro logo for their “Legacy Weekend” game.

• Air Force wore pink decals.

• Well, at least the Tar Heels lived up to their name. That was against Georgia Tech.

• We interrupt this program to bring you FCS news: Montana wore their usual helmet shells with pink decals and pink facemasks for BCA. They would win their game against UC Davis.

• Eastern Washington wore these togs over the weekend. Closer look. We now return you to our regularly-scheduled program. JK, FCS football is cool as well.

• Kentucky wore blue/grey/blue against white-clad LSU. Normally, this would be a horrible idea, but blue/grey/blue contrasts decently enough with gold/white/gold. Also, startin’ ‘em young, huh?

• Mizzou has been wearing wither gold or grey tiger head decals on their helmets since their move to the SEC in 2012. But those have always been on a matte black shell. This is the first time that I’ve seen a glossy helmet used.

• USC seems to me to be about the glitz and glamour. So why not wear helmets for the occasion? These actually didn’t look too bad! Slightly closer look. In that same game, Colorado wore new helmets with an enlarged logo.

• Northwestern wore their Gothic uniforms against Nebraska (who wore the seldom-seen all-white look in that same game). Looks just like your normal Washington affair: all-black, purple numbers with gold trim. The difference is that I love Northwestern’s uniforms. Why? Here’s the thing: it’s October, the spooptacular month of skeletons, the skeleton war, overdosing on candy without an ounce of shame, and did I mention the skeleton war? So to me, it makes sense for NU to wear this now. There are a few things I could’ve done without, like the weird scribbly stuff on the back of the legs, and the arch on the back of the helmets seems like an afterthought to me. But overall, I love this uniform, and I’m pleased to announce that Halloween lands on a Saturday next year, so here’s hoping that these return for 2015.

That does it for this week. Next Saturday will be the last Pinktober October of 2014, so if you’ve made it this far, then I’m proud of ya, because nobody really likes taking Pepto Bismol, right? I know I don’t. See you all next week!

. . .

Nice wrap, TJ. Thanks! OK, on to the rest of today’s SMUW…

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Catherine 5 & 1 (animated) Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

Every Sunday, Catherine will give us the rundown of her best five and one worst uniform matchups from the College Football games played this week. Since it’s practically impossible to watch every game, you guys can help by sending your thoughts on “good” and “bad” matchups (and hopefully with photos from that game) by e-mailing her at

OK, here’s Catherine with this week’s 5 & 1.

. . .

5. Kansas State vs. Oklahoma: On a weekend where a lot of teams tried something new, I can appreciate this classic match-up. K-State went with the silver/white/silver combo and got the upset over Oklahoma in their classic home unis.


4. Oklahoma State vs. TCU: I loved TCU’s white helmets this week. I was also surprised to notice how much purple I put on this countdown!


3. Iowa vs. Maryland: I thought this was a great example of game that looks better as a whole than either uniform could look on their own. Maryland went with their red jersey/black pant combo which had a great contrast against Iowa’s road unis.


2. Louisville vs. NC State: A few of you emailed me to tell me how much you loved the red and white contrast in this game. I had to agree!


1. Washington vs. Oregon: Oregon’s fantastic throwbacks this week earned them the #1 spot on the countdown.


+1 Montana’s Helmets (and Nick Montana): We have a dual Montana +1 this week. First of all, these helmets are absolutely hideous. Second of all, it took forever to find pictures of those helmets because this Montana was clogging up the search results.


Thanks, Catherine! I never thought I’d live to see the day Oregon was the Number 1 GOOD in a 5 and 1 list. I can die now.

OK readers, how’d she do?

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Duck Tracker

Each week, as we have done on Uni Watch for the past five seasons, we’ll be tracking the uniform combinations of the Oregon Ducks. Back for his third season is Tim E. O’Brien, who’ll show you what the Ducks wore in their last game, and add a few words of wisdom.

Here’s this weeks beautiful throwback look (and scroll down for last week’s stormtrooper all white costume (click to enlarge):

. . . . . .


Here’s Tim:

This is how the Ducks should look. What a great throwback: The green so Kelly, the yellow so canary. B-E-A-utiful. I love these colors. Give me these colors and white and you could make 12 spectacular uniform combos a year.

Again, you can follow the Duck Tracker the Duck Tracker and on twitter (@DuckTracker) and while I’ve been a bit slacking at my other two trackers, they should be up to date by next weekend.

Thanks gang.

. . . . .

Thanks, Tim. And here’s last week’s all white outfit:


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UWFFL Premier League logo
U.W.F.F.L. News

Premier League Games
By Andrew Seagraves

This week’s featured matchup of UWFFL Premier League teams has a pair of Western Division pods trying to position themselves atop of their ladder. The Anchorage Orcas (2-0) are swimming into Saltwater City to square off against the Vancouver Sea Wolves (2-0). Both of these squads have migrated from the minor leagues into the big league swimmingly with tough wins over top tiered opponents. The Pod from the City of Flowers and Lights will go with their 2014 adjusted White over Black combo while the Pack from Terminal City will go with their Dense Fog over Parchment pairing. Warning for all heading to Vancouver this weekend: Rough Seas Ahead!

. . . . .

October 19

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. . . . .

Other key matchups from across the Premier: The Golden Ponies from Minnesota gallop on into South Beach to take on the Miami Cougars. The Cobb County Corsairs and the Heartland Buccaneers will face off in St. Louis as Atlanta and the Slaughter will both try and get off the snide. In La Lega we’ll see Mexico City and Los Angeles face off against each other, the New York Sharks will try and take a bite out of the Barca Dragons, and the Sydney Spiders will try to spill Crown Royal Black in Manitoba this weekend.

Head on over to to vote on which squads you think should bring home the bacon during Week Five of the UWFFL Season. If you’d like to try your hand at designing a team to compete in the UWFFL, head on over to our Google+ page for prospective teams and submit a concept today. Thanks for voting and we’ll see you next week.

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EPL Tracker

Each Saturday or Sunday, Alex Gerwitz will be tracking the kit combinations (shirt/shorts/socks) of the teams in the English Premier League from the previous weekend and the current weekend.

Here is the EPL tracker for 8 – Part 1 (click to enlarge):

EPL Tracker Week 8 Part 1

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Here’s a slideshow on the evolution of Jayson Werth’s beard (from Andrew Hoenig), who adds, “Odd to see him now not only beardless, but in Orioles and Blue Jays unis.” … Oooohhh, check out Babe Ruth at bat “For Children Of Disabled War Veterans – October 18, 1931 Wrigley Field, Los Angeles,” (pic, of course, from Bruce Menard). … Nice find from @uniformcritic who has found evidence that the Angels wore logoed stirrups in 1990.

NFL News: Back in 1969 NFL referee Art Holst released a spoken word LP called “The Challenge of A Pro.” The front cover showed Art wearing his NFL referees uniform (from Graham Clayton). … Last night, a statue of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was unveiled at Ring of Fame Plaza on the south side of the stadium. Here’s another look.

College/High School Football News: “High school football in Arizona is interesting,” writes Raymie Humbert. “Quarterback Dalton Sneed (UNLV commit) of Horizon High School had “#12″ spelled out with award decals on his helmet (Friday) night against Boulder Creek. Not shown in that photo: he had to change his jersey number to 84 after the #12 jersey ripped in a sack.” … The Utah Utes will be wearing a black helmet next weekend (supposed to be a blackout game). Here’s another look. … “The HS I attend played our rival, Herriman HS,” says Justin McKenzie. “I noticed that number 0 had a different font and jersey than the rest of the team. Also, I saw some awesome stirrups at the pep rally.”

Basketball News: “With all the excitement surrounding the Bobcats’ name change to the Hornets, something that has received little attention is the fact that Bismack Biyombo has changed his number from 0 with the Bobcats to 8 with the Hornets,” notes Geoffrey Thomas. “I personally find the 8 in the Hornets’ new font to be highly distracting.” … BYU will be sporting new uniforms for the 2014-15 season.

Hockey News: Reader Mark Richter came across a couple of interesting uni-related videos from the St. Louis Blues. One about the logistics of getting the team’s equipment from one city to another, and the other is just raw video of a jersey being stitched up. … Why are these guys holding up sweaters that say “2016”? Because the Nashville Predators are hosting the 2016 All Star Game, that’s why. … Merrimack College’s hockey unis feature a lot of stripes and each player’s native flag above their name (nice spots by Trés Lawless).

Soccer News: “Just when I was pleased that we were more dignified with poppies,” writes George Chilvers, Millwall will wear an army strip on Remembrance weekend in aid of injured soldiers.

Grab Bag: “I was at the Maryland women’s volleyball match tonight and thought it was a bit cool that the knee pads are based on the Maryland frame,” says David Raglin. “However, I really missed seeing the Under Armor logo on them” (followed by a smiley-face).

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And that’s going to do it for this fine Sunday. As a reminder to all, Paul’s on vacation this week, but we’ll have all new content (and I’ll be handling the Monday Morning Uni Watch duties tomorrow — so be sure to send in any quirks, rips, tears, unusual stuff, etc., that happens in the NFL today). OK? OK.

Thanks to TJ, Catherine, Tim, Andrew, Alex and all who read and send in ticker items — you’re all aces. Catch everyone tomorrow, when we review the league where they play…for pay.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


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“Here’s my rule of thumb: if you can take it off before showering, it’s an accessory.”

— Mike Engle

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The Top 69 Uniform 'Accessories' of MLB

Mr. Accessory - Andrew McCutchen

By Phil Hecken

With baseball season winding down (how bout dem Royals?), this post by reader Tristan Ridgeway is still quite pertinent. It started out with an e-mail in which Tristan explained his genesis for this project:

I’m not sure if this is in Uni Watch’s wheelhouse or not (or if you’ve covered this before), but I was wondering if you’d be interested in the idea of a blog entry or article on uniform-related accessories. I’m sometimes fascinated when I see unusual accessories on professional sports league players that are above and beyond the basic, standard uniform – especially those that seem to skirt the seemingly tight guidelines for professional league sports uniforms. As I’m more of a Major League Baseball fan than any of the other “big four” American professional sports leagues, I’m initially focusing on those players. And “accessories” can have a broad definition, depending on your viewpoint.

For example, accessories may include necklaces, earrings, hair ties, headbands, etc., but may also branch into the areas of protective or functional equipment, health-related devices, tape, personal appearance choices, religious symbols, personal adornments, tattoos, piercings, etc. As such, I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of the top 10 (or top 20, 30, etc.) of “the most memorable uniform accessories.” I use “memorable” because some of the items on this list may be some of my most favorite and least favorite choices – but they are, indeed, memorable (even dubious, in some cases).

My interest piqued, I said, “sure.” Tristan’s original list included his top 50 of such “accessories” (some of which I wouldn’t deem accessories — they’re more hairstyles or the like), but it eventually blossomed to become 69. There’s no other significance (you can take your minds out of the gutter, thanks) to that, other than it’s where he stopped. If this post ran next weekend, the number might be up to 80.

Some of these might also be considered “only” rather than “best” — but that’s part of the fun, no?

Anyway, with that setup, here’s Tristan’s list of the…

. . .

Top 69 Uniform Accessories of Baseball
By Tristan Ridgeway

1) Headband – Tito Fuentes

Aug 16, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson (00) in the dugout prior to playing the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The Dodgers defeated the Phillies 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports2) Beard Tie – Brian Wilson

3) Hair Tie – Nick Swisher

4) Head Scarf – Manny Ramirez

5) Rosary Beads – Victor Zambrano

6) Earring – Barry Bonds

7) Pin – Nomar Garciapparra

8) Skull Cap – Andrew McCutchen

9) Nail Polish – Jorge Posada

bronson-cornrows10) Cornrows – Bronson Arroyo

11) Bleached Hair – Mike Piazza

12) Hair Beads – Manny Ramirez

13) Hair Cover – Manny Ramirez

14) Throat Protector – Steve Yeager

15) Arm Sleeve – Giancarlo Stanton

16) Phiten Necklace – C.J. Wilson

17) Puka Shells – Jerome Williams

george-scott18) Ivory Necklace – George Scott

19) Long Hair – Johnny Damon

20) Afro – Oscar Gamble

21) Facemask – Dave Parker

22) White Shoes/Green Shoelaces/Snug Tie bands/White Shoes – Jim Nash

23) Cap Stars – Willie Stargell

24) Sunglasses – Lowell Palmer

Bryce eye black25) Eye Black – Bryce Harper

26) Dreadlocks – Jose Reyes

27) Gold Chain – Curt Schilling

28) Eyeglasses (Aviator) – Ryne Duren

29) Mutton Chops – Jim “Mudcat” Grant

30) Sideburns – Brady Anderson

31) Mustache – Al Hrabosky

32) Neck Piercing – Coco Crisp

33) Black Dye – Brian Wilson

werth-300x20034) Lumberjack Beard – Jayson Werth

35) Eyebrows – Andy Etchebarren

36) Gray Hair – Harmon Killebrew

37) Mohawk – Yasiel Puig

38) EvoShield/Wrist Guard – Andrew McCutchen

39) Shin Guard – Matt Holliday

perry cap40) Cap Substance – Gaylord Perry

41) Toe Guard – Vida Blue

42) Tattoos – Ryan Roberts

43) Underjacket – Darold Knowles

44) Bracelet – Victor Martinez

45) Hand Warmer – Hanley Ramirez

46) Ski Mask – Aramis Ramirez

NY-CI469_SP_YAN_G_2013051018250847) Sliding Glove – Brett Gardner

48) Shortened Helmet Brim – Brooks Robinson

49) Red Contact Lens – Bryce Harper

50) Tube Socks/Shorts – Bucky Dent

51) Vest-Only – Ted Kluszewski

52) Handle-Bar Mustache – Rollie Fingers

53) Pitching Helmet – Alex Torres

54) Number Zero – Al Oliver

7501018P REDS V DODGERS55) Goggles – Chris Sabo

56) Pine Tar – George Brett

57) Corked Bat – Sammy Sosa

58) Muscles/PEDs – Mark McGwire

59) Stomach – Terry Forster

60) Mullet – Randy Johnson

242EddieUniform61) Fractional Number – Eddie Gaedel

62) Pant Cuff Straps – Barry Bonds

63) Babe Ruth Cap – David Wells

64) Cleat Number – Mark McGwire

65) Chewing Tobacco (Mouth) – Luis Tiant

66) Chewing Tobacco Tin (Back Pocket) – Pete O’Brien

67) Wedding Ring on Necklace – Matt Harrison

68) Catcher Shoulder Pad – Kurt Suzuki

69) Bubble Gum – Kurt Bevacqua

Also, after considering all of the players who seems to go in for various accessories, it’s pretty clear that “Mr. Accessory” would have to be Andrew McCutchen

. . .

Thanks, Tristan. This is actually a pretty cool list! Some of these I’d never even thought of and others well…lets just say you’re VERY thorough!

OK, readers? What say you? Do you have any other nominations? Did he miss anything (Tim Raines’ coke vial?)? What would you add (or omit)? Either way, lets have a nice hand for the effort!

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classic scoreboards splashClassic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a new weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko. You probably know Gary best for his wonderful colorizations, but he has been a solid contributor for many years, and this is his new project. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on images to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Seventh in a Series
by Gary Chanko

Sportsman’s Park (or Busch I) and Anaheim Stadium are this week’s featured classic scoreboards.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sportsman’s Park

Sportsman's Park Scoreboard UW

Home of: St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Browns
Last baseball game: May 8, 1966; Demolished:1966

When the Cardinals were sold (1953) to Gussie Busch and he then purchased Sportsman’s Park from the departing Browns, the plan was to change the name to Budweiser Stadium. Makes good marketing sense, but not to MLB’s then Commissioner, Ford Frick. So the owner went with naming it after himself. Busch brand beer, of course, finds advertising space in left field shortly after!

Unlike most of the scoreboards of this era, the scoreboard hardly appears to have changed over the years. Looking a photos and video it’s difficult to find any significant changes from the initial installation to the last game. The American and National League game scores were expanded at the scoreboard bottom after league expansions. Check this video and see for yourself.

This graphic illustration recreates the scoreboard layout from the mid sixties.

A Few Things to Know

• With new ownership came much need improvements to the ballpark. The most prominent addition was a new scoreboard in left field. The advertising was now focused singularly on Busch’s signature product Budweiser.

• The new scoreboard was simply a make over of the existing structure, which dates from the late thirties. The ubiquitous Longines Watch was replaced with the colorful Anheuser-Busch logo. The logo was animated and after a Cardinal home run the eagle would flap its wings. Not to be left out, the Cardinal logo on the left side of the scoreboard would swing its bat and similarly fly about.

• Busch Memorial Stadium (1966) had its own cutting edge version of flying Cardinals and wing flapping eagle.

Big League Dreams Gilbert, (AZ) an elaborate amateur-baseball complex built a decade ago featured recreations of several classic ballparks, including Sportsman”s Park.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anaheim Stadium

Anaheim Stadium Scoreboard UW

Home of: Los Angeles, Anaheim, and California Angels
Opened: April 19, 1966; Still in play after many redesigns and renovations

Angel Stadium of Anaheim (originally Anaheim Stadium, then Edison International Field of Anaheim) opened in 1966 and immediately was adopted as the Big A. The Big A, of course, was inspired by the 230 foot tall A-frame scoreboard topped with a giant halo.

I remember that scoreboard well. In the seventies and eighties I lived in Orange County. My daily commute on the 57 freeway was by the highly visible Big A landmark. South Orange County is relatively flat and the Big A scoreboard was the tallest structure at the time.

The illustration brings back the Big A’s scoreboard as it appeared during the inaugural 1966 season.

A Few Things to Know

• The 200 ton, 230-foot high scoreboard cost $1 million (about $7 million in today’s dollars). It was the largest scoreboard ever built at the time and in 1966 was twice as high as any other building in Orange County.

• The Angel’s media sponsor, Standard Oil of California (Chevron), paid for the scoreboard based on 10 year sponsorship agreement.

• The scoreboard featured Message Board Spectaculars – high speed animations with special effects designed by Stewart-Warner. The display system even had its own computer memory system capable of storing a 1000 programmed messages. Remember this was only 1966!

Stewart-Warner was a major creator, manufacturer and distributor of scoreboards during the 60s and 70s. Their resume included these MLB ballparks: Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Fenway Park, Tiger Stadium, Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Anaheim Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium and Royals Stadium, Milwaukee County Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, Veterans Stadium, Busch Stadium.

• Angels owner, Gene Autry, reportedly offered a $1,000 bonus to first player who hit a home run in Anaheim Stadium. The records show it was Willie Mays, but there’s no report of him collecting the cash bonus.

• Sadly the “Big A” scoreboard didn’t survive the Rams move to Anaheim or Disney’s Imagineering team as the ballpark was reconfigured and redesigned over the decades since the initial installation. It now lives outside the right field fence in the parking lot as an advertising billboard.

Next week the series visits Dodger Stadium and Jarry Park’s tableau indicateur.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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U.W.F.F.L. News

Division II & III Games
By Andrew Seagraves

Week Five of the UWFFL is upon us and this week’s cynosure Division II showdown will see the Pacific Coast Conference’s Calgary Alpines (3-1) slide on into the Borough of Staten Island to take on the undefeated Swordfish (4-0). The High Altitudinal pugilists from Stampede City will wear their standard away gear of White over Red with golden trim. Their opponents, the Pointy Fish from Richmond County, will don their teal over white with black accents. Both of these squadrons have gotten off to a fantastic start to the season and this tilt should prove to be the bee’s knees of DII’s first weekend of interleague play.

. . . . .

October 18

. . . . . free polls

. . . . .

Other key interleague games on tap will pit the enigmatic 4-0 Iowa Corn against a plucky 1-2 Roanoke Giraffe team, the 2-2 Connecticut Convicts will try to put lightning in a bottle as they face 2-1 Las Vegas in the desert, and the upstart Winnipeg WinterHawks, at 1-1, will head to the Music City Launch Pad to face the Nashville Rockets (not to be confused with the Adelaide Crows).

Get your friends, get your family, get the stranger waiting behind you at Starbucks while you order your double mocha whatchamacallit Grande latte to head on over to to vote on which squads you think are dressed to the… uhh… first and tens this week. We’ll be back tomorrow with action from the UWFFL Premier League to vote on.

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Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an e-mail from Nolan Jones, and it’s both a bit too long for the ticker, and too good for it too:

One uni-thing I look for during football games, especially for teams that I follow is facemasks. I look forward to seeing which players changed facemasks and which facemasks they changed to. I’ve noticed this year that Alabama’s running back TJ Yeldon has changed facemasks 3 times already this season in 6 games, but has kept the same Riddell Revo Speed helmet.

Last year, Yeldon wore the facemask he wore for this year’s Florida game, every game last year. For the first game of the year against West Virginia, Yeldon wore a similar facemask that he wore last year, but without the second bar at the top of the facemask. For the next two games, against Florida Atlantic and Southern Miss, Yeldon wore a facemask with the extra bar at top as well as the center vertical bar on the bottom portion of the facemask. And for the next game against Florida (see above). After the Florida game was the Ole Miss game, which he changed to what is often referred to as the “Robot” facemask for the Revo Speed helmet. The following week against Arkansas, Yeldon stayed with the Robot facemask.

Looking forward to see if Yeldon sticks with a facemask, or continues to change.

Link to Flickr album


Great stuff Nolan — thanks so much for sharing!

OK, now onto the ticker…

line 1

Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: So, you thought the “Royals” were named for kings or something? (Of course not, but some do). Well, reader Jim Wagner saw this article in the Wall Street Journal while looking for the Dunce/Chessmaster feature on Yost and Showalter. Says Jim “This one is much better.” … Our CC man, Brinke also sent in an article about the Royals not being named for Royalty. … Yesterday, the Washington Nationals released a 10 year anniversary patch (thanks to Bryan Martin Firvida). … The Rockies posted this pic of Carlos Gonzales on their Facebook account yesterday morning. Says submitter John Romero, “Apparently they used to fancy shorts in Venezuelan Little League.” … This is pretty interesting: Both managers (Bruce Bochy for the Giants and Ned Yost of the Royals) were Tidewater Tides players (at different times). That comes from Brady Phelps who adds, “Notice how different the hats are too.” … Yesterday, Paul noted that the Cardinals did not once wear their standard home uniform during their series against the Giants. Well, this was true of the Orioles as well: They wore their black alts in Game 1 (as is customary on Friday nights) and wore their orange alts in Game 2 (as is customary on Saturday home games). They wore their road grays for Games 3 and 4 (from Andrew Cosentino). … A few readers sent this in (and I happened to see it last night as well). The Mets may not be playoff bound anytime soon, but the Negro League throwbacks they wore this season seemed to accurately predict this year’s World Series opponents. … Reader JD Denison asks, “have you ever seen a teal Diamondbacks jersey and helmet?”

NFL News: Shane Vereen’s “N” became yellow/green during Thursday night’s Jets/Pats game (nice spot by Andrew Vazzano). … Why are the Tennessee Titans still wearing only white jerseys. The article doesn’t really identify a specific reason, other than the nebulous white jerseys are cooler than dark ones logic. Interesting note at the bottom says, “The Titans are scheduled to wear their throwback, navy blue uniforms in their next home game, on October 26 vs. the Texans.” Now they’re considering the (alternate) navy blue tops as “throwbacks.” … In an infographic about week 7 in the NFL, an ESPN illustration shows Peyton Manning wearing a Broncos home jersey with what appears to be the “NFL Equipment” logo at the base of the collar, which was removed from NFL jerseys before Manning started playing in Denver (thanks to Bobby Pinkham). … Here’s a nice spot by Brian Anderson, from a gallery of past Carolina-GB games, we have a helmet with no decal, from November 20, 2008. … According to this WaPo article, the Washington football club will be wearing throwbacks this weekend. They will likely be the the same ones they wore last year (when they wore their normal helmets). … Here is a Dallas Cowboys’ “Salute To Service” jersey. … The Saints will be wearing gold helmets, white jerseys and gold pants on Sunday.

College Football News: The Missouri Tigers will be going shiny black/white/white today versus the Florida Gators (h/t to Nick Bianchi). … WKU will be honoring the winningest coach in that school’s history, Jimmy Feix, with a signature plaid hat decal. … The Black Knights of Army will be wearing full, head-to-toe camo today when they play Kent State (h/t Coleman Mullins). … Here’s a tremendous shot of Babe Ruth with the Drake University Football team (from Bruce Menard) — that photo is from October 17, 1926. … Baylor will be going Gold/White/White with pink gloves for road trip to West Virginia (h/t David Johnson). … Looks like Bowling Green will be wearing throwback helmets today (good spot by Noel Blaha). … Boise State went blue/orange/orange last night, while Fresno State wore some shiny chrome domes. … This subject was in yesterday’s ticker (and of course, many of you felt compelled to comment on it), but it looks like ASU will be banning facepaint during the blackout game. Key line from the article, “Face paint is no longer permitted for students and fans attending football games at Arizona State University, after an incident that many found shocking and offensive. Students involved in the incident, however, contend that covering a face with black paint does not necessarily equal ‘blackface,’ and that the paint is part of a long tradition and displays school spirit.” … Looks like Nebraska is going white/white/red for Northwestern today. NU, of course, is going gothic. … Our friend over at SportsLogos, Chris Creamer, does a neat little roundup of what the NCAA teams will be wearing over the weekend (and clearly, he gets most of them from reads my tweets). Would you guys want an “NCAA Preview” feature to run on UW on Saturdays? Just throwing that out there…

Basketball News: Wyoming basketball has a new floor (from Bryan Stevens). … “So (yester)day Illinois released their 2014-15 season poster,” writes Brad Kruizenga. “On Nov 14th they are playing the Georgia Southern Eagles. Someone must of just googled GSU when creating it because the initial copy had Georgia State Panthers logo instead. Well wouldn’t you know, a couple hours later, fixed. I hope they hadn’t sent it to the printers yet.” … Last evening, the University of Maryland unveiled a new hoops set (thanks to Eric Garment). … Looks like the Nets jerseys will have a black and white NBA logo on the back (from Mike King).

Hockey News: Instead of wearing the typical pinktober gear, the Columbus Blue Jackets warmed up wearing purple as part of the “Hockey Fights Cancer” promotion. You can read more on the HFC promotion here, and it should be noted that the program supports more than just breast cancer awareness. … The ECHL’s Reading Royals’ have unveiled some “ghoulishly spooky” Halloween jerseys (from Jim Dornberger).

Grab Bag: Why were these Philadelphia police officers rocking Ronald McDonald socks? Why, because striped socks are awesome for charity, of course. … Here’s an interesting article about a High School football team not wearing pink for breast cancer awareness (from Barkaat Masud). … Alexander Wang debuted his new athletically-inclined collection for H&M Thursday night and it’s a “Dystopian Sports Nightmare”. Says submitter Eric Juergens, “Made me laugh, then I got afraid.” … Who is this charming young chap in the Docksiders standing to the right of then-Akron Head Coach Gerry Faust? Why, it’s none other than our own Jim Vilk, in a rare throwback Saturday posting.

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And that’s going to do it for today. Big thanks to Tristan, Gary, and Andrew, and of course to you guys for all the support, tweets and ticker submissions. Back with Sunday Morning Uni Watch tomorrow. Don’t forget, if you see a “good” or a “bad” looking football game today, make sure to send Catherine your tips and suggestions at Everyone have a great Saturday.

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“Will the Mets bringing in the fences make room to put in more empty seats?”

–Solomon Duncan

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What I Got to Do Yesterday

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I spent a good chunk of yesterday in Manhattan, where I was present for the taping of several segments for Puppy Bowl XI, which will air in February. I’m not allowed to talk about anything of it (the whole thing is embargoed until Jan. 29), but it would be fair to say that they have some very entertaining new features this time around. It would also be fair to say I had a very, very good time. I’ll be back for more today.

They had about 10 different press pass designs to choose from, each featuring a different adorable pooch. A tough choice! I went with Agatha because I liked the slight angle of her head and her perked-up ears. But I might choose a different one for today’s session.

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The newest Uni Watcher: Please join me in offering big congrats to longtime Uni Watch readers/neighbors/pals Marty and Jessie Buccafusco, who are now the proud parents of the newborn nipper shown above. “His name is Augustus Long Buccafusco, but his friends call him Gus,” says Marty. “For his first day home from the hospital, we put him in this Brooklyn Dodgers-inspired jersey that I painted for him.”

That’s Marty and Jessie for ya — they turn everything into a fun (and often uni-related!) extracurricular project. I really admire their approach to life, and I know they’re going to be awesome parents. Cheers, M+J — hope see both of you, and meet Gus, in the very near future.

• • • • •

’Skins Watch: Those Pennsylvania high school newspaper editors who refused to print the word “Redskins” have received an award from the American Civil Liberties Union. … Some students at San Diego State are petitioning to change the school’s “Aztecs” team name (from Brady Phelps). … Interesting piece on how the ’Skins issue is shaking out among politicians (thanks, Phil). … Also from Phil: The University of Minnesota American Indian Student Cultural Center is planning a protest for the when the ’Skins come to play the Vikings on Nov. 2. … Here’s the latest on the move to get the FCC to ban the ’Skins name from the public airwaves. … The management at NPR has instructed its staff to limit the use of the ’Skins name (from Bryan Firvida). … There’s increasing pressure on the U. of Minnesota to eliminate any traces of the ’Skins name or logo from TCF Bank Stadium, which will be the site of the ’Skins/Vikes game on Nov. 2 (thanks, Phil).

Baseball News: San Diego State will be adding this Tony Gwynn memorial patch next spring (from Jared Buccola). … Pretty sure we’ve seen this before, but it’s worth repeating: Check out this sensational 1926 Giants season pass (from Ben Fortney). … The Mets have begun bringing in their fences yet again. That’s the third fence alteration in the ballpark’s short history. … The Rangers welcomed new skipper Jeff Banister by posting a photo of him in an outdated uniform. Shouldn’t have the drop shadow (good spot by Brian James). … Here’s an old shot of an ump wearing a windbreaker and a Cubs cap. Must’ve been a case of lost luggage (from Michael Kotler). … “With the Cardinals’ early exit from the NLCS, it appears to be the first time they have ever played an entire playoff series without wearing their standard home uniform,” says Mark Richter. “They wore their cream-colored alts in Game 1, then in Game 2 their standard white uni with their Sunday blue hats. And then their road grays for Games 3, 4, and 5.” … Joe Montana was at last night’s NLCS game and wore a Giants home jersey with an NOB. Tsk-tsk (thanks, Brinke).

NFL News: At first I thought Raiders QB Derek Carr was using two different Qalo rings — black at home and white on the road. But it looks like the white version is just tape. Still, impressive color coordination! (From Jake Morrow.) … Good story on those sideline iPads Surface tablets. … 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has won a “best dressed” competition (Thanks, Brinke).

College and High School Football News: After Deadspin ran a piece questioning whether Cory Gardner, who’s running for U.S. Senate in Colorado, was being truthful when he said he’d played high school football, Gardner’s campaign responded with a high school photo of Gardner in uniform. … Mono-black this weekend for UNC. … Speaking of UNC, last weekend they added a “Team Kemo” decal for their equipment manager’s daughter, who recently passed away. … Oregon State added a Pinktober ribbon decal last night. … Here’s another look at USC’s metallic helmet for this weekend. Personally, I really like it (thanks, Phil). … Arizona State has banned game attendees from wearing face paint, because people were wearing blackface for blackout games (thanks, Phil).

Hockey News: This is completely awesome: goal horn sounds for all 30 NHL teams — plus the Hartford Whalers, for good measure (big thanks to Chris Flinn). … Two interesting things about this junior hockey team in northern Michigan: (1) They’re called the Electricians. (2) They’ve found an interesting way to adapt the Capitals’ logo (from Alan Filipczak). … New mask design for Milwaukee Admirals goalie Magnus Hellberg. “It features Pelle Svanslös, a cartoon cat that comes from the same town in Sweden as Hellberg,” explains Daniel Lavender. … “I was watching Thursday night’s Stars/Pens game when one of the Pens was injured by a teammate’s shot,” says Mike Slavonic. “Forward Evgeni Malkin went to help out his teammate and I noticed Malkin was wearing two different gloves — Reebok on one hand and CCM on the other.” … The Niagara IceDogs wore tuxedo-themed jerseys for the opening of their new arena (thanks, Phil).

NBA News: The NBA 2K15 video game shows the NBA Finals patch on the back of the jersey, just like the regular NBA logo. Sorta makes sense, since the Finals patch normally replaced the league logo on the front, so they’re being consistent by having it replace the league logo on the back. But it still seems really odd to have this type of patch on the back of a jersey. The star-shaped All-Star Game patch has traditionally been on the front as well — will that be moving to the back? (From Mikhail Herrera.) … Odd that the Nets’ cheerleaders all wear double-zero (from Chris Flinn). … Ever wonder what new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer would look like in a Clippers uni? Me neither, but be warned — once you see it, you can’t unsee it (from Chris Flinn). … The D-League’s Austin Toros are now the Austin Spurs.

College and High School Hoops News: Lots of unusual things going on with this uniform. That’s a mid-1990s shot of Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois. The older man in the photo, coach Wayne McClain, just passed away (from Ben Zoss). … Hail Satans! That’s Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. “The story goes like this,” says Leo Strawn Jr. “According to Sinclair archivist Julie Fairchild, the ‘Satans’ team name came from the word ‘sin’ in ‘Sinclair.’ No worse than Blue Devils, right? But Marvin Knudson, Sinclair president from 1967 to 1974, didn’t care for that moniker, so the team name was changed in 1973. For the past 35 years they’ve been the Tartans, wich is more in keeping with the college founder David Sinclair’s Scottish heritage.”

Soccer News: Here’s a piece on the evolution of soccer jersey fabrics and styles over the years (from Nile Smith). … G.I. Joe costumes this Saturday for the Indy Eleven (from Nile Smith).

Grab Bag: A Pittsburgh-area answering service company has a logo featuring a rotary dial. Wonder how long that’s gonna last (from Brad Susany). … A Minneapolis-area school has come up with new girls’ basketball uniforms that conform to its Somali students’ traditional customs of religious modesty (from Josh Roshell). … I bid on this vintage Durene basketball warm-up but got outbid. Dang. … Here’s the logo for the 2014-15 Japanese pro basketball all-star game (from Jeremy Brahm). … Also from Jeremy: the logo for the 2015 World Handball Championship and the official ball for that tournament. … Two rugby items from Caleb Borchers: A new New Zealand Maori jersey pays tribute to indigenous Maori and Japanese culture, and — here’s a doozy — two Australian teams had sleeves so similar in color that the video ref incorrectly gave a score for the actions of the defensive team on their own goal line, mistakenly thinking the defensive arm was from the offensive team.

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Over and out: I’m off to Wisconsin tomorrow for a week-long vacation. Phil will be in charge while I’m gone. See you on the 27th!

You Know You're in Trouble When the Hollywood Guy Looks Like the Reasonable One

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On the left is Billy Butler of the Royals. On the right, actor Paul Rudd, who happens to be a big Royals fan. Both men are wearing T-shirts. One of those T-shirts is charmingly simple and remarkably effective; the other is a steaming mess of over-cluttered design (as you can more clearly see here). Imagine if all the guys in this photo had been wearing a shirt like Rudd’s, instead of like Butler’s. Wouldn’t that have been nice? Why couldn’t they have done that? Wait, let me guess.

As bad as that shirt is, however, at least it doesn’t have a big, throbbing apostrophe catastrophe. Ugh.

I wasn’t rooting for the Royals at the start of this series, but they won me over. I’m happy for them and their fans. I’m also happy for all of us who root for shitty MLB teams (something I’ve gotten way too familiar with in recent years), because the Royals’ ascendancy shows that even the worst team can turn it around.

A few other aesthetic notes on the new A.L. champions:

• Here’s something you don’t often get to see: the American League trophy. Quick, what’s its official name? Give yourself a gold star if you knew it’s called the William Harridge Trophy. And who was Harridge? Bonus points if you knew he was the American League president from 1931 to 1959. But here’s the real stumper: What’s a league president?

• In a stunning development, the Royals’ clubhouse celebration featured at least three different brands of goggles (and maybe more!). I for one am disgusted at the commissioner’s office’s failure to designate an Official Pennant-Clinching Protective Goggle of Major League Baseball. Or maybe they did designate one and some of the players were simply wearing unauthorized pennant-clinching goggles, an offense for which they’ll do doubt be fined.

• I’m sure there’s a good reason why Royals pitcher Danny Duffy was celebrating in a bear costume, but I don’t think I want to know what it is. (I’ll say this, though: He’s in good company.)

• • • • •

NFL Superhero Project

By Thomas Correia

My favorite comments lately have been those that support the connection between a hero and an NFL team through some comic book story that I wasn’t aware of (last week, for example, there was a connection between Spidey and Houston). Thanks, and keep up the comments!

This week’s match-up, featuring the Jets and Patriots, was probably the easiest combination of superheroes to figure out (click to enlarge):

For the Jets, I knew I had to use a hero closely associated with the color green, so I decided to go with the Green Lantern, or rather the entire Green Lantern Corps. Plus the most famous Green Lantern in comics was a jet fighter pilot, Hal Jordan, so that clinched it for this choice.

This Patriots logo was actually what inspired this project. I’m a Pats fan, and back in April I saw the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which gave me the idea of combining the flying Elvis logo with the most patriotic of superheroes. It was challenging and fun, so I then decided to re-create the entire NFL in the superhero format. So this is the logo you have to thank for what you’ve been seeing the past few weeks.

Next week: Chargers vs. Broncos. Bring on the guesses in the comments below.

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Mike’s Question of the Week

By Mike Chamernik

I’ve asked before about your favorite piece of sports memorabilia. Now I’m putting a spin on it: What’s the oldest piece you own? Why have you kept it so long? How have you kept it in good condition? If it’s something that’s on display or even usable, are you worried that you might ruin it? What is the endgame with the item (pass it along, sell it, etc.)?

I have a cool 1950 Wisconsin State Fair race car shirt. I got it from my grandpa (via my dad) a few years ago, and even though it’s 64 years old, it’s still in pristine condition — perfectly white, no flaking on the printing. So even though I think it would fit me nicely, I don’t want to ruin it. So it sits in a drawer. Which makes no sense at all.

• • • • • •

Podcast alert: Longtime Uni Watch reader Anthony Verna is an intellectual property attorney. He recently launched a new podcast to address trademark issues, and earlier this week he interviewed me to discuss branding, logo design, and so on. We mostly talked about aesthetic approaches (not so much the legal stuff that’s his bread and butter). You can listen to our discussion here.

• • • • • •

Uni Watch News Ticker

By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Lots of people sent this in: Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie apologized for wearing a “These O’s Ain’t Royal” T-shirt at his postgame press conference Tuesday night. … Red Wing Shoes is selling a throwback boot for a model that was originally designed for Ted Williams (from Tommy Turner). … The illustrations for William Bryce’s “Canadian base ball guide for 1877″ are now online at the Canadian Library and Archives’ website — the four links have color illustrations of socks, hats and belts (from Will Scheibler). … Miguel Cabrera stars in a Chrysler ad that has blank jerseys and caps, which I find wildly distracting.

NFL News: “I have noticed that the NFL game balls are darker this year,” says Tony Bruno. “I asked a friend who’s a rep for Wilson, and he said that this year they can use a ball for three weeks instead of new game balls every week. The more they are used, the darker they get.” … The Ravens will wear black tops with pink accessories on Sunday (from Phil). … Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth, who supposedly looks like Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, got to meet the Packers’ seamstresses, who made up a jersey for him (from Aaron McHargue). … Here’s a look at Washington’s record in recent years broken down by pants design (from David Cline).

College Football News: Dockers and the NCAA are selling team-branded khakis (from Phil). … Oregon made a video to show how its throwback helmets are made (from Phil). … A TCU player had an upside-down Big 12 logo Saturday (from Phil). … BYU will wear black uniforms next month (from Phil). … USC will wear metallic helmets with chrome facemasks for its homecoming game.

Hockey News: Here’s a look at the Sabres’ uniform history (from Phil). … The Islanders’ fisherman throwbacks reemerged in part because of eBay (from Phil). … Garrett Heller reports that not only are almost all the Reebok-branded jerseys gone from the AHL — they were replaced by CCM jerseys — but that also the popular RibCore hockey stick is now made CCM instead of Reebok. “Makes me think when Reebok’s jersey contract with the NHL expires in a few seasons, the company bidding for renewal will be under the CCM name (rather than Reebok or even the rumor of Adidas),” he says.

Basketball News: Here’s a Knicks uniform timeline. It’s a little hard to read on that link, so use the download button and you’ll get a PDF, which you can enlarge for easier viewing. Those pages are from this year’s Knicks media guide. … The Knicks will wear this patch for games against the Nets before the All-Star break this year. … New away unis for Kansas (from Phil). … New blue jerseys for Florida (from Phil). … The NBA 2K15 video game shows a new sleeved version of the Raptors’ camouflage jersey (from Sunny Moon). .

Grab Bag: The Seattle Sounders unveiled the (very simplistic) logo for their FC 2 team (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Here’s how your brain processes a logo (from Brinke). … Wilson is selling “Wilson” from the film Cast Away. Timely! … I don’t usually pimp my work here at Uni Watch, but here’s something some of you might find interesting: I have an Instagram account where I post pics of what I’m most interested in – jerseys and cool signs from around Chicago. Follow me if you please.