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Utah Jazz to Wear Cancer Fundraising Patch Next Season

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Yesterday morning the Utah Jazz announced that they’d be unveiling their jersey advertisement patch later in the day. The patch, they promised, would be “innovative.”

Hmmmm, what did they mean by that? Like, was the patch going to be rhinestone-studded? Would it have some sort of electronic component, like a Fitbit? It was easy to envision lots of worst-case scenarios.

Shows what I know. The Jazz have partnered with Qualtrics, a Utah-based software company. About a year ago Qualtrics launched a cancer research fundraising initiative, called 5 for the Fight (the idea is to get everyone to contribute $5). And here’s the innovative part: Instead of wearing the Qualtrics logo, the Jazz will wear a “5 for the Fight” patch.

The patches will be in Jazz team colors (here’s the version for the home jersey) and will not have any reference to Qualtrics. In other words, the corporation is completely subordinating its own identity and just promoting its charity initiative. Imagine that.

The original idea was for a standard corporate ad patch with the Jazz wearing the Qualtrics logo. But then Qualtrics came up with the idea of doing the “5 for the Fight” patch. At the press conference, Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith talked about the unusual nature of the promotion:

It would’ve been a lot easier, probably, just to put ‘Qualtrics’ on the jersey. And everyone who knows me knows how hard it is to put something besides ‘Qualtrics’ on the jersey patch. But it’s the right thing to do, and I think it’s pretty much the first like this where there’s actually a campaign that’s going on. … I think it’s going to make people think differently about the NBA and the patch, and all the things that can be done.

I think he’s right. This patch instantly makes all the standard corporate ad patches look like the craven, greed-driven maneuvers they are. In the wake of this move, how can any other NBA team go with a conventional corporate ad? Well, I’m sure they’ll find a way. But now they’ll look even worse than they already would have.

I also liked this quote from Jazz team president Steve Starks:

When we had a chance to show this to the team a few weeks ago, they were pumped about it as well. They loved the fact that they could wear something on their chest and be proud about it, that it wasn’t just the logo of a corporation, but they could go feel like they’re part of a bigger cause.

Good for them. Starks also had some interesting things to say about how the NBA felt about all of this: “The NBA has been supportive. It took a while to get their heads around this, because it was so innovative and creative, but the NBA came to love it.”

I’ve already heard some people saying, “The Jazz are just doing this for publicity!” or “Qualtrics is just doing this for publicity!” or both. Yes, of course they are — the whole point of a charitable enterprise is to generate publicity for the cause. And what exactly is wrong with that?

 Nobody is suggesting that the Jazz or Qualtrics suddenly deserve to be treated like Gandhi. But they’ve taken a mechanism that could have been a simple profit-taking enterprise and turned it into a charitable enterprise. Good for them.

Moreover, the Jazz aren’t creating an unsightly new uniform and merchandising it with the promise of donating the net revenue to charity (like MLB does on Memorial Day, for example). They’re just adding a patch to their existing uniform. And they’re doing it with a corporate partner that’s choosing not to push its own corporate identity as part of the patch. And while I confess that I’d never heard of “5 for the Fight” until yesterday (and would like to learn more about it, just as I’d like to learn more about any charity before declaring what I think about it), the basic idea of encouraging lots of people to contribute a small, reasonable cash sum — $5 — sounds much more attractive than raising funds by selling lots of branded merchandised crap.

There is, however, a potential catch.

Like other NBA ad patch partnerships that have been announced for the 2017-18 season, the Jazz/Qualtrics deal is for three years. But in a promotional video, Smith — the Qualtrics CEO — says the patch “will be on the jersey this season.” Does that mean it will be replaced by the Qualtrics logo for the two seasons after that?

I posed that question to the Jazz PR department — no response. So I contacted Jazz beat reporter Andy Larsen, who was at the press conference, and asked if he could find out. He looked into it and then got back to me with this: “Official word is ‘No determination yet on second and third years. Will evaluate after 17-18 season.'”

So while it’s nice that the Jazz and Qualtrics are doing a good deed, they might just go back to corporate business as usual after one year. That would be very disappointing, and would squander a lot of the goodwill they’re generating here. Here’s hoping they’re smart enough not to go that route.

Qualtrics will also be providing data-analytics services for the Jazz, just like GE will be doing for the Celtics and Infor will be doing for the Nets. Tech/software companies are turning out to be a surprisingly strong category for these uniform ads.

Finally, several readers have noted that this isn’t the first time a pro sports team has worn a patch on an ongoing basis (as opposed to just for one game) to promote a charitable initiative. Back in the 1980s and ’90s, the Winnipeg Jets promoted their charitable foundation by wearing various “Goals for Kids” patches (further info here). When the Jets moved to Phoenix and became the Coyotes, the franchise continued the tradition.

But the Jazz have an advantage over any hockey team: When one of their players gets set to shoot a free throw and the camera zooms in on that patch, the TV broadcasters will be able to say that the player is “at the charity stripe.” That term will now resonate in a way it never has before.

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Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

Pitchers and catchers start rolling into camp this week, so this is a great time to feature one of the rarest of the rare Giants bobbleheads, featuring Mike Krukow (left) and Duane Kuiper, the team’s popular TV/radio duo. When I say they are legends around here, I am not exaggerating. This bobblehead set has a sound chip featuring the duo’s catchphrases, such as Krukow’s “Grab some pine, meat.” As I recall, this wasn’t even a ballpark giveaway. I remember it being sold in The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper in 2003 for about $25, which was more than I wanted to spend at the time — a poor decision on my part, in retrospect, as these things now go for a fortune.

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• Couple of great vintage Bengals items here. First, a sideline jacket tailored by Koch’s Sporting Goods, and also a helmet worn by player Bill Kollar.

• Don’t recall ever seeing this Cincinnati Reds Marathon sticker before, and believe me, back in the day, I didn’t miss many things like that. (As an aside, here’s a story from Todd Radom on why the Red’s “running man” character always wore No. 27. I remember being surprised when outfielder Gene Locklear started wearing it in 1973!)

• Always loved the graphics on this big 1970s NFL cardboard signs. Note how they recycled the graphics for different teams.

• Here’s your chance to own a Joe Namath-endorsed “Butter-Up Corn Popper” by Hamilton Beach. No Jets logo, but he is wearing the team jersey.

• Here’s a 1968 Green Bay Packers “NFL Collector’s Series” poster that’s in perfect shape. Perfectly folded, that is! But the auction listing states that Sears actually sold them this way. Unforgivable.

• These burgundy/yellow “Dri-Grip” all-purpose wristbands were NFL-approved. No team logo, but the package does come with the NFL shield.

• All this 1970s Oakland Ray-duhz helmet plaque needs is a little narration from John Facenda, am I right?

• Check out the artwork on this 1970s-1980s NFL pillowcase.

• Here’s a rather unique-looking Buffalo Bills bank from the 1960s.

• Great contemporary look to this 1970s Montreal Canadiens poster.

• And we close out with one from reader Will Scheibler: If you like the old Quebec Nordiques logo, you’ll love the variation of it that appears on this pee-wee hockey jersey.

• • • • •

BFBS question: A question popped up yesterday on Twitter: Who came up with the term “BFBS” (short for “black for black’s sake”)? Phil thought it was me, but I’m pretty sure it was not me. I’ve used the term a lot, but I didn’t coin it myself, and I don’t recall who did. Was it you? Speak up!

Party reminder: Uni Watch gathering this Sunday, Feb. 19, 3pm, in the back room of the Douglass (which is the same place we used to meet at, Sheep Station, but with a new name). Phil will be there, I’ll be there, I may have theoretical T-shirts to sell, etc. Come join us!

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: A marketing exec who helped create the Blue Jays’ original logo talked about the design process. I just learned a few weeks ago that the team most likely took the name and colors from Labatt Blue, the signature beer of the Canadian brewery that owned the team (from Ian Hunter). … Remember a few weeks ago when we all kvetched in the comment section about people misspelling our names? Looks like Pete Rose can chime in if he sees this cheap counterfeit jersey that Perry Sailor found. … Speaking of Charlie Hustle, here’s footage of the Reds in Spring Training in 1975 (from Brice Wallace). … Later this month, a Cleveland baseball museum is hosting a roundtable discussion about the history of sandlot baseball in the city. From that, here’s a good old shot of an Indians pitcher and a bunch of local kids wearing their different uniforms (from Eric Bunnell). … The Bowling Green Hot Rods will wear 1970s fauxbacks on Thursdays this season (from Eric Leach). … Charleston Southern softball has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wordmark on its jerseys (from @willchitty4). … Joe DiMaggio wore a No. 4 “Electricians” uniform during a charity game in 1944 (from @BSmile). … New uniforms for West Virginia (from @cdubya242). … New batting helmets for Auburn baseball and softball. … Infielder Jean Segura, now with the Mariners, will wear No. 2 this season.

NFL News: Much like Tom Brady last week, Brett Favre said that his jersey from Super Bowl XXXI went missing during the postgame celebration. … The wife of Keith Clowers made a Cowboys jersey box which their son will use to collect Valentine’s Day cards at school today. Here’s another look at the front. … Not uniform-related but too great not to share: Nine minutes of Randy Moss catching long touchdown passes. I don’t like how anything visually appealing is described as “porn” (design porn, food porn, etc.), but this highlight reel truly is football porn.

College Football News: Virginia Tech announced its White, Maroon, and Orange Effect games for the 2017 season (from Andrew Cosentino).

Hockey News: Capitals G Braden Holtby will wear an equality-themed mask for the team’s “Hockey Is for Everyone” night on Feb. 24 (from Phil). … The English River Miners, a junior team, will wear Don Cherry jerseys on Saturday (from Will Scheibler). … When he was the head coach during the early 1980s, the Bruins’ Gerry Cheevers wore a jacket with “Coach Cheesie” on it (from Tris Wykes). … Pro wrestler Shawn Michaels wore a customized Penguins jersey with “HBK” on the sleeves. His nickname was the Heartbreak Kid (from Tyler McNally).

NBA News: The Timberwolves indicated to their season ticket holders that they will have new jerseys and colors — lime green, navy, and heather grey — next season (from Tyler Wiederhoeft). … The Thunder and Wizards went blue-vs.-red last night in Washington. Ryan Lindemann was at the game and saw a Wizards uniform history display. … The Charles Oakley jersey that Spike Lee wore to the Knicks game on Sunday was actually an altered Landry Field jersey. The big story there is that Lee owned three Fields jerseys. … Matthew Harvey redesigned every NBA team’s logo and, along with some friends, created a bunch of Jazz data visualizations, game posters, and graphics. … The Suns and Pelicans went grey-vs.-red (from Zach Loesl). … Always good to see photos of Dr. J during his two-game preseason stint as an Atlanta Hawk. Legal wrangling sent him back to the ABA (from Alan Kreit).

College Hoops News: Virginia Tech’s Chris Clarke wore a backwards LeBron James jersey during warm-ups the other day (from Andrew Cosentino). … Two University of Manitoba items from Will Scheibler: The Bisons played Moorehead in 1952 and both teams wore belts, and the school’s women’s team, the Bisonettes, had shiny satin uniforms in 1954.

Soccer News: After making his 500th club appearance, Real Madrid gave Sergio Ramos a jersey with FNOB and No. 500 on the back. He goes FNOB in games, too (from Nick Maibroda).

Grab Bag: Here are the hoodies for Team Finland Box Lacrosse. Judging by how much padding box lacrosse goalies wear, I don’t think anyone has ever scored a goal in that sport.

Baseball Hall of Fame Jersey-Redesign Results

I recently challenged Uni Watch readers to redesign those crummy jerseys that the Baseball Hall of Fame gives to its new inductees. A handful of readers responded, and today we’re going to look at the best entries I received.

One reader at a time (for all images, you can click to enlarge):

Best Pinstriped Design: Joe Hilseberg

“I think this calls for something simple, clean, and timeless,” says Joe. I agree, and I think he nailed it very nicely.

Joe goes on: “I think it would be really cool is to have sleeve patches of all the teams the inductee has played for. As you can see, I mocked up what it could look like for the current class. I just used the logos I had on hand for the teams, but it would be better to use era-appropriate logos from the player’s time with the team.”

Best Non-Pinstriped Design: Adam Cain

I really like that Adam included separate home and road versions. “I like the ‘Cooperstown’ lettering but couldn’t convince myself it belonged on a home white, so I went with standard road grey,” he explains. “The chest patch shown on the home white would also be on the caps. The number would of course change with the year of the class.”

Best Non-Jersey Idea: Alex Rocklein

Alex decided to skip the jersey idea altogether and bring back baseball sweaters. Not a bad idea, since the Hall’s election results are always announced in January. “It even looks great with a shirt and tie underneath!” notes Alex, and he’s right.

Those were my favorite entries. Any of them would be a huge improvement over the current jerseys. Your move, Hall of Fame!

Want to see more? Here are all of the submissions we received (if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here):

• • • • •

Party reminder: Uni Watch gathering this Sunday, Feb. 19, 3pm, in the back room of the Douglass (which is the same place we used to meet at, Sheep Station, but with a new name). Phil will be there, I’ll be there, I may have theoretical T-shirts to sell, etc. Come join us!

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Delving once again into the inconspicuous: Lately I’ve become intrigued by windshield wiper design. Look at these two sets of windshield wipers shown above, for exampe: The wipers on the left are anchored close to each other and move in tandem, while the wipers on the right are anchored on opposite sides of the car and face each other. And for the car on the left, one of the wiper arms is straight and the other is bent. The more you look, the more you’ll discover that no two cars seem to have the same wiper configuration.

Wiper design seemed like an interesting niche to explore, and I wanted to learn more about it, so I did what I usually do when I want to learn more about something: I wrote an article about it. It’s up now on the science/tech website Ars Technica, and you can check it out here.

Big thanks to my Ars Technica editor, Eric Bangeman, for making this story happen. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Eric is a longtime Uni Watch reader and Ticker contributor. He specializes in rugby items (he has a rugby contribution in today’s Grab Bag, in fact) and was wearing an Australian rugby jersey when I met him at a Uni Watch gathering in Chicago back in 2007. He’s frequently invited me to write for Ars, but I’m not the most science/tech-y guy, so we could never come up with a good topic — until now. Glad we finally got to work together, Eric!

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball NewsWe’ve seen this before, but once more won’t hurt: Here’s an awesome video from the 1967 World Series showing an ump swiping a Cardinals player’s hat after the final out (from Erik Spoonmore). … The San Francisco Cardinals? (From Tony Hansel.) … Looks like Notre Dame will be sporting kelly green pullovers this season (from Anthony Adamo). … Good to see that Eastern Michigan will once again be making heavy use of their script E logo this season (from Cam Newton).

Pro Football News: Weird Photoshop work on the Saints’ throwback unis in this Facebook graphic (from Ray Garofolo). … Found at a Cleveland K-Mart: A vintage T-shirt from the new Browns’ inaugural season (from Matt). … East High School in Rochester, N.Y., has a special display for alumnus Ronald Williams, who went on to become a tight end for the Super Bowl XXXIV champion Rams. The display includes this gold-colored football. Balls like this one were gifted to the high schools of every Super Bowl champion before last year’s Super Bowl (from Joseph Bailey). … May have been mentioned this before, but check out the orange goalposts the old World Football League used (from Steve B.).

Hockey NewsSabres C Sam Reinhart was wearing a cap with the team’s early 2000s logo in a recent postgame interview (from Moe Khan). … The Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL wore pretty bold uniforms in support of the Jayden DeLuca Foundation for pediatric heart disease (from Brett Thomas). … Louise Brooks FC found this WHA All-Star game prototype jersey.

NBA News: The Bulls and T-Wolves went color-on-color yestersay (thanks, Mike). … Oscar Robertson: The original Rip Hamilton (from Jeff Ash).

College Hoops NewsWilliam & Mary wore special warm-ups on Saturday for Charter Day, which celebrates the school’s founding. The shirts read “Chartered 1693” (from Gregory Koch). … Virginia Tech wore maroon at home last night, forcing Virginia to wear white on the road (from Andrew Cosentino). …  Washington State and Colorado went color-on-(almost) color (also from Andrew Cosentino). … The Syracuse women wore pink yesterday against North Carolina (from Cam Newton). … Louisiana Laffayette’s floor is…interesting (from Jason Jones).

Grab Bag: DC United of the MLS has a new kit that is apparently full of Easter eggs (from Pablo Maurer). … A high school football team in Canada says a special decal helped reduce concussions last season (from Tony Arnoldine). … Players for the Adelaide Crows of the AWFL are wearing concussion sensors behind their ears (from Graham Clayton). …  Some interesting points raised in this opinion piece about Nike’s pro-equality ad campaign (from Douglas Ford). … France’s rugby team wore its alternate kit against Scotland yesterday. France is the only rugby national team that does not currently have a jersey advertiser on the front, but the one worn on Saturday did have an ad — from the French Rugby Union. It said, “France 2023,” in support of France’s bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup (from Eric Bangeman).

A Bunch of Uni Concepts for Your Sunday Reading Pleasure


By Phil Hecken

It’s been a long time — far too long — since I’ve run any reader design concepts, and while there haven’t been all that many submissions over the past few months, I do have somewhat of a backlog, and I’d like to get to some of those today. It being the “slow” time between the end of football season and the beginning of baseball season, now’s a good day to check out some of the designs the readers of Uni Watch have sent in. If you have any designs you’d like to submit for our viewing, please shoot me an e-mail with your designs and a brief description. If you have a whole *mess* of concepts (as several readers have in the past), send them my way and perhaps we can design a lede around them.

Now then, onto the concepts (you can click to enlarge).

. . . . . . . . . .

First up today is Douglas Malicki, with a Tennessee Titans concept:

Titans - Doug Malicki

I’m an Art Director here in NYC and a long-time fan of the blog. I’m also a Wisconsin native and love reading about your excursions through that great state. If you ever find yourself in Door County, you need to check out Sister Bay Bowl if you haven’t already.

Anyway, please take a look at my attached Tennessee Titans uniform concept. This is the first in a series of uniform updates I want to do for some teams that could use a little uni-love.

The spirit of the current look remains, but I lost the flames on the logo since I never really liked how that sat on the helmet. To me it makes the “T” and 3 star motif too small. I also made the stars white to relate more to the TN state flag which is a beauty. (I lived there through HS and college).

I lost the pointy “stripes” on the current helmet and replaced them with the motif you see on the left of the image. This motif is also used on the pants. I wanted to bring in just a little more red to respect the origins of the team as the Oilers.

Have a great weekend. Hope you enjoy,

Doug Malicki
DJM Creative

. . . . . . . . . . .

Next up is Steve Meyerson with a logo for the Binghamton Devils:

bd - Steve Meyerson bdev - Steve Meyerson

I am a long time fan of UniWatch and I have never submitted any materials as of yet…

I am a long time hockey fan/Illustrator (the Rangers are my team) and logo / uniform design has been an obsession of mine since I was a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s- where I used to make my own jerseys with permanent markers and iron on colored fabric. (Back in those days you couldn’t just walk into a sporting goods store and buy a team jersey so you had to make do with what you had).

Anyway, I came up with a couple of ideas for the Binghamton Devils and thought I’d share them with you. (Even though I am a life-long Ranger fan, I still recognize the Devils logo as one of the best designed in all of sports)

The photoshop work is kind of rough but I think my ideas come across.

The second one I tried to get “clever” a la Hartford Whalers and made the lower bout of the B transform into a “D” so you kind of see it as “B-D”

Would love to hear your views.

Best regards,
Steve Meyerson

. . . . . . . . . .

Next we have Mack Shepard who is trying to solve the throwback/one helmet problem…

bucthrwbck1 - Mack Shepard

bucthrwbck - Mack Shepard

Hi team,

This is (not a conventional) solution to the NFL 1 shell policy for the Tampa bay Buccaneers.
Seems almost every team has found some type of work around to their throwbacks except the Bucs.

Additional Rant:
Not a fan of Nike’s recent re-design of the Bucs unis,. micro sized sleeve patches, weird brownish shouldered jerseys, shiny hard to read numbering.. just weird. Ok the new skull-flag is pretty rad, just too large on the helmet.

Really liked Nike’s version before re-design, colors popped, jerseys and pants less “glossy” a bit more “matte” seemed to translate well on tv.

Tampa has some really unique color and logo possibilities, just need a little tweeking here and there.

Uniwatch reader,
Mack Shepard

. . . . . . . . . .

Moving along, our own Rex Henry, the ACC Tracker on SMUW, has an idea on how to change da Raiduhs (and their move to Vegas…):

Raiders Total_Silver-Gold - Rex Henry

I designed a Vegas version for the Raiders, changing the silver to gold.
They kept silver in Oakland and LA, so moving away from the coast calls for a new color to match the desert.

Before everyone starts screaming New Orleans Saints, remember the Raiders lack extra color & trim and don’t wear black pants & black socks.


. . . . . . . . . .

Our next contestant is Nathan Haas who has tinkered with the Vikings Color Rash:

Vikings - Nathan Haas Vikings - Nathan Haas

I know you hate purple but kinda like these. But I think the design would be much approved with all gold horns. The white stood out too much and make the design off balanced. See attached.

Nathan Haas

. . . . . . . . . .

Next up is Hovie Hawk, who has a simple tweak to #BringBackTheBrown for the Padres…

BrownWhite - Hovie Hawk BrownWhite2 - Hovie Hawk BrownWhite3 - Hovie Hawk

To me it’s amazing how a uniform can completely transform just by slight tweaking of a color scheme. Love what you do! Thanks.

Hovie Hawk
Creative Director
Design Hovie Studios inc.

. . . . . . . . . .

Today’s penultimate concept/tweak comes from Jason Martynowski, who’d like to rename the Cleveland Baseball Club:

Indians - Jason Martynowski

I’m not sure if this was suggested before, but if it has been then I wholeheartedly agree with the idea. I don’t really suggest renaming the Indians, just dropping the name and Wahoo and going with The Cleveland Baseball Club.

I grew up not really thinking anything of Wahoo other than it was the logo, I didn’t really humanize it, which in a way is somehow worse. I now completely agree that it needs to go and don’t understand at all the complete and total opposition the (seemingly) majority of the fan base has to dropping the racist caricature. I feel like despite their passion to retain it, this is a losing battle and the league will eventually force it out. The problem I have with this route is that I’m sure the organization will drop the secondary Wahoo logo and keep the name, and we will just go through the same silly argument over the name at some point. I also am not a big fan of going back to the Cleveland Spiders name or any other possible throwback title that I think will land with a thud. So why not just get rid of the nickname all together? Lots of team names in sports are pretty dumb anyways, so instead of naming a team after a popular recent movie or just using an alliteration for no other good reason (Looking at you, Washington Wizards) why not just forego the whole thing?

I also don’t think this would entail much of a “rebranding” either, uniforms can remain similar and they could keep the block C logo. Marketing should be super easy and would probably be the best counter to anyone screaming about the tradition of Chief Wahoo. Hell, what has more Cleveland tradition than Cleveland?

I devised some unis using the templates on the Wikipedia page and my YouDoodle app. I kept the road unis the same, and made the homes similar getting rid of the script “Indians” and replacing with the block “CLEVELAND” from the roads with inverse colors. I REALLY liked the spring training “C” shirts they worse this year, so I basically did that but made them look less spring-trainingy. The 2nd alternate I had fun with making it more of a faux-throwback. I made a “cBc” logo using the letting from their 1921 jerseys commemorating their first championship. Perhaps it looks a little too CBGB, but I like it, damnit.

Jason Martynowski

. . . . . . . . . .

Our final tweak/concept for today comes from Kevin Wallace, who has done a bit of altering on the classic Laker uni:

magic - Kevin Wallace

Can I submit a historical uni-tweak?

This is maybe sacrilegious to uniwatchers. I really like the classic Lakers jersey – it’s certainly a lot better than the current one with the silly collar – but the numbers have always annoyed me. The 3D is weird – it shouldn’t only be on the right side of the numbers and the perspective always looked strange to me, especially when there are two digits as they don’t have a common vanishing point – and if there are two numbers they are too far apart, partly because of the too big shadow/3D. Anyway, attached is my attempt to retrospectively correct Magic’s jersey by making the 3D look more natural and adjusting the spacing.

Kevin Wallace

. . . . . . . . . .

And that’s all for today. I still have more, and I’ll try to run the “uni tweaks & concepts” more often as a sub-lede going forward. If you guys have any tweaks or concepts or even wholescale rebrandings…shoot them my way.

line of hearts


ESPN reminder: In case you missed it Thursday, the results of Paul’s Chargers-redesign contest have finally been published. Enjoy.

Speaking of redesign contests, Paul will have the results of our “Redesign the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Induction Jersey” challenge next week.

Party reminder: Uni Watch party next Sunday, Feb. 19, 3pm, in the back room of the Douglass (which is the same place we used to meet at, Sheep Station, but with a new name). Paul will be there, I’ll be there, and Paul may have theoretical T-shirts to sell, etc. Come join us!

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: With Spring Training starting this week (hallelujah!), you know you need to see this tremendous Roberto Clemente photo (from Bruce Menard). Those may be my favorite Pirate rups ever. … “On they are selling ‘authentic’ 2017 Flex Base jerseys” says John Gagosian. “The Nationals’ jerseys on that site feature front numbers that are significantly smaller than last year’s. IMO the smaller numbers look puny and lonely over there on the lower right side. Might as well be like the Tigers and Yankees and do without the front numbers entirely.” He seems to have a point. … “In last Sunday’s ticker there was a link to a Bleedcubbieblue article on the Cubs 60th anniversary of their pinstriped uniforms,” says Paul Kosman. The article mentioned that the Cubs added the Cubby bear patch to their shoulder in 1962 and for the first two years the patch was worn on the non-glove hand side of the player.” He contines, “These two cards show the patch on different shoulders. But this card of Jim Brewer shows him with the patch on his hand side, not his glove side. I wrote about this on my Cubs baseball card blog, Wrigley Wax. I included my theory as to how this may have happened.” … Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected: Ashly Elam got a new New Era cap and the New Era logo is sewn on, rather than affixed with glue or heat-pressed. … What’s old is new again. On Friday, Northwestern Softball debuted embroidered helmet logos “modeled after our friends at the @Cubs” (from Clint Richardson). … Jimmer Vilk will really love these retro Astros caps found in the team store at Minute Maid Park (from Denis Costello). … Here’s the Maryland flag script jerseys the Orioles will wear on May 20 (according to John Cannon). … The Miami Marlins are looking for a stadium advertiser and they’d like to have that in place by the All Star break (from Brinke).

NFL/CFL/Football News: The Roughriders showed off the logo celebrating the upcoming inaugural season at the new Mosaic Stadium on their website (from Wade Heidt). … “Back in 1974, visionary Nick G. Zapos had an idea for light-up goal posts,” says Ray Hund. “In fact, I found the patent number for his invention: US3825261. The drawing resembles a Rube Goldberg cartoon, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Different colors could indicate whether a FG/PAT was made or missed — same with a TD. LED lighting makes for many possibilities. And, after reading in Uni-watch the fantastic study of Super Bowl end zone colors over the years, energized goal posts could be added to the design mix in the future.” … CROSSOVER ALERT: The Super Bowl champion Patriots at the Bruins game wearing Bruins sweaters reflecting their own uniform numbers led to Nate Solder wearing Ray Bourque’s retired #77 (from Stephen Hayes, also posted in the Hockey section). … Can a decal detect or prevent concussions? Gene Sanny says, “Interesting: a decal that helps prevent concussions. The only NFL team that would still suffer is the Browns… oh, and the left side of the Steelers :)”

Hockey News: The Wheat Kings wore the 1960s throwback beauties on Friday night. Here is the Wheat Kings’ twitter link showing the uniforms in action (from Wade Heidt). … The Cincy Cyclones had an interesting purple jersey for Fight Cancer Night yesterday, with what appears to be a houndstooth pattern (from Jeff Tasca). They also, um, went with purple ice. … “I’m not sure if these were purely for use in pre-game warmups or if they’re the official in-game pucks, but I noticed some curious AT&T ads on the bottoms of the pucks before (yesterday) afternoon’s Boston vs. Vancouver game at TD Garden,” says a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. “I can’t say I recall ever seeing advertisements on NHL pucks before. Also note the rainbow “You Can Play” initiative stick tape.” … CROSSOVER ALERT: The Super Bowl champion Patriots at the Bruins game wearing Bruins sweaters reflecting their own uniform numbers led to Nate Solder wearing Ray Bourque’s retired #77 (from Stephen Hayes, also posted in the NFL section). … Here is a look at the Dallas Stars 25th Anniversary patch, which according to Dylan Nadwodny, will “presumably be worn” on their sweaters next season. He adds it’s a “screen cap from the 25th Anniversary announcement video.” … Reader Daniel Estabrooks has some in-depth Penguins observations: “I noticed recently that the Penguins appear to have had three slightly different primary logos on their jerseys in the 1980s – one from 1979-80 through 1984-85, a second version from 1985-86 through 1988-89, and a final version from 1989-90 through 1991-92, before they switched to Robo Penguin for the 1992-93 season. They differ in the amount/pattern of white on the penguin’s right arm. Here are some links to cards on that show the changes: 1979-80 (small white area above the glove); 1985-86 (large white area above the glove); 1989-90 (no white above the glove). In the 1985-86 link, you’ll notice that the logo featured on the card has no black above the glove, which seems to have always been their “official” logo. So I wonder why they were adding varying amounts of white on the actual jersey.” … Last night Josh Gorges lost his front helmet number and it became partially stuck by the back number (good spot by jeffreybigmoney). … Minnesota and THE Ohio State played a color vs color gray game yesterday (from Patrick Thomas). … The Huntsville Havoc and Mississippi Riverkings went color vs. color yesterday (from BETZ). … The Roanoke Rail Yard Dogs (an SPHL team) wore “Hokie maroon & orange” jerseys last night for their College Night. VT’s Coach Beamer dropped the puck (from Alexander Jones). … Twenty-six years after being drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, Eric Lindros put on the jersey for the first time.

NBA News: According to Darren Rovell, The guys at @FreshBrewedTees are selling a Charles Oakley support shirt where a % actually goes to Oakley. … Perhaps trying to beat Zach to the punch, Mike Chamernik reports on the NBA yesterday: 76ers in blue throwbacks at home against the Heat (in white), as well as Black vs. red between the Hornets and Clippers. … Also from Mike, Russell Westbrook arrived to his game in a Willie Beamen jersey (from Any Given Sunday). Here’s a bit more on that. … The Cleveland Cavaliers Derrick Williams is on a 10 day contract, and he wore 32 on Thursday and wore 3 yesterday (from Kevin Chumra). And here’s why. … More color vs. color yesterday as Indiana and Milwaukee paired up (from Kyle Piercy). … Indeed it was good Mike got his submissions in, because here is the NBA report from Zach Loesl: Couple of interesting pictures from Kevin Durant’s return to OKC; also from Zach: Color on color between LA and Charlotte, and also: Philadelphia wore retro uniforms against Miami. … Also going color vs. color was Boston vs. Utah (from tweeter Zach). Tweeter Tyler Carlson thinks it’s the worst/most confusing color on color ever.

College Hoops News: Check out this classic pic of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lew Alcindor playing for the UCLA Bruins back in the day (from Sports Paper). … Illinois and Penn State went color vs. color yesterday (from Tom Whitfield). … The CMU women’s hoops team wore pink uniforms yesterday (from Blake Geschke). … Tweeter Spencer Nolet says “volt vs purple actually works. Most colors really clash with volt.” You spelled “all colors” wrong. … Nothing special here, but there is something pleasing to the OCD to see a set up jerseys lined up in numerical order (from UVA Equipment). … THE Ohio State and Maryland went ketchup vs mustard yesterday. Or as Funhouse says, “I am craving a Big Mac. … The University of Oregon, as they are wont to do, went BFBS last night against USC. … Florida State and Notre Dame went color vs. color yesterday (from Andrew Cosentino). … Mississippi State was wearing “cool color-changing jerseys” for their game against South Carolina (from Patrick O’Neill). … Wake Forest wore pink trimmed jerseys yesterday (from James Gilbert). … Here’s a look at those beautiful HBU throwback from last evening (from HBU Basketball).

Soccer News: Apologies if we already saw this (so many reveals and leaks the past day or so), but here’s the leaked New England jersey (from Jeff Israel). Yes, it’s the full kit top now. … There was a halftime jersey swap for Atlanta United in their scrimmage yesterday. Red/black stripe jersey 1st half. New white jerseys were worn in the 2nd half. Yep, they used the second half of their scrimmage to unveil their new away kits (h/t Chris Thorpe).

Grab Bag: Toby Keith was wearing a Waffle House hat at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am yesterday (from Patrick Thomas). … Interesting New Balance high-top cleats for Hofstra Lacrosse (from LaxSportsNet). … Also from Lax Sports, new uniforms for Denver. … From Lee David Wilds comes The Evolution of Roller Derby Style. … The discussion that just won’t die: Charles Fisher writes, “Just a quick note from something in the ticker the other day – the new Air Canada livery isn’t necessarily BFBS. They did include black in their designs as far back as the 1970s at the beginning of the company — including the AIR CANADA being printed in black. Through the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s they had black tail fins with a red maple leaf. So the new livery is really only bringing back an original colour. I don’t think it really qualifies as BFBS even though it does seem like it might. They are also reintroducing the use of the Air Canada rondelle, which they got rid of in favour of just a maple leaf in about 1993.”

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And that’s it for today. Thanks to all the concepters who submitted. Keep ’em coming! I’ll be skedaddling early today — taking in a New Jersey Devils game and then curling — so you guys have a great week and I will catch you next weekend — and hopefully will see some of you at the Douglass gathering on Sunday. And a Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate. Till then…

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“The Ravens were a new franchise who just so happened to have the same owner, coaches, and all the same players as the Browns had the year before.”

— Special K

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Uni Watch Profile: Meet Ethan Dimitroff

Ethan Dimitroff Ethan Dimitroff2

By Phil Hecken

The dashing gentleman you see above is Ethan Dimitroff, whose name most of you will likely recognize as one of my Sunday Morning Uni Watch uni “trackers.” This past fall, Ethan joined my other trackers (Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt and Kyle Acker), first by taking over the SEC tracking (a sample of which is below — you can click this or any image to enlarge), and then by assuming the B1G duties as well:

SEC Football Uniform Tracker Bowls

The entire year of SEC tracking can be found here. Not only did Ethan ably take over the SEC, he also jumped in to complete the final several games of the B1G when a prior tracker could no longer continue his tracking. Ethan also is the proprietor of the West Virginia Mountaineer uni tracker — which is pretty self-explanatory — and which tracks not only the 2016 uni combos, but goes back decades as well. It’s a pretty awesome research project, and one worth poking around for a few minutes.

I had hoped to feature some of the work (and uni interests) of my SMUW crew over the coming months, and today you’ll get to “meet” Ethan. Not only was he a great tracker (always getting me his work on time, pinching in), he was even able to do tracking the day of his wedding! (He did take the next weekend off while on his honeymoon, the slacker.) In fact, the profile picture that serves as the splash features him on his big day (the one on the right).

Like so many talented folks who read and contribute to Uni Watch, Ethan is also a uniform designer, and I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into some of his design work, and get to know him a little better. Here’s my “sit-down” with Ethan:

Uni Watch: You do amazing graphic work for SMUW and the WVU tracker. Are you a designer by trade? What’s your “day job”?

Ethan Dimitroff: Well “what I do for a living” I am a Deputy County Clerk for Kanawha County here in Charleston. I work in the record room with deeds and estates; real fun stuff. On election years I also do election work. Sadly I don’t do any professional graphic design. Which isn’t to say I haven’t tried. In my last job I made a new logo for the business and I’ve shopped some of my work I’ve done.

UW: Did you take any design classes in school? Clearly you have some skills — are you self-taught or is this something you learned in school? Have you always had a passion for design?

ED: I’ve actually never had any formal graphic design classes. I was a business major in college. I taught myself adobe illustrator and Photoshop (with the help of YouTube videos). I started my graphic design obsession little over 10 years ago when I was still in high school. I joined a fantasy football league at my church and wanted to have my own logo for my team (the Mad Rabbits) and after being unsatisfied with my Microsoft Paint rabbit head I learned Photoshop and many evolutions later I “graduated” to illustrator.

UW: I’m guessing this grew into a full league?

ED: Once I made my logo I made a logo for each team (mostly spoofs of NFL or college teams) then a league logo and so on and so forth. It got to the point that I made uniform designs, championship logos, etc. I’ve never been great at Fantasy Football but I’ve been in 4 leagues and I’ve always done logos for all my teams. I even was a finalist on one of Uni-Watch’s redesign the Hornet’s contest.

ED Hornets

UW: Nice! That’s not too far off from what the Hornets actually went with! I know you’ve done the Mountaineer Tracker. Did you go to WVU? If not, where did you go and did you ever do any design work with (or for) them?

ED: As much as I love WVU I actually attended and graduated from West Virginia State University which is a small D3 school just outside of Charleston. Last summer I spent my free time designing an athletic brand identity for them. The football team uses the generic “block S” that Michigan State uses. I actually sent it in to the acting AD but never heard anything back. I thought it was a way to give back to my school seeing that I didn’t have money to give away. lol.

UW: Awesome. I’m going to run those below as a slideshow. If you can’t see the show, check out the WVSU set here.

UW: What else have you done, and do you think this is something (uniform or other design) you’d want to pursue as a vocation?

ED: This past spring I sent some work to a local semi pro football team; designed some uniforms, logos and such. But never heard back from the owner. I’d love to get into the graphic design business. I took it upon myself after seeing them to redesign their look. The uniforms do look pretty rough. They had plain blue helmets and pants. I tried to steer away from making an interlock wv to look too much like WVU especially with yellow and navy color scheme.

UW: Cool. How about your own uniform tastes. What are some of your influences, or what uni maker out there is a favorite? Would you say you like the more modern stuff or are you more of a traditionalist?

ED: As far as uni interests I’m a big fan of the modern templates that Nike puts out. Sometimes I think their designs are either bland or off. Teams with a traditional style still look the best in my opinion. Sometimes monochromatic can look really good, other times (like 95% of the color rush uniforms) they look really bad. The all white or all black (and even all gray) uniforms are really played out. If you turn on the TV and can’t tell who’s playing then that’s bad.

UW: It’s happening more and more — even with teams who use so-called “school colors” you sometimes can’t tell who’s who.

ED: I know some make a big deal with the matte finish of jerseys and pants and the disappearance of the sleeves but I feel that’s the evolution of the football uniform.

UW: You said teams with a traditional style still look best. Do you have any favorites?

ED: I might be in the minority but I remember as a kid when the Denver Broncos navy uniform really took me aback. The logo, the navy with bright orange stripe I was a huge fan. I wasn’t even a Broncos fan but had to have a John Elway jersey. I think the orange jersey full time really takes some of the appeal away.

UW: You kids today! Just kidding, but when you said Denver Broncos navy uniform and “remember as a kid” I lost a few more gray hairs. When I was a kid the Broncos wore orange jerseys, and dammit, they looked good. Now get off my lawn! Sorry — how about modern unis: what’s your favorite or favorites there?

ED: As far as modern uniforms I think the Seahawks is a solid look. It’d look better with the gray pants. The 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars were really cool with the teal flake. I thought it was good look and it was just enough to make them unique without feeling like a cheap arena team (like what their helmet is now).

UW: I have to say, after initially HATING the Seahawks redesign under Nike, it’s really grown on me. I’m still not a fan of their mono-blue look, but it’s their “thing.” And I totally agree with you on the gray pants. If they’d swap the blue trou for gray (and maybe darken it a bit), that would probably be a top-10 uni.

Back to what first piqued my interest — your WVU Mountaineers. I like that they ditched the gray with their latest redesign, but that pick-axe number font is just brutal. What do you think of their unis?

ED: As far as my favorite team, WVU, I feel their uniform is a bit bland. I used to comment that “as long as they change the helmet the uniform would be just fine” then they changed the helmet. The black elements feel out of place, the side panels are brutal and the “pickaxe” font seems like it belongs more to UTEP than WVU. It makes me miss the 2007-2012 uniform. If the could simplify the jerseys and maybe fix the number font they would have a solid look. My favorite uniform was the 2001 edition (even though that was a terrible season) the block font the trim on the collar and sleeves just a solid home and road look.

UW: Well, hopefully you can do a re-design for the Mountaineers soon! How about baseball? Other than the WVSU baseball uni, have you ever dabbled in baseball uni design?

ED: When it comes to baseball I’m a big fan of a great jersey script. There are a lot of cool solid looks around Major League Baseball. My personal favorite team; the Cincinnati Reds, I love the font they use throughout the brand I even like the black drop shadow. I even designed our church’s new softball jerseys and hats this past summer.

UW: And how did that turn out?

ED: Here’s the jersey design that I made for my church’s slow pitch softball team. I joined my wife’s church this past year when we moved in together and as soon as I found out there was a softball team I joined. Then (naturally) my next order was redoing the uniforms and making logos and such. The old jerseys were gray with scarlet red numbers and block elk river across the front. Since it’s slow pitch softball gotta have a colored “softball” top. Sadly the guy I had making the shirts really kept changing them on me. When I got the finished product they weren’t what I had envisioned.

UW: Neat. Anything else?

ED: Next is some of my fantasy football artwork. First is the Nazarene Football League which was started with some guys and I at my church 12 years ago. I’ve done each logo with uniforms to go with that. The second set is the Mountaineer Fantasy League which I started with a few of my friends from WVU. It’s very WVU themed included the championship round “the Couch Bowl”

UW: Fanastic. Thanks, Ethan. At some point, I’d love to have you back on to feature some more of your work. Thanks again for a great fall of Sunday Morning Uni Watch tracking. Looking forward to you returning again this year!

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A Treasure Trove of Stuff from Ray Hund

Ray Hund hed

Last weekend, I received several emails from Ray Hund, who sent in several sets of “Too Good For The Ticker”-worthy items, but with the massiveness of the Super Bowl posts, I thought they’d be better to run this weekend, where they wouldn’t get lost in the crush.

The first item is a bunch of “Super Heroes in NFL circa 1974.” Ray explains “To go along with SuperPatriot (which had been in last weekend’s ticker), here are some excerpts from the book More Than A Game by Jim Murray and John Wiebusch, 1974”

Here they are in slideshow form, but if you can’t see those images, you can click here

~ ~ ~

The next set is called “Ripped”. Again, I’ll let Ray explain (you can click to enlarge these photos):

Back in October of 2016, Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz had his jersey ripped in half. This doesn’t happen as much as it did in the past, when tear-away were common.

The first pic is Minnesota Vikings Jim Marshall taken during the “Mud Bowl” playoff game against the Rams in ’77:


The second is a ’74 pic of Cleveland Browns Greg Pruitt. Their website claims he made the tear-away jersey famous:


The third is Kenny Stabler. I had this memory of him with ripped sleeves and finally found a pic to verify the image in my brain. This might have been something he did to make throwing easier, or just an obscure bit of info from one game I had swimming around in my brain:


Today’s uniforms are so tight fitting. I miss the looser ones, the ones like Staubach is wearing in pic four because everything from my/your childhood is/was always better. Right?


~ ~ ~

The next segment from Ray is NBA: Bring Back The Belt!

1. Bill Russell:


2. Oscar Robertson:


3. (Same):


4. (See caption):


5. Jerry Lucas:


~ ~ ~

Next up is a set of hockey players with numbers on their gloves. I’ll run these as a slideshow as well, so if you can’t see it, click here.

Here’s Ray:

My favorite hockey teams in the late 60s early 70s were the Bruins & the Blackhawks. Loved the uniforms. One of the unique things about the Bruin’s uniform, to me, was the gloves — the way the player’s number appeared in a white box. As a result, the Bruins gloves were different from all the other teams and it became something I identified strongly with being part of the look of their uniform. Even their goalies — Gerry Cheevers & Eddie Johnston — had numbers on their blocker pad at the time. Based on the pics I’ve looked at, not all goalies did this.

~ ~ ~

Next up is a bit called GOOD EATS:

Both pics from The Minnesota Vikings: A Pictorial Drama by Richard Rainbolt.

It’s strange to me that two Hall-of-Fame players — Carl Eller & Fran Tarkenton — are eating in a cafeteria that is much worse looking than the one I had to endure in high school. The third player is Gene Washington.


Whatever they’re cooking in the second pic can’t be anywhere near as good as some of the stuff you’ve posted. Where are the nachos?


~ ~ ~

Finally, and these last two came in yesterday, Future Football:

From the book 75 Seasons:



~ ~ ~

Great stuff Ray. Thanks for sharing!

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ESPN reminder: In case you missed it Thursday, the results of Paul’s Chargers-redesign contest have finally been published. Enjoy.

Speaking of redesign contests, Paul will have the results of our “Redesign the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Induction Jersey” challenge next week.

Party reminder: Uni Watch party next Sunday, Feb. 19, 3pm, in the back room of the Douglass (which is the same place we used to meet at, Sheep Station, but with a new name). Paul will be there, I’ll be there, and Paul may have theoretical T-shirts to sell, etc. Come join us!

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: On Thursday, The Great One told “The Dan Patrick Show” that he “would have loved” to have played shortstop for the Detroit Tigers. Gretzky said he grew up as a Tigers fan and the Tigers reached out to Gretzky on Twitter, sharing an image of the their home jersey with the Hall-of-Famer’s name and No. 99 on the back. … UNC Softball broke out some navy softball tops over Carolina blue pants yesterday (from James Gilbert). … Looks like a few of the WBC cap designs are out (from Robert Hayes). Tweeter Billy Rothman thinks the USA caps are beautiful. … Here are a few more (from Robert Hayes). … Nice colorization here of the 1935 Kansas City Monarchs baseball team, icluding HOF’ers Andy Cooper, Willard Brown & Bullet Rogan (from Bruce Menard). … Current and former “perspicacious” Nats bloggers comment on new 1963-style Nats cap (from R. Scott Rogers). … Oklahoma softball debuted new uniforms yesterday. They are “steel gray and crimson.” … Tweeter Corey K notes, “There is a clear change of orange tone on 2017 @Mets cap.” Paul notes Official team color spec has not changed. … H/T to Keith Olbermann who tweeted, “Great piece on Topps airbrushing, and photo white whales like Jim Perry/A’s by Bruce Markusen.” … The St. Joseph’s Hawks have some new uniforms for the 2017 season (from SJU Hawks Baseball)…. The Chiba Lotte Marines will wear these Festa Uniforms 6 times in 2017. Some better views can be seen here (both of those are from Graveyard Baseball). … Here’s a look a the 16 Memorial Patch for Jose Fernandez which the Marlins will wear on their jerseys this year (from #MultipleSauces). … “A Double blast from the past” is how Brice Wallace describes this Mr. Redlegs/Scooby Doo pennant. … Good spot by PodKatt who notes OSU softball are using that new Marshall badge logo the football team started using. … So, you want to see a pixture of The Splendid Splinter in safari outfit sharing a beer with a monkey? Of course you do (that’s from the always awesome Bruce Menard). … College athletes aren’t “paid” of course, but if you’re a member of a major (or even not-so-major) school’s squad, you do receive some nice gear (from Damon Hirschensohn).

NFL News: Check out this still photo showing the combo of Bears players Muckensturm and Walterscheid. Submitter Ryan Patton says, “This Bears huddle comes right after the clip of Bob Thomas kicking with his chinstrap unsnapped. The combo of Muckensturm (Jerry) and Waltersheid (Len) right next to each other caught my eye as a pretty striking 23 letters in 2 last names. Both names rolling off the back into the shoulders.” … As the Hunt For Red October Tom Brady’s elusive Super Bowl jersey continues, it turns out that Brett Favre is also missing his Supe jersey.

College Football News: I don’t often post helmet concepts (and lets face it, there are enough actual helmets in College Football as it is), but holy shit, check out this helmet concepted by Justin Standen for Army football. Whoa.

Hockey News: The Utah Utes have a hockey team. Connor Ferguson thinks they have pretty awesome uniforms. I have to say, I’m in agreement with this assessment. The Interlocking U crest, the white/black/white chest/sleeve striping, the red/black/red look. It flows nicely. Only thing I’m not a fan of is the tv number on the chest. That takes away from the whole thing. … This old hockey card is pretty cool: Patrick Kane with 269 career goals is now tied with Sylvain Turgeon, whose card young Kane appeared on in the 90’s (upper right). From Edward Snyder.

NBA News: My buddy Johnny Okray clearly loves these old 77 All Star Game logos, saying, “Oh. My. Best All-Star logo ever? Need to get one of these shirts.” Not sure about “best logo ever” but definitely sweet. … Here’s a very cool set of NBA Russian Nesting Dolls from Franklin Nevanen. … Here’s yesterday’s update from Zach Loesl: Atlanta at Sacramento was color on color, and Memphis wore MLK uniforms at home.

College/High School Hoops News: This has been reported before, but it bears repeating. Houston Baptist will be sporting some sweet-ass throwbacks this evening (h/t to JT Jakubik IV. Here’s another look (from HBU Basketball). And still more here. … There was a color on color match up Thursday night for Southern Miss and UTSA, with Southern Miss in “breast cancer awareness month” pink (from Sterling Randle). … Arizona has some Vegas-themed shirts for the PAC-12 tourney (from Dylan Delich). … Who wears short shorts? The Colorado State basketball team wears short shorts. Here’s why (from Rob Montoya). … Check out the Indiana-style warmups for Franklin County (Ky) girls basketball team (from Josh Claywell). … Also from Josh, Greenwood HS in Bowling Green, Ky., has a sublimated gator on court. … ” the women’s hoops team at my alma mater, Moravian College, is continuing their tradition of one-off pink uniforms as part of a ‘pink out’,” says Chris Kindred. … Last evening, the Quincy, IL HS Blue Devils went with the throwback sleeved unis. They wore them from the 70’s until the late 90’s (from Eric Spoonmore).

Soccer News: Here’s the first official image of the new #ATLUTD (Atlanta United) away kit, from Conrad Burry. … D.C. United will return to mostly white when hitting the road during the 2017 MLS season. Yesterday morning, the new secondary jersey was leaked in full by Todo Sobre Camisetas (from John Muir). … Sporting KC has also unveiled their new primary jersey for 2017 season. … Here are some “official” leaked pictures of the USA Third Kit (from Conrad Burry). … The New 2017 San Jose Earthquakes primary jersey will be released Thursday, but it looks like it’s already been leaked. … Many leaks (and releases) here (from Josh Hinton): Orlando City FC Home; Sporting Kansas City Home and Away; Real Salt Lake Away; San Jose Home; and D.C. United Away. … “Toulouse of the French Ligue 1 made an 80th year anniversary shirt, but there’s one problem,” writes Josh Hinton. “There was a Toulouse that was founded in 1937 but was rebranded to become a Paris-based club. A new Toulouse was then made in 1970, but the new Toulouse has zero connection with the old one.” He adds, “For American fans, I put it this way. The Cleveland Browns moved to become the Baltimore Ravens and an expansion Browns franchise was started. Let’s say that the expansion Browns made a patch to commemorate them being X years old when the Ravens are technically that old.” … OKC Energy FC has signed a multiyear partnership with Under Armour that will see the company become the official outfitter of the club and its affiliates. This marks the first all-encompassing professional and youth soccer apparel partnership for UA in the U.S. Kits to be revealed soon (from Christopher Corbaz). … “The Chicago Red Stars (woman’s soccer) announced their re-branding (yester)day” (from Steve Johnston). … According to the Tampa Bay Rowdies, their pre-season kits are (insert fire icon (from Kody Allenson).

Grab Bag: The U.S. ski team’s new uniforms look like Marvel superhero costumes. And so it goes. … Lynchburg College have unveiled a new Hornet Mascot and logo (from Zane Tuck). … Oops — it looks like Bill Belichick’s caddy has his name spelled wrong on his bib (from Nick Qualters). … In the world of tennis, the accomplishments of Roger Federer and Serena Williams stand out. So it’s only fitting that Wilson’s brand-new design strategy has the autograph racquets for both players appearing far different from the rest of the industry. … Loyola Men’s Lacrosse has a new addition to their home jerseys for 2017, with the Loyola Maryland motto: “Strong Truths Well Lived” (from LoyolaMensLax). Here’s more. And more still. … Lost in the excitement and outrage of Donald Trump’s first three weeks as president of the United States was a minor sartorial scandal: The putative leader of the free world cannot tie a necktie properly (from Tommythecpa). … “Due to a shinguard, Western Bulldogs AFLW player Tiana Ernst wears her left sock pulled down to the ankle, compared with the fully stretched sock on her right leg,” notes Graam Clayton. … Paul’s Matt Patricia lede from the other day reminded Jordan Cutler of this old slate article. He adds, “Here’s the interactive flag calculator.” … This article argues that with all the other “ads” and official revenue streams, college teams can make room for uniform ads. And so it begins.

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And that’s it for today. Thanks to Ethan for sharing a bit into his designing and also for his stellar work on SMUW this past year, and also to Ray for sharing all the classic uni stuff!

I’ll be back tomorrow, so until then…

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“I am very sorry to have to report this, because it’s so stupid; but the Galaxy are no longer the ‘Los Angeles Galaxy’ but only the ‘LA Galaxy’. They made that change when Beckham arrived in 2007.”

— Ferdinand Cesarano

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