Another Day, Another Bunch of NBA News

Never a dull moment in the NBA, as another barrage of news bulletins began circulating yesterday. Some of these just repeat or amplify things that we already knew, but others are genuine news. Por ejemplo:

1. The Blazers’ “Rip City” jersey will now have sleeves:

Further info here. Personally, I can’t get worked up about this one way or the other. If you had asked me whether the “Rip City” jersey already had sleeves, I would’ve had to look it up. Honestly, who can keep track of which NBA alternate jerseys are sleeved and which ones are tank tops these days? It’s all a blur.

2. The Wizards now have a new set of blue alternate shorts:

So does this mean the Wiz are getting a blue alternate uniform? ’Twould appear so. Remember, they were on the list of teams with a new alternate uni that we haven’t seen yet.

Update, 11:05am: The Wizards have now released the alternate jersey to go along with the shorts (further info here):

3. We pretty much already knew about this, but the Celtics have made it official: They have a new alternate logo:

The team’s official press release on the logo is here, and there are some additional images here. Personally, I think it’s fine but unnecessary.

4. Last week we saw a small mock-up showing that the Lakers’ BFBS alts would have sleeves this fall. Now we have a photo of the actual jersey:

5. I had already exclusively reported that this year’s Christmas Day uniforms would have drop-down NOBs featuring the players’ first names instead of their surnames. Now that’s been confirmed:

So I guess that tells us that Miami is one of the teams that will be playing on Dec. 25 (not exactly a surprise).

6. This barely even qualifies as news, but the Knicks will wear their orange alternates again in 2014-15, even though the orange alts were winless last season.

7. Finally, there had been some chatter over the weekend about the Thunder possibly wearing the gold championship tab to represent the Sonics’ title, but now they’ve decided not to do that.

There are still several more alternate and “pride” uniforms still to be revealed — or leaked, as the case might be. I haven’t seen any of them, but the NBA and Adidas haven’t been very good about keeping their goods under wraps, so I’m assuming we’ll see them soon enough.

+ + + + +


Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

John … Constantine … Unitas. Johnny U. The Golden Arm. Acclaimed as perhaps the greatest quarterback ever to play in the National Football League. (Say that out loud in a Howard Cosell voice!) And here’s Johnny U. posing with a Colts helmet buggy. His backup Earl Morrall took his turn, too. Also: Look at the seller’s name!

Okay, now you can turn off your Cossell voice and enjoy the rest of this week’s eBay picks:

• My friends, take a look at this 1967 Philadelphia Eagles Media Guide. That is the look they should be wearing — not that midnight green, or whatever it’s called.

• Can’t you just imagine John Facenda intoning as the snow falls, “Tarkenton on the sidelines, alone with his thoughts, preparing to return to the field of battle as the Metropolitan Stadium crowd roared for Packer blood. The clock said 2:00 remaining — it was to become his mortal enemy.”

• Technigraph alert! Boy would I love to have this 49ers plaque. That same seller has some great stuff, incidentally.

• Check out the artwork on this 1970 Fleer baseball card: Birds stall the Big Red Machine. I still distinctly recall watching the Series in our grade school classroom at Stivers Elementary in Louisville — they wheeled in TVs so we could watch Brooks beat the Reds over and over and over. [That is probably the greatest Fleer card I've ever seen. Awesome! — PL]

• Did you have a Sunbeam NFL Trading Card set from 1976? I’ve seen that artwork on other items, notably the Bengals artwork on my bedroom switchplate, but I’ve not seen this album before. You get 22 out of a possible 29 cards in this auction.

• This 1970s Red Sox plush doll could use some TLC but would be great for a Sawx fan’s collection.

• Perfect for Brownie fans: this 1965 Blanton Collier cup celebrating the teams NFL title, with artwork by the Master, Nick Volpe. (Dave Boss is the other Master.)

• I know we’ve shown this 1960s NFL poster before. But it’s so cool, I hope someone here grabs it. The auction text says “1970s or 1980s,” but they must not Get It™: It’s a 1960s poster due to the three stripes on the Dallas QB’s sleeve (must be Meredith) and the spear on the Washington helmet.

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Facebook update: Now that you’ve read Brinke Guthrie’s latest “Collector’s Corner” column (which he contributes to the site on a weekly basis), here’s his latest endeavor: Brinke is now the editor of the Uni Watch Facebook page.

As I mentiond a week or two ago, the site’s Facebook page had pretty much fallen into disuse. Brinke is going to change that. Here’s what he’ll be doing with it:

• Each morning Brinke will add a summary of (and link to) that day’s entry, to make it easier for you folks to share Uni Watch content with your friends.

• Brinke will also be periodically posting photos or Ticker-ish items for discussion. Most of these items will show up in the next day’s Ticker. (I do the same thing with the Uni Watch Twitter feed, posting breaking items or just items of interest that show up in the Ticker the following day.)

• We have no plans to post dedicated Facebook content that won’t also be appearing here on the site, at least for now.

If you haven’t already “Liked” the Uni Watch Facebook page, please consider doing so. Brinke and I will do our best to make it worth your while.

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Design contest reminder: In case you missed it last week, I’m currently accepting entries for an ESPN contest to redesign the Cavaliers. The entry deadline is this Friday, July 25. Full details here.

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Membership update: Last week I Ticker-linked to a jersey for Germany’s World Cup team physician, and now Alex Field has adopted that design for his membership card (shown at right).

The next batch of membership cards will be going to the printer in a day or two, but we have two open slots on the current sheet. So if you sign up today, you’ll get your card very quickly, with little waiting. Just sayin’.

As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed card here, you can see how we make the cards here, and you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here.

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Tick-Tock: Today’s Ticker was compiled and written by Garrett McGrath.

Baseball News: An extremely dedicated — and scary-looking — Washington Nationals fan has created a unique beard based on the team’s logo (from Brady Phelps). … Reader question: “What do you think is going on here with Eric Hosmer’s pants?” asks Craig Mellish. “Do you think these are very deep pockets for holding a lot of sunflower seeds or inside pockets for inserting sliding pads. None of the other Royals seemed to have them during the game.” … Rare color match-up for last night’s Mets/Mariners game royal blue versus teal.

NFL News: The Detroit Lions will be honoring William Clay Ford with a memorial patch this season (thanks, Phil). … The Jacksonville Jaguars will have 20th-anniversary patches on their 2014 jerseys (thanks, Phil). … Eagles coach Chip Kelly believes that uniforms should be worn uniformly to reflect a team-as-one mentality. Search on the word “uniform” for more (from Rahul Vyas).

College Football News: The Arizona Wildcats may be returning to red and blue stripes down the middle of their helmets. They had them most recently as 2012 (thanks, Phil). … Last week, we posted a picture of college football’s new championship trophy. Here are some internet memes of things that inspired the design. … “Uni Watch covered this last year following the Georgia Tech versus Virginia Tech game,” says Britton Thomas. “You posed the question ‘Can’t Russell Athletic Do Anything Right?’ Almost a year later, the answer to that question is still a resounding no. Their uniform outfitter still cannot count to three. … Texas Tech is planning on wearing Zach Thomas-era throwback jerseys against Arkansas on September 13th. … The Big Ten Network had a football uniform poll and Ohio State came in at number one (thanks, Phil).

Hockey News: This is just plain wrong: The Hockey News has ranked the New York Islanders logo as the 25th-best in the league. Are they out of their mind? How are they worse than the Jets, Predators, Wild, or Ducks? [Note: Garrett is an Islanders fan. — PL]

NBA News: We came, we saw, we Concord: Matt “Red Mamba” Bonner of the champion San Antonio Spurs took the Larry O’Brien trophy on tour of his hometown of Concord, New Hampshire.

College Hoops News: The Marquette University book store is selling a great and wide selection of throwback basketball uniforms (thanks, Phil).

Grab Bag: Here is a great (and untrademarked) late 1970s Auburn Tiger logo (thanks, Phil). … NASCAR has rounded up the best paint schemes on cars (thanks, Paul). … Here’s a quiz on the fonts of some of the world’s most distinctive logos (thanks, Phil).

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What Paul did last night: A longtime friend of mine is a writer for The Daily Show. I don’t know why I never hit him up for tickets to the show’s taping, but I never did — until a few weeks ago, when the New Girl said, “Why don’t we go see the show?” So I asked my friend for some tickets, and there we were in the audience for the taping of last night’s show.

Like many TV shows with live studio audiences, this one has a fluffer — a comedian who’s supposed to warm up the crowd. It’s hard to describe how awful he was. Loud, boorish, insulting, self-loathing — he embodied everything I generally dislike about stand-up comedy. The whole shtick was embarrassing.

The show was good, although I was disappointed that there were no segments featuring Jessica Williams or Samantha Bee, both of whom I really like. The guest was Sue Turton, an Al Jazeera America reporter who talked about how several of her colleagues were arrested, convicted of trumped-up charges, and imprisoned in Egypt — interesting but not all that entertaining. (By contrast, tonight’s guest is Richard Linklater.) Anyway, the opening sequence was very funny — here, see if you can pick out my laughter from all the rest:

You can see the rest of the show here.

You Sunk My Battleship!

Back in 2007, when this website was still in its toddler phase, I ran an entry about how Bear Bryant had decided to distinguish the twins Harry and Larry Jones — who both played for Bryant at Kentucky in the early 1950s — by assigning them the uniform numbers 1A and 1B, as seen here:

In that 2007 entry, I mentioned that LSU had done something similar in 1952 (but not just for two players), and I linked to this photo:

The Kentucky example is pretty famous in uniform circles (probably because of its tie to Bryant), but I had pretty much forgotten about the LSU situation until longtime Uni Watch reader/contributor/pal Jared Wheeler recently got in touch. He’d been doing some research in old LSU yearbooks and came across a bunch of great photos documenting the school’s alpha-numeric jersey system from 1952.

First, here’s an explanation of the system, as transcribed from the yearbook:

Coach Gaynell Tinsely and sports publicity director Jim Corbett inaugurated a new letter-number system at LSU, which may revolutionize the football jersey manufacturing industry. Under the new system, ends, guards, and tackles wear the letters E,G, and T [respectively], followed by a number from zero to nine. The right side of the line [is] identified by the even numbers and the left side by odd. Centers, quarterbacks, left halfbacks, right halfbacks, and fullbacks wear C, Q, L, R, and F, respectively, with numbers from one to nine.

The new system makes the task of identification much simpler and serves to give the players, especially lineman, a stamp of individuality. The system was approved by the NCAA rules committee chairman, the SEC commissioner, and the Tigers’ ten 1952 opponents. LSU was the first university to use such a system. UCLA and other schools have since adopted the system.

So that’s the basic protocol. Here are the yearbook pages that show the jerseys in action, along with a team portrait (for all of these, you can click to enlarge):

LSU 1952 Gumbo

LSU 1952 Gumbo 2

LSU 1952 Gumbo 2_1

LSU 1952 Gumbo 3

LSU 1952 Gumbo 4

LSU 1952 Gumbo 6

LSU 1952 Gumbo 5

Pretty cool stuff, right? But there’s more. Since the LSU yearbook mentioned that UCLA had also used an alpha-numeric system, Jared went looking for evidence of that. He found one instance, from 1952:

UCLA 1952 Letter

And that’s not all. Jared also found that Penn had experimented with an alpha-numeric system way back in 1930, for one game against Lehigh:

Penn Football 1930 Team

Penn Football 1930 Team 6

Penn Football 1930 Team 5

Penn Football 1930 Team 3

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally geeked out about this. Major props to Jared for uncovering the documentation of these obscure chapters in uniform history.

+ + + + +

Some Time in New York City, Side One, Track One: Thursday’s Ticker included an item about some San Jose Sharks fans are threatening to cancel their season tickets because of the team’s new “ice girls” uniforms. That prompted several comments — both here and on other sites I’ve seen — that basically said, “Hell, that’s nothing compared to other teams’ ice girls unis, so what’s the big deal?”

It’s true that the Sharks’ ice girl unis are pretty tame compared to those used by many other NHL teams, but that just raises the question of why those other teams take such a sexualized approach to their ice girls’ attire. In short, I don’t think the Sharks are the issue here. I think the issue is twofold:

1. First there’s the question of why so many NHL teams think it’s okay to turn a simple custodial function — sweeping the ice with shovels — into an opportunity to present women as sex objects. Would it be acceptable to have scantily clad, all-female staffs of ushers, or turnstile attendants, or hot dog vendors? Assuming the answer is no (and I hope we can agree on that assumption), why is acceptable for ice-shovelers?

2. Then there’s the larger issue of women are marginalized into eye-candy roles in the sports world. From ice girls and boxing’s ring card bimbettes (whose “job” is basically to walk around in a circle and look fuckable while a crowd of neanderthals hoots at them) to NFL cheerleaders (who are treated like crap) and network sideline reporters (a topic that’s currently in the news), the sports world still relegates women into badly stereotyped roles over and over again. It’s something we really should have moved past by now.

To be clear: I have no problem with sex, sexiness, sexy apparel, or sexuality per se. I’ve known some sex workers and pornographers over the years and respect the work they do. But I do have a problem with a mainstream industry that’s mostly run by men and has a pattern of repeatedly ghetto-izing women into sex-object roles. That’s the real issue here.

I wrote most of this entry on Friday. Then, on Saturday, the radio show This American Life ran a segment about how teams treat their cheerleaders. Now, you might be thinking (as I initially did), “Yeah, right, like This American Life really knows anything about cheerleading, or even about sports.” But it turns out that one of the show’s producers is a former Laker Girl, and she had some really interesting things to say about the good and bad aspects of the job, including the attire. One of the most interesting things she brings up is that on the one hand she had to dress like a sex kitten, complete with a push-up bra purchased from Frederick’s of Hollywood, but on the other hand she was told not to drink water from a bottle during any public appearances because that might look too “porny” or “slutty” (all of which reminds me of the old Steve Martin line: “I believe a woman should be put on a pedestal — just high enough to see up her dress”). On balance, though, she enjoyed the job. Check out the segment here:

I’m not necessarily arguing that we should get rid of cheerleaders or banish anything sexy from the sports world, but I’m definitely suggesting that we should think a little harder about the way this industry presents and packages women. A simple step in the right direction would be to replace ice girls with straightforward custodial staffers who are dressed in straightforward team-branded attire, regardless of their gender.

I know the site’s readership is overwhelmingly male, but I also know we have some, if not many, female readers. Women, I’d love to hear what you think about all this — please share your comments with us. Thanks.

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Design contest reminder: In case you missed it last week, I’m currently accepting entries for an ESPN contest to redesign the Cavaliers. The entry deadline is this Friday, July 25. Full details here.

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Baseball News: Here’s one of the better Majestic commercials for their MLB uniforms that I’ve seen (from Scott Burns). … Who’s that in the top row, second from the right, on the 1908 Abilene High School baseball team? None other than Dwight D. Eisenhower. … The Yankees wore their Memorial Day G.I. Joe costumes yesterday — you know, the ones that were only for one special holiday seven weeks ago. … The D-backs’ broadcast team took the Star Wars thing a little too far yesterday (thanks, Phil). … Here’s one I missed from last month: The San Rafael Pacifics — that’s an independent team in the Bay Area — took the breast cancer thing a bit further back on June 27 by wearing pink dresses. Somewhere, Bill Veeck is smiling (from Jasper Casey). … Buried within this article about the Tigers: “Detroit is 12 games over .500 on the road but entered Sunday’s game with a .500 home record. ‘I don’t really have a concrete reason for it,’ [manager Brad] Ausmus said. ‘I guess we could wear our gray uniforms at home’” (good one, Phil). … Gee ya think today’s players wear their pants too baggy or what? (Phil again.) … The Reds Museum has an old 1930s cap with glasses attached to the brim (from Joanna Zwiep). … Hmmm, did the “378″ marker on the Orioles’ outfield wall in 1979 have an upside-down “8″? Sure looks like it (great spot by Frank Mercogliano). … The Dodgers started wearing “Dodger blue” in 1938, when the color was described as “a particularly rich shade of blue” (from Todd Radom).

NFL News: Hmmmm, are the Browns in the NFC? Nope — just a manufacturer’s glitch (from Nicholas Walz). … Hmmmm, check out this shot of Lyle Lovette promoting Washougal Motocross Park with a logo obviously cribbed from the NFL logo (from Greg Brown).

College Football News: Some helmet tweaks for Louisville. Now if they’d just get rid of the gritted teeth. … Here’s a rendering of Tulane’s new stadium.

Soccer News: The Spanish team CD Lugo’s new kits feature beer and octopus (from Jeremy Brahm). … The Portland Thorns’ captain was wearing her captaincy armband upside-down yesterday (from Frank Mercogliano).

Grab Bag: A player for the San Antonio Talons — that’s an arena league team — lost one of his front jersey numerals the other night (from Josh Claywell). … Jennifer Hayden attended the recent Blackhawks Convention and spotted these vintage press passes. … NHRA driver Cruz Pedregon wore an Oakland Raiders-themed helmet — for an event in Denver! Bold move (from David Firestone). … If you scroll through the photos on this page you’ll many of the Dutch riders in the Tour de France wearing black armbands in memory of the 173 Dutch passengers who perished in the recent Malaysia Airlines flight (from Michael Rich). … Also from Michael: In the middle of this page is a good map of bowling centers in America. “The map was far more interesting to me when viewed ‘per capita’ rather than by raw numbers,” he says, and I agree. … New jerseys for some German handball team I’ve never heard of. … Check this out: After sheep are shorn, they’re sometimes outfitted in Lycra suits to keep them warm. “There’s a gold mine out there for the person who makes them with LeBron’s name and number on them,” says Tris Wykes.

+ + + + +

Nice-seeming fella: I was saddened to learn of James Garner’s death yesterday. From his TV roles (The Rockford Files, Maverick) to his movies (Support Your Local Sheriff, Victor/Victoria, etc.) to those commercials he did with Mariette Hartley, he always struck me as the ideal mix of tough guy and funny guy, with a very endearing self-deprecating wit. When I think of him, the word that comes to mind is “likable.”

I was a big Rockford Files fan as a kid in the 1970s, and one thing I always loved was the opening sequence in which Rockford’s phone would ring and his answering machine (at the time a very exotic-seeming gadget) would pick up: “This is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message. I’ll get back to you.” And then you’d hear the incoming message, which was usually someone leaving him bad news, or sounding annoyed, or otherwise giving insight into the trials and tribulations of one James Rockford. And then it would segue immediately from that message into the opening theme music. Last night I was happy to discover that someone has compiled an entire season’s worth of these answering machine messages into this video:

All of which leads to a little story. In 1988 I had what I thought was a clever idea: I would use one of the Rockford answering machine bits — the ringing phone, his greeting, and the incoming message — as the greeting on my answering machine. It would all be very meta, or something like that. In order to do it, I’d need to make an audio recording from a Rockford Files episode. At the time, reruns of the show were being broadcast at something like 2am in New York, so one night I set my VCR to record an episode.

When I woke up, I rewound the VHS tape to the beginning of the episode to hear the answering machine sequence. The incoming message was this one.

I couldn’t believe my luck — I’d gotten an answering machine message about answering machine messages. Meta-meta! I put the entire sequence, from the ringing phone through the middle of the theme song that followed the incoming message, onto an audio cassette and used it as my answering machine greeting for the next several years. (In retrospect, I probably should have just said, “This is Paul. Please leave a message.” But hey, I was young.)

Anyway: Just to bring this back to uniforms, our own Brinke Guthrie came up with a photo of Garner and Dean Martin wearing baseball uniforms at some sort of “Hollywood All-Stars” game:

Garner was looking classy, as always. RIP.

From Contest Concept to On Field Reality - LCBL All-Star Game

L&C Splash 550
Pictured L-R: Bill Sinnott, Matt Blinco, Ryan Foose, Lou Brock, Scott de Fasselle, Ross Clites

. . .

By Phil Hecken

Weekend readers will recall the most recent design contest held earlier this year — to design uniforms for the Lewis & Clark Baseball League — a contest which took up a good number of Saturdays (and Sundays). It was the brainchild of league Executive VP, Ross Clites, and many of Uni Watch readers (and designers) participated in the contest, and even more of you took the time to vote for your favorite designs. I won’t link back to all the contest/voting (but you can read about the beginning, the final voting on designs, and the the commencement here), but today I am pleased to bring back Ross, who will bring us up to speed on what has become of the contest since all the winners were chosen. Let’s just say it’s been a long and winding road.

The teams played the first half of their season, and the midseason break concluded with an All-Star Game held at beautiful Busch Stadium in St. Louis. All the designers who had submitted winning concepts were also invited — and as you can see from the splash photo — four of them were able to get to the game and the festivities surrounding the event.

Here then, is Ross — who took all the contest entries, helped sort out the winners (with your voting assistance), worked with the winning designers on a final concept, then worked to get those designs (for caps and jerseys) made into actual on-field product. And Lou Brock was there! How cool is that?

. . .

The Lewis & Clark Baseball League All-Star Game and more
By Ross Clites

Not sure whether we were the chicken or the egg on the idea, but we beat MLB to the execution of using the 2014 All-Star Game as the stage to unveil our alternate caps. For the first year and a half of the LCBL, uniformity ruled the hat aesthetics. We knew we had a new product that needed to get its name out there — too early to splinter off our identity to the team ranks. If someone in the local scene heard the team “Travelers” tossed around, it had to be known that our league was its umbrella brand. We settled on an epsilon ampersand, because it a) looked cool, b) tied Lewis to Clark in nearly every documented account of their lives, and c) punctuation as a prominent front-of-cap logo was ambiguous enough to be a great conversation starter on recruiting trips. The New Era 59/50 cap, with all the specs of the pros, really look sharp in all ten (err, nine) team color combinations. The unwavering composition, with only the hues varying, makes them a truly unified family — like a collector’s set. If we went with team logos too soon, prople in airports or restaurants would assume it was some random Single-A or youth travel program’s cap. They would move on with their day, never asking to know more.

But when our Midsummer Classic rolled around, it was finally that time. We utilized the skill sets of several great Uni Watch contributors for the designs; O.C. Sports delivered the great flex-fit product. We now have two on-field game caps that provide a visually interesting set of aesthetic rules: team logo cap at home and the ampersand on the road. This follows the traditional sports theme of “tell us where you’re from” for visiting teams, while playing up the nickname at home.

This guideline coincides with our LCBL players wearing grey pants whenever they are the guests on the scoreboard. In the color vs. color era (until we can afford a second set of jerseys per team) these subtle differences help organize the action for tardy spectators. The uniforms were masterfully created by the fine people of Garb Athletics. The sleeve patches are insanely intricate and Steve Rosenbeck’s staff knocked it out of the park. President Nicholas Mahrt and I knew the jerseys would be hot (like physical temperature), but thick tackle twill was the only way to go. We remembered our playing days and how ballplayers almost account for the restrictions and weight of the best-made uniforms. I personally believe Dri-Fit t-shirt jerseys and sublimated numbers are the downfall of baseball today. I’ll meet you in the middle on mesh, but you have to have the visual depth that twill letters and numbers provide.

The beauty of our game is remaining comfortable in the uncomfortable moments. It isn’t quite wool any longer, but even today’s professional ranks still have to perform in cumbersome apparel. Thanks to the Uni Watch contest, our Lewis & Clark Baseball League players can embrace that authentic uncomfortability while looking really sharp. I am not blowing smoke when I say a few of these on-field looks could convince even a trained Uni Watcher that they’re new franchises in the Eastern League of AA. Let’s take a look at how everything turned out in 2014 (click on any image to enlarge):


Ryan Foose

Captians jersey

Captains cap front Captains cap back

Like most, CAPT look best at home, where their white side panel carries down on to their white pants. The front panel of the alt. cap ties it all together with just the right amount of white. And that bird (Clark’s nutcracker)… so good. It makes the Baltimore Oriole look like it was thrown together by a third grader.

Captains action shot Captains third baseman

All teams SSB


Bill Smith

Diplomats jersey

Diplomats cap front Diplomats cap back

Joining the class of traditional “headspoon” piped jerseys, DIPL has a vibrant A’s alt. feel. They have the only LCBL cap, of any kind, with the same color brim/crown combination. Their kelly-on-kelly green O.C. Sports hat took into consideration just how loud their jersey is. Any more yellow gold in the cap and it would have been too much.

All teams cage shot Diplomats action shot

Diplomats Team Photo


Bert Ayers

Explorers jersey

Explorers cap front Explorers cap back

The reigning champs certainly have a new-age college template. A New Era snafu, in year one, has been embraced into the EXPL style guide for their future. The scarlet and graphite team “mistakenly” had black ampersands on the original caps (a few returning players still wear this 2013 model. The league-wide uniformity of same color brim/logo (graphite) was rectified, but the black has stuck around. It now accents the jersey and is the base for the new alternate cap.

Explorers action shot

Dugout All Teams All teams action shot


Ryan Foose

Governors jersey

Governors cap front Governors cap back

Speaking of cap company mix-ups, we present the legend of Governor Ursus, the purple bear. Somewhere along the lines we unknowingly approved a violet logo on our navy, cardinal, and white tri-color hat. Makes sense, right? We wish intuition ruled the world a little more, with someone at O.C. Sports — upon seeing the finished product — would have thought “that’s gotta be a typo in the order form.” Alas, the issue will be resolved for 2015; cardinal, white, navy, and royal are enough to do without purple. The shades of blue came about, first implemented on the jersey sleeves, to differentiate between GOV and the maroon-based Lookouts.

Governors at bat

Governors action shot Governors action shot


Bill Sinnott, Scott de Fasselle, Denver King

Lookouts jersey

Lookouts cap front Lookouts cap back

Say hello to the v-neck glory days of the 1970s. Throw in a slick maroon and scarlet palette — underutilized in today’s sports landscape — and you have the token throwback in the LCBL portfolio. The sleeve patch and alt. cap logo are one in the same; one of only two teams with such occurrences (Pioneers). The LOOK owl head logo was a work-in-progress at the time of jersey production deadlines, but will find a home on the left arm in 2015.

Lookouts portrait shot

Lookouts & Pathfinders action shot Clubhouse


Matt Blinco and Timothy Fesmire

Pathfinders jersey

Pathfinders cap front Pathfinders cap back

The PATH alternate caps are like most in the lot that have a letter adorning the front panel. However, the “P” is artfully disguised as a fox tail sweeping around and a baseball bat. The jersey is also a bit of a trick on the eyes. With league executives that are anti-sleeveless uniforms, something needed to be done to break up all that orange. The result is a faux vest with a contrasting navy undershirt. It is a nice canvas for the only hand-drawn LCBL wordmark to rest.

Pathfinders action shot

At bat Dugout All Teams


Matt Blinco and Bill Sinnott

Pioneers jersey

Pioneers cap front Pioneers cap back

When you think of a 19th century pioneer, you have to have a western font and probably an American buffalo in there somewhere. Check, check and the blue sky of the open prairie, to boot. Call this look cliche; we will call it a timeless classic. The jerseys are purposely understated to be the least busy. It is like your grandfather’s stock uniform, which is in no way a bad thing. The newest iteration of the secondary (battle axe) logo will find a home somewhere in uniforms, caps to come. We only wish manufacturers would get on the same page with their varaiance in sky/Columbia/light blue.

Pioneers action shot

Pioneers portrait shot Pioneers on field


Ryan Foose

Travelers jersey

Travelers cap front Travelers cap back

What to do with red and green? I hope designers that are faced with this uniform aesthetic question look to the TRAV for an answer. You have thin white/red/white “headspoon” piping and a take on the Dodger numbers (white in front, red in back) to add a unique traditional feel. No cap logo embodies the team nickname any more than the hitchhiking turtle on its one-of-a-kind white crown.

Travelers action shot

Travelers action shot2 Travelers action shot2

Travelers action shot


Ryan Foose

Voyagers jersey

Voyagers cap front Voyagers cap back

“We ran out of colors!” When you organize a league that only has the means to produce a single, colored jersey per team — to serve as both home and road — you run out of manufacturing color options. You would like to avoid the same hues playing each other; it isn’t quite the necessity of basketball or football, but it does limit the visual clutter. With purple (Settlers) and kelly green (Navigators launch, pt. II) on board for next season, we channeled Dave Matthews and mixed to grey. The burnt orange was supposed to be Tennessee, but could not get it for all apparel. Still, these uni’s have flash, despite numbers and letters that do not pop. It takes a close proximity to read this muted scheme, but when you do get up close, you see a great attention to detail. The VOY baseball head bearded man is awesome; he is comical, whimsical, a MiLB logo of the year contender, and the grit of their team personified.

Voyagers action shot2 Pathfinders action shot

Voyagers action shot


A huge thank you to all who participated and keep posted at for the Corps of Discovery Cup Playoffs. Championship game Sunday, August 3rd at Busch Stadium. All caps are available for sale at our boutique baseball equipment/apparel online store, Gourmet Baseball.

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Thanks Ross! And thanks (again) to all who participated and those who UW readers selected as winners — must be great to see all your work not just winning some kind of “online” contest — but to see the fruits of your labor actually being made into real, on-field caps and jerseys.


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


First up today is Rob Holecko, with thinks he knows what a real Devil Rays fauxback would look like:

Faux Devil Rays- Rob Holecko Faux Devil Rays 2 - Rob Holecko

Faux Devil Rays 3- Rob Holecko Faux Devil Rays 4- Rob Holecko

Faux Devil Rays 5- Rob Holecko

Dear Phil,

After seeing your June 22 column about the previous night’s Tequila Sunrise vs 1970′s Faux Rays Astros-Rays game and the declarations of it as the “Jim Vilk Color Palette Special”, I have to admit it was a good looking game. However, as any fan of Back To The Future will tell you, you can’t play so loose and fast with the space-time continuum. Did we forget that the Tampa Bay franchise did not become the blue & navy clad Rays until 2008? Of course they began their existence as the Devil Rays, wearing a gaudy uniform featuring black and purple hues from 1998-2000 and a primarily (and under-appreciated) dark green set from 2001-2007. So it would stand to reason that naturally any faux-back uniform from before that time period should be extrapolated backwards from their earliest incarnation as the Devil Rays, right? They wouldn’t have been the Rays in the 1970s, became the Devil Rays in the 1990s and then gone back to being the Rays in 2008, would they have? Well, I guess since this is all made up anyway, anything is possible. At any rate, here is my late 1970s Devil Ray fauxbacks, and of course since it was the 1970s, you know they would have mixed-and-matched many variations of these colors. (Personally, I like the purple-over-green variation the best.)

Rob Holecko

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And we close today with Tom Speed who provided no writeup, but takes the NFL logo from its roots through its present day incarnation, to its logical (?) conclusion:

NFL Logo 2020 - Tom Speed

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And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: “Very odd find at my local Total Wine. Generic baseball player at an alcohol promotional display,” says Jay Heiple. “Pretty much a San Francisco Giants orange Friday home jersey, but the right handed Caucasian player is wearing #25 (Barry Bonds number) and is wearing Romo socks.” … This is great: “I visited the awesome Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA and after seeing the old Air Force One airplane and a Marine One helicopter, I visited the rare baseball collection where there is a Honus Wagner baseball card, 1800s gloves, bats, and balls. Babe Ruth jerseys and more,” says Brandon Blaikie. “A whole shit load of cool stuff, Yankees, Sox, Dodgers. Check it out, there till September, a must see if in area, a private collection.” … Cort McMurray notes the the Sugar Land Skeeters Bullpen Cart is, in a word, unsatisfying. Dang, because bullpen carts are still very cool. … Last night the Oakland A’s wore this patch to honor the late Bob Welch, a member of the 1989 World Series winning team (thanks to Rich Paloma). … The Chicago Cubs have filed a lawsuit against several people whom the team accuses of being behind a fake mascot that has been engaging in bad behavior near Wrigley Field, including getting into a bar fight that was captured on video and posted online (thanks, Paul). … I’m not quite sure what happened here, but these are the shredded remains of (I think) an A’s jersey (via @wichmanr). … Check out all the belt loops on Pete Rose’s pants (via @Baseball_Photos). … Yesterday was Star Wars night for the Lake County Captains (via Andrew Jenkins). … Also yesterday, the Albuquerque Isotopes threw back to the Dukes (thanks to Andrew Beckner).

Football News: Wow — check out this 1959 Premium Sam Huff New York Football Giants Shell Oil Gas Glass, and it looks to be a steal at $4.99. Thanks to Mark Gonillo for sending that our way. … I don’t know whether to be really impressed, or mortified: Seven Lakes High School in Katy, TX, a big suburb of Houston, has done a uniform reveal video (looks like the countdown numbers are using the WVU pickaxe font). That comes to us from Derek Bonesteel. … How’d you like to have a really good view for an arena football game, and get paid to watch it? You can if you’re an LA Kiss go-go dancer (thanks to Brandon Blaikie).

Basketball News: As the days drag on, ESPN’s Jay Harris (subbing on Olbermann) has his take on Lebron’s jersey number dilemma (contribution by UW reader Brooks Simpson). Possible bad news for those still upset with the Sonics move to OKC: The Thunder are uncertain of whether or not to wear a jersey patch commemorating Seattle’s lone NBA title. Based off the reactions I got when I tweeted that, that will not go over well.

Hockey News: From the 1983 movie Class, Rob Lowe’s hockey mask and helmet (thanks to Douglas Ford). … Cam Talbot still loves Ghostbusters in a new, Zuul-themed mask (thanks to Alan Kreit). If you didn’t already know, He really likes Ghostbusters.

Soccer News: “Here is a link to a slideshow of all the Serie A jerseys for the 2014-2015 season,” says Francesco Caporusso. “Be forewarned, it’s in Italian but I think people can still get something out of it.” … FIFA 15 North America covers: Different Dempseys for Xbox and PS4 because of Sounders’ shirt sponsorship (great spot by Danny Garrison).

Grab Bag: … From Douglas Ford: is nothing sacred? Here’s Charl Schwartzel wearing a camo golf shirt in yesterday’s British Open. I kinda figured the camo trend would NOT hit the PGA (or other) tours. To my knowledge, no one has worn a camo tennis shirt, so I guess we can expect that at the U.S. Open, right?


And that’s going to do it for today. I hope everyone has a great Sunday — and I will catch you next week.

Repeating Yesterday’s Small(ish) announcement: As you guys are probably aware, Paul takes a well-deserved sabbatical from UW in the summer, and this year we’re still working out the details — but it looks like you’ll be stuck with me doing the weekdays beginning in August. As such, I’m going (again) put out the call to all readers out there — if you have an idea (and/or would like to work with me) on/for a feature article, please shoot me an E-mail. If you don’t want to do any writing/researching, but there’s a topic or three you’d like to see covered, either shoot me an e-mail or list your suggestions down in the comments below. I don’t usually have problems covering Paul’s absence when you guys are always so generous in your offers to help or make suggestions. Anything uni-related will be considered (and possibly some things that aren’t uni-specific, but are germane to the board). OK? OK! I’d like to start lining up some columns ahead of time so there will always be new, fresh content during Paul’s uni-vaycay.

I received a bunch of email yesterday (thanks everyone — I’ll try to get back to you by tonight on your suggestions/offers to work on an article), so we’re off to a good start, but I can always use some more. Keep ‘em coming!

Thanks (again) to Ross and to everyone who participated in the LCBL contest — great to see all those concepts go from the drawing board to the playing field. Also, thanks to the concepters and all who contributed to the ticker.

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“There is absolutely NO chance the Raiders will play at Levi’s. The entire thing is red…and Niner fans don’t want Raider fans in their stadium.”

–Brinke Guthrie


Field of Jeans®

Field of Jeans hed

By Phil Hecken

I have a very special guest post today from Mr. Collector’s Corner — Brinke Guthrie — who received a very special tour while attending the official “Grand Opening” celebration of the new stadium for the 49ers, Levi’s Stadium. There’s a lot to get to, and Brinke has covered it all with a unique (and “uni-centric”) view, so let’s get started.

Here’s Brinke:

. . . . . .

Field of Jeans®
By Brinke Guthrie

At the end of last season, California’s three NFL teams occupied three of the older and outdated stadiums in the league. San Diego Chargers/Qualcomm (1967,) the Oakland Raiders (Your Name Here Coliseum, 1966) and the San Francisco 49ers/Candlestick Park, 1960 (1971 for football.) Between the three, a total of 12 names — four for each. (Little known fact: Qualcomm was called “Snapdragon Stadium” for 10 days in 2011.)

As far as Bay Area sports go, the Raiders (and A’s) are mired deep in divisive Oakland political turmoil. If you can believe it, the Rayduhz want to tear down the Coliseum and build on the same site, at the same time the A’s are trying to redo their Coliseum lease.) Honest.


The Gold Rush and some dweeb,  Levi's Stadium®.No such inertia exists in the South Bay. Twenty-seven months after its April 2012 groundbreaking, the 49ers gleaming new Levi’s Stadium® is now online, following its official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday morning. I’ve watched the stadium webcam ever since they started digging — here’s a time-lapse movie — showing about half the build. It’s about as far away from the rusty old ‘Stick that $1.2 billion dollars can take you, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. (The 49ers HQ and practice field is literally steps from the stadium and has been here for several years. The locker room will move from the practice facility to the stadium.)

Initially, I couldn’t decide if the impressive 68,500 seat stadium is sleek, or plush. After taking a lengthy tour, the answer is “both.” (The Bay Area is now blessed with two outstanding stadiums. I deem AT&T Park “cool” because of the retro themed location by the Bay, and Levi’s Stadium® is “neat” due to the tech influence. I.E., the geek in me approves.) The stadium itself is very much a product of its location — the physical facility reflects the high tech innovation (and key corporate partnerships) that surrounds it in the Silicon Valley area. There’s a lot of cash in the Valley.

IMG_1361“Sustainability” (or, “It can run itself”) was a key word mentioned over and over. To partially expand on that:

Recycled water will account for around 85 percent of all water used at the stadium.

• The turf is a variety that will require up to 50 percent less water than the average turf variety in the Bay Area. If you’ve followed the news, lack of water is a big deal here. (Note in that photo: the three stripes were prominent on the side boards, and in the stadium “Inaugural Season” logo. A tie to the jersey sleeve stripes, perhaps?)

• The first stadium in North America designed to be net neutral to the grid- the ten Niners home games will be powered by the sun, from the stadium’s year-round collection of solar power. The three bridges to the stadium are solar panel covered, for example.

• The “green roof” saves energy and the need to heat/cool the tower- the “NRG Solar Terrace” is 18,000 square feet featuring 16 native plants. And one devious small utility box in the corner I tripped on and crashed. The first face plant at Levi’s Stadium belongs to me.

• It’s one giant Hot Spot. Plug into internet bandwidth 40x greater than any U.S. stadium. More than 12,00 WiFi access points dot the stadium, so if you want to order food from your seat and have it delivered, no problem. (Flat $5 dollar delivery charge for that, BTW.)

• The stadium is book-ended by two massive 200×48 HD video boards…which can allegedly been seen at night from 100 miles away. (Conversation on the 101 up in SF: “Look, honey- Gore scored again!”)

• Levi’s Stadium® also features things such as an art collection, education center, team store (which wasn’t open- and I had money to spend) and team museum. (Didn’t get to see that. Maybe on the next trip.) There was a reception following the ribbon cutting ceremony- let’s just say the food is pretty good. (Another gourmet ice cream sundae? Well, if you insist.)

• The lower bowl’s 45,000 seats (two-thirds of capacity) is one of the league’s largest, and the suite tower is supposed to reflect sound back at the field- to make for a noisy atmosphere for all your rowdy friends.

Levis logoAmong Thursday’s speakers were 49ers CEO Jed York and The Commish, Roger Goodell, and Levi’s® CEO Chip Bergh, a genial fellow who was nattily attired, and doesn’t wash his jeans. (Jacket available for purchase soon! NFL licensed!)

And yes, Coach Harbaugh was wearing the black sweatshirt in the hot sunshine. I was -this- close to The Sweatshirt! This was the Nike model as opposed to the Reebok model or the Stanford DIY model.

My pal Todd L. in Denver wrote me to say, “It’s not really named Levi’s Stadium®, is it?” This coming from someone whose team plays at “Sports Authority Field at Mile High,” its second name. You’ll notice the the ® symbol throughout this story. Believe me, that little ® is EVERYWHERE at the stadium.

It’s been a long haul. We’ve got our new toy, and now it’s time to play with it. Sunday night, September 14th is Game On.

(Extra special thanks to Roger Hacker at the 49ers. PS: he Gets It™.)

. . . . .

Thanks, Brinke! Nice job — and I’m sure that stadium tour/grand opening (and everything in between) was awesome.


colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Just one today — and it’s from (drumroll) George Chilvers, but brace yourselves — it’s NOT soccer (football) related!

Click either image to enlarge:

. . .

Walter Johnson - colourized - George Chilvers

Walter Johnson

Hi Phil

After saying you would be getting football pictures from me, the first one I send is not football. I trust I don’t need to say who it is to you experts :)

The big relevance to me is that over last weekend someone (Steve D, I think) asked if there had been breakthroughs or was I just refining. My answer was that I am constantly refining, and one area I have been concentrating on over the last month or so is trying to get skin tones more natural looking – the most difficult part of colourising, particularly in portraits.

I’d be interested to know if readers think I’m getting there.


. . .

Clearly, the famous large choo-choo is the inspiration for a certain fireballing righthander from the Rays. Don’t hate.

Thanks George. Tremendous stuff, as always. Please keep them coming!


2014 Logo
U.W.F.F.L. Spring League

UWFFL Developmental League – Week 18
by Rob Holecko

We have finally made it to the eighteenth and final week of the 2014 UWFFL Spring Developmental League. The six group winners and two wild cards will qualify for the D-League postseason, while the top three teams in each group will advance to Division II in the Fall, and the fourth through sixth place finishing teams in each group will go into Division III.

Most of the spots for promotion and playoff spots have been decided, although there are still a few things left to decide. All of these crucial games will be decided with your votes today.

. . .

The Providence Steamroller (4-2-1) needs a win against Buffalo to get into a tie for third with the Rhode Island Hot Rods (5-2-1) in Group A:

Week 18 - PRV BUF


Providence at Buffalo free polls 

. . .

The Jacksonville Rhinos (4-3) host the Delaware Union (5-2), a Jacksonville win will mean these two teams will face each other again next week in a tiebreaker game to decide who goes into Division II:

Week 18 - DEL JAX


Delaware at Jacksonville free polls 

. . .

It’s a big game for the Angle North Stars (5-1-1), they are in third place, only a half-game ahead of the Pontiac Prowlers (5-1-2). If they can beat the (7-0) Cheyenne Shock who have already clinched first place in the group, they will make it into Division II, but a tie will set up a tiebreaker game with Pontiac next week, while a loss will send Pontiac to Division II, and the North Stars will have to settle for Division III. BOth Angle and Cheyenne are wearing alts for this season finale, Angle their white and blue road alts, while Cheyenne is debuting a dynamic all-black set:

Week 18 - ANS CHE


Angle at Cheyenne free polls 

. . .

Finally the Missouri Magnetic (6-1) play their season finale at the Houston Energy (1-6). It’s been a disappointing season for the Energy, but they can play spoiler today as the Magnetic needs a win to try to grab one of the Wild Card spots and get into the D-League playoffs:

Week 18 - MO HOU


Missouri at Houston free polls 

. . .

There are still a few Division III promotion spots yet to be decided among the teams playing in the eight other games this weekend, so head on over to to vote on those games as well. We will see you next week with any tiebreaker games that may be necessary, and possibly a contest for you to vote on as well.


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Check out this beautiful 1889 baseball medal issued by Jos. Schoeneman, Philadelphia, found by MLB Historian John Thorn (thanks to Jonathan Daniel). … Also from Jonathan, look at this Phillies licensed cigarette pack holder from the 50′s, which features the Whiz Kids cigarettes (via the twitter account @19802008CHAMPS). … Still more from Jonathan: Interesting information on the 1914 Boston Braves and “I love that Braves photo.” … The University of Northwestern Ohio has “denigrated the beautiful green span of the baseball field and turned its infield into cardinal astroturf with a vegas gold astroturf basepath,” says Dustin Semore. … Should softball players wear masks on the field? At least one state says “Yes” (from Tommy Turner). … Even though Fox didn’t pay tribute to Tony Gwynn or any other baseball great who passed away recently, this video pays respect to the Hall of Famers, All Stars and other baseball stars who have died since the last All Star Game (nice find from Richard Paloma). … “The nameplates on the Charlotte Knights jerseys look like just a piece of white tape,” says David Berger. “Looks especially awful in the pinstripes.” … “The A’s (obviously Steve Vucinich) getting things right with the jerseys worn by the WS Champs for the 89 reunion,” notes Rich Paloma, who’s behind the scenes at last evening’s 1989 reunion.”Note there’s no serif (tail) on the A of the script “Athletics” as they have now. The A’s made that change in 1993 when they also added gold outline to the green NOB. (In this flickr album) is folded jersey, Dennis Eckersley, Dave Stewart, and pics from this year jersey front.”

NFL News & College Football News: WMU students are working on new helmet technology to increase concussion awareness (thanks, Paul). … The NFL Players Association has now been sued over handling of concussions. … The Southern University Jaguars will wear this “spotted” jersey in their season opener against the Ragin’ Cajuns (thanks, I think, to Gil Neumann). … A local work crew found this 1909 football jersey at Temple HS library (great find by Beau Stahnke). … “Has FSU made a change to number color since the reveal?” asks Preston Coyle. “Or is this a misprint?” Good question, since the jerseys being sold have gold numbers (h/t Jeff aka @saintwarrick).

NBA & College Hoops News: Following the Chicago Bulls presser, “Looks like the United Center had left over water from the Kane and Toews press conference,” writes Adam Grad (look closely at the label). … Looks like The Chosen One is still undecided on his uni number with the Cavs, so he’s asking fans which one they think he should wear. … Dayton has new hoops uniforms. Says submitter Andrew Consentino “Not too bad.” Here’s a look at the white and blue versions. … Dayton also has a new court design. … Ooooohhhh — check out his really neat ‘scooter’ that Hugo the Hornet will be using this year in Charlotte (nice pics by Duncan Wilson). … Loren Lirely saw this set of NBA jerseys and asks if the black Bucks jersey is legit. To which Conrad Burry replied, fashion jersey? don’t know why they’d feature that in the graphic though.. Hmmm. … Check out the new floor at the Gates Center for IPFW hoops (h/t Jared Law). … The Bulls introduced Mirotic and Gasol with now-outdated jerseys that have Bulls logo on back instead of NBA logo (thanks Paul). … Check out this beautiful 1972-1975 ABA Memphis Tams game used equipment bag (big thanks to Bruce Menard).

Soccer News: Here is the new 2014-15 Tottenham Hotspur home & away kits (h/t Mike Diodati). … New away kit for Huddersfield Town F.C. (via @TheLupineOne). … New Hull City home kit (thanks to Ben Karnish). … New Atletico Madrid away kits for the 2014-15 season. … “To go along with (yester)day’s Soccer link to portrait style illustrations is this interesting collection of soccer posters from Form and Glory Sport & Design out of the UK (,” writes Ted Arnold. “Here is a link to the Arsenal posters. Also some interesting posters of interpretations of baseball team logos/nicknames in their collection.” … From UW Stalwart Chance Michaels: Here’s a look at the tweaks West Ham made after fan feedback. … Chivas Guadalajara have unveiled new kits.

Grab Bag: Yesterday, at the British Open (or just “The Open”), John Daly was doing John Daly things (I do love those pants tho). … Here’s a really good U of Dayton interactive site, with tremendous logo information (thanks to Jeff Brandon). … Also, Dayton athletics has a new logo (thanks, Patrick O’Neill). … Russell Westbrook has released a clothing line with Barneys and it is just as garish as you’d imagine (thanks to Tommy Turner). … Wow — check out these Apollo 11-inspired sneakers from GE (thanks, Brinke). … The AFL has decided to remain on the side of tradition and NOT use NOBs as a permanent feature on jumpers after a one round experiment earlier this season (from Leo Strawn, Jr.). … This weekend, teams in the Geelong Football League and Bellarine Football League will wear heritage/throwbacks jumpers (thanks to Graham Clayton). … “This band called Philbilly played at the bar I work at in Jersey and used the Phillies style for their band name,” says Pat Costello. “Pretty cool.”


And that’s going to do it for today.

Small(ish) announcement: As you guys are probably aware, Paul takes a well-deserved sabbatical from UW in the summer, and this year we’re still working out the details — but it looks like you’ll be stuck with me doing the weekdays beginning in August. As such, I’m going (again) put out the call to all readers out there — if you have an idea (and/or would like to work with me) on/for a feature article, please shoot me an E-mail. If you don’t want to do any writing/researching, but there’s a topic or three you’d like to see covered, either shoot me an e-mail or list your suggestions down in the comments below. I don’t usually have problems covering Paul’s absence when you guys are always so generous in your offers to help or make suggestions. Anything uni-related will be considered (and possibly some things that aren’t uni-specific, but are germane to the board). OK? OK! I’d like to start lining up some columns ahead of time so there will always be new, fresh content during Paul’s uni-vaycay.

Thanks to Brinke for the look-back at the Levi’s Stadium opening, George for his colorization, and Rob for the UWFFL stuff. I’ll be back tomorrow with a very special “wrap” of something with which all weekend readers should be aware. So make sure to check back then.

Also…Jim Vilk wants everyone to know that it’s time for the semi-annual MLB Extra Innings free preview (check your local satellite/cable/whatever provider) — so if you want to watch a shit-ton of free baseball for the next several days (and see teams you might not ever get to see, because ESPN only ever shows the Yankees and Red Sox), well, you’re in heaven now. Thanks for the reminder, Jimmer.

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“People in the southwest know the contextual difference between ‘coyote’ the trafficker and ‘coyote’ the yelping quadriped, just like people understand that the ‘bear’ in Chicago is ursine, not a ‘large, hairy man, projecting an image of rugged masculinity’.”

–Cort McMurray