What's Your Sign(ature) - San Diego Padres

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By Phil Hecken

We continue today with the “What’s Your Sign(ature)” series, this time taking a look at the San Diego Padres. If you missed the previous entries in the series, you can see them at the following links: Indians, Pirates, Astros, Mets and Rays.

Can a one year only uniform actually qualify as a team’s signature outfit? That’s a tough call — but when that one year uniform leads to minor league teams, colleges and even another pro MLB team copying it…it does merit consideration. What about all the other Padres unis over the years (and they’ve had a LOT)? Does one of those sets stand out as a “signature” uni? (Continue reading)

DIY Helmets and a WFL History Lesson

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By Phil Hecken

I’m joined today by a longtime Uni Watch favorite, Leo Strawn, Jr., who has graced these pages with many great things, including some terrific DIY projects (although he may be better known these days as the guy who gets a lot of “Too Good For The Ticker” entries). Not today, though — today Leo gets the lede, as he’s here with … (Continue reading)

WaPo Poll: Most Native Americans Okay with ‘Redskins’

Big ’Skins Watch news yesterday, as The Washington Post, whose editorial board has been a longtime supporter of the “change the name” movement, rolled out the results of a new nationwide poll showing that an overwhelming majority of Native Americans have no problem with “Redskins” as a team name.

As you might expect, I received a lot of emails and tweets yesterday asking what I think of the poll results. As you might also expect, I do indeed have quite a few thoughts on the matter, which I’d like to share. Unfortunately, I was busy yesterday with ESPN work and some other stuff, and then I had to attend a friend’s birthday party in the evening, and today I’m going out to Long Island to see my mom, so I simply haven’t had time to address this. But I’ll get to it next week, promise.

In the meantime, I strongly, strongly suggest that anyone interested in this issue take some time to digest the Post’s entire package, which consists of four components. I read them myself in the following order, and I recommend that you do the same (note that the Post has a 10-article-per-month limit for non-subscribers; if you max out, however, you can keep getting access to 10 additional articles by switching to another browser, and then another, etc.): (Continue reading)

The Lively Experiment: Rhode Island Road Trip Report

Photo taken Sunday at Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge; click to enlarge

As most of you know by now, my favorite state is Wisconsin, but there are plenty of other states competing for second place. One of them is Rhode Island, which is gorgeous, has a surprisingly eccentric food scene (a subject I once wrote about for The New York Times), and is situated not too far from Uni Watch HQ. So when the Tugboat Captain and I recently found ourselves in desperate need of a weekend getaway, Rhode Island was the perfect solution.

We arrived in Providence at 6pm on Friday and headed back home about 48 hours later. In between, we drove about 200 miles around the Ocean State. Due to southern Rhode Island’s unusual geography and a few other factors, we had to double back over a few stretches that we had already driven on, so our route didn’t end up as a neat circle or anything like that, but this should give you an idea of areas we were exploring (click to enlarge): (Continue reading)