If You're a Social Media Director Who's Looking for Work, I Have a Feeling There's a Job Opening in Foxboro Today

As I write this, the Uni Watch Twitter account has 78,434 followers. I’m fairly certain no uni-centric website has ever made it to 78,435 followers, so I was thinking I’d do something pretty special when we hit that very historic milestone.

Then again, maybe that’s not such a great idea.

If you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing there, look here, or in just about any other corner of the internet, because this story had some serious legs last night. As you can see, many of those media outlets chose to show the Pats’ ugly tweet. I thought about showing it as well but ultimately decided to just link to it.

The NOB on the jersey is particularly interesting in light the NFL’s famous list of words that you can’t have on a jersey, eh? I wonder how many “clever” DIY variations on that NOB we’re going to see people wearing at NFL games this weekend.

The offensive tweet stayed up for over an hour before the Pats finally took it down. Then they issued this apology:

That right there is a case study in how to evade responsibility. As the Pats see it, they didn’t send out the offending tweet — no, the tweet simply “went out” from their account, like magic! Much easier to blame the snafu on a “filtering system” failure than to say actual human beings employed by the New England Patriots fucked up, right? This is the brave new world of social media, where bots do all the work and major errors can be chalked up to software glitches.

Still, you have to think someone’s getting pink-slipped over this, right? The only remaining question is how long it will take for that person to be hired by the Mets.

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Membership reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, there was an announcement regarding the future of the Uni Watch membership program. If you’ve been pondering signing up, or putting it off, or waiting for the right moment, you should read this. Thanks.

Patch reminder: I’m currently sold out of Uni Watch 15th-anniversary patches. Should I order another batch of them, and how big should that batch be? If you’re interested in getting a patch, let me know now. Thanks.

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Our favorite pin-up artist: It’s been a while since I’ve shown any of Rob Ullman’s cheesecake-style uniform illustrations here on the site, so here’s a small gallery of his recent work. These are all commissions that he did for people who hired him to do portraits of their partners or themselves (if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here):

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My favorite color: Remember last week’s entry about TV reporters wearing purple on Election Night? I’ve expanded on that idea in a new article that I’ve written for the design website re:Form — and I managed to do it without saying a single negative thing about purple.

I’ll have another piece up on re:Form next week, and I’m pretty excited about it — it’s an account of my recent visit to FAST Corp. in Wisconsin. I think you’ll really like it.

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’Skins Watch: “There was a big profile on DC in this month’s issue of Delta’s in-flight magazine, Sky,” says Ryan Goldstein. “In the sidebar, the mayor recommends that visitors check out DC’s professional teams but simply omits any mention of the ’Skins. Maybe it’s because the they, unlike DC’s other teams, are not ‘doing well.'” … A Native American group in Cincinnati has asked for the removal of a car dealer’s sign featuring a caricatured Indian (from David Sonny).

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Uni Watch News Ticker

By Garrett McGrath

Baseball News: MLB and New Era are betting that you cap collectors are stupid enough to buy yet another one of your favorite team’s cap just because it has a “Japan All-Star Series” side patch (from Shannon Shark). … Todd Radom shared a great post yesterday on the beautiful designs of tickets and programs of MLB teams in Japan, 1953-84. Not to be missed! … This is a fantastic Brooklyn Dodgers era die-cut ticket from Ebbets Field (from Jonathan Daniel). … An interesting article about a phantom MLB uniform from Washington (thanks, Phil).

NFL News: The Dolphins wore mono-aqua last night. Additional photos here. … A Bills lineman’s captaincy patch was coming loose last night (screen shot by John M). … Bills DB Aaron Williams wore a sock on his left arm last night (from Phil). … The Cardinals are going full-bloodclot in this Sunday’s game against the Lions (thanks, Phil). … How much would it cost to buy everything advertised in an NFL game? Find out in this great article on brand exposure during an average NFL broadcast (thanks, Brinke). … Did you know each NFL official carries a little card in his pocket? Here’s a great close-up photo of the side judge’s card from last Sunday’s Jets/Steelers game (thanks, Phil). … The 49ers will stop using paper tickets next season (from Brinke). … Anyone else think the NFL might be taking this military thing just a smidge too far? (From Phil.) … Nike is warning NFL players to stop customizing their cleats or else their endorsement contracts could be terminated (Phil again).

College and High School Football News: Here’s the patch that the teams will wear in the 2015 College Football Championship Game. … Miami will wear orange helmets and smoke uniforms against FSU. … The Fighting Illini are going to wear a special helmet decal to honor ten former players who died in combat (thanks, Phil). … The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns will honor the late Orlando Thomas by bringing his no. 42 out of retirement (thanks, Phil). … North Carolina State will be wearing red-black-red at their game this weekend (from Nick Troutman). … “Wabash College and DePauw University play one of (if not the) most famous small college rivalry game over the Monon Bell, which is being played again this coming weekend,” says Aaron Parrish. “Here is the program from the 1954 game, which seems to be right up Uni Watch’s alley.” … Houston Scarborough, a high school team in Texas, has an odd helmet design that uses Michigan State’s Spartan logo on the front of the helmet. They also wore pink socks for a recent game (from Kris McInnis).

Hockey News: Blues goalie Jake Allen and the team are running a contest open to all fans to design his second goalie mask. If any Uni Watch readers participate, send us your designs and we’ll show them here on the site (from Mark Richter).

Basketball News: Tony Allen of the Grizzlies forgot to take off his shooting shirt before entering last night’s game against the Kings (from Eric Bangeman). … The University of New Mexico Lobos will open the 2014-15 basketball season with a pair of unique jerseys: camouflage-accented uniforms for Friday night’s season opener against Idaho State and turquoise-accented uniforms for Sunday night’s game versus Cal State Fullerton. … Bucknell will wear awesome 1976 throwbacks against Penn State on Nov. 28.

Soccer News: New York City FC, the new MLS franchise, posted unveiled its inaugural uniform yesterday. Many observers commented that it looks a lot like the home kits their owners, Manchester City, will wear across the pond, (thanks, Phil).

Grab Bag: The BYU “Sailor Coug” logo has received an update and will be used as a secondary logo across all BYU sports (from Drew Mastin). … “There’s a Lance Armstrong biopic in the works and a London shop is selling over 100 of the retrofitted bikes used in the production,” says Sean Clancy. … The Washington Post ran these really cool graphics about the comet landing on Tuesday (from Andrew Hoenig).

A Uni Watch Look at the Rugby Union Autumn Internationals

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from Robert Naylor, who’s going to give us a uni-centric primer on the rugby union autumn internationals, which are now underway. — PL]

By Robert Naylor

Back in olden times, nations used to settle conflicts by fighting bloody wars. Nowadays we have an even more violent way of solving issues of national pride: rugby union, the ultimate mix of power, pace, and intense violence that’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch, even if you don’t fully understand the game.

The annual autumn internationals are now underway. Though not a tournament, there are bragging rights at stake with intense, age-old rivalries. The matches last throughout November.

Rugby jerseys, like their counterparts in other sports, have changed over time. They used to be thick and cotton with collars, but now they’re much tighter-fitting. The only safety equipment required is a mouth guard, though some players wear a padded cap. There are no NOBs, but there are numbers, which are assigned by position: 1-8 for forwards and 9-15 for backs.

With all of that in mind, here’s a look at the uniforms of the major teams taking part in the autumn internationals over the next five weeks (in each case, click on “Team colors” to see the team’s current uniform):

New Zealand
Team name: The All Blacks
Emblem: Silver fern
Team colors: black (duh) and white

In any debate regarding the most iconic sports jersey all times, the All Blacks are usually the trump card. For a long time the jersey was unavailable to fans and the only way to get one was to be an All Black, a position set just above God in the deity ranks of New Zealand. The current jersey, unlike those of other Adidas-outfitted teams, doesn’t have the Adidas stripes on the shoulders, and the white colour is a nice touch as an offset.

Team name: The Wallabies
Emblem: Wallaby and Australian Coat of Arms
Team colors: Gold and green

There is no color combination in sport as beautiful as gold and green [I heartily agree. — PL], and the Wallabies have used it since 1928. I don’t like the green side panelling, but I do always like seeing the southern cross featured on the chest. Awesome socks as well.

South Africa
Team name: The Springboks
Emblem: Springbok and protea
Team colors: Green, gold, and white

More green and gold! For a long time the Springboks were view by black South Africans as a symbol of white apartheid rule. So this classic rugby look was almost abolished in favor of the Protea wreath in 1994, but Nelson Mandela stepped in and saved it. The Protea has since been added, but the basic green jersey with white shorts and green socks remain, with the two crests taking pride of place on the breast. It’s a good look, although I’m not a fan of the partial gold collar.

Team name: Los Pumas
Emblem: Jaguar
Team colors: Sky blue and white

The name Los Pumas is a misnomer, coined from a mistake by South African journalist Carl Kohler, who mistook the jaguar on the Argentine crest for a puma. The name just sort of stuck (the second team is called the Jaguars). The sky blue and white hoops are a gorgeous look, though the current Nike design with the incomplete diagonal hoops doesn’t work for me as well as previous iterations. They also lose points for no longer using the hoop-striped socks.

Emblem: Red rose
Team colors: White, red, and navy blue

My homeland keeps to the classic English look. We’ve kept it simple with the latest uniform: white, white, navy blue, with no silly accents. Extra props for the simple sleeve stripes and ditching the BFBS (yes, that’s also a thing in rugby union) away kit.

Emblem: The thistle
Team colors: Blue and white (with red away kit)

Trust those Scots to pick a prickly, rather ugly flower as their national emblem. It’s known as the “guardian thistle,” because of legends regarding a Viking who stepped on a thistle and cried out in pain, alerting the Scottish defensemen. These days they confine the marauding to the rugby pitch and have recently returned to a classic white collar look, which I really like.

Team name: The Red Dragons
Emblem: Prince of Wales’s feathers
Team color: Red

The ultimate symbol of the Welsh nation (discounting daffodils and Tom Jones, of course), the Red Dragons have probably the best-looking of all the rugby crests and their all-red look is one level below the All Blacks in terms of classics. But they’re not looking so good at the moment, as their current Under Armour uniform set has lots of unnecessary black panels and a ridiculous GFGS away kit.

Emblem: The shamrock
Colors: Green

The Irish’s simple look of green, white, and green never gets old, and their shamrock emblem is probably the most natural choice for a national symbol amongst these teams. The current strip, which has no unnecessary piping or striping, is probably the best of the Northern Hemisphere bunch.

Emblem: The Gallic rooster
Colors: Blue, white, and red

As an Englishmen, it’s easy to be cynical about the French jersey and emblem (why do you have a massive cock on your jersey?), but I will admit that the French do have a nice-looking team, with some of the best socks around. But I dislike the way the Adidas stripes on the shoulders wrap around the front of the arms and around the back of the neck — it’s too overcrowded.

Team name: Azzuri (Sky blues)
Emblem: Federation of Italian Rugby shield
Team colors: Blue and white

The most recent addition to the Six Nations, having joined in 2000, the Italians make up for their lack of wins (they’ve never finished better than fourth out of six in the tournament) by fielding a stylish look. I love their shade of blue, and mono-blue works for them. However, as with France, the wraparound stripe effect isn’t a great look and detracts a lot from an otherwise stylish jersey.

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ESPN reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, my annual college hoops season preview is up now on ESPN.

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IMPORTANT! Membership update: Membership orders have slowed to a bare trickle lately. We still get the occasional new enrollee (including Brian Crago, whose card, based on the old Jacksonville Bulls’ helmet, is shown at right), but they’ve become few and far between.

And that presents a problem. For the sake of cost-efficiency, I get the cards printed in batches of eight. It used to be that we’d get eight orders every three or four weeks, so enrollees wouldn’t have to wait any longer than that for their cards. But these days it’s taking, like, two months, or even longer, to fill up an eight-card batch. So I’ve been faced with two choices: I can either ask people to wait a long time for their cards (which I don’t want to do, because it’s not fair to the enrollees), or I can print the cards in smaller batches (which I also don’t want to do, because it makes the cards too expensive to produce).

I’m wondering if maybe it’s simply time to shut down the membership program. That would make me a little bit sad, because it’s been a really fun project and I’d hate to see it end, but maybe it’s run its course and reached a saturation point with you folks.

If I’m wrong about that, now is the time to tell me. If you’ve been thinking of signing up for your own custom-made card, now is the time to order it. Because if we don’t get a bunch of new orders soon, I’m going to pull the plug.

As always, you can order your custom-made card here, you can see all the cards we’ve produced so far here, and you can see the step-by-step process by which we make the cards here.

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NFL Superhero Project

By Thomas Correia

Thursdays mean the start of another week of football and another edition of my NFL Superhero Project. Tonight’s game between the Bills and the Dolphins translates into a fight between Marvel’s original villainous symbiote and DC’s king of the seven seas (click to enlarge):


A large buffalo-sized hero to represent the Bills was hard to come by. Plus, what could I do about that red stripe in the logo? So then I thought of the possibility of opening up my project to include villains, and bam, it hit me — Venom! He’s a character with the perfect bulky build and his famously long tongue solved the red stripe issue in the best possible way. On top of all that, I’ve used the horn from the Bills’ logo as Venom’s eye.

There is no better hero to use for the Dolphins than DC’s Aquaman. Sure, you may think Marvel’s Sub-Mariner is just as good, but Aquaman is already wearing Miami’s colors (or vice versa). It took hours to piece together the perfect swim pose for him, but the longer it took, the more I got into it. This is one of my favorites from this project.

Use the comments below to toss up your best guess as to which two characters will be throwing down in next week’s game between the Chiefs and the Raiders.

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Mike’s Question of the Week

By Mike Chamernik

What team, in your opinion, most needs to change back to a throwback uniform and logo design? Think of this as which team has the most to gain — the St. Louis Cardinals, for instance, looked great in the 1960s but they still look good today. Which team would benefit the most from a switch?

I would say the Sacramento Kings. They don’t look so hot now, but if the Kings went back to the Tiny Archibald era, or even the Kenny “The Jet” Smith” era, with the old logo, they’d look really nice. They’d go from outhouse to penthouse.

What do you all say? Post your responses in today’s comments.

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Big PermaRec news: I’m diving back into the pool of Manhattan Trade School report cards. Today’s student record packet includes a letter from the student’s mother (shown at right) in which she gets rather snippy with one of the school’s administrators. Get the full scoop over on Permanent Record.

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Uni Watch News Ticker

By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Cubs prospect Kris Bryant has ivy-patterned sneakers. … Ted Williams was a pitchman for Sugar Crisp cereal and MLB logo patches in the 1950s (from Jonathan Daniel). … Also from Jonathan, the photo behind a Ted Williams card with an interesting backstory is up for bid. … Michael Clary found a trading card that showed a Cubs player wearing oddly-patterned stirrups — blue on top, red on the bottom with alternating stripes. ” I’ve checked other Cubs cards from the 50’s-60’s, and Dressed To The Nines, but haven’t yet found anything similar. Possibly just an error from the Topps Art Department?” … These wood coasters have ballpark layouts printed onto them! Very cool (from Jason Werth).

NFL News: The Packers’ website is in full Acme Packers mode and their Facebook page has a throwback banner. … The trend of re-imagining NFL team logos as something else has finally reached its logical conclusion. I’m Mr. Logo Mash-Up Buzzkill, so this one warmed my heart. … Here’s the story behind the Rams’ horns (from Douglas Ford). … On Sunday, Richard Sherman wore shoes printed with the feather pattern that shows up on the Seahawks helmets, numbers and pants (from Kyle Hanks). … The 1968 Western Conference Championship Game program’s cover shows all the helmets from the teams in the conference. By the way, it’s funny that Baltimore was considered west (from Douglas Ford). … Eric Bangeman found a 1972 news clip where Brent Musburger narrated highlights from a scrimmage between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Cardinals. “Of interest was the Chicago Bears wearing block uniform numbers and the Cardinals sporting blank white helmets,” Eric says. … Cowboys WR Dez Bryant gave Air Jordan shoes to the team’s offensive linemen (thanks, Brinke). … “Ellen DeGeneres had Sophia Vergera on her show on Wednesday, and apparently Sophia is a big fan of the NY Giants,” says Alex Bending. “She has a heavy Latin accent and pronounces them as the ‘Yiants,’ so Ellen made a special ‘Yiants’ jersey for her, although it actually looks more like a Colts jersey.” … Next Monday night’s Steelers/Titans game is slated to have the longest-surnamed QB matchup in NFL history — a combined 26 letters. Can someone please sign Jarrod Saltalamacchia from the practice squad? (From Jerry Wolper.)

College and High School Football News: Maryland will wear black jerseys against Michigan State. … The New Orleans Times-Picayune is holding a best prep helmet in Louisiana contest. “The interesting thing is that they’ve divided it up into categories, the first of which is ‘classic style,'” says Joel Manuel. … Bowling Green wore gray jerseys with orange helmets and pants last night (from Phil). … Arkansas State will wear red helmets with stars and stripes lettering on Saturday (from Clay Jack). … Marshall has a display in its library in remembrance of the 1970 plane crash (from Coleman Mullins). … “I’m praying this end zone shot of Mississippi State’s Scott Field is just a Photoshop — otherwise I’m going to be sick,” says Dustin Semore. “I imagine it is ’shopped, considering Mississippi State is on the road this Saturday.” … Mono-white tonight for ECU. Here’s a close-up of the helmet (both from Phil).

Hockey News: Here’s an “It won’t be that bad,” argument for ads on NHL jerseys (from Phil). … But, add this to the (long) list of downsides to ads on uniforms: The rich teams may get richer and the poor teams will, well, get a little less richer. … The Lightning will debut their new “Bolts” alternates tonight (from Phil). … “Just passing on a couple of recent Canadian hockey military tribute uniforms, which I think are far classier than the camouflage pretend-soldier garbage foisted on us by MLB and the NHL,” says Rob Yasinsac. … Star Wars-themed jerseys this weekend for the Cincinnati Cyclones.

Soccer News: New York City FC will unveil its uniforms today and has already released its inaugural season logo (from Chance Michaels). … Huntelaar of Netherlands had some serious number and lettering issues on his jersey yesterday (from Phil).

Basketball News: Paul Millsap’s jersey was misspelled last night. That the NBA’s second NOB typo of the week so far (from Phil). … The people who’ve been cybersquatting the Nets.com domain name have revealed themselves. … New Mexico will wear unis with camo lettering on Friday.

Grab Bag: Whoa, check out all that exists in what Douglas Ford calls a Uni Watch Wonderland! None of those items are for sale, though — it just seems that some magnate is showing off his goods. What a tease. … Here’s a book about the stories behind 29 classic logos. Also, designers are creating a new font from satellite imagery (both from Jay Sullivan). … The University of Richmond’s equipment manager is retiring (from Tommy Turner). … New logo for Pizza Hut. … Here are some amusing newspaper correction items. The unofficial Uni Watch corrections section is called “Thanks. Fixed.”

• • • • •

What Paul did last night: So last night I’m on subway and there’s this dude with a big shopping bag full of bread sitting on the floor in front of him. He’s intently ripping the bread into small pieces — as soon as he finishes this with one piece, he rummages through to bag to find another unripped piece and begins work on that one. Is he doing this to build up strength in his hands? As a form of therapy? Out of some sort of obsessive-compulsive impulse? To get an early start on his Thanksgiving stuffing?


You’re not supposed to talk to strangers on the New York City subway, especially ones who are doing something that could be considered a bit crazy, but my curiosity gets the best of me and I approach the guy. “Excuse me,” I say. “Why are you doing that to all the bread?”

“It’s for soup,” he replies, in an accent I can’t quite place. “Oh, soup,” I say. “Do you own a restaurant?” He nods and returns his attention to the task at hand.

I’m sure there’s a cheap joke to be made here about the health department and not ordering soup anytime soon, etc. But my preferred takeaway is this: You never know what you’ll see on the New York City subway, which is one of the things I love about it.

Tip-Off Time for College Hoops Is Almost Here

The most unusual new college basketball uniform set for the coming season will be worn in Louisville, where the Cardinals have been given a highly unusual shorts design (the home and road versions of which are both conveniently shown in this photo from a recent intrasquad scrimmage; additional photos here). Rather amazingly, Adidas hasn’t dressed anyone else in this template — at least not yet. Anyone want to set the over/under for how long that lasts?

But Louisville won’t be wearing those uniforms when they tip off their season this Friday. That’s because they’ll be opening the season at the Armed Forces Classic at Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen in Puerto Rico, which of course means their uniforms will feature the official animal of Puerto Rico: the coquí frog. Kidding! They’ll actually be wearing Coast Guard-themed uniforms.

Those designs, and many more, are featured in my annual college hoops season preview, which is up now on ESPN. — Paul

• • • • •

Baseball News: Remember that Majestic catalog that ran in yesterday’s Ticker, with what appeared to be some new BP jersey designs? An inside source tells me, “That catalog is for their team sales division (i.e., for rec leagues, Little League, etc) and is not the Majestic MLB catalog. I know the “Authentic Collection” logo appears there, but those look like dumbed-down versions of the real BP jerseys that they sell to amateur teams.” So there you go — at ease. … New Mets free agent signee Michael Cuddyer has provided our first look at the team’s new white (no longer cream) pinstriped jersey. … As you’re probably aware, a team of MLB players is currently playing a goodwill series in Japan. The MLBers are wearing their regular uniforms. I figured the Japanese squad would wear their WBC unis, but instead they’re going with these beauties — with striped socks! Man, why can’t our guys dress like that? (From Johnathan Kaszynski.) … Here’s a 1984 Pizza Hut commercial showing White Sox players Carlton Fisk and Rich Dotson, with the “6/46″ memorial patch for coaches Charlie Lau and Loren Babe clearly visible (nice find by Bo Baize).

NFL News: The Dolphins will be wearing mono-aqua tomorrow night. … Wesley Eustis reports that a fan at Sunday’s Niners/Saints game was told to remove the American flag that he’d draped over the railing of his seats. I’m assuming it’s because his flag wasn’t made by either of the league’s official corporate flag manufacturers (which are, of course, Nike and Bose). … Colorado state senators celebrated their new majority by wearing Peyton Manning jerseys (thanks, Phil). … Here’s a weird one: NBC hides little Wikipedia articles in its Sunday Night Football graphics (from Yusuke Toyoda).

College Football News: A recent episode of Big Ten Treasure Hunters featured this 1930s Wisconsin uniform (from Chris Flinn). … Friday is the anniversary of the tragic Marshall plane crash that killed all 75 people aboard, which explains why the Herd will be wearing this helmet on Saturday (from Brice Wallace). … Holy Toledo! That’s what the Rockets wore last night. I really like it (thanks, Phil). … New helmet for Oklahoma State. … Let no cause go unrepresented: Minnesota will be wearing epilepsy awareness neck bumpers on Saturday. … Arizona State will wear solid white this weekend.

Hockey News: An NHL spokesperson provided some additional info on those poppy decals that some teams were recently wearing for Remembrance Day: “The NHL permitted all Canadian-based NHL clubs to place a poppy decal on the back-left area of their helmets for the Remembrance Day holiday. Clubs had the opportunity to wear the decal for all games from Nov. 8 through Nov. 11. Participation was optional and not a league requirement or mandate.” … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Here are the sketches for the year’s Hall of Fame inductee plaques (from Rob S). … Blues goalie Brian Elliott wore a new mask design last night for Veterans Day. … If you want to see Bill Hay of the 1964 Blackhawks put on his equipment and uniform, this video is for you (from Bo Baize. … Paul, who didn’t give his last name, notes that the Coyotes have very inconsistent helmet decal placement, perhaps because of the different helmet models.

NBA News: The Raptors went G.I. Joevember last night, forcing the Magic to wear white on the road. … Josh Nolan notes that LeBron James began Monday night’s Cavs/Pelicans game wearing white sneakers but them switched to gray in the second half. … The ugly sweater thing has spread to the NBA, wheeee!

College Hoops News:The St. Paul Pioneer Press is holding a ‘Munch Madness’ tournament to vote on the best neighborhood for food, complete with a Final Four-esque logo,” reports Daniel Schneeman. … This is awesome: a story about former Purdue coach Gene Keady’s combover. “As familiar and recognizable as any uni or logo,” says Jeff Ash.

Soccer News: NYCFC’s inaugural uniforms, as expected, are being made by Adidas. The unveiling will take place tomorrow morning in Manhattan.

Grab Bag: “Tennessee is pushing the ‘Power T’ for all sports now, not just football, and they’re also using it as the main logo for the school,” says Adam Ingle. “They’re also dropping ‘Lady Vols’ from all female sports except women’s basketball. This is due in part to Nike taking over for Adidas in 2015.” Some of the initial reaction to all this has been negative. … Here’s a really good quiz on whether certain retail chains do or don’t include apostrophes in their names (from Richard Stover).

Trying to Avoid Saying, ‘It's Not Easy Being Green’ (even though I just said it)

It had to happen eventually: The Eagles’ green jerseys, which weren’t ready in time for the start of the regular season, finally made their 2014 debut last night. I’m surprised (and, okay, disappointed) that Nike hasn’t taken more heat for this snafu, which has to go down as one of the biggest failures ever by a uniform supplier, but whatever — the Eagles’ wardrobe is finally fully stocked.

As we all know by now, the problems with this jersey had to do with matching the team’s precise shade of green, which was apparently difficult to achieve with Nike’s latest jersey fabric. This is why the Eagles were using the old pre-Nike fabric for the past two seasons. Several readers said the jersey color still didn’t look quite right last night, although I’d like to wait until there’s a day game before fully assessing that.

As others have noted, green seems to give Nike fits. The Jets, for example, often have several different shades of green visible on their jerseys. And then there are the Packers, who still use the old pre-Nike fabric for their jerseys. Nobody has come out and said it’s because Nike can’t match the Pack’s shade of green in the more up-to-date fabrication, but I strongly suspect that’s the case.

What is it about green that’s so challenging? It’s a secondary color (a mix of blue and yellow), but so are orange and purple, and nobody seems to have any problems matching those. I know some of you folks out there are particularly adept when it comes to colors and/or textiles, so please enlighten us.

I find the green situation particularly disheartening because green is — and has always been — my favorite color. I have a green car, a green sofa, a green living room chair, a green office chair, green sheets, green towels, lots of green clothing, and, let’s not forget, a green-themed website. When my parents got me a bicycle for my fifth birthday, they damn well knew it had to be green. (And it was.) Back in the late 1980s, I even loved an indie-rock band called Green (not because of their name, but that didn’t hurt).

I don’t recall exactly when I fell in love with green, but I do remember this: My mom had been an artist when she was younger, and she used to sit me down in front of easel and encourage me to paint. One day, when I was very young (three, maybe?), she showed me how mixing blue and yellow together formed green. I was mesmerized — it was like magic! Instant green, spontaneous green. I sat there for what seemed like hours (but was probably just a minute or two, given a three-year-old’s attention span), mixing yellow and blue in various proportions to make different shades of green.

I’ve always thought green is seriously underrepresented in the uni-verse, so I loved it when the Devil Rays scrapped their inaugural rainbow-gradation uni set for this look (one of MLB’s more underrated uniforms of recent decades), and was bummed when they then traded in that look for their current design. On the plus side, I was happy when the Dallas Stars recently switched from this to this.

Anyway: By this time next year, maybe the Eagles will be wearing kelly green. Will that be any easier for Nike to reproduce? Let’s hope so.

• • • • •

One-stop shopping for idiocy: I don’t know what the fuck the Blackhawks were thinking yesterday, but they definitely get points for efficiency, because they managed to roll just about every wrong-headed uni-related trope into one incredibly ill-advised T-shirt:

I have nothing further to add here. I thought I had nothing more to add here, but then Doug Keklak and Phil showed me what the Johnstown Tomahawks were wearing last night:

How clueless can these teams be? Like, why not paint a trail of tears on the ice while you’re at it?

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

Saw this 1970s Avon men’s after shave decanter on Etsy. Man, look at that box artwork — it appears the designer took, shall we say, “artistic license” with the depiction. That’s probably Bradshaw — it looks like him in the eyes, and there are the front numbers and Dunmark facemask. Yet the helmet has Niners colors, with a Cowboys star, and the sleeve stripe spacing kind of looks like early Bucs. No doubt that’s Joe Willie next to him, wearing No. 18 with what looks like Cowboys or Lions colors.

As for the rest of this week’s haul:

• Remember this? The 1973 NFL Playbook from American Express? BUY THIS! Twenty bucks!! [Couldn’t agree more. A very formative item from my sports youth, and I still have my copy. — PL]

• These notebooks with a football-style pebbled leather finish are real nice. Got one from the Bengals as a present. This one was a Panthers gift to their PSL holders.

• Here’s an official 1960s NFL Portrait Album — no portraits, though.

• As long as you don’t mind mixing and matching your 1970s blue-and-yellow-themed teams, how about a Billy the Kid NFL-licensed corduroy jacket and pants set from Sears, featuring the LA Rams and the San Diego Chargers.

• Is that Marv Hubbard on this 1970s Oakland Ray-duhz wall light switch plate? Had two of these — one Reds and one Bengals. I’d swap ’em out depending on the season.

• Like this Tampa Bay Bucs shirt, which is of course is not really a Tampa Bay Bucs shirt. The colors and the font are so dead-on 1970s. But it could pass for a Bucco Bruce accessory!

• If you’re a Cubs fan and wear a size L, I totally recommend you check out this DeLong parka. Had a Reds one in black, and they are outstanding. A very soft shell with quilted lining.

• Check it out: This NHL puck display was given out to Texaco station owners in the 1970s.

Had one of these Cowboys sweatshirts. Authentic Pro Line, baby. Russell made great, sturdy stuff. No flash, just function. Staying with Dallas, I also had one of these pullovers from Starter. Excellent quality.

• • • • •

Baseball News: The Twins’ new home uni had already leaked over the weekend, but they officially unveiled it yesterday. Additional photos here. Feels more like a lateral move, not an upgrade or a downgrade, except for that gold-accented cap logo, which is a stinker. … You know how teams will offer giveaway items to “the first 25,000 fans,” or whatever? The Mets are lowering that number from 20,000 to 15,000 next season. Hmmmmm. … The new Majestic catalog shows, among other things, a new BP jersey for the Giants (from Aaron Praszker).

NFL News: Cam Newton took G.I. Joevember a step further last night by wearing these headphones prior to the Panthers/Eagles game (thanks, Phil). … Tim Donovan was watching last night’s game and noticed ESPN analyst Jon Gruden holding a binder with a Panthers logo he didn’t recognize. “I did a quick look at Chris Creamer’s site and found out it was an alternate logo used by the team from 1995-2011.” I’ve been aware of that logo’s existence, but have rarely if ever seen it used anywhere. It reminds me of another rarely seen full-body animal logo — this one for the Broncos. … The Falcons wore captaincy patches on Sunday. “I think this is the first time they’ve done this for a regular season game,” says Ian Irwin. … “I found some clips from the 1973 made-for-TV biopic of Vince Lombardi, Legend in Granite,” says Mathew Prigge. “Here is Lombardi, played by Ernest Borgnine, addressing rookies dressed in mono-gold unis at his first training camp.” … The Packers will wear their Acme Packers throwbacks this Sunday (from John Okray).

College Football News: New black helmet for Maryland. … Ohio is doing a blackout next Tuesday. It doesn’t specifically say that they’ll be wearing black uniforms, but they do have this design in their wardrobe (from Leo Strawn Jr.). … Flag-desecration helmet on tap for Buffalo (thanks, Phil). … The Telecom Bowl is now the Car Tire Bowl. … This is pretty awesome: color footage of the 1939 Iowa/Notre Dame game. ” You can see ND switch to the green jerseys when the second half begins at 11:49,” says Jimmy Atkinson.”Some really good footage here, and. a good amount of pregame and halftime band action as well!”

Hockey News: The Bruins played dress-up soldier for pregame warm-ups prior to last night’s game against the Devils. Here’s a close-up on the chest patch. … Here’s a video segment on the woman who does the chain-stitching on the Blackhawks’ jerseys (from David Cummings).

NBA News: NOB typo in last night’s Bulls/Pistons game, as Andre Drummond was victimized (thanks, Phil). … The Blazers wore special shooting shirts on Sunday to honor a fan who passed away during a game last week (from Kristina Cruz). … Cole Flick inherited this jersey from his uncle, who got if from someone at the old Chicago Stadium. Is it an old all-star jersey? Something else? … Here’s the logo for the Saturday-night component of All-Star weekend. … As we’ve previously noted, NBA refs have new uniforms this season. But the crew working last week’s Spurs/Rockets game was wearing last year’s uni design. Odd (from Josh Edney).

Grab Bag: Here’s a story about the curling clinic that Phil and I attended two nights ago. … Douglas Ford thinks he may have found the next Uni Watch intern. … Here’s a great illo of every Brabham Formula 1 livery from 1962 to 1992 (from Graham Clayton).