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A Uni Watch Look at the 2017 MLB All-Star Game

All-Star Games are usually footwear free-for-alls, but last night’s Midsummer Classic was surprisingly light on shoe shenanigans — no neon, not many custom-painted jobs. One prominent exception, however, was Josh Harrison (shown above), who wore one gold shoe and one white. That’s absurd, of course, but I kinda liked it! Both shoes went well with his throwback socks. It was almost like he was saying, “Hmmm, should I go with the gold shoes or the white shoes tonight? Eh, I’ll just wear both.” Looks like he may also have been wearing a wristband with a portrait of himself and an Irish flag motif. Anyone know more about that? (Update: Twitterer Timmy Westside has plausibly suggested that the wristband may actually be for the Ivory Coast, not Ireland. … Additional update: He was apparently wearing one of these.)

In other news from last night’s game:

• As usual, there were no alternate jerseys — all home whites and road greys. Given new commish Rob Manfred’s evident willingness to tinker with the sport’s look, I’m surprised they’ve stuck to the white/grey protocol. And if solid-colored alts have to exist, this is where they should be worn — an exhibition game where anything goes. Look at the team photos from the ’70s — that seems to capture the spirit of All-Star fun a lot better than whites vs. greys, no? It’s like they have it backwards: Allow the alts in the ASG (hell, let them wear throwbacks if they want) and save the whites/greys for the World Series.

• As has become standard practice in recent years, memorial sleeve patches were moved to the chest to make room for the various All-Star sleeve patches.

• I’m fine with the left-sleeve patch showing the player’s number of All-Star appearances. In the case of the Phillies, that patch forced them to remove the TV number that’s usually on that sleeve.

• Interestingly, the umps wore their usual sleeve numbers on the right side and the ASG patch on the left side. Might’ve been nice if they’d gotten to wear the “how many times an All-Star” indicator, showing how many ASGs they’d worked.

• For the second consecutive year, the All-Star caps had gold, star-shaped grommets, and I still don’t like them. They make the players look like they have rivets in their heads. Toss in the gold squatchees and it made everyone look like they’re cyborgs or something. (Of course, the bigger issue is that there’s no need for a special ASG caps to begin with — just let the players wear their regular team caps. But I particularly dislike the gold grommets.)

• Another thing about the caps: The All-Star logo patch on the side often reflected rather oddly. On numerous occasions I thought it looked more like a sweat stain or a foreign substance. I think this is one of the downsides of the Chromaflex patch style: The patch has deeper ridges and almost seems to cast its own shadows.

• The mismatched All-Star socks looked ridiculous. Just like last year, some players just wore their regular team socks and Bryce Harper wore Trusox (along with, as you can see in that shot, a tribute to fallen Marlins pitcher José Fernandez).

• For reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, starting National League catcher Buster Posey wore grey catcher’s gear — a brutal look, especially against the Giants’ cream uniform.

• Posey’s American League counterpart, Salvador Perez, went with gold gear. Interestingly, he wore a different set of gold-trimmed gear in last year’s All-Star Game. (Perez was later outdone by Posey’s replacement, Yadier Molina, who went full gold.)

• Speaking of gold: Last year the Royals’ players wore their Friday-night batting helmets with the gold logo. No photo, but this year they just wore their regular white-logo helmets.

• American League skipper Brad Mills — subbing for Terry Francona, who had to miss the game due to medical concerns — got victimized by the old bubblegum prank. Amazingly enough, the gum wasn’t gold! Someone’s gonna lose their job over that, right?

• Some idiot in the front row was wearing a Native American headdress.

• Watching the parade of batting helmets from various teams, I was struck by how much I now prefer matte helmets over glossies. Best trend of recent years.

And that’s a wrap. Come back next year for the final MLB All-Star Game of the pre-Under Armour era.

(My thanks to everyone who contributed pics and observations.)

• • • • •

Election hacking apparently not limited to Russia: If you follow the site on weekends, you know that Phil has been conducting a series of very cool fauxback design contests. They’re fun, and many of the designs have been excellent.

It has come to our attention that the voting in the current contest may have been compromised by the use of bots, which are apparently being used to pad the vote totals for certain designs. Do we have proof that bots are being used? No. But there’s some pretty strong circumstantial evidence.

It is beyond pathetic that anyone would cheat on a fucking internet design contest, and I find it personally embarrassing that someone in the Uni Watch community may have done so. I can’t believe I even have to waste my time on this nonsense, so I’m only going to say this once:

If you’ve been using a bot to rig the design contest vote, stop. Stop now. Or we’ll shut down this contest and we won’t run any more of them.

These contests should be fun — fun for the designers, fun for the readers, and fun for Phil (who puts a lot of work into these things). If it stops being fun, it’s not worth it. So if we continue to see evidence of bots, we’ll just scrap it and move on to something else.

And that’s it. I’ve already devoted more time and brain cells to this issue than I care to, so I don’t want to see anything about it in today’s comments, I don’t want to get any more emails about it, I don’t want to hear about more secure polling software we could use, or anything else. If we can’t run a simple contest on the honor system, that’s a really sad commentary on the current state of things.

Now let’s move on. Thanks.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch (a few days early this week): I grew up on Long Island in the 1970s but have no memory of the Long Island Tomahawks, a box lacrosse team that played at the Nassau Coliseum in 1975. Pretty dreadful logo (from Kevin Brown).

Baseball News: What’s even stupider than the embarrassing term used by the NFL for its Thursday-night uniforms? That same embarrassing term being used by MiLB teams. Sigh (blame Connor Jones). … Look at all the great players — and uniforms! — that showed up for the Padres’ 1978 old-timers’ day (from the great @BSmile). … The Nippon Ham Fighters’ farm team in Kamagaya gave away a jersey-shaped coupon to celebrate the team’s 500th home win. … Looks like the Brooklyn Cyclones were wearing throwbacks or retro uniforms with a heathered faux-flannel fabric (from Robert Hayes). … Also from Robert: Cleveland P Danny Salazar, on a rehab assignment at Mahoning Valley Scrappers, wore a jersey and pants with mismatched shades of white.

College Football News: I feel like we may have seen this before, but just in case: The footballs used by Wisconsin this year will have a Camp Randall centennial pattern (from Nate Neumann).

Hockey News: The Red Wings’ new arena has a big, honking pizza ad on the roof. Gross. … New uniforms for the Birmingham Bulls. … Here’s a good look at the Oilers’ new dark-blue helmet, pants, and gloves. … The Markham Thunder have a new logo but are letting fans decide the color treatment (from Moe Khan). … The composer of the Hartford Whalers’ popular “Brass Bonanza” fight song has passed away at the age of 94 (from Ted Arnold).

Basketball News: The Infor ad patch on the Nets’ jerseys, which was originally red, has apparently been changed to black and white (from Robert Hayes). … The Kings are using their new team wordmark with their old number style on their Summer League jerseys. I wonder if it’s because Adidas has a lot of extra numbers in stock that needed to be used, instead of cutting them out on demand with the available technology,” speculates Dustin Pomprowitz. But hey, on the plus side: vertically arched NOBs! … James A. Garfield High School in Ohio has a new court design that’s mostly charcoal and black. … Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum’s mom has been wearing a Celtics jersey with the GE ad patch for the past week or so. Here’s the best look at it so far. Gross (from Neal Hanson). … Repeated from the hockey section: Detroit’s new arena, where the Pistons and Red Wings will play, has a big, honking pizza ad on the roof.

Soccer News: New home shirt for Napoli (from Ed Żelaski‏). … “The English championship team Sheffield Wednesday has not announced its new kit supplier yet,” says Stefan Schubert. “However, a picture surfaced on Tuesday showing a player wearing gear from Lacatoni, a Spanish supplier owned in part by Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal. I cannot think of a soccer coach who owned (part) of the outfitter in recent years.” … Puma will be releasing new kits for 23 teams today. Many of the designs will be black. Here’s a teaser (from Josh Hinton).

Grab Bag: SI has launched a new site devoted to the intersection of sports and food. … Logo tweak for Famous Dave’s (from Pete Woychick). … The Ford Mustang’s “corralled pony” logo is returning to the 2018 edition of the car. … A Chinese airline has debuted a set of haute couture flight attendant uniforms (thanks, Brinke). … Conor McGregor, promoting his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., wore a suit with “Fuck You” pinstripes. Classy (from Andrew Cosentino).


Many fans refer to the Red Sox number font as “the Red Sox font.” But as serious uni-watchers know, the font is actually called McAuliffe, and was created by the Tim McAuliffe sporting goods company. Although the Red Sox are the only team currently using the font (well, except for the Cubs, who’ve used it for years on their helmets), it’s been used by lots of other teams over the years, including the Angels, Astros, A’s, Brewers, Dodgers, Reds, Senators (see player at far left), Tigers, and Yankees, plus maybe a few others I’m overlooking.

Nowadays, of course, the McAuliffe font has been digitized. But back in the day, the flannel and tackle twill for McAuliffe numerals were cut from a series of die-cut cardboard masters. Those masters were the subject of a very cool Facebook post yesterday from the good folks at Ebbets Field Flannels, as follows:

In the 1950s and 1960s, Tim McAuliffe supplied uniforms for several MLB teams, including the Red Sox, Dodgers, A’s, and Giants. We have had his original Red Sox cardboard number templates in our possession for a number of years. They were stored in an athletic supporter box with McAuliffe’s hand-written notes.

This was accompanied by the following photo (click to enlarge):

The Facebook post then continued like so:

We recently worked with the Red Sox on making uniforms for the 1967 “Dream Team” and used the original die-cuts for the numbers. How cool is that?

The “Dream Team” mention refers to an upcoming reunion of Boston’s 1967 “Impossible Dream” pennant-winning team, which is scheduled for next month. Here’s another photo that the Ebbets folks posted (click to enlarge):

Too bad about the NOB, but the Sox apparently requested that for the reunion event. (They did the same thing for a ’67 reunion event 10 years ago, but that time the lettering was radially arched.) Still, not even the NOB can dim the awesomeness of those original McAuliffe numeral templates. Very cool of Ebbets to post those pics online.

(Special thanks to Will Shoken for bringing this one to my attention.)

• • • • •

Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

The annual Midsummer Classic takes place tonight in Miami, so we’re all All-Star Game today on Collector’s Corner, beginning with this 1969 ASG program. The cost back then? Just a dollar.

My favorite ASG memories are watching Reggie Jackson gong the light tower at Tiger Stadium in 1971 while I was babysitting next door, and the year(s) Dave Concepcion and the other Reds wore white or red cleats. Cincy used to have solid-black shoes as a team mandate, but the ASG wasn’t a regular game, so the participating Reds players were allowed to bend the rules a little. And in the 1970s, there were a lotta Reds in those games. (More on white cleats from Phil in 2011 here.)

Okay, enough of my reminiscing. Here are the rest of this week’s picks:

• Here’s a 1969 “National League All-Star Squad” baseball guide. This must have been a media guide.

• One more from 1969: a mini-plate brought to you by the Chrysler Corporation.

• Just a year later, the ASG moved to Cincinnati’s brand-new Riverfront Stadium (like, two weeks old, cuttin’ it close), and the program featured that other MLB logo on the cover. Is that in use anywhere? [Nope. Pretty sure it was discontinued after 1975. — PL]

• Here’s a press pin for the 1980 game at Dodger Stadium.

• I may be biased because I live in San Francisco, but I think one of the cooler ASG logos was when the Giants hosted the game in 2007. See it on this hoodie.

• The 1979 ASG, which took place at the Kingdome in Seattle, was the 50th edition of the game, as commemorated by this Mariners pennant.

• Look at this 1966 All-Star Game ad from Louisville Slugger. Some big-time players on that ad.

• This 1990 All-Star Game jacket from the Chicago Cubs is, er, rather colorful.

• The 1974 ASG was held at another “state of the art” stadium — Three Rivers, home of the Pirates. Players didn’t wear a patch for the game in those days, but a retail patch is nonetheless available.

• Also from Pittsburgh: Check out the terrific artwork on this game program. Whoa, the $1 price from 1969 had doubled to $2 in just five years! Hey, it was the mid-1970s, inflation city.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Rapper and Miami native Pitbull performed before last night’s Home Run Derby, and he wore a women’s-cut National League BP jersey (note the deep V-neck and the buttons on left side with “305,” the city’s area code, on the back. … Tonight’s All-Star Game jerseys will have a patch on the left sleeve showing how many times the player has been an all-star (from Nick Curley). … The ball for tonight’s game will have blue-and-orange Marlins-color seams, and Bryce Harper will wear pink and aqua Miami Bryce cleats (from Ted Schwerzler). … Looks like Justin Upton wore a standard road jersey, and not the Tigers ASG edition, for a press event yesterday. He didn’t have an All-Star patch on his sleeve (from Pete Butera). … On a related note, you can see that the Tigers moved the Mr. I patch for the game. The Phillies did something similar, moving the Dallas Green memorial patch from the sleeve to the chest. This has been standard practice in recent years, as memorial patches move from the sleeve to the chest for the ASG (from Mike Paolucci). … Before becoming a star QB, Tom Brady was a good baseball player. When the Mariners hosted him and a group of other high school prospects for a try-out before the 1995 draft, Brady snuck away to the M’s clubhouse and tried on Ken Griffey Jr.’s jersey. Brady was eventually drafted by the Expos (from Brinke). … The Fireside bar in San Francisco adopted the Giants’ SF logo, but reversed the S and F (from David Gadd). … In 1981 the Giants had warm-up jackets with numbers in cable cars, much like what the Warriors had in their “The City” unis (from Andres Cardenas).

Football News: Former Broncos RB Terrell Davis was thrilled to receive his gold Hall of Fame jacket. I like how it was shipped to him in an unassuming box and Haggar zipper bag (from Kary Klismet). … Virginia Tech will have commemorative soda cups for each home game this season. They were designed by Uni Watch reader Clark Ruhland (from Andrew Cosentino). … New unis for Walnut Hills, a high school in Cincinnati (from Brian Henke).

Hockey News: The Kalamazoo Wings are holding a jersey design contest for fans. The winning concept will be worn for a game in December (from Phil). … 3M bought the naming rights to Mariucci Arena, the home of Minnesota’s hockey program [and yes, I’ve added this to the list of upcoming Naming Wrongs shirts — PL] (from Mark Wilkes and Brian Kerhin). … New Predators acquisitions picked their jersey numbers. Nick Bonino will wear No. 13 and Scott Hartnell will have No. 17, which he wore during his first stint in Nashville from 2000-07 (thanks, Alex).

NBA News: For the 2001 Rookie Game during NBA All-Star Weekend, players on the sophomore team swapped warm-up shirts with each other for the pre-game intros. Jason Terry wore Elton Brand’s Bulls top, Baron Davis wore Lamar Odom’s Clippers shirt, and so on. … A Bulls player at Summer League didn’t have a name or number on his jersey yesterday (from Tommy Thiel).

Soccer News: Málaga CF, a Spanish club, has new uniforms inspired by Pablo Picasso, who was born in the city (from Edoardo Salvati). … TSV 1860 München, a double-relegated German soccer team, unveiled new jerseys at a recent fan event, but misspelled Aaron Berzel’s NOB. “Brezel” is the German word for Bavarian-style pretzel (from Jim Westrich). … New shirts for Sandecja Nowy Sącz‏, a Polish club (from Ed Żelaski). … A designer created a neat racing-themed logo and uniform concept for the proposed Charlotte MLS club (from John Horne). … Here’s a breakdown of the kit changes made by the major English clubs for this season (from Ted Arnold).

Grab Bag: Metro, the transit system of Washington D.C., is considering a plan to sell the naming rights to some of its stations. The agency floated the idea back in 2012, but negative feedback pushed it to scrap the plan (from Mike Rosenberg). … Spotted on Reddit: A hotel that displays the room numbers using a downlight that casts a shadow. … This may have been in the Ticker before, but once more can’t hurt: Varvara Stepanova, a Russian artist who was part of the Constructivist movement, designed some amazing sportswear concepts in 1923 (from @vaaralehto). … Nicholas Rodriguez spotted a house in Baltimore that uses the same colors as Uni Watch. … New logo for the New York Racing Association. … New logo for Sky Sports, a UK television station.

Bill Henderson Sweats the Details

As many of you probably know, the Phillies and Padres wore 1983 throwbacks on Friday. They got a lot of things wrong, which Phil covered in his excellent Saturday post. But Bill Henderson, author of the awesome Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys, noticed some additional issues, which he has helpfully spelled out for us. Take it away, Bill.

A Closer Look at the Padres and Phillies Throwbacks
By Bill Henderson

The Padres’ numbers and wordmarks didn’t match the color of the player names! That is a lazy and unacceptable oversight. The numbers are likely in Liebe’s “Oakland Gold” (the closest shade, PP44), while the player names (likely sewn someplace else?) were in some other color — possibly Light Gold (PP08). There are like seven shades of yellow and gold available on the color wheel, so it is easy to get it wrong — but it’s not that hard to get it right [for all of these, click to enlarge].

Also, the font used for the Phillies’ numbers was too light. Where the hell did they even get this font? I supplied the correct ones to Majestic some years ago, but they clearly don’t care to use them. And they never call for assistance anymore, either. Here is the correct font, followed by a game photo:

Finally, as Phil noted on Saturday, the players’ names should have been vertically arched, but they weren’t. It is so easy to create vertically arched names in this day and age. I do them in my basement workshop, for crying out loud. No excuse. Here’s one I made for the 1978 BP jersey that I sewed for my son last month, using my recreated patterns taken from real period game jerseys:

Just to show how easy it is, I went to my recreated font sets and laid out the jersey back of a player from Friday night’s game who has a particularly long name: Cory Spangenberg. It took me all of ten minutes.

The pattern I drew can then be sent to the cutter to cut the lettering out of twill. I have a cutter in my basement, so I even made this video showing how easy that process is.

Some years ago, I regularly was consulted by Majestic. They often asked me to send them fonts, which I gladly did. But when Majestic was sold to VF Corp. eight or so years ago, all communication ceased. I even called the new executives down in Florida to let them know I was still willing to help, but they seemed thoroughly disinterested. At one point I even re-created the Phillies 1960s flannel jersey player number font — those big chain-stitched numbers that would have looked more at home on a football jersey — and then the throwback game happened and they didn’t use them! They used a generic and incorrect font.

Was I annoyed? Sure, but mostly I was sad, because I really had believed I was helping MLB get the details right. But then I recalled an adage that I learned a long time ago: “You shouldn’t care more about your work than your boss does, or else you’ll end up frustrated and angry.” So if Majestic, the Phillies, and MLB choose not to care, I guess I shouldn’t care either.


Paul here. Great stuff, Bill — thanks so much for sharing your passion and expertise with us. And whoever your videographer was, please thank him/her for us as well.

• • • • •

So here’s a question for you: As we continue to expand our line of Naming Wrongs T-shirts (we’ll have some new designs soon, possibly this week), UK reader Neil MacLeod has suggested that the project should include some English soccer stadiums.

I’m certainly willing to consider that if there’s a demand for it. But I’m not the least bit knowledgeable about English soccer, so I’d need some guidance regarding which stadiums to feature. Neil has provided a preliminary list of suggestions, as follows:

• I Still Call It The Abbey (for Cambs Glass Stadium, home of Cambridge United)

• I Still Call It Valley Parade (for Northern Commercials Stadium, home of Bradford City)

• I Still Call It Brisbane Road (for Matchroom Stadium, home of Leyton Orient)

• I Still Call It the Bescot (for Banks’s Stadium, home of Walsall)

• I Still Call It Dean Court (for Vitality Stadium, home of AFC Bournemouth)

• I Still Call It London Road (for ABAX Stadium, home of Peterborough United)

• I Still Call It Boundary Park (for Park, home of Oldham Athletic)

Neil also included some ideas for UK and Australian rugby stadiums, but let’s hold off on those until I can gauge how much interest there is for these soccer concepts.

It’s worth noting here that Teespring’s shipping charges to the UK are $12.50 for one shirt and $16.50 for two (as opposed to $4 and $6, respectively, for USA shipping). This means a UK customer’s price for one shirt, including shipping, would be in the $36-ish range.

So what say ye, UK soccer fans — would you be willing to pay that much for a Naming Wrongs shirt? For that matter, are there soccer fans here in the here in the States who might enjoy wearing the shirts to their favorite soccer bars? Are there other stadiums you’d like to see featured, in addition to (or instead of) the ones listed above? Feel free to answer any or all of these questions in today’s comments.

• • • • •

Membership update: Eight new designs have been added to the membership card gallery, including Todd Oliver’s Texas Rangers 1970s road treatment, shown at right. I like that we processed this order just as the Rangers were wearing that design as a throwback, and I also like that Todd’s NOB has a notable Rangers precedent.

The printed/laminated versions of these cards should mail out either today or tomorrow.

Remember, a Uni Watch membership card now entitles you to 15% off of any of the merchandise in our Teespring shop (if you’re an existing member and would like to have the discount code, email me). As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed card here, you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here, and you can see how we produce the cards here.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: Looks like we could have some NOB/number font inconsistencies on the All-Star unis this week. … The Rockies repurposed their Memorial Day duds for Military Appreciation Day yesterday. So during their last nine games, they’ve worn stars/stripes four times and camouflage once (from Jake Yergs). … The Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen was wearing solid red batting gloves yesterday (from Derek Reynolds). … Michael Blake Raymer spotted a Blue Jays fan wearing a Joe Carter jersey with shoddy NOB work . … Think the West Michigan Whitecaps have enough sleeve patches? (From Robert Hayes.)

Pro Football News: Reader Billy Ferris found a Lions cap with the team’s new primary logo (note the lack of a black outline) that also included the team’s old wordmark. … Interesting NOB situation for the Saskatchewan Roughriders: The team has two receivers on the team with the last name Grant: Bakari (a seven-year veteran) and Antwane (a rookie). But instead of having the Grants wear first initials, as most teams would do, Bakari wears “Sr.” — not because he has a son with the same name as his, but because he’s the senior Grant on the team due to his veteran status. More on that here (from Wade Heidt).

College Football News: Reader Clint Richardson, who for many years has maintained a website devoted to Auburn’s uniforms, has now added a companion site: a UAB uniform tracker.

NBA News: A member of the Sixers’ marketing team tweeted a close-up of what appears to be a new jersey. Could this be a new home jersey? A new alternate? (From Jimmy Football). … Bulls rookie Lauri Markkanen played well in his first Summer League game despite a misspelled NOB (from Kelby Phillips).

Soccer News: Not sure if this detail has been pointed out, but the USMNT’s Gold Cup kits are marked with the opponent, location and date for each match on the front of the jersey above the number (from John Smith). … FC Cincinnati wore white at home against the Richmond Kickers yesterday (from Brian Henke).

Grab Bag: Found on Etsy: This Vancouver Canucks sweater that combines the team’s vintage “stick” logo and the black/yellow/orange color scheme (from Matthew Black). … Teams in the Major League Lacrosse All Star Game wore American flag-themed uniforms this weekend — a theme that extended to the cleats (from Jared Buccola and The Doctor). … Some people are just now noticing that there is a “1” in the negative space of the Formula 1 logo. … New rugby uniforms for Scotland.

Fauxback Jersey Contest - The Finalists

Fauxback finalists 550
Click to enlarge

The concepters have concepted. The readers have spoken. After four “semi-final” rounds involving a whopping NINETY-EIGHT submissions, we’ve narrowed the “Fauxback Jersey Contest” to our final sixteen contestants. I’ll run them all today, in alphabetical order, and you readers will then vote for your favorite(s). The jersey receiving the most votes will be declared our winner, and will receive a custom-made jersey from Steve Rosenbeck of Garb Athletics, who has partnered with Uni Watch (again!) for this great contest. I thank EVERYONE who submitted a design, and all of the readers who voted in the previous rounds, and congratulate our final sixteen. Their submissions (some with explanations, some not) are below. You can click on any image to enlarge. Following the entries, there will be a final vote — you can vote for as many (or few) as you’d like, but you can only vote once. OK? OK!

Let’s get started.

• • • • • •

1. John Baranowski (1930s Columbus Blue Jackets)

Baranowski, John - 1930's Columbus Blue Jackets

No description provided

• • •

2. Garrett Beatty (1970 Jacksonville Jaguars)

Beatty, Garrett - 1970 Jacksonville Jaguars

My name’s Garrett Beatty and I’m a sophomore in high school. Funny story: I actually made a faxback jersey for the Royals and didn’t realize the year rule until after I finished. But here’s a Jacksonville Jaguars one. If I do win, is it possible to get the jersey in the long-sleeved version? If not that’s fine. Made a long sleeved and normal sleeved version of the jersey.

• • •

3. Gary Chanko (1976 Miami Marlins)

Chanko, Gary - 1976 Miami Marlins

For the 1976 season the Marlins introduced the legendary “collared” jersey. The style was popular among the players and fans and remained unchanged until 1980. The Chicago White Sox attempt with a similar jersey style proved a disaster and was quickly abandoned.

• • •

4. Sean Connor (1975 Miami Marlins)

Connor, Sean - 1975 Miami Marlins

I’ve got a 1975 Miami Marlins road jersey for you. In his first year of free agency, it would have made sense for Jim Hunter to sign with “The Fish.”

• • •

5. Brendan Gargano (1976 Colorado Rockies)

Gargano, Brendan - 1976 Colorado Rockies

i chose the rockies because their uniforms have always sucked. im throwing it back to 1976, including the national league centennial patch worn by the NL teams that year. the color palette was inspired by the state of colorado flag, which i partially incorporated on the other sleeve.

• • •

6. Brent Hatfield (1975 Marlins)

Hatfield, Brent - 1975 Marlins

1975 Marlins Home Faux-back Jersey

• • •

7. Jason Higgins (1973 Nashville Predators)

Higgins, Jason - 1973 Nashville Predators

No description provided

• • •

8. Jaylen Lane & Ashton Strub (1992 Oklahoma City Thunder)

Lane, Jaylen (& Ashton Strub) - 1992 Oklahoma City Thunder

We chose to throwback the OKC Thunder to 1992 because that was the year I was born in and felt like it would be fun to see a team with a boring identity be taken to life with the wacky and vibrant jerseys of the 90’s.

• • •

9. Michael Malinowski (1967 Anaheim Ducks)

Malinowski, Michael - 1967 Anaheim Ducks

My submission is an imagining of what the Anaheim Duck’s jersey might have looked had southern California been awarded two expansion franchises for the 1967 season instead of Oakland getting the California Seals.

• • •

10. Matt Medium (1979-80 San Jose Sharks)

Medium, Matt - 1979-80 San Jose Sharks

Description in graphic

• • •

11. Justin Peterson (1965 Florida Marlins)

Peterson, Justin - 1965 Florida Marlins

The 1965 Florida Marlins sport a cream colored, vested jersey, featuring orange piping around the neck and sleeves, teal undershirts with team patches, a Miami art-deco style logo and era-approprate NNOB.

• • •

12. Bryan Phillips (1940s Anaheim Mighty Ducks)

Phillips, Bryan - 1940s Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Using the Mallard as inspiration, I picked Forest Green, Athletic Gold, and Purple for team colors, and made the collar white to replicate the ring around the Mallard’s neck. I designed a Mallard logo in a 1940s logo style and kept “Mighty” because adjectives in team names were more common.

• • •

13. Gene Sanny (1932 Iowa Barnstormers)

Sanny, Gene - 1932 Iowa Barnstormers

Iowa Barnstormers arena football team fauxing back all the way to 1932 :)

• • •

14. Matt Tibaldi (1978 Miami Marlins)

Tibaldi, Matt - 1978 Miami Marlins

No description given

• • •

15. Brian Wenzel (1920s Anaheim Ducks)

Wenzel, Brian - 1920s Anaheim Ducks

This concept imagines the Anaheim Ducks as if they’d existed in the 1920s, as California’s original hockey team.
A bold ‘A’ and prominent orange color proudly represent the city of Anaheim and Orange County (unlike Anaheim’s other team).
Clean striping and a sublimated flying-V complete the look.

• • •

16. James Yaques (1977 Miami Marlins)

Yaques, James - 1977 Miami Marlins

Description in image

• • • • • •

And there you have it — the finalists for the Fauxback Jersey Contest. Voting is below (remember, you can vote for as many designs as you’d like, but you may only vote one time).

• • • • • •

Fauxback Jersey Contest – FINALISTS free polls

• • • • • •

Good luck to all the finalists! I’ll announce the winner next weekend!

blue white and red line

Rangers & Angels Throwback…

…with both teams in ROAD unis!

Unlike yesterday’s dissection of the Padres/Phillies, I’m not going to get all that in depth (or upset) at last night’s throwback game — which was very odd in that BOTH teams wore their road uniforms from 1977.

It’s tough to get angry at the little indescrepencies of the throwbacks (more on that below) when the Rangers come at you with this:

(You had to anticipate my answer, right?)

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The teams were throwing back to 1977 last night. Here’s what the unis looked like then (thanks, again, to Paul for the screengrabs):

1977 Angels:

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 6.39.02 AM

1977 Rangers:

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 6.42.47 AM

The Rangers were the home team for this one, but chose to wear (wisely) their powder blue road unis from 1977. They were in the mood for a TBTC game from the get go, with the obligatory scoreboard graphics and “throwback” dot matrix stats:

Fans were into it too, since the team was giving away replica powder blue jerseys:

I didn’t get to see much of this game, but I did catch a bunch of live look-ins on the MLB channel. Watching the game live was weird, as I was more struck by the fact that it was clearly two teams wearing road unis, moreso even than that they were wearing throwbacks.

Aside from the fact that Adrian Beltre *still* doesn’t like people touching his head (wait till the end of the video), the Rangers got special helmets in gloss finish (they currently wear both red and navy matte finish helmets) for the game:

But it’s weird seeing two teams play in what are clearly road uniforms. I didn’t hate it either:

The Angels did a pretty good job of replicating their 77 roadies:

They wore pullovers and sansabelts, just like back then, and the numbers were done in McAuliffe font (which is the font currently used by the Red Sox, but several teams have used it over the years). Most guys wore their pants “modern” (baggy, pajamed) style, but I did see at least one player rocking actual rups:

Of course, you’ll also notice the player (Cameron Maybin of the Angels) is wearing a red helmet — the current helmet of the Angels. The Rangers didn’t go the extra mile to get period appropriate blue helmets with red bills.

The Rangers looked pretty good too (save for the loose fitting style).

So how’d they do? Well, I’ll let twitter tell ya:

Of course, not everyone was so…critical:

Did we miss anything?

Anyway, it was fun to watch this one…after obsessively studying the athletic aesthetics of Friday night’s tilt…I decided to go easy on this one. I’m sure you’re all pleased.

You can see more game photos here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: As mentioned in yesterday’s ticker, Big Sexy (aka Bartolo Colon) is now a member of the Rochester Red Wings, who are becoming the Rochester “Plates” next month. The D&C also thinks Bartolo needs to pitch in that game. Even if it doesn’t happen, at least they mocked it up (h/t Nick Lineback). … WHOA — check out these ‘tequila sunrise-inspired’ uniforms for the Everett AquaSox (from Ethan Novak). … Not sure the date of issue, but check out these beautiful Negro League stamps issued by the USPS (from TeamBrownApparel). … Here’s a look at Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighter Brandon Laird’s shinguard. Max G. notes he is known for his “sushi chef making 🍣” hand gesture when he homers. … Robert Hayes saw this tweet and asked, “What’s with that Padres uniform with the swinging friar logo?” He’s referring to the jersey on the rack seen here. Paul had the answer. … Nice before/after colorization of MLB All-Stars Harder & Walker at Cleveland Stadium – July 8, 1935; (from Bruce Menard). … The Spokane Indians have a new cap and jersey, for the #RedbandRally, a collaborative promotional campaign that is designed to connect citizens to the Spokane River, educate about work to clean up the river, and support local organizations devoted to river protection (h/t Gavin Lane). … Good spot by Chris H. who noticed Eric Thames still uses his Korean elbow guard. … If “” does say so themselves, it’s official, Texas has the best throwback uniforms in college baseball. … F.K. Yaaj said, “saw this at @Twins yardsale today. New BP template but diff crest. Haven’t seen before. Prototype? Team issued, not RA” … The Cedar Rapids Kernels wore these jerseys yesterday, proceeds from which go to Animal rescue (from Cedar Rapids Kernels). And here they are in action. … “I don’t know if you got an answer to your question about the Dodgers plane on the 1977 WS ring,” writes Ira Siflin. “This should help.” … Last night the Corpus Christi Hooks wore tequila sunrise-inspired pink jerseys and auctioned them “with all money going to the AutoNation Breast Cancer Research Foundation,” (from Robert). Here’s a look at them in action. … Tremendous photo from John Thorn (the Official Historian for Major League Baseball) who says, “At Fan Fest in Miami Beach, a real treasure: a Montreal Royals uniform from 1946. Maybe Jackie’s, maybe not.” (h/t J E D). … Whoops: Charlotte Knights pitching coach Steve McCatty with a different uniform than the rest of the team (from South Side Jason). … Yesterday the Montgomery “Biscuits (were) donning Stranger Things jerseys for Game 2 of our double header. We’ve thankfully been Demogoran free. No sight of Barbara though.” … Joseph Giordano sent in some shots of the D-backs old timers game. Even their softball top throwbacks are better than their current unis. Joseph adds, “New Era logo creep is of course on the hats.”

NFL/CFL/College/High School Football News: The UT Vols have released their jersey numbers for incoming freshmen. … Rutgers football has added a patch of the State of New Jersey to the back of their new adidas jerseys. … The Toronto Argonauts were serious about wearing all white on Saturday night in Ottawa, going as far as wearing complete white socks with the road uniform for the first time (from Wade Heidt).

NBA/G-League/College/High School Basketball News: In the summer league (and perhaps the regular season as well), new Phoenix Suns player Josh Jackson is wearing #99 (from Zachary Loesl). … Apologies if these were posted before (I know I tweeted them the other day), but check out these Indiana Pacers concepts. … Kevin Forney asks, “Adidas just mailing it in?? Looks like the got summer league refs in a tee.” … Duffy asks, “are the dubs the only team with their logo on their summer league jerseys?”

Soccer News: Here are some new shirts for Lechia Gdansk (from Ed Żelaski‏). … AFC Wimbledon, of English League One, have announced their new third kit for the 2017-18 season. This announcement also included new training gear. All of this comes as the Dons begin a new kit deal with Puma (from Sam Fishel). … For yesterday’s game against Calgary Foothills FC, the Portland Timbers U-23 squad wore their primary green socks with their red alternate uniforms (from Ian Gerig).

Grab Bag: In cricket news, Jimmer Vilk reports that Derbyshire defeated Yorkshire, who also have new jerseys with a sublimated white rose (one of their club logos); also from Jimmer: It’s got to be the new uniforms! Derbyshire CCC are 2-0 to start the season. Even cricket news from Jimmer here too (but I think now he’s actually onto something. … Looks like NYRA (New York Racing Association) has a new logo (from Mr. Farenheit). … In the fight between colleges and high schools poaching their logos, some schools are cool with it, others are not, like this GT vs. Damascus HS tilt (from Malcolm Spicer). Malcolm adds, “I previously resided for several years in the Damascus, Md., area and frequently drove past this high school, noticing the prominent sign/landmark in front with an image of the school mascot and thinking, “That’s a copy of the Georgia Tech mascot. Allowed or just copied?” This article answers that in addition to describing what, to me at least, is an unusual sports logo enforcement.” Here’s more on that story from the WaPo. … Great one from Michael Rawson: “Apparently in the 13th century, King John stayed at this local inn in Kingsclere, Hampshire in England when he got stranded while hunting, and got the shit bit out of him by bedbugs. So of course, he ordered them to install a weathervane shaped like a bedbug. And then when the local rugby team was formed, they took the weathervane as the fucking logo! It’s still their logo today, and they wear it on the game shirt. One of the best backstories I’ve heard. And their facebook, which has some photos of the red and white striped shirt with the bedbug logo on it.” … Here’s an article listing some pretty good fictional jerseys (They call them the Greatest). Nice find by Dave Feit. … “For the old school sign lovers,” writes Coleman Mullins, “This is the sign to Camden Park, a pretty old and well known amusement park here in Huntington, WV.” … Our pal and awesome DIYer Wafflebored noted this excellent hockey jersey quilting fabric at the store. I’d like to see him make a DIY outta that!

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I may also be ready to announce our next contest with Steve Rosenbeck and Garb Athletics, and this one will be a bit different — so stay tuned. You guys have a great week (enjoy the ASG, the Derby, Futures, Softball game, etc., and all the shenanigans that surrounds the festivities). I’ll be back next Saturday…

…but until then…

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“The problem is the ‘now’ in the MLB, and unfortunately too many places, is a severe blanding down to the level of pablum mixed with the worchestire sauce topped on ice cream of the ‘special day’ (Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.) jerseys.

“If you current uniform pales in comparison with the throwback, the problem is your current uniform. If bringing back the throwbacks for games just highlights the inadequacies of your current uniform it isn’t a bad thing – at least we get a fabulous dessert after our mediocre lukewarm fast food meal.”

— Will S.

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