Sunday Morning Hot Spur


Today’s guest entry was written by Morris Levin, who you may remember from this summer’s “Fridays with Morris” series. Morris was at the Uni Watch gathering last night in Philadelphia, where I begged him asked if he’d like to pen an entry, on extremely short notice, for the Sunday Uni Watch. He agreed, and I can’t thank him enough — enjoy. [Phil]

Sunday Morning Hot Spur
By Morris Levin

Paul hosted a Uni Watch party last night at Devil’s Den, here in the northern reaches of South Philadelphia. I wore my white Tottenham Hotspur jersey – the one which I will be wearing this morning as I drink coffee at Shot Tower, and listen to Spurs’ match against Stevenage.

The jersey itself was last worn by Spurs in 2010. From the 2006-2007 season through the 2009-2010 season, Spurs’ shirt sponsor was Mansion (Gibraltar) Limited, an online gambling company. This is the shirt pictured here.

Paul writes a good deal about logo creep here. My own objection to logo creep is that the uniform is a team’s primary and best opportunity to brand itself, and build a tradition, and build a narrative, in all of the best ways that we create symbols for ourselves as socializing creatures.

I am taken with English football for its long club traditions, which are preserved and expressed – to my American baseball eyes – in the longevity of clubs, and longevity in team identity expressed in the team’s colors and jerseys.

Here is how it basically works in English football: Each team has its colors. It’s like a national flag. Spurs wear lilywhite and navy. Manchester United is red, and Shrewsbury Town is blue and amber, and Chelsea is blue, and Derby County is black and white. [Statler and Waldorf: And Leeds United are just dirty! HA!].

Teams do not re-brand themselves and change colors as we do here. By English practice, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would still wear orange and white, and the Atlanta Hawks and Vancouver Canucks would pick one color template, and stick to it for a generation or six.

What this primary color means for the jersey is that each team wears its primary- color jersey as its first choice for each game. We go nuts here in Uni Watch for color on color match-ups, but that is the norm in England (and most of the association football world). Spurs wear their white jersey basically all the time – until they play a road match at one of the few other teams which wear white. The jersey is white because white is Spurs’ primary color, and not merely the fabric-canvas indicating home, on which we mark the team’s colors.

Since 1983, Tottenham has sold the front space on its jersey for commercial logo sponsorship. I am no fan of logo creep – look – it bothers me that the Phillies have the Majestic mountain showing on their game jersey. But in the English context, the almost sacrosanct quality of a club’s primary kit colors seems to allow for this kind of prominent display of another brand, on the game jersey itself.

One of the strange quirks in our American sports culture is how we set-up sports and online gambling. One can place a bet on the game itself at a football match in England as we do here at a horse or dog track. So I like that this jersey is very straight about the English game’s acceptance of advertising dollars from a gambling enterprise. More so, Mansion is headquartered in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Yes – as in – “Rock of”. For family reasons, I am deeply partial to Gibraltar, and happy to see Gib do well.

One of the pleasures in supporting Tottenham is finding another local fan. Which is one of the great pleasures in being a team fan the world over – the discovery in a far away place of another person who shares your otherwise solitary support of a team, defined by the colors of their work shirt. Last night at Devil’s Den, that was Terence Kearns, a member of the Spurs’ New York supports club which you should check out here,

Remember, Spurs at Stevenage, Fifth Round FA Cup Match, 9am for those of us on the East Coast. COYS


Thanks Morris! While I’d worked with him on a number of articles (GREAT articles, by the way, which you can check out here, here, here and here), until last night I’d never actually met Morris. He was both a gentleman and a scholar, and heartily agreed to pen today’s entry on extremely short notice — so big big tip of the cap to him for pinch hitting. I’ll be back again with Morris this coming summer when Paul takes his annual break. The UW gathering was great (I’m sure Paul will have more on that this week) and the curling was awesome — just a quick update on that — the great fella who taught Paul and me to curl (Dean Gemmell) WON the US National Championships — so he’ll be competing with his team in the World Championships later this year in Switzerland. But I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear anymore about curling from me until the 2014 Winter Games, so we’ll close on that note. Everyone give a big thanks to Morris for today’s break from curling!


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Glenn Simpkins, with a Giants baseball/football tweak…


A single tweak, er concept, to share today, and a venture away from baseball to my second string sport, Football.

It came about whilst I caught a quarter of the Monday Night Football game on 28 Nov 2011, after seeing again how bad the New York football Giants look on the road, the muse struck me as to how to fix them; A brand new, three uniform kit that mixes elements from their baseball brethren.

The elements used:

SF Giants current numerals

Black, Orange, Cream, and Gold uniform colors

The Baseball Giants first interlocking NY in orange

The three stripe “Zito Socks” look

–Glenn Simpkins


Next up is Davis Jaye who has a couple concepts for the Braves — and he not only concepted them, he DIY’ed them too!

Dear Mr. Hecken,

Here are both a tweak and a concept for the Atlanta Braves.

1st. The Alternate Navy Road Jersey has always looked unfinished to me, and inconsistent with the rest of the Braves uniform set. So, I’ve changed the script “Atlanta,” the tomahawk, and the player number to red outlined in white to increase legibility, and added the two-color trim around the sleeves, collar and placket.

Alt Blue Jersey … in “action

2nd. A New Sleeveless Home Concept. I think the sleeveless jersey is classic, but the Braves have never worn one. So I placed the Tomahawk ‘A’ logo on the left chest, and maintained the two-color trim around the collar and placket, and added it to the arm openings.

Sleeveless Jersey … in “action

Hope you like them. I enjoy the site.

Davis J.

PS I liked these jersey designs so much that I got some blank jerseys, and DIY-ed one of each for myself. Here’s (low-quality) photographic proof.


And finally, we have Greg Seher, who has concepted all 32 NFL teams…enjoy:


Rather than sending multiple teams designs and all the comments to go along with them, heres a link to the pages I have designs for all 32 NFL teams.

Some teams arent changed at all (Packers, Dolphins…), some have very minor design or color changes (Cowboys, Bills…) and some are more radical (Bucs, Bengals…)

I appreciate the feedback from you and other uni watch staff, and possible spot in a future uni watch blog post. I’ll be getting around to MLB, NHL, and NBA shortly, none will be this extensive, but some designs in there nonetheless.

Greg Seher


Nice job gentlemen. Back with more concepts next week!


Benchies HeaderBenchies

by Rick Pearson


A spectacular run requires an appropriate name…

2-19-12 s-Fever

And, as always, the full-size.


And that will do it for today. Thanks again to Morris Levin for the great job in a pinch. Everyone have a great Sunday.


“Bud Selig is a Purist’s nightmare. I cannot stand that man. Whore it all out for the Almighty Dollar. Sickening.” — Mark Peterson

In What May Be My Shortest Ever Post...

curling nats

By Phil Hecken

Greetings from Philadelphia. Or as I like to call it, the city with the semi-unstable wireless internet in the hotel.

Paul and I drove down yesterday afternoon and took in several hours of curling at the 2012 US Curling Nationals, enjoyed some sightseeing…and repaired back to the hotel where the wireless connectivity is to say, spotty.

So, I’m keeping this very brief — I took several dozen photos, none of which was I able to upload — in fact, the splash is a screengrab from my camera’s SD-RAM card. Hopefully I’ll have better luck after we return home tonight.

Hope any of you who are in the area can stop by the IceWorks Skating Complex, where the finals are being held today — the ladies at 11:00 am, and the men at 3:00 — and in a bit of great news, the fella who taught Paul and I to curl a couple of years ago in South Plainfield, Dean Gemmell (the gent on the left), has made it through to the finals! So we’ll be pulling for him today.

After we finish with the weekend of curl, we’ll be repairing to the Devil’s Den, for a Uni Watch Gathering, beginning at 6:30. Hope to meet a bunch of you great readers this evening.

And that’s it! Looks like the wireless held on long enough for me to complete this post.


Benchies HeaderBenchies

by Rick Pearson


Quite simply, not a day like any other day…

2-18-12 d-Palm trees

And here is the full-size.


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with William McGillis who has a NCAA-look for the Rockets:


With so many college b-ball teams getting a gray uniform, I thought I would do that for the NBA. I attached a gray Rockets uniform.

Will McGillis


Next up is Bobby Pinkham who has a couple of new unis for old friends…

Hey Phil,

Here are a few concepts I’ve been working on.

The first is a Bruins concept for, say, an away Winter Classic jersey or just a road third. It’s based on the jersey they wore when they won their first Stanley Cup in 1927, but with the modern alternate logo applied and several other tweaks.

The second is a Flyers third jersey concept. Since they ditched the black jerseys a few years ago, I feel like they’ve been missing something. So I made a black alternate with striping based on the old Philadelphia Quakers uniforms. I used what i believe to be a highly under-used aspect of their logo, the orange puck or circle in the middle of the logo, and used it as a frame for the logo. I also kept the popular contrasting nameplate.

–Bobby P.


That’s it for today. Definitely much more tomorrow, including (hopefully) a UW gathering update and some more curling (yes, really) and MORE! Everyone have a great Saturday and I will catch you guys tomorrow.


“Guns don’t kill people, Colt .45s jerseys do.” — Ray Barrington

When Guns on Jerseys Are Outlawed, Only the Outlaw Jerseys Will Have Guns (or something like that)

Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 9.30.17 PM.png

The Astros are celebrating their 50th anniversary this season. And as you may recall, last September they announced that they’d be marking the occasion by wearing an assortment of throwback uniforms from throughout their history — including Colt .45s uniforms — for Friday home games.

So far, so good. But apparently there’s been a slight revision to that plan. It hasn’t been publicly announced, but this entry, which went up on Monday morning, contains the following passage: “[T]he Astros will wear retro jerseys from past decades every Friday home game this year, starting with the Colt .45s (minus the pistol, which was deemed inappropriate to include on a uniform).”

Reader and ’Stros fan James Crabtree is the one who spotted that little tidbit. He’s so upset by the omission that he sent a letter to Bud Selig (good luck with that), plus he says he also sent letters to team owner Jim Crane and GM Jeff Luhnow.

It probably won’t surprise most of you to learn that I do not own a gun, nor do I have any desire to own one. I’m generally supportive of most gun control initiatives, and I think the NRA has way too much influence over American political discourse.

All of that said, however, removing the pistol from a Colt .45s jersey is patently absurd. For starters, it’s the name of the team. Are you also gonna remove “.45″ from the cap, because it refers to the pistol’s caliber?

Then there are the design considerations. What does a Colts jersey look like without the Colt? Like this (with thanks to Kirsten for the Photoshoppery; click to enlarge):

Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 7.01.02 PM.png

Now, that’s not an unattractive jersey, but it doesn’t have the balance or flair of the pistol-inclusive version. Moreover, what exactly is the point of having a letter formed by a whisp of gunsmoke if there’s no gun to produce the smoke? Makes no sense.

Finally, there’s the problem of trying to whitewash or sugarcoat history. Would a new team be able to call itself the Colt .45s and put a pistol on its jersey today? Nope. But things were different 50 years ago. That’s part of why we have throwback games — to serve as history lessons, to remind us, to show us, how things have changed. The Negro Leagues existed because of unforgivable racism, but we don’t pretend that none of that happened. Instead, we acknowledge that it took place and try to learn from it. I’m not trying to equate a pistol on a jersey with racial bigotry, mind you. I’m trying to say that revisionist history is always a sucker’s game.

I appreciate that kids who follow the Astros will only see about 374 references to guns on April 5, instead of 375. Viewed in a vacuum, that’s a good thing. But in the broader context, those kids will also be seeing a false depiction of the past, and that’s a bad thing. And for those of us old enough not to need to be shielded from the truth, we’ll be denied the chance to see one of baseball’s most interesting jerseys — a jersey most of us have never seen on the field before. And that’s a drag.

Whatever you think of all this, I have one request: I would like it very much if today’s comments managed to avoid the term “politically correct.” It was never a good term to begin with (avoiding sexist or racist language, for example, isn’t politically correct — it’s just correct), and it’s now been so overused and misapplied that it’s essentially become meaningless. So if you have the urge to invoke it in a comment, I ask that you please take a second to think a little bit harder and come up with something else. Thanks.

Update: The team has responded to James Crabtree, as follows (quoting from this page):

Thank you for your e-mail. We have every intention to honor our past in the best way possible. This includes the complete Colt .45s uniform that was used from 1962-1964. However, during our discussion with Major League Baseball, it was expressed to us that we could wear the uniform as long as the pistol was removed. We realize this changes the original design, but we still want to honor the Colt .45s. We are also under an obligation to follow Major League Baseball’s requests.

Personally I can see how in this time period any sports league (MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.) would not want a team logo associated with a weapon on their uniform that is broadcast to many people. In recent years the Washington Bullets were renamed the Wizards because of this very subject. The symbol of a warm gun with the “C” coming out as smoke is an image many of us have for the Colt .45s. The Wild West theme this franchise had in the early 1960s is symbolic of how times have changed in our society.

We have not changed any Colt .45s logos that are used in the ballpark, printed materials or any historical displays. This applies only to April 10th and 20th when we will wear this uniform. We hope to see you out this year as we celebrate our team’s heritage and history.

So this was based on a directive from MLB — interesting. I still think it’s wrong.

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 5.14.27 PM.png

BP cap update: My thanks to the 100-plus of you (!) who responded to my “If you like BP caps, why do you like them?” query yesterday. A few patterns quickly became apparent:

• Those of you who like BP caps really like that they have a lower profile than MLB’s regular game caps, which many of you referred to as “too boxy.”

• You also like the flex-fit aspect of BP caps, especially because many of you think the game caps are sized very inconsistently (i.e., two game caps that are both supposedly 7-3/8 may not fit the same).

• You also like the breathability of BP caps, especially in hot weather (although many of you mistakenly believe that regular game caps are made of wool, which hasn’t been the case since 2006). In fact, so many of you said this that I’ve begun to wonder why MLB and New Era don’t just use the BP cap fabric for game caps, or at least offer it as an option.

• A slightly smaller but still substantial number of you also like that BP cap brims are curvier than the brims on game caps.

These four points kept coming up again and again. Some of you also like the look of BP caps, although even more of you said, “They look silly, but I’m willing to tolerate that because they fit better, feel better, etc.,” or words to that effect.

No more submissions on this topic, please — I now have more than enough for my research purposes. I’ll have more to say in an upcoming ESPN column.

+ + + + +

One last reminder: Uni Watch party tomorrow, 6:30pm, at the Devil’s Den in Philly. And if you want to join me and Phil for some hot curling action, come on down to the USA Curling Nationals today and/or tomorrow, OK? OK.

+ + + + +

Uni Watch News Ticker: The Texans will be wearing a 10th-anniversary patch this fall (from Anthony Bales). … British soccer fans are upset because England has switched to a new kit after only eight games. Are they peeved because the constant changes cheapen the whole notion of a uniform? No — they’re upset because now they have to go out and buy another replica jersey. Personally, I have very little sympathy for that position. While it’s undoubtedly true that the endlessly accelerating uni-update cycle is a crass attempt to gouge fans, there’s a remarkably simple way to defeat this strategy: Don’t buy every bleeding jersey they foist upon you. It’s not like they have a gun to your head, forcing you to drop $200 on the latest polyester shirt. Tired of being played for a chump? Then stop being a chump. Simple. … Here’s a better reason for UK soccer fans to be upset. … This is pretty great: “Who’s on First” rescripted with modern MLB player names — including, of course, Chin-lung Hu (thanks, Kirsten). … Comerica Park is getting a new scoreboard. That Tigers script at the top drew Matt Talbot’s attention: “There has never been a ‘tail’ on it before. Can you verify if this is in the official style guide?” I checked, and the script in the style guide is tail-free, so maybe this is something they’re introducing strictly for the scoreboard, or maybe it’s part of the Photoshop mock-up but won’t be part of the finished product. … Speaking of unusual versions of team logos, check out Theo Epstein’s parking space. “Can’t recall ever seeing the ‘UBS’ in blue,” says Bob Gassel. … “I recently saw someone wearing this jacket at a Bengals bar in NYC,” says Travis Cuomo. “It’s either the greatest or the worst jacket I’ve ever seen. I still can’t decide.” … In what may qualify as the most unusual jersey unveiling ever, Chivas USA introduced their new kit aboard a commercial passenger flight. Gotta at least give them points for eccentricity (big thanks to Patrick Runge). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Here’s a completely bizarre story about a guy who dresses up in uniforms as a means of “stealing” piggyback rides from high school athletes. … Adam Walter was recently at Disneyland and noticed that the tram operator uniforms owe a large stylistic debt to the Florida Panthers. … New lacrosse helmets for Albany (from Max S). … For reasons that aren’t exactly clear to me, Indiana University is letting people vote to select the school’s official plaid (from Sam Riesen). … Yeserday I Ticker-linked to that guy with all the MLB mascot tattoos. Turns out his ink is a little more interesting than it appears at first glance: “There are a bunch of little quirks in the mascots that refer back to some of the teams’ histories,” says Mike Viola. “For example, Pirate Parrot has red eyes and stars around his head, referring to Dock Ellis’s LSD game, and the Oriole Bird’s bat has Billy Ripken’s ‘Fuck Face’ on the knob.” You can see a full gallery of the tats here. … A Florida man has been awarded $3.3 million because he was detained, handcuffed, and kicked in the head by police who mistakenly thought he was a bank robber. And why did they think that? Because bank tellers in the area had been told to watch for a robber wearing a Miami Heat cap, which happened to be what the poor fellow was wearing (from Christopher Falvey). … You all know how I feel about jersey sponsors, but I might have to make an exception for the Baltimore Bohemians, whose new kit features the Natty Boh guy. … Did you know that purple is the color of cancer survivors? I didn’t, but the Grand Rapids Griffins do (from Joe Hollomon). … You Have Got to Be Fucking Kidding Me Dept.: A school district in Texas, having already put ads to its schoolbuses and sold the naming rights to nearly every component of its football stadium (“including the entryway, the press box and the turf”), is now planning to sell ads on the roof of the school, because it’s underneath a flight path. At least the kids won’t see the rooftop ads, but it’s still a horrendous way to conduct public policy. Shame on everyone involved (from Robert Wheeler). … New lacrosse gear for Rutgers (from Ken Manyin). … Rangers goalie Martin Biron wore his old-school brown Winter Classic pads with the team’s retro third jersey last night. “I hope Henrik Lundqvist is watching,” says a very happy Luke Rosnick. … No photo, but a fun story from Gregory Koch: “I went to Spackenkill High School. Our cheerleading uniforms had ‘SHS’ on them. One day, we hosted Saugerties High School in a football game. Their cheerleaders came out wearing uniforms that also had ‘SHS’ on them. They saw our cheerleaders, got back on the bus, retrieved their alternate uniforms, and changed into new outfits that had ‘Sawyers’ (the school nickname). Kind of amusing. Plus, there were about three moments during the game when both cheerleading squads chanted, ‘SHS — we are the best!’ at the same time and then started yelling at each other.” Good story, but do cheerleading squads really have alternate uniforms? And bring them along to road games? … NC State wore black last night (from Britton Thomas). … With the Dodgers planning to wear a Dodger Stadium 50th-anniversary patch this season, Jerry Reuss has compiled a gallery of all the Dodger Stadium anniversary patches that the team has worn over the years. … Latest reason why Wisconsin is awesome: Its state flag has led to the most entertaining journalistic fuck-up I’ve seen in months. … Hofstra women’s hoops joined the pink parade last night. I rather like the color-on-color effect there (thanks, Phil) … Speaking of women’s hoops, Mississippi State went BFBS last night (from Blake Pass). … The excellent Marty Noble, who’s covered the Mets for something like 40 years, has written an extremely thoughtful and nuanced assessment of Gary Carter. Highly recommended.

Hockey Grab Bag

Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 8.47.23 PM.png

The other day I got a note from the pseudonymous Hungry Hungry Hipster (probably not pictured at right, but hey, you never know), with the following subject line: “Lots of great hockey stuff for Ticker.” After looking through his finds, I decided they were too good for the Ticker and deserved to showcased on their own. Okay, one at a time:

• Did you know sells tape that you can use to customize your hockey stick blade with an NHL team logo? Not only that, but they have it for teams that no longer exist, like the North Stars and Nordiques. What the hell is this hockey product doing on If you’ve ever believed that the four major sports leagues are all secretly in cahoots (not really the sexiest conspiracy theory, I know, but it’s all I got today), this would be Exhibit A. Okay, Exhibit G. But seriously, anyone know what’s up with this?

• And as long as we’re playing “Did you know?” and talking about hockey sticks, here’s something else that was news to me: Did you know that the global warming debate includes something called the “hockey stick controversy”? It’s true! No word yet on whether economic policy hinges on the waffle blocker theorum.

• There are lots of sites out there devoted to vintage goalie mask reproductions, but I hadn’t encountered this one before. Lots of great stuff, plus HHH says he hadn’t been aware of Mike Liut’s old bumblebee mask from his days with the Cincinnati Stingers. “I have a vintage Liut Whalers jersey, and it just got a lot more special to me now that I know he wore such an amazing mask,” says HHH.

Meanwhile, reader Luke Rosnick has been keeping a close eye on the Rangers and says, “I’ve seen enough to summarize some questionable practices in equipment management of my favorite professional sports team.” Here’s his analysis:

Last year was the debut season for the Rangers’ navy blue “heritage” sweater, and they wore navy/red/white gloves with it. (these were distinct from the royal/red/white gloves that they wore with their regular home and away uniforms). They also had “New York” wordmark decals on their navy helmets, which matched up with the heritage sweaters (and, again, were distinct from the royal helmets they wore with their home jerseys).

This season, we’ve had the introduction of the Winter Classic uniform, which appears to have screwed some things up. My first Ticker submission this year was that the Rangers had been wearing navy/red/white gloves for every game, no matter which uniform they were wearing — home, away, or heritage. This may have been to simplify things, or to leave things open for another pair of gloves for the Winter Classic uniform. Nobody but me seemed to be notice or care, since royal and navy are pretty close.

Sure enough, we did see new gloves for the Winter Classic uniform, and new helmet stickers for the navy helmets. I know that Bauer took the game very seriously, and even supplied city-theme sticks for the outdoor game. You can see the Boyle (who likes Bauer) was wearing nicely cream-color-matched gloves for the game.

Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist also got cream-colored trimmings for the Winter Classic. The thing is, all of that cream-colored stuff would look much better with the navy heritage sweater, instead of the white pads he’s been wearing. Same goes for the navy/red/cream gloves from the Winter Classic, instead of the gloves with the white trim. According to the Rangers’ web site, they’re scheduled to wear the navy jersey four more times this season. If they don’t go with the cream-accented gear, it’s a huge wasted opportunity to make the cream-accented heritage uniform look that much better.

I’m actually attending the Rangers Casino Night fundraiser on Feb. 28, and I’m going to ask some players about this to see what their thoughts are.

Good luck with that, Luke — I have a feeling you’re not going to get much satisfaction from the players on this one. But hey, I’ve been wrong before, so do let us know what they tell you.

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 3.16.11 PM.png

Research Query: Simple question: Do any of you out there actually like to wear MLB batting practice caps? If you’re one of those people who obsessively collect every single cap your favorite team has ever worn, that’s not what I’m interested in. I’m looking for people who actually enjoy BP caps, for aesthetic and/or performance-related reasons, and go out of their way to purchase them. If that’s you, I’d like to hear from you. Why do you like BP caps? Do you like them better than regular game caps? Go into as much detail as you like. Thanks.

+ + + + +

Party reminder: Uni Watch gathering this Saturday, 6:30pm, at the Devil’s Den in Philly. See you there.

+ + + + +

Uni Watch News Ticker: According to a Chris Creamer thread, Nike’s new NFL jerseys will all have a team slogan on the inner collar. Lame, but mostly harmless. … Ozzie Guillen thinks the Marlins’ new uniforms “look bad” (from Ben Gordon). … The Philadelphia Wings — that’s a lacrosse team — went THOB on Sunday. That’s Twitter handle on back. … I’m told that the upcoming HBO movie Game Change, about the 2008 presidential election, shows Sarah Palin — or, rather, an actress playing her — wearing several NHL jerseys: Rangers, Avs, and Red Wings. … Best Maple Leafs outfit ever. “I really hope that was Photoshopped,” says HHH. … New baseball uniforms for Tennessee (from Chase Scott). … Cross-dressing alert: 1970s NHLer Rod Seiling wearing a football-style neck roll (from J.R. Gain). … Major find by Bart Miller, who found another photo of those clear plastic faceguards, only this one was Rawlings-branded. “Safe-T-Vue” — love it! … The National Federation of State High School Associations has issued its new football rules for this fall. Key passage: “The Football Rules Committee also cleared the way for state associations and their member schools to place corporate advertising and/or commercial markings on the field of play. These types of markings previously were only allowed in the end zones and outside the field.” Why note just sell ad space on every kid’s ass and get it over with? “Sad, just sad,” says Nick Hanson (who happens to be a high school football coach). … Here’s a video clip of Sabres goalie Jhonas Enroth showing off his new mask. … The Wild wore white at home on Tuesday, because the Ducks wanted to wear their alts at home on national TV (from Casey Common). … For reasons we can only laugh at imagine, someone out there has gotten himself tattooed with all of the MLB mascots (from im Walaitis). … Jamie Costello sent along a “mediocre column” (his term, not mine) about NBA teams wearing color at home. … Snazzy new lacrosse helmets for for Oregon State and Stevenson (from Dan Kaempff and Jeff Brunelle, respectively)… The Mets were briefly selling a T-shirt that said, “Est. 1862″ (from Chris Flynn). … “Stevie Taylor, a freshman on the Ohio men’s basketball team, has already amassed quite a collection of school apparel,” writes Tom Valentino. “The highlight is his stash of game-day socks he’s bought from the campus bookstores, including a pair with green & white stripes and another with an old-school OU paw-print logo pattern.” … Remember all those Super Bowl soda displays? Here’s a Mardi Gras version, spotted in Louisiana by Terry Duroncelet. … Cooperalls and a Zamboni — two great tastes that taste great together (big thanks to Mike Raymer). … New jersey sponsor for the Columbus Crew (from Brandon Ponchak). … There was another pink-vs.-red women’s hoops game on Monday: SIUE vs. Southeast Missouri (from Scott D. Slarks). … Emirates vs. Emirates! That’s Arsenal in yellow, taking on A.C. Milan yesterday (from Andrew Peterson). … Several versions of the new USA away kit have leaked over the past few days. Christopher Peterson says this one is legit. … A reader who doesn’t want you to know that he was watching the latest episode of Smash notes that the show included some sequined Yankees uniforms. … The title track on Chuck Prophet’s excellent new album, Temple Beautiful, includes the rhyme, “She got so excited / Manchester United” (and also has a song called “Willie Mays Is Up at Bat,” although that one is actually one of the weaker tracks).

+ + + + +


My thanks to everyone who sent nice notes yesterday about Uni Watch boy-mascot Tucker. He wasn’t the happiest camper yesterday, but he got through everything OK and is physically fine (if somewhat emotionally frazzled). He’s also, as you can see at left, several teeth lighter. We’ll be putting those under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy, who I’m sure will happily accept them in exchange for some catnip.