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Monday Morning Uni Watch


Some unfortunate mono-color action in the NFL yesterday, as the Cardinals did the blood clot thing and the Browns wore solid brown. Yuck and double-yuck.

What else went down around the league yesterday? Let’s take a look:

• The Giants wore their white alternate pants for the second time this year. To my knowledge, they are not planning to wear them again.

• In that Browns game, Cleveland added a memorial decal for Mike McCormack. Interesting decal design there — the Browns don’t have a helmet logo, so they just used their helmet as the logo, which resulted in a decal of a helmet being applied to a helmet.

• It was cold in Green Bay — but apparently not that cold.

• In the Cardinals/Colts game, Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals wore cleats with Peanuts characters.

• And yet another item from that game: Referee Bill Leavy was wearing the old-style jersey with the serifed numerals.

• Cold weather means ripped helmet decals. That’s Chad Greenway of the Vikings. Here’s how his helmet looked after the game.

• Logan Mankins of the Patriots had some helmet decal issues of his own.

• Here’s another example of a helmet shell switcheroo: Last month Danny Woodhead of the Chargers had a Rawlings helmet in his locker, but yesterday he had a Riddell Revolution Speed. Both of those shots provide good views of the Chargers’ uni-numbered chinstraps, too.

Turning to Saturday’s college action, Phil and his contributors had good coverage in yesterday’s entry. But here are a few more tidbits:

• Man, if you’re a captain on Arizona State, you’re wearing a shit-ton of patches.

• At the Vanderbilt/Tennessee game in Tennessee, the Kentucky flag was flying upside-down. Human error or gamesmanship? Tennessee plays Kentucky next week.

• It’s hard to see in these photos, but Lafayette players and coaches wore blue “AB” decals in support of Aubrey Baumbach, a first-year student and member of the crew club, who was recently struck by a hit-and-run driver.

• In that same game, bit of a sideline typo for Lehigh.

• A Yale player was wearing last year’s pants — and promptly got injured.

• Sacramento State went with gold alternate jerseys.

• Southeastern Louisiana went BFBS.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Jason Christie, Andrew Domingo, Matt Duprey, John Furstenthal, Raymie Humbert, the Jeff, Jerry Lawless, Mike Monaghan, Gregory Olsen, Peter Schultz, David Steinle, William Yurasko, and of course Phil.)

+ + + + +

Click to enlarge

Still More NBA Sleeves: In case you missed Phil’s coverage of this over the weekend, 10 new sleeved NBA jerseys have leaked. As you can see above, six of them are for this season’s Noche Latina program (Lakers, Knicks, Spurs, Bulls, Heat, and Suns, all of which have some sort of sublimated pattern on the back), two are for St. Paddy’s Day (Bulls and Celtics), and the other two appear to be just standard alternate jerseys (Timberwolves and Nets).

The most surprising entry here is the blue-trimmed Nets jersey, because blue isn’t one of the team’s colors. writer Demetrius Bell quickly speculated that the gray/blue color scheme might be some sort of shout-out to the Brooklyn Dodgers, which sounds plausible.

The NBA and Adidas sure are putting a lot of eggs in the sleeved basket, eh? I’ve heard some folks say that this must mean that NBA jersey sales are down, so the league is getting desperate, etc. But according to this article, NBA jersey sales are extremely strong. Here are the numbers:

The NBA already generates $900 million annually in jersey sale revenue, second only to the National Football League, which generates $1.2 billion annually, [sports retail analysist Matt Powell] said. Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League each pull in about $400 million.

I would never have guessed that the NBA was doing more than twice as much jersey sales revenue as MLB — not in a million years. So when it comes to creating sleeved jerseys (or anything else) that fan will want to purchase, maybe the NBA knows what it’s doing.

Of course, how those jerseys will look on the court is another matter entirely. But that seems to be a secondary consideration these days.

+ + + + +

Blazers-redesign contest: As we noted in the Ticker last week, the Blazers are considering a uniform redesign for 2015-16. While they’re working on that, let’s have a Blazers redesign contest. The deadline is Dec. 9, and the results will be published on ESPN soon after that.

So all you designers should get crackin’, yes? Yes!

+ + + + +

’Skins Watch: A school district in upstate New York can’t decide which of its Native American-based logos is the best (from Jude Seymour). … “I found this cap at a recent Indiana State football game,” says Marc Viquez. This was one of the last reminders of when the school used Native American logos for its athletic teams.”

Baseball News: Reprinted from Friday’s comments: Here’s the ultimate combination of baseball and felines (amazing find by R. Scott Rogers). … Here’s the embarrassingly miserable GI Joe cap that the Mets will be wearing with their embarrassingly miserable GI Joe jersey. Of course, there’s still time for the Earth to be hit by an asteroid before next April, so there’s always that slim ray of hope. … Not uni-related but still interesting: The first MLB team to travel by airplane was apparently the 1938 Cardinals (nice find by Jerry Wolper). … Interesting story about the connection between the poison symbol and the Pirates logo (from Brad Iverson-Long). … Former Oakland A’s farmhand and current Gary RailCats outfielder Mike Massaro got married over the weekend, and it was a very stirrups-centric cemeony (from Mike Rohde).

NFL News: Holy crap, look at the size of the logo on the back of this Bucs sideline jacket. That’s Steve Young, from 1985 (great find by Bill Kellick). … Really fascinating story on how each NFL team has footballs made to its QB’s specifications. Highly recommended (from Don Silsby). … Love this ticket stub from a 1962 Steelers/Browns game (from Todd Radom). … Here’s a two-part video tour of NFL HQ — part one and part two, the latter of which has lots of chatter about team logos (from the Hungry Hungry Hipster). … Also from HHH: An article about NFL animal logos.

College Football News: “I’ve never seen a conference patch look like this before,” says JJ Sledge. “San Jose State used to be in the WAC, and it’s possible that they are using last year’s jerseys with the Mountain West patch covering the old WAC patches.” … Notre Dame conducted a Twitter poll to see what the coaches should wear for the upcoming Stanford game (from Warren Junium). … Clark Ruhland has created a Virginia Tech uniform builder/history site. “It allows fans to select their own Virginia Tech uniform combination and view the entire history during the 26 years of the Frank Beamer era, including bowl jerseys,” he says.

Hockey News: The Sabres wore their new alternate uni for the first time last night. Can’t say I’m a fan. … Flames goalie Karri Ramo’s new mask is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” (from David Hutchison).

Soccer News: Reader Jason Fry says articles we’ve previously linked to about FIFA’s World Cup uni rules have “misinterpreted the FIFA regulations pretty badly,” and that there’s a good discussion of the topic in this discussion board thread. … New home kit for Brazil. Here’s a look at the shorts.

College Hoops News: North Carolina A&T wears crazy side panels and a minimalist chest logo (from Mike Raymer). … Virginia Tech debuted two new road uniforms over the weekend: maroon and orange (from Andrew Cosentino).

Grab Bag: Major thanks to Terry Proctor for sending along this awesome 1929 Spalding uniform/equipment catalog. … Not sports-related but interesting: a site devoted to logo theft. “A sports version of this would break the internet,” says Gordon Blau. … I was poking around in my corner bodega’s freezer case the other day, in search of an ice cream sammich, when I came across a bag of ice with a surprising promotional message: “Ice Is Food!” Uh, right. … Bit of a typo in Oklahoma (from David Wilson). … I didn’t know CFL players could wear No. 0 until JJ Sledge sent me this photo. … “Mark Webber raced in F1 for the last time on Sunday,” says Omar Jalife. “After completing the race, during the slow-down lap, he managed to remove his helmet and drive helmetless back to the pits. This is the first time this has been done and may create a new trend as it was fucking awesome.” Further info here.

+ + + + +


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What Paul did last night Saturday afternoon: On Saturday Heather and I went to the annual WFMU Record Fair in Manhattan. I saw a bunch of friends, won a free lunchbox that I didn’t want, saw some amazing videos based on this book, ate some crummy pizza, and so on. But the highlight, by far, was a presentation by Michael Cumella (that’s him above), who provided a guided tour through an exhibit of his massive collection of flexi-discs (which you can learn more about on his website). I took a coupla dozen photos, which you can see below:

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Snowfall Football

By Phil Hecken

Week 13 has now come and gone, and it seems the unis just keep getting worse. But at least we got a snow game. And quite possibly the best looking game of the day involved an FCS team taking down Florida. A team that completed exactly zero passes And won. Such is the state of the NCAA.

Got a pretty full post today (including a preview of the Grey Cup — scroll down) so I’ll just end it here and turn it over to TJ now:

. . . . . . . . . . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Short list this week.

From Wednesday:

• There’s being late to the party, and then there is being LATE to the party. Toledo wore what might be the ugliest Pinktobervember costume to hit the FBS field in recent years. Not much for me to say here because Paul already said it all (scroll down a bit).

From Saturday:

• It was a cold, overcast day in my area yesterday, so Texas A&M dressed up for the occasion. The helmets are a reversed version of the ones worn for their BFBS game against Mississippi St. last year. The uniforms matched their gameplay, as LSU rolled through, 34-10.

• Not to be outdone by an Adidas school, Nike-outfitted Arkansas broke out all-anthracite uniforms as well. Now, while both sets were lame and unnecessary, I actually liked the aTm ones over the Razorback ones. Not by much, though.

• Clemson wore Paul’s favorite color monochrome purple uniforms at home against The Citadel. *pssst* hey Clemson… it’s all about balance. Orange pants would’ve done you wonders. Just saying.

• Is this the first time this year that Wake Forest wore their white helmets at home? I’m probably wrong.

• Speaking of white lids at home, that’s exactly what Fresno State did over the weekend as well. I think that’s their first time doing that ever.

• It was a slight brisk in Columbus yesterday.

• Tennessee played in-State rivals Vanderbilt while wearing their Smokey uniforms a second time this season.

• Wisconsin wore those wonderful red helmets for a third time against Minnesota.

• *sighs* Such vibrant colors on both ends, and so much potential for an eye-catching game, but my experience with possible uniform matchups has been the same as with these super-hyped games: it’s fallen short of my expectations. The game wasn’t anywhere near as close and dramatic as I’d wanted, and the unis also fell short of what I was hoping. I know it’s far too much to expect an all-green/all-orange matchup, but come on: why so much black? Even this guy has the right idea. Not that I needed to worsen my vision by linking that, but still…

That does it for Week 13. I kinda wish that there was an evil version of me writing some garbage for Week 14: one that hates decent uniform contrast, and loves coconuts and doesn’t hate Chris Brown’s guts, because next week is RIVALRY WEEK. Lots of big games, including the Civil War, The Game, the Iron Bowl, and… dammit, I need to brush up on my signature games other than those three. See you next week.



The Canadian Superbowl, a/k/a The “Grey Cup”
By Mike Styczen

The 101st Grey Cup is this weekend in Regina. The game will feature the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (for the East) versus the hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders (for the West).

This is the 18th appearance in the big game for Saskatchewan (3-15). They’ve played in 3 of the last 6 Grey Cups, winning one and losing two (including the memorable “13th man” game in 2009).

This is also the 29th appearance for Hamilton including its predecessor teams. They haven’t been in the big game since they won it in 1999.

The game is being played at Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field (formerly just Taylor Field). The stadium sits just outside downtown Regina, and various incarnations have been located at that site since 1910. The oldest parts of the current stadium date to approximately 1936. Planning is underway for a new stadium to be ready in 2017, on a site just west of the current stadium. The stadium has roughly 33,000 permanent seats, and temporary seating for the game will bring the capacity up to around 44,000.

As the home team, Saskatchewan will wear green. They’ve got two versions of the green set: the conventional Reebok set (with a variety of odd panels, piping, etc.), and a beautiful throwback set. I’d bet on the throwbacks being worn, but who knows.

Hamilton will wear the road whites. The Ticats have had a beautiful look the last couple of years – abandoning the Reebok template and going with something that’s both modern and reflects their most iconic look. They also did a throwback this year (to the 1943 Grey Cup Champion Hamilton Flying Wildcats). The less said about that, the better.

Hamilton has had a strange year. As part of a multi-year plan to build a new stadium, Ivor Wynne Stadium was torn down and the team played its 2013 home games at the University of Guelph Alumni Stadium, about 50 km away. The Ticats hosted a playoff game against Montreal in gale-force winds that led to the strangest field goal attempt (from 22 yards!) I think I’ve ever seen. The new Tim Hortons Field will open at the old Ivor Wynne site next year.

In “tribute” news, the Ontario Hockey League Guelph Storm are doing a Hamilton Tiger-Cat tribute this weekend. And the Western Hockey League Regina Pats paid tribute to the Roughriders a few weeks ago.

Some of the other storylines around this game:

• The Sheepdogs (who are quite excellent) are doing the national anthem.

• The halftime act is Hedley. No, I’ve never heard of them either. It’ll still be better than last year’s shitshow.

• Hamilton coach Kent Austin played QB in the 1980s with the Roughriders, and was Grey Cup MVP with them in 1989. He’s a local hero and his banner hangs outside Taylor Field – which has caused a bit of angst for Rider fans.

• Incidentally – that 1989 Grey Cup win was also over Hamilton, in a game many still call the greatest Grey Cup ever played.

• The weather has been extremely cold this week, causing a few cases of frostbite – though it should be warmer by Sunday.

• One Regina sex shop has gotten behind the Riders in a big way.

• And of course Saskatchewan fans.

As much as this pains me as a Stamps fan, I’m going to go with Saskatchewan at home for the win.


Catherine 5 & 1 animated
Catherine Ryan’s

Five And One


Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! Yesterday was a busy day and despite some pretty easy match-ups, we saw a couple close games and even a major upset. I received a bunch of tips and a lot of you were all over the map! Let’s get to the countdown!


Honorable Mention: My beloved alma mater, Villanova University, played Delaware in the Battle of the Blue and mounted a 23-point comeback to win 35-34. While the uniforms weren’t that impressive, I did love Villanova’s gorgeous throwback helmets and wanted to give them some love.


5. UNLV vs. Air Force: As a general matter, I like the color gray a lot. I loved how this game featured it as an accent color without overdoing it. UNLV matched pants/lids while Air Force came out in an all-blue uni.


4. Oklahoma vs. Kansas State: On a weekend where Clemson spit in the face of all who love the color purple, I figured it appropriate to recognize a school that consistently does it right. Overall, this game was simple and clean.


3. Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: I have a soft spot for Minny in the all-maroons. I also loved Wisconsin’s red helmets with the black stripe.


2. Michigan vs. Iowa: This game had great contrast and was actually one of the most competitive games of the day. I love how Michigan wears the maize pants on the road and Iowa’s home uniforms are just fantastic.


1. Nebraska vs. Penn State: If you didn’t think this game was gorgeous then you need your eyes checked. First of all, look at Nebraska. Red pants. Classic uniforms. On the road. Just beautiful. Add in the classic and simple look of Penn State and you’ve got your #1.


+1: Portland State vs. Eastern Washington: If you like beauty, look away. This game combined TWO different types of camo and took place on that god awful red field. [Here’s more awful photos – click if you dare<–PH]


Duck Emerald Bowl Tracker

Once again, Tim was busy yesterday, so I’ll handle the writeup. But Tim did create the graphic and left us with this thought:

The new jersey looks great and matches the helmet and pants perfectly, except for the bit of yellow on the pants’ swoosh, but other than that, a solid ‘traditional’ look for the modern ducks.

That’s actually a pretty good summation of what the Ducks wore yesterday. Except I’d disagree that it looked great. Of course, matched up against Arizona’s bloodclots, maybe it did look good.

But even worse than the look of the game was the result. Oregon probably definitely cost themselves a shot at the Rose Bowl (which they they really didn’t want anyway).

So, the lesson here is, be careful what you wish for. because you just might get it.

Thanks to Tim for the graphic — if I hadn’t seen the game, I would have asked him why it was in black and white.

Oregon 11-23-13


ticker 2Uni Watch News Ticker:

Are 3-D printed jerseys the next big thing? (thanks to Paul Lee). … This next item is described as “Paul’s worst nightmare” by submitter Kurt Esposito. … Newsweek acknowledges what we’ve known all the time – College football is a fashion show nowadays. … If you don’t follow rugby, you probably weren’t aware that “Wales went GFGS against Tonga (instead of red),” says Eric Bangeman. “What’s particularly odd is that Tonga wore white instead of its usual red, so we had two teams wearing change kit.” … Several people chimed in with this: During an event Saturday morning, the Single-A Vermont Lake Monsters (New York-Penn League) unveiled a new logo and merchandise. … Oops: A Northwestern student is wearing an adidas jersey in a NU commercial
(nice spot by Joseph Hiley). … Here are the home uniforms for the newest NBDL team – the Delaware 87ers (from James Ashby). … The summer collegiate Kenosha (Northwoods League) unveiled their logo and merchandise for their inaugural 2014 season (submitted by Alan Poff). … If you like muddy games, this was from Friday’s Class AA high school playoff game in West Virginia as Sissonville played at Wayne. “Lucky no one drowned,” says Brice Wallace, who sent that in. … And to end things on a good note, I think we can all agree, the Charlotte Hornets returning to teal and purple is a very good thing.


And that’s it for today lads and lasses. But before we go, I wanted to wish a very happy Uni Watch birthday to George Chilvers, our colorizer extraordinaire. Thanks to TJ, Mike and Catherine (and Tim E.) as always.

Enjoy the NFL today. Have a great Thanksgiving to all the Americans, and to those who celebrate, a Happy Hanukkah as well. Catch you next weekend!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“As much as I hate the clown suits A&M is wearing today, I absolutely love those helmets.”

Designing Minds, Volume V (Part II)


By Phil Hecken

I’m back today for the second half of “Designing Minds, Volume V” featuring the NFL concepts of Jesse Alkire. If you missed the first installment, please click here. Jesse’s designs in the first half were very well-received, and I wanted to ask him a few follow-up questions.

. . . . . . . . . .

Uni Watch: What program do use to create these concepts?

Jesse Alkire: I use the Adobe Creative Suite in both professional and personal projects, always have.

UW: I notice yoo didn’t really make any wholescale changes to the unis. Were you trying to keep the designs as close to current as possible (just “tweaking” them, as it were)? What was your goal here?

JA: The goal of this personal project was to do a realistic league-wide design. To me, this meant strictly sticking to making corrections where needed and not touching what was already working. A big fan of tradition in the NFL, I respected a team’s history if it was a proud history of good design. If the history was proud, but poorly designed, I erred on making the necessary design changes and leaving as much of the original brand in tact.

UW: So you wanted to keep the designs consistent with those already in place, but just “corrected” in places you thought the team had strayed? Any examples?

JA: I get that a lot of people feel certain elements of their favorite uniforms are “out of bounds” when it comes to redesign. But off the top of my head, take the 49ers helmet and pants stripe. It’s your traditional A/B/A stripe that is so ubiquitous in today’s NFL, and when combined with the 49ers more recognizable and ownable three stripe pattern they feature on their sleeves, their entire set becomes inconsistent — something that, if you were to start from scratch today, any good designer would most likely correct. So while the 49ers may have a long history of wearing two conflicting striping patterns, a fresh start would allow them to create an even longer history of better design.

UW: Myself (and others) were curious if you have (or are planning) on showing the side views, maybe the back views as well. Is that part of this project?

JA: You’re not missing much by not seeing side views of the helmet and pants, I assure you. For the most part, I didn’t mess with the logos on each team’s helmet as my goal was simply to fix inconsistent uniform elements, not do a complete rebrand of every team (thank God).

UW: OK, I can respect that. But there are some teams that, at least in my opinion, need a helmet view, even if you describe them in your comments. Can you tell us where you made changes?

JA: For Carolina, I did like the idea of an enlarged, blue version of their logo on the right side (a la Boise State’s helmet) and player numbers on the left side. For Houston I removed their helmet logo in favor of a design reminiscent of the St. Louis Rams helmet design, turning the player into a literal depiction of their primary logo with steer horns on both sides of the helmet. For Philadelphia, I thought a return to their simpler, whiter wings on either side of the helmet would fit with the clean aesthetics of my concept. For San Diego, I made some tweaks that I described in detail below. And for Washington, I would remove the Redskins logo in favor of the bunched feathers logo on the rear right side of the helmet, with player numbers on the left side.

UW: What about the pant stripes?

JA: As for the pants stripes, it should be reasonably easy for you guys to fill in the blanks. Whatever striping pattern you see elsewhere on the uniform will usually appear on the pants, and if not, then the pants are without a stripe. I know it may feel mysterious to not see these views, with any number of wild striping concoctions certainly a possibility in all your vivid imaginations, but I assure you whatever would be there would be completely consistent with the rest of the uniform.

UW: Is there any team you used as a “template” for others?

JA: To be honest, I kind of use the Kansas City Chiefs as a model for good uniform consistency. The way I see it, a team should get stripes in no more than three different areas on the uniform. I modeled many teams after the Chiefs, giving them stripes on the jersey, pants, and socks. With so many different types of helmets and all their different innovations, I kind of enjoy giving the dome a clean look, sans stripe. Stripes can often be clunky, so for a team to have striping patterns on every part of their uniform set would come across as too busy, I think, and leaving some blank real estate on certain areas makes for an overall sleeker look in a league where the appearance of speed is a must.

UW: Cool. Turning our attention to other sports/leagues, any plans to do say, baseball or hockey?

JA: It was a lot of fun to undertake this project, but I have no plans to design concepts for other leagues. My goal was simply to share them with the online uniform design community, maybe get my big design packet in the hands of some sports design agencies, and then find something else fun to occupy my time.

UW: Great stuff! OK, I want to get into Part II, so any final thoughts?

JA: The Uni Watch community is a hard one to please, and rightly so. I’m glad to see everyone’s been positive overall. Hope the second half goes over well.

UW: I am sure it will. Thanks again for sharing these designs.

. . . . . . . . . .

And now, here is the second half of Jesse’s NFL redesign project (click on each image to enlarge):



Miami Dolphins

• A nice clean, consistent uniform remains virtually untouched.

• White socks give the home uniform the complete “white-out” look, one of the better uniform trends in recent memory.

• Aqua pants an option on the road to achieve the classic white/color look.



Minnesota Vikings

• A nice clean, consistent uniform remains virtually untouched.

• Added the Vikings new unique striping pattern, previously featured on the sleeves and pants, to the socks.



New England Patriots

• The double red, flowing stripes from the team’s primary logo take over as the only instance of striping in set, featured on the sleeves, pants, and socks.

• The patriotic cherry red acts as a bright accent to the deep navy, similar to how the orange pops well for both the Broncos and Bears uniform sets.

• Removed superfluous number outlines for a clean, modern look.



New Orleans Saints

• The custom number type takes cues from the team’s letter type and features a saintly stained-glass effect, changing and reflecting colors in different lighting conditions.

• A simple stripe on the helmet and pants stays consistent with the simple, solid-color collar.

• Golden shoes add to the grand aesthetic overall, which is enhanced with glittery flashes when the players are in motion.



New York Giants

• The Giants use of the traditional “Northwestern stripe” is extended to all uniforms in the set, creating a consistent look throughout.

• A “giant” red stripe on the helmet and equally-sized blue stripe on the pants are derivative of the large center portion of the “Northwestern stripe”.

• A red jersey returns as an alternate option at home.



New York Jets

• Another strong, modern take on a traditional uniform remains virtually untouched.

• The lone stripe, previously only on the shoulders, is now used as the as the sole helmet stripe.

• The uniquely-Jets striping on the shoulders and sleeves is replicated on the socks.



Oakland Raiders

• Another strong, proud uniform tradition remains virtually untouched.

• Solid-color socks and give one of the NFL’s most traditional uniforms a slick, modern feel.

• Alternate Black Hole uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.



Philadelphia Eagles

• A lighter, more nimble take on the Eagles look, leaving behind the clunky, heavy mix of dark green and black.

• Silver shoulders feature stitching representative of wings.

• An aerodynamic custom letter and number type, with strong edges and points reminiscent of an eagle’s tapered feathers.



Pittsburgh Steelers

• Another strong, proud uniform tradition remains virtually untouched.

• The Steelers’ distinctive striping pattern is added to the socks, reinforcing their most ownable uniform element.

• A heavier stripe is added to the helmet and pants, toughening up their overall look.

• Alternate Steelworks uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.



San Diego Chargers

• Superfluous outlines are removed for a clean and modern take on their classic look, while the bolts are moved back to their long time position on the shoulders.

• Continuing the trend of teams in warmer climates, all-white becomes the regular home look.

• Classic gold pants make their return as an alternate look, pairing nicely with either the white or navy jersey.

• The numbers feel energized, as the gradient shifts when exposed to different lighting conditions.

• Golden shoes add to the electric aesthetic, which is enhanced with bright flashes when the players are in motion.



San Francisco 49ers

• One of the league’s best uniform sets is streamlined here for an ultimately traditional, yet modern look.

• The 49ers iconic sleeve stripes are moved higher so all three are visible, while the stripes now appear on the socks, as well.

• The secondary striping pattern on the helmet and pants is removed completely, giving way to the more ownable stripes on the sleeves and socks.



Seattle Seahawks

• A few small tweaks to an overall distinctive and very modern new look created by Nike.

• The unnecessary gray stripe across the upper chest is removed, while the feather icon is kept to stay consistent with it’s usage throughout the uniform.

• The Seahawks new distinguishing striping pattern, previously only on the pants and neck, is now added to the socks.



St. Louis Rams

• An adaptation to what many fans would say is their best look, using navy for a modern twist on one of the NFL’s most classic uniform sets.

• A bold custom number type with a strong base and hard edges, reminiscent of the mountains that a ram would call home.

• Solid-color socks and navy shoes gives this traditional uniform a slick, modern feel.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

• An all-white home look for another of the NFL’s warm climate teams, with alternate pewter pants for either the white or dark jersey.

• The collar and pants feature stripes which are suggestive of a pirate’s blade.

• A swashbuckling custom number type, taking cues from the striping on the collar and pants.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

• A surprisingly consistent and modern look remains virtually untouched.

• The contrasting belt loops and thick helmet stripe are meant to be derivative of the heavy shoulder stripe.

• Three pairs of pants and jerseys could be interchanged for a very pleasing look in any combination.



Washington Redskins

• A variety of different looks in the past are thrown out for a pro-combat style reimagining, taking cues from brave Indian warriors for these War Paint uniforms.

• War paint stripes are featured on the helmet, sleeves, and pants, and a paint-inspired letter type.

• A custom number type takes its paint-splattered cues from the feathers in the team’s primary logo.

• Alternate Black Out uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.

. . . . . . . . . .

And…Thanks again, Jesse! OK, readers — as with last week, I won’t make any comments on the designs themselves, as the floor is now yours. I hope you enjoyed these, and that you’ll continue to make comments on Jesse’s efforts.


NBA Sleeves
Click To Enlarge

More NBA Sleeved Uniforms Revealed

The above graphic shows 10 new NBA sleeved jerseys, in addition to those that have already been revealed (including those which will be worn on Christmas or during the season). That graphic comes from this tweet to myself, Paul and Darren Rovell, from Conrad Burry. Conrad confirms that these are legit (from the official NBA media site).

The graphic shows the NBA will be breaking out the sleeves for six teams for “Noche Latina” games (Knicks, Spurs, Lakers, Heat, Bulls and Suns). Whether they’d be worn against each other I haven’t been able to determine. But since three of them are white and three are dark, perhaps they will. It’s difficult to tell from that graphic, but it appears those six jerseys will all have a pattern on the back — wonder if it will be sublimated (a la Nike’s sweatbacks) or screenprinted.

Two of the other pictured jerseys are green and have “MARCH” and “17” on the back (Celtics and Bulls), so presumably those will be worn on St. Patrick’s Day. The Bulls play at home against the OKC Thunder on March 17, and the Celtics play at the Dallas Mavericks that day. Their closest home game is Wednesday the 19th.

The other two pictured jerseys are for the Nets and the Timberwolves, and neither seem like (or are for) anything special. But we did hear that at least five teams will have sleeved alts aside from the Christmas alts and special occasion alts, so it’s possible both of these will be seen as well.

Big thanks to Conrad for the tip!


Guess The Game…From The Scoreboard

Click To Enlarge

It’s baaaaaack.

This week should be pretty easy, since there is a giant clue right smack dab in the middle of the scoreboard. But hey, you never know.

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Last week’s scoreboard/answer: June 9, 1968.


U.W.F.F.L. Week 12 Update

By Rob Holecko

Hello everybody and welcome to the UWFFL section for Week 12.

Teams this week are participating in a throwback weekend, as many teams are throwing back to the 1999-2002 era of the TBFFL Fantasy Football League that many teams can trace their roots to. While some of the teams are throwing back to other eras, or employing other revisionist history, many teams are wearing uniforms that are fairly accurate representations of what was actually worn, and other teams’ regular uniforms already look like throwbacks.

From l. to r.: Atlanta, Seattle, Tampa and San Diego are among teams wearing throwbacks that harken back to the 1999-2001 nascent era of
TBFFL football…

…while Hartford is wearing a tribute to the Hartford’s only NFL team, the 1926 Hartford Blues; Vancouver is this time wearing the road version of their 1915 Stanley Cup Champion Millionaires throwbacks; and New Orleans is going all the way back to 1892 and honoring an early kit worn by the Aston Villa squad.

There are only three weeks left in the UWFFL major league schedule, and with New York (10-1) and Minnesota (9-2) already having wrapped up spots in the playoffs, this week Atlanta (8-3) can clinch a playoff spot while San Diego (7-4) can clinch the Western Division. The three division winners and three wild card teams will qualify for the playoffs, while the three last place teams will be relegated to the minor leagues. UWFFL Bowl XIV will take place January 5 and we still need a logo.

When the post-season does roll around, we’ll be presenting the voting for all the big playoff and championship games right here in Uni Watch, so in order to make sure we have all the tweaks out of the system, (and to give all those Vegas Insiders a chance to get acquainted with the kind of vote totals we’ll be seeing with a wider audience) we are going to go ahead and starting today, present one game each week here. This week we bring you a key minor league matchup:

Anchorage Orcas vs
Rapid City Badlanders
at Regina, Saskatchewan free polls 

The Rapid City Badlanders (BCS #3, 7-1, 9-1 overall) are in first place in the Central League and are taking on the Anchorage Orcas (BCS #4, 8-1-1, 10-1-1 overall), who are in third place in the Pacific Coast Conference, so this is a very important minor league game, both teams are fighting for position in both their conference as well as in the national title hunt. At the end of the minor league season, January 12, the top two teams in the UWFFL BCS will meet in the National Championship, while the remaining top four teams in each conference will compete in a two-round four-team playoff to decide the Conference Championship. You can check out all the standings and rankings on our website.

We’ll also be needing some logos for some of these minor league Championship Games as well.

For those of you who possess both the inquistiviness and necessary attention span to want to go to our website and vote on the rest of the games, thank you very much and you can visit the website at

If you’d like to find out even more about our fun little league, you shouldn’t miss This Week In The UWFFL with Drew Abernathy, a weekly rundown every Saturday of all of the league’s news and notes. It and other league-related programming, including ‘The Extended Line’ (expert handicapping by ‘The Line’ himself of the matchups, airing Fridays) and ‘UWFFL Scoreboard’ (a rundown of
highlights and results, airing Mondays) all air on The SportPuck Network.

We welcome ‘The Line’ to The SportPuck Network, and to get you acquainted with him here is a short 60-segment from ‘The Line’ (well, it’s closer to 2 1/2 minutes) as he went over last week’s picks:

I was told the other day that most people just scanning over the blurb way down in the Saturday Uni Watch probably don’t realize the depth that is involved with the Uni Watch Fantasy Football League, but once they do they are amazed. Well I hope that is the case, and if so, let’s keep it our little secret!

Be sure to follow along with all of these stories and vote for your favorite teams at


ticker 2Uni Watch News Ticker:

After Paul’s great interview in yesterday’s article, which dealt in part with wedding band wearing, Mike Raymer found an interesting photo: a rarely seen JOMA sponsored jersey with a giant “H” (Honduras) on the chest AND a taped ring finger. … Joseph Anderson found a “little tidbit of logo trickery by ESPN. He explains, “On their NFL Playoff Machine the Jaguars and Dolphins have two logos, when not selected to win it is the old logo, when selected to win it is the current logo.” … Dave Hamen sent along a picture in yesterday’s ticker from Kent State’s Dix Stadium that has a graphic representing the 1954 Refrigerator Bowl, which was the program’s first of now three bowl appearances (1972 Tangerine Bowl and the 2013 Bowl are the others), notes Jason Tirotta. “The Golden Flashes played Delaware in that game which was played in early December in Evansville (here’s a cover of the program). Anyway, here is the photograph that the graphic Dave sent in is based on, which has been used in printed guides, programs and online commemorating the program’s history.” … On Nov. 8, the high school football team covered by Matthew Girard, the Harker Heights Knights (Harker Heights, TX), honored the military during their final game of the season with special Military jerseys. The game was at Hood Stadium, which is a football field built on the base of Fort Hood, Texas. And normally there are no nameplates on jerseys, but across the nameplate it read “Fort Hood, TX.” … Looks like Bleacher Report still hasn’t gotten the message to please stop calling it “uniform watch”. … Two from Brinke: This New York Times article on The Return of the Logo Culture and one more up Paul’s alley: The art of the pizza box. … “Remember a few weeks back there was a mention in the ticker about how the Indians are phasing out Chief Wahoo in the Southwest because of the organization’s concern for the locals?” asks Josh Nolan. “Apparently nobody sent word to whoever designed the 2014 Spring Training logo.” … Russell Westbrook Adds Flashy Underwear Company To Endorsement Portfolio (from Tommy Turner). … More concussion discussion comes from this article by former NFLer Nate Jackson. Highly recommended. … France has revealed their new World Cup kit. … David Firestone notes, “Looks like we have a really devoted Bears fan” (pretty sure that’s the ‘Right to Bear Arms’-PH). … “I know you guys posted when Eddie Vedder wore a Padres helmet,” says Brady Phelps. “He grabbed a Chargers hat from a fan in the crowd (so I’m told) at the Pearl Jam show in SD (Thursday) night.” … Reebok also signed a new deal with the CFL and with that every team will get new third jerseys next season. … Jonathan Daniel was watching the JFK retrospectives yesterday and thought he saw Dan Rather wearing his wedding band on his middle finger. … San Diego Chargers safety, Eric Weddle, has his own twitter account but it is for his beard (thanks to Andrew Domingo). … Leo Strawn thinks ‘Bama just hit a new low with this one: a lawsuit against a mom-and-pop bakery selling elephant shaped cookies, with a script “A” iced on top, for $1.75 apiece. Also from Leo, “There’s been talk of this for years and years. Could it be that it’s finally coming to pass (pun intended)? London Jaguars.” … Here’s a a great promotional video for the 1975 Philadelphia Wings (lax team). “There is a lot to love in this clip,” says submitter James Ashby. “The helmets, the face masks, the jerseys, the referee uniforms, John Facenda’s voive, even the Flyers late, great play-by-play announcer Gene Hart with the game call.” … Great shot of JFK throwing out the first pitch at Griffith Stadium in 1961 (from Todd Radom). … The LA Clippers will wear their powder blue short sleeved unis Sunday. … And the Miami Heat will wear these red on red unis today, and are asking fans to wear red (and probably but a replica jersey) as well. … Of course, GIJoevember isn’t over yet, and FAU will wear these flag desecration helmets in their game today. … The Utah High School Activities Association Class 5A Football Championship game between Brighton High Bengals and Bingham High Miners contained three things wrong here (according to submitter Chad Hensley): “Not every player is wearing the Pinktober ribbon (the ones that are don’t even have it in the same place), it doesn’t look like all of the players are wearing the mandatory helmet safety sticker, and finally, some of the players have center striping that seems to be peeling off.” … Oooohhh. Check out this 1950’s Vintage hockey jacket (big thanks to Jeff Barak).


And that’s going to do it for today. Big thanks, of course, to Jesse, and all the contributors. I’ll be back tomorrow with the entire Sunday Morning Uni Watch crew, plus a very special “Grey Cup” (that’s like the Super Bowl for Canadians) preview from Mike Styczen, so be sure to check back then. OK? OK!

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.. … ..

“Canada demonstrates its superiority once again. We make foreigners leave with a fat stack of ones. Canada makes foreigners leaves with a pocket full of loonies.”
–R. Scott Rogers

Talking Wedding Rings With Bears QB Jordan Palmer


I was recently contacted by the folks behind the Qalo ring, which is pitched as a soft, flexible wedding band “for the active lifestyle.” I was curious about their product, because I’m fascinated by athletes who wear their wedding bands on the field, court, or ice (I wrote an ESPN column on that topic three years ago).

After some email back-and-forths with the Qalo folks, they agreed to set me up for an interview with Bears backup quarterback Jordan Palmer, who wears the Qalo on the field, as you can see in the photo at right. They also took out an ad on the site, with a 15% discount for Uni Watch readers. (If you don’t see it at the top of the page, just refresh your browser window once or twice — it should be there 50% of the time.) None of this was a quid pro quo. It was just a good working relationship that came together easily.

Jordan Palmer turned out to be a really good interview — smart guy, articulate guy. Here’s how our conversation went:

Uni Watch: So you’re married, obviously.

Jordan Palmer: Yes, for three years now.

UW: Once you got married and started wearing a wedding ring, did you talk with your wife about whether you’d wear your ring on the field?

JP: No, I didn’t. I got a tungsten ring — I got it for $39. My in-laws were in the jewelry business, and they said, “Don’t spend $400 on that.” My brother, Carson, had lost four or five weddings rings — you misplace them, you take them off for work every day, you have a ton of stuff in your locker, and you’re like, “Shoot, where is it? I guess I’ll find it tomorrow.” And then you never do. And he told me, “Dude, just buy three of ’em.” So that’s what I did, actually — I got three wedding rings, for 39 bucks apiece. Tungsten. So there wasn’t much sentimental value there.

I surf every day when I’m home, and I lost all three rings surfing. After I lost the third one, it was right around then that I was introduced to Qalo, so it was good timing. I wear the gunmetal-silver one, and it looks just like my own ring, but now I don’t have to take it off. And that’s great, because I was taking it off for football, I was taking it off to go surfing, I was taking it off for when I do some coaching with kids — now I don’t have to worry about that.

UW: So before you discovered the Qalo, you weren’t wearing your tungsten ring on the field?

JP: No. I was always worried about jamming a finger or something like that, because apparently they can’t cut a tungsten ring off of you.

UW: And how did you come across the Qalo?

JP: A buddy of mine told me about it. He was making fun of me for losing my rings, and he said, “Hey, check this out.” He had friends who wore it — a surfer, a guy in the military, and a guy in construction — and they all liked it. It really resonated with me right away.

UW: I had figured you normally wore your real wedding ring when you weren’t playing football, and then you swapped it out for the Qalo when you went on the field. But if I’m understanding you properly, you actually wear the Qalo 24/7 — is that right?

JP: Yes, that’s right. I don’t own a regular ring anymore. I don’t intend on getting another one.

UW: So the Qalo is your wedding ring now.

JP: Yes.

UW: Are you superstitious or sentimental about a particular Qalo ring, or even a certain color?

JP: No, I like swapping them out, changing them up.

UW: And what does your wife think about all this?

JP: She likes it, she thinks it’s really cool. It’s different, you know? How many guys do you know who talk about their rings? Guys don’t normally do that. But my ring is an absolute conversation piece, and I like that, because I end up talking about my marriage and my wife — I love it. It’s a good conversation to have, talking about the person I love the most.

UW: Is your wife an athlete too?

JP: She was — she was a soccer player, and now she’s a Pilates teacher, and she wears the Qalo when teaching and working out.

UW: But not 24/7 like you.

JP: No. She has a little sentimental value in the real ring. But for a guy, unless you melt down your granddad’s ring, there are very few guys who feel sentimental about their wedding rings. If were getting married now, knowing what I know now, I’d just use a Qalo at the wedding ceremony and have her put that on my hand. Like I said, it’s cool and I end up talking more about my wife and my marriage that way.

UW: There are some players who do wear their real rings on the field, and I always imagine what would happen if their hand gets stepped on or something like that. Like the metal edge of the ring could cut into their finger. But the Qalo is flexible, so you don’t have that problem.

JP: Yeah. And it’s so easy to break or jam a finger. In any given NFL game, I’d bet there are at least five players who are injuring their hand in some manner.

UW: So with that in mind, have you been telling your teammates about the Qalo?

JP: Yeah, Brandon Marshall wears it every day now, Matt Forté, all these guys.

UW: Do you have any teammates — or have you previously had teammates — who wore their regular metal rings on the field?

JP: Yeah, some kickers.

UW: What about players from opposing teams? Have any of them noticed your ring and asked you about it?

JP: Yeah. A few weeks ago we were playing Detroit, and Matt Stafford asked me about it. And one of my former teammates, Andy Dalton, he wears the Qalo. They actually made a big deal about it in Hard Knocks.

UW: It’s funny that you mention Stafford and Dalton, because they’re both quarterbacks, same as you. I know of at least two other NFL quarterbacks who wear their real wedding rings on the field: Ben Roethlisberger, who puts tape over his, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, who leaves his right out in the open. Have you ever discussed this with either of them?

JP: I haven’t. I played with Ryan my rookie year, and he’s a really good friend of mine, and I’ve known Ben for years. I told the Qalo guys that we need to convert them.


Based on the interviews I did with Roethlisberger and Fitzpatrick three years ago, I have a feeling they won’t be trading in their wedding rings for Qalos anytime soon. Still, I can see how the Qalo makes sense for an athlete. The company sent me some samples, one of which I wore for a few days — plenty comfortable, although not as materially satisfying as a metal ring. (Also: Tucker and Caitlin officially endorse the Qalo as a first-rate cat toy, although the same can be said for almost anything that falls on the floor at my house.)

Big thanks to Jordan and the Qalo crew for setting this up — interesting stuff.

+ + + + +

50 Years, 50 Cents: Unless you’ve been under a very large rock, you’re probably aware that today is the 50th anniversary of Jack Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. One of the lesser-noted ramifications of JFK’s murder was that Congress rushed to place his likeness on the 50-cent piece (replacing Benjamin Franklin, who had been on the half-dollar since 1948). Within two months of the shooting, the U.S. Mint was producing JFK half-dollars — the fastest turnaround ever from a person’s death to his commemoration on an American coin.

Fifty years later, almost nobody uses the JFK half-dollar. In fact, almost nobody has ever used the JFK half-dollar. By any functional measure, it has been a spectacular failure — a pity, since it’s also our most beautiful coin.

Why has the JFK coin been such a flop? I explored that question, and got some really interesting answers, in a 1997 piece I wrote for Spin magazine, of all places. It’s not available online, but I’ve reproduced it here. I think you’ll find it interesting.

+ + + + +

’Skins Watch: A school district in California has decided to stop calling its teams the Apaches (from Brian Thrall). … Another high school team called the Indians has been taunted by a “Trail of Tears” banner. You see, Native American team names bring out the best in everyone! … Yesterday I linked to a 1994 article that listed three newspapers that were boycotting the ’Skins name at that time, and I wondered what those three papers’ current policies were. I could have asked those papers myself, but I was too fucking lazy that sounded like a better job for media watchdog Jim Romenesko, so I forwarded the 1994 link to him and invited him to follow up. Here’s his report.

Baseball News: Although the Mets are planning to wear their new GI Joe jerseys only on “Military Mondays,” that isn’t stopping them from trotting out the new jerseys for other promotional occasions. Please make it stop already. … Ebbets Field Flannels just acquired a knitting machine, which means they should be offering wool stirrups soon (from Rand Martin). … Lorde’s hit song “Royals” was apparently inspired by George Brett’s jersey (from Scott Novosel).

NFL News: Saints TE Jimmy Graham dunked the football after scoring a TD last night and made the goalposts crooked. Well done! (Big thanks, Phil.) … Man, I miss mud games. That’s from the 1965 NFL Championship Game. … I’m not sure why anyone would want to look at a year-by-year comparison of Tom Brady’s and Peyton Manning’s hairstyles, but here it is anyway (from Samuel Selker). … Pearl Jam used Chargers-themed T-shirts and tickets for last night’s show in San Diego (welcome back, Jimbo Huening). … Cardinals will be blood-clotting this Sunday. This team looks awful now matter what they wear, so why not? … Funny to see two different Broncos collar styles in the same TV shot. “I think I’d prefer an all orange collar instead of either one of these messes,” says Mike Mongada. Agreed. … Target has partnered with a bunch of NFL players to create a new line of T-shirts, some of which are pretty good (from Willard Kovacs).

College Football News: Here’s UNC’s costume for tomorrow. … David Hamenrecently had a chance to walk around Kent State’s football stadium. “On the north wall, they celebrate their bowl games, and I found this logo of an old-school football player running out of a fridge for the 1954 Refrigerator Bowl.” Awesome! … Here are the top five “gear walls” in college football (thanks, Phil). … Eastern Washington is going GI Joevember this weekend. … Here’s what Missouri will be wearing tomorrow. … “A local car dealership here in central Indiana is using the Old Oaken Bucket game for some advertising,” says Derek Linn. Unfortunately, they have the ‘P’ on the Purdue helmet backwards. I think it exemplifies how Purdue’s football season has gone this year [audible sigh].” … Rutgers and UCF wore identical templates without much contrast last night.

Hockey News: The Sabres have released the schedule for their third jersey, which will be worn for the first time this Sunday. … There’s lots of new Stadium Series merch, and it may provide clues regarding what the jerseys will look like (from Alan Kreit). … New Winterfest jersey for the Toledo Walleye (thanks, Phil). … W. Daley notes that Kings goalie Ben Scrivens has separate masks for home and away.

Soccer News: Here’s an explainer on how FIFA rules have affected the World Cup kits, although it doesn’t seem to address how France isn’t wearing a mono-color kit (from Danny Wittels).

NBA News: Good article on the NBA’s move toward sleeved jerseys. The interesting thing here is that everyone quoted in the piece is surprisingly straightforward about the sleeved jerseys being nothing more than a retailing/merchandising move (from Chris Weber).

College Hoops News: “I went to the Purdue/E.Illinois game Wednesday night,” says Matt Wade. “During the player introductions, one of the refs called Purdue starter Kendall Stephens over and told him to remove his arm sleeve because it was half-white, half-black. So Stephens started the game with no sleeve, then after he checked out, returned with a solid-white one. An EIU player had a black sleeve on.” Hmmm, wasn’t aware of a rule requiring solid-colored sleeves, but there you go. … Nevada will wear turquoise for today’s game (thanks, Phil).

Grab Bag: This is awesome — a uni-centric Superman comic book cover! (Great find by Shannon Shark.) … As a longtime fan of the tomboy aesthetic, I love this gallery of women wearing men’s clothing way before that was socially acceptable (thanks, Kirsten). … My man Hamilton Nolan has taken a break from his usual obsessions to weigh in on the contentious topic of sportsjackets paired with jeans. … The fashion world is apparently awash in logos again (from Samuel Selker). … “Major League Lacrosse has just announced a sudden shift, terminating the Hamilton Nationals from Canada and moving the players to a newly formed team, the Florida Launch,” says John Sheehan. … New cycling kit for team Omega Pharma-Quickstep. “Like previous kit, the new one features riders’ Twitter handles on the back of the jerseys,” says Sean Clancy. … Good article on beer can design (from Josh Wren). … Here’s a weird design-related story: The city of Vancouver has banned doorknobs. No, really!

+ + + + +

What Paul did last night Wednesday night: On Wednesday evening I went to Manhattan and attended a party to celebrate the new issue of Victory Journal, the very cool publication put out by our friends at No Mas. Had a beer, gave a hug to No Mas honcho Chris Isenberg, yakked with a few other people, etc. Your basic promotional shindig.

On the way home, I was feeling a bit peckish (there was no food at the party), so I stopped at a pizza joint for a slice. It cost $2.50, so I gave the guy three bucks and got back two quarters — one of which, I realized the next morning, was minted in 1943, when quarters were still made of silver:


It had been a while since I’d gotten a silver quarter, so I went to this site and learned that the quarter’s “melt value,” based on the current price of silver, is $3.58 — more than enough to buy another slice of pizza (maybe with pepperoni this time!).

Conclusion: As long as I keep getting pre-1965 quarters in my change, I’ve created a pizza perpetual-motion machine.

(And yes, it’s odd that I talked about half-dollars and quarters on the same day, but life is full of coincidences.)