People Who Live in Glass Houses ... Are Really Nice

We’re taking a break from uni-related content today, at least for our main entry, because I want to tell you about the very special time I had this past weekend.

Some quick background: As longtime readers may recall, in September of 2008 Kirsten and I became interested a pair of very cool-looking fiberglass shell structures located just north of Shea Stadium, along the Flushing Bay Promenade. Our curiosity about the structures led us down a surprisingly deep rabbit hole — so deep that we ended up producing a small museum show about them. (If you’re curious, or if you need a refresher course, you can click through all of the show’s content by starting here.)

The structures were originally built for the 1964-65 World’s Fair, where they served as small exhibit pavilions. Although only two shells remain on the site, there were originally three of them, and the question of what had happened to the third one was the biggest unresolved mystery of our research project. Realistically, we figured it had probably been torn down.

Then, last November, we heard from a family that had stumbled across our web site. They explained that they had acquired the third structure after the Fair’s conclusion and had been using it as a rather unusual summer cabin for the past 40-plus years. This was super-duper-exciting for us, because (a) it solved a big mystery, (b) it meant the third structure was safe and sound, and (c) it was good to hear that the third structure had its original glass and aluminum walls and was still functioning as a building, not just as an open-air canopy like the two remaining shells in Flushing.

There was also the exciting prospect that (d) we might get to see the third structure in person. It took a while to arrange that, but it finally happened this past weekend. We also got a lots of great background info and solved at least one additional mystery regarding Flushing shells.

The family that owns the third structure — they call it the Glass Camp — is concerned about their privacy. We’re concerned about that too, so I’ll be calling them the Smiths, and all I’ll say about the Glass Camp’s location is that it’s in a very beautiful spot in upstate New York, at the end of private gated road. In other words, don’t bother looking for it, because you’re not going to find it.

Now then: These are our new friends, the Smiths. In the center are Katrina and her husband, Andy; on the left is Andy’s mother, Karen, and on the right is Andy’s father, Chuck. Chuck’s father, Carlos (now deceased, unfortunately), was in the equipment manufacturing and fabrication trade, and he routinely received notices regarding auctions of old equipment, old gear, and so on. After the 1964-65 World’s Fair ended, he received a notice announcing that the three fiberglass pavilions were being auctioned off. (Chuck, who was a teen-ager at the time, says he still has the flier somewhere and has promised to find it for us.) Carlos envisioned one of the structures serving as a summer retreat, so he put in a lowball bid for one of them — “a couple thousand dollars,” says Chuck. One of a Carlos’s business acquaintances, who was a building contractor, bid on the other two, although he didn’t actually want the fiberglass shells; he just wanted the glass from the walls for his contracting business.

It appears that they were the only bidders. The contractor got his glass (this answers the lingering question of why the shells in Flushing no longer have their walls) and Carlos got his summer cabin. It’s still unclear how the decision was made to turn the two remaining bare shells into a public display along the Flushing Marina Promenade. Maybe that was a contingency plan all along in case nobody wanted to bid on the pavilions, or maybe that was something that was decided upon later on.

Meanwhile, Carlos had to transport his pavilion upstate. In order to do that, it had to be disassembled. When we went to visit the Glass Camp on Saturday, Chuck’s sister Deb surprised everyone by pulling out a bunch of old snapshots showing the pavilion being taken apart right there in Flushing. Amazing!

After the pavilion was disassembled, its pieces were then trucked upstate to the Smiths’ house, where they sat for a winter. It took another year or two before Carlos was able to secure a spot in the woods, build a road to get to it, pour a foundation, and get the shell erected, and another year after that before he got the glass/aluminum walls installed. Then he had to come up with a floor plan (he made some very clever use of paneling and scooped out a half-basement in one quadrant of the building to allow for two levels of bedrooms), make provisions for plumbing and electricity, and so on. In short: Getting the Glass Camp set up was a lot of hard work.

But man, was it worth it. The building sits in an idyllic lakeside setting, and the Smiths have filled it with some lovely furniture, like a coffee table with a driftwood base and this custom-made curved table. You can see more of my photos here, and Kirsten’s are here.

As for the pavilion itself, it’s held up remarkably well, especially given the harsh upstate winters. Chuck says painting and patching small leaks are constant issues, and he’s put some fishplate patches in a few spots, but for the most part the structure is in surprisingly good shape. I’m sure Peter Schladermundt, who designed it, and the Owens Corning engineers who manufactured and built it back in the early 1960s would all be astonished to learn that it’s survived this long. (Unfortunately, the two shells in Flushing are in much poorer condition, and we’re very worried about their future. Since Chuck probably knows more than anyone alive about how to repair and maintain these structures, I’m hoping to put him in touch with the New York City Parks Dept., which owns the two shells in Flushing.)

None of this would have been possible if not for Katrina Smith, who stumbled across our web site last fall while trying to learn more about her family’s unique summer residence. She could have just clicked through our site, learned what she needed to know, and left it at that, but instead she took the initiative to contact us. She and the rest of the Smiths have been far more gracious and generous-sprited toward us than we had any right to expect (how would you react if a pair of total strangers had a weird obsession with a treasured piece of your family’s property?), and we’re very happy that our research has helped them fill in some of the blanks regarding the Glass Camp’s history, just as they’ve helped us connect some of the dots for our own project.

We plan to stay in touch with the Smiths. For now, though, we’re just grateful for the amazing experience they gave us this past weekend. Thanks again, guys — you’re the best.

+ + + + +

And as long as we’re going off-uni…: There’s new material at the Butcher’s Case and Permanent Record. And speaking of the latter, the start of the big Permanent Record series on is now less than a week away. It’ll kick off next Monday.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Buncha Amateur Pacifist costumes supposedly being unveiled this morning, 9am. Unless I’m lucky enough to get run over by a truck today, I’ll presumably have something to say about it all tomorrow. … I missed this when it was announced back in June: The Rams will be wearing their throwbacks on Oct. 30 against the Saints (from Jimmy Zepsa). … Looking to execute a corporate world-domination plan that gobbles up everything in its path? Itching for a chance to impose your vision on the time-honored visual identity of a successful league? You’re in luck! Nike has an opening for “NFL Creative Director — Brand Design.” For details, go here, click on “Corporate,” and search on Job No. 055529 (if you get the gig, send a muffin basket to Conlan Hsu). … Oh baby, the Rays are gonna wear letterman-style sweaters for their next road trip. Why can’t more teams have as much fun as Joe Maddon’s squad does? … Not exactly a surprise to hear that Wisconsin is in no hurry to pull a Maryland (from Stuart Ciske). … Who needs paint or tape when you can mark the outlines of a court with LEDs? (From Dane Drutis.) … More controversy regarding the glove-palm salute (from Jeremy Brahm). … Doozy of an NOB for Jonathan Audy-Marchessault who was playing in the recent Traverse City NHL prospect tournament. “At 5’9″, 175, he doesn’t exactly have the largest jersey on to begin with,” notes A.J. Frey. … What to get for the fan who has everything: an NFL helmet sink! (Nice find by Jay Sullivan). … The Stars are adding a memorial decal for Karlis Skrastins (from John Muir). … The Bruins’ Stanley Cup banners have been redesigned with era-appropriate team logos. … the Jags’ mascot found a unique way to wear red/white/blue on Sunday: He donned a 2007 Pro Bowl jersey. Why doesn’t Jack Del Rio love America as much as the mascot? … Speaking of Del Rio, aren’t those coaches’ polos just the worst? The stripes make it look like the coach is hunched forward, or maybe wearing his shirt backwards (from Ben Douthett). … Nice little piece about FSU’s short-lived “Chief” helmets from 1962. … Welcome news from Aaron Stilley, who reports that the historic marker for Municipal Stadium in Kansas City (which Ben Traxel wrote about last year) is back! … Brian Erni notes that Mike Piazza was wearing a Rawlings doubleknit during Sunday night’s ceremony (other members of the 2001 Mets were wearing contemporary Majestic Cool Bases). Rawlings was the Mets’ uni supplier back in 2001 — could that be the same jersey Piazza was wearing 10 years ago? … Vonta Leach of the Ravens has donated a bunch of helmets to his high school, which is in an impoverished neighborhood. … Throwbacks on tap for the L.A. Kings.

Monday Morning Uni Watch


By Phil Hecken

Paul’s still recovering from his weekend in the boonies, so he’s left me in charge of the ship. It’s the first MMUW of 2011, so let’s get right into it.

Obviously, yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9-11, so the NFL was all over the crass celebrations solemn memorials. We’ll look at those first:

• The league put a memorial ribbon on everything. And I do mean everything. Even the cheerleaders had them.

• Players with Reebok contracts were allowed to wear gaudy “Look At Me” gloves. Prior to the weekend, there was some talk that players who wore these gloves would be fined. But the NFL figured that might be a bad PR move.

• Players with Reebok contracts were also permitted to wear even gaudier “Look At Me” shoes. Players without Reebok contracts didn’t want to feel left out, so several others joined their Reebok comrades by wearing Red, White and Blue shoes for warmups. The Reebok guys got to wear theirs during the games.

• Coaches also wore memorial ribbons. Except for Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur, who clearly hates America (either that or his ribbon fell off, I’m not sure which). That’s OK though, because Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin made up for it with two ribbons (a pin and a stick-on) and a First Responder Cap. Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett and the Ryan twins also sported First Responder caps.

• Of course, the fans had to get into the act too. Some seemed to take a more respectful approach to 9/11, while others…well, others really got the true meaning of 9/11. Really, folks?

• Not all the uni-action yesterday revolved around the waving of the red-white-and-blue. The Cleveland Browns’ Josh Gibbs wore his leg “warmers” as forearm sleeves. I’m not sure if I love that or I hate it, but it is an interesting effect.

• Several teams wore white at home yesterday, including the Browns, Texans, Jaguars, Ravens, Buccaneers, and Chargers.

• The Buccaneers wore a Lee Roy Selmon memorial sticker on their helmets (screen grab courtesy of Rob Holecko).

• We got our first regular season look at the Buffalo Bills new uniforms yesterday, and boy did they look good. Not really a fan of the helmet stripe (which is wider at the base of the neck and tapers as it approaches the front).

• Several Colts continue to wear the super-stretchy uniforms, and Reebok still hasn’t figured out how to put loops on the shoulders properly.

• Cam Newton, who has an UnderArmour shoe contract, came out of the tunnel sporting these ‘no spatting needed’ cleats in red and blue. I thought rookies were supposed to be humble. By game time, he’d changed into the blue/black model.

• Several readers earlier this year noticed the Rams had changed their helmet horns. Here’s a good look at the difference.

• Confirming what we already knew: Fifth year captains are wearing a patch with four gold stars and a gold “C”.

• The Titans might have been able to beat the Jaguars had they decided to play the full game wearing helmets.

• Most teams wore the 9-11 patch on their left breast. However, teams who already have a patch in that location, like the Steelers and Chiefs, wore it on the right side.

• San Diego Chargers defensive end Antonio Garay had um, an interesting look yesterday.

• The Giants are another team who sport the super-stretchies. It really provides an odd uniform look … one that is not uniform.

• Is the NFL requiring captains this year (or at least, captain patches)? Because a few readers didn’t think they’d ever seen a Captaincy patch on the Jets or the Cowboys before.

That’s about it — if I missed anything, I apologize. Feel free to post any uni-oddities or other aesthetic observations down in the comments.

Oh…Why did the Cowboys lose late last night? Clearly, they’re not America’s Team anymore.


vilk 5 & 1 b 5 & 1

Ever wonder what a “Pro 5 & 1″ would look like?

You don’t expect to see a 5 & 1 on a Monday, but then again, I don’t get to do too many Monday articles. So I drafted Jim Vilk for a one-time-only, pro version of the 5 & 1. Here’s Jim:


5. Steelers/Ravens There *might* be better matchups, but it’s just poetic justice seeing James Harrison knocked on his keester.

4. Colts/Texans The Colts are like UCLA (which is no longer a good thing).

3. Seahawks/49ers The less Seahawk Blue, the better, so I like the all-whites.

2. Saints/Packers – Super, man.

1. Bills/Chiefs – The most improved unis vs. the best unis in the league.

And the bad one: Titans/Jaguars – The 2nd-worst number font (after Detroit’s) vs. the worst unis in the league.


Thanks Jim. I think we’ll keep you doing the college thing from now on.


Uni Watch News Ticker: See how some Newberry College players have a helmet stripe while others don’t? Explanation here (from Kristin Vines). … Two years after the S100 batting helmet was introduced, MLB players still don’t like it (from Marc Malfara). … An Alabama mom turned her son’s lacrosse uniform into a corset (from my pal Karen McBurnie). … Also from Karen: There’s an exhibition on late-1800s sportswear currently running on Staten Island. … Oooh, check this out: 1970s uniform/costume specs for McDonald’s (thanks, Kirsten). … Cam Newton’s been wearing some interesting pants in practice (from Nick Wall). … Weirdest promotional photos ever: 100-year-old pics of the New Westminister Salmonbellies lacrosse team at a local salmon cannery — in full uniform (XXL-sized thanks to Dan Richardson). … Is there a BFBS jersey in the works for Kentucky? “Say it ain’t so,” says Chris Edwards. … A new orange jersey to go with the orange pants for Va Tech? “Let’s hope not,” says Andrew Cosentino. … Greg Patton digs this logo shirt to help raise $$ for TX Wildfire Survivors. … Riley Adair sends along a story about the Green Bay Packers helping out a high school in Montgomery, Ala. … This auction shows a helmet that looks like it’s more for the Titans than for the Jets (nice catch by Jason Hoffman). … Alan Poff notes that the Single-A Daytona Cubs have a new logo and uniforms. … Do you like voting for logos? Then David Lassen has found a contest for you. “Lots of blah,” he says. … Matt Shepardson “Just wanted to make sure (Paul) saw this.” Click on that at your peril. … Jim Vilk asks, “Shouldn’t the Penn State one be plain blue?” … Interesting spot by Ben Harris: the new MAC logo patches that teams are wearing. “I felt as if i’d seen that logo somewhere before, and I figured out what it was.” … Warren Junium thinks the new ND equipment truck is a bit of a step up from the random, unmarked truck ND formerly used. Perhaps it’s part of the new trend of using shiny objects to attract 17-year-olds. … Very prominent uniform failure at the Rugby World Cup, spotted by Joe Bonneau: about half of England player’s numbers were peeling off their jerseys at some point in the game. “A bunch of players seemed to switch at halftime, or at least re-glue the numbers on,” adds Joe. … Kyle Hanks notes that on Saturday, the University of Washington wore white helmets (a first, he believes) with American Flag logo vs. Hawaii. … How annoying is it sitting behind some guy holding up a huge sign at a game? “I like the awareness of the Auburn fans,” says Kurt Witten. … Looked like Ohio State’s jerseys were having an issue with the glue used to glue down the numbers bleeding through the numbers themselves. For lack of a better photo, you can kinda make it out in this picture (thanks to Andy McNeel). … Michael Emmer at a Kohl’s this Saturday, saw this shirt, and thought of Uni Watch. Says Michael, “This was in the kid’s section. Maybe one day we can send those at Nike who thought up this shit into a real combat zone.” … Joshua Hallatt noted the Hoosiers broke out white helmets for the first time since 1966 for Saturday’s game against Virginia. … Here’s another shot of the University of Washington white helmet which featured a Stars and Stripes version of the block “W” (with thanks to Jeff Peterson). … Good spot by Chris Tank, who noticed that Junior Hemmingway, #21 for Michigan, is the lone player on Michigan with a Desmond Howard patch (albeit crooked) where his three-stripe brand should be. Reader Jeff A. noted in Saturday’s comments that “Musburger just explained Michigan’s plan to keep circulating numbers of legends rather than retiring them.” … In the same game, Kevin Bailey noticed, and got some screen grabs of the officials decked out in throwback garb. … Two great grabs from Matty Eggan: one of BC’s helmets with the tribute to Welles Crowther, notice the new striping which was worn during game as well, also an unidentifed ND player with some Adi-tech issues. … More uni malfunctions from that game: Denard Robinson decal difficulties (thanks to Aaron Wiens). … Another grab from Chris Tank: Jeremy Gallon with a touchdown pass showing three block Ms between his jersey and gloves. … Seth Moorman found this article on bone rubbing in Yahoo Sports Friday. … Brady Phelps says, “Bolts fans will appreciate this.” … Maybe the Irish luck ran out as they started losing their clovers,” says Mike Rowinski. … According to Will Kaplan Vandy wore black helmets Saturday night vs. UConn, first time they’ve done so since 1990. (“They looked awesome, BTW,” says Will) … WKU incorporated the american flag into the towel logo for Saturday night’s game against Navy and to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Here are some pictures of the helmet (thanks to Brian Ditmer). … The Las Cruces Vaqueros have fans voting for next year’s uniform set (that comes from Dan Cichalski). … Good spot by T.R. Herzog who notes that some of Toledo’s unis have a gigantic NOB, courtesy of UnderArmour. … There is a ball girl at the U.S. Open with a prosthetic leg (thanks, Brinke). … Anthony Emerson saw this famous Budweiser commercial from Super Bowl XXXVI rebroadcast during yesterday’s games. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: On Saturday, Colorado State wore special orange jerseys to celebrate the region’s agricultural heritage (CSU use to be known as the Colorado A&M Aggies who were orange). … Last Friday, Paul asked about the WRL patch on NFL ref hats. Michael LoBianco reports, “The patch is to remember my good friend’s father, William (Bill) Lovett, who was an NFL referee for 18 years and founded and led the training program for NFL officials.” … How far away are they talking about Maryland’s costumes? Across the pond they are — and The National (who carried the story) even mentioned Paul. … MLB commemorated the anniversary of 9/11 with flag patches on players’ caps and jerseys; meanwhile the Mets and Yankees wore first responder caps in pre-game warmups. … Also outfield walls and fields were adorned with additional tributes. … The Milwaukee Brewers wore gold jerseys on Saturday. … Yesterday, the Diamondbacks wore their 2001 throwbacks, but, unfortunately, Henry Blanco’s gear didn’t match, creating an interesting palate. … Seth Moorman was watching the San Diego/Minnesota game yesterday and noticed that the old AFC logo was being used inside the stadium. … Joey Serge had this to say about the MLB flag patches, “I find it interesting that they took the time to manufacture and sell the 9.11 flag caps, but only distributed stick-on flags to the players.” … Interestingly, the previous photo was of Sean Marshall, who seemed to have sticker problems on the back, too (with thanks to Jennifer Hayden).


OK, everyone, that’s all for me for this week. I’m happily handing over the reins back to Paul. See ya this weekend.


“Every home team today should be wearing this. Go America.” — Ben Traxel

Fixing Maryland (and Winnipeg, while we're at it)

umd header 2

By Phil Hecken

By now, you are all surely sick of hearing about the Maryland Terrapin football uniforms, in particular the bizarre flag costume they broke out last Monday evening on national television. Throughout the week, we’ve had record numbers of comments, Paul has been on several tv and radio shows, the twittersphere and other social media have made it the number-one trending topic, etc. etc. etc. And much of the commentary has been centered on an “either/or” attitude towards the uniform concept — either you love it or you hate it. But we were all talking about it.

And that’s exactly what the University of Maryland and UnderArmour founder Kevin Plank wanted. Clearly the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad publicity” applies here.

But what about the actual uniform. Yeah, we kind of get it — they tried to take the flag of Maryland and graphically represent it on the helmet and shoulders of the uniform.

It’s actually a pretty clever idea.

The problem is, they didn’t quite succeed. Since the flag has four quadrants, to truly represent the flag, the designers should have flipped the designs on the shoulders. Instead, what we saw was this. And unfortunately, that look is more clownish and garish than it should be.

Almost immediately after these uniforms were unleashed on the field of play, I got in touch with my graphic design buddy, Tim E. O’Brien, who was already at work crafting a fix. That would enable the uniform to more closely approximate the flag. See?

And since Maryland has already introduced just a few new uniform combinations for the 2011 season, I thought they could just scrap those and work off of the flag theme.

So, because my schedule is now pretty full, and I lack the talents of Tim E., I asked him to concept a few of my thoughts for how Maryland could continue to fix their uniform AND keep the flag motif.

I first said to Tim, “can you first create me a helmet with just ONE of the flag elements,” (like this or this), “and make both the shoulder elements the same and see how that would look?”

Tim obliged, creating several:

First, he took the black and gold element and used that for the helmet, pairing it with the red and white for the shoulders.

Next he swapped the two, using the red & white for the helmet and putting the black and gold on both shoulders.

Then I asked if he could pair the black and gold with the black and gold and vice versa:

All red and white elements


All black and gold elements.

Although neither of the last two quite accomplishes the idea of incorporating the flag into the uniform, they both look much better as a uniform (at least in my opinion). When Tim created the all black/gold version, I noticed the numbers kind of looked out of place (color-wise), so I asked him if he could fix that. He did. Believe it or not, I actually like that last concept a lot. It’s totally unnecessary, of course, but then again, having 3,245 combinations already is ridiculous. But at least that one is somewhat pleasing to the eye, not one apt to cause seizures.

The best fix, of course, was simply Tim’s original swapping of the flag pattern on the shoulders, so as to actually, ya know, approximate the flag. Fortunately (we hope), this uniform will never be worn again, so it’s now a moot point. But it just goes to show you how a slightly tweaked design element can make all the difference in the world.

Now…about those Winnipeg Jets…


Fixed JetsThe Hockey Wing Speaks…

Almost lost in all the talk about the Maryland uniform shenanigans this week was the fact that the Winnipeg Jets have also introduced new uniforms — if you missed that, look here. And almost as soon as the Jets introduced this new set, the Hockey Wing sprung into action. Here’s what they had to say about the new unis:


Mike Engle:

• Disappointed that the jerseys are more navy than light blue. Seriously, if your main jerseys look like silly alternates out of Florida and Columbus, you’re not getting an A+ from me; instead, you’re gonna get a very underwhelmed opinion.

• I do like the way the jerseys work with the Edge template, without totally selling out to it, i.e.: if the NHL were to revert to real hockey jerseys, you’d hardly know the difference. An example of a team totally selling out to the template would be the Calgary Flames.

• Fonts: good enough. Logos: surprisingly good. For some reason, the maple leaf looks less obtrusively noxious on the jerseys than in previous contexts.

• Final grades: Navy jersey gets a B+ for a solid effort. I cannot fault it at all, but I just can’t give it ultimate praise without drinking Kool-Aid. White jersey: much weaker. In general, hockey jersey arms should have a horizontal OR vertical component, never neither and almost never both. The Hawerchuk Jets had vertical arms, while the Tkachuk Jets had horizontal arms. Here, we get both, and the horizontals look like a panicked after-thought. Just not as good. A simple shoulder yoke would have been fine! I’ll call it a B-.



I like them for a few reasons.

• First, the jerseys aren’t light blue. I get that the RCAF was light blue by choice, but the only light blue team in the NHL should be the Quebec Nordiques. Severing that tie with Atlanta is a good choice as well.

• Second, the stripes on the arms are fine. I’m not overly excited that the shoulder yokes go all the way to the wrists, but the horizontal sleeve stripes actually break up stripes quite nicely. It looks a little odd at first, but I’m already getting used to it, and the “aviator blue” used for the light blue stripes really pops.

• Logos and fonts work nicely. They’re not overstated and they’re not gaudy, so they work well. The glimmer of the jet in the logo when Ladd was giving his thoughts in the sunlight looked awesome against the navy blue.

• Overall, I’m very happy with these uniforms. They had the opportunity to be horrendous, but the Jets kept it simple – and it works.

• As for comparing the old Jets to the new Jets, let’s just stop with that crap. The Jets never bought the rights to the old logos from the NHL, so they weren’t even up for discussion. Quite frankly, the old jerseys were synonymous with losing, so let’s head in a new direction. This accomplished that step with flying (excuse the pun) colors.


Mike Styczen:

It looks like there’s some concensus:

• The blue home jersey is excellent. Nailed it.

• The white road jersey, the striping is wrong. Each element is nice, the sleeve stripes and the shoulder yoke extending to the wrists (looks like the 1980′s Jets or the 1980s Leafs), but I don’t think they work together very well. One or the other would have been perfect, but not both.


Jeff Barak: (also, be sure to check out Jeff’s Third String Goalie Blog)

• I certainly like the white jerseys with the stripes that run all the way down the arms better than the blue jerseys. The stripes running down the arms reminds me of the 1980’s Jets jerseys. While I’m not a big fan of the stripes running around the arms and crossing over the full length arm stripes, at least they go all the way around the arms, unlike the original Reebok Edge jerseys from Edmonton and Florida which only went halfway around the arms and drove me crazy.

• The blue jerseys are a very basic, safe look which I think would have been enhance greatly by a contrasting shoulder yoke of white trimmed in light blue.

• While I have always liked the combination of a dark blue and light blue, such as those from the University of Maine, I was hoping that the Jets would incorporate some red in the jersey to draw off of the use of red in the main crest (which I still feel would be a fine secondary logo but just doesn’t do it for me as the main crest).

• For me, by favorite and unexpected part was the italicized numbers on the back. There are currently only three teams using italicized numbers (Calgary, Carolina and Nashville) and I don’t understand why more teams don’t, as I think they add excitement to a jersey even when standing still. The rounded lettering is reminiscent of the original Phoenix Coyotes letters and ties in nicely with the numbers.

• Overall, the jersey set is fine, but it’s not the kind of think I long for in a new jersey when my first reaction is “I must own that!”.


Thank you gentlemen. Shortly after Mike Styczen wrote that, he contacted me with an idea:


I had an idea for some weekend content (one that I can’t carry through on).

Everybody seems to be saying that the road white uniform’s problem is the arm stripes – the yoke doesn’t work where it meets the sleeve stripes.

Maybe mock up 2 alternatives – one with just a yoke that goes to the sleeves, one with just sleeve stripes – to compare to what they selected and see if it works any better.

The one with just sleeve stripes, you could go without a yoke (similar to the home uniforms) or with a yoke that just covers the shoulders and stops (similar to the Canadiens road whites). If you go with a yoke like the Canadiens, the yoke will be a different colour than the arm stripes, which will also look dumb. So one or the other might have to change colour.

Anyway, might be interesting. It presents the opportunity to do three or four mockups of how the road uniform would look better. I say I can’t carry through because I don’t know how to use photoshop and nobody wants to see what this looks like rendered by MS Paint.

Excellent idea Mike. And what better person to conceptualize these than Tim E.? So…here’s what Tim came up with:

For comparison, here are the current home and current road uniforms.

When you look at them like that, I totally agree that the roads are so close to being pretty good, but the sleeves are just not quite working. Tim came up with four simple fixes, and all of them work better than what the Jets currently have:

Simply removing the light blue stripes on the forearms.

Creating a light blue yoke and keeping the stripes.

Changing the light blue yoke to a dark blue yoke and retaining the stripes.

Making the sweater all white (sort of the inverse of the home) and retaining the stripes.

I think any of these four solutions would improve the Jets roadie, and I’m grateful for the Hockey Wing feedback and Tim for turning their suggestions into concepts.


That’s it for the uniform fixes (until the tweaks section of course) — but it really does show you how just the slightest alteration of the Maryland uniform and some teensy modifications on the Jets new road jersey would really make a world of difference. What say you, readers?


ncaa footballNew NCAA Rundown

This proved to be a neat little feature last weekend, and my man Terry Duroncelet is back with another quick rundown. (With a little help from a couple others.) Let’s see what we have:


Oklahoma State wore mono-black with white lids against Arizona.

• Arizona State also wore their Charcoalman costumes against the white-clad Missouri Tigers. And it turns out that Brock Osweiler has a big grammar error on the tattoo on his left arm. We’ll let Brock (who is the tallest QB in college football at 6’8) live his life to IT’S fullest while we continue with the uni rundown.

• Florida International University wore their white super-stretchies in an upset win against Louisville. One of the FIU players’ NCAA conference patch was coming off slightly, and T.Y. Hilton was wearing a Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong padded compression shirt (look at his armpits). Specifically, this one. I wonder how he got that under the Adidas radar?

• Not uni-related, but my fan-of-the-week award goes to Dick Coffee, who hasn’t missed a Bama game since 1946!

• Indiana wore white helmets against Virginia

• ECU still had the very-awesome Jolly Roger on their helmets in their game against Virginia Tech. Wish the Hokies would’ve broken out the orange pants.

• BC broke out the new striped helmet. This included the bandana sticker for former BC athlete Welles Crowther

More in the Red, White, and “Blech” club:

Wyoming (brown shell w/ S&S helmet decal)
Washington (white shell with S&S helmet decal)
Northwestern (normal shell w/ S&S helmet decal)
Arkansas (it was also on the field)
USF (including the Lee Roy Selmon tribute)

Notre Dame and Michigan wore throwback uniforms to mark the first ever night game at the Big House.

• The current #21 for UofM had a patch over the retro Adidas logo. Quote from reader Jeff A: “Musburger just explained Michigan’s plan to keep circulating numbers of legends rather than retiring them. So if the current no. 21 (already wearing a patch honoring Desmond Howard) keeps making big plays for Michigan, will a future no. 21 have to wear TWO patches?”

• It also turns out that Notre Dame was throwing back to three — maybe four — different eras. The helmet was from 1961, the jersey was from 1959, the white cleats were from the era that ND wore white shoes (not sure of the exact years) *Note Michigan’s block ‘M’ crew socks: nice*, and the socks were from… uhh… *ahem* My point being is that a throwback should focus on one era. I took the liberty of whipping up two different throwbacks to reflect what a proper look would’ve been for last night’s game, with the Adidas TechFit application. Not perfect by any means, especially since there are no TV numbers in either jersey (so much for accuracy e_e), but it’s better than what the Fighting Irish wore last night, IMO. Michigan actually looked pretty cool last night. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they should switch to a modern version of their throwback full-time, but some other team should go with that look ASAP.


Nice job again Terry!


duck2Duck Tracking…and more

Last weekend I asked if there were any enterprising souls who wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mike Princip and continue with the wonderful Duck Tracker. Only two of you replied to express interest, and no one sent in any graphic samples. However…

Our buddy Rob Holecko over at the Gridiron Uniform Database (which is co-authored by Bill Schaefer and Timmy Bruila), has come up with something almost as neat. It’s an opportunity for trackers of any college teams (Penn State and Alabama fans need not apply) to track the various uniform machinations of their squads.

I’ll let Rob explain:

Hi LI Phil

About a week ago, you mentioned in Uni Watch that the Oregon Duck uniform tracker was unable to continue that project for this year. We at the Gridiron Uniform Database have decided to follow in the footsteps of the Duck Tracker and have created a website to track the notable college football uniforms being worn, both Oregon’s as well as any others. Announcing the College Football Uniform Tracker.

This site we hope will serve as a repository to track many of the various uniform combinations worn on the field these days. This is where the Uni Watchers come in. With The Gridiron Uniform Database taking up our free time, we will be continuing to expend our energies keeping that site up to date, and we don’t have the time to create a whole bunch of college football graphics, and that is not our intention with this project. We our merely offering to host the graphics that you Uni Watchers create on our site.

You’re not limited to the ten teams I have listed, we’ll use graphics for any colleges you want to send in, I just chose ten teams that have been in the “uniform news” lately, Maryland, Oklahoma State, etc. But if you send in any others, we’ll use them. We’re not seeking to track all 200+ NCAA FBS/FCS teams, just the ones you want to send in. And if you want to send in uniforms from past years/games, etc, send them in too, I’ll figure out a way to get them on the site. For now, everything is just one the one page, but as it grows, we’ll expand with sub-pages as necessary. If all you various Uni Watchers with the great graphical skills that I see in all the Uni Tweaks that you all submit will “adopt” your favorite NCAA team and submit their uniforms, we can build a great uni-tracker without one person having to do a whole lot of work, but many people doing a little work.

If we get more than one submission for a particular uniform, I will choose one to be in the gallery, but I will include all other variations as well somehow.

Also we’ve opened up a forum at the Gridiron Uniform Forums to discuss this project.

The only requirement is that we just ask in order to keep the graphics looking uniform (no pun intended), you only use Bill Schaefer’s template, which you can get by clicking any of the blank thumbnails on the page.

So how ’bout it guys? Let’s track those uniforms!

Send your uniform graphic submissions for this project to

Great stuff guys. What say you, Uni Watchers?


Benchies HeaderBenchies

by Rick Pearson


Hey! It’s the First Day of the Rest of the Season…


And of course, your full-size.


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with Pat West, who begins our NFL Kickoff Weekend with some more NFL tweaks — this time the NFC:


Here are some tweaks of NFC teams.

Cardinals: Much more traditional look all the way around.

49ers: Moved the sleeve stripes up.

Seahawks: Sent this in for the contest. Got rid of the Navy. Brightened up the royal. Added Silver helmets and pants. Made some sleeve stripes from the recolored logo.

Vikings: Made alternate the primary. Went with a more traditional white uni. Added a yellow alternate. Kept the modern helmet.

Panthers: Made helmet black. Matched helmet and pant stripes to shoulder stripes. Gave them all black look at home like a panther should be.

Falcons: As modern unis go I actually like their design. I normally hate drop shadow but I left it here as well because it works with this uni. Brought back black as the primary and gave them a red helmet.

Cowboys: Matched the silver and blues.

Giants: White pants and added a hint blue to the away uni

Redskins: Matched yellow pant striping to the maroon and white pants. Made socks with same striping as pants as well.

Thanks, Pat


And our second, and final tweak, comes from Bruce Genther, who has some concepts for the Miami Marlins:

UniWatch… A proposal for the 2012 Miami Marlins – new logo and new uniforms…enjoy!!


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Bruce A. Genther


Thanks gents. Back next weekend with more.


colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

We welcome back a one-time colorizer with the first batch today, Ian Carr:

Hi Phil.

It’s been a while since I sent anything your way. Life, you know.

Anyway, I got a look at that photo of Gene Hackman in a baseball uni and had to take a shot.

Having just acquired a Wacom tablet, it has made the work so much easier.



Ian wasn’t done, however, as he sent along two more.

At it AGAIN. Feel free to spread these out as much as necessary. I’ve got a few more I’m thinking of doing and will be bombing your inbox as I get them done (since I tend to do a bunch of something, then get bored for a while.)

I found NOTHING at all about these gents’ uniforms, so I put them in blue. They’re from DC, so they’d either be blue or red (Skins notwithstanding). I thought the blue looked better than the red.

Original is here.


Here’s Bobby Hull really giving it to a ref, who’s tired of it.

Sometime in the 60-61 season, if my research is accurate (based on the placing of the Tomahawk C secondary patch on the Blackhawks’ jerseys)

Image Source Original blog post WAS here: not up as of time of emailing.


Moving along, another former colorizer has returned, my buddy, Larry Bodnovich:

I colorized a 1934 Canton McKinley football uniform picture

Not a great quality original. But at least gives an idea what that uniform looked like.

Larry Bodnovich


Next up is Gary Chanko, who is still in baseball-mode:

Although football season is getting into gear, baseball is still on my plate for a while. At least until the Phils’ capture another World Series title!

This photo is from the great Life Magazine collection, most of which were never published.

This week features Rich Asburn taking bunting practice during the Phillies 1950 Spring Training camp.

A terrific image of how MLB player’s used to practice basic skills.


And we close with George Chilvers, who has a theme for this week:

Hi Phil

A theme to this week’s contributions.

I was asked by a guy in Venzuela if I could colourise some photos for him. He is obviously a great fan of the 1950s Hungarian soccer team – the “Golden Team” or “Aranycsapat”.

They were by far the best team of the age, and possibly one of the all-time great teams. They revolutionised tactics and were the first foreign team to beat England on home soil – and actually scored 6 goals in doing so. They were hot favourites for the 1954 World Cup but somehow lost the Final to West Germany.

I sent you a few months ago a picture of Ferenc Puskas from that team, and here are pictures of a couple of other members of the team, a squad picture, and a picture at the start of the 1953 game against England.

Originals can be found here, here, here, and here.

For you uni-watchers to note that the shirt that says “Hungaria” is a club shirt, not a strange spelling of Hungary. Hungaria are now called MTK.

Best wishes



Thanks everyone! Great to see a couple familiar names to go along with George & Gary. OK, you colorizers, show me what you got!


vilk 5 & 1 b 5 & 1

And now, the part of the post you’ve all been waiting for: The 5 & 1.

For those of you unfamiliar with the “5 & 1″ it’s pretty simple, really, much like Jim Vilk. He takes all of the NCAA games in a given weekend and examines them under the vilkescope to determine his best five, and one worst, matchup, as dictated by uniforms. There are few givens with the 5 & 1, because there is little rhyme or reason found inside the Vilk brain~pan. Large sums of money have been wagered, and lost, trying to figure out who’ll win the coveted “best” and “worst” #1s. And if you really want to know more, then be sure to read Being Jim Mothervilker…guaranteed to make your head explode. Now then, here’s Movi:


First, a moment of silence.

Thank you.

Honorable Mention to UC Davis/Montana State — Somewhere in Columbus, a young man is smiling.

Another Honorable Mention to Vietnam Vet and straight-on kicker Alan Moore. — Four years younger than Ricko!

5. Norfolk State/West Virginia — Because, like a 17-year-old, I’m attracted to bright objects.

4. Stanford/Duke — Would have looked better if they kept their helmets on tight…

3. Notre Dame/Michigan — You know…if Michigan traded the big M for regular numbers, both teams could keep this look.

2. Navy/Western Kentucky — Besides, the Midshipmen pull off Notre Dame’s look better than the Irish.

1. Alabama/Penn State — As much as I love messing with Phil’s head, I couldn’t do it this week (sorry, Larry).

And the bad one: Missouri/Arizona State — If you’re gonna go BFBS, don’t do it against a team with black as one of its colors.


Thanks, Movi. Ya know, I figured for sure you’d have put Paterno State & Phi Slamma Bama lower due a bunch of players wearing black socks. Which means I’ll never figure you out. And I’m (pleasantly) surprised you didn’t pick this matchup for the top 5, since I know how much you love brown and yellow gold.


And THAT, folks, is a wrap. Obviously, today marks the tenth anniversary of perhaps the most tragic, devastating day in United States’ history, at least for any of us not old enough to remember (or who were born before) Pearl Harbor. Everyone remembers where they were ten years ago day, and what happened in the immediate aftermath. I purposely avoided (except for some brief uni-related reviews of yesterday’s uniforms) turning today’s post into something more than it should be. I’ve said my piece about 9/11 in the past, and if you’d like to read that, here it is. However you choose to remember the events of ten years ago, please remember that today is not about expressing your patriotism or waving the flag or putting a ribbon or sticker on a uniform. It’s a day of solemn remembrance. I lost a lot on that day. So did we all.

Peace to all Uni Watchers.


“The kid is like the anti-Lukas. He wants to wear Nike and hates yellow and green. As someone who likes purple uniforms, I say kudos to him.” — Jonee

Rugby World Cup, Part 2


By Phil Hecken

I’m back again this weekend with Caleb Borchers, who last week gave us a preview of about half of the uniforms in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. If you missed that article, or want a refresher, be sure to check it out, as it sets up today’s grand finale. And now, the second part of that preview. Great stuff here, even if you’re not a fan of the sport. Oh, bring on the Haka.

Here’s Caleb:


The 2011 Rugby World Cup, Part II
By Caleb Borchers

A couple things came out in last nights opener.

The players aren’t the only one with new jerseys. The IRB got the refs their own update: Old and New.

Adidas wasn’t kidding when they said their new jerseys were super tight. Sonny Bill Williams needed help putting a replacement on in the opening game. The fact that his first ripped certainly didn’t speak well of the quality, however.

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing part of opening night was the world class opening ceremonies. Auckland had a fireworks show for the ages.

And now, on to Part II of the uniforms:

Japan: Traditionally: The Japanese have two traditional looks that they wear frequently, due to the frequent use of red in international sides. These were on display in the 2007 RWC. The first is a red and white hooped jersey. The second is a dark blue jersey with red accents. Japan also has the least intimidating logo of any national side.

2011: Again Canterbury has stuck close to tradition with the typical jersey. Can’t tell if the second jersey is yet another BFBS number or just a very dark blue. Clearly the two jerseys have a bit much in the way of unnecessary piping.

Namibia: Traditionally: Don’t feel bad about knowing nothing about Namibia. Rugby fans have to look it up on a map every four years. In 2007, and most years, the alternated between a blue jersey with green accents and a white change strip. Like the Americans they have an eagle (of some sort) for a team logo.

2011: It appears that Namibia’s look at this RWC will stay under wraps until they appear on the field.

New Zealand: Traditionally: Perhaps no team is more defined by their jersey. It is black. All black. That is unless they are forced into a change strip that crushes their sense of identity and collapses their confidence, leading them to crash out of the RWC at a historically early stage. After that debacle they went to a white alt, but they still hate playing in it. On a side note, most teams will look oddly pleasing at the World Cup without the corporate sponsors which the IRB bans from the jerseys. That difference is not felt with the All Blacks because they don’t wear a corporate sponsor (at least not recently) due to Adidas paying premium dollar to keep that black jersey clean.

2011: Adidas has come up with a doozy this time. The traditional black jersey has a white collar, which from a distance make them look like the floppy flying collars of years past. Too bad they are charging Kiwi outlets double the cost of other countries, squandering the great reviews they got when it first came out. The change jersey is again white, with a black collar.

Romania: Traditionally: Romania uses the superman color scheme of yellow, red, and blue. They looked fine in the 2007 version. They also had a change strip that went monochromatic.

2011: The Romanians are coming with something new and interesting. They have a red sleeve and a yellow sleeve, an eagle wing on the red one, and an embossed eagle on the chest. The blue alt is very similar. Some will suggest it is all too much, and they are probably right. Still, I’d rather see adventure (Romania) over boring (Georgia) any day. No one will mistake Romania for the local State Technical College’s club team.

Russia: Historically: The Russians are the only newcomers to this year’s RWC. As such they have no uni history at the tournament, but historically have a very simple look. There most recent look was a simple red and white.

2011: Russia looks to have gotten nothing more than the standard Canterbury template. No word on an alt jersey, though a plain white jersey is likely.

Samoa: Historically: Over the years Samoa has not had a jersey that drew much attention. They have worn a solid blue jersey with white shorts. This was the 2007 look. In November 2010 they debuted a new jersey with some Samoan flair. They then reverted to a traditional look in June of this year.

2011: Last November was apparently a dry run for the jersey they will wear in 2011. In addition to the obvious sleeve pattern there is also a floral/vegetation pattern embossed into the jersey. (Kooga really loves that element.) They have a white alt as well, which may be needed against the Namibians. Again, like Fiji I am excited to see some national identity coming out of these Polynesian sides. Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji give the Rugby World Cup a flavor not seen at many sporting events.

Scotland: Historically: The Scots stay close their national flag with their jersey. In 2007 it looked like this and more recently like this. Scotland’s blue often leads to clashes, with both blue and black teams, so they have to have an alternate. In recent years it has been white, but historically was more exciting/ugly.

2011: Canterbury has tried to give the lowly Scots a more regal look by adding in a lot of gold trim. It’s an interesting and positive move, or least would have been if Canterbury didn’t feel the need to stripe rugby jerseys like you paint a basketball court. The alternates are white.

South Africa: Historically: The South Africans have a long history in the green and gold with the Springbok logo. For some, however, that history is more than a little tied to apartheid. (The recent film Invictus dealt some with the issue.) Over the years this meant adding the Protea flower to the Springbok, and eventually to a national Protea crest being added across the shirt from the Springbok. The 2007 jersey looked like this.

2011: The South Africans have created a firestorm this year, because they now have the same issue as the Wallabies. The crest, logo, and RWC patch cannot all fit on the front of the jersey. So, they merely moved the Springbok to the sleeve. Many within the South African rugby community are enraged. They see this as political correctness gone amok and the destruction of a century of team identity. None the less, the Protea is on the chest and the Bok is on the sleeve. Also, notice that they South Africans have the trophy embroidered on the sleeve with their victorious years (1995 and 2007). They have a white alt that is boring and doesn’t look much like South Africa. They will only need it if they see Ireland in the playoffs, which is a distinct possibility.

Tonga: Historically: The Tongans have worn a traditional red jersey. In 2007 they added some nice Tongan design elements to the sleeves. Tonga, coming from such a small nation, don’t get some of the perks that other nations get. In 2008 they clearly tried to save some cash by wearing their 2007 RWC jerseys with the patch pulled off leading to discoloration on the right chest. (You can kind of see it in this photo.) All that to say, the population of 100,000 leads to outfitters giving them little attention due to the lack of merchandising opportunity.

2011: Kooga have given them a very plain look. They may have attempted to emboss something into the sleeves, but its hard to pick up even in the promotional photos. The alternate is even plainer and likely will be needed against Canada or Japan.

USA: Historically: The Eagles have a long history of visual uncertainty. In 2007 they went with red jerseys with odd striping and a white change strip. More recently they have bounced around to different suppliers, including an Adidas nightmare and more recently Canterbury’s standard template. They’ve yet to settle even on red, white, or blue as a dominant color. This June they tried some novel ideas, including the Evel Knievel look and the patriotic remix of the Islanders fish sticks jerseys.

2011: Personally I was hoping for something along the lines of the Knievel jersey. Instead, they are going to go with standard Canterbury fare. The change jersey is blue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them wear each twice. Rumor has it that we might see these at some point as well. I really hope that is a rumor alone. While I like a little adventure, I’m not in love with the idea of an Uncle Sam sunburst popping out of the players genitals. A bit too much.

Wales: Historically: In 2007 Wales went with a simple look and an odd charcoal alternate. Since they have done a variety of red and white looks, with a brief stint of green socks. They’ve also been prone to adding alternates merely to appease sponsors. Most recently they have looked like this, emphasizing the white.

2011: The 2011 jersey has Under Armor putting the “Ree-Box” to shame. In addition to making sure no one within a mile forgets who made the jersey, I’m also sad they chose to go with red socks instead of green. They have a black alt, like the English but with slightly more precedent, which is extremely unlikely to be needed at any point. I would give short odds on Wales choosing to wear them anyway “just for fun/making money.”


Tremendous job with that Caleb. Thanks again for such a thorough preview. So what do you say, Uni Watchers? Are you ready for some footy?


Gotta Be The ShoesIt’s GOTTA be the shoes…

Well…somebody had to say it. I’m actually surprised it took this long.

For years, Nike, Reedidas & now UA have been using uniforms (and especially sneakers) as a recruiting tool, and many recruits have been known to publicly state their reason for attending a school came down to the “fresh” uniforms and kicks (see: Oregon & Maryland). But to my knowledge, no recruit has ever said he didn’t want to attend a school specifically because he didn’t like the uniforms or sneakers. But no more.

Check out this quote: “I didn’t like that they were an adidas team. … I didn’t like their colors, either. I don’t like green and gold. That’s ugly … When you got ugly colors like that, you gotta be Nike. … Baylor has some ugly shoes, too.”

That quote comes from Archie Goodwin, and you can read more about the whole story here.

Since I’m handling the Monday post, Paul has left me in charge of the uniwatching inbox for ticker material. It literally blew up when this story hit the interwebs. It’s probably for the best that he’s both out in the middle of nowhere AND out of cell/E-mail range because this may have been the last straw in a week dominated by shiny objects used to attract 17 year olds. We now know those same shiny objects can be used to repel them as well.

I’m just surprised no one said so sooner.



Benchies HeaderBenchies

by Rick Pearson


“Here-a-logo, there-a-logo, everywhere-a…”


And, of course, the full-size.


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with Pat West, who begins our NFL Kickoff Weekend with some NFL tweaks:


Here are some tweaks of AFC teams. I tweaked 8 different teams as I would leave the other ones alone anyway. I copy pasted the Wikipedia templates created by Johnny Seoul into MS Paint and then tweaked them from there. Hardest part was to match the colors.

Bengals: Got rid of the funky white patch at the top of the pants, the side paneling and dropped the drop shadow.

Chargers: Made the powder blue the primary.

Chiefs: Made the black on the helmet logo yellow and fixed the pants striping on the red pants so they matched the white.

Dolphins: All I did was get rid of the drop shadow.

Jaguars: This uni obviously requires a lot of work. I got rid of the piping. I like how the helmet is a gradient change in the light between teal and black so I created some trim on the pants and sleeves to mimic that gradient shift.

Patriots: Got rid of the piping on the home and the piping and side paneling on the roads.

Ravens: Got rid of the drop shadow. I made their black pants have two purple stripes that mimic their helmet stripes. I gave them purple socks for the white unis.

Texans: Toyed around with white helmets but the navy looked better. Added some extra shoulder striping to match their pants.

Pat West


Next up is our final tweaker for the day, Austin “Tex” Fischer, with some NHL concepts:

Hello UniWatch, I sent in some hockey concept several months back. Here are some new concepts.

All Star 1
All Star 2
All Star 3






New York Rangers 1
New York Rangers 2

Ottawa 1
Ottawa 2



Thanks fellas — back with more tomorrow.


gridiron newsGridiron News & Notes:

There’s a bunch of things you need (and other things you don’t want) to know about the upcoming college and pro games this weekend.

• In one of the more disgusting “look at me” activities NFL players will be undertaking tomorrow is to wear gaudy stars-and-stipes cleats and gloves. Because nothing says America, Fuck Yeah than this. I wasn’t going to mention the tenth anniversary of a certain date on these boards, but this is really just taking it too far.

• I don’t know how many college teams are getting into the Stars & Stripes act, but here’s what Northwestern will be wearing on their helmets today. Not a fan of this, but it’s far less noxious than the “look at me” kicks & gloves the a few NFLers are planning to wear.

• The Buccaneers plan on paying tribute to the late legend Lee Roy Selmon throughout their season by wearing patches on their helmets. Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris hopes that some type of memorial will be used for the coaches, as well, since he would like to be part of the tribute, according to this article.

• Tonight’s Michigan/Notre Dame game will end two of the longest running helmet style streaks.

• Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s Reebok cleats will bear America’s Stars and Stripes with the word “Never” on the back of his left shoe and “Forget” on the right.

• Not to be out-patrioted, Major League Baseball teams will wear American flag patches on their caps Sunday.

• In college football, Tulsa will be going with a star-spangled helmet script Saturday.

• Boston College will have red bandana helmet stickers, to honor former BC athlete Welles Crowther, who saved a number of lives during the attacks on the World Trade Center.

• Arkansas will have a red, white, and blue mid-field logo.

• Samford will have a dual helmet tribute, for 9/11 and for Alabama’s tornado victims.

There will probably be a lot more…but that’s enough for now.


OK folks. Last night the Diamondbacks wore throwbacks to commemorate their 2001 World Series win. More photos here. ASU went BFBS. Joy. Enjoy a full slate of college football today — got a few very good early season match-ups, including the first ever night game in the Big House, replete with special costumes for both Notre Dame and Michigan. See you all tomorrow.


“Robinson spats his cleats when Big Ten season rolls around. He gets hard so many times it prevents his shoes from flying off.” — mmwatkin