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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

ducks vs vols
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By Phil Hecken

Candy striped shiny helmets.

Highlighter yellow versus bright orange and white.

Black for Black’s sake.


This weekend had it all and your Sunday Morning Uni Watch guide Terry Duroncelet was on top of it. I regret that I didn’t get to see nearly as many games (almost none, in fact) as I had wanted to yesterday. But I saw enough. And I saw highlights. So, here with what you may have missed, and all that’s in between is TJ with the …

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

This Week 3 gave us quite a bit to digest. But that’s okay. That’s what the rundown is for: for me to eat all of this up and hopefully not get food poisoning from some of the schools’ shenanigans. Let’s get to it.

From Thursday:

• Texas Tech wore all-grey uniforms against TCU. Umm… I don’t think that outfit works in crowds, whoever you are. This might have been noted before, but Horned Frogs RB B.J. Catalon III has RNOB.

• Tulane wore their anthracite pants from their Week 1 uniform against Louisiana Tech, who wore red jerseys as opposed to their usual blue (yes, Terry Bradshaw has the correct [and 100X better] number font for 2013 while the guy from Duck Dynasty has the block-font-that-shall-not-be-named from last year).

From Friday:

• One thing that I miss about California (and the west as a whole) is the way dark clouds would hit the mountains and foothills with the sun and create that amazing contrast. That was the scene at the Boise State/Air Force game on Friday. Oh, and the Broncos did the all-blue thing in conference play for the first time since 2010 (correct me if I’m wrong on the year). [sarcasm]Oh, it’s extremely difficult to find the players on the field. SO unfair.[/sarcasm] Also, this happened. That’s it. The Internet is over. Everyone go home. Good show, everyone.

From Saturday:

• Kentucky wore this against Louisville. Gross, but I suppose it could be worse.

• Indiana wore their striped helmets against Bowling Green. They actually don’t look half-bad! Just change it to a traditional finish, and you’re set.

• Minnesota wore maroon/gold/maroon against Western Illinois. I dig this look a lot. Sadly, Western Illinois didn’t look as good as the Golden Gophers, which is a shame, given that they call themselves the Leathernecks.

HOLY SHIT, I will never complain about Nike’s wraparound pants stripes again (or at least, not so much). Also from that same game, Michael Cossey writes: “The helmet of Southern Miss defensive back Ed Wilkins somehow fused to the jersey of Arkansas running back Alex Collins during a play in the 2nd quarter of today’s game. Two officials tried to remove it but athletic trainers have to use pliers and screwdrivers to separate the two.”

• You could make the argument that today’s uniforms are so tight and snug on a player’s body, that it’s almost like they’re a prisoner in their own uniform. Well, Nebraska and the Three Stripes figured “Why not make it look like they’re prisoners too?” What’s sad is that in another world, this uniform would be considered a decent design. Actually, in this world, it’s not a bad-looking design. It just doesn’t make sense for the Huskers. Maybe there’s a potential future for the numbers. Other notes include UCLA wearing white pants, and that shot of the coach also provides us a look at the #36 memorial for Nick Pasquale (patch for the Bruins, decal for the Huskers). Lastly, here’s something that Jimmy Atkinson caught: “Jerry Neuheisel is a backup QB for the Bruins, so he holds on field goal attempts. Take a look at his uni here. #11 on the helmet (which is his actual number), but #39 on the jersey, with no NOB. But, if you look really closely (and squint), I swear you can see “NEUHEISEL” on whatever he’s wearing under the jersey. I wonder if he might be wearing his regular #11 jersey on underneath the #39 and maybe there was some sort of malfunction with it. Any idea?”

• West Virginia wore gold helmets and pants with navy jerseys against a certain well-known YouTube drummer’s school (Georgia State). GSU also wore dark-grey pants and helmets, which I don’t think I’ve seen them wear before.

• The Stanford/Army game was my first look at the 2013 Black Knights uniforms. Eh, I’m not a big fan of the Army logo they added at the right side of the chest. I feel like the uniform looks a little cluttered now. At least the (modified) helmet from last year’s Army/Navy game looked great, and I dig the black pants. Funny how Army makes something look good that the Saints (my favorite team) constantly look ridiculous in.

• Oregon wore all-yellow– excuse me, all-Lightning Yellow against Tennessee. I like! Only one thing: this would’ve been a great opportunity for the Vols to wear their “smokey” uniforms to provide a bit of better contrast.

• During the lead-up to the Bama/aTm game, the guys at College Gameday had the maroon Texas A&M helmet on display, but not too long after, they were tipped off that the Aggies would be wearing their white helmets in that game, and quickly made the correction. Also, what’s the significance of the ‘C’ at the collar point? Captain? I didn’t see it on all of the Aggie players. And that’s it for that game. Nothing out of the ordinary he– … *sigh* The shit I find on the Internet sometimes…

• Oklahoma State looks… NORMAL?

• Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Toledo wore brand-new black uniforms on Saturday.

Jason Heminger saw that Hardy Nickerson of California had some helmet decal issues.

• Last week, I wrote that LSU wasn’t wearing their purple jerseys against UAB, even though this was a Tigers home game and UAB wasn’t a conference opponent. What I didn’t know was that LSU wears their white tops for their first home game of the season, NO MATTER WHAT. With the second home game being against Kent State, LSU wore Paul’s favorite color the purple tops. Also, while I like the upgrade to Kent State’s uniforms for this year, they’re missing a LOT of gold in the road uni (hard to see with this small image). They probably didn’t want to wear their gold pants against the Tigers’ gold. LSU’s Anthony Johnson is a big dude. So big, he apparently utilizes a knee brace as an elbow brace. Hey, if it keeps him healthy, no-harm, no-foul. I mean, look at all of the drummers that use Ride cymbals as Crashes.

• Lastly, for those of you who can’t get enough Pac 12 uni news, Kyle Hanks brings us this link to their conference-exclusive uniform watch. Thank you!

That does it for this week. By the time some of you read this, I’ll be at work. Luckily, I get off at 2:00, and the Saints game is slated for 3:05. See you next week.

. . .

Thanks, TJ. There was also that awesome Iowa State throwback game yesterday. Most really “old time” throwbacks don’t look great (due to jersey cuts, modern helmets, etc.), but ISU looked great in their Jack Trice-era duds.


Catherine 5 & 1

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

There was certainly an interesting bunch of uniforms and combinations for Week 3 of the NCAAFB season. Some good, some bad. But how did they look when faced against each other?

Here’s Catherine with the…

. . .

5 and 1
By Catherine Ryan

5 – Louisville vs Kentucky: I loved the all-white against the black/bl5ue

4 – TCU vs Texas Tech: I hate GFGS but I loved this match-up.

3 – Mississippi State v. Auburn: love Auburn’s uni and this weekend was underwhelming enough for me to pick them

2 – Alabama vs Texas A&M: Great match-up. Classic unis. I thought this was going to be a great game but then it was a blow out.

1 – UCLA vs Nebraska: How could you not like this match-up?

And the bad one (+1):

Cincinnati v. Northwestern State: All-white/All-black. #thisismynightmare


Duck Tracker

Tim was busy attending a Northwestern game last evening but he sent me the graphic for the Ducks versus Tennessee (a huge win for the Ducks, dontcha know?). You can click to enlarge:

Ducks Week 3

Tim loved the electric, highlighter yellow from head-to-toe (as did I). You can read more about this game and see more pictures at Tim’s Duck Tracker website.


ticker 2Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Take a look at this base for sale at Miller Park. “Never seen the battling Eagles before,” says submitter Stanton Foster Smith. … “My grandfather, Victor Harkin worked for the U.S. Mint and played for their baseball team,” says Jonathan Daniel His mother sent him a photo of the team and wasn’t sure when it was from, but their best guess is 1930s. “My grandfather is in the front row, 3rd from the left and played catcher. He later landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and was the officer in Charge of the Gold Vault in Fort Knox until he retired. If you’ve ever seen video of the time the vault was open to the press in the 70s, he was there. He’s the man standing in front of the vault in the last photo in this article.” … Here’s a video clip (in color!) of an exhibition game at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, CA on November 7, 1948 between a barnstorming team of Negro League players called the Royals (And featuring Satchel Paige) and the Gene Bearden-Bob Lemon All-Stars (A collection of MLBers). … The Chicago White Sox had their annual “6 months until St. Patrick’s Day” last night, with the Sox wearing green caps and uniforms with green pinstripes (thanks, Samuel Selker).

NFL News: Joshua D Wren found this, “what I would call gem, on Buzz Feed today. Its pretty self-explanatory but these 3 guys saw a fashion show with takes on Women’s NFL Apparel and gave comments which are pretty great but of course biased.” … Did this German football team rip off the Tom and Jerry cartoon for their logo? (that question asked by Jason Johnson. … Not sure if this belongs in this category, or NHL, but Andrew Domingo saw a Chargers fan with a customized Wayne Gretzky Chargers jersey at the Monday Night Football game.

College Football News: Here’s a look at the t-shirt for the retirement of Eric LeGrand’s number. “Of course, Subway has to get their mitts on it,” says Don Silsby.

NBA News: An update on the Calvin & Hobbs-esque logo comes from Robert Silberman, who notes the Belgian team in question is sponsored by Spirous Magazine, a comic book on par with Tintin. They’ve got a neat logo of a ball w/a bellhop’s cap (like Spirou) hat you can see here. “But it’s the equivalent of say, a team in the US being called the Des Moines Archie and Jugheads,” says Robert. “Unfortunately, the uniforms seem to be pretty blandly Euro/ad infested. Too bad — a bellhop/basketball uni or one featuring the character would be pretty sweet.”

Hockey News: Notre Dame hockey joins Hockey East this season, but their boards in the Compton Family Ice Arena still has the CCHA logo. The Blackhawks opened training camp at the Irish home arena (nice spot by Terry Mark).

College Hoops News: Here’s a great old photo found by James Ashby: Jerry Norman of the University of California at Los Angeles Bruins drives against the defense of LaSalle College Explorers teammates Larry Foust (#14) and Jim Phelan (#10) at Convention Hall in Philadelphia, PA on December 27, 1949.

Grab Bag: Here’s a neon sign for Paul (in the daytime and at night). That’s the Oakdale Dam Inn near ‘absolutely nothing in Indiana’ (thanks to Eric Bangeman). Here’s another for Paul (although I think he knows these): In Brooklyn, plenty to do without crossing bridge” (thanks, Brinke).


That will do it for this fine Sunday. Thanks as always to TJ, Catherine and Timmy, er…Tim E.

The Bills will be wearing their gorgeous 1960s throwbacks today, and the Bears will also be throwing back to their even more gorgeouser 1940s unis as well. So, we’ve got that going for us. Everyone enjoy the games today. I’ll catch you all next weekend!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“You won’t make many friends in Birmingham (Warwickshire, England) if you say that Aston Villa play in “powder blue and magenta”! A faux pas of the highest order. It’s “claret and blue”. Nothing more, nothing less. :)”
— George Chilvers

Capping Off The Season


By Phil Hecken

When I filled in for Paul for a month of weekdays this summer, I put out the call for readers to pitch stories and send me articles, and the response was overwhelming. So much so, I actually had more submissions than days to fit them in. Most of what I didn’t get to was football (and “Timelessly Representing” related), but today’s article is actually on baseball caps. Since we’re now in our final month of the regular season, today is as good a time as any to get to it.

Mike Styczen, who has collaborated with me several times before, really needs no introduction. Well, other than the fact that he’s Canadian, which will explain all the spelling mistakes you see below. You can click on any of the images below to enlarge (usually, sometimes the pics are full-size). So, without further ado, here’s Mike as he takes a look at…

. . .

Ten Design Features We Don’t See Enough of on Ballcaps
By Mike Styczen

In my opinion, we’re in a bleak, dull period of ballcap design. Once you get past the logo, cap design these days is limited to (1) picking the colour of the crown and (2) picking the colour of the bill. That’s it. Of thirty teams in the league, most of whom have multiple cap options, one (!) is doing something different this year.

It wasn’t always that way. Baseball uniform history is full of examples of interesting cap designs beyond the logo. Here are nine of my favourites.


1. Pinstripes

Popular early in the century, these should be first in line to make a comeback.

Chicago 1919


2. Plaid

Okay, these were only used for one game by Tampa, but they’re so good looking I wish we saw more of these



3. Scrambled Eggs

Used for one year by the Seattle Pilots… actually, I don’t think we need to see these ever again



4. Piping

Also popular early in the century, the last team to wear these was the 1945 St. Louis Browns. The recent Cleveland Bronchos throwbacks showed just how amazing these could look




5. The Panel Cap

Currently used by the Orioles, this is a favourite of mine. I’m including the fabulous Expos pinwheel in this group, though it really deserves a category all its own.

Blue Jays



6. Contrasting Edge

I can’t believe this has never been used in MLB – a bit of contrasting colour on the leading edge of the brim. Look at that Yomiuri Giants cap – couldn’t you see San Francisco rocking that look. And the Nippon Ham Fighters go a step further by having a strip of gold on the brim and using light blue on the underbrim, using both of their team accent colours to great effect.

Giants Fighters


7. The Halo

Unless another team with an “angel” theme comes along, I don’t see this one coming back anytime soon either.



8. The Pillbox

Used by a few teams in 1976, the Pirates made this look famous in both gold and black (including after 1976).

Cards Piratesblack


9. Glow in the Dark

Another favourite of mine (I got to see them in person a few times at Mike Lansing Field), the Casper Ghosts used a glow in the dark logo for a few years. Gimmicky? Yes. But very unique.

Ghosts GhostsG


10. Pirates Banded Cap

This is a bonus entry, because I only saw it yesterday for the first time. It looks like the Pirates wore this beauty for two years, 1940 and 1941, when they were still in blue and red. I can’t find a colour picture of the original. Okkonen seems to show that the band was red on the home cap and white on the road cap (matching the colour of the logo) – but who knows if this is correct.

The photos above clearly show that the band is made up of some kind of double braid. The MLB shop sells a version of it made with a waistband from an old pair of underwear. This style would be a great candidate for revival, as long as they can make it look good and not like that monster in the MLB shop.

Double braid


Outside of throwback games, which of these are we going to see on a regular basis? I don’t think we’ll ever see the halo, plaid, scrambled eggs, the pillbox or glow in the dark on a major league field – but I’m predicting a major comeback for the panel cap and I would not be at all surprised to see teams add a contrasting strip to the brims à la the Japanese League teams.


Follow Mike on Twitter @mstyczen.

. . .

Thanks, Mike! Well readers…what say you? Any cap designs Mike missed or that you think should be “brought back”?


The Good, The Bad AND The Ugly…

Of the “known” special uniforms to be hitting the gridiron today, we have two diametric opposites. The Iowa State University Cyclones will be throwing back to the Jack Trice-era, with a gorgeous uniform offering. On the other side of the coin, adidas has created a special jersey (with helmet & pants featuring a black stripe) for the normally red-and-white Nebraska Cornhuskers in their game today against UCLA (also an adidas team, so who knows if they’ll have special uniforms as well).

While I’ll need to see both in action and on the field of play to offer a proper opinion, at least from what we’ve seen pre-game, one will look great and the other, while not quite BFBS, is about as close as you can come.

Iowa State Throwbacks

And here’s an article containing a little video of the ISU throwbacks.



Now, while I absolutely LOVE throwback uniforms for football, I’m often disappointed when teams throw waaaay-back because today’s modern cuts, padding, helmets, etc. pretty much make the throwback look nothing like what it is supposed to be representing. But I have high hopes for these Cyclone unis. I hope they don’t disappoint.

The Huskers black unis? Really. This sort of thing was played out in 2006. But lets see how they look. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Of course, it’s the guys wearing them that matter, so if they cover (4.5 point favorites) and beat the over/under (70), then I won’t complain.

Also, both teams playing in the Huskers game — UCLA and Nebraska — will be wearing tributes to Nick Pasquale, a “beloved” freshman receiver at UCLA who was killed last weekend, and who wore #36 for the Bruins. The Cornhuskers will wear a helmet sticker, while the Bruins will have a jersey patch and helmet sticker.


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


We begin today with James Spera, with a tweak for the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets:

Jets All Green - James Spera


My first attempt at this.

A moss green for the jets with an accent of the green they use now.

James Spera

. . .

Next up is Collin Knudsen, with some new jerseys for Rip City:

Portland Black - Collin Knudsen

Portland White - Collin Knudsen


As many of us know, the Blazers are in dire need of a new look. They either need to commit to a modern look or classic look. I took the classic approach and wanted your thoughts on these jerseys. I think it would be a great new look and solidify a classic look.

Thank you!


. . .

We close today with Levi Buck who was amazingly prescient with this concept — It is for a GRAY Tennessee Vols uni — and it was sent to me on JULY 6th, well in advance of Tennessee’s August 15th unveiling of their “Smokey Gray” unis:

Tennessee Full Gray - Levi Buck

Here’s an alt I slung together one evening while reading speculation about an alternate for Tennessee this season. The jersey’s inspired by an early-1900’s look Tennessee used to wear, and the helmet is inspired by UT’s 1960’s look. I feel all of it kind of falls in line with adidas’ thing for the retro-throwback-esque look. Speculation has Tennessee wearing a grey alt this season, and the jersey that I’m replicating was apparently not black but dark grey.

I’ll attach a couple links to the images on here, one with just the jersey, and one with ideas for entire ensembles. The pants are a bit sloppy, but I made those late at night the other night. Here’s the link for just the jersey.


Levi Buck

. . .

And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.


NY-MIA full_size U.W.F.F.L. Week 2 Update

By Rob Holecko

Players on teams in the UWFFL were surprised this week when they came back into the locker room after pregame warmups to find special 9-11 anniversary commemorative uniforms ready for them to change into (click photo to right to enlarge). It was a league-wide (and apparently without the knowledge of individual team owners) effort as the twelve teams donned uniforms, as seen above, which featured one side of the helmet painted dark blue with white stars to represent the upper-left of our flag, along with either special uniforms or pants. For the uniforms, the teams that were wearing white paired with their usual pants a jersey made up of two of four quadrants red-and-white striped, with numbers in their uniforms usual style. Their opponents, the teams wearing the darker jerseys, wore their normal jersey, but with similarly striped red-and-white pants. All twelve UWFFL teams were also wearing the commemorative 9/11 patch logo in place of their UWFFL league logo, and alongside any sponsor logos they may already be wearing. It was definitely quite a sight, quite a tribute to “‘Murica” as we remember those we lost twelve years ago earlier this week.

Speaking of sponsor logos, we have two new team sponsors, as well as two expansion teams. The Seattle Superbeasts, of the UWFFL, have come to terms with Starbucks* brand coffees for a .65 gazillion dollar, 3 year sponsorship arrangement, while Shecky Green’s Intergalactic Sportsbook and Cantina will become the title sponsor of the Las Vegas Lightning. The Starbucks sponsorship patches will begin appearing on Seattle’s uniforms immediately, while the “Shecky’s” patches will be coming along soon, because although Shecky’s has handled over 40 trillion wagers across many dimensions and galaxys, Shecky himself lost the rights to his own company’s logo in a poker game five years ago. (A true story.)

*-Any actual entities mentioned as sponsors or possible sponsors are possibly entirely fictional, and/or any other disclaimers which may get me in trouble with a billion dollar NASDAQ-traded coffee company.

. . .

2013_NO_1 2013_GG_1

Finally we also want to recognize two new expansion teams as well. The New Orleans Lions, based on the EPL Aston Villa team, with sponsor ‘dafabet’, an Asian online gaming company (see also Starbucks disclaimer above), will begin play this week in the Central League. This is one of the better looking uniforms we’ve seen so far, the combination of powder blue and magenta really makes for a nice set, IMO, and along with the home uniform seen above they also presented a nice road and alt uniforms. What do you think, Aston Villa fans, does this tweak of a soccer kit get your approval as an American Football uniform?

Our other expansion team is the Goldsmith Gulch Alchemists, based in Denver, which also joined the league this week and will begin play in the Pacific Coast Conference. The get a lot of their insignia from symbolism of the Holy Roman Empire, according to team owner DenverGregg.

Rumors are that another expansion team may be headed to the PCC next week. In other UWFFL news, the Sacramento Scorpions will be wearing their camo alts in their PCC game, the aforementioned Alchemists will be making their debut against the Portland Gamblers who will be wearing one of their very unique alternate uniforms, and the San Antonio Black Knights will also be wearing a 9/11 tribute themed uniform.

Well, for more coverage of the UWFFL, too see last week’s results as well as to vote to help decide this week’s winners, go to

++++++++++ ++++++++++

College Football Uni Tracker

Gridiron Uniform Database:
College Football Uni Tracking

Meanwhile, Rob’s other project, the College Football Uni Tracker, has been back doing its own tracking. Here’s Rob to describe that:

. . .

2013_OM_1 2013_MIA_2

Now on to another project – The College Football UniTracker.

Last week Tim O’Brien told you how you can join him and his Duck, Indiana, and Northwestern unitrackers (scroll down) and track your own favorite major college football program tracker in a blog and join his movement. Well starting a tracking blog is great, but that’s only half the movement. Guys like Tim, Paul Sullivan (who added to his last year’s Mississippi State contribution with Ole Miss — above — and Southern Miss) and Johnny Bruno (who supplied much of the MAC conference graphics last year) as well as many others we don’t have room to mention, have contributed team uniform graphics for the tracker itself and we will soon be hopefully tracking all of the Top 25 teams and many of the major conference schools in the tracker with graphics submitted by people like yourself.

2012_ND_4 2013_MD_1

We’d prefer to get as many teams as possible in the Andrew Harrington/Tim O’Brien template, however we’ll take whatever we can get for teams we don’t have. Rumor has it that Coleman Mullins is working on WVU’s new 2013 unis, what team would you like to see added to the College Football Unitracker next?


Oh, and by the way, a little thing called The Gridiron Uniform Database started it’s third season covering the NFL uniforms recently and Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer and myself would like to thank everybody for their continued interest on that project as well as we close in on a half a million page views since we launched in 2011.

Have a good weekend enjoy the football, and Yay America!


ticker 2Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Whoa – check out this Denver Bears 1952 strike zone jersey at Ebbets Field Flannels (here’s the full listing) — big thanks to Eric Bangeman for the find!

NFL News: Interesting Moyers and Company article entitled, “NFL Concussion Deniers See a ‘Liberal Sports Media’ Conspiracy.” Says submitter Ben Fortney, “I’ve never heard that term used before (but I’m sure you’re a part of it!), but apparently concussions aren’t an issue it’s just those damn liberals again.” … A Riggins/Ovechkin jersey? Hey fans are strange (thanks to William F. Yurasko). … Check out this elementary school logo from Mesa View Elementary School which bears a close resemblance to Jacksonville Jags logo (nice spot by Tom Gerrity). … Are the Broncos going GFGS? No, but that’s an ESPN article/ad for the Manning Bowl III, and it sure looks like a gray jersey (in last year’s style — notice the collar horns on the Nikelace) — that comes from J Fletcher. … On Sunday, not only will the Buffalo Bills be throwing back to those gorgeous 1960s uniforms, their Wall of Famers will be presented with commemorative jackets.

College Football News: The Nebraska Blackshirt tradition is turning 50, and here’s an article on it with the logo (nice find by Mike Vamosi). … Interesting article on UMass-Lowell’s blue turf (found by Jim Pericotti), with this pertinent section: “Part of a $2 million facilities upgrade over the summer (UMass Lowell’s soccer/lacrosse fields simultaneously renovated), the blue surface – one of only a handful in the country – was a perfect match. It is the university’s primary color. The blue field surface was licensed to UMass Lowell by Boise State University for free and in perpetuity.” So, Boise State owns the rights to blue turf, eh? “I didn’t know all blue turf was trademarked by Boise, even for schools without football,” says Jim. “I don’t remember hearing New Haven having to license through Boise. Or even for the blue turf at the London Olympics.” … Check out these custom hotel keys for Tennessee for the night before their game with Oregon (thanks to Trey Hicks). … The same thing happened for the UCLA Bruins in their night before the Nebraska game. … And here’s one for the Beavers. I guess this is a thing.

NBA News: This is pretty cool (and not really NBA) — A Calvin and Hobbes-esque baskeball logo! That’s an actual logo of a Belgian professional basketball club that is located in Charleroi, Belgium (thanks to Robert Silverman).

Hockey News: For the first time in Canadiens history, an accent grave will appear on Daniel Brière’s jersey (it’s the first accent of any kind on any Canadiens’ sweater). Thanks to Patrick Guay for the submission. … Terence Kearns has seen the New York Rangers wear NNOB on practice jerseys before, but not in this font/nameplate style. “Looks like Vancouver’s,” he says. … Good post on Icethetics yesterday about the NHL supposedly enforcing their uniform and equipment rules more strictly this year, including minor penalties for certain infractions (thanks to Bobby Pinkham). … The Calgary Flames are going to get a new alternate sweater (thanks, Paul).

Soccer News: Ross Hazlett saw this custom jersey on a supporters’ page for Newcastle United. “Most of the team’s fans are none too pleased about the payday lending ad on the front of the shirts,” says Ross. “This was one fan’s solution. ‘Ashley’ is a reference to the owner, Mike Ashley.”

Grab Bag: What exactly is Binghamton’s “Bearcat Green”? Why it’s Pantone 342, of course. Not sure what #Pantone342 is? Check out this video (with thanks to Bob Nolte). … BBC News reports on God’s Own Junkyard, “probably the largest collection of neon signs and sculpture outside the US,” which is relocating (great find by Tom Mulgrew). … If the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” category, Ron Deal presents the logo for a local Nashville HVAC company (which is an obvious play on the interlocking “ND” of Notre Dame). Says Ron, “The family that owns the company are well-connected area Catholics with, obviously, a love of that school in South Bend.” … In the “no good deed goes unpunished” section, a high school will will have to decide whether to accept a gift from the National Football League if it wants to put in artificial turf (from Tommy Turner). … Check out this awesome War Bonds newspaper ad from September 1943, with Uncle Sam as American football player stiff-arming Hitler and Tojo. That was posted on old photo Tumblr from Wausau Daily Herald, submitter Jeff Ash’s hometown paper. … “The first time I looked at this picture, I was interested in Lincoln Southwests helmets with the feathers on them,” says Jason Johnson. “Then, the 2nd time I looked at it, I noticed the Justin Tuck inspired facemask in the background.” … The Today Show has got a new orange logo to go with their new orange studio (thanks, Brinke).


That’s going to do it for today. Thanks again to Mike Styczen (Follow Mike on Twitter @mstyczen), and Rob & the concepters too. Remember, if you see any good candidates for the 5 & 1 tomorrow, you can shoot Catherine an e-mail at; you can also tweet at me for any crazy or unique uni happenings or shenanigans (and I’ll forward anything you send to Terry D. for SMUW). OK? OK! Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend ticker … have a great Saturday and I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“I have a pair of scissors that fit perfectly in my wall outlet. Pictures coming soon!”
–Scott Davis

There's No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 46

Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 10.06.03 AM.png

It’s been ages since our last wire photo roundup. The images in this batch were submitted over the past few months by Jerry Wolper, Bruce Menard, Dennis Hasty, Matt Malinoski, and Jared Wheeler. Here we go:

• Lots to like in this 1941 shot of the Pirates’ and Cubs’ managers, Frank Frisch and Jimmy Wilson. Note the unusual cap on Frisch — I’d love to see that revived as a throwback!

• Here’s a fascinating one: The Dodgers apparently experimented with some unusual catchers’ helmets in spring training of 1968.

• Here’s TV personality David Hartman in a San Francisco Giants uni. Until reading the caption, I hadn’t known that Hartman had once been eyed as a prospect.

• Here’s a shot I haven’t seen before of the Bears’ 1930s throwbacks from 1994.

• Who knew the 20th Century Fox movie studio had such an awesome-looking baseball team! It’s not clear whether those are B-level actors, stage hands, execs, or what, but the uniforms sure are sharp.

• Love the (DIY?) sweaters being worn by Duke Snider’s fan club, the Sniderettes.

• Dale Berra’s middle name is Anthony, so why was his wearing a jacket with “Dale L.”?

• In 2011 I wrote an ESPN column about the White Sox’s uni-design contest from 1981. Here are two photos I hadn’t previously seen of the Comiskey Park fashion show where fans got to vote on the finalists.

• I love these baseball/bowling crossover photos. That’s Warren Spahn and Dick Weber.

• Check out this early-’70s shot of Astros catcher Ron Brand wearing a very un-MLB-like helmet. Crazy!

• Here’s something I’ve never seen before: Jackie Robinson wearing a batting glove (or is it a golf glove?), circa 1952.

• Bizarre sight: The 1943 Cubs having a spring training cookout — in their uniforms!

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’Skins Watch: NFL Network host Rich Eisen appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show yesterday, and the two of them spent some time discussing the ’Skins issue and the media’s handling of it. You can hear the audio here (from Patrick O’Neill). … Meanwhile, former ’Skins beat reporter Christine Brennan, who’s now a columnist for USA Today, is the latest journalist to boycott the team’s name. … But Josh Sipple of the aptly named thinks the name is fine. … Remember how I said yesterday that the softening of Roger Goodelll’s tone would probably be a game-changer on this topic? Keith Olbermann made a similar point on his show last night:

Baseball News: Yesterday I wondered who was the last Yankee to wear stirrups. Christopher LaBella says it was Ian Kennedy. … Wladimir Balentien, who just tied the Japanese single-season home run record, is usually a pajamist. But he went high-cuffed the other day as a show of respect to longtime record-holder Sandaharu Oh (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Samuel Lam wants to know if the American flag caps from Sept. were new caps or old caps with the flag patches slapped on. … Earlier this week I mentioned that Ebbets Field Flannels might start making their own stirrups. Now they’re saying they might also get into sweaters, which would be awesome (from Rand Martin).

NFL News: One of the Jets had his swoosh facing the wrong way (which many of you still think is the right way) last night (screen shot by Dan Medina). … New team-branded backplates — those are the padded plates that extend down off the back of the shoulder pads — for the Giants (thanks, Phil). … Andrew Greenwood saw this Ravens soda display at a Walmart in Baltimore. “Surprisingly, it’s made of blue Pepsi and Orange Crush, instead of anything black and purple,” he says. … This Panthers soda display is better, although (a) they used the old logo and (b) they totally cheated with the whiskers! (From Evan Sadler.) … PTI Photoshopped Texans colors onto a Ravens photo of Ed Reed yesterday. “I know he hasn’t been on the field, but there has to be a media photo out there somewhere,” says Jason Christie. … New cheerleading uniforms for the Eagles (from Kurt Esposito). … Brinke just about shit when he found these NFL marching song audio files. … J. Fletcher attended ’Skins training camp last month and spotted Niles Paul wearing a Spider-Man shirt under his practice jersey.

College Football News: Texas Tech wore really ugly gray uniforms last night. … Here’s a better look at the Florida outline with the star to mark Miami’s location on the Hurricanes’ helmets (big thanks to Chris Yandle). … Good behind-the-scenes video tour of the Nebraska equipment room. Also: The alternate helmet that the ’Huskers will be wearing this weekend has a center stripe, but this T-shirt promoting the game shows no stripe (all this from David Westfall). … Here’s Alabama coach Nick Saban talking about the Tide’s traditional uniforms. “His point at the end about the uniform representing something larger than the individual or marketing is pretty great,” says Erik Porth. … Cool helmet chairs at the Ohio State athletics facility (from Britton Thomas). … Louisiana Tech has two players that wear No. 6. Nothing unusual about that, except that the No. 6 on the left has last year’s number font, while the one on the right has this year’s (good spot by JJ Sledge). … Ryan Perkins was at an Ole Miss memorabilia shop and spotted these three old helmets on display. … The Longhorns are telling a small Texas high school to change its logo. … Here’s a weird one: TCU QB Trevone Boykin has been wearing a Kansas State arm sleeve, complete with the K-State sweatback pattern (from Coleman Mullins).

Hockey News: Boy howdy, eggplant throwbacks on tap for the Ducks! Now they just need to bring back the Wild Wing design for a night. … “Dallas and Fort Worth are two cities that have never really gotten along,” says Mark Louis Rybczyk, “so it’s interesting to note that the downtown Dallas Stars moved their training camp to Fort Worth to try to increase their fan base. They’ve added this patch to their practice jerseys to commemorate the new facility.” … The Chicago Wolves’ new schedule includes a 20th-season logo (from Steve Johnston). … The Islanders will reportedly keep their team colors when moving to Brooklyn but will add a patch and a Brooklyn-themed third jersey (from Asher Smith). … Meanwhile, the Isles will be wearing a patch for — get this — their first preseason game in Brooklyn. More info about the Barclays Center’s hockey configuration here. … New zombie-themed mask for Steve Mason. Further details here (from Chris Flinn). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: New masks for Chicago’s goalie prospects, too. …

Soccer News: One-off home kit for Lazio. “I like how it’s understated,” says Trevor Williams. … New all-orange kit for Real Madrid. “It will be worn in Champions League matches,” says Yusuke Toyoda.

Grab Bag: Reader Justin Kadis was nice enough to send along over 70 photos from his uncle’s memorabilia collection. All sorts of good stuff there — have fun poking around in it. … Interesting story about Canadian military uniforms (from Kevin Esmond). … Wade Pink spotted this truck with a tequila sunrise-esque paint job in rural Ontario the other day. … Speaking of trucks, could this logo have inspired (or been inspired by) the new Dolphins logo? (From Jon Solomonson.) … Someone in DC has gotten the city’s subway system map tattooed onto his arm. Gotta say, that looks pretty cool (from William Yurasko, who has also written a comparison of the city’s old and new subway maps). … Here’s a good series of videos showing the evolution of Pixar’s logo animation (from Kurt Esposito). … Here’s more about Davidson Day High School’s ridiculous flag-desecration uniforms (thanks, Phil). … “The Brisbane Lions of AFL are a merger of the Fitzroy Lions and the Brisbane Bears,” says Leo Strawn Jr. “A few years ago they changed the lion from the more traditional lion of Fitzroy to a new logo called the ‘paddlepop lion,’ which is displayed prominently on their jumper. Members hated it and tried to force the club to change it back in 2009. Now the club is asking supporters what they think, and apparently will change back if the members choose it.” … For those who are observing Yom Kippur, I wish you all an easy fast.

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Tick-tock: Last weekend we tried an experiment: In addition to all of Phil’s other weekend content, we also had him do Tickers (broken up by sport, as is our current format) on Saturday and Sunday. We’re doing that again this weekend. How do you folks feel about that? Do you like your daily dose of Ticker, even on the weekends? Or maybe you don’t read the site on the weekends and therefore prefer that the Ticker be restricted to weekdays? Let us know:

Regarding the weekend Ticker… free polls 

Meanwhile, What About the Looming Uni-pocalypse?

There was a “sports business summit” here in New York on Tuesday, and NBA exec Adam Silver, who’ll be taking over the commissioner’s office from David Stern in February, was one of the speakers.

As you may recall, Silver is the architect of the league’s on-again/off-again uni-advertising plan, which he’s been pushing over Stern’s objections. The current status of that plan is hard to divine. It was originally slated to be implemented for the 2013-14 season (i.e., a month and a half from now), but then the league backed off of that. At first the widespread assumption was that they’d simply push the plan back one year to 2014-15, in part to get some logistical ducks in a row and in part to wait until Silver had officially replaced Stern in the commissioner’s chair. But the 2014-15 time frame was never officially announced, and there are indications that the plan is in limbo. When the league recently announced that it would allow ads on the court apron, for example, ESPN’s Darren Rovell wrote, “[The apron ads are] in lieu of putting corporate logos on jerseys, a proposal that has somewhat stalled.”

So what did Silver have to say about uni ads on Tuesday? There are several quotes from him in this article, but good luck trying to read the tea leaves — it’s a maddenly inconclusive piece. If you read it closely, Silver doesn’t say the NBA will necessarily start wearing ad patches in 2014-15, or even ever. This passage is typical:

Silver suggested that we could soon see the compromise of advertisements being installed on the court just as the NCAA and NHL do. If brands do begin to appear on jerseys, they won’t be the focal point of the design. “It’s a balance,” Silver said.

It’s not clear if the term “compromise” was used by Silver (which would be a serious indication that he’s listening to those of us who’ve protested the possibility of uni ads) or if it was just some interpretive license by the writer (which would mean nothing at all). Either way, Silver’s tone here sounds a lot less uni-aggressive than it has in the past.

Since Stern is known to oppose jersey ads, this might be a case of Silver striking a respectful tone of moderation until Stern has gone off to the glue factory. Or maybe Silver’s being intentionally low-key so as not to provoke the kind of grass-roots outrage that galvanized when he first raised the prospect of uniform ads. Or maybe the uni-advertising plan really is up in the air at the moment.

In any case, this little episode is a good wake-up call for everyone who’d gotten complacent about this issue. Zero uni-advertising tolerance! #NoUniAds

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’Skins Watch: Big news yesterday, as NFL commish Roger Goodell pretty much put the writing on the wall for all to see.

As recently as late June — a mere two and a half months ago — Goodell was still putting up a good front, saying the ’Skins name was “a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect.” But yesterday, when asked about the team’s name during an an appearance on a DC radio show, he said, “If we are offending one person, we need to be listening and making sure that we’re doing the right things to try to address that.”

That’s it, people — it’s over. That statement was basically Goodell clearing his throat before he and the other owners tell Dan Snyder that this fight isn’t worth it, that they’re not going to take the hit for Snyder’s hubris. You can bet the other owners don’t want to see protests being convened outside their stadiums every time Snyder’s team comes to town (like the one planned for this Sunday for the Packers’ home opener), and the whole league must be shuddering at the thought of the ’Skins actually making it to the Super Bowl, where all the corporate sponsors will demand Goodell’s head on a stick if their carefully orchestrated marketing schemes end up being overshadowed by two weeks of anti-’Skins activism. At this point it no longer matters whether Goodell or the other owners think the name is offensive; all that matters to the NFL is business, and the ’Skins name has become bad for business. Soon it will be downright toxic.

Do I think the team name will change this year, or next? No. But it’s going to happen, and sooner than later. When a guy like Goodell goes from “a unifying force that stands for strength” to “we need to be listening,” that means the wheels are already turning. A blind man could see it with a cane. All that’s left now is the face-saving endgame.

Meanwhile, in other ’Skins-related news: Lots of folks have been sending me this photo over the past few days — sometimes linked from Twitter, sometimes from Facebook, sometimes from assorted blogs. I haven’t posted it or said anything about it because it’s not a current photo — definitely not from this season (the Iggles hadn’t yet played the ’Skins when I first started receiving the photo), and I think not from last season either. But the mere fact that it’s apparently circulating quite a bit at the moment is noteworthy, and indicates that people are becoming more aware of how Native American mascots are inappropriate, which is good to see. … Syracuse Post-Standard columnist Bud Poliquin is the latest to call for the ’Skins name to be changed (from Mike Hurley). … Ditto for for Yorkton News Review columnist Chase Ruttig (thanks, Phil). … Back on Monday I said I’d been told that Max Kellerman, host of ESPN2’s SportsNation, was boycotting the ’Skins name, but I didn’t have any confirmation. That now comes from Christopher Falvey, who writes: “I was offhandedly watching SportsNation on Wednsday night and Max Kellerman called the Redskins ‘the professional football
team that plays in Washington.’ The clip had barely anything to do with them — they were interviewing Terell Owens about the Eagles.” … Meanwhile, a writer for an African-American site says the movement to get the team’s name changed is just “an agenda.” He’s right about that, of course — the agenda is to get the team’s name changed, simple as that (from Oscar Cullom).

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A day late, but hopefully not a pint short: Yesterday was Sept. 11, so MLB teams wore American flags on their caps. As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry (and have mentioned many other times over the years), I think this is lazy pandering on the part of MLB and an inappropriate gesture on a day of mourning. Several of you sent me emails taking issue with that point. For the most part, we agreed to disagree, but one reader, who prefers to remain anonymous, said, “Instead of criticizing MLB, why not suggest something constructive for 9/11?”

Excellent point. So here’s a story: After the towers fell 12 years ago yesterday, there was a big call for blood donors. I’d never donated blood before, but it seemed like a good idea, so I did it. It felt good to be helping out, even if only by sitting there with a needle in my arm. As it turned out, they didn’t need extra blood after all, because there were no survivors at the towers — only victims. But the hospital system always needs blood anyway, and I was surprised by how good it felt to donate, so I went back and did it again two months later (the minimum time they allow between donations). On that second visit, they had me fill out the paperwork to get a donor’s card, which you see above.

With a couple of exceptions, I’ve continued to give blood every two months for the past dozen years. Every single time, I’ve thought about Sept. 11, and how if my blood ends up helping even one person, then at least a little good will have come out of the tragedy. And if what I’ve written here persuades any of you to donate blood as well, then so much the better.

I should have posted this yesterday, not today. Thanks for your patience, and doubleplusthanks to the reader who suggested the more proactive approach.

+ + + + +

Baseball News: In addition to all the other MLB teams wearing flag-clad caps, the Mets wore first responder caps during batting practice last night. They used to wear those caps during games on Sept. 11, but that’s no longer allowed, because it’s a violation of MLB’s licensing agreement with New Era. Douchebags. … Here’s an assessment of the top 10 minor league logos. … Lots of Yankees go high-cuffed, but who was the last Yank to wear stirrups? Not sure, but I’m assuming the next Yankee to wear ’rups will be newly acquired infielder Brendan Ryan, who has often gone stirrups-clad with the Cardinals and Mariners. Looking forward to seeing how he suits up with the Bronx Bombers. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Here’s a video of Hawk Harrelson talking about, among other things, how he helped pioneer the use of batting gloves (from Keith Adelsberger). … While looking for something else, I stumbled upon this absolutely magnificent 1953 Cardinals scorecard cover design. Yowza! … Indians pitcher Rich Hill didn’t have a squatchee yesterday (good spot by Kevin Bresnahan). … Good slideshow on the Red Sox’s beards. … Jose Fernandez and a Marlins bench coach were wearing different uni combos during last night’s game (from Alex Argenio).

NFL News: Throwbacks on tap this Sunday for the Bears (thanks, Phil). … Bad job on my part, as my Monday NFL wrap-up from earlier this week didn’t include the news that the Rams debuted their Deacon Jones memorial decal. Mea culpa. … Repeated from yesterday’s comments: The NFL now says it shouldn’t have told Robert Griffin III to cover up his knee brace. … The Bengals will be wearing solid black next Monday (thanks, Phil). … White-out on tap this weekend for the Texans. It’s worth remembering that the Texans originally unveiled white helmets prior to their first season but then changed to blue. Those white ones would look good this weekend, no? … Key passage from this Jets article: “The Jets will not wear throwbacks in 2013. After donning white jerseys in their Week 1 win over the Bucs, the Jets will wear their green jerseys for the rest of their home schedule — starting in Week 3 against the Bills. Green will be team’s jersey color in Miami on Dec. 29, but the Jets will be white for the first seven road contests. As far as pants, the Jets will wear white for at least the first month of the season and then it becomes a weekly decision” (big thanks, Phil). … This is completely fascinating: The Seahawks will have undercover cops wearing opposing teams’ jerseys to entrap nail unruly fans (Phil yet again).

College Football News: Here’s what Wyoming will be wearing this weekend (thanks, Phil). … Also from Phil: Flag-desecration helmets on tap for for UNC and Wingate, and a Sept. 11 memorial decal for TCU. … Interesting analysis of why helmets keep flying off. … In case you hadn’t heard, those new lightweight pants don’t leave much to the imagination (Phil yet again). … A couple of high schools — not sure where — are using Navy’s old helmet template. “Seems pretty fancy for a high school to me,” says Will Hodge.

Hockey News: Check out this cover design from a 1975 edition of Toronto Star’s weekend entertainment guide. The team shown on the left is the Toronto Toros of the WHA. “The 1975-76 season would be their last year in Toronto,” says Terry Proctor. “They moved to Birmingham the next season and became the Bulls. The Toros had great uniforms though. Love the serif-top ‘A.'” … Here are the jeseys for the All-American Prospects Game (thanks, Phil). … The Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) will unveil a full-scale makeover on Sept. 20. They’ve been running teaser images here (from Cody Schmidt).

College Hoops News: New uniforms for Baylor (thanks, Phil). … New uniforms for Auburn, too. Man, those “1”s look really skinny, no? (From Scott Holcomb.)

Grab Bag: Pascagoula High School in Mississippi honored two deceased players with helmet decals and — here’s the unusual part — by blacking out the yard markers corresponding to their uni numbers (from Chris Forehand). … A Virginia school district may sell the naming rights to its high school football stadium (from Tommy Turner). … “One of my friends is about to graduate from the Florida Highway Patrol Academy,” says Frank Manganello. “Interesting that they chose a window decal that was clearly made to look like an embroidered patch.” … Note to Seattle readers: Membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner’s band, RebelMart, will be playing on Tuesday, Sept. 24, at the Comet. … Retro unis on tap for the Santa Cruz Warriors of the D-League. ‘The image on the jersey is of the Giant Dipper roller coaster,” explains Michael Goodman.