Uni Watch Brooklyn Party Report


I’m always flattered and humbled when anyone shows up to a Uni Watch party. When someone — or, in this case, three someones — drive nearly 400 miles just to spend a few hours making the Uni Watch scene, well, that’s pretty special. So here’s to the Steel City troika of (from left to right) Jason Bernard, Jenny Sweet, and Ryan Connelly, who drove all the way from Pittsburgh to Brooklyn for Saturday’s gathering at Sheep Station (and you should’ve seen the look on my face when I saw them). Thanks, guys — you’re the best.

So who else was on hand? Let’s take a look-see:

• Here’s Keith Goggin and his lovely wife, Kathleen. Keith said he wore that Knicks warm-up “because there’s no NBA right now, so I thought I don’t know when I’ll get to wear it again.”

Keith also brought me three wonderful gifts. He said he scored Mets yearbook and the baseball rules mag (which is wonderful — I’ll feature it on the site soon) at a yard sale for 50¢ apiece. As for the “CH” patch, that’s an official varsity letterman’s patch from Holy Cross High School, where Keith teaches math and coaches golf. “I know you like those colors, and you like chenille patches, so I thought you’d get a kick out of it,” he said. And how! So now I’m an honorary Holy Cross letterman, and I couldn’t be prouder.

• This is Matthew Brotman, who took the train in from Patchogue — one town over from where I grew up! He’s wearing a mid-’90s Miami jersey, which had an interesting detail I hadn’t been aware of: The “U” logo was ghost-stitched into the shoulders. He also wore that Brooklyn Dodgers cap because, as he put it, “I always wear that every time I come to Brooklyn.”

• My favorite jersey of the day was worn by Matt Powers, who DIY’d himself this awesome Johnny LeMaster jersey (a reference, of course, to this epic moment in uni history). Matt said he had just made it just a few hours before the party, so it still had some loose ends, which just made the whole project more endearing, at least to me. Great concept, great execution. First-rate!

(As an aside: While I was taking photos of Matt, some random guy walked by and totally knew the LeMaster story. He also said lots of old Giants players, including LeMaster, showed up for the last Giants game at Candlestick — and that LeMaster was wearing a “Boo” jersey for the occasion! If true, that’s a great story. Photos, please!)

• It’s not often that someone wears baseball pants to a Uni Watch gathering, but that’s what Alex Rabens did. Nicely done.

• Alex brought along his pal Hillel Kipens, who wore an old youth XL Reggie White jersey with a very cool jock tag.

• I was very happy to see so many people wearing my favorite color combo — green and gold — including Manzell Blakeley, who looked sharp in his Gary Payton jersey.

Jay Braiman actually designed the jersey he was wearing back when he taught at Frank Sinatra High School, which obviously owes a certain stylistic debt to a certain National League baseball team.

• Nice layering job by Marc Rivlin, who wore a Mets cotton button-up jersey shirt, a Mets sweatshirt, and — remember these? — a Uni Watch charter member T-shirt. A rare item!

• Uni Watch parties usually feature lots of soccer gear, but the only piece of soccer apparel this time around was Matthew Solly’s 2002 Portsmouth FC jersey. The Ty Beanie Baby sponsorship is a nice touch.

• Back in the summer of 2009 I wrote a piece about a guy who custom-paints designs on baseball caps. That guy is Chris Giorgio, and I was really excited when he showed up on Saturday, wearing one of his own creations. He says they take about 15 hours to execute.

• I was totally jealous of Marty Buccafusco’s Notre Dame logo socks. His DIY Braves sweatshirt — sewed by his Mom, he sheepishly admitted, not by him — included an excellent detail: a phantom 1991 championship patch.

• Marty brought along his buddy Jon Zelenak, who kept it simple with a Phillies ski cap.

• Our own L.I. Phil looked sharp in his mirror-image Mets jersey (a David Frost DIY special, don’tcha know), nicely accessorized with a Uni Watch Deep Freeze tee and your humble host’s favorite stirrups.

• Speaking of stirrups, a bunch of us gathered for the obligatory hosiery hoedown shot. The guy third from the left is Terence Kearns, who I somehow neglected to photograph on his own.

• As for me, I wore my 1941 Lane Tech varsity sweater. Perfect for a crisp November afternoon.


So that’s who was there. I brought along the helmet from the Notre Dame promo box, which everyone had fun looking at (and a few people tried on).

I also brought the Notre Dame jersey and noticed a small detail about it that I hadn’t initially picked up on: It was made in Israel. As you may recall, the first super-stretchies — worn by the Giants in 2009 — were Israeli-made. (I reported that myself here.) That one Israeli supplier must still be the only source of the super-stretchy fabric. Wonder if a particular mill has a proprietary exclusive on it — I’ll try to find out.


+ + + + +

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 12.41.07 AM.png

Hot stove uni action: Lots of MLB developments in the hopper over the next several days. Here’s a rundown:

• The Orioles will unveil their 2012 uniform tweaks this morning at 9:30. Here’s some advance word on what to expect. have unveiled their 2012 uni set. Further details here.

• The Mets will present their 2012 uniforms on Wednesday, but various sources are already reporting what we’ve already known for a while now: no more black drop shadow! Looks like a very nice 50th-anniversary patch too (designed by Todd Radom, incidentally). There are still some questions to be answered — will they wear blue caps and sleeves on the road, will the blue caps have a blue squatchee, etc. — but this is a very good start. Having campaigned against the black for many years, I don’t mind saying that I find this development very, very satisfying.

• The Royals will announce their own 2012 uni updates a week from today at noon Eastern. According to a little birdie, the changes will be minor: the All-Star Game patch and possibly — wait for it — powder blue pants.

+ + + + +


Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

NFL helmet/goalpost kits are fairly common on eBay, but you rarely see the ones with the footballs, not so much. I absolutely had one of these, even remember when and where I bought it (August 1971, Oxmoor shopping center in Louisville), but I don’t recall all 13 balls being on one base.

In other eBay finds:

• Two words for this gem: Oh. My. I’ve never seen this 1974 NFL IHOP board game before.

• Check out the embossed wings on this 1960s Eagles bobble.

• This New York Giants Fran Tarkenton shot is for Joe Skiba. Ad says 1960s but no way- look at all those Puma shoes. Definitely early 1970s.

• Look at this Boston Bruins tankard. I guess you flip back the top of the helmet..?

• The NFL should bring back helmet buggies, but you knew that already.

Seen something on eBay that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here, or tweet them here.

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Screen shot 2011-11-14 at 9.19.25 AM.png

Bidding is now open for the Notre Dame promo box charity auction. The minimum bid today is $1000. If nobody bids today (an unlikely scenario, methinks, but anything’s possible), the minimum bid will increase to $1100 tomorrow.

Full details on how to bid, and everything else regarding the auction, can be found here. Have fun, guys.

+ + + + +

Holiday Gift Guide reminder: I’m now working on the annual Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide column, which will run on ESPN in early December. If you know of a good uni-related gift item that I can include (or if you produce such an item yourself), don’t be shy. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Coupla leftover college football items from Saturday: Louisiana-Lafayette wore white at home, and Texas Tech wore its Wounder Warrior design with a stars/stripes helmet logo (from Jacob Kubuske and Susan Freeman, respectively). … New uniforms for the San Rafael Pacifics. … UGA basketball wore — of course — gray uniforms on Sunday. “I’m told Coach Fox only breaks them out to honor the football team, paying tribute to the ‘silver britches,'” says Parks McLeod. “The last time we wore them was after National Signing Day last year.” … Pens goalie Brent Johnson is a huge Led Zeppelin fan, but the “Stairway to Heaven” lyrics on his backplate misspells who’s (good spot by Nolan Petote). … Several readers have noted that Northwestern’s new basketball court appears to be the wrong shade of purple. … New home kit for Italy. … The Marlins’ new jerseys are already being worn in the Arizona Fall League (from Brett Crane). … Speaking of the Marlins, here’s an interesting note from Roy Bellamy, who sent me this photo of these two orange Marlins caps: “I purchased the one on the right, with black in the MLB logo, at the unveiling on Nov. 11. The one on the left, with blue in the MLB logo, was purchased by an intern in our office the very next day, Nov. 12, at the Marlins stand at Dolphin Mall.” … Here’s a first, at least for me: the NCAA authentication mark on an undershirt sleeve (good spot by Leo Thornton). … Jeremy Brahm reports that one of the two basketball leagues in Japan, the BJ League, has unveiled a really cool all-star game logo. The other one, the JBL, has released its all-star uniforms. Naturally, I like the green outlining on the West design. … Larry Bodnovich found some old Rice photos with interesting uses of owl iconography. I really like this cape and these basketball jerseys, but there’s something a bit disturbing about the mascot in this football team portrait. … Here’s a weird one: Shane Canup reports that Radford’s basketball jerseys all have “RU” above the NOBs. Okay, so “RU” stands for Radford University (duh), but those letters aren’t a logo — they’re the same typography as the NOB lettering. Anyone know more about this? … Pat Sharon scored this nice oil painting at an estate sale for $12. Anyone know who the artist was? … Batting glove pioneer Irving Franklin has died.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 11.34.58 PM.png
We have a LOT to cover today, boys and girls, so let’s get right to it, beginning with notes from yesterday’s NFL games:

• The Falcons once again wore their beeYOOteeful throwbacks. Too bad the Saints don’t have road throwbacks — that would’ve been a gorgeous game to behold.

• The Bears wore their orange alts. I’ve never much cared for this look, and my impression is that nobody else likes it either. Anyone want to stick up for it?

• The Rams and Browns went solid-blue vs. solid-white.

• The Jets wore white at home.

• Marshawn Lynch’s “beast mode” schtick is getting really tiresome (and that purple mouthguard doesn’t exactly help).

• DJ Ware of the Giants spent a good chunk of the second half with a black wrap around his leg. I don’t know if this was medical or to cover a torn pant leg or what. I’ve asked Joe Skiba about it — will advise.

• Albert Haynesworth had some nameplate problems.

• Maybe the super-stretchies are too stretchy.

• Turning to Saturday’s college action, New Mexico took the white helmet from their first game, left the stripe, and used the decal that’s normally on their silver helmets. The team’s seniors chose the design.

• Hey look, it’s the Cincinnati Reds! That’s the Cincy Bearcats, natch, who went with a solid-red look for Saturday’s game against West Virginia.

• And of course Phil and Terry had loads of additional college football news in yesterday’s post.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Ross Hazlett, Rob Holecko, Derek Lucas, Frank Mercogliano, and Ronnie Yates.)

+ + + + +


Fish story: In case you missed it over the weekend, Phil had full coverage of the Marlins’ new uniforms on Saturday. Plenty of photos there; some much larger, higher-res photos here; video of the unveiling is here; and the full set at a glance can be seen here.

As for me, here’s what I think:

• I never loved the Marlins’ old look, so I’m not exactly mourning its demise.

• I’ve liked the new logo just fine since it was first leaked back in September.

• I like the home uni, at least from the front (I think that rear view, with the drop shadow on the numbers, is gonna be really annoying).

• Ditto for the road grays, although I kinda wish they’d used orange trim for the collar and sleeves, instead of black.

• The black alternate is a major mistake. Ugly, boring, predictable. Too bad.

• As for the orange alt, it’ll look a lot better if they pair it with the orange cap shown in the style guide, instead of the black caps they used at the unveiling. (For some reason, the orange cap wasn’t used at all at the unveiling, but it does exist.) Either way, though, that rear view with the blue drop shadow is gonna be brutal.

• There’s been lots of chatter about the cap logos being too big. Yes, they are, but for some reason this isn’t bothering me too much, at least for now. I might feel differently once I see them on the field.

• Looks like the chest mark could potentially have a problem with a disappearing letter.

All in all: Not so bad, especially from the front (and let’s hope they tweak the rear number typography after a season or two). Is it great? No. But as Phil wrote on Saturday, “It’s different, but it still looks like a baseball uniform.” Exactly. I like this set a lot more than the Padres’ new set, because it feels like a good fit with its team and city.

Of course, I may revise this assessment downward if they sign Reyes.

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2011-11-12 at 8.10.24 PM.png

Things have been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to follow up with the NCAA regarding that little blue jersey-authentication patch. It was supposed to be mandatory this season (you can get the full story from this piece I wrote last year) but seems to be appearing very haphazardly: Some teams have it, some don’t. Some clarification now comes from reader Kyle Mackie, who writes:

I was talking to one of the equipment managers for Cal and asked him about the blue NCAA patches that we heard about last year. I noticed the Cal uniforms did not have them, but they did have the Jumpman logo. He said was the NCAA wanted it to be on pretty much every piece of equipment/gear the players wear, but it was too difficult or something and they were having trouble enforcing it or implementing it and the whole thing was basically scrapped. Some of the sweats and other things that the basketball team was issued do have the blue patch but not the jerseys.

Faaaascinating. I guess some patch-inclusive jerseys were already in the pipeline, which is why we’re still seeing some teams wearing them. Wonder how long it’ll take for those jerseys to cycle out of circulation. Which school — which player — will be the last one to wear the little blue patch?

+ + + + +


Monster in a box: I’ve been flooded with inquiries from people who want to know what I’m going to do with that Notre Dame promo box (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look here). After thinking about it over the weekend, I’ve decided to auction it off, with the proceeds going to charity. Here’s the deal:

1) First, about the box and its contents: Everything is in like-new condition except for the Adidas-shaped piece of chocolate, which was already broken when I received it, and the gold dome dust, a teeny-tiny amount of which was removed from its container for this photograph (I was unable to get those dust flecks back into the container). I wore the jersey, helmet, and gloves for about 10 minutes on Nov. 11, I plugged the flash drive into my computer for about a minute on that same day, and maybe five or six people tried on the helmet during the Uni Watch party on Nov. 12. Aside from that, everything is unused.

2) The box will be auctioned off as a single unit, not as separate components. Please don’t ask if you can bid just on the helmet, or just on the jersey — not gonna happen.

3) Bidding will start tomorrow morning, Nov. 15, as soon as I post tomorrow’s blog entry, and will conclude next Tuesday, Nov. 22, at noon Eastern.

4) This will be a silent e-mail auction. To bid, simply send an e-mail with your best offer to an address that I will reveal tomorrow. Your e-mail should include your full name, shipping address, and phone number (I may call you to confirm a few things). Bids that do not include a working phone number will be deleted. The highest bid will win. In the case of identical bids, the one with the earlier time stamp will be the winner. (Note that this is not like eBay, where you can simply beat the next-highest bidder by a dollar. If the highest bid is, say, $1 million, and the second-highest is $2,000, the winning bidder must pay the full million.)

5) When the bidding commences tomorrow, the minimum bid will be $1000.

6) Each successive morning, up through Nov. 22, I will announce what the current high bid is up to (although I will not divulge the high bidder’s identity). The minimum bid each day will be $100 more than the current high bid that I announce that morning. In other words, if the bidding on Wednesday morning is up to $1750, the minimum bid on Wednesday will be $1850.

7) If nobody bids on a given day, the minimum bid the following day will increase by an additional $100. In other words, if the bidding on Wednesday morning is up to $1750 and nobody bids on Wednesday, then the minimum bid on Thursday will be $1950. If nobody bids on Thursday, then the minimum bid on Friday will be $2050. (This is to keep people from waiting until the last day to bid.)

8) If you’ve already bid and then want to increase your bid, just send another e-mail. There’s no limit to the number of times you can increase your bid. You may not retract or lower a bid once you have made it, however.

9) If the winning bidder fails to follow through with payment, the second-highest bidder will win the box (and, you can be sure, I’ll splatter the deadbeat bidder’s name far and wide).

10) The winning bidder will be responsible for either (a) picking up the box from my apartment in person, (b) arranging for someone else to pick it up in person, or (c) covering shipping costs + insurance via UPS (the package will weigh about 80 pounds and the origin zip code will be 11217, so you can do the math to see what the shipping charge will be). I have the original shipping materials that Adidas used when they sent the box to me, so I’ll use those and do my best to pack things as securely as possible.

11) Once I receive payment from the winning bidder, it will be donated in the bidder’s name to his or her choice of the following nine organizations (this list is final, so please don’t ask me to amend it — thanks):

ASPCA: Longtime animal welfare advocacy group. Tucker and Caitlin are rooting for the high bidder to choose this option.

Doctors without Borders: Renowned humanitarian group helping catastrophe-stricken people around the globe.

It Gets Better Project: Dan Savage’s groundbreaking initiative to support LBGT kids and combat anti-gay bullying.

National Parks Conservation Association: Working to preserve and support America’s national parks, which are currently facing massive budget cuts.

National Trust for Historic Preservation: The foremost organization dedicated to preserving America’s endangered historic places.

Population Council: International NGO dedicated to public health initiatives in developing countries.

Slow Food USA: Brilliant organization supporting local and sustainable food production and consumption. The exact opposite of corporate fast food.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Longtime watchdog organization that monitors and fights extremist hate groups (the Klan, skinheads, etc.). They’re the ones who brought the 1990 lawsuit that bankrupted and essentially destroyed the White Aryan Resistance.

WFMU: Best radio station on the planet. Completely listener-supported, perpetually broke.

If the high bidder wants to divide up the bid amount among two or three of these groups, that’s fine too.

12) I will add my own $1000 contribution to whichever organization(s) the high bidder ends up choosing.

And there we are. If you have questions about any of this (like, legitimate questions — not “So am I the high bidder?” or “Can you let me know if anyone surpasses my bid?”), feel free to be in touch at the usual Uni Watch address (not at the bidding address). Thanks.

+ + + + +

Saturday’s Uni Watch party was sensational. My thanks to all who attended (esp. those who traveled all the way from the Steel City!), and doubleplusthanks to Keith Goggin for all the excellent gifts. Full report in a day or two.

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 2.48.54 PM.png

Uni Watch News Ticker: Who’s that with the excellent taste in T-shirts? None other than best-selling author and MacArthur genius grant recipient Jonathan Lethem (big thanks to Casey Barber). … Speaking of the Mets, they’ll unveil their 2012 uniforms on Wednesday. … According to Jags equipment manager Drew Hampton, the team will likely have a black uniform within the next two years. … New kits in the works for the Philadelphia Union. … New Euro 2012 kits for Spain, Germany, and Russia. … The Kitchener Rangers wore a Remembrance Day jersey on Friday (from Jerry Muir). … A Venezuelan baseball team has been wearing green ribbons as a gesture of support for kidnapped Nats player Wilson Ramos. And they’re not those bogus ribbon patches — they’re real ribbons (big thanks to Eric Stroker). The U.S. soccer team wore white jerseys with blue shorts for Friday’s international friendly against France. “First time they’ve done that, I think,” says Austin Chen. “Usually they wear white on white, or red shirts with blue shorts.” … This article about the Springfield Falcons — that’s a minor league hockey team — includes the following: “We do share in some equipment costs with Columbus. The budget for hockey sticks can be in excess of $100,000 a year. Small items like hockey tape will run us over $6,000 a year. Our uniform costs are in excess of $10,000 a year. We will spend close to $5,000 a year on hockey pucks” (from Tris Wykes). … Latest entry in the “Worst Jersey Ever” sweepstakes (from Chris Dearth). … More poppies, this time on English soccer shoes (from Chris Cruz). … Michael Kramer reports that the O’Brien Trophy has its own wordmark, at least on several of the trophies that he recently got to see. Pretty ugly, no? … The color distinctions aren’t easy to make out, but Luke Rosnick notes that most of the Rangers were wearing their navy gloves — normally used with the team’s retro alternates — with their regular home uni. “They had worn the retro sweaters in their past two games, so I’m wondering if the guys kept wearing the same gloves because they’re properly broken in at the moment (not sure what the turnover is on gloves in the NHL), or as a kind of superstitious thing because the team is on such a tear right now.” … Gordon Gromer spotted some very odd pants on the sideline of Thursday’s Virginia Tech game. … The woman who created the pink ribbon for breast cancer has died. … Here’s a little truism Scott M.X. Turner taught me years ago: Every Negro Leagues team portrait includes at least one guy whose uniform doesn’t match all the others. The Memphis Red Sox appear to have taken that concept to an extreme level (great find by Don Gale). … Looking for something cool to wear for Xmas? You could do a lot worse than this amazing green/red varsity sweater. … Anyone else think it’s a little weird that the patch for the FBI’s Pittsburgh office includes a Penguins logo? (From Alan Feller.) … Tris Wykes likes how Brown University’s football helmet logo includes some ivy — fitting for an Ivy League team. … David Sonny notes that the Cincinnati basketball court now has icons celebrating the 50th anniversary of the school’s NCAA championship. … St. John’s hoops had two NNOB players yesterday. “The roster shows #25 is Drew Bashen and #40 is Sam Sealy — but no other info as to why their names aren’t on their jerseys,” says Brian Cheung. … New soccer uniforms for Kawasaki Frontale in the J-League (from Jeremy Brahm). … Good article about Pennsylvania high school football helmets (thanks, Kek). … Ron Roza was at last night’s Blackhawks game and spotted someone wearing an amusing Flames jersey. … Manny Pacquiao had a ridiculous amount of bumper stickerage on his trunks for Saturday night’s bout against Juan Manuel Marquez. … Here’s an interesting situation: Former pitcher Charlie Lea, who tossed a no-hitter during his six seasons with the Expos, has died. Is this the first time a former Expo has passed away since the franchise moved to Washington? Will the Nats wear a memorial patch?

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Jenny Sweet

By Phil Hecken, with Terry Duroncelet

No, the splash photo isn’t from yesterday’s seizure-inducing Notre Dame vs. Maryland game (Terry will have more on that below), that’s the golden-domed Jenny Sweet, modeling the Notre Dame gold helmet that Paul received (and also modeled in Friday’s post) from adidas in preparation for yesterday’s game. It was one of the hits of yesterday’s UW gathering (Paul will have a full party write up during the week), and I think I may have been the only one not to try it on … I mean — who really wants RyCo’s sloppy seconds?

I kid, of course — it was a great party, and a bunch of Yinzers an entire Pittsburgh contingent, including Jenny, Ryan Connelly and Jason Bernard made the six hour drive to Brooklyn — totally unbeknownst to either Paul or myself until they arrived. Twas a great surprise. I’d never met Bernard or Ms. Sweet before, but they were a great, fun couple, and the party was a blast. Good to also see some of the NY regulars back at the old haunt again too. Anyway…on to yesterday (and the early week) games. Here’s Terry:


I’m pretty sure everyone’s sick and tired of hearing about Sanduskygate and Paternogate and McQuearygate, so allow me to direct you to the front gate leading to today’s NCAA rundown.

• In the battle of the Technical Institutes on Thursday, the visiting Virginia Tech Hokies changed up their maroon-over-white look a little bit by *thankfully* wearing white socks (they usually wear black socks) and adding a white-orange-white NFL stripe to the helmet. And — as with recent VT protocol — the stripe was truncated in the back. That’s probably to accommodate for the Revo Speed helmet’s design. Also, VT head coach Frank Beamer (along with the rest of the VT coaching staff) was wearing a sideline coat with “Virginia Tech” going across the front rendered in what looks to be tackle-twill maroon lettering… in the same base-color as the coat. Why? Just… why? As for the other Technical Institute, one of the Georgia Tech players was having a TECHnical issue with one of the Ts on his helmet.

• Boise State wore last week’s white helmets, with orange jerseys and pants. What’s odd is that they were using the file tab jerseys from last year. So you’re willing to buy new grey jerseys for this year (different from the 2010 Pro Combats), but you don’t want to spend money to buy updated jerseys that use an actual school color? They did wear this year’s orange pants, though. [I’d say: blame Nike. — PH]

• Tulsa wore retro uniforms (not sure if they’re actual throwbacks) against Marshall. The look included a block “T” on the front of the helmets. Here’s the gallery.

• LSU had a non-conference game against Western Kentucky University, so we got a rare look at their purple jerseys.

Louisville wore “patriotic” helmets for their post-Veterans (or is it Veteran’s?) Day game against Pitt (with thanks to David Greenwald for the second pic). Ditto for Rutgers when they played Army.

• Illinois wore orange against Michigan.

• Some of the Tennessee players had new compression shirts with some kind of slogan and the endzone checkerboard design sublimated on the sleeves.

• Five helmets are enough for Oregon, right? Yeah… what the hell was I thinking when I said that? Let’s throw in a new Jaguars-style helmet. It has the green-to-black/black-to-green pixie dust effect to it. Not bad at all. In that same game, the Stanford band — known for their unique sound and random drums — had a snare drummer with last year’s Pac 10 logo on his snare drum. [Also note the white “O” on the Oregon helmet — I think that’s the first time they’ve worn that. — PH]

• No photo, but New Mexico wore white helmets with the current Lobo logos on the sides.

• UCLA & Utah played in a snowy atmosphere in Salt Lake (thanks for the tip, Grant Pepper).

• Pitt State wore camo jerseys against Missouri Southern State University. Credit Luis Fernando Aranda for the tip. He also writes with “The red shoulder yoke I believe is a new addition as last year they wore similar camo unis versus MSSU. Paired with yellow pants, not the best look.”

• Phucking Phooey on Maryland for not swapping the shoulder designs. You had two months and a week to correct the error! Frackin’ idiots… -_- Oh, and Notre Dame wore this helmet (and slogan shirt) with their annual green jerseys in that same game. Not bad for the Shamrock Bowl, but I don’t think it would work as a full-time look. You can’t tell your team to “PROTECT THIS HOUSE!” if you’re not leading by example. Luckily, Maryland head coach Randy Edsall teaches example by demonstration… or something like that. And one of the ND players lost part of his compression shirt at the shirttail. I managed to catch video on it.

• What’s this? Two Pac 12 teams wearing their standard uniform combos? Who’s idea was this? Thanks to Phil for that pic.


Thanks Terry — another great roundup.


colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Another smallish offering today, featuring (of course), the G&G Boys. So lets get right into it. Since he gets me his colorizations early, George Chilvers has been leading off, and will continue this week. Here’s George, a-hurling:


Hi Phil

After some requests for this last week.

Funny what you see when you colourise though. I hadn’t seen the horse and cart in the original monochrome picture.


And yet another from George:

Hi Phil

This follows on from last week’s posting, and is another shot of members of the 1950 British Lions rugby tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1950, showcasing a variety of jerseys.

Following last week’s three Irishmen, we stick with the Celtic Fringe and have two Welshmen and an Irishman.

On the left in his amber and black Newport jersey is Ken Jones and in the middle in a training sweater (no fancy Adidas tracksuits then!) is George Norton of Bective Rangers and Ireland. To the right though (suffering a wardrobe malfunction) is Bob Evans also of Newport. However, he is clearly not in the amber and black of his club, and the distinctive pattern of his jersey makes me 95% certain it’s that of another top Rugby Union team, Leicester (now called “Leicester Tigers”, a strange name for a team who have no tiger colours!!). Once again, it may well be that he has acquired it from a colleague.

Original also attached, as it’s hard to link.

Best wishes


Thanks George!


And the second half of the G&G tandem is Gary Chanko, with a mystery football photo:

Another vintage football image submittal this week and one of my favorite players as a kid. Shown here in this 1956 college photo, he went on to become a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Surprisingly his college career as a defensive back was probably just as notable as the position he played as a pro. Go to the B&W original link if you need help identifying him.


Thanks Gary!

OK, that’s it for this week. If you have a photo you’d like colorized, or just want to join in the fun, shoot me a line. Hope to see a few more colorizers (I know you’re out there) get back in the swing of it.


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with Glenn Simpkins, with a correction, and some new tweaks:

Uni tweaking to share today:

Reds: a small correction to the tweaks of mine that were posted September 4, 2011 (road and home). Correction being removing ALL black and using the same shade of red for both jerseys.

The “I still call them ANAHEIM” Angels: New unis based on their late 70’s-80’s set: Home and Road.

With NNOB and TV numbers removed (which never have a place with arched lettering), their current numeral font smoothed off, and a “just to agitate the Uniform Gods” red so-called softball top, it’s perfect: Since the Angels are the red yin to Dodger blue yang, the red cap, belt, and sturups should be w2hat they wear with the regular whites and greys, and the blue ones should be worn with the red jersey.

Next go ’round, I have another stab at the Rox to send.

–Glenn Simpkins


Next up is Jonathan Nisula, with an Iggles redux:


I modernized the old “Randall Cunningham” era uniforms on DeSean Jackson. I eliminated most of the black trim and went with silver pants, along with tweaking the shade of green. Enjoy!


And to close us down, we have Justin Dilks who brings back a one-hit wonder:

Hey guys, big fan of the site.

I heard discussion earlier this season that the Phillies were thinking of resurrecting the universally, and in my opinion unfairly, panned “Saturday Night Special” jerseys from 1979. I did a take on that, using the contemporary color scheme and logos. With the chest number, the sleeve numerals became unnecessary, so I decided to add the rarely-used Liberty Bell logo in the empty space.

I hope you guys enjoy it, it was a lot of fun making it.

Justin Dilks


And that’s all for this week. Back next weekend with more.


Benchies HeaderBenchies

by Rick Pearson


The dangers of an equipment malfunction…

11-13-11 s-Blind ALT

And, as always, the full-size.


5 & 1Jim Vilk’s 5 & 1

And now for the part of the post that I wait up all night for you’ve all been waiting for…

I didn’t take a look at what is to follow, but I have a hunch Jim may have redeemed himself this week…let’s see:


First things first.

Terp Tracker – Woulda been better with the shelmet…

Honorable Mentions to Oregon . . . State/California – Now *that’s* an Oregon team with a good modern font.

And to Arizona State/Washington State – Two more teams without athletic block font, Phil…

5. Marshall/Tulsa – Was going to pick Nebraska/Penn State…until Tulsa trotted out these throwbacks.

4. Navy/SMU – The horsey heads are going strong down the homestretch.

3. Ohio State/Purdue – Yet another good modern font!

2. Western Kentucky/LSU – Might have been #1 if LSU got to wear the white jerseys…

1. Texas A&M/Kansas State – …so this won out for having the better contrast.

And the bad one: Wyoming/Air Force – Too much white on a sunny day, and too much other stuff, too.


Hmmm…not too bad, but I still think the clusterfuck seizure-inducing helmet mess that was ND/MD merited some strong consideration for the “bad one.” And you didn’t need to include THIS Wyoming getup just to make up for last weekend’s *unfortunate* choice. Those aren’t nearly as bad as this crap.


Duck Tracker Header2011 Duck Tracker

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Jake Hurley has stepped up to the plate and taken over the “Duck Tracker” for 2011. What is the Duck Tracker? Quite simply, it tracks each and every uniform combination the Ducks have worn for the 2011 season. He steps in for former tracker Mike Princip, whose non-Uni Watch activities will preclude him from tracking for 2011.

Jake’s been busy with the Duck Tracker, and he and I actually got into an almost heated discussion as to whether or not the helmet the U of O wore yesterday was actually a new helmet, or one they’d worn before. Jake’s got a *few* words about his updates and some good new stuff. Here he is:

Late in the 2008 season Nike presented The University of Oregon with a special uniform combination entitled “Lights Out”. They were nothing more than a BFBS uniform combination for the ducks. The uniforms featured “duck wings” on the shoulders of the uniform; this was the beginning of the modern “Wing” era. The only difference between this black uniform and the current one is that the “light out” uniforms had a silver NOB while the current one has a black on black NOB. Nike was conducting a test run of these uniforms, would the players and more importantly the fans like them? They would, merchandise sold very well, the players loved them, and won an important game all at the same time. With this positive reaction Nike now knew what the next generation of Oregon uniforms would look like. Late the next fall Oregon held a uniform unveiling and officially ended the “diamond plate” era. The new uniforms all featured the wing design on the shoulders of the uniforms. The color black played a more prominent role than before and the added color of “carbon” or silver stood out. They have been mixing and matching these uniforms ever since that date.

Oregon is famous for “never wearing the same uniform combination twice”, well at least not the same one twice in a season. Oregon wore a uniform combination last weekend that many people thought was the same as last years “civil war” combo. An argument took place in the comments over various things involving Oregon’s uni combos. So what I decided to do was to compile a chart of every single combo that they have ever worn in the “wing era” to date. I think that you guys will find this very interesting. Please give it a good look over and let me know what you think and if it was helpful.

Last night the ducks wore a strange helmet, green with a white “O”. Some people think it is a brand new helmet, I think it is their regular green helmet with a white logo. Here is some evidence to back up my claim. What do you think?


And now, here’s the updated 2011 Duck Tracker.

Thanks Jake. Great stuff. Readers? What say you?


And that will do it for this fine Sunday. Thanks to Terry D. and great to meet all the fine UWers who made the trek to Sheep Station yesterday (yes, even you Matt Powers). Have a great day, enjoy the NFL, and I’ll catch y’all next weekend. Cheers.


“They should have had volunteers paint the field all-orange last night. The rules just said they couldn’t wear mono-blue on the blue turf. Didn’t say nothing about wearing mono-Orange on an orange turf. They could’ve gotten away with that at least once.” — Rob Holecko


Marlins Wordmark

By Phil Hecken


Those were the three words Florida Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria used to describe the new uniforms of the South Florida baseball team.

So…how’d they do?

Let’s start with the logo, which isn’t exactly breaking news, since it leaked quite some time ago. It’s a very distinctive, four-color, beveled “M”, featuring gold, orange, aqua and black (outlined in gray), with an image of a marlin atop the “M”. It’s a rather bold statement, but it looks like the 2012 Marlins aren’t your father’s Marlins. When I first saw this, I didn’t really like it, but it’s grown on me. A lot.

OK … onto the uniforms:

Home Whites: We got a bit of a preview of the homes yesterday, but last night was the official unveiling. It’s different, but it still looks like a baseball uniform. It takes the aforementioned wordmark and puts it on a white uniform, with thin orange piping around the neck, sleeve ends, and pants. At the unveiling, Loria explained that “Miami” will be very prominent, and that both the homes and roads will have “MIAMI” emblazoned on the chest. It’s not bad — I’d prefer “Marlins” on the chest, and perhaps in a year or two, they’ll do it, but for their inaugural season in the as-yet-to-be-corporately-named ballpark, they’ll be the Miami Miamis. Gone are the pinstripes, the block “F,” the teal…and Jack McKeon. In with the Ozzie.

Road Grays: Almost the reciprocal of the home whites, the jersey wordmark will be in white, with black piping, also with “MIAMI” on the chest.

Alternate Black: Never have been a fan of the Marlins with a black top (and cap), but it looks like the team will be keeping that element going forward. I mean, nothing says “South Florida” like a black uniform, right? Seems like most of the models were wearing the black top with gray pants, so hopefully this will only be used as a road alternate. Still not a fan of the black cap & top, but what’re ya gonna do?

Now…if that were it, I’d be pretty disappointed, but the Marlins aren’t done. Now, they’ve already shown us one alternate too many, but what’s one more right? We knew yesterday, when this was leaked there would be an orange top. But what we didn’t know was…

Orange Alternate: The spec sheet would show an orange cap! It’s a GREAT alternate (if you have to have an alternate). Unfortunately, the players only came out wearing the black cap with the orange top. Let’s hope that’s just for show. Unlike the white, gray and black jerseys, the orange jersey says “MARLINS” and features the flying fish jumping between the “L” and the “I”. I like it.

The Marlins really had a chance to stand out from other clubs with this unveil, and to a certain extent (read: look at the orange tops), they did. Unfortunately, they still seem to have a heavy preponderance of black. Their pullovers and dugout jackets are both black, and I believe their BP jerseys are as well.

One thing I also like are the unique number fonts, although I can’t see why they need the drop shadow. Oh well, it is Miami. It’s hard to tell from this screen grab, but it appears the orange tops may be drop-shadowless. Maybe.

So, they’ve got a new uniform set, a new stadium, a new city-name…and it looks like they’re trying to make a big splash in the free agent market. Reports are they met with and offered contracts to both Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes. In fact, by the time you read this, Reyes may be a Marlin. These are not your father’s Marlins, no sir.

Overall, I’d give the uniforms a B+. Not because they’re great, but because they’re much more reflective of South Florida — the boldly colored “M” and wordmark are certainly unique without being completely overboard, and even though I hate softball tops, I hope to see that orange alt as often as possible next season. Good job, Miami Miamis, you’ve done South Florida proud.


67274162All Hands on Deck…

Yesterday afternoon, the Tar Heels and Spartans hooked up in a camouflage-themed duel atop a carrier deck.

If that wasn’t surreal enough, the game was kicked off by Commander-in-Chief, who watched the game with First Lady Michelle Obama. It was all part of the Veterans Day festivities that featured the number one ranked Tar Heels and Spartans playing on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

Say what you will about the unnecessary gimmicky uniforms or the long sleeves (it was outdoors, ya know), this was quite possibly the most beautiful outdoor playground most of us will ever see. I was just hoping that someone would see if they could kick the ball into the water. No such luck.

I bet Roy Williams (pictured with some guy who looks familiar) could have done it with those steel-toed boots.

Lots and lots more photos here and here.

Some good closeups of the uniforms (prior to the game being played) in the video below:


50 Years Ago This Week50 Years Ago…This Weekend

Back again with Rick Pearson who is here to bring us his look at the featured ABC television college football matchup from 50 years ago. As always, Rick documented the game via his “kid cards”. Here’s Rick to tell us about it.


Nov. 11, 1961…Minnesota at Iowa

Wk9 61 Card

How ‘bout that. Gophers the one and only TV game two weeks in a row, this time against the other Big Team powerhouse. … Gophers changed their road unis as much as anyone, switching to gold pants and adding UCLA jersey stripes/loops. … Not a bad idea; their first roads with that set were a tad nondescript. … Iowa in their typical Iowa look, using the standard template that had been employed by the Steelers, Packers, Oklahoma, Michigan State and plenty of others (including Minnesota) in the early 1950s. … The players? HB Bill Munsey was drafted by the Detroit Lions, but spent four seasons with the B.C. Lions. … Cloyd Webb? Oh, man, one of my favorite college players ever. … Played DE, too, cuz most players still played on both sides of the ball. … Drafted by Bears and Bills; signed with Bills but also ended up in CFL. … Had short career that included a few games for Winnipeg and then a year or two with Hamilton.


Great job, once again, Rick. Loved your “painting” of Cloyd Webb!


all sport uni tweaksUni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with Adam Walter, who takes a comical look at the Winter Classic…


If the NFL got to design the jerseys for the NHL Winter Classic



Next up is Jordan Woodson, with the first of some Tar Heel tweaks:

First, modified UNC sweatback. The sweatbacks are bad, but if UNC had to do them, they could have at least used some design sense in the pattern used. Simplified it, and made it more ‘classic’… if that is possible.

Second, UNC procombats. Not much to it here, just using some sublimated argyle.

Third, a mock of a potential UNC digital camo, similar to the ones possible leaked for Mich. St for the upcoming Carrier Classic.


And closing down today is Andy Miller, who also has some UNC concepts:

Hey Phil,

Love the site. I have some concepts for The University of North Carolina’s football program. For years I’ve thought that North Carolina has had an opportunity to use their classic basketball uniform designs on the football uniforms, in order to bring some symmetry to the jerseys of the university’s major programs. The part that stands out the most on North Carolina’s basketball jerseys is, of course, the side inserts with the diamonds. So, I transferred those to the football uniforms and added an alternate uniform that incorporates the school’s use of navy blue in their colors.

The jerseys follow the same pattern for home, away and alternate. White helmets, white face masks, for a cleaner look. (Though, I don’t have it illustrated, they would have one of the old school Carolina logos on the side… either the Tarheel foot, or the Old School Ram, both of which I’ve included), and each jersey has the side insert with the diamond-design.

– Andy Miller


Thanks fellas. Back with more tomorrow.


Benchies HeaderBenchies

by Rick Pearson


Ah, Ol’ Eddie, he knew ye well…

11-12-11 d-thorpe

And the full-size.


Got a funny E-mail yesterday, making a prediction for tomorrow’s “5 & 1.” Dig:

I’ve gone to the trouble of predicting the 5 & 1 for tomorrow’s games.

5, in no particular order:
-Tulane and whoever they are playing
-Random SEC match-up and/or
-A couple teams with stripes
-Two teams with nothing special about their uniforms or full of grey
-Two teams that actually look good

1. Maryland/Notre Dame, even though…

Terp Tracker: Best uniform of the season

-Rex Henry

Thanks Rex. Perhaps you can fill in for Jim every week some time.


That’s going to do it for today folks. For anyone who isn’t aware, we’re having the annual Uni Watch gathering today at Sheep Station in beautiful downtown Brooklyn, in the Park Slope section, from 2:00 till whenever. C’mon down if you’re around, get yourself a Uni Watch sticker (right after you watch the Penn State/Nebraska game–I’m not sure, but that one might be somewhat interesting), and have a drink with this guy. And if you didn’t get a chance to check out yesterday’s post, give it a read. Paul gives us a preview of the special uniform Notre Dame will be wearing today — and he’ll be bringing it down to Sheep Station (yet another reason to stop by). See (some of) you in a few hours.


“Penn State Football Promo Box includes:

1) Stop Snitchin’ T-shirt
2) Bucket of sand (to bury one’s head in)
3) “See no evil, Hear no Evil, Say no Evil” monkey figurines made in China”

–The Ratner Factor


And now, your moment of zen: