And So It Goes...A Thank You To All


By Phil Hecken

Well, dear readers — we’ve arrived at the last Thursday in August — which means this is my last weekday lede (at least until Paul’s next vacation or next Summer, whichever comes first), and I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for your support and for bearing with me these past four weeks. It’s been a fun ride, but I for one (and I’m sure many of you) am glad it’s over.* I am still amazed that for eleven months out of the year, day-in and day-out, Paul is able to provide amazing content for all of us to enjoy. It ain’t easy.

* (I’ll still be back tomorrow, but the lede will come from Morris Levin, who has been gracious enough to provide a segment for us every Friday during Paul’s sabbatical — Thanks, Morris!).

I’d like to thank all those who submitted columns during the month (and there are actually a few I didn’t get to — those will probably come on the weekends), and one I’d actually hoped to run today (a really GREAT column), but unfortunately the timing just didn’t happen.

I also want to offer my thanks to Johnny Ek, for taking a couple of my weekends while I tended to the weekday store, Brinke, for his “Collector’s Corner” every Tuesday, and especially Garrett McGrath and Mike Chamernik — the Uni Watch “interns.” Their invaluable assistance with the tickers during the month has been a tremendous help. Great work, all of you.

And I’d especially like to thank our leader, Paul, for having the faith in me to handle the month (not just for 2014, but for the past four or five years) while he takes a much-deserved break. The time off allows him to pump out some killer ESPN columns and recharge his batteries as we gear up for a great fall…

Speaking of the autumn…

I have once again assembled a great lineup of special segments and experts who’ll bring you many features in the coming months. First and foremost, I’m pleased to announce that Terry “TJ” Duroncelet will be back with his awesome “Sunday Morning Uni Watch” segment. That’s always a huge hit. Joining TJ will be Catherine Ryan, who’ll be returning for the “5 & 1″ segment (and she’ll likely be joined by a couple of guests also providing a 5 & 1 over the coming weeks), and Tim E. O’Brien, who’ll be back with the “Duck Tracker” (and also a few other teams).

I also be back with Rob Holecko, who has firmly established the “UWFFL” will be back for another run, and Alex Rocklein will return with his “MLB Playoff Uni Tracker.” Of course, there will still be the colorizations and concepts, plus some new contests and other special sections.

I’m also pleased to introduce a new collaborator, Alex Gerwitz, who will be bringing us the “EPL Tracker.” What’s that, you ask? Well, let me introduce Alex and let him tell you all about it:

. . .

Hello fellow Uni Watchers,

There have been many great uni tracking projects over the years, but, surprisingly, I’ve never seen one for the English Premier League. This is meant to be a simple 3-color graphic showing shirt, shorts, and sock combinations for each match. If you want to see the actual uniforms…er, “kits”, you can find them all in the official Premier League handbook.


Thanks, Alex. And since the Premier League is already in full play, here is how the EPL tracker will work (click either image to enlarge):

EPL Week One
Week One

EPL Week Two
Week Two

. . .

But mostly, I want to thank all the Uni Watch readers and contributors for their support — that’s why we’re all here and what makes this blog so great. I can’t speak for Paul, but I know I couldn’t do it without you. You’re all aces.

And finally, this fall I will be (finally) completing my “Capstone” (basically a Masters’ Thesis), and it’s on a subject that has been a touchy one on Uni Watch for the past several years — the possible (probable?) renaming of the Washington Football team. If you would like to be considered for an interview on this topic (only serious queries) — I would love to talk to you. You can be for or against the renaming (I’m looking to hear both sides of the issue). If you have an interest (especially if you are a Native or a member of the media), please drop me a line.

OK, I’ve babbled on enough — I’ll be “back” tomorrow with one last post, then I kick off the weekends starting September 6th — and I can promise you you will NOT want to miss that one.

So, now I will turn the blog over to Paul, who has a few words himself.


And now a few words from Paul: The New Yorker runs a weekly contest in which readers are invited to supply the caption to a blank cartoon. This week’s cartoon, shown above, is uni-related, so it would be great if a Uni Watch reader ended up as the winner. Submit your entries here.

And as long as I have you here:

• I’ve written a new ESPN piece about the Blues’ new uniforms — check it out here.

• In case you missed it yesterday, my annual NFL season preview is now available over at ESPN.

• While we’re at it, my college football season preview, which was posted on Monday, is available here.

• You can still order a Uni Watch 15th-anniversary patch here.

• Uni Watch memberships are, as always, available here.

• I was in Chicago last weekend for a wedding, and while I was there I finally had the pleasure of meeting intern Mike Chamernik (and his lovely girlfriend, Stephanie) in person:


Great to finally shake your hand, Mike — thanks for all your hard work and contributions to the site.

I also met up with Uni Watch reader Jordan Cutler, who’s part of the family that owns the landmark Chicago hot dog emporium Superdawg. He treated me and my friends Tim and Karen to free food and great stories (that’s Jordan in the center and Tim on the left, all three of us wearing the same sneakers; click to enlarge):


Thanks so much for your hospitality, Jordan — and don’t forget to follow up on those illustrations we discussed!

My Chicago trip also included a trip to my friend Bob’s audio master studio, where I saw something very, very cool:

• Speaking of cool, a few days ago I was at a bar that had a little ritual I’d never seen before:

Okay, that’s enough for today. Tomorrow is the last day of my annual August sabbatical from the blog — I’ll be taking the site back on Saturday. check that, Johnny Ek will handle this weekend, and I’ll take the site back on Monday. Mega-thanks to Phil, Garrett, Mike, Ek, Morris, and all the other contributors who’ve kept things humming this month — you’re the best.


Garrett McGrath - CroppedAnd now…a few words from Garrett McGrath

In 1989, three events would come to define NYC: the Central Park Jogger attack, the murder of Yusef Hawkins, and the election of the city’s first and only black mayor.

I discuss how these events unfolded and what they mean to us today in my article for The Wilson Quarterly.

Please check it out and share.



Mike's QOTW

Mike Chamernik’s…

Question of the Week

Every Thursday Intern Mike Chamernik poses a uniform-related question to the readership. Here’s today’s:

. . .

The other night I was looking into the team nicknames for some of the Chicago-area high school teams I cover. Normally, I run across a lot of standards, like the “Warriors,” “Wolves,” “Bulldogs” and “Wildcats,” but Genoa-Kingston had a gem. Their teams are known as the “Cogs.” The Cogs! I love it.

The nickname is unique without being gimmicky, and I enjoy the technical, automotive theme. I like that each player is known as a Cog – a part that makes the team as a whole run smoothly.

What are some of your favorite high school, college or minor league team nicknames, and why?


Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Interesting detective story today from Jason Loomis:

Hey there,

I’ve been a long time reader of your site and big time Brewers fan. I have about 20 or so Brewers authentics in my collection. A few years ago, i sent in a pic of me in full throwback pinstripe uniform and you ran it on your site. Got a pretty cool response from other readers.

Anyways, on to my point here. I’ve long wondered what Prince Fielder has stitched on the inside of his jersey up near the top button. I’ve included pics from all 3 of his teams. I mostly noticed it of course watching him here in Milwaukee. Either way, at Miller Park this past weekend i found a game issued jersey from 2011 of his in a sale the team store was doing. Of course it had the patch, so i looked at it and found it says “Success”. I think thats amazing that he has that in there, and wonder if he changes it up or not. Either way it’s a cool uni detail that im not sure was ever covered on your site. If it was, my mistake.

Thanks for the time and keep up the great work!

Jason Loomis

Click on any images below to enlarge:

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy

photo 3(5) photo 1(8)

photo 2(8)

And BOOM. Thanks for sharing, Jason!

OK, now onto the ticker…


Today’s Ticker was written and compiled by Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Here’s a color shot of the Phillies’ usher unis in this 1970 brochure (from Jonathan Daniel). … “Check out this screenshot of Kirk Gibson playing for the Michigan State Spartans,” says Ross Yoshida. “It shows him wearing 2-in-1 stirrup socks! I had no idea those things existed way back then as they didn’t really gain traction in MLB until the late 80s/early 90s.” … The Cubs called up Jorge Soler the other day, and he will be the first player in team history to wear No. 68. … Paul was at last night’s Mets game and spotted three fans wearing three different David Wright jerseys, all with incorrect NOB styles.

NFL News: A Seahawks fan has the team’s logo on his glass eye (from Brinke). … Here’s a look at how NFL teams found their brand footing (from Brinke). … Someone at the website will design unis for your fantasy team for $5. Several members of Justin Cliburn’s league got their teams mocked up, and here are some of the best results. …The Packers quarterbacks wore all-denim outfits to their Welcome Back luncheon. Aaron Rodgers looks stunning in a denim fedora and bolo tie! (from Dennis McMillan).

College & High School Football News: New field design for UConn (from Phil). … West Virginia will go all-white versus Alabama in its season-opener. … Looks like this Nike graffiti slogan will be all over Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium this season (from Thomas Hack). … USF is an Under Armour school, but that didn’t stop coach Willie Taggart from posting a photo with a Nike-clad Bulls fan to Facebook back in May (from Josh Claywell). … Lost Lettermen graded the new college football unis (from Phil). … Looks like Oregon State will wear white helmets for the Beavers’ home opener this weekend (from Andrew Edwards). … Texas A&M might wear all-white tonight, too (from Phil). … Boston College’s football equipment staff has its own Twitter account and they posted a shot of the crew getting the helmets ready. Can’t miss the Under Armour logo in the foreground, though (from Andrew Muccigrosso). … Florida State will wear helmet stickers for the Kidz1stFund. … New helmets for Abilene Christian (from Phil). … “Vanderbilt marketing put out a pic to show what they are wearing [today],” says William Edge. “However on the actual new black helmets, the back bumper is black, not white. Also the star “V” on the pants is on the side, not on the front of the hip as shown in the photo. Sloppy work.” … Murray State has a new helmet, complete with a cool racing stripe, and new home jerseys. The team switched logos and is wearing the alternate logo on the sleeve. This news comes from Zach Bogard, a punter for the Racers. How about that for a first-hand source? … “Here’s a pic tweeted out by a player for Las Vegas’ Bishop Gorman of its helmet to be worn this weekend against Anaheim, Calif.’s Servite,” says Jeff Seals. “This is what they wore last week against Arizona’s Brophy Prep. They’re the Oregon of high school football.”

Hockey News: Darin Wernig wrote a book on the history of St. Louis hockey, titled “Gateway City Puckchasers.” Cool stuff! The book will be on sale in late November but you can preorder here. … “The Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey League posted on its Facebook page today the players’ head-and-shoulders photos for the upcoming season,” says Mike McLaughlin. “Some of the new, official photos show CCM branding on the sweaters while some don’t have any front branding. Interestingly enough, in pictures from training camp earlier this month the sweaters have Reebok wordmark branding (some on the front, some on the back).”

NBA News: A shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, specializes in selling outdated Knicks and Rangers apparel (from Phil). Very interesting. Related: I just bought a LeBron Noche Latina “El Heat” shirt-jersey on clearance. … Lammert Wijnsma made some awesome personal logos for Nerlens Noel and Andrew Wiggins. … Wiggins took some photos in his new T-Wolves uni the other day (from Phil). … Brinke reports that Chris Paul’s new Jordan shoes have a Chevron logo on the bottoms, in honor of Paul’s grandfather. This reminds me of my favorite SportsCenter piece ever, and the reason I’ve been a CP3 fan since 2002. Yes, it’s dusty in here.

Soccer News: Watford’s new away kit is a throwback to what the club wore in 1914 (from Graham Clayton). … During the Steaua-Ludogorets UEFA Champions League match today, Ludogorets goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov was redcarded in the last minute of extra time. As Ludogorets had no substitutes left, they were forced to use defender Cosmin Moti for the last minute and then the shootout. As goalkeepers have to wear a separate-colored jersey, but Moti did not have his own, he had to borrow one from substitute goalkeeper Ivan Cvorovic, which of course had Cvorovic’s NOB (thanks to Gregory Koch).

Grab Bag: A study found that tennis outfits impact on-court results (from Phil). … Fashion retailing company Zara scrapped selling kids shirts that looked like concentration camp uniforms (from Brinke). … The captains from teams in the 2014-15 Aviva Premiership — England’s top pro rugby union league — have great socks (from Scott Sidor). … Here’s an NFL Films video of the original National Lacrosse League from 1975. “Wood sticks, short shorts, modified helmets,” says Chase Martin. … Jeremy Brahm found a bunch of Korean cartoons for different sports. “I think that it is from the Korean Olympic Committee and it has all of the sports with a graphic,” he says. … The Carlton Blues wore their throwback jumper a few AFL matches this season to celebrate 140 years of Aussie Rules football. The fans liked the look so much that the club is considering reviving the historic guernsey and logo (from Leo Strawn, Jr.). … I was on Reddit last night and I came across this great short tale about a Samburu tribesman in a Nike commercial.


Everyone have a great Thursday. Catch you tomorrow.

Are you ready for some football?


.. … ..

“Boise State claims its trademark covers all non-green football fields… I would love to see someone install a red or yellow field without seeking Boise State’s permission. Something tells me Boise’s trademark doesn’t extend quite as far as they want people to think it does.”



Ti-Cats New Third is Stealthy

Hamilton Ti Cats splash

By Phil Hecken

First up: Paul has a new ESPN Column coming today — it’s the highly-anticipated NFL Uniform Preview Edition. Here’s the column.

Now then — We’re about 3/4ths of the way through with the Canadian Football League unveiling their alternate (or third) or “Signature” uniforms, and yesterday the Hamilton Tiger Cats unveiled theirs.

As threatened promised, our Canadian Football expert, Mike Styczen, reviewed the first set of thirds here, and the Montreal Alouettes here. He’s back today to give us the rundown on the next team to unveil, the Ti-Cats.

Here’s Mike:

. . .

Hamilton Tiger Cats New Third Uniform
By Mike Styczen

The Hamilton Tiger Cats released their Signature Series uniforms on Tuesday. They’ll wear what they’re calling their “stealth” look on Monday in the Labour Day classic against Toronto – though the bigger question in Hamilton right now is “where is the game going to be played”.

Let’s take a look at the uniforms (click on any photo to enlarge):

Ti Cats 24 Ti Cats 15

Ti Cats 4 Ti Cats 18

The new set looks an awful lot like B.C.’s set. The body of the jersey is a gray so dark it might as well be black, the shoulders and pants are black. The trim, including the names, numbers, and striping on the jerseys and pants, is yellow.

Ti Cats 1 Ti Cats 19

The team’s leaping tiger logo is rendered almost invisibly in grey on the shoulders of the jersey, and on the right side of the helmet. The left side of the helmet has the uniform number in yellow.

Ti Cats 5 Ti Cats 10

Ti Cats 12 Ti Cats 16

The motto “Tigertown” is stitched inside the collar (though I didn’t see any pictures of this). The use of that motto seems a little weird to me – I would have thought they’d use Hamilton’s pretty well-established motto which dates back to the 1920s.

While the Tiger Cats usual home look is black over yellow, they have worn monochrome black in the past.

So of all the CFL Signature Series releases so far, this set is the closest to a team’s usual look. There’s nothing too offensive about this set, but nothing too memorable either.

. . .

Thanks, Mike. He and I will be back with the last of the unveilings after they occur.


cornholio The Great Cornhole-io Maker

You fine readers may recall a little over a week ago I included an item in the “Too Good For The Ticker” section which detailed some amazing cornhole boards by Andrew Nash. I was fascinated by them, and I followed up with Andrew to find if he had any more, what was his impetus for making them, etc. A few readers even asked me if they were for sale.

Andrew was very obliging and yes, he does have more — plenty more (which I will show you below) and a nice story to go with them. First, here’s a few of his other boards (click on any photo to enlarge):

Current Broncos Final Throwback Broncos Final
Left: Current Broncos. Right: Throwback Broncos.

Harper Final Strasburg Final
Left: Bryce Harper Nationals. Right: Stephen Strasburg Nationals.

NY Rangers Final GoT
Left: New York Rangers. Right: Game of Thrones.

RG3 Final

. . .

Amazing right?

Here’s a quick “Q&A” with the artist I did:

Uni Watch: These cornhole boards are incredible. As you know from my “TGFTT” section, I never played cornhole, not even once. Did you grow up with the game?

Andrew Nash: Actually, no. I didn’t have any exposure to “cornhole” growing in upstate NY. It was a foreign concept to me until I moved to Virginia where I quickly gained an interest in it. After a while I started looking to buy my own set but then realized it’d be cheaper for me to make my own.

UW: Ugh. Upstate — I went to school upstate. And no, even in the dark ages when I went, there was no cornhole then. But I digress. Have you always had this artistic bent?

AN: I’ve always been artistic, so once I assembled the boards I had to find a way to paint them so I could personalize them. I couldn’t decide on what design I should have for my first boards, my hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY is not a hot-bed of your typical design inspiration (college sports), and I wanted them to be unique so I chose my favorite TV show, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as my first set. I’m not especially proud of that first set, but enough people had interest that I made a few more sets for some friends.

UW: I consider Poughkeepsie to be upstate, but I didn’t think the people who lived there did. Nice you recognize that (I kid, I kid). Did you get “better” with each new set of boards?

AN: I’ve learned something new from every set I’ve made (from design to planning to execution) and part of my enjoyment comes from finding the best way to do it.

UW: Just a hobby, or do you do these things “professionally”?

AN: Right now, it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time for people just to blow off some steam and do something different than my regular job. Having the opportunity to make something cool and be artistic is really just a bonus.

UW: So, they’re not for sale?

AN: As for being for sale, these are all ones I made for friends and family. I can (and am currently for the Notre Dame boards) get in touch with the people who have them to see if they’re interested in selling. I’m not really in this for “business” but I’m not opposed to helping people start their own projects or even doing one for them. The problem is that I’m not a carpenter in any sense of the word so I have little confidence in providing these as commercial products and I’d charge more than most are willing to pay.

UW: Heh. That’s good common sense. And if people are willing to pay for your services, then you need to be properly compensated! OK, anything else before we close?

AN: I really wanted to thank Uni Watch, especially you, Phil, for providing me the opportunity to share something I’m passionate about with the world. Thanks!

UW: No, thank you for sharing them with us!

If you’d like to get in touch with Andrew about his cornhole boards, you can send him an e-mail here. And be sure to wish him a happy belated birthday — it was yesterday!


Texans Mock - Contest ReminderDesign Contest Reminder

In case you missed it, I’m hosting a WFL Design Contest. All the rules and instrux are in the link…

…but if you don’t want to click there it’s pretty basic: If the World Football League hadn’t folded in 1975, and the League were still active today, what would the teams’ uniforms look like in 2014? Click the link for more details. Deadline is September 1, and you can send all your submissions to me:

Should be a fun contest, so if you are a concepter or designer, give it a whirl!



Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Neat little DIY project from David Westfall today:


I started a little DIY project for myself last week and thought I’d share. As one of my hobbies I collect mini football helmets. My two favorite teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Houston Texans. Someone asked me if there was a ‘half-and-half’ helmet. After searching the internet I saw that there wasn’t, so I decided to make it myself. As you can see, I took a Husker helmet and sprayed it blue for the Texans (only needed one can of paint, you see). I painted the right side because on the back of the helmet (Nebraska side) was the little WARNING sticker that they put on helmets saying, “This is not to be used as a weapon,” etc. I wanted it to look as authentic as possible. After ordering the Texans sticker (which I did AFTER I had painted) I realized the bull head was facing the wrong direction. So, technically the helmet is wrong, but again, I thought I’d share.


Click on any images below to enlarge:




Thanks for sharing, Dave! That came out really well.

OK, now onto the ticker…


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Slump buster? “Since coming off the DL a couple of weeks ago, Edwin Encarnacion has has little success at the plate,” writes Marc Bauche. “In (Mon)day’s game vs. the Red Sox, he switched to the extremely neon day-glo Nike Vapor cleats and hit a clutch 2-out, 2-run, game-tying double in the 9th. Coincidence? … Reader Jeremy (last name withheld by request) recently visited the Ashland Highlands Museum and found some interesting unis there. “One is from a little league team, which I really enjoyed because my little league team just had shirtzees,” he says. “Anyway, they had several baseball jerseys from locals who made it big including an umpire but the picture didn’t take very well due to poor lighting.” … Orioles fans apparently don’t think the Opening Day tribute to Paul Blair was enough, so they have taken matters into their own hands with a grassroots movement to honor the eight-time Gold Glove outfielder with plans for a simple display of tribute on Sept. 12, when the Orioles face the New York Yankees. … Yesterday was National Dog Day, so Bruce Menard posted this gorgeous photo of the 1916 Cleveland Indians on the Twitter. Also from Bruce: 1909 Hall of Fame Pitcher Rube Waddell with the St. Louis Browns Mascot … Speaking of gorgeous photos, check out this 1909 Pittsburg Pirates poster, Champions of the National League (submitted by Jonathan Daniel). And one more “dog” day photo, from Todd Radom: Satchel Paige & friend, teaming up for the St. Louis Browns. … The Brewers latest giveaway is a Team Selfie t-shirt designed with “input from Carlos Gomez.” … The Pirates’ Gerrit Cole went high cuffed last night. Says submitter Coleman Mullins “Not a great blousing job, but still better than pajamas!” Also, there seemed to be some kind of foreign substance on his pants (via Luke Gillespie). … Pitch a perfecto, get a “Perfect Game Ring.” Check out Dallas Braden’s bling (h/t Sean Sheep Cheng).

NFL News: Mmmmm…nice: Check out this vintage Sports Illustrated cover art showing Fran Tarkenton, by Bob Peak (h/t to Sully). … Wow: Check this pic of Bob Griese wearing a Dolphin helmet with no logo on it (from Kenn Tomasch). Kenn adds, “This is from a slideshow of Griese on the ‘Fins’ site right now.” And from that same batch, Jake Scott also wearing a logo-less Dolphin helmet. … Apparently these are the toys in Happy Meals (via Gerardo Garcia). … Remember those really bad ugly x-mas sweaters that came out a while ago? Well, here’s a good one. Samuel Lam discusses that, here. … The Baltimore Ravens have switched their Quarterback “No contact” practice jersey from red to black (via murph1019).

College & High School Football News: Angelo State is changing its home uniforms from this to this, at least for one game (thanks to Dennis Jones). … Check out this gorgeous Ohio State program cover, paying tribute to the 1968 Mexico City Olympics! (via Chris Holmes). … Looks like Penn State will be keeping their NOBs for the 2014 season. … The “Quick Lane Bowl” will feature a matchup between teams from the B1G & the ACC (via @so_it_gohs). What the hell is the “Quick Lane Bowl” you ask? Now you know. … Here is a link to an interesting site produced by Oregonian Newspaper/OregonLive that has a comprehensive list of Oregon uniforms since 1997. Says submitter Todd Hawes, “A Duck fan could spend hours on the site…like me. ;) Anyway they are missing the best uniforms in Oregon’s history, the 1994-95 Rose Bowl year classics.” … There’s a new turf field at Tupelo HS (home of the Golden Wave). According to submitter Michael Martin, “They had to request permission from Boise State.” … Vanderbilt Head Coach, Derek Mason, had his first game-week press conference. They had the new matte black helmet on display along the white helmet. Says Trés Lawless, “It appears that they have taken (off) the black and gold stripes. It’s unclear what the texture of it is. IMO I liked the stripes, but we’ll see.” … Check out this “BigGameUSA” football that will be used in the Navy vs. THE OSU game. … SMU has added kevlar fortified liners to their helmets. More here. … Gradient numbers seem to be catching on in Kentucky. This is the Lincoln County High School football team (from Josh Claywell). … Have the Ole Miss Rebels officially changed their nickname to Mole Miss? (h/t Josh Mazur). … Holy Moly! Check out these crazy Orange Bowl goalposts from the 1940s (nice find by Bob Gassel). … Northwestern State football will wear white at home for the first time since 1968.

NBA & College Hoops News: And now it’s official. Kevin Love officially takes number “0″ (h/t Will Lombard). … Sports Illustrated’s “FanSided” has an interesting write up of who has college basketball’s best home court. Interestingly, the rankings seem to be by best win percentage, not best court (or place to see a game, aesthetics, atmosphere, etc.). … Interesting uniforms that Slovenia was wearing yesterday against USA hoops. Here’s some video if you’re interested. … Texas A&M has new basketball uniforms.

Hockey News: The Courrier-Post asks, “Will the Flyers’ new uniforms mirror the Winter Classic jerseys?” According to the article, the buzz is that the unis will have orange pant stripes similar to those worn in the 2012 Winter Classic game.

Soccer News: adidas has launched a Yamamoto-designed Real Madrid third kit (h/t Michael Ehrlich). According to adidas, “The striking new all-black kit aims to unify the values of Madridismo focused on its two main elements, greatness and determination. Both elements are represented by two mythical beasts which originate from the Eastern culture and are interlaced on the front of the shirt. Dragon king symbolizes the greatness, glory and power of the club and Dragon bird, an animal that is able to relive in the most hostile situations, represents the clubs resistance, determination and agility on its way to the victory.” Here’s some more on that (via Yusuke Toyoda). … Michael Richardson sends in this article which looks at the goalkeeper gloves worn by English soccer players. … From last weekend’s game, but apparently, Liverpool has introduced skinny ties to its game day apparel (thanks to Yusuke Toyoda).

Grab Bag: This is kinda cool: A book about the blazers worn by rowing clubs at the Henley Royal Regatta (sent in by Kevin Mueller). “The Henley has its roots in the London social season and used to prohibit “laborers” from entering. Teams are expected to turn out in blazers and colors specific to their clubs when not actually racing,” he adds. … New Rugby kits for the Guinness Pro 12 2014/15 season (via Adam Ingle). … Metro, the DC area transit agency, has a tradition of giving out pennants at the groundbreakings and openings of new stations, notes Scott Szymendera. He adds, “This tradition which began with the system’s groundbreaking in 1969 continues to this day as pennants were handed out on the opening day of the new Silver Line last month. The Washington Post has all the details and great pictures of the old pennants. Metro’s pennants way predate the Silver Line (which is a month old already!) Sadly, the most recent pennant is also the most boring of the lot.” … Reader Bernd Williams read a press release in which a company has “managed to take the scourge the of all-caps COMPANY NAME that to the next level.” What level is that? The bolding level: “Deltatre produce data and graphics solutions for various sports rights holders. Actually, that’s “deltatre” to you and me. Bolding intentional.” He asks, somewhat incredulously, “How could anyone possibly think this was a good idea?” … Retailers like Abercrombie and Aeropostale are struggling because “Teens no longer want to be bedecked in the logo-emblazoned T-shirts and sweatshirts that rocketed these companies to success in the early 2000s.” (from Yusuke Toyoda). … I’m not a big sneaker guy, but this article on Nike’s Tinker Hatfield and his ‘tennis legacy’ is pretty interesting. And here’s a photo of Roger Federer’s Air Jordan III-Inspired tennis sneakers at the U.S. Open. And Fed’s opponent last evening, Marinko Matosevic, was wearing a sideways Red Sox hat embroidered with “MARINKO.” (h/t Victoria Chiesa). … “Interesting article I came across,” says Logan Irons. “As you can gather from the name of the link, a couple is trying to pay for their wedding via corporate sponsorships.” … New uniforms for the Japanese national Rugby 7s teams (from Pacific Rim correspondent Jeremy Brahm). Men are the top two and women are the bottom two.


And that’s going to do it for the last Hump Day in August. Where did the time go?

Don’t forget to check back here as I’ll have a link for Paul’s NFL preview column when it goes live. Big thanks to Andrew for the insight into his cornhole boards, and to Dave for sharing his DIY skills on the mini-helmet. You guys have a great day and I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Kids will always like shiny stuff. Though I wept a little tear for the English language here:

‘The team’s Shamrock Series jerseys are more unique’.”



Mo' Better Blues...A Very Positive Note

Mo' Better Blues hed

By Phil Hecken

Last evening, to much fanfare, the St. Louis Blues unveiled new jerseys, and boy — did they score the proverbial hat trick with these beauties.

Let’s take a look, shall we? (Click on most photos to enlarge).

First the homes:


Oshie_Blue_BluesJerseys2210_slide Oshie_Blue_BluesJerseys2206_slide Oshie_Blue_BluesJerseys2222_slide

And now the roads:

Petro_White_BluesJerseys2148_slide Petro_White_BluesJerseys2164_slide

Petro_White_BluesJerseys2176_slide Petro_White_BluesJerseys2186_slide

And if you want, a short video.

Definitely a winner there. For those of you who don’t follow hockey (or have short memories), this is what the homes and roads looked like up until last night. Not only did they have the piping and cut known as the “Bettman Bib,” the rear of the blue jerseys had this annoying white stripe, which seemed to serve no purpose other than to highlight the “Reebok” logo. Likewise, the white jerseys had the same design, only using a dark blue stripe. The new sweaters eliminate this noxious element.


In fact, these new jerseys look like more of a harkback to what the Blues wore from 1998 through 2007 (before Reebok introduced the “Edge” template):

StLouisBlues2003-04F c473e15551e73756
Top: 1998-2007 Jerseys
Bottom: New 2014-15 Jerseys


In fact, the main difference between the new sweaters and the 1998-2006 versions appears to be a new break (white stripe on the blue jersey, blue stripe on the white jersey) on the sleeve and hem, and a slightly tweaked collar. The diagonal striping on the sleeve has also been straightened out slightly.

While not “throwbacks,” these certainly harkback nicely. Gone are all the bumpersticker of the Bettman bib-era, and these return to a simplicity of the past. A very nice return. Well done, St. Louis. Well done.


Alouettes Unveil New Third Unis

Als 3rd 1

By Mike Styczen

The Montreal Alouettes released their “signature” sets this week.

The unveiling took place at CFB Bagotville, near Montreal, as the uniforms are designed to honour the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron, the Alouettes.

Als 3rd 3 Als 3rd 2

Als 3rd 6

Als 3rd 9

The 425 Squadron has an official squadron patch and two unofficial patches. The unofficial patches form the basis for the signature helmet: three quarters of the helmet is red, and the top front quarter is blue. Very interesting looking, and very unique (and in my opinion a better look than the Calgary and Jacksonville multicolour helmets). The helmet also uses the stylized bird from the squadron patch, and in place of the ’425′ of the patch substitutes ‘MTL’.

If the rest of the uniform were as interesting, it would be a winner. Unfortunately the uniform is a drab monotone gray. The most notable features are feathers (very similar to Oregon) on the shoulders and on the legs, and some pointless sock striping.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.23.10 PM

Honestly – I could see the Alouettes staying with this helmet permanently. A blue and red helmet is (in my mind) an iconic look for them. Paired with their distinctive red, white and blue uniforms it would be a much better look than their current silver helmets with the cartoon bird.

Unlike the other teams that have revealed so far, there’s no mention of a team motto hidden anywhere in these jerseys. If they don’t find a way to use ‘je te plumerai,’ I’m going to be very disappointed.


I'm on the teamCollector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

Back in the day, I always dug seeing that “Official Licensed Product” logo. This was before EVERYTHING had a logo. It usually meant I was standing in front of an NFL Shop display at Sears, feverishly calculating what Cowboys (and later, Bengals) stuff I could scam out of my mom.

• Check the packaging on this Rawlings-made Oilers jersey — it’s got the that official Seal Of Approval. And did anyone besides me (Bengals) have one of these zip-front sweaters with the pull-ring thing, like this Falcons model? Oh, let’s toss this 1970s Falcons thermal mug in there, too.

Two KC Chiefs helmet logo thermal mugs here, too — one with the classic double-bar and the other with a lineman facemask.

• This McDonalds promo Red Sox fanny pack is also referred to as a “Butt Bag.”

• Here’s a nice Green Bay Packers poly-shell pullover from Starter — these were well made.

• Speaking of The Pack, here’s a pretty cool “NFL Heritage Series” poster for the Acme Packers.

• Are you a Cowboys fan? I had this Nike pullover that was released during their first tenure as team supplier- this is reversible and a very nice item.

• Now, do these look comfortable or what? A pair of 1980s Cubs shorts from Logo 7, the predecessor to Logo Athletic.

Pat Patriot graces this 1970s NE Patriots belt, little chipping though — with one of those enameled helmet logo plaques used as the buckle.

• Yes boys & girls, there WAS a time when Nike didn’t own the NFL. In the late 90s, Puma was allowed to put their brand on NFL merch, like this Vikes crewneck sweatshirt.

• Look at the cover on this 1960 Colts @ Niners program- does this guy look like a scary clown or what?

The seller of this auction has a few more different NFL carboard helmet displays for sale — this one is for the late 1960s Eagles look.

• This is a pretty nice looking NFL logo wall poster — the creator had to use two each for the Pats, Broncos and Bucs to make it 35 total- five rows of 7. (Wrong Jags logo, though. And the seller has a UK Yahoo address which means it’s most likely being printed in someone’s London basement, and no chance it’s an authentic item. Like so many things on The Bay.)

• A new style BP cap for the Detroit Tigers signed by Andre Dawson? Nope, a 1976 Denver Bears cap signed by Andre Dawson who played for them in ’76 (thanks to Gary Olson).


Garrett McGrath - CroppedAnd now…a few words from Garrett McGrath

In 1989, three events would come to define NYC: the Central Park Jogger attack, the murder of Yusef Hawkins, and the election of the city’s first and only black mayor.

I discuss how these events unfolded and what they mean to us today in my article for The Wilson Quarterly.

Please check it out and share.



Uni Watch News Ticker

Today’s Ticker was mostly written & compiled by Garrett McGrath

Baseball News: In case you missed this, the Toronto Blue Jays are suing the Creighton Bluejays in order to have them change their similar looking logo (from Andrew Rader). … Is this the end of humanity? To help fans deal with their 4th straight losing season, the Minnesota Twins are giving away limited edition Zubaz pants at their Friday, September 19th game against the Cleveland Indians (from Graden Claassen). … “I went to the Cubs game on Friday for Kerry Wood bobblehead day and was struck immediately by what I thought was a stunning lack of detail: Wood didn’t appear to have a belt on,” says Jordan Mayblum. “Upon further investigation (the bobble was from his 20 K game), I found that every picture shows his jersey overlapping and obscuring his belt. So it’s really more stunning attention to detail. Thought I’d share.” … Curtis Granderson wore a Great Lakes Little League jersey in tribute to the Jackie Robinson West team (thanks, Paul). … Here’s a fantastic look at the evolution of the A’s logo (from Todd Radom). Also from Todd, this tidbit: The Philadelphia A’s played more than 8,000 games from 1901-54, but only wore “Athletics” on their unis for one season — their last.

NFL News: Are decorated thigh pads a thing? Has anyone else seen other players wearing them? … At least three people wore hybrid Redskins/Ravens jerseys to the preseason game on Saturday (from Tommy Turner). … After losing the rights for several years, Tudor Games is back to selling NFL uniforms for their electric football games (from Jim Vilk). … Part 1 in a series of in-depth looks at the history of the Carolina Panthers uniforms during their 20 year existence (from Jeremy Baker).

College Football News: Article explaining why Under Armour went conservative in their design of Notre Dame’s football jerseys (thanks, Paul). … Vanderbilt will wear black matte helmets at their opening game of the season (thanks, Phil). … The University of Pennsylvania added a fourth uniform for the upcoming season, a gun metal gray jersey with matching pants and red and blue down the sleeves (thanks, Phil). Here’s another shot, and one more. … The Idaho State new uniform has leaked online (thanks, Phil). … The Oklahoma Sooners are going to wear “traditional” uniforms for their home opener on Saturday (thanks, Phil). … “While there has been no official showing of Louisiana’s new uniforms, they do have this design on the posters, as well as they wore these uniforms to fan day Sunday,” writes Devin Porche “I just wanted to help you update the Ragin Cajun’s uniform situation.” … Is Iowa State going camo? The twittersphere is pretty sure those are ‘shopped (notice the player on the right in his regular red jersey, with media mulling about). Big thanks to Clint Richardson for finding that shot.

Hockey News: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum will be honored in this memorial patch that the New York Islanders will wear this season before the teams move to Brooklyn (thanks, Phil). It’ll be sad to see the team leave the old barn.

Soccer News: ESPN FC has posted a series of infographics on the kits of the Premier League. Pretty cool stuff (from Nathan Haas). … Last three from Yusuke Toyoda: Sporting Kansas City’s midfielder Benny Feilhaber wore (unofficially) the shortest shorts in MLS history. They are a new adidas prototype. … The Raith Rovers will pay tribute to WWI era teammates who fought and died in the war together with special kits. … Warrior Football, the kit manufacturer for Liverpool and Stoke City, will be re-branded as New Balance in 2015-2016.

NBA News: Great and well researched online video and article about the evolution of the Team USA Basketball jersey (thanks, Phil). Definitely worth a read and highly recommended.

Grab Bag: A New York Times article about the overuse of towels by competitors in tennis (thanks, Paul). … Yesterday, we shared information about how a hang bag manufacturer is making bags out of the Baggie wall from the old Metrodome. Turns out the company is already selling bags made from the Metrodome roof (from Patrick O’Neill). … Trek Bicycles honored retiring cyclist Jens Voight with a custom bike with unique details (from Sean Clancy). … SANFL team Glenelg has their sponsor’s name running diagonally across the yellow slash on the front of their jersey (thanks to Graham Clayton). … “The picture on Uni Watch less than a week ago about someone getting shot and killed in the stands at Polo Park triggered something else I remembered seeing,” says Will Scheibler. “From the ‘Looking Back’ article in my local paper (May 31, 2009). While it’s not completely clear in the reference that it was a ball player that got grazed by a bullet, the title of the article in one of the papers the next day (Aug 31, 1955) was “Bullet Grazes Ball Player’s Head During Game at Stadium”. I’d get the original 1955 news articles but the branch of the public library that has the local papers on microfilm is closed this week for renovations.” … Baylor Athletics’s Ferrell Center gets new hardwood floor (via @BaylorPride). So did Iowa State’s Hilton Coliseum (via Wes Peters). … adidas and Nike are promoting similar colors at the U.S. Open (h/t Cork Gaines).


And that’s it for today. In case you somehow missed it, yesterday Paul’s 2014 College Football Preview dropped over on the Mothership. Definitely worth a read. Thanks to Mike for the CFL roundup — should have another tomorrow as the Hamilton Ti-Cats will be releasing their third uni sometime today — also Brinke for the CC, and Garrett for the ticker. Make sure you give Garrett’s article a read too. OK? OK!

I’ll be back tomorrow — and so will Paul over on ESPN as his 2014 NFL Uniform Preview column will run. So be sure to check back then. You guys and gals have a lovely Tuesday.

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.. … ..

“Perhaps (the Cubs) decided to throw back to ’94 because that was the first time since 1908 they could say no other team won more World Series titles than them for that season.”

– Ryan M.


Cubs Celebrate Strike Season, Cuban Independence

Cuba hed

By Phil Hecken

First, and most important thing: Paul has his annual College Football Preview today (one of the most anticipated columns of the year). Here’s the link.

Now then. Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs continued their year-long celebration of Wrigley Field by donning their 1994 alternate jerseys, jerseys which many have said fairly resemble the Cuban national team uniforms. The year to which they were throwing back was 1994, memorable in its infamy as the Year Without A Santa Claus World Series, as that was the year a players’ strike canceled the season. It was also a forgettable season for the Cubs, who would end that year with a 49-64 record, good enough for fifth (and last) place in the newly formed National League Central Division.

As with all of their previous throwbacks, the folks at Majestic did a nice job with them. Those uniforms (or at least the jerseys) are noteworthy for three things: the 125th Anniversary of Baseball patch, the alternate “Cub” head, and the script “Cubs” which looks a LOT like “Cuba” if you look at it right. Many actually nicknamed these the “Cuba” jerseys, and even Bill Henderson had noted the similarities. Here’s a few pics from the game (click on any image to enlarge):

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 4.58.43 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 4.59.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.00.06 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.00.34 PM

Note the patches, which Majestic seemed to replicate perfectly:

1994-mlb-patch CUCO00004

Here’s what some of the original 1994 uniforms looked like:


Ninth Annual Cubs Fan Convention

Other than perhaps a desire to sell some of these jerseys to the public (and well, they were different), I am still wondering why the Cubs chose to throwback to these or to the 1994 year. The club was awful (although they did have a young Sammy Sosa — who hadn’t yet become Sammy Sosa, Mark Grace and Ryne Sandberg, among others), and the most memorable thing about 1994 was the fact that there was no World Series. I’m not even positive the Cubs wore this uniform at home in 1994 (or the entire three year run of the “script Cubs” font). The script Cubs more often was worn in gray. It was designed as a road alternate, to mimic the gray jersey. 1994 hadn’t ushered in the “softball jersey at home” epidemic we’re currently experiencing. Probably the most notable aspect of the blue top (and the gray roadie) was the fact that it bore such a strong resemblance to the Cuban National Team uniform, nicely documented below by Bill Henderson:


The Cubs’ opponent yesterday, the Baltimore Orioles, were outfitted with 1994 uniforms as well, and those looked A LOT better (a few guys even mixed eras, wearing the 1954 stirrups!):

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.01.31 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.02.03 PM Bv0u7b3IcAAxjcG.jpg_large

All told, not a bad looking game — just a really odd year to which to throwback — unless it’s for some special 20th Anniversary of which I’m not aware. You can see more photos from the game here.

Also, as a bonus, reader Matt DeLeon was at the game and took these photos. If you can’t see the slideshow, click here.

Matt adds the following observations:

“100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, going back to the strike shortened 1994 season and the infamous “Cuba” alternate jersey (Harry Caray’s term, which turned Cub nation against them from the start). The Orioles joined in and wore their 1994 Road Unis.

Most notable uni bits for me: Cubs seemed to add a white outline to the 1994 version of the angry bear patch which wasn’t there in 1994. Orioles Roads had the nice touch of the name plate. 125th anniversary patch was nice–forgot how gaudy looking it was. Many Cubs went high cuffed, with Matt Szczur wearing actual stirrups. The stripes on the Jones and Cruz socks were cool, but not reminiscent of 1994. Orioles hats were nice, but I prefer the cartoon bird. No matching “ornithologically” correct helmets for Orioles.”


colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

I usually run these on the weekends (so you weekday-only readers are in for a treat). Been holding on to these for a few weeks, so I thought today would be a good day to air them out.

Today’s colorizations all come from colorizer-extraordinaire George Chilvers, who has a few for us today:

Click on any image to enlarge:

. . .

The Football Batallion colour - George Chilvers

The Football Batallion

Hi Phil

Europe has been remembering the start of World War I this week in 1914, and this colourisation has relevance to that, and is a little tribute from me to those millions of brave men on all sides who were caught up in the chaos and carnage.

Sometimes when I do my colourisations I look at the people involved and wonder what became of them, particularly when I do photos from about 1910 to 1914. This is a sad one, I fear, but is hugely relevant and has to be done. I’ll quote from the Imperial War Museum:

“The Football Battalion

The formation of the ‘New Armies’ during World War One (1914-18) allowed footballers to enlist en masse in ‘Pals’ battalions. Clapton Orient (now Leyton Orient FC) were the first English Football League club to enlist together. Following the example of club captain, Fred Parker, around 40 players and staff volunteered. They joined the 17th (Service) Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, which was known as the ‘Football Battalion’ and soon went on to attract players from other clubs.

This photograph depicts several players from the battalion, including Richard McFadden of Orient (seated centre) who was awarded the Military Medal before being mortally wounded during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

Standing second right is Frank Bullock of Huddersfield Town and England, who survived the war. Edwin Latheron of Blackburn Rovers and England stands second from the left. He was killed in action at Passchendaele in October 1917. 17th (S) Battalion, The Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment), 1915″

Remembering is about more than wearing camo.


. . . . .

walter tull colour - George Chilvers

walter tull

Hi Phil

I notice that because of the changing responsibilities you haven’t used my picture of the “Football Battalion”, so I’ll send you a couple of others to make up a triptych of football related/WWI related colourisations. These all have a little story – and I hope you’ll forgive the lack of (football) unis per se. If you don’t think they fit into UW, then I really won’t be offended.

The first shows an ad hoc match between officers and men of the Artillery Train in Salonika in Greece on Christmas Day, 1915. On Christmas Day, 1914, on the trench lines of the Western Front British and German soldiers stopped trying to kill each other briefly, and they actually played a “kick about” of football in No Man’s Land. A number of websites use this image to illustrate the story, but as I said this is 1915, and of course no-one had a cellphone on the front line then to snap a picture or selfie of the 1914 “Christmas Day Truce”. I like the fact that in this picture they pretty well all have hats and caps – presumably there was something in King’s Regulations about being in uniform without your cap.

. . . . .

xmastruce-footballbritswin colour - George Chilvers


The second picture is of Walter Tull in Army uniform, a man who should be more widely known.

He was of mixed race, raised in an orphanage,and became a professional football with Tottenham Hotspur, becoming one of the first black/mixed race players in the Football League. However he was so strongly racially abused in one game he left them, and moved on to Northampton Town. When War came he joined up into the Football Battalion, mentioned in the first picture I sent, and during his military training was promoted three times. In May 1915 he was sent home suffering from PTSD, but in September 1916 returned to the Front, and his courage and abilities led his superiors to recommend him for officer training.

There were at the time regulations forbidding ‘any negro or person of colour’ being commissioned, but despite this he was promoted to lieutenant in 1917, and became the first black officer in the British Army, and the first black officer to lead white men into battle. He was later recommended for the Military Cross (but didn’t receive it) and was killed in action at the Somme on 25 March 1918 trying to help his men retreat. His body was never recovered.

A memorial to him has been erected at Northampton Town’s Sixfield Stadium, and there are many calls for greater recognition of this man who broke down so many walls.


. . . . .

Thanks George. Tremendous stuff, as always. Please keep them coming!


Texans Mock - Contest ReminderDesign Contest Reminder

In case you missed it, I’m hosting a WFL Design Contest. All the rules and instrux are in the link…

…but if you don’t want to click there it’s pretty basic: If the World Football League hadn’t folded in 1975, and the League were still active today, what would the teams’ uniforms look like in 2014? Click the link for more details. Deadline is September 1, and you can send all your submissions to me:

Should be a fun contest, so if you are a concepter or designer, give it a whirl!



Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: This is a new take on the current Marlins logo. Says submitter Travis Martin, “Found this gem outside the office this morning. At least they added a fish?” … Gotta love MiLB Part XXXVII: Albuquerque Isotopes’ Joc Pederson’s Car To Be Given Away Next Friday (via Jonathan Daniel). … Just what Paul will love: MLB will be using purple bats next season (see last paragraph of article), for PTSD awareness in June, 2015 (thanks to Nicholas Roznovsky). … “My friend recently ordered this Mets poster at the Topps online store,” says Eric Wright. “There is a uniform inaccuracy as Darryl Strawberry is wearing a uniform that didn’t debut until the 1988 season.” (This was worn in 1986). … Interesting baseball ‘fashion’ article on Cut4 asks, “Where do you stand on these five pressing baseball fashion debates?”, and includes such things as “High socks vs low cuffs” (get the terminology right! It’s “high cuffs” not “high socks”). Thanks to Chris Flinn and Steve Dodell for that. … Matt Larsen was watching Eight Men Out and noticed some discrepancies: “First of all the White Sox are shown with a striped cap in Cincinnati — contrary to the Dressed To the Nines website which shows Chicago wearing a striped cap only at home, solid on the road. Also, the movie shows the White Sox buttons on the road jersey going all the way down instead of down to the about the navel (I know there’s a name for that type of jersey but can’t recall it).” [I believe those are known as Henley-style shirts -- PH] … From Mike Engle (via CJ Fogler), comes this “UW moment of zen”: Eduardo Nunez, incapable of keeping his helmet on, gets homemade tape strap. … Wow! Check out this video on baseball uniform making and fashions: St Louis Cardinal manager Red Schoendienst looking at uniform drawings 1968 (great find from Todd Abramson. … Um…check out the Harrisburg Senators urinal screen. Says submitter Charlie Charnigo, “Just about the coolest logoed thing I have ever seen. Don’t know why more teams don’t do this.” … Matt Ryburn was watching yesterday’s Cubs/Orioles game, and noticed the difference in the coaches hats. “I wonder if one is an original. (The one on the left.)” … Not only have stirrups largely disappeared from MLB, they’ve left the kids game too. Check out this photo of the 1971 Indiana Little League, in old footage from the 1971 LLWS (screen grab by Gary Brackle). … On Saturday evening, Matt Adams was having issues with the STL on his helmet (nice grab by Erik Spoonmore). … Gotta love MiLB Vol 273: the Tri-City Valley Cats have a Saratoga (horse racing) themed jersey (via Dave Plante). … This is pretty bad: “Found on the wall of a Buffalo Wild Wings,” says Patrick Bombard. “Disgraceful.” … Speaking of disgraceful, are these going to be the 9/11 ‘Patriots Day’ caps? (h/t Walter Young). Update: It’s just a false alarm

NFL/CFL News: Hopefully, once the regular season starts, the incidences of biker shorts will decrease. Until then, here’s Tim Masthay flouting a pair (screen shot by Jeff Shirley). … Apparently Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has switched helmets from the regular Riddell Revolution to the Revolution Speed helmet, (from Tony Shiffman). … “Ive been in the market for an authentic Chicago Bears throwback jersey and while shopping, I noticed something peculiar about the jerseys,” says Matt Gray. “They may in fact use two different number fonts for the front of the jersey and the back of the jersey.” This concerns Matt “because of my slight OCD about authenticity but I figured I’d ask for your input since you do write for a website devoted to sports uniforms. (T)here is a difference in the 6 on the front of Jay Cutler’s jersey and the 6 of Roberto Garza’s jersey. Thoughts?” … Rob Holecko documented six instances last season where officials were still wearing the 2006-2012 font, but in yesterday’s San Diego-San Francisco game, the Head Linesman #54, is still wearing it!. This was also spotted by David Wellerstein … Also from yesterday’s 49ers/Chargers game, Jim Harbaugh is still wearing his old Super Bowl cap (from Chris Perrenot). Will Hubert thinks Harbaugh needs to stop living in the past. … The field yard numbers at Sunlife Stadium on Saturday were outlines, says Rick Edelman. He asks, “Is that a pre-season only element?” … Alex Giobbi asks, “Are the Chargers helmet stickers bigger than they were last year?” … The Ottawa Redblacks played the Calgary Stampeders yesterday, wearing their new “alternate” uniforms. There was just one problem: the Redblacks helmets (you know, the plaid ones), weren’t ready. So they wore their regular hats. Here’s what the rest of the uniform looks like.

College/High School Football News: Did you ever want to meet the fan who makes the Mississippi State cowbells? Now you can (thanks to Ryan Perkins). … Jarrod Leder was at TCF Bank Stadium the other day and “I noticed that the Gophers’ jersey font including the numbers has made its way to the scoreboard including the ridiculous serif on the top of the 4. I didn’t get a picture, but here is one from the interwebs. Note the clipped corner in the middle of the 9 and the 5.” … Interesting helmets for Mohigan football in Morgantown (from Coleman Mullins). … “My son plays football for St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs, Ca.,” says Michael Crespo. “Their mascot is the Swordsmen and they have a sword decal running down the middle with the player’s number on each side. Do you know of any other schools or teams that have a similar type of helmet with a Sword?” … Rumor around Illini fan circles has been that there is going to be a gray “Galloping Ghost” alternate football jersey for the Nike rebrand, according to Brad Kruizenga. “Well, this just went on sale on … Wow! Check out this beautiful 1935 Football Letter Sweater from Eau Claire State Teachers College, now known as UW-Eau Claire. That comes from reader Kurt Vogler, and belonged to his cousin’s grandfather. … Apparently KU will have 3 uniform choices for their season opener — none of which include blue/blue/white (via Dave Hanson). … North Texas has a new helmet; here’s what it looks like without the filter. … Eastern Washington Eagle FB players honored victims of the Oso, WA mudslide with these helmet decals. … In case you missed it, Kent State is honoring fallen teammate Jason Bitsko by wearing “54″ (his number) on their helmets. … In Saturday’s EWU Kickoff Game, the EWU quarterback had to remove his visor after referees noticed it was tinted in the 4th quarter (great spot by Coleman Mullins. … The Tulane GreenWave is going to have a float that leads them from Tailgating Village to Yulman Stadium (via Morgan Wittenberg). … The University of Houston honoring Heisman winner Andre Ware with an 11-yard line on their new field (from Chris Rodriguez). … Trés Lawless noticed that Vanderbilt freshman, Trent Sherfield, had a different helmet bumper than usual. Vandy is also expected to unveil a new helmet (and maybe full uniform) for their Thirsday opener against Temple. … Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly has a shelf containing the helmets of the teams he has coached (h/t Andrew Lind), including all of the Shamrock Series helmets, and some at the end for the Cincy Bearcats (where he coached from 2007-09).

Hockey News: In Friday’s ticker were the Alumni jerseys of the St. Louis Blues. “They read Alumni underneath the Bluenote,” notes Jeff Benton. “That was not Paul, but his father Peter Stasney taking the penalty shot in the video. They play charity games around town and even played against a nashville alum team after the March 17th game this past season in Nashville.” … The Edmonton Oilers’ AHL team, the Oklahoma City Barons, unveiled a new third jersey that seems inspired by the Oilers WHA orange/blue combination. “Not only that, but the jersey was tested last year in their ‘Barons Buddies’ auction benefiting Special Olympics Oklahoma,” notes Robert Newton. Pictures of the new alternate jersey along with the WHL jersey can be found here. A link to last year’s charity auction jersey is here. … Here is a new goalie mask for Andrew Hammond of the Ottawa Senators (from Jason Perrier).

Soccer News: Bit of a “mixing” of sponsor logos with Man U: Scott R. Jamison “thought it a bit odd” that Manchester United players were sporting the Chevrolet logo on their jerseys, but the coaching staff were sporting Aon logos. … More on Man U from Laurence Holland, who writes, “Manchester United wore their new away kit for the first time in league action against Sunderland yesterday. It looks as though Nike badly misestimated where they needed to leave a gap in the red sleeve stripe in order to accommodate the EPL patch, which is worn on both sleeves. So the patch touches the stripe below it and leaves an awkward space above it. It was consistent on all the United players’ shirts (cf. Van Persie and Cleverley) So it’s not a one-off misplacement of the patch.”

NBA/College Hoops/WNBA News: There is now a new Louisville Cardinal bird logo on floor of Yum Center (thanks to Alex Davis). … This Kentucky hoops photo op shows tremendous font inconsistencies (h/t Brandon Owen), especially the 1, 4 and 2. More evidence here (via Tyler Thompson). … There is a new basketball court in Tulane’s Devlin Fieldhouse (via Andrew Lemoine). … In Saturday’s game between the Indiana Fever and the Washington Mystics, Layshia Clarendon of the Fever wore a #98 jersey with no name instead of her usual #5. Apparently she forgot to pack the jersey for the trip to Washington. As #98, and her usual #5 (sent in by Kevin Brown). … Will new Cavalier Kevin Love be wearing “0″ in Cleveland, or is that just a placeholder? (h/t Will Lombard).

Grab Bag: New university UT-Rio Grande Valley has narrowed its search for a new mascot down to the final ten contenders (thanks to Cort McMurray). … Here’s an interesting infographic on the Word Counts of Famous Books (sent in by Anthony Nuccio). … Want to break in your new cap? Wear it in the shower (thanks, Brinke). … Ouch. A $200 bottle of Johnnie Walker says “Holiday’s” (thanks to Chris Flinn). … Stripes, stripes baby! In the 1991/92 and 1992/93 seasons, English Division Two team Brighton and Hove Albion wore a strip which featured blue and white striped shirt AND shorts (great find by Graham Clayton). … Pacific Rim Correspondent Jeremy Brahm was watching the Japan vs. Belgium match from the World Grand Prix Finals and a Belgian player got substituted into the match, without a name on her jersey. Ilka Van De Vijver, and #20 was her registered number for the tournament. The rest of her teammates had their names. … A hand bag manufacturer is making bags out of the Baggie wall from the old metrodome (from Patrick O’Neill). … Looks like the big, bad Red Sox will be heading to court over a hockey team who wants top use the name “Stinky Socks” (thanks to Richard Stover).


And that’s going to do it for today. Looking forward to that College Football Preview, so make sure you check back here as I’ll post a link to it as soon as it goes live. There’s a LOT of news, new uniforms, fields, helmets, etc., so you won’t want to miss this one! Big thanks to George for the wonderful colorizations — make sure you guys let him know how great those are!

Everyone have a great Monday (or as good a Monday as you can have) and I’ll catch you all tomorrow.

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.. … ..

“Nobody should ever throwback to 1994. No, not ever.*

*Exception: if the Nats make the World Series, they need to wear ’94 Expos unis for at least one game.”

–Jim Vilk