Monday Morning Uni Watch

Bizarre scene at yesterday’s Dolphins/Jets game, which took place at Wembley Stadium in London. As dozens of readers pointed out, the team logos in the end zones were blank outlines when viewed from some camera angles and badly filled-in color wordmarks when viewed from others. CBS, which was broadcasting the game, apparently used CGI to “fill in” outlined logos (hey, it works for the first down stripe, right?), but in many cases — especially for Miami’s logo — the projected graphics didn’t quite align with the blank outlines:

Weird. Fortunately, the game took place in the morning (NYC time), and there’s no fucking way I was gonna watch football that early in the day, so I missed the whole end zone snafu. Phew. (Further info here and here.)

In other news from around the league yesterday:

• The Bengals wore their orange alts.

• In Tampa, the Bucs wore white at home and the Panthers wore their blue alts.

• Speaking of the Panthers, quarterback Cam Newton began the game wearing a clear visor but removed it early in the game, presumably because it was getting too rain-splattered in the nasty conditions.

• The Saints wore white at home, forcing the Cowboys to break out their blue jerseys.

• The Cardinals wore their black alts. Man, what a mess.

• The Browns wore one of their more tolerable combos, but the pants are still a joke.

• A bunch of Blackhawks players showed up on the Bears’ sideline at Soldier Field and wore Bears jerseys with their NHL numbers.

• Pinktober was in full swing, with the usual assortment of pink (or, in most cases, magenta) towels, socks, captaincy patches, spatting tape, coaches’ headsets, sideline gear, logos on the field and the ball, goalpost pads, crowd stunts, cheerleaders, officials’ whistles, and even security guards. It’s hard to overstate how much I hate all of this — it makes good uniforms look bad and bad uniforms look worse, the whole “charity” thing is a scam, and the groupthink/pinkwashing thing is way out of hand. Grrrrrr.

• Interestingly, the Jets/Dolphins game was completely pink-free — they didn’t even have the pink ribbon helmet decals. I assume this had something to do with the game’s overseas location, but I’d be interested to know the particulars.

(My thanks to all contributors, including @harrylee773, Alan Kreit, Andy Moeschberger, Robert Waddell, and of course Phil.)

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The Ticker
By Paul

Baseball News: The patch that teams will be wearing for the Wild Card round appears to be rubber or plastic, not embroidered. … As you may have heard, MLB is selling the corks — the fucking corks — from their postseason-clinching champagne celebrations, complete with an MLB hologram on the cork. As it happens, my personal belongings include this champagne cork, which was scooped off the clubhouse floor for me by a reporter friend during the celebration after the Mets beat the Cardinals in the 2000 NLCS. Of course, I can’t prove that that’s what it’s from. No MLB hologram, thankfully (photo by Phil). … An employee at an MLB team’s visiting clubhouse, who’d prefer to remain nameless, offers a few interesting uni-related tidbits: “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to take a sweaty pitcher’s or catcher’s jersey up to the clubhouse to put in the dryer during a hot summer game. Man those guys sweat a lot! One of the least favorite parts of my job. Also, when the Red Sox were in town this season, I noticed that the top two buttons on Hanley Ramirez’s jersey were sewn together, because he has a tendency not to button those two buttons.” … The Blue Jays finally ended their 34-game run of wearing their blue alts (from Marc Bauche). … Pirates gave away Chick-fil-A eye black yesterday.

NFL News: Check out this Dan Marino jersey with two Velcro patches, presumably to keep the jersey tucked in (from Matthew Wolfram). … This is pretty cool: Seahawks long snapper Clint Gresham is inviting fans who have his jersey to mail the jersey to him. He’ll swap it for a good-looking team’s jersey sign it and send it back. Nice move on his part (from Brady Baker).

College Football News: Northwestern is apparently planning to salute its 1995 team by wearing ’96 Rose Bowl throwbacks for homecoming later this month. That jersey will presumably be paired with the purple pants that the team wore for that game.

Basketball News: “On last night’s episode of Family Guy, which was set around Father’s Day, Cleveland was wearing a Toronto Raptors cap,” says Ferdinand Cesarano. “Here’s

      an audio clip
of his explanation for wearing the cap. I don’t know whether they’ve ever done a sports-related tie-in to the fact that the character’s name is Cleveland Brown.”… New uniforms for Miami, and boy are they awful (from Jason Gray).

Soccer News: Nice little piece on an old soccer ball factory (from Craig Ackers). … “With all the money Manchester United bring in, you’d think they could afford new warm-up suits for the assistants,” says Paul Kennedy.

Grab Bag: I’ve occasionally written about my role as a cultural critic, and how that role is shifting in the era of social media, Yelp, and so on. Now New York Times film critic Tony Scott has written a very interesting essay on what it means to be a movie critic — and, more specifically, a movie snob — nowadays. Interesting reading. … The Iowa Wild — that’s a minor league hockey team — wore practice jerseys for a preseason game on Saturday.

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What Paul did last night on Saturday: The good news was that I was invited to a pig roast at a farm in the Hudson Valley this past Saturday; the bad news was that there was some seriously nasty hurricane-related weather in the forecast. My friend Jamie, who was supposed to come with me, decided the risk wasn’t worth it and bailed on me. I probably should have heeded his advice, since he’s a professional road-tripper and all, but I just couldn’t walk away from a pig roast, so I decided to go by myself. Rain, wind, mud, and a 150-pound hog — what would possibly go wrong?

As it turned out, the weather wasn’t that bad (ya blew it, Jamie!) and I had a really wonderful time. Lots of wonderful people, including some old friends I hadn’t seen in years, and plenty of great food to eat, booze to drink, dogs to pet, apples to pick, kids to play with, and more. The setting was so picture-perfect rustic, it was almost like a Pottery Barn catalog shoot or something. And the guest of honor was delicious (for all of these, you can click to enlarge):

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

SMUW Week 5 splash 550
Click to enlarge

By Phil Hecken

Big day in the NCAA yesterday, uni-wise, as we’re now moving into Pinktober (although pink was relatively scarce, but still present, yesterday) and we’re seeing a bunch of alternates, specialty unis and rivalry games.

Some of those alternates were tweaks to special unis we’d seen before, some were brand new and some were just reptilian. And that’s just the beginning.

There’s a lot to get to so I’ll turn it over now to Terry Duroncelet, who’ll take you through Week V of the NCAA’s best, worst and just plain odd. Here’s TJ:

. . . . . . . . . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Gloomy weather over the weekend, but that’s A-O.K. with me. Hey, I grew up in a desert for the first 20 years of my life, I think I’m entitled to some rain. But Sweaty Odin, there were enough grey togs from Saturday to start your own Putty Patrol squad. This week’s showings were not only sloppy from a gamepley perspective (primarily due to weather conditions), but also so bland in the uniform department, that they’re on-par with unseasoned chicken. At least the pink looked to have been used in moderation for the time being.

From Thursday:

• Cincinnati wore neck bumpers that had “The rUCkus”, which is the name of their student section. Meanwhile, Miami wore some platinum orange duds, which makes you wonder if Adidas has some type of aberrant fetish for colorful tinfoil. I mean, UCLA, Arizona State, Louisville, and probably a few others that I’m missing. Adidas, just send your teams out in these and be done with it already. Oh wait, that’s too much coverage. This is more like it.

From Friday:

• USF finally wore their SoFlo unis against Memphis. Well, at least it’s colorful and not drenched in rolls of anthracite with blood orange numbers. None too keen on the white helmets, however.

• UConn wore their usual helmet shells with less-jarring navy facemasks against BYU.

From Saturday:

• Notice how Lee Corso’s getup has the ‘Fr. Ted’ memorial on the lapel.


It’s not just the players on the field that get to wear fancy shoes.

• Georgia Tech wore throwbacks against North Carolina, who went mono-Caro. Blue. This would’ve been a perfect-looking game if UNC had worn matching helmets, but the white lids throw everything out of balance. See: South Florida.

• Iowa State went full-cardinal against Kansas.

• Purdue wore a pleasant white-over-black with white helmets with a full Purdue logo on one side, and numbers on the other. Speaking of white for Purdue… Last, but not least, congrats to Michigan State on hitting 100 Homecoming games.

• The weather was nasty across a good chunk of the college landscape, so UMass dressed for the occasion. Eh. About as exciting as grey can get.

• Northwestern wore their Gothic alts against Minnesota. Some people will probably wonder why they didn’t wait until Halloween (which does land on a Saturday this year) to wear these. Well, I checked their schedule, and they have no game slated for the 31st. I guess they figured “Well, since we won’t be playing on Spoopy Night, let’s wear these for our first October game”. I mentioned last year that I felt the arch on the back of the helmets felt like an afterthought, but I think it’s settled pretty nicely at this point.

• NC State wore claw-marked black tops against Louisville.

Good point, although I’ve never really agreed with the idea of calling someone who’s 18+ a “kid”. Also, as you can see, Oklahoma’s got wood.

• You might have noticed that the entire Georgia team is wearing ’33’ on their helmets. This is in support of Devon Gales, a wide receiver for Southern who suffered a spinal injury against Georgia last Saturday.

• LSU wore their purple tops against Eastern Michigan, who did their best Lars Ulrich signature snare drum impression. I think I’ll stick with bell bronze.

• Arizona State wore their Desert I Don’t Even Know At This Point uniforms against UCLA. That is UCLA, right?

• Florida channeled their inner, well, Florida by wearing all-orange against Ole Miss.

And it begins.

• Let it be known that Phil’s Alma mater looks better than the State University of New York at Buffalo 13 miles east of Whatever.

What the hell, Baylor. Did a handful of teams synchronize their uniform choices with the weather (although to be fair, this was an indoor game)? This especially stunk since they wore this as the home team. At least Texas Tech looked decent, and they’ll be wearing more red this season, so not all hope is lost.

• …Actually, I take that back. The prickly grey tops with the grey helmets I can tolerate. The prickly grey tops with the purple chrome helmets however? This is something that requires an AVGNism uttered by someone with only the most colorful of vocabulary. Who thought that combo was a good idea? What the hell, TCU?

• Boise State gave us a 2-fer. Wow, flashy. At lease Hawaii wore the rainbow throwbacks again.

• San Jose State knows how to lighten up the mood with their gold helmets, which they wore against Auburn (although those facemasks need to be blue).

• Both New Mexico and New Mexico State wore Zia Sun symbol decals on their helmets for the Rio Grande Rivalry. Credit to Steven J. Torrez (@stjtorrez) for the pic. Here’s a pic of how the Lobos looked yesterday. Also, the guy wearing the hat is New Mexico’s bus driver, Jerry.

• Maryland wore their typical Call of Duty all-black uniforms with hand-painted helmets against Michigan. Speaking of which, Jim Harbaugh was seen wearing cleats on the sideline, which he’s done for parts of three seasons now, originally used for if he needed to get his hands dirty.

• Geez, even Colorado is in on the act (at least grey/silver is actually one of their school colors). Luckily, Oregon had the sense to contrast the best they could. Also, as you can barely see in that last photo, Oregon (as well as Colorado) wore U.C.C. memorial decals during this game.

And that’ll do it for Week 5. I almost want to see an ocean of pink next week so I can remember what color looks like. Almost. Have a good day, everyone. See ya next week.

. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks, TJ. First — some hoops news, then on to the rest of your SMUW…

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Bucks splash
Bucks Go BFBS…

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks, who introduced quite an excellent new uniset for 2015-16, introduced an alternate uniform, and…

it’s BFBS…


if you can get around that fact, it’s pretty good looking.

Here’s a look at the full set the Bucks have now introduced for the season, along with some looks at the new alternate. For any photos, click to enlarge:



Again, aside from the fact that it’s a BFBS uni, it’s not too bad. Sadly, corporate-speak describes the uniform as a “Fear The Deer” alternate, and here’s how it’s described:


1. Focus on the team – Stripped of a base uniform color and without a wordmark on the front, the Fear the Deer uniform sets create a simple, striking visual that puts the focus directly on the new imposing Bucks logo and the aggressive spirit of the new Bucks.

2. Secondary logo – A partial version of the new Bucks secondary logo appears on the shorts, again stripped down to its elemental pieces featuring the basketball and stylized “M” introduced in the primary logo.

3. Cream City Rainbow – The Cream City rainbow, which also appears on the Bucks home and road uniforms, is the consistent thread that ties all three uniform sets together.

4. Fear The Deer – The “Fear The Deer” rallying cry found at the bottom of all of the new Bucks jerseys takes on special meaning as it served as the inspiration for the creation of this uniform set.

Here’s some closeups of the uniform elements:

bucks_altuniform0085 bucks_altuniform0180

bucks_altuniform0127 bucks_altuniform0166

So far, aside from the black color (they couldn’t have gone cream or even blue???), I’m not sure I’m a fan of the font/number on the back of the uniform. I’ll need to see them in action before I render a definite opinion on that.

More photos here, and video here.

But that’s not all — in an NBA first, the Bucks also introduced (get this) an alternate court. That’s right, the Bucks also presented an alternate court to match the alternate jerseys:



I’m not sure what to think about this — on the surface (pun semi-intended), it’s a very cool feature. But, you know that in this copy-cat, monkey-see, monkey-do world, I am confident in saying this is going to become a “thing” very quickly, and like every “unique” feature in sports, it will quickly become a must-have for everyone and will ruin it for everyone, including the Bucks. Maybe not this season, but mark my words — it will happen.

According to a statement from the Bucks: “With the addition of a second court, the Bucks are now the first team in the NBA to feature an alternate court design to complement the alternate uniform. The Fear the Deer court shares the same design philosophy as the new uniforms, with the logos and color palette stripped down to keep the focus squarely on the team.”

Milwaukee’s “Fear the Deer” uniforms and court will be on display at four home games this season: Dec. 9 vs. the L.A. Clippers, Jan. 12 vs. Chicago, Feb. 22 vs. the L.A. Lakers and March 6 vs. Oklahoma City.


…while the Pistons go GFGS

The Bucks weren’t the only team to unveil an alternate uniform yesterday — Detroit unveiled new GFGS uniforms (don’t be fooled — while the team is calling them “Chrome,” they’re just gray):

The team will wear the silver and blue uniforms for seven games during the 2015-2016 campaign. According to the official release, the look pays homage to Detroit’s automotive history.

“The inspiration for the Detroit Chrome jerseys came about as a way to honor our coolest cars from the past and the cars of the future. Detroit is universally known as the auto capitol of the world, where chrome leaves an indelible mark on the cars we create. The uniforms feature a matte chrome base color with clean simple lines inspired by the classic muscle cars that have roared up and down Woodward Avenue for decades. The navy trim and Detroit emblazoned across the chest represent the blue collar work ethic that the auto industry and region was built on.”

Yeah, whatever. They’re gray. And they’re another alt. Say whatever you want about the auto industry as inspiration, but we all know this is just more corporate bullshit.

They’ll wear these uniforms 7 times: Oct. 30 vs. Chicago; Nov. 21 vs. Washington; Dec. 16 vs. Boston; Dec. 31 vs. Minnesota; Jan. 18 vs. Chicago; Feb. 4 vs. New York; and, March 26 vs. Atlanta.

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NCAA Uni Tracking 2015 splash NCAA Uni Tracking

Back again today with our new feature: NCAA Uniform Tracking.

Once again, it’s Rex Henry (tracking the ACC & SEC) and Dennis Bolt (tracking the PAC-12). Last weekend, I added a fourth conference tracker (the Big XII) and his name is Kyle Acker. Today, I’m pleased to announce I’ve rounded out the set, adding the B1G, which is going to be tracked by Joey Artigue. Please welcome Joey today.

Unfortunately, due to a bit of a family emergency, Joey wasn’t quite able to complete his maiden B1G tracking, as he explained to me in an e-mail: “Attached are 12 of the 14 Big 10 uni’s. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get Northwestern and Maryland done. I’ve been dealing with a family emergency involving my sister’s dog. She’s out of town and the kennel called saying the dog was very ill, we’ve been between there and the vet. … I so apologize about the specialty jerseys not being done, but maybe you can do a special section featuring those jerseys.” Sorry for the emergency — here’s hoping for a full recovery.

We’ll begin with Joey’s B1G tracker today, and then the remainder of the trackers:

You can click on the images to enlarge and (where appropriate) click the link for additional information/resources.



Joey will be establishing a separate website for B1G tracking, but for now, you can follow him on Twitter.

Rex is up next today:

. . .



More Here.

. . .


sec-2015-week-5 (1)

. . .

And now, here’s Dennis with the PAC-12:



More here.

Here is your link to the 2015-16 Duck Tracker.

. . .

And finally, here is Kyle with the Big XII:



. . .

And that’s all for today — thanks Joey, Rex, Dennis and Kyle!

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Joe Ringham's 5 & 1 Joe Ringham’s 5 & 1

It’s a NEW NCAA Football Season, and this year we have a NEW 5 & 1 decider — Joe Ringham — who has some big shoes to fill (for Catherine Ryan, who did the 5 & 1 for the past three years, and Jim Vilk before that) but I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

We’re on to week 5 in the NCAA, and we’re starting to get into some interesting alternates and rivalry games, so the pickings (good and bad) are ripe.

Here’s Joe:

. . .

Happy Sunday, everyone! We’ve now hit October, the month of excessive pink accessories on the football field. Luckily, this countdown is free of such accessories this week. So, without further delay…

5) Kansas State at Oklahoma State — I’ve been trying to get OK State onto here for the last few weeks. Finally did, with them going white/black/white against K-State’s classic silver/white/silver road look.

4) Arizona State at UCLA — I gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting to dig this match-up as much as I did. ASU’s grey/white/grey looked dazzling against the Bruin’s traditional gold/blue/gold, even with the tire treads.

3) North Dakota State at South Dakota State — Gotta throw in some FCS into the countdown. Always been a huge fan of the NDSU, and love the yellow/white/green they with with going against the mono-blue of the Jackrabbits. Such a great clash of colors for the Battle for the Dakota Marker.

2) Air Force at Navy — Quite the sharp look today by the AFA, going all white. Paired up against the Middies usual gold/navy/gold, and you have a spectacular looking game between two of our nation’s service academies.

1) New Mexico State at New Mexico — Absolutely LOVED the Lobos’ look for the Rio Grande Rivalry. The anthracite/anthracite/cherry looked superb, especially with the Zia symbol on the helmets. Matched up very well with the Aggies crimson/white/white, also sporting the Zia symbol on the helmets.

And, finally…

+1) Ole Miss vs Florida — OK, Gators. You hit your quota for wearing mono-orange a few weeks ago. Now you are just taking things too far by wearing them again.

Let’s do this again next week!


Thanks, Joe! Remember, the tip-line email ( is back for any games you want Joe take a look at. Pictures of the game/games you want are very much suggested.

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TATC Paul’s Latest ESPN Pieces

In case you missed it on Friday, Paul had two fantastic pieces on ESPN: His annual NHL Uniform Preview and a new weekly feature called “Friday Flashback,” which is devoted to uniforms from the past that are no longer worn. Yesterday’s column looked at Baseball’s infamous “Turn Ahead The Clock” (TATC) uniforms from 1999.

The NHL Uni Preview is here.

The Flashback Friday column is here.


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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: “I wanted to mention a bit of uniform sloppiness that I was reminded of while I was watching MLB Network’s show about memorable playoff games,” says Ferdinand Cesarano. “They showed clips from Game 2 of the AL Division Series that showed Mariano Rivera with a 4 in the wrong font next to a correct 2.”

NFL News: Oops. News12 New Jersey has mistakenly labeled prison-bound ex-NFLer Irving Fryar as a member of the New York Football Giants (good spot by Adam Treiber). … In a plug for the Vikings vs. Broncos (which would be a great color vs. color game, btw), the NFL used the old Vikings jersey with the new font (nice spot by Ben Braddock). … Is this Edmonton Eskimos player wearing Green Bay Packer gloves? (good spot by Joey Tkachuk).

College Football News: Here’s yet an additional update on the expected Black-For-Black-Sake Ohio State alternate uniform to be worn on October 17th vs. Penn State. Not only will there be a first-ever black jersey, they’ll have BFBS pants and helmet too. … “Hey, can they do this?” asks ThresherK. “I sort remember that Little League gets to use MLB names for the customary $1 (if that’s still in effect). Not knowing anything about youth football–no kids–I happened on this from a twice-removed Facebook share. Is this a common thing and is there some sort of licensing agreement, or will the Broncos’ lawyers contact the Other Broncos’ lawyers?” … Not sure of the year, but here’s a color vs. color game between Notre Dame and Navy (sent in by Jeff Flynn); while I’m all for CvC games, this one might be a little too close in colors to make it enjoyable. … Andre Torres asks, “Where’s the left shoe in this pic of Keith Byars vs Illinois from 1984?”

NBA/College/Basketball News: This website allows you to rank NBA uniforms from best to worst by using the ‘upvote/downvote’ feature. … Here’s a look at the uniforms for MSU Denver Ladies Hoops (from MSU Denver Athletics). … New uniforms for the University of Louisville.

Hockey News: In Paul’s NHL Preview, he noted the Canadiens having the league crest on the collar in French. Wayne Heidt notes this idea is borrowed from one of the city’s other teams: The Montreal Alouettes have been doing this since the CFL logo has been placed on the collar of its teams many years ago. The LCF shows up on their collar, instead of CFL like for the other teams. … Yesterday’s photo of “Cook Bacon” “reminded me of a tweet comedian Steve Byrne sent” writes Adam Fritzen. … “One of the best fonts ever is back. The Manitoba Moose peeps,” says Patrick Thomas.

Grab Bag: The scoreboard at The Oval cricket ground in London in 1938, showing the score after England had made a record Test Match innings total of 903 for 7 wickets declared against Australia (from Graham Clayton). … A local marine fleeting company uses the Green Bay Packers logo (from Richard Green). … Here’s some more Pinktober police cars, but it looks like these are used year-round. … Whoa — check out FC Bayern’s Oktoberfest themed uniforms (from Mauricio Gómez Montoya) Check that — apparently those are from 2013. Still cool though.

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And that will do it for this fine Sunday. Big thanks, as always, to Terry, Joe, Joey, Rex, Dennis, and Kyle, and anyone who tweeted or e-mailed for the Ticker. Enjoy the pro games today (remember — It’s PINKTOBER) and the NFL loves that shit. I’ll be back next weekend, so until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Texas looks great at home because of the orange, on the road they are the exact opposite. They look like a generic 80’s video game team. I’d love to see them break out a set of orange pants and maybe even an orange helmet.”

— Bromotrifluoromethane

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Week 5's Newest Hot Take: WFWS

Miami WFWS hed 550
Click to enlarge

By Phil Hecken

It started with Miami (of Florida) on Thursday evening: the special white for white sake uniform: White helmet, white jersey, white pants (and usually white socks & shoes). It’s not an entirely new phenomenon in College Football, but like BFBS (black for black sake) and GFGS (gray for gray sake), it appears to be a growing aesthetic for the sport.

Now, there are a couple famous teams in College Football who always go WFWS on the road (Penn State and Texas), and there are others who do it on occasion. But lately, it seems, the trend is to go WFWS as a style option.

In fact, so far today, the following teams have already declared they’ll go WFWS (and there will likely be more we haven’t heard from):



Air Force

Washington State

That’s just a sampling. Like I said, there will likely be more. I won’t even post the teams who’ve gone WFWS so far this season or in past seasons — you get the idea.

You guys know my feelings about alternate uniforms and helmets, but I realize they’re here to stay and complaining about them is like pissing into the wind. But I’ve always liked (in any sport) a crisp white uniform, and football is no different — so while I bemoan the introduction of elements that aren’t traditional (for example, a white helmet) into a school’s uni-repertoire, I actually like the WFWS look. But then, I like white home uniforms in baseball (no softball tops, please) and I’ve always liked (and long for a return to) white at home for hockey (granted, those will always have colored breezers). But there’s just something about an all white uniform I enjoy.

So, if a team MUST go with an alternate look, WFWS isn’t a bad way to go, in my opinion. I know there are many of you out there who likely disagree with this sentiment. But I’m curious — what are your folks’ opinions on WFWS? Do you like it when one team does it (and it certainly provides an excellent contrast between two teams) or do you insist that at least some part of the uniform have (preferably) a school color? Is this a trend that needs to quickly stop, or would you like it if more teams were to go WFWS as an option?

One thing I can certainly do without is the tendency to refer to the all-white look as “Icy-Whites” which I’ve seen referencing several of these looks so far (including one above). “Stormtrooper” (a word we no longer use to describe WFWS on Uni Watch) is also played out (and was never good to begin with). Anyone have a better catch-phrase? I’m all ears.

Let’s have your thoughts in the comments below.

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classic scoreboards splashClassic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a favorite weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko. You probably know Gary best for his wonderful colorizations, but he has been a solid contributor for many years, and this is his new project. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series II
by Gary Chanko

This week the Classic Scoreboard series returns full time to football beginning with a visit to the Motor City.

University of Detroit Stadium

U of Detroit Stadium_UW

Also known as U of D Stadium, Titan Stadium, and Dinan Field
Former Home of:Detroit Titans (NCAA) (1922-1964), Detroit Wolverines (NFL) (1928), Detroit Lions (NFL) (1934-1937), Detroit Cougars (United Soccer Association) (1967-1968), Michigan Arrows (Continental Football League – does anyone remember this league!) (1968)
Opened: 1922
Demolished: 1971

Remember the University of Detroit Football Titans? This program is probably not in the living memory of most of today’s college football fanatics. Still the Titans long football history is worth knowing.

Before the University discontinued football in 1964, the team was one of the best in the Midwest – nearly a .600 winning percentage over 64 gridiron seasons. In 1928 the team earned a nominal claim to college football’s national championship with a 9-0 record. Last year the University sponsored a 50-year reunion of former payers.

You can catch up on the Titans complete history in these archives, including the entire collection of Titan Football programs starting from 1915 (If your interests lie in graphic design, the cover art alone is with viewing).

The Titans football stadium opened in 1922 as a 20,000 seat U-shaped venue. The end zone scoreboard was typical of the era with posted player numbers by fixed position. Prior to 1941, football was a typically a “one platoon” system with players playing both offense and defense. So the hassle of having to change player numbers on the scoreboard during the game was minimal if at all.

The scoreboard illustration depicts the installation as it appeared in the early 1930s. Some newer electronics were added in the 1950s, but the basic structure remained little changed. The “Walker & Co.” (plaque below the scoreboard) was a well known Detroit outdoor advertising company that supplied the scoreboard.

A Few Things to Know

• The stadium lighting system was both peculiar and pioneering. The lighting oddity was the location of the supports that were positioned between the stands and the field. Weird.

• In 1929, the University of Detroit opened its football season against De Paul University in what was the first game to be played in Detroit under artificial lighting. At the time it was heralded as the “World’s Greatest Lighting System.” The lighting system for U of D Stadium was reported to be five times greater than the system installed in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl.

• Where was the first NFL Thanksgiving Day game played? You guess it, the University of Detroit Stadium.

• University of Detroit Stadium also hosted the 1935 NFL Championship Game, the Detroit Lions defeated the New York Giants, 26–7. The victory added to the “City of Champions” trifecta in 1935. The Tigers won the World Series and the Red Wings took home the Stanley Cup. But wait, there’s more Detroit sports champions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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TATC Paul’s Latest ESPN Pieces

In case you missed it yesterday, Paul had two fantastic pieces on ESPN: His annual NHL Uniform Preview and a new weekly feature called “Friday Flashback,” which is devoted to uniforms from the past that are no longer worn. Yesterday’s column looked at Baseball’s infamous “Turn Ahead The Clock” (TATC) uniforms from 1999.

The NHL Uni Preview is here.

The Flashback Friday column is here.


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colorize thisColorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Back to weekend colorizations now that my weekday subbing for Paul is over.

Just one this week, and it is from a new colorizer — his name is Riley Swinford. Riley actually sent this to Paul back in July — and Paul dutifully forwarded it to me, but I somehow missed posting it until now. My apologies to Riley, and I hope he sends in more.

Click photos to enlarge.


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stan the man colorized - Riley Swinford

stan musial

Hi Paul

I’d like to submit this colorized version of Stan Musial I recently completed. I’m including the original B/W version for comparison. Thanks for considering it for your colorization section. It’s always one of my favorite parts of the site. I’ll be sending more colorizations from time to time. It’s a newfound hobby of mine.


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That’s it for today. Great job Riley, and please do send more in (and you can send them directly to me)!

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Long-time Uni Watch friend Jerry Reuss writes, “Recently, I saw this video of Giant’s pitcher Tim Hudson after pitching the final game of his career. It reminded me of my final appearance twenty-five years ago on Saturday. My thanks to the fans who supported me, the people of Pittsburgh, the Pirates and especially, Pirates’ manager Jim Leyland who allowed me to finish my career with pride and dignity.” That video brought a tear to my eye — thanks for sharing, Jerry! … Check out this great shot from Bruce Menard of a “real” Tiger taking batting practice at the 1935 World Series at Navin Field in Detroit! Also from Bruce, look at this shot of Bucky “Effin” Dent in a fur coat. … WHOA! Check out this photo, featuring a bulls-eye on a catcher’s chest protector (from Jonathan Daniel). More here. Also from Jonathan, take a look at this photo which “shows three little people in House-of-David-style beards and a couple of clowns cavorting amongst the rubble of Ebbets Field during the process of demolition in 1960.” … Chipola College loves Cleveland logos. They used Chief Wahoo in 2001 and now use Cavs C (h/t Kevin Chmura). … The 1978 Charleston Charlies were yet another team with a “tequila sunrise” themed uni-set (from Jonathan Daniel), who adds, “Holy Crap. I had no idea this was a thing!”

NFL News: Here’s (yet another) interesting set of NFL Logo Mashups, in this SI/Extra Mustard piece. … Have you ever wanted to see what Pat Patriot would look like with a moose head? No? Well, you can now (h/t Patrick Burland). … In a move that should surprise no one, the Falcons will wear red at home against the Texans on Sunday. … Indy Colts. Pinktober. ‘Nuff said. … “At the Patriots home opener against Pittsburgh, they handed out replica championship banners to attendees,” writes Adam. “As I’m sure you know, they also handed out a Tom Brady banner that they likely would have unveiled if he had been suspended. I noticed that the number “1” is a different font that looks closer to the new Patriots text logo.” He asks, “Do you think there is a chance the Patriots numbers change to that font in 2016?” … “Thought of you two (Paul and me) when I saw this,” writes Munch Suchland. … Check out the TV numbers on this Irving Fryar Photo. Says submitter Matthew Eggen, “OUCH!” … The Cleveland Browns will be going brown/white/brown this weekend (more here).

College/High School Football News: I’m quoted in this story on Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel’s fashion choices — but I can assure you I never used the word “swag.” … A writer for the Omaha World Herald wrote an article that was an ode to Nebraska’s red pants which they’ve worn less and less the last three years (from David “Trey” Ashby III). … Eleven Warriors and THE Ohio State University are pimping some upcoming games, including the *confirmed* BFBS game against PSU (more here). … Mizzou will be going black/gold/black today against South Carolina (h/t Christian Condray). … Blackout game for Rugters (from Rutgers247). … LA Tech will be going White/Blue/Blue today vs. UL-Lafayette (via LA Tech Football). … “My alma mater, Jonathan Alder HS in Plain City, OH, was recently hit with a cease and desist order from the U of Arizona for using their logo (with different colors) on athletic gear,” says Anthony Yutzy. “Do high schools get permission from colleges/pro teams or are cease and desist orders coming for the rest of them?” … Northwestern will still be wearing their “gothic” unis today, but they’ve changed them up to make them easier to read. … Looks like the Ducks & Beavers will have decals in memory/support of the Umpqua Community College victims/survivors shootings. More on that here. … Here’s a newer look at the BFBS Ohio State Buckeye jerseys which are expected to be worn for the October 18th Penn State game (via Andrew Lind). … NAU will wear black helmets with a pink logo this week against Montana State. … St. Marys High School (St. Marys, WV) wore Breast Cancer Awareness jerseys last night versus arch rival (h/t Donald Butcher). Here’s another look (from Coleman Mullins). … “We all have seen the digital camo and universally pan it. My local high school, South Lamar (Ala.) just got these in and are debut(ed) them (last) night,” writes Dustin Semore. “It hurts.” … The Linfield College Wildcats, members of NCAA Division III and the Northwest Conference, have added a UCC ribbon on their helmets (h/t Eli Hibbert). … Illinois will have pink ribbon helmet decals today for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (h/t Illini Football). … WHOA, check out this awesome old Fordham helmet (from Pat Costello). … Apparently the Arizona Wildcats’ copper helmets are cursed. … Here’s an article from The Los Angeles Times bemoaning the continued allowing of nearly invisible numbers at the high school level. Jakob Wolf approves. … St. Xavier (Cincinnati) for the 3rd year in a row wearing custom pink jerseys (via Matthew Weber).

NBA/College/Hoops News: Utah Valley University has a new basketball court this year (h/t Merrill E. Mead). … The new Atlanta Hawks floor is now in place (from Chad Fields). … This is funny: “Wizards owner Ted Leonsis was recently on Fox Business discussing (among other things) the team’s new Baltimore Pride uniforms,” writes Average Bro. “This being Fox News, of course they had no other b-roll video of the Wizards so they ran a charming montage of Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton (of GunGate fame) at practice. So yeah, old logo, old uniforms, and 10 year old footage. Nice.”

Hockey News: The Columbus Blue Jackets have released their third jersey schedule (from Kenny). Also, from Kenny, the Washington Capitals have likewise released their third jersey sked. And so have the Minnesota Wild (also from Kenny). … Check out these Panther hockey sweaters with the Pitt script (from Jay Yander). … “Sometimes you find a teammate and the connection is too profound to ignore,” writes Spencer Bacon on Twitter. … This University of Alaska Fairbanks hockey goalie has pads matching the yellow gold jersey (from Joshua Dryer). … New uniforms for Lake Superior (from Patrick Thomas). … Reader Brian Rowland enjoyed Paul’s ESPN NHL Preview and notes, “One thing that I’ve noticed about the Arizona Coyotes new uniforms this season that wasn’t mentioned was that the manufacturer logos on the pants have moved from the front to the back. Also, it appears that there is no team logo whatsoever on their pants.” He adds, “I know that the Blues and possibly another team in the league have manufacture logos on the back of their pants, but I believe that Arizona is the only team in the NHL to have no team logo on their pants.”

Grab Bag: Women’s cycling world road race champion Lizzie Armistead will wear this kit next year. You can read more on that here (thanks to Sean Clancy). … Reader Graham Block points out that even Google is affected by Pinktober, and writes, “I noticed that the color of the circle changed with the new month. Mine has always had a blue background, but not anymore. I wonder if this is the same for other people or mine is just a random occurrence/particular to the background design I use.” … From Dave Rakowski, “The ultimate crowdsourced map of punny businesses in America.” … I have to admit, I LOL’ed at this. … Interesting piece, sent in by Brinke, “Simplistic Rebranding Of KFC Goes Back To Its Vintage, Homely Roots.” … Golfer Jordan Speith now has his own signature golf line (h/t Jon Rowland). … “In my local package store tonight I stumbled upon this” Vodka football uni display, writes WK. “At least Svedka didn’t go BFBS.” … Oregon soccer a memorial ribbon on the field for the victims of the UCC shooting (h/t Ducks Equipment). … Pinktober is not just for sports now. The Colorado Stare Patrol is getting in on the fun now (from Ryan Wright). … Those are apparently not limited to CO, as here’s a pink patrol car spotted in Sheffield, AL. (from Scott Holcomb). … The winter version of the Premier League game ball is just like the regular ball, but neon-ier (thanks to Holy Calamity). … Pinktober isn’t limited to US teams, as Mexican soccer teams have joined the movement (h/t Josh Sánchez).

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And that’s it for today. Welcome to Pinktober, errybody. Hopefully the NCAA teams will keep the pink affectations to a minimum today, but well…you know. Thanks to Gary, new colorizer Riley and everyone who submitted for the ticker. If all goes according to plan, I should have my fourth NCAA tracker (and all Power 5 conferences) tomorrow. Stay tuned, and be sure to check back in for all your SMUW needs tomorrow. Till then…

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“Would the Eagles look better with kelly green? Absolutely. But is midnight green the worst thing about their current look? Not even close. It’s all the black that’s the problem.”

— R. Scott Rogers

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A Little Puck, A Little Yuck

Big day for Uni Watch over at ESPN, as my annual NHL preview will be running, plus we’ll have the debut of a new weekly feature, “Uni Watch’s Friday Flashback” (yes, the original plan was for Thursdays, but we changed it), where I’ll be taking a look back at a uniform or uni set from the past. We’re kicking off the feature this week with an examination of MLB’s futuristic uniform promotion from 1999.

The Friday Flashback piece is here, and the NHL preview is here. Enjoy. — Paul

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Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 10.07.15 PM.png

Culinary Corner: I was in the mood for a hot dog last night, so I went ahead and made one. Nothing fancy — Boar’s Head dog, supermarket-brand bun, some chopped onion. But as I was reaching into my fridge for a bottle of mustard, I noticed something sitting right next to it: a jar of capers.

I’d never put capers on a hot dog before, mainly because I’d never thought of putting capers on a hot dog before. But as soon as I thought of it, I liked the idea, so I went ahead and tried it. Here’s how it looked right before I took the first bite (click to enlarge):

Worked really well. I think this is gonna be a regular thing for me from now on, at least when I’m making a dog at home. Only question is whether I can get away with sneaking a jar of capers into the ballpark.

Capers are interesting little items. They’re great in salads, sauces, etc. (and, I now know, on hot dogs). They’ve even better if you fry them for about 45 seconds in some olive oil, which really opens up their flavor. Mmmmm, capers.

Which leads me to this story: On New Year’s Day, 1979, my family and I went to see the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In one of the first scenes, Donald Sutherland, playing the role of a municipal health inspector, finds a rat turd in the kitchen of a French restaurant. He grabs it with a pair of tweezers and presents it to the chef/owner, who pleads with him, “No, no, Monsieur — eet ees a cay-pare!” Sutherland just looks at him and says, “It’s a fucking rat turd, Pierre. I’m shutting you down.” I was 14 yrs old at the time and had never heard of capers before (had to ask my parents what that was all about), but for years I wouldn’t eat them because of the rat turd association. Eventually got over it, which I’m very happy about because I really love them.

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PermaRec update: If you saw a paper airplane on the street, would you pick it up, or even think twice about it? Yeah, me neither. But one guy collected and cagalogued over 250 paper airplanes that he found on the streets of New York over a 26-year span. Get the full scoop over on Permanent Record.

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Right back atcha: It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned how much I love Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan, so this seems like a good time to mention that I fucking love Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan, who’s the smartest, funniest, most brilliantly acerbic cultural critic plying his trade in America today. Latest case in point: When a new Gallup poll found that the public’s trust in the media is at an all-time low, Nolan offered this response:

Well, guess what?

We don’t trust you motherfuckers either.

Routinely failing to read past the headline. Forming strong opinions on issues with virtually no understanding of them. Loudly condemning entire segments of the media for the most shallow political reasons. Crying out for more substantive coverage and then paying attention only to sex, celebrities, and animals. Can’t take a joke. Can’t detect sarcasm. Always misspelling our names when you send us death threats via email. Always badmouthing us to pollsters. Always calling us crude names on the Twitter, even though we are human beings just like you and we only wrote that negative review of your shitty indie band because it is our job.

Sorry, Americans: You have a lot of work to do if you want to win back the media’s trust. Frankly, we’re sick of your shit.

I can especially relate to the bit about the misspelled death threats. Come on, ’Skins and Browns fans — it’s Lukas, not Lucas.

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The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch: And so it has come to this: The ’Skins name is apparently being boycotted by the Eagles. This appears to be the first time that another NFL team has avoided using the ’Skins name. … The Tigers’ idea of rookie hazing is to make their rooks dress up as cowboys and Indians. Classy!

Baseball News: A classical pianist who’s also a Mets fan has come up with a new arrangement of “Meet the Mets.” “It’s been making the rounds in the New York classical music community,” says Keith Kreindler. … Bo Baize notes that the Cardinals Radio Network has its own very snazzy logo, and that the Cubs appear to have trademarked the letter W. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Here’s more on Shin-Soo Choo’s switch to a single-flap helmet (from VMoore). … Brian Crago loves the way Cubs radio man Pat Hughes describes each team’s uniform, and it’s hard to disagree. … For reasons that aren’t clear, at least to me, the Rangers wore American flag-themed shorts for BP yesterday (from @asianorange). … Hunt for blue October: Ken Traisman notes that every MLB team whose primary color is royal blue — the Jays, Royals, Mets, Cubs, Dodgers, and Rangers — will make the playoffs. … Yanks SS Didi Gregorius has a personalized elbow pad. … Speaking of the Yanks, this has got to be the lamest excuse for a celebration cap ever.

NFL News: Here are some NFL logo mashups with the past meeting the present (from Jonathan Daniel). … Someone working for the Bills apparently has a great sense of humor. … In a related item, the Steelers now have a pink Twitter avatar. … There’s a movement afoot in Congress to ban military-sponsored NFL salutes (from Robert Hayes). … Here’s something I’d completely forgotten about: In 1984 the Raiders wore a left-hip patch commemorating the 25th anniversary of the original AFL teams (from DavidS). … The Cardinals are revealing what they’ll be wearing each week on Snapchat. … With the Cowboys slated to wear blue against the Saints this Sunday, it’s also interesting to note that the cover of the Cowboys’ current media guide shows Tony Romo in a blue jersey. “That got me wondering when was the last time the Cowboys media guide had a player on the cover wearing blue,” says Kenny Kaplan. “Turns out it was in 1991!” … Ravens WR Steve Smith had an Under Armour waistband towel, instead of the usual Wilson model, for last night’s game against the Steelers (from John Koziol). … And speaking of last night’s game, it marked the beginning of Pinktober. Sigh. … And speaking of Pinktober, this year’s pink ribbon helmet decals feature the gold NFL logo.

College Football News: Further reports that Ohio State will wear this black jersey against Penn State on Oct. 17. … Alternates on tap tomorrow for Oklahoma. … The fantasy gambling site FanDuel used a pair of Georgia Tech players in its advertising without the players’ knowledge, permission, or compensation (thanks, Mike). … Good video on the Mississippi State equipment staff (from Dustin Semore). … UNC will wear Pinktober accessories on Oct. 17 (from James Gilbert). … Also from James: Georgia Tech has added a pink ribbon to its field. … LSU’s purple jerseys will be making a rare appearance this weekend (thanks, Phil). … Miami wore a new all-white uniform with an embarrassing name last night against Cincy. The good news: new and much-improved NOB font. … Word I’m hearing is that Hawaii will once again be wearing their throwbacks for tomorrow’s game at Boise State.

Hockey News: Interesting story on the NHL’s new official statistics licensee. … New uniforms for the Regina Pats. … Remember the story earlier this week about the Islanders getting a new goal horn as part of their move to Brooklyn? Response to that news was so negative that they’ve decided to use the old horn from the Nassau Coliseum instead. … Six all-time great goaltenders will be featured on Canadian postage stamps. … New uniforms for Arizona State, including a doozy of a captaincy patch. Further info here.

Pro Basketball News: The Warriors will wear gold-trimmed letters and numbers on Opening Night, when they’ll also receive their rings and raise their championship banner. … Some Serbian team you’ve never heard of has the most wackadoodle uniforms I’ve seen in ages (from Daniel Cotter). … The Nuggets showed off their new jerseys. Impressive that the players could hold those pickaxes with a straight face.

College Hoops News: New gold unis for West Virginia. … Jesse Justus collects game-used basketball shorts — he has several hundred pairs. But he recently came across he’d never seen before: a pair of Alabama shorts with small panels of plastic sewn on the inner waistband. Anyone know what that’s about? He also came across a pair of St. John’s shorts with a little inner pouch. … New uniforms for Michigan State. Also Fresno State. Also Weber State.

Soccer News: Adidas has released a bunch of 1980s-inspired ManU merch (thanks, Phil). … New CONCACAF patch for the USA U-23 team (from Mark Johnson). … The Seattle Reign wore their purple/neon alternate jersey for the National Women’s Soccer League Championship. “Other notable details include the championship badge on the chest and the event and date under the swoosh,” says Saurel Jean, Jr. … Same patch and event/date thingie for Seattle’s oppoent, FC Kansas City (from @holycalamity, who also noticed a KC player whose socks were so short that they barely covered her shinguards).

Grab Bag: Got some promotional drinking straws in the mail the other day, and they were accompanied by this straw size guide. As always, there’s something very satisfying about industry-specific classification systems. I especially like the little “actual size” diameter circles at lower-left. … Hadn’t eaten a Carvel Flying Saucer since I was a kid (or maybe ever) and was surprised to see that they have the product name stamped into the wafer. The font isn’t bad, and I like that they included little speed/motion lines (although I would have put them on the other side, because of our cultural predisposition toward things that move from left to right, not right to left). Can’t decide if the “®” symbol is corporate-pathetic or if it just makes the whole thing more endearingly plastic and junkfood-y. … Sportful is designing the jersey for new cycling world road race champion Peter Sagan, who will debut the new jersey on Oct. 8 at the Abu Dhabi Tour (from Sean Clancy). … There’s apparently a place in Chicago called Uni-BBQ. “They sell whole lamb and pig rotisseries, made for outdoor residential use,” says Brian Crago. “Their website gives some pretty gnarly (but helpful) instructions on how to use their products and prepare your meat. Do I smell a Uni Watch Uni-BBQ in the future?” Indeed! … Auburn has re-upped with Under Armour (from Andrew McCain). … I’ve never much liked chocolate breakfast cereals, but I might make an exception for this French product just based on the box design. … Students at some Atlanta-area schools can skip wearing their mandatory uniforms if they pay a small fee. … Here’s a look at the logo history of San Francisco’s municipal railway (from Nicholas Roznovsky).