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Mike Schmidt? Hammerin’ Hank? The Homerun King?

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through Aug. 25, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken, with Frank McGuigan

“Why is today’s splash photo a tweet?” you may ask. The answer lies below.

Back on July 14th, when the Phillies were about to play a throwback game against the Brewers (wearing their powder blue road uniforms from 1982), Frank McGuigan (a Uni Watch reader and ticker contributor) tweeted to Paul and me a 1983 Donruss baseball card featuring Mike Schmidt, only Schmidt wasn’t wearing his regular #20, but instead was photographed in what appears to be uniform number 37. Frank’s text accompanying the baseball card said, “Celebrating ’82 tonight. The year Schmidt didn’t have his jersey on baseball card picture day.”

Intrigued at this potential “uni mystery” I asked Frank if he knew more and if so, would he be able to elaborate. He didn’t let me down! Below, then, is the story of how Michael Jack Schmidt came to wear the “wrong” jersey on his 1983 Donruss card. Here’s Frank:

• • • • • •

Mike Schmidt? Hammerin’ Hank? The Homerun King?
by Frank McGuigan

Schmidt 83 Donruss

In 1986, at the end of sixth grade, I had a new neighbor move in across the street from me. His name was, and still is, Rob Tola. My baseball card collecting had been very light up until that point in my life. I had a small box of various cards that I kept in my closet. Rob, on the other hand, had been collecting for quite some time. His welcome-himself-to-the-neighborhood gift to me was ripping me off of my Wade Boggs and Tony Fernandez 1984 Fleer cards. He salivated once he got a gander of what I had in the box. He gave me seven crappy cards that included an unmint 1984 Topps Pete Rose and a 1986 Topps Don Baylor. He sold Baylor to me by telling me he was going to break the Major League HBP record; also that he was trading me SEVEN cards for just two. No, I’m not still bitter.

Anyway, for Christmas that year my parents bought me a complete set of 1986 Topps cards, which Rob repeatedly asked me to break up to trade him Don Mattingly and Eric Davis. I didn’t fall for it. But, that is the year that my card collecting got off the ground. I wised-up a bit and hit the ground running. Of course, this was also about the time baseball cards flooded the market and started to ruin the hobby. Give me a 1987 Topps name and I can tell you what the card looks like.

Mike Schmidt was my favorite player as a kid. So, I made it a quest to obtain every Mike Schmidt baseball card I could get my hands on. Rob and I went to baseball card shows, collectibles stores… any place we could get our hands on some cards. It was during one of those trips to a baseball card show that I obtained the 1983 Donruss Mike Schmidt.

That night, armed with new cards, Rob and I began reorganizing our card books in my room, as we had done quite frequently. We took a closer look at the Donruss card and wondered whose jersey Schmidt was wearing on this card. This being 1987, we did not have the luxury of the internet. I had an electronic paperweight called the Commodore 64. And we sure as hell weren’t stepping foot in a library. But as it turned out, I had all the information in my room that would allow us to make an educated guess.

I attended a few Phillies games each year and I always made it a point to, at the very least, get a yearbook every year. Most all card collectors knew back then that anything on a particular year’s card had all of the previous year’s info on it, including the picture. Many times, the pictures appeared to be from the previous year’s Spring Training. If my memory serves me correctly, the Phils wore their regular uniforms during Spring Training games back in the 80s. So, we went to the 1982 yearbook. All we knew was the jersey appeared to be number 37 and the name on the back was short and ended with a G.

From here it was a rather simple process. We went straight to the team picture looking for anyone with those credentials. Only one guy popped up. It was Batting Practice Pitcher, Hank King. We had no idea who he was. He appeared nowhere else in any publication. However, we only had a short name that ended with a G. Because for some reason, the Phillies weirdly wore their team jackets for that year’s team picture and King had his zippered all the way to the top. Thanks, Hank.



We did not know if King even had a jersey. Did they give one to a Batting Practice Pitcher who made $15 a day? They are not officially recorded in team number history in the media guide for the Phillies. So, we took a shot and went to the 1983 yearbook.

Thankfully, in the 1983 team picture, the Phils ditched the jackets. And there was King again in the picture, clearly wearing a jersey. However, the number on the jersey is blocked by Alejandro Sanches sitting in front of him. But that is a good thing, because as I recently discovered, Stan Bahnsen was issued number 37 when he came up to the Phils on September 1, 1982 and King probably had a different jersey by then. It does prove though, that King was issued a jersey and was most likely wearing one under that jacket in the 1982 team photo.



There are a few people out there who believe, or want to believe, that Schmidt is wearing a Ryne Sandberg jersey on the card. Sandberg had a cup of coffee with the Phils in 1981 and wore number 37, before Dallas Green fleeced the Phils that winter as General Manager of the Cubs . However, the G in Sandberg would have come much farther past the 7 on the back of the jersey. Plus, why would the Phils carry around a Sandberg jersey on the road with them the next season? It’s not a Sandberg jersey.


For close to 30 years, there had been no official confirmation that this is Hank King’s jersey, or why Schmidt was even wearing it. It was just a very educated, common sense guess on our part. Was he just taking BP in a t-shirt when the Donruss people showed up for a picture? I could hear them asking him to get his jersey on and him saying, “I’m Mike Schmidt. I’m hitting right now. I’m not going back to the locker room and getting my jersey. Hank, give me your jersey.” Or maybe he wanted to pay homage to the man who was his long-time BP pitcher since 1975?

After tweeting the card on July 14th, I began to re-research the card to see if I could come to any definitive conclusion. I found a couple other people who appear to have done the same detective work Rob and I did. Again though, no story as to why he’s wearing it.

IMG_6488 hank king

Additionally, we believe back in those days, jerseys were recycled and not kept by players when they left the team. So I checked the heights and weights of Sandberg, King and Bahnsen,on Baseball Reference to see if they’d all potentially fit the same jersey: Sandberg 6’1”, 175; King 6’2”, 195; Bahnsen 6”2, 185. Certainly seems plausible. And the timeline of when it’s believed the picture was taken indicates that number 37 was available for King (January 27, 1982 to September 1, 1982).

I was able to find Hank King on Facebook, and I did reach out to him for confirmation and the story. However, my message has not been read yet. It does not appear Hank has been active on Facebook for quite some time, so it may not come to fruition.

Rob and I also reached out to Phillies broadcaster, Tom McCarthy. On home weekends, McCarthy and Mike Schmidt work the television broadcasts for the Phillies. I have gotten responses from McCarthy before. But at the time, the Phillies were on the road. We figured we’d probably have to wait until they were back home for any chance at a response. We decided reminding him while he was broadcasting with Schmidt was the best course of action. McCarthy is a uniform nut like us, so he could be on top of it.

And then it happened. At 9:56 PM on July 22, 2017, we got confirmation from the man himself, via Tom McCarthy.


The jersey Mike Schmidt was wearing was in fact Hank King’s. The Phillies went on the road and forgot to take Schmidt’s jersey with them. What? Now, if I were a real reporter, and not just a fan tweeting a broadcaster during a game, I would have had a ton of follow-up questions. For instance, of all the people’s jersey’s to forget, how could it be the one of the reigning two-time MVP and future Hall of Famer? Seems to me King’s jersey would be the more acceptable one to forget. Also, why of all days, did Donruss choose to use the picture from that day for his baseball card? Was this a regular season game? The list goes on.

However, even without all the additional answers, there are three major developments that were resolved here. First, Mike Schmidt is wearing Hank King’s jersey on the card. Second, He was wearing it because the Phillies simply forgot to bring his to a road game. Finally, and most importantly, I did reobtain the Wade Boggs and Tony Fernandez 1984 Fleer cards in a trade for a 1987 Topps Jose Canseco. They remain in my card book to this day.

IMG_6500 IMG_6499

From the Phils 2004 Media Guide:


You can follow Frank on Twitter @FrankMcGuigan; Additional articles on Hank King can be found here, here, and here.

• • • • • •

Great research, Frank! And thanks for solving another “uni mystery” out there. Well done, sir.

New NBA Uni Update

On Friday, several teams unveiled new uniforms for the 2017-18 NBA Season. Johnny Ek showed you two of them (Lakers & Spurs) on Saturday, but in case you missed it, here’s who unveiled on Friday:


• • •


• • •


• • •

• • •


Griffins Jersey Contest Reminder – TWO Days Left

In case you missed it, I’m again hosting a jersey design contest in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Griffins (an AHL affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings). All the details are contained in this post.

The deadline for getting your submission in to me is this TUESDAY August 15 (at 6:00 pm Eastern Time), and we’ll have reader voting on the concept jerseys beginning on August 17th! Last year we had 85 entries and I’d expect we’ll equal or surpass that this year. Prizes include a custom jersey based on your design and tickets to the game that the Griffins will be playing in the jerseys you designed!

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Titans redesign reminder: Paul here (again). Today is the next-to-last day to submit entries for my Titans-redesign contest. Full details here.

• • • • •

Naming Wrongs update: Paul here (still). Last week I told you about some new Naming Wrongs designs for Boston Garden, the Metrodome, the Aud, and Foxboro. Today I have a new batch to tell you about. One at a time:

Igloo: I was excited to do some designs for the Igloo, in part because “igloo” is such a fun, playful word. Scott Turner did a nice job of capturing that in the shirts that we’re offering. First we have a basic type version, available in four designs: black with gold type, black with gold/white type, grey, and — my favorite — navy:

Then we have an illustrated version, available in seven treatments: black with white type, black with gold type, gold, navy, grey with black type, grey with light blue type, and grey with navy type:

Forum: We wanted to do a series of shirts for the Forum. They’re available in English (red, white, and grey) and French (once again in red, white, and grey):

Rainbow Dome: I had previously announced the launch of a bunch of designs for the Astrodome. At some point we added some designs with rainbow striping, which I don’t think I ever formally announced, so here they are, in navy, white, and navy with striped lettering:

All of these designs are now available in the Naming Wrongs shop. They’re also cross-listed in the Uni Watch shop, where card-carrying members can get 15% off. (If you’re a member and need the discount code, send me a note and I’ll hook you up.) Major, major thanks to my collaborator, Scott M.X. Turner, who’s been working really hard on these.

The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: ICYMI: The Reds and Brewers wore Negro League throwbacks on Saturday. … Sounds like Indians players enjoyed wearing blood-clot throwbacks this weekend almost as much as we enjoyed looking at them (from Jason Hillyer). … Unfortunately, the Tribe and Rays played a much more drab blue-on-blue game yesterday (from Robert Hayes). … Matt Garza must have missed a button yesterday (from David Hartman). … The Cubs and Diamondbacks went color-on-color last night (from Scott Criscuolo). … Speaking of, the Orioles and A’s went color-on-color on Saturday night (from Andrew Cosentino). … Pro Football Journal found this shot of Rangers pitcher David Clyde wearing painted blue cleats in 1973-74. Anyone know if this was commonplace for the 1970s Rangers? (From Alex Melendez). … The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp wore jerseys designed by artist Guy Harvey yesterday (from Vincent Wong). … Check out these Perfect Game USA helmets (from Megan Brown).

Pro Football NewsThe Seahawks took the field yesterday wearing a memorial decal for Hall-of-Famer Cortez Kennedy, who died in May (from Big Ed). … This piece breaks down why some members of the Washington Redskins chose not to wear Nike cleats (from Tom Turner). … Color-on-color last night between the Edmonton Wildcats and the Calgary Colts of the Canadian Junior Football League (from Wade Heidt).

College/High School Football News: Looks like Western Michigan may be taking a more traditional approach to their jerseys this season (from The Beer Baron). … The Citadel will have updated jerseys this season (from Will Chitty). … New jerseys this season for Valdosta State University (from Chris Chao). … Texas has the old NFL logo displayed in its new football facility (from Alex). … New uniforms for Chaparral High School in Arizona (from John Germinaro‏).

NBA NewsICYMI: The NBA has updated the championship collar tab on the back of jerseys. … A towing company in Orlando is poaching the Magic’s logo (from Jon Solomonson). … The Minnesota Lynx unveiled a new logo on Saturday, and it takes inspiration from the Timberwolves’ new logo (from Kevin Brown). … Lots of good stuff in this old Knicks/Celtics photos: Taped ankles in Chuck Taylors, and an old-school knee brace. But the best part? Tom “Satch” Sanders tattered Celtics shorts. “Back in the day when team ownership announced to its players that they were going to get “new” uniforms, they actually meant new uniforms,” said Ray Hund.

Soccer NewsIn an El Clasico matchup yesterday, Barcelona wore their traditional blues while Real Madrid wore teal change kits. It’s almost like two teams going blue-on-blue in Game 7 of the World Series (from Rip Van Whiskey). … Speaking of El Clasico, one fan had the audacity to take both sides (from Kieran Canning). … The keeper for Lille OSC was red-carded yesterday, so one of the players already on the pitch had to take over in net. Because he had to wear the keeper’s jersey and didn’t have time to change shorts, he had mismatching numbers (from Robert Porch). … Loja CD, a fourth-tier team in Spain, wore jerseys with shrimp on them yesterday (from George Rafael).

Grab BagI think Paul would agree with this article from an August 8th, 1903, issue of The Afro-American: “For purple is the most dangerous color there is.” (From Jim Nedelka). … It’s not often you see numbers featured so prominently on the front of a hockey jersey. These shots of the Boston Bruins were taken in either the late 1930s for early 1940s (from Back Afta This).

Fauxback/Throwback for the Rays and Indians Last Night

By John Ekdahl

Last night at Tropicana Field, the Rays hosted the Indians in their “fauxback” unis. Initially a bit gimmicky, these unis have settled into a fun alternate design. The Indians wore their all-red 1975 throwbacks, and Cleveland’s players seemed to really enjoy it.

“Sweet,” said outfielder Brandon Guyer when asked about wearing the all-red uniforms. “I like that it’s all one color. Hopefully, there’s a win in them.”

Said Danny Salazar, “I love the jersey. It’s one of my favorites. I’m not so sure about the red pants.”

Corey Kluber felt the same as his rotation mate.

“They’re cool,” said Kluber. “Something different. I know Tony Amato (equipment manager) isn’t a fan. He says they don’t represent a great era of Indians baseball. But it’s only for a night.”

Former Major League Umpire Richie Garcia was at the game last night, and he was not much of a fan of the uniform when it debuted over four decades ago.

“I grew up with Boog Powell,” said Garcia. “I was working the plate when he came to bat wearing that uniform. I started laughing. He said what are you laughing at? I said, “You in that uniform.”

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The Detroit Red Wings are now considering legal action against a White Nationalist group from Michigan, which uses the Red Wings’ logo. The team issued the following statement and said they would not comment any further on the matter:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The United States Army will begin testing their new “Jungle” combat uniform at the beginning of next year.

In January, U.S. Army uniform officials will begin an evaluation of the service’s new Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform by issuing the lighter, more breathable uniform to thousands of soldiers in Hawaii.

The new IHWC is the result of a directed requirement to outfit soldier with a jungle uniform suitable for operations in the Pacific theater. This follows a similar effort that recently resulted in the Army fielding 9,000 pairs of new Jungle Combat Boots to the 25th Infantry Division’s 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combat teams in Hawaii between March and August.

Right now the uniform used for hot weather environments is the standard Universal Camo design. The description of the new uniform sounds very much like a sports franchise press release, with the Army touting it’s “increased flexibility”, “lightweight”, “more breathable” and “stronger” fabric.

These new uniform rollouts in the military don’t always go as expected. In 2012, the Army famously scrapped their “pixelated” design, which ended up wasting around $5 billion.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The Mariners retired Edgar Martinez’s number yesterday in Seattle, which naturally drummed up the Hall of Fame and designated hitter debate.

How beloved is Edgar Martinez in Seattle?

With his No. 11 flying high from the Space Needle and strewn throughout Safeco Field, Martinez walked from center field to a raucous applause, the current Mariners players standing and clapping in front of the dugout and chants of “Edddd-gaaarrrr” humming from the crowd.

To his right off I-5 was exit 164B, or E Martinez Dr. To his left was Edgar’s Cantina past left field, and behind him was an emblem waiting to be unveiled to signify his official jersey retirement alongside Ken Griffey Jr.’s and Jackie Robinson’s numbers.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Pudge Rodriguez was also honored yesterday, with the Texas Rangers retiring his number 7. Interesting stat about the number 7 and retirements. I would have thought there would be more than three number 7 retirements around the league given how popular the number is among players.

In a ceremony on the field before their game against the Astros on Saturday night at Globe Life Park, the Texas Rangers officially retired Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez’s No. 7.
Rodriguez became only the third Ranger to have his number retired, joining Nolan Ryan (34) and Johnny Oates (26). The Astros (Craig Biggio) and the Yankees (Mickey Mantle) are the only other major league teams to have retired No. 7.

Lakers and Spurs Unveil New Unis

By John Ekdahl

Subtle changes for two of the most consistent uniforms in the NBA last night, with both the Lakers and Spurs unveiling their new uniforms. First up the Lakers:

As you can see, the purple and gold Icon and Statement jerseys have the same look and color scheme that the franchise has used for the past 50 years, with the notable exception of a large Nike swoosh on the right side. The Lakers kept their white uniforms, which they introduced in the 2001-02 season, but we’ve yet to see whether Nike will continue the “Hollywood Nights” black jerseys that the team has worn sporadically since the 2013-14 season as the team’s fourth option.

And the Spurs:

The Spurs have consistently boasted one of the NBA’s best jersey sets, rarely undergoing changes. Of course, it helps that they’ve been consistent title contender with their current design.

Their new Nike jerseys retain much of the same overall look. Their “Association” jersey is a slight re-design of the home white with the black away jersey becoming their “Icon” jersey. The only big change is the font of the name and number.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Stripe changes on the Niners jerseys last night:

The 49ers made a slight alteration to their jerseys for 2017 that offers a significant upgrade.

San Francisco’s uniforms, when done correctly, are among the best in the NFL. Their simplicity is classic while the red and gold combination has an iconic pop. No other team in sports can pull off those colors like the 49ers.

Be sure to check out the all-red Indians unis being worn tonight.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

It’s only because Paul is on vacation that I’m able to get away with posting this:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Apologies for the light coverage this morning. We’ll have much more about the NBA changes tomorrow and this afternoon.

Wolves, Bucks AND Suns (AND Pelicans & Rockets & Grizzlies) All Unveil New Unis

Click to enlarge

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through Aug. 25, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken

For the past two weeks, the NBA and Nike had been doing a fairly good job at milking the shit out of spacing out their uniform unveilings, with one-per-day as an average. Yesterday, we got a new trifecta sextet of uniforms, as the Minnesota Timberwolves, Milwaukee Bucks AND Phoenix Suns all released new uniforms (and later in the day, the Rockets, Pelicans and Grizzlies added to the mix — I made the splash earlier thinking we’d only see three new uni sets). The Wolves had some major changes, the Bucks almost none, and Phoenix had a few. The other three were minor changes as well. Since they unveiled chronologically in the order I have listed, I will run them down in that order as well.

• • •

Minnesota Timberwolves

The T-Wolves underwent some major changes, getting an entirely new template and fonts. They have also eliminated all green elements on the new blue and white jerseys, except for a tiny bit on the bottom of the pants (although a rumored third/fourth jersey is entirely green).

Both uniforms are essentially mirror images of one another — with the colors used being white, light and dark blue. Let’s look at the white uniform first:

mntw-jersey-gallery-03-170809 mntw-jersey-gallery-10-170809

mntw-jersey-unveil-association-front-170801 mntw-jersey-unveil-association-back-170801

As you can see, the new jersey features a dark blue yoke that stretches across the top of the jersey (stopping just short of the back of the jersey) and is separated by a white stripe (which conveniently showcases the swoosh and jersey ad — the Wolves announced their advertiser would be FitBit), followed by a light blue stripe which is on the front of the jersey only. Beneath that, “WOLVES” is written in a new navy blue font, followed by the numbers, which are light blue with a dark blue outline.

The back of the jersey has a dark blue collar, with the NBA logo underneath. Player NOB is in dark blue in radial arching and the uniform number is rendered in light blue, with a dark blue outline (same as the front number):

It’s difficult to see, but the pants are solid white for the top 60% or so, when they are met with a light blue stripe, another equal width white stripe, and a long blue panel that extends down beneath.

You can see that a bit better here:

You can notice the stark differences between the old and new uniforms:

Did you notice anything different about this uniform from all the other new uniforms unveiled this season? Look again…

That’s right — the Wolves have “broken” Nike’s string of placing a logo on every waistband.

The blue uniform is very similar to the white uniform — the major differences being the colors and the wordmark. The blue ones read “MINNESOTA” across the chest. The yoke on the dark blue unis is light blue, followed by a dark blue stripe and then a white stripe. The workmark is in solid white, followed by a white number outlined in light blue.

Like the white jersey, the middle stripe on the between the yoke and bottom stripe serves to highlight the ad patch and the swoosh.

The pants are solid blue for the upper part, followed by a white stripe, dark blue stripe and finally a long light blue portion at the bottom. A tiny smidge of green is visible on the side of the pants. The back of the jersey features the NBA logo, white NOB in radial arch format, and white number outlined in light blue.

Both pants have the Timberwolves logo down the side, atop the bottom stripes.

And how do these uniforms compare to the prior set?

I know the team has alternately been taking a beating and receiving lots of praise for these uniforms on social media. I happen to like them. Like, a lot. I love dark and light blue together, and I have never liked any of the fonts the T-wolves have used over the years. This one feels nice and simple.

One thing I didn’t immediately notice, but now that I have seen it, it cannot be unseen.

I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists who believes that Nike worked with the T-wolves on this uniform simply to highlight their swoosh…but it makes you think.

• • •

Milwaukee Bucks

The second team to unveil was the Milwaukee Bucks, and their uniforms are essentially the same as their previous iteration. Here are the differences:

The biggest “news” about this unveiling was the fact that now the Milwaukee Bucks have a jersey advertiser, and that is Harley-Davidson. That patch will appear opposite the swoosh on both jerseys.

You can read about the Bucks new advertiser here.

Since not much has changed with the Bucks new uniforms, I have put together a slideshow which is embedded below. If you can’t see it, or click here to see the set.

The other noteworthy thing about these uniforms is Nike’s continued use of Easter Eggs, and this uniform has “FEAR THE DEER” written on the jersey just above the jock tag.

• • •

Phoenix Suns

The Suns became the third (out of five SIX) team to unveil yesterday and their white and purple uniforms differ somewhat from the previous uniforms. Gone are the upwardly arching “SUNS” and “PHOENIX” complete with “sunburst” (or sun ray) stripes, and number nestled underneath. The new jerseys feature a centered, slightly arched “SUNS” (or “PHOENIX”) wordmark above a much larger front uniform number. The collar striping has changed to a purple and orange stripe (on the white jersey), and stripes of orange and purple have been added to the sleeves. On the purple jersey those stripes are orange and white.

You’ll notice the somewhat odd stripe pattern down the side (it sort of comes to a point on the top of the pants). A different, solid color stripe begins at the pants waistband and continues down the side (purple for the white uniform, and white for the purple uni). At the base of the shorts, a giant sunburst peeks out.

Here’s a couple more looks at the white and purple unis:

You’ll notice the logo on the waistband — it’s a Suns logo. Nike didn’t “forget”.

To see the differences between last year and this year…here’s Paul:

You can see more images in this article.

I’m a big fan of symmetry, and with the Suns having an ambigram for a wordmark, I dig the new unis. I may be in the minority with that sentiment.

• • •

Houston Rockets

The Rockets barely announced their new uniforms yesterday, issuing just a single tweet.

Here’s a closer look at those images:

And one more look at the jersey:

Mr. Lukas? How do these differ from the past set?

A bit more information on these unis can be found here.

• • •

New Orleans Pelicans

Not much change for the Pelicans, with the exception of the new wordmark (it’s bigger, and I think, more legible). Also, as pointed out in the comments, they’ve changed from a radial to a vertical arching of the wordmark — which may also help with the legibility.

Here’s Paul with the changes

Maybe it’s not easier to read. At this point, my eyes are literally glazing over (if you’ve made it this far, you’d be forgiven if yours are too). Here’s a flickr slideshow and set I put together so you can check out more of these unis if you want.

If you can’t see that click here. If you want to see the set, click here.

• • •

Memphis Grizzlies

Paul…take it away:

By the time the Grizzlies unveiled late yesterday, I’d just about had my fill of Nike and the NBA for the day, so if you’re a Grizzlies fan, please forgive me — I don’t want to take it out on you. But here’s a slideshow and flickr set:

If you can’t see that, click here. If you want to see the set, click here.

• • •

It was a “be careful what you wish for” sort of day yesterday — I hoped the NBA and Nike would unveil more than one uniform set, and stop the slow bleed. I didn’t expect (or want) SIX of them. Paul penned a piece for the mothership that looked at most of the teams listed above.

I’ll be glad when all the unveilings are over, that’s for sure. This shit is way above my pay grade.

OK — the floor is yours…

line - basketballs

And If Three SIX NBA Unveilings Weren’t Enough…

…the Miami Hurricanes unveiled two new uniforms yesterday as well.

I didn’t have time to deal with this, so I’ll just put up the adidas Press Release and some photos. You can ignore all the marketing speak and just look at the unis. Of note, the Hurricanes have introduced a black helmet which they will pair with the all black uniform.

Here’s a short hype video:

First, the release:

The University of Miami and adidas today unveiled the Hurricanes’ 2017 alternate football uniforms, collaborative designs that add an all-green theme making its on-field debut at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept. 23 vs. Toledo and an all-black look that will be worn on Oct. 12 vs. Georgia Tech.

Building off the retro theme of “The Legend of the U” uniforms that debuted in 2016, University of Miami Athletics and adidas Football sought to create throwback uniforms that echoes the past while looking to the future. With the dynasty years that saw four national championships over an eight-year span (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991) as inspiration, the new uniforms feature a modern twist on the 80’s aesthetic by adding the new “State of Miami” all-green and “Miami Nights” all-black themes.

In a return to the traditional flair from that time period, the retro style uniforms seamlessly blend cutting-edge innovation with a historic design that serves as a nod to the legacy of the championship teams from the 80’s and 90’s.

Green Uniform:

“State of Miami” – centered around an all-green theme, the jerseys and pants are highlighted with bold white stripes and accented with orange outlines to match the white numbers with orange outlines on the jerseys. White helmets with the oversized ‘U’ logo on the sides and matching white socks, accessories and cleats with orange accents will accent that all-green look.

Black Uniform:

“Miami Nights” – centered around an all-black theme, the jerseys and pants are highlighted with bold green stripes and accented with orange outlines to offset the white numbers with orange outlines on the jerseys. The team will wear black helmets with the oversized ‘U’ logo on the sides and matching black socks, accessories and cleats with orange accents.

But wait, there’s more:

The new “State of Miami” and “Miami Nights” Primeknit alternative uniforms are at the forefront of design and innovation, providing players the perfect blend of style and technology for elite performance. Made with a cutting-edge, proprietary yarn blend that increases durability and abrasion resistance, Primeknit is the premier compression uniform system, featuring the latest generation of adidas TECHFIT technology. Primeknit helps keep players cool and increases range of motion, giving athletes an unrivaled level of comfort and allowing them to perform at their highest levels. The jersey’s padlock system secures tension over the shoulder pads, while the bodymap fit adheres to the player, making it difficult for opponents to grab, hold or tackle.

Additional design details include matching green and black adizero 5-Star 5.0 gloves, emblazoned with an oversized graphic of Sebastian the Ibis on the inside of the gloves. The adizero 5-Star 5.0 gloves feature 4-way stretch mesh for compression fit and GripTack for consistent control in all weather conditions. To complete the themes, the team will don matching adizero and FREAK cleats with color coordinated accent colors for each new look.

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LAST CALL for the Ullman tee: Paul here, reminding you that today is the last day to order our latest limited-edition Uni Watch Artist’s Series T-shirt, designed by the great Rob Ullman. Here’s the base design, followed by a few of the many color options we’re offering (click to enlarge):

It’s available until 11pm Eastern tonight. Full details here, or just go straight to the ordering page. It’s also available in women’s sizes. My thanks, as always, for your consideration.

Meanwhile, two other reminders:

• In case you missed it yesterday, we launched a bunch of new Naming Wrongs shirts for Boston Garden, Foxboro, the Aud, and the Metrodome. Full details here, or just go straight to the Naming Wrongs shop.

• I’m still accepting submissions for an ESPN contest to redesign the Tennessee Titans. Details here. Deadline is next Tuesday.

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Griffins Jersey Contest Reminder

In case you missed it, I’m again hosting a jersey design contest in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Griffins (an AHL affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings). All the details are contained in this post.

The deadline for getting your submission in to me is August 15 (at 6:00 pm Eastern Time), and we’ll have reader voting on the concept jerseys beginning on August 17th! Last year we had 85 entries and I’d expect we’ll equal or surpass that this year. Prizes include a custom jersey based on your design and tickets to the game that the Griffins will be playing in the jerseys you designed!

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: According to this article, these are the best five Cleveland Indians uniforms of all time. … With all the buzz surrounding the NickNOB’s players will wear for “Players Weekend,” this article imagines what NickNOB’s former Yankee greats might have chosen. … The Pirates apparently enjoyed coming up with their NickNOB’s (from Jerry Wolper). … On Saturday, Aug 19, all fans attending the game will receive a 25th anniversary Oriole Park at Camden Yards replica ballpark (from Andrew Cosentino). … The Omaha Storm Chasers have a 50th Season logo (from Jay Wright). … If you’re into bloodclots, then Saturday night is for you, as the Indians will wear their all red Caveman era unis (h/t Robert Hayes). … A Little League team from Milton, DE had Air Force like batting helmets (eliminated last night). From JJ Sledge.

NFL News: This “ridiculously outdated Bills flag is displayed in the sports section at the JCPenney in the Walden Galleria Mall in the Buffalo area. Submitter Joseph Pitzonka notes, “this Mall didn’t open until 1989, leading me to believe this flag was brought over from a previous store when it was already out of date.” … “This is pretty terrible Ravens-Washington mash-up,” says Andrew Cosentino. … Also from Andrew, last evening the Ravens wore white at home against the Washington team. … The Browns did NOT wear socks with a pattern on them last evening (from Rusty Flynn). … The new VICIS helmet made its NFL debut last night (from Brinke). … So the Browns have both glossy AND matte helmets (good spot by Axl). … Actually it looks like the Browns have satin, glossy AND matte hats (from Luke Corbett). Paul notes why, here. … Back Afta Dis (the artist formerly known as “Funhouse”) thinks Da Bears’ “1”s are too big. I agree.

College/High School Football News: “Thought you might enjoy this article about the man behind MTSU’s new football uniforms,” says Mike McLaughlin. … “Here’s an interesting perspective of Eastern Michigan’s poster,” says Andrew Cosentino. … Georgia State announced on August 8th that their new football stadium, formerly Turner Field, will be named the Parker H. Petit Field (from James Gilbert). … Houston’s Clear Lake High School is having NASA Appreciation Day this season, and wearing special helmet stickers for the occasion. … New uniforms for Savannah State University (from Robert Hayes). … er the Wilson site, Ohio State will have a sublimated graphic football. Joins Auburn, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin (from Clint Richardson). … “A disappointing lack of college football knowledge on Jeopardy. I love the “oh no” by Trebek,” says Andrew Cosentino. Also from Andrew, an article on just this. … It looks like the Crimson Tide have added (or photoshopped) a red swooshie on their football (from Steve). … The Ravens did not switch to the new uniform template this year (from Broc).

Hockey News: Not much hockey news these days with the NBA Uni Unveilings taking up all the valuable ink in the non-playing sports, but new Vegas Golden Knights player Shea Theodore was spotted using Knights gloves & his old Ducks pants (good spot by The Goal Net).

NBA & College Hoops News: Through their storied history, the San Antonio Spurs exhibited many different uniforms. With the unveiling of their Nike uniforms approaching, it’s time to look back on some of their nicest designs and how they could impact a new wave of jerseys. … Check out this thread where the Bucks show off their uniform history (from Robert Hayes). … Based on this, it appears there are no noticeable changes to Lakers jersey for the 2017-18 season (from Johnny Navarette). … Here’s what appears to be a leak of the Clippers new white uniform (from Conrad Burry). … This screenshot from a video game appears to show the new Miami Heat white uni (from SJZIP1). … Here’s a look at some Texas basketball gear (from SCWFootball). … Have the Nets changed the color of their ad patch (h/t Paul). … It appears the Hawks will have few changes when their black unis are released (h/t Conrad Burry). Also from Conrad — the Clippers uniforms can’t get any worse, right? … Is this our first peek at the Orlando Magic uni (via Paul).

Soccer News: New kits for Quinnipiac Mens Soccer. … The Midlothian Football Club has a new third strip (from Ed Żelaski‏. … Also from Ed, there is a a new home shirt for Danish club Odense. … “My annual rankings of the new Premier League kits [w]as been published [yester]day, which you’ve been kind enough to feature on the ticker in recent years,” says Thom Gibbs.

Grab Bag: The Cool Springs Elementary School Board has approved a revised dress code aimed at addressing concerns over gender neutrality and clarity (from Tommy Turner). … Speaking of young people’s clothing ‘rules,’ The Wall Street Journal declares the “Hot New Teen Trend for Parents to Worry About: Short Shorts” (from Jason Hillyer). … Here’s a very cool, circa 1980, Philadelphia Sports print (From Ray Hund). … A Walmart in Hopkinsville is getting into the soda display for #Eclipse2017 (from Caesarscott). … Jimmer Vilk tweets, “My nephew went to Poland and brought me back an official hat from the national ski jumping team!” … The state of Iowa is allowing residents to decide their new license plate design. Take a look! What’s your vote? (from Michael Scebold).

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That’s it for me for this week. And what a week it was. Please forgive me if I don’t pop in here for a few days…I am physically and mentally exhausted. But I’ll be back to do it all again on Monday :). Hope you guys are enjoying my weekday stint. Once again, it makes me realize how awesome Paul is to do this on a day-in/day-out basis for eleven months a year. We’re lucky to have him guiding this ship!

Ek will take you through the weekend (and hopefully he gets the remainder of the NBA unveilings — I’m only half kidding there). You guys have a good one and I’ll catch you next week.


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