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Green Bay QBs Take It on the Chin

You probably recognize at least two of the players in the photos shown at right (which you can click to enlarge). From top to bottom, they are former Packers quarterback Brett Favre, current Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and current Packers backup quarterback Brett Hundley.

Notice anything odd that all three players share? Answer: They’re all wearing two-point chinstraps. And not just any two-pointers, but the old-style straps with the flexible chin cup that’s ridged on the outside and felt-lined on the inside. That design is such an old-school signifier that we even used it for the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s recent football design.

Leaving aside kickers and punters (I haven’t had time to check all of their chinstraps), nobody wears this kind of old-school strap anymore — except for Packers quarterbacks. Hmmmm.

It’s one thing for Favre and Rodgers to wear the same strap, but Hundley really makes it a trend, right? I can’t take credit for noticing that — it was pointed out to me by reader Stephen Scheffel, who’s apparently something of a chinstrap-whisperer. He says the only other player he’s seen wearing this kind of strap in recent years is Kyle Orton, who retired after the 2014 season.

Scheffel also notes that the Green Bay quarterbacking troika all wore different straps before joining the Packers. Let’s look at them one at a time:

• Favre usually wore a four-point strap while playing at Southern Miss and maintained that style while beginning his NFL career with the Falcons. He stuck with the four-point setup when he joined the Packers in 1992 but had switched to the old-school two-pointer by 1993. He stuck with the old-fashioned strap during his stints with the Jets and Vikings.

• Rodgers’s chinstrap trajectory has followed a similar arc as Favre’s. He was a four-pointer in college at Cal and stuck with the four-point style during his 2005 Packers rookie season before switching to the old-school two-pointer in 2006. To my knowledge, he’s stuck with that style throughout the past decade.

• Hundley, like Favre and Rodgers, was a four-pointer in college. But he switched to the old-school two-point strap for his first Packers minicamp after being chosen in the 2015 NFL Draft, and has stuck with that style since then.

Interesting, right? Does Packers equipment manager Red Batty have a thing for this kind of strap? I’ve asked the Packers and am waiting to hear back — stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you want your own old-school two-point chinstrap, they’re available for $18 apiece from Gridiron Memories.

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Gift Guide reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, my annual Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide is now available for your shopping enjoyment.

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T-Shirt Club Update: I’m happy to announce that the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s final design of 2016 is now available for ordering. Many of you have been curious about what the design theme would be for this one — curling? rugby? cricket? — and I confess I’m a bit surprised that nobody came up with the right answer (click to enlarge):

As you can see, it’s a mash-up of elements from all of our previous 2016 jerseys. The only new element is the baseball cap (which didn’t appear on our baseball-themed shirt because the player was wearing a batting helmet). It’s comes in four color options — our usual grey, black, green, plus a new “military green” (that’s what the manufacturer calls it, although I’d just call it light olive) — and is also available with either short or long sleeves.

The shirt will be available through next Friday, Dec. 9. The shirts are due to ship right after Christmas, so they should arrive in time for you to wear them on New Year’s Eve. (I had hoped to have them delivered in time for Christmas, but it just wasn’t possible to get things finalized in time for that. Sorry.)

If you’ve ordered all five of this year’s previous shirts and also get this one, you’ll be eligible for our year-end “Collect ’Em All” prize, which will be a patch based on the jock tag design used on this year’s shirts. To qualify, please send me proof that you’ve bought all six shirts. The proof can either be (a) a photo showing all the shirts or (b) screen shots of the “Thank you for your order” emails you received from Teespring and Represent.

Big thanks, as always, to my creative partner, Bryan Molloy, who executed this design and then patiently endured my dozens of picky fine-tuning requests.

This is our final shirt of the year. Will we do the T-Shirt Club again next year? I’m not sure. I’d definitely like to do some more shirts, but maybe in a more random, less programmatic way. We’ll see.

Once again, the new shirt can be ordered here.

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The Ticker
By Paul

Baseball News: If you look at the “Score-Board” column on this 1941 newspaper page, you’ll see commentary on the Pirates’ uniforms in the first graf and info on the Cubs’ unis in the last graf. Interesting that the writer at one point refers to the Cubs as the Bruins — bruins are bears, of course, but I’d never seen that shorthand used for the Cubbies (from Jerry Wolper). … An Illinois chef has celebrated the Cubs’ title by making a 400-lb gingerbread replica of Wrigley Field (thanks, Mike). … No surprise here: Padres owner Peter Seidler says he doesn’t care much about uniforms. … In a related item, the Hall of Fame has this 1985 Padres prototype cap in its archives. Paul Lee and Todd Radom both say it was meant to go with this prototype jersey, which I don’t understand, because the jersey is trimmed in orange while the cap logo is yellow. “Things were not always so slavishly matched back then,” says Todd. … A pop-up Dodgers museum will open at Dodger Stadium tomorrow (thanks, Mike). … At yesterday’s press conference announcing that Yoenis Céspedes had re-signed with the Mets, GM Sandy Alderson presented Céspedes with a cap that was blissfully free of New Era logo creep. “Too bad he’ll never wear that in-game anymore,” says Niko G.

NFL News: Good news out of New Orleans, where the Saints announced that they’ll be wearing throwbacks this Sunday. … The Vkings’ Thursday-night jersey, which will be worn for tonight’s game against the Cowboys, has “Skol Vikings” — the title of the team’s official fight song — on the inner collar. Here’s a comparison showing the regular jersey on the left, tonight’s on the right (from Joshua Kramer). … Reader Elan Tavor raises an interesting question: With rumors flying about the NFL possibly abandoning its Thursday-night games after next season, what would that move mean — if it were to happen — for the Color Rash uniforms? Would they be scrapped? Used for Sunday- and or Monday-night games? Used as all-purpose alternates? Discuss. … Yesterday was the anniversary of the Jags being awarded the NFL’s 30th franchise. Some good info and archival photos in this slideshow (from our own John Ekdahl). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: The Titans and Browns have a bye this Sunday, so players from those teams who wish to participate in the “custom cleats for charitable causes” promotion will do so in Week 14. … This is interesting: Giants equipment director Joe Skiba has posted an Instagram photo of the retro-styled helmets he’s preparing for the team’s upcoming Thursday-night game, with white facemasks and the old “Giants” wordmark. The thing is, that game isn’t until Dec. 22 — the Jints be wearing their regular helmets for several games before then. So if Skiba has already prepared a separate set of helmets for the Thursday game — and if those are really the helmets the team ends up wearing on Dec. 22, and not just something Skeebs set up for a photo-op — that would appear to violate the one-shell rule. Hmmmm (from Mark Gonillo).

College Football News: Colorado will be going mono-white for the Pac-12 championship game (from Greg Kissler). … Penn State has a new end zone design for the B1G championship game (from William Yurasko). … This will apparently be Navy’s jersey for the Army/Navy game. “Looks like dress whites,” says Jon Hanson. … Here’s a short video clip of a Youngstown State equipment staffer prepping a helmet for Saturday’s game against Jacksonville State (from Robert Hayes). … Yesterday’s Ticker included an item about how Nebraska wore two different jersey designs in the 1980 Sun Bowl. Brett Baker tracked down a player from that game, Randy Huebert, and asked him about the mismatched jerseys. The gist appears to be that new jerseys were ordered for the game, but many of them didn’t fit particularly well, so many players stuck with their old jerseys.

Hockey News: Yesterday’s Ticker linked to a ranking of WHL jerseys. The same guy has also done a jersey ranking for the OHL. … The Bridgeport Sound Tigers will be wearing this Star Wars jersey on Saturday (from Barry Brite). … A KHL player took such a hard hit that his alternate captain’s “A” patch went flying (from Aaron Scholder). … New alternate jersey for the Toledo Walleye.

Pro Basketball News: The Harlem Globetrotters unveiled a new logo yesterday. Here’s a video clip showing the evolution of their logo over the years and a press release with additional info. … Bucks G Tony Snell had been wearing an upside-down “2” for about a month, but now it’s been fixed. … Heat G Tyler Johnson will now wear a mouthguard on the court (thanks, Mike). … The Celtics are 7-1 this season when coach Brad Stevens wears a tie, and only 3-6 when he doesn’t (Mike again).

College Hoops News: New court design for Louisiana-Lafayette (from @lblandry). … The SF Dons will wear throwbacks with “short shorts” on Dec. 6, although they’re not really all that short. … Brutal color vs. color game last night in Ann Arbor, as Michigan and Virginia Tech went orange vs. maize (screen shot by Andrew Cosentino). … A better color/color game could be found in Oklahoma, where Okie State and Rogers State went red vs. turquoise (from Spencer Drury).

Soccer News: Small note within this story indicates that Glentoran and Detroit City will wear “commemorative jerseys” for a 2017 friendly. … After most of the most Chapecoense’s team died in a plane crash, the team’s badge is being added to several teams’ jerseys as a memorial gesture. Participating teams St. Etienne and the Uruguayan club Nacional (from Cory Mizer). … The MLS ball design for 2017 features American and Canadian flag imagery. “Let’s honor the flag by kicking it!” says Trevor Williams. … New uniform being teased by the Portland Timbers. Full reveal to follow in January (from Michael Orr).

Grab Bag: Faaaascinating look at alternate U.S. flag designs that were proposed after Alaska and Hawaii joined the union (big thanks to my pal/hero Jamie Jensen). … If you were thinking of getting me something for Christmas, you could do a lot worse than this reprint of the style guide for the 1976 American bicentennial logo, which looks absolutely tremendous (big thanks to Philip Bump). … Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro had repeatedly been photographed wearing an Adidas track jacket during the latter phases of his life, so many of the political cartoons about his death had an Adidas slant, as seen here, here, here, and here. … New logo for LD Products. … Monmouth University has inked a new deal with Under Armour (from Kenny Ocker). … “I just noticed that Donald Trump is using this logo for his presidential transition,” says R. Scott Rogers. “I wondered whether this was an off-the-shelf design dusted off every four years, or if it was designed by or for the Trump campaign. So I did a little digging and found that then-President-Elect Obama used a different logo for his transition in 2008. The two logos are an interesting study in contrasting approaches to political and nationalist design. Both seem to be reaching for a sense of institutional solidity and classicalism, but in very different ways that are emblematic both of the men themselves and of their campaigns.”

NFL Gets Ready for Week 13 Custom Footwear

Click to enlarge

NFL players are allowed to wear custom-designed cleats promoting charitable causes this Sunday, and the designs are starting to flood social media. The one shown above will be worn by Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who’s supporting animal shelters in general and the SPCA of Texas in particular (that’s their logo toward the back of the shoe). The other shoe has a bunch of paw prints and a portrait of Elliott’s own dog (click to enlarge):

As a recent volunteer dog walker, I heartily approve.

The cleat designs are being posted with the hashtag #MyCauseMyCleats. You can see the search results for that hashtag here. You can also learn more about the participating players and their respective charities here.

Meanwhile, I’ll have an ESPN piece later this week on two of the designers who worked with Nike-affiliated players to create their cleats. It should run on Friday.

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Click to enlarge

Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide: My annual holiday gift guide will be up today on ESPN, featuring all sorts of cool stuff relating to uniforms, logos, and sports visuals (including the excellent bobblehead “dugout” and other custom bobble environments sold by Bobblehouse Industries, shown above). Check it out here.

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: I’m a big fan of videos that show how things are made. Here’s one for baseballs (from Ronnie Poore). … New uniforms are coming for South Carolina. … A recent episode of the Trip to the Mound podcast (34 minutes in) discussed stirrups and the Big Red Machine during the 1970s (from Michael Ortman).

NFL News: Byron Maxwell is known for wearing longer sleeves. His current team, the Dolphins, wore throwbacks this past weekend, and it looks like Maxwell had his sleeves customized (thanks, Preston Feiler). … The Vikings and Cowboys will play a Color Rush game on Thursday. … Snoop Dogg is not a fan of the NFL’s strict uniform policy, particularly regarding players who have different endorsement deals (from Phil). … I really enjoyed a recent feature story on Randall Woodfield, who was drafted by the Packers in 1974 and took part in their training camp that year. He later became the I-5 Killer and may have killed up to 44 people in the Pacific Northwest in the late 1970s and early 1980s. One of his trademarks was that he’d wear a “strip of athletic tape over the bridge of his nose, in the manner of a football player at the time” during his attacks, a detail that helped one of his surviving victims identify him. … Eric Dickerson wore No. 29 throughout his NFL career, but the Rams gave him a No. 25 jersey after they drafted him in 1983. He wore No. 19 at SMU (from Brian Wulff). … Ted Arnold went to the Grey Cup in Toronto on Sunday and took photos of uniforms and equipment displays for the Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan Roughriders, BC Lions and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, along with a case of Grey Cup rings.

College Football News: Nebraska wore two different jerseys by two different manufacturers in the 1980 Sun Bowl. Photos and film of the game is hard to find, but here’s another shot of the game, and a look at the Champion-branded jersey (from Brett Baker and Patrick Thomas). … On a related note, Georgia Tech and Texas Tech went gold-vs.-red in the 1970 Sun Bowl (from Patrick Thomas). … Virginia Tech wore 42 different helmets during the Frank Beamer era from 1987 to 2015. The coach discussed some of his favorites (from Phil). … We’ve seen this before, but here’s an interactive site that breaks down all of Oregon’s uniform combos during the Nike era over the last two decades (from David Cline).

Hockey News: Anders Nilsson of the Sabres has a rainbow flag on the back of his mask. Earlier this year, Nilsson was one of the Oilers that wrapped their sticks in Pride Tape (from @zubazshorts). … Here’s a good ranking of the road jerseys in the WHL. A few teams look pretty decent, in my opinion.

College Hoops News: Illinois wore throwbacks last night (from Erik Spoonmore). … San Diego State wore N7 unis on Monday (from @noahpeets). … New white alternates for Maryland. It will be the Terps’ fifth uniform in eight games this season (from Matt Shevin). … Auburn wore a number of different uniforms from 1998 to 2004 (from Clint Richardson). … UNC has an archive of sports T-shirts (from @F3Ventura). … Fans will vote on whether Dominican will wear white or black unis, as in Light Side or Dark Side, for Star Wars Night on December 4 (from Brandon Davis).

Auction Action

As you may have noticed in the left-hand sidebar, our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are once again running a big catalog auction. One of the items that caught my eye is this 1940 Tulsa Oilers jersey (shown at right; click to enlarge) — what a beauty!

Here are some of the auction’s other notable items, most of them baseball-related:

• Interesting to see that Willie Mays’s 1972 Mets jersey had some tailoring alterations.

• I love how old Cubs jerseys used chain-stitching for the “C” on the chest logo.

• Speaking of chain-stitching, old Phillies jerseys had massive chain-stitched uni numbers that I never get tired of seeing.

• Back in the day, lots of teams used McAuliffe — now known as “the Red Sox font” — for their uniform numbers, including the A’s.

• Another team that used the McAuliffe font: the Angels. Interestingly, if you look at the back uni numbers, the “1” looks smaller than the “7,” but maybe it’s just the way the fabric is draping. (There’s another Angels/McAuliffe example, this one from 1977, here.)

• This batch of Jay Johnstone jerseys includes a 1980 Dodgers jersey that includes that season’s All-Star Game patch.

• Did you know the baseball Giants once used zippered jerseys? They did!

• If you look at this 1970 Indians jersey the red lettering/numbering with the black drop shadow feels a lot like today’s Reds uniforms.

• Fascinating to see that the Pirates used this kind of BP jersey. Everything about it — the collar, the zipper, the waistband trim — feels more like a basketball warm-up top.

• Speaking of the Pirates, you can have your very own Stargell Stars with this cap.

• I’d love to see the White Sox wear this early-1940s design as a throwback.

• Even a confirmed Yankees-hater like me can appreciate the coolness of this old Yankees belt buckle.

• Athletes aren’t the only ones in the ballpark who wear uniforms. Here’s an Orioles usher’s uni from the 1970s.

• Weird to see the Cowboys’ team name rendered in a script on this sideline jacket.

• Man, the 76ers sure used a lot of stars on their 1975-76 warm-up jackets.

Want to see more? You can access the entire auction catalog here.

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Too Good for the Ticker: It was a Battle of the Cheeseheads last night in Philadelphia, as the Eagles hosted the Packers and at least one Philly fan put his own spin on the Green Bay headwear tradition. Great concept, great DIY job. (Oh, and the Eagles wore their black alternates.)

(My thanks to @andrew_love_ and our own Mike Chamernik for this one.)

• • • • •

Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

Chargers fans! Tee off to support your favorite team with this set of “rare” Chargers golf balls. They’re made by Faultless and date back to the 1970s. No guarantee they’ll improve your driving distance, but the all-lowercase lettering is interesting.

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• Take a look at this 1970s Buffalo Braves pennant. I swear until this moment I never knew that B had a feather in it. Of course, it also took me ages to realize that was a horn on the side of the Vikings helmet.

• Here’s a unique 1970s 3D Hank Aaron plaque, and that’s a darn good likeness, too.

• Got a few nice posters this week, beginning with this 1968 NFL poster sponsored by Kimberly Clark. Great graphics on this one!

• Maybe this was a promo poster in a department store..? This one simply says “NFL Headquarters” on it.

• And one more poster: Absolutely some of my favorite helmet graphics ever on this AFC/NFC poster from 1984.

• Just stay in tune, baby. The Oakland Raiders sing your favorite Christmas classics on this 1969 record album.

• Sears alert! Here’s a Baltimore Colts varsity jacket from the 1960s. The sleeves look like they could use some cleaning but otherwise it’s in good shape.

• Here’s another old varsity-style jacket. This one was from the 1960s made by Brill Brothers of Milwaukee, with “Packers” stitched on the front, but no team logo.

• In the 1960s when pro football was blowing up on TV, everyone and his brother made a football game. Here’s a board game made by Samsonite, believe it or not — the luggage people. Not to be outdone, 3M (Scotch tape) also made their own game.

• Ah, but baseball had their own games on the market. Computer games started to appear in the mid- to late 1970s, edging the classic electric baseball and football games to the sidelines. This handheld “Classic Baseball” game was made by Mattel. (And if the game malfunctions try fresh batteries.)

• • • • •

KRC update: The latest installment of Key Ring Chronicles is about one of those little keys that are used to open cans of Spam. Check it out here.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown, Pa., uses the Brewers’ ball-in-glove logo (from @Silverscreentes). … Brice Wallace has always been fascinated with the perfect timing of this 1975 photo of Pirates catcher Manny Sanguillen. “In 1993, I got my chance to mimic that photo,” Brice writes. “While shooting newspaper photos of Little League baseball at a dusty field in Elkview, West Virginia, I recalled that Sanguillen photo and, after several attempts, captured my own version. Obviously, the pitcher was throwing smoke.” … An anonymous reader knows a Cubs employee who received a jacket with a 2016 World Champions patch, a throwback to the team’s 1907 World Series emblem. “Kinda wished they had based it on the 1908 patch, though,” our reader says.

NFL News: Yesterday’s lede mentioned that Ravens RB Kyle Juszczyk was reportedly victimized by nameplate typo, but Paul didn’t have a photo. Now Will Shoken has provided one. … Peter Fredrickson, who works in real estate, was setting up a house for an estate sale when he came across an old box for a child’s football uniform. Although the box was empty, the package design is interesting. Lots of helmet anomalies there, including the Browns’ phantom “CB” design. … Stephen Curry lost a bet on last Sunday’s Oakland/Carolina game and had to wear a Raiders jersey this weekend. Curry is a big Panthers fan (from Brinke). … A group of players on the 1967 Saints wore throwback jerseys for a reunion this past weekend (from reader Tom M). … Seems that Ron Rivera has had his Panthers jacket for awhile. Former Raiders coach Tom Cable wore the same style of coat in 2010. It looks like the Reebok logo is gone from Rivera’s jacket, however (from Rudy Gutierrez). … The Vikings teased their Color Rush unis. Under the right light they look like retro Rams jerseys (from Andy Huebner). … Cowboys players got their first look at the the custom cleats for charitable causes that they’ll be wearing this weekend (from Klay Kuban).

College Football News: Missouri WR J’Mon Moore has an interesting NOB that I don’t think we’ve seen before. Would we call that a F’NOB? The Tigers also have a D-lineman named Josh Moore on the roster (from Seth Shaw). … Follow-up to yesterday’s North Carolina note: Here’s UNC’s record by every uniform element (from James Gilbert). … What do an ax, barrel, bell, and wagon wheel have in common? They all serve as the basis for college football rivalry game trophies (from Phil). … Michael Mariniello sends in two old photos of Bear Bryant, one with an elaborate facemask in the background, and the other with a player who has a letter on his sock.

Hockey News: U.S. Army officials aren’t thrilled with the new Vegas Golden Knights team name. The Army, which has a parachute team called the Golden Knights, is considering what kind of action, if any, might be appropriate. … The Flames’ Jyrki Jokipakka had a rip on the back of his jersey last night. Hey, at least they spelled his name right (from Ryan Feuerstein). … Here are this year’s KHL All-Star jerseys. Each division will have an all-star team, and the game will have a 4-on-4 tournament between the teams (from Teebz). … The AHL’s Bakersfield Condors are hosting an outdoor game at Bakersfield College in January. They will wear cream jerseys for the game. … Blackhawks D Duncan Keith has his own cereal and personal logo (from David Firestone, who also found a good vintage hockey sweater). … At Harvard home games, teams sit on opposite sides of the ice (from Dustin Semore). … In case you missed it during the long Thanksgiving weekend: The Penguins unveiled their jersey for the Stadium Series game against the Flyers on Feb. 25.

NBA & College Hoops News: Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson wore a kilt after Sunday night’s game. … Color vs. Color last night, as Florida State wore turquoise N7 uniforms against Minnesota. … Speaking of the turquoise N7s, Oklahoma State will wear its own version on Wednesday (from Justin Mitchell). … UCLA wore white and blue unis with no trim during the Wooden Legacy tournament this past week (from Chris Cruz). … Oral Roberts debuted gray uniforms last night.

Soccer News: Arizona United SC of the USL will now be known as Phoenix Rising FC. More info on the rename here. … Orlando City Stadium, the home of the city’s MLS and NWSL teams, installed a small section of rainbow seats in memory of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims (from Phil). … “A uniform tradition was broken yesterday when Theo Walcott wore short sleeves while the rest of the Arsenal team wore long sleeves against Bournemouth,” says Jay Reyes. “Arsenal is the only soccer team I know of where the club captain decides if the team will wear long or short sleeves and everyone has to follow suit. In fact, a few years ago a player was chastised for cutting his long sleeves with scissors before a game. Do you know of any other teams have a similar tradition?”

Grab Bag: Donald Trump has traded in his “Make America Great Again” cap for a new cap, with “USA” on the front and “45” on the side. He will be the nation’s 45th president (from Phil). … Tiger Woods, returning to golf after a 15-month hiatus, will have a Monster Energy logo on his bag at the Hero World Challenge this week (from Phil). … High-end manufacturers find that consumers are opting for luxury items with little or no visible branding. … A new Niketown store in Manhattan is causing problems due to large, unruly crowds spilling out into the street.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Nice-looking game yesterday in Miami, as the Dolphins wore their throwbacks against the 49ers. Man, what I would give to see more NFL teams going with striped socks like these! Lots of additional photos here.

In other notes from around the league yesterday:

• The Ravens went mono-black, and also had black end zones. (As an aside, I think the Bengals’ uni combo in that game — white over black — is their most appealing look. Granted, that isn’t saying much, but still.)

• The Texans went mono-navy. (Also, if you look again at that photo, it looks like there was a sideline reporter at that game wearing a Boston Bruins jersey!)

• The Falcons played the Cardinals, creating a battle of the awful pants striping designs.

• Similarly, the Saints and Rams had a battle of the neck-roll collars.

• The Titans added a “W.E.S.” memorial decal for the victims of the recent Woodmere Elementary School bus crash in Chattanooga. Here’s how it looked during the game.

• The Seahawks wore white over grey. “First time they’ve done that this season,” says reader Tim Dunn. “Maybe they should permanently retire that look: Their record in it is now 1-5.”

• Chargers wide receiver Tyrell Williams had an odd-looking situation on his left knee. I’m not sure if his pants were just riding up or what, but take a look:

• Even by Bill Belichick’s usual standards, his hat yesterday looked seriously ratty.

• I couldn’t find a photo, but Twitter user @twitrlesshane says Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk’s name was misspelled as “Juszcyk” on his NOB. Anyone..?

• No teams wore white at home yesterday.

• Here’s a list of players who protested during the national anthem.

• Players participating in postgame jersey swaps included Jameis Winston (Bucs) and Russell Wilson (Seahawks); Adam Jones (Bengals) and Lardarius Webb (Ravens); T.J. Yeldon (Jags) and Marcell Dareus (Bills); Emmanuel Ogbah (Browns) and Romeo Okwara (Giants); Joe Haden (Browns) and Odell Beckham Jr. (Giants); Rashard Higgins (Browns) and Weston Richburg (Giants); Randall Telfer (Browns) and Devon Kennard (Giants); Alvin Bailey (Browns) and Robert Thomas (Giants); Corey Liuget (Chargers) and Whitney Mercilus (Texans); and Joe Barksdale (Chargers) and Duane Brown (Texans).

An interesting quirk, at least to me: With one exception — Weston Richberg — all of this week’s jersey-swappers were black. That continues a trend of jersey exchanges being much more popular among black players. Granted, 70% of the league’s players are black, so you’d expect any player trend to involve a predominance of black players. But the numbers here are overwhelming: I looked at all of this season’s jersey-swap photos from three different wire services (Getty, AP, and USA Today) and found only five white participants other than Richberg: Zach Ertz (Eagles), Travis Kelce (Chiefs), Hunter Henry (Chargers), Nick O’Leary (Bills), and Cassius Marsh (Seahawks). Of course, there are lots of things that black people are more likely to do than white people, and vice-versa. I wouldn’t have expected jersey-swapping to be one of them, but it apparently is. If anyone has any insights as to why that is, I’m all ears.

One final note: This was the final weekend of G.I. Joevember, so no more camouflage accessories for the rest of the season. Next Sunday, however, is when players will be permitted to wear custom-designed cleats promoting various charitable causes. I’ll have additional coverage of that coming up this week on ESPN.

(My thanks to Andrew Cosentino and @Sean_buffalo for their contributions to this section.)

• • • • •

Holiday advertisers shout-out: As you may have noticed, we have several new advertisers for the holiday season. All of them are longtime friends of Uni Watch and deserve the extra attention I’m about to give them:

• Uni Watch readers have been commissioning illustrator Rob Ullman to create pinup-style jersey-centric portraits of their partners — or themselves — for nearly a decade now. Want him to create a portrait like the one shown at right? Full details here.

• Jeff Suntala’s wonderful posters of baseball stadiums, which he produces under the name “There Used to Be a Ballpark,” have been Uni Watch favorites for years. You can check out his full product line here, plus he’s recently added something that these two prints showing all current National League and American League ballparks. Great stuff.

• Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are currently running one of their excellent seasonal auctions. I’ll take a closer look at some of the most notable auction items in an upcoming “Auction Action” post (possibly as soon as tomorrow), but you can get a head start by checking out the catalog here.

• Attorney Anthony Verna has been advertising on the site for a few months now, but it bears repeating: If you have an intellectual property issue regarding trademark, copyright, or anything along those lines, Anthony is the man to see. I’ve consulted with him many times over years — sometimes regarding a uni-related topic I was writing about, and sometimes about my own legal affairs — and can personally testify to his expertise. You can find him here.

• While we’re at it: If you want to buy a membership card for someone but don’t know which design the lucky recipient would want, we can help you out with that.

• Also: If you’re theoretically intrigued, just hypothetically speaking, in any of these designs, we can discuss.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: Check out this 1973 Graig Nettles card. He was traded from Cleveland to New York after the ’72 season, and Topps decided to just airbrush a Yankees logo over his Indians jersey from the year before. No pinstripes! (from BSmile).

Pro and College Football News: Good story on the history of the Duluth Eskimos — one of the first NFL teams to use a logo (from Sam Bevins). … Looking ahead to next week, Penn State will be the designated home team in the B1G Championship, meaning they’ll likely wear blue (from Johnny O.). … From Saturday: Louisiana-Lafayette went with an all-black look against Arkansas State (from Tom M.). … Saturday was not a good day for Virginia. After losing 52-10 to rival Virginia Tech, their equipment truck had some trouble getting home (from Damian Salas). … Here’s every uni combination Oregon has worn over the last five years in one handy chart. … In that same vein, James Gilbert has a comprehensive record for every color combo North Carolina has worn since 2012. … Looks like the spotters had some problems during the Grey Cup last night (from Jon Horton). … Speaking of the Grey Cup, so many issues with this score graphic.

Hockey News: The Florida Panthers may have changed their logo this year, but they’re still wearing the old leaping panther on their helmets. What’s even weirder is that the helmets include the team’s new alternate logo (from Jared Rosen). … No photo, but Max Wagner says that the Blackhawks dressed three alternate captains this weekend, and all three took the ice at the same time during a power play. … Speaking of the Blackhawks, they played an ugly white/gray matchup with the Kings this weekend. … Add Maine hockey to the small list of teams whose uniforms are made by New Balance (from Charles). … Tim Merkley has an awesome NHL-themed Christmas tree.

College Hoops News: They say you should play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back. But what about when the name on the back is unreadable, like with Nebraska’s white-on-white NOBs? They’re so hard to see that Keith Kost mistook them for lettering on an undershirt showing through to the jersey.

Soccer News: Those eco-friendly Real Madrid jerseys, made from recycled ocean waste, debuted the other day. Although the design included advertising and a shield, those graphics were hard to see during the game, which was played in the rain (from Santiago Rábade).

Grab Bag: A Gaelic football team in Ireland was all set to debut its new jersey design the other day. But due to an unexpected color clash, the jersey ended up being worn by the team’s opponent (from Denis Hurley).