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Seeing Double

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A moment for the ages during yesterday’s Yanks/Cards Grapefruit League game, as Yankees catcher Eddy Rodriguez stepped in the box against Cardinals pitcher Tyler Lyons, creating a rare (first-ever?) No. 70 vs. No. 70 match-up. (Continue reading)

Romanian Soccer Team Provides Math Lesson

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Interesting move yesterday by the Romanian soccer team, as players warmed up for the friendly against Spain while wearing jerseys and jackets with various mathematical sequences in place of their usual uniform numbers.

The move was part of a program to improve math performance in Romanian . . . → Read More: Romanian Soccer Team Provides Math Lesson

Today’s College Hoops Players: Heroes of Zero

Got a note the other day from reader James Peterson, as follows:

Like many, I haven’t been watching much college basketball until March Madness. When did the uniform number 0 become so popular? Seems like nearly all of the games I’ve watched have had at least one No. 0 on the court, if not for both teams.

Is it Westbrook-related? Aaron Gordon? Was the number not previously available but is now usable?

I initially told him, “Eh, it’s just one of those things.” But then I saw a few tournament games over the weekend (much like James, I don’t watch much college hoops during the regular season), and I too was struck by how many zeroes — and double-zeroes! — I was seeing on the court. (Continue reading)

A Brief History of College Football Players Wearing Uniform No. 100

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Up until now, I was aware of only one college football player who wore a triple-digit number. That would be West Virginia punter/kicker Chuck Kinder (shown above), who wore No. 100 in 1963. That was the year that all WVU players wore “100” on their helmets . . . → Read More: A Brief History of College Football Players Wearing Uniform No. 100