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Braves & Marlins Will Love America Twice As Much

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By Phil Hecken

As you brace yourselves wait with bated breath for Major League Baseball to break out their annual America Fuck Yeah! “Stars & Stripes” jerseys and caps to celebrate America’s birthday tomorrow — you won’t have to even wait until tomorrow! That’s right, tonight the Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves will be breaking out the patriotic gear a day early, as the two teams will meet up on an active military institution (Fort Bragg). And nothing screams “AMERICA” more than celebrating the 4th of July early, and doing so at an army base.

No. Seriously. That’s about as American as well, baseball, hot dogs (not a sandwich, btw), apple pie and Chevrolet. (Continue reading)

MLB Releases Special Holiday Merch — er, Uniforms

MLB unveiled all of its holiday and special event uniforms in one fell swoop yesterday. That’s a departure from past years, when the various promotions were rolled out one at a time. If nothing else, this is very efficient, because we can now make fun of all the designs at once.

Thanks to various leaks, we already knew what many of these would look like, but let’s take a closer look: (Continue reading)

Giants (accidentally?) Reveal MLB Holiday Uniforms

Click to enlarge

MLB hasn’t yet announced its uni-related plans for Memorial Day or Independence Day. There’s nothing unusual about that — those announcements (or leaks) usually don’t come our way until mid-May, at the earliest.

But the Giants appear to have spilled the beans yesterday by tweeting a . . . → Read More: Giants (accidentally?) Reveal MLB Holiday Uniforms

Come On, Man, Have Some Dignity Out There

We’ve known for a month now that MLB teams will be wearing tacky caps for Independence Day. Yesterday came word that they’ll also be wearing tacky jerseys. Here’s the full set of them, paired with the full set of caps: (Continue reading)