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Cookie-cutter Cookies

Cookie Cutter 550

By Phil Hecken, with Jimmer Vilk

Got a fun one for you guys today.

What would happen if you combined the ugly, septic, vapid and yet endearingly utilitarian concrete donut stadia (lovingly referred to as “cookie cutters”) with the fun, wholesome and utterly charming practice of baking sweets? Yeah, I didn’t think I wanted to know either, but that’s where the inimitable Jimmer Vilk comes in.

Fresh off his high of Vilkanova winning the national title, and absolutely no threat to Paul’s Culinary Corner, Jim is here to present to you his award-winning recipe the newest trend in gastronomic dystopia… (Continue reading)

Classic Stadium Scoreboards -- By The Book

SB - 550
Click to enlarge

By Phil Hecken, with Gary Chanko

As most of you fine readers are familiar, almost every Saturday for the past few years, I’ve run a sub-lede on here called “Classic Stadium Scoreboards,” which features both the art and research of Gary Chanko. Gary’s graphic depictions of scoreboards really are works of art in and of themselves, and to date, he’s completed around 60 of them.

I’m here today with Gary to talk about a new project in which I’m hopeful many of you will be interested — the Book of Scoreboards. And we’d like to ask your assistance in crafting it! (Continue reading)

Field of Jeans®

By Phil Hecken

I have a very special guest post today from Mr. Collector’s Corner — Brinke Guthrie — who received a very special tour while attending the official “Grand Opening” celebration of the new stadium for the 49ers, Levi’s Stadium. There’s a lot to get to, and Brinke has covered it all . . . → Read More: Field of JeansĀ®

In the Strangest of Places, If You Look at it Right

Click to Enlarge – Photo by Kelly Gavin

By Phil Hecken

As we prepare to begin the MLB Season begin the portion of the National Pastime that begins in the United States for Opening Day Night … there were a couple of spring training games played Friday and Saturday in two unlikely places. At . . . → Read More: In the Strangest of Places, If You Look at it Right