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Question Time, Vol. 7

Welcome to another installment of Question Time, where you ask me stuff and I do my best to answer. Here we go:

When you watch TV, do you adjust the volume to an odd numbered level?

It’s true that I have a strong preference for odd numbers. When staying in a hotel or motel, I request an odd-numbered room; when attending a sporting event, I try to sit in an odd-numbered seat; and so on.

It had never occurred to me to set my TV to an odd-numbered volume level. But maybe I’ll have to start doing that now. (Continue reading)

Question Time, Vol. 6

Welcome to the latest installment of Question Time (and our first one in nearly a year), where you folks ask me about anything you want, uni-related or otherwise, and I pretend to give a shit engage in deep, thoughtful consideration before answering. It’s been nearly a year since the last time we did . . . → Read More: Question Time, Vol. 6

Question Time, Vol. 5

Time for another round of Question Time, where you can ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer. Here’s the latest installment, based on questions that were submitted a few weeks ago.

You’ve revealed that a few teams have people within their organization who know you, or know of you or . . . → Read More: Question Time, Vol. 5

Question Time, Vol. 4

Time for another round of “Question Time,” where I get to talk about myself even more than usual you folks get to ask me anything about anything, uni-related or otherwise. Here we go:

Are there any famous “uni failures” that you thought actually worked (e.g., LA Kings Burger King, Islanders fisherman, Phillies solid . . . → Read More: Question Time, Vol. 4