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A Look at NHL Prototypes

There’s this woman on Twitter named Jen. Her handle is @NHLhistorygirl, so her tweets are mostly about NHL history. Lots of “On this date in 1983…” and things of that ilk.

Yesterday, though, Jen’s historical musings had a sub-theme: She did a series of nearly 20 posts featuring NHL prototypes, logos that were proposed but never used, and other “What might have been” designs. Unfortunately, she didn’t link all of the tweets together with a hashtag, which means there’s no one-stop-shopping way to link to all of them. So instead I’ll just embed all of them — take it away, Jen: (Continue reading)

Old Highlight Film Shows Rams Prototype Jerseys

The Rams-related hits keep on coming. Reader Andrew Kupka was watching the Rams’ 1972 year-in-review video (which is awesome — check it out above) and has found something cool.

Toward the end of the video — at the 25:46 mark, specifically — the video announces that the Rams will have new uniforms for 1973. Here’s what the narrator says:

Next year there’ll be new players, a new coach, and a new look in uniforms for Carroll Rosenbloom’s Rams.

Because a team’s uniform is its outward symbol, the Rams have changed to one with more color, sparkle, and glamour, but with a rich tradition reminiscent of the early Ram years. The new look will prevail in both home and away uniforms, and will symbolize a team that has changed much in one short year.

The interesting thing is that the uniforms shown in the video aren’t quite what the Rams ended up wearing in 1973: (Continue reading)

A Long-Lost Cardinals Prototype Design

Click to enlarge

Nine days ago, when I was still on my August break from the site, there was a one-sentence Ticker item that I think deserves a closer look, so that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

The Ticker item was a link to this short video . . . → Read More: A Long-Lost Cardinals Prototype Design

Uni Watch Exclusive: Vikings Prototypes

Click to enlarge

Hmmm, what have we here? It’s two sets of Vikings prototype designs that were prepared by Reebok in 2003. I got them from a source and confirmed their legitimacy with another source who used to work for the Vikings. And there’s a lot more . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Exclusive: Vikings Prototypes