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Back, Back, Back - (Throw)back, (Throw)back, (Throw)back

By Phil Hecken

Fans of throwback uniforms were in for a triple-treat yesterday, as the Seattle Mariners (shown in the “vintage camcorder” effect video above) and the St. Louis Cardinals met in Seattle for a 1984 throwback game — and the Milwaukee Brewers hosted the Washington Nationals, while the Atlanta Braves hosted the New York Mets — who both played Negro League Tribute/throwback games. To my knowledge, all teams have worn said throwbacks before (certainly in the case of the Negro League throwbacks), and I’m fairly positive the Mariners and Cardinals have worn throwbacks in either they exact year or same style as those worn last evening. Lets look at some pictures! (Continue reading)

Tribe & Royals Throw Back; ChiSox & Tigers Throw WAY Back

Indians Royals 550

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday, the Cleveland Indians hosted the Kansas City Royals, and both teams threwback to the 1970s, with the Tribe wearing their blue “caveman” top and white pants, while the Royals wore full powder blue. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the game, but from the photos I did see, it looked dee-lightful.

As with most throwback games, I had some problems with the players wearing their uniforms in contemporary cuts, and of course, many a player sported pajama-style pants — an anachronism that my OCD finds off-putting. But aside from that, it was a beautiful looking game.

I spoke to Jimmer Vilk, who did see the game, and he thought both teams did a good job with the uniforms. Of course, if you read Uni Watch on Friday, you’ll note the Indians screwed up the jersey patch. But other than that — it was a game chock full of color, pullovers and sansabelts (and a few players even wore their pants hiked up, exposing some delicious hosiery. (Continue reading)

A Civilly Righteous Game in Houston Town

By Phil Hecken

Last night, the Houston Astros — playing as the “Houston Eagles” — and the Baltimore Orioles (playing as the Baltimore Elite Giants), engaged in the annual Civil Rights game. Believe it or not, this annual game has been played since 2007.

The first two games were held at AutoZone Park . . . → Read More: A Civilly Righteous Game in Houston Town

Rainbows and Tridents and Stars ... Oh My!

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday we were treated to TWO special throwback games — the Houston Astros and host Seattle Mariners turned the clock back thirty-five years, to that magical year of 1979. As you can see above, the Mariners wore their 1979 uniforms, featuring the iconic trident cap and pullover/sansabelt uniforms. 1979 was . . . → Read More: Rainbows and Tridents and Stars … Oh My!