Valerie Solanas Would Be Proud: A Brief History of Cutting Up Uniforms

The situation regarding White Sox pitcher Chris Sale reportedly cutting up his team’s throwback jerseys is certainly unusual. But it’s not the first time a uniform or uni element has been been cut, sliced, or scissored. Here are some examples, although I’m sure there are others: (Continue reading)

The Cutting Edge: Chris Sale Fallout Continues

As you can see at right (and can click to enlarge), a fan at last night’s Cubs/White Sox game had a bit of fun at Chris Sale’s expense. I’m assuming someone will be showing up at Comiskey in full-on Edward Scissorhands regalia by tomorrow.

Sale gave an extensive interview to yesterday, and . . . → Read More: The Cutting Edge: Chris Sale Fallout Continues

How I Covered the Chris Sale Story

As the vast majority of you are no doubt aware by now, a bizarre uni-related incident took place on Saturday night, as White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was reportedly so unhappy with the prospect of wearing the team’s 1976 leisure suit throwbacks that he brandished a knife and cut several of the team’s jerseys to shreds (and has now been suspended for five days as a result). Phil had coverage of the story here on the blog yesterday, and I had some analysis over on ESPN.

That prompted the following comment, which was posted to the site yesterday morning by a reader named Dave:

I have a couple of meta-journalism questions for Paul, if that’s OK.

As “breaking stories” in the uni world go, how highly did this one rate?

What kind of follow-up articles or features get planned? Did you get called in as a talking head anywhere? Or asked for quotes, etc.? Did your life get appreciably more hectic for a couple of hours?

How long did it take you to research the ESPN piece? Did someone from ESPN contact you and say “We heard Sale flipped his wig, can you give us something?”

Funny you should ask, because this was a pretty unusual situation — one that’s actually led me to do some soul-searching. (Continue reading)

MLB Turns Back the Clock

For many of today’s photos, you can click to enlarge

There were four throwback games around Major League Baseball yesterday — part of Turn Back the Clock Day, which MLB says will be a new annual tradition (although it remains unclear why they did so little to publicize the . . . → Read More: MLB Turns Back the Clock