You Must Wear the Ribbon (and the wristband, and the undershirt, and the batting gloves, and the shoes, and the socks...)

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We knew MLB players would be wearing a lot of pink yesterday, including pink-lettered and -numbered jerseys (first time those have ever been worn on Ma’s Day), caps with pink logos and top-stitching (ditto), and the usual assortment of pink batting gloves, bats, wristbands, chest protectors, and related accessories. But we didn’t know — or at least I sure didn’t — that high-cuffed players would be wearing pink socks and stirrups. Not every high-cuffed player did that yesterday, but lots of them did. Here are some additional examples: (Continue reading)

How Uniform Should a Uniform Be?

It’s a common complaint: Can’t everyone on the team wear their uniforms more uniformly?

A Pirates fan recently expressed that sentiment in the weekly mailbag column written by one of the The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Pirates beat writers, Stephen Nesbitt. The fan, named Mark Gleason, had a lot to say, but here’s the meat of it: (Continue reading)

Not the End of the World After All

Ageless Mets pitcher Bartolo Colón tossed eight scoreless frames last night. Toward the end of the game, Phil emailed me the photo shown above, with the subject line, “Now THAT is a side panel.” And yeah, a plus-sized jersey definitely makes for a plus-sized mesh insert.

But that led me to mention something . . . → Read More: Not the End of the World After All

A (Relatively) Modest Proposal - A Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin 550

By Phil Hecken

Earlier this week, I noticed the Miami Marlins tweeted out an image that intrigued me — a graphic that had the Marlins wordmark and the simple phrase “Let’s Go Fish!” No, there was no apostrophe catastrophe, everything was in order; it was the kind of almost old school graphic you’d see on Twitter a few years ago. In fact there was nothing really out of the ordinary about it, except for one thing. (Continue reading)