Throwback Thursday — Er, Wednesday

Very odd situation today in MLB, as eight teams will apparently be wearing throwback uniforms. I say “apparently” because the information on this has come in dribs and drabs — an offhand comment by a broadcaster, a tweet by a beat writer, a small mention deep in the dot-dot-dot section of a team report. Oddly, there’s been no official announcement by MLB. Even odder, at least two of these throwback tilts are afternoon games, which means they won’t get much exposure. And even odder-er, why would you run a bunch of throwback games on a Wednesday when you could do a Throwback Thursday promotion? (Continue reading)

A Look Back at the 1972 Topps ‘In Action’ Series

My favorite Mets blogger, Mets Police honcho Shannon Shark, recently poked some fun at Tom Seaver’s 1972 Topps baseball card, noting that Seaver was still wearing his jacket while pretending to throw a pitch (a fairly classic spring training pose that Topps often used back then):

As it happens, 1972 was the first year I collected baseball cards (I was eight years old at the time), and I remember that Seaver card well. But here’s the thing: The ’72 Topps set included a series of cards called “In Action,” which consisted of game photos instead of posed shots. Seaver had a card in the “In Action” series, in addition to his regular card, and the “In Action” card was even worse”: (Continue reading)

The Results of Our MLB High-Cuff Census

Back on May 12, I wrote that Phil and I both estimated that about 15 to 20 percent of MLB players went high-cuffed, and then I proposed that we try to confirm or disprove that by doing a team-by-team count to see what the percentage of high-cuffers really is. Today we’re going to see the results of that count.

Counting high-cuffers is an extremely inexact science. So before we dive in, I strongly recommend that you take a minute to re-read the May 12 entry, just to reacquaint yourself with all the vagaries and grey areas we’re dealing with here.

A few notes: (Continue reading)

1979 (or 1978) Isn't Quite How I Remembered It

79 550
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By Phil Hecken

Earlier this week, I got extremely excited when I saw this tweet from the Angels announcing last night and today would be “70’s Weekend” at the Big A, and there would be throwback uniforms both nights. I checked the schedule and saw the Angels would be playing the White Sox, and got even more excited — and finally I saw this tweet and figured the Angels would be throwing back to 1979. I mean…that’s what the pennant says, so it must be…right? And what did the White Sox wear in 1979? You guessed it! How awesome was this going to be. I should have figured something was amiss immediately when the tweet and graphic featured an apostrophe catastrophe.

Unfortunately…the throwback to “1979” wasn’t really a throwback to 1979, uni-wise. (Continue reading)