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MLB Releases Special Holiday Merch — er, Uniforms

MLB unveiled all of its holiday and special event uniforms in one fell swoop yesterday. That’s a departure from past years, when the various promotions were rolled out one at a time. If nothing else, this is very efficient, because we can now make fun of all the designs at once.

Thanks to various leaks, we already knew what many of these would look like, but let’s take a closer look: (Continue reading)

Phils, Braves Make Subtle Jersey Adjustments for 2016

Most uniform changes are, for lack of a better term, official. They’re announced via press releases (or at least via social media), listed in the league style guide, and so on.

But there are also unofficial uniform changes — things that aren’t announced or even acknowledged but are nonetheless plainly visible to anyone who looks closely.

With the MLB season just a few days old, it’s apparent that at least two teams — the Phillies and Braves — have made unofficial changes to their jersey scripts. Let’s start with the Phillies. They use the same script on their home and road jerseys, and that script has clearly become thicker, or fatter, or bolder, or whatever you want to call it, this season (for all of these, you can click to enlarge): (Continue reading)

Panthers Give Jaromir Jagr a Frankenjersey Birthday Cake

For all cake photos, click to enlarge

Jaromir Jagr turned 44 (!) yesterday, so the Panthers presented him with a jersey-themed birthday cake — half-Panthers and half-Czech Republic. Pretty cool of them to be willing to cut their own logo in half like that. (Continue reading)

Because We All Want to Belong

The Grab Bag section of last Saturday’s Ticker included a link to this Sports Illustrated article about the history of jersey retailing. The article, by Tim Layden (who says he mail-ordered a replica jersey by responding to an ad in The Sporting News way back in 1971!), is really, really good — well-researched, entertainingly written, informative, the works. I’m pretty sure every single Uni Watch reader will enjoy it, and I strongly recommend it to all of you.

A key thread running through the article is the implicit question of why fans like to wear jerseys in the first place. Toward the end of the piece, Layden addresses this question directly and comes up with a bit of an answer: (Continue reading)