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Pirates Pitchers Test-Drive New Protective Headgear

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Pirates pitchers Jared Hughes and Mark Melancon, shown above, became the first MLBers — at least that I’m aware of — to try out the new protective headwear for pitchers during yesterday’s workouts. Here are some additional shots, all of Hughes (first photo by Zane Heiple): (Continue reading)

New Boombang Won't Look So isoBLOXy

By Phil Hecken

In a story you may have seen yesterday on ESPN, William Weinbaum reported that MLB and the MLB Players Association have come together with a plan to introduce new protective headgear for pitchers, developed by “Boombang.” Weinbaum has been reporting on this since 2014, when he noted “MLB and MLB . . . → Read More: New Boombang Won’t Look So isoBLOXy

Uni Watch Profiles: Travis Radke

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Okay, I know there’s a lot of content on the site today, so you might be tempted to skim past certain parts and focus on the “big name” stuff. But trust me when I say you’re gonna want to read today’s lede item.

The pitcher shown . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Profiles: Travis Radke

Life’s Goal Accomplished: Uni Watch Mentioned on Mets TV Broadcast

I mentioned in yesterday’s Ticker that I wouldn’t be watching the Mets on Monday night because they were scheduled to wear their brutal camouflage uniforms (which are even worse this season because they’re now paired with the pinstriped pants). But I ended up flipping channels between the Rangers and the Mets, and it’s . . . → Read More: Life’s Goal Accomplished: Uni Watch Mentioned on Mets TV Broadcast