Hadn't They Ever Heard of Eye Black?

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Such a Nice Jewish Boy

Courtesy of Northwestern Athletic Communications

This is Aaron Liberman, the Northwestern freshman and Orthodox Jew who wears his yarmulke on the bench and plans to wear it on the court when he finally makes his college basketball debut (he hasn’t played yet because of a case of shin splints). . . . → Read More: Such a Nice Jewish Boy

What's a Ute?


By Phil Hecken

I get a pretty decent amount of uniform concepts (logo concepts, cap concepts, helmet concepts, etc.) sent my way (THANK YOU and keep ‘em coming!), and occasionally the Uni Watch faithful send their concepts on to Paul, who then forwards them to me. Sometimes he’ll make a comment or two with the submission, but most times it’s simply a courtesy forward (thank you Paul). But the one you’re about to see today carried the message, “Jesus, you could do a whole weekend entry on this guy’s proposed updates the Utes’ helmet… Or you could ignore the whole thing. Your call.”

I don’t usually ignore any submissions (good, bad or indifferent) and I try to show every concept sent to me or forwarded to me by Paul. And there was no way in hell I was going to let this one be missed.

The concepts you’re about to see come from reader **CORRECTION** Ben Hatfield Justin Dahl (at first I thought they were from frequent submitter Brent Hatfield). Most concepters send me an idea or three, complete with approximately 50 words per submission. Ben is a man of very few words — but some fairly impressive ideas — well, sort of.

**I was contacted by Justin a short while ago, who indicated that it was he, and not Ben, who designed the helmets seen here today. I’ll have a follow-up on this tomorrow.

You see, when I saw the helmet pictured in the today’s splash, I immediately thought of the ‘famous’ Chiefs helmet concept by Todd Asselin (featured in this great story researched and written by Paul):

Chief concept helmet by Todd Asselin

Now, I have no idea whether Ben knows (knew) of this helmet when he concepted what is below. I can only say that there are similarities.

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And Look, There's Brian Urlacher in a Vitaminwater Cap

Every Stupor Bowl week, someone will ask me, “You work in media, so don’t you wanna go to Media Day?” No thank you. Who wants to deal with that zoo? I’m happy to stay home, watch the highlights, and comb through the photos for uni-notable moments, and this year there were more of . . . → Read More: And Look, There’s Brian Urlacher in a Vitaminwater Cap