Mmmmm, Draaaffft

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The NBA Draft was yesterday, so the Timberwolves’ office marked the occasion with prospect jersey cookies. If you click on the photo to access the larger version, you’ll see that they did a pretty amazing job of including makers’ marks, conference logos, patches, etc. — impressive! My compliments to the baker.

(Thanks to T-Wolves group events program supervisor Jared Hensch for the photo.) (Continue reading)

Happy Father's Day, Uni Watchers

Dads Day 550
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By Phil Hecken

For the past three years (2013, 2014, and last year) it has been my privilege and pleasure to run photographs of our fathers dressed in uniforms — whether they be sports uniforms, military uniforms, or any other uniform. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and I’m pleased to again run this feature.

If you’re not familiar with this tradition, just click on either of the past three Father’s Day posts for a description. That’s all I’ll have to say today. So sit back, enjoy (and click on the photos to enlarge). I’m running them in the order they were received.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! (Continue reading)

An Interesting Development Regarding Uni Unveilings

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The Panthers unveiled their new uniforms last night. I like them. You can read why in this ESPN piece, which went up last night.

The unveiling was in Florida; I covered it from Brooklyn. I sometimes cover uniform unveilings in person (last spring, as you may recall, I took a little Rust Belt excursion for the debuts of the Bucks’ new logo and then the Browns’ new uniforms), but more often I stay put and handle things from Uni Watch HQ. There are two reasons for this: (Continue reading)

Please Stand By

Paul here, filling in for Phil, who’s had a power outage and therefore can’t post his usual excellent content. He did manage to compile a Ticker before the power went out (see below), but that’s all we have for now. Here’s hoping the electricity gods see fit to restore his power soon!

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