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O's Faux It Back Fifty Years

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By Phil Hecken

To celebrate their World Series winning season of 1966, the Orioles threwback (or faux’edback) last evening to that magical year, wearing uniforms that pretty well approximated the ones worn in 1966. Unfortunately, to have been a true throwback, the uniforms in 1966 would NOT have come with the “50th Anniversary – World Champions” patch like the one you see above. But other than that…

Now, if you’d just casually tuned into last evening’s game, you could be forgiven for barely noticing the Orioles unis were even different than their current uniforms. Yes, the cap they wear today has a white front panel and the “Orioles” is larger, but the 1966 uniforms (and many of the years in between) have featured the Birds in remarkably similar uniforms — a testament to their classic design and staying power. (Continue reading)

Cream of the Crop

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By Phil Hecken

The Seattle Mariners unveiled their new alternate uniform (pictured above) yesterday, and boy is it gorgeous. It will be worn during Sunday home games at Safeco Field. There is so much to like about this uniform (including a set of fauxback stirrups/socks that . . . → Read More: Cream of the Crop

“So relax! Let’s have some fun out here! This game’s fun, OK?…

By Phil Hecken

…It’s fun, Goddamit!” — Crash Davis, Bull Durham

Yesterday the Cubs, continuing their throwback-to-each-decade-in-Wrigley’s-existence promo, turned back the clock to 1988, for their game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Of course, the Tampa Bay Rays weren’t in existence in 1988, so instead of throwing back to a minor-league team, . . . → Read More: “So relax! Let’s have some fun out here! This game’s fun, OK?…

A Road Design Worn at Home

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The Cubs held their latest throwback game yesterday. The year on tap this time around was 1978 and, as you can see above, the team wore their infamous pinstriped powder blues. (In case you missed it, Phil had an . . . → Read More: A Road Design Worn at Home