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Oh Danny! Boy Is He Back - Combining Music & Uni Concepts

Finocchio splash 550
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By Phil Hecken

Several years ago, I featured the talented Danny Finocchio in two columns for Uni Watch: a set of baseball concepts (which included a Q&A interview), and he followed that shortly thereafter with a set of World Cup Soccer concepts. Both were great, but I hadn’t heard much from Danny since then. Until this week. I got the following e-mail from Mr. Finocchio (six years older and wiser), which said the following: (Continue reading)

Some Uni Concepts...For Easter Sunday

Easter Uni Concepts

By Phil Hecken

It’s been a while since I ran uniform concepts (too long in fact — need to start running them again), and so today I have a few to share with you. Since it’s Easter (and a Happy Easter to all those of you who are celebrating today), I’ll lede with the four concepts (from three readers), and I expect to return to a semi-regular posting of the concepts as sub-ledes in the coming weekends. OK? OK — and if you have a concept or three — feel free to send them my way (E-mail me at (Continue reading)

How the Gunslingers Got Their Uniform Design

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Reader Gene Sanny, who you may recall from his sensational WFL-themed electric football project, recently stumbled across Billy Schott on Facebook. Schott was the designer of the USFL’s San Antonio Gunslingers (shown above), and Gene had lots of questions for him. The result was a short . . . → Read More: How the Gunslingers Got Their Uniform Design

Lucky Seven!

Cover Art by Rob Ullman – click to enlarge

By Phil Hecken

If the artwork on the cover of the January 15, 2015, edition of Las Vegas Seven, pictured above, looks familiar to you, that’s because the artist has been featured on Uni Watch many times before — it’s by none other than UW . . . → Read More: Lucky Seven!