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The Very Template-y Unis of Timmy's Brier

Brier 550

By Phil Hecken

Other than an occasional ticker mention or possibly a photo from the Brooklyn-Lakeside Curling Club, we don’t cover curling very often on Uni Watch (unless it’s the Olympics and the Norwegian Curling Team is involved). And for good reason — the sport isn’t particularly popular, and the uniforms are pretty staid (at least in ‘tournament’ play): usually some form of team shirt and black pants. That’s certainly the case with the uniforms worn by the teams at the Tim Hortons Brier. Traditions die hard. (Continue reading)

The Unis of the World Women's Curling Championships

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By Phil Hecken

As you know (or you should), I’ve really gotten into curling over the years — moving from a curling watcher to an actual (albeit not particularly good) curler this past fall and winter. In fact, tomorrow evening, The “Sweep To Victory” Team (I’m skip, and birthday boy Paul . . . → Read More: The Unis of the World Women’s Curling Championships

The Aesthetics of Curling in the 2014 Olympic Games

By Phil Hecken

As promised after his seminal work on Curling last weekend, I am rejoined by Mike Styczen, who is back to discuss the “uniforms” worn by the curlers representing the various nations participating in the Olympic Bonspeil.

Now, if you’ve been following the Olympics (or even if you haven’t), you’re probably . . . → Read More: The Aesthetics of Curling in the 2014 Olympic Games

Curlers...Do It Hard

By Phil Hecken

Well, folks — ’tis that time again. The Olympics are here. I thought about ledeing with the fashion show that took place yesterday in Sochi, but if you haven’t seen it yet — there’s plenty (I mean plenty!) of links in the Olympics section of the ticker. Instead, let’s get . . . → Read More: Curlers…Do It Hard