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A Good Solution to the Camouflage Problem

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Good morning! Yesterday was Memorial Day. Amidst all the camouflage (which as you know I consider to be a toxic mix of bad design and bad civics, but we’ve already been through that enough times and don’t need to go over it again today), a handful of players showed that they Get It™. Three of them were in Texas, where outfielder Ian Desmond, outfielder Ryan Rua, and pitcher Alex Claudio went high cuffed with black socks.

Not camouflage, not stars and stripes, not some “bold” design from Stance — just black. A simple and effective memorial gesture, perfect for Memorial Day, and it really highlights how ridiculous the camouflage is. Imagine if every player went with the black socks — it would say so much more, and have so much more dignity, than MLB’s current approach to this holiday. Good for those Rangers players, and also for Phillies infielders Freddy Galvis and Cesar Hernandez and outfielder Peter Bourjos, who did the same thing: (Continue reading)

MLB Releases Special Holiday Merch — er, Uniforms

MLB unveiled all of its holiday and special event uniforms in one fell swoop yesterday. That’s a departure from past years, when the various promotions were rolled out one at a time. If nothing else, this is very efficient, because we can now make fun of all the designs at once.

Thanks to various leaks, we already knew what many of these would look like, but let’s take a closer look: (Continue reading)

Giants (accidentally?) Reveal MLB Holiday Uniforms

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MLB hasn’t yet announced its uni-related plans for Memorial Day or Independence Day. There’s nothing unusual about that — those announcements (or leaks) usually don’t come our way until mid-May, at the earliest.

But the Giants appear to have spilled the beans yesterday by tweeting a . . . → Read More: Giants (accidentally?) Reveal MLB Holiday Uniforms

Reports Raise Questions About Group Tied to Camouflage Uniforms

Many camouflage or other military-themed uniforms these days are produced and marketed in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project, which has become a popular charity for uniform tie-ins and merchandise lines.

Under Armour has particularly close ties to the WWP. Under Armour is the WWP’s official apparel provider, and has created some of . . . → Read More: Reports Raise Questions About Group Tied to Camouflage Uniforms